metaresolveto do query exercises on00:00
ikoniametaresolve: right, but that is not a postfix file00:00
ikoniametaresolve: so something else must put it there00:00
metaresolvei don't know what a postfix file is00:00
beneterHetachi: okay. So... was ~/test being created?00:00
Hetachibeneter, Just did it, a minute has not yet passed00:00
metaresolveok i need to go play my game for a bit00:01
xanguaI just restarted an OEM install and the screen is blank, any help? Don't really know what's happening00:01
Hetachibeneter, does it matter if I do it with root or user account? (I been using my user account for cron editing)00:01
beneterHetachi: Not really. Every user has his own crontab. So your file will be crated at /home/<<username>>/test00:02
HetachiYes it did create it00:03
beneterHetachi: If you want root to run your command, you need to run "sudo crontab -e"00:03
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beneterHetachi: So we made sure, that cron is correctly working00:03
Hetachibeneter, yes, so there is something wrong with my command...00:04
beneterHetachi: Correct ;-)00:04
wiggmpkAny suggestion for remapping a bluetooth mouse keys? I used to compiz plugin. Running Gnome Ubuntu00:04
Hetachibeneter, if I pasted it to you would you mind taking a look at it?00:04
beneterHetachi: Feel free00:04
Guest20796I'm trying to use gsettings to change the icon-size in unity but it doesn't seem to work (actually it creates a duplicate entry in dconf) thereafter gsettings get returns the value set by gsettings and dconf returns the value set by dconf cli and via regular Ubuntu Settings UI.00:06
Hetachibeneter, http://pastebin.com/1tMyc5PH00:06
matsascHetachi: you can also check /var/mail/<username> you will probably find the errors in there since cron sends a mail to the user00:06
Hetachibeneter, I think the path is not correct00:06
Bashing-omxangua: Tried booting from grub with ' nomodeset ' ?00:07
beneterHetachi: you seem to miss the redirection of your output00:07
xanguaSo apparently I had to switch to another terminal Bashing-om , ctrl+alt+100:08
beneteryou should remove everything behind "monitor" and add " > /home/hetachi/mycron.log 2>&1"00:08
Hetachibeneter, what do you mean?00:08
Bashing-omxangua: All good now .. or no GUI ?00:08
xanguaBashing-om: don't know, is this normal in an OEM install? Xubuntu by the way, new user is already created00:09
beneterHetachi: currently you are redirecting the output to /dev/null (at least I think so)00:09
beneterHetachi: you should remove everything behind "monitor" and add " > /home/hetachi/mycron.log 2>&1"00:09
Hetachibeneter, oh okay I will try that00:10
Guest20796in dconf-editor you can see duplicate entries, i didn't know that was even possible: https://snag.gy/8YmbQ1.jpg00:10
Hetachibeneter, the issue is that the monitor script is not launched and the output is just to see what happens when it tries to launch it00:10
Bashing-omxangua: I have not installed as "OEM" so no direct experience . but I would not think so . For a 1st time user from that install I would anticipate booting to GUI .00:11
beneterHetachi: Please try this: "3 * * * * /home/hetachi/gameserver monitor > /home/hetachi/mycron.log 2>&1"00:12
xanguaBashing-om: it booted to GUI, it just was displaying in f1, not f700:12
xanguaFirst time OEM install00:12
Hetachibeneter, I set the time to  * * * * * so we dont have to wait 3 minutes00:12
beneterHetachi: I'm pretty sure you are currently redirecting to /dev/null. And thats why you have no output00:13
cfochHow do I install  xdg-desktop-portal-gtk in Ubuntu 16.04.1 ?00:13
Hetachibeneter, I really hope that that is all there is to it :)00:14
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Bashing-omxangua: Yeah, kinda different . I would expect the GUI on TTY7. mind rebooting and looking at the kernel boot line in grub ?00:15
Hetachibeneter, there we go output is working00:15
beneterHetachi: ">" Redirects the output from StdOut to a File. The "2>&1" is for redirecting the Error Channel to the same (normal) channel. This way, all output is written to the log and you won't be bothered by mails containing the errors.00:15
Hetachibeneter, /bin/sh: 1: /home/hetachi/gameserver: not found00:16
beneterHetachi: Well... Please do ls- a /home/hetachi/gameserver and give me the output00:16
beneterHetachi: "ls- a /home/hetachi/gameserver"00:17
Hetachibeneter, I mistyped the name sorry it should have been gameservers00:17
beneterHetachi: Thought so. Did you set the execute flag? (chmod +x)00:18
Hetachibeneter, yes00:18
beneterHetachi: Then it should work now ;-)00:18
Hetachibeneter, could it have any affect if the user account does not have sudo rights ?00:18
matsasctry running the command with the account outside of cron and check00:19
beneterHetachi: Depends on what your application needs to do.00:19
Hetachibeneter, not it is working perfectly, this is so weird00:19
Hetachibeneter, I did not change too much in the commands00:19
LordNelthonI have the following script that saves and restores the iptables rules when networkmanager changes an interface status (http://pastebin.com/gPRAMHrL). why it creates always two log lines in syslog (http://pastebin.com/36CE6h9z)?00:19
Hetachibeneter, it just starts an application which does not require sudo or root access00:20
beneterHetachi: Then everything should be alright00:21
beneterHetachi: What is bothering you?00:21
beneterHetachi: Do you know what "> /dev/null" does?00:21
Hetachibeneter, As I understood it sends all output to dev/null right?00:21
Hetachibeneter, crontabs have always been quite confusing to me...00:22
beneterHetachi: Right! And do you know what "/dev/null" is?00:22
Hetachibeneter, no, I have no clue what it is00:22
beneterHetachi: Aha :-D00:22
beneterHetachi: /dev/null is a "fake-device" which acts like a bin.00:23
beneterHetachi: So you were throwing away all your output to void00:23
Hetachibeneter, oh, well that explains why I wasn't able to find it00:24
lex__i'm the previous Guest20796 in case someone has any suggestions00:24
Hetachibeneter, I was looking all over internet for where cronjobs store the outputs00:24
Hetachibeneter, literally spent the past 2-3h just looking how to check if cronjobs are even running, and if so where do I find info00:24
beneterHetachi: Well... the learning curve for unix is quite steep.00:26
Hetachibeneter, my problem is when I haven't actually tried studying it, as I should, always grabbing what I need and never fully understanding it00:26
beneterHetachi: Learning by doing... same for me. ;-)00:27
breadguys! Need some quick help!00:28
Hetachibeneter, once again thank you so much for your help, I really appriciate it, now I can go to sleep with out worrying about it00:29
breadI somewhat got conky to work on my desktop, but the icons don't work, the font isn't the one that's supposed to be used, and there are only 5 days xD00:29
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breadthe temps work tho :D00:30
beneterHetachi: You are welcome. Good night00:31
breadany help?00:33
GrayGhost13Hi Everyone! Just a quick question.. Is there an open source solution that helps in the setup, configuration and management of a mail server?00:34
mukluksGrayGhost13: you could say that every linux distribution performs that role00:40
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mukluksGrayGhost13: i'm guessing you're looking for a GUI?00:40
GrayGhost13mukluks: :) that's true.. I was just now reading about iRedMail .. are  their others similar to that?00:40
DeeewayneAnyone have 16.04 with Apache and mod_dav_svn/mod_authz_svn working?  I can't get them to work together on a server that was working w/ 14.04 due to undefined symbols in the subversion apache modules00:41
Deeewayneundefined symbols: dav_do_find_liveprop and dav_svn_get_repos_path200:42
wiggmpkIs there no GUI to remap a multi-button bluetooth mouse?00:42
DeeewayneI read somewhere that an apache package was built w/ subversion 1.7.9 and downgrading to subversion 1.7.9 fixes it, but can't seem to downgrade to that version using apt00:42
Bashing-omDeeewayne: Config files differ in systemd from what upstart in 14.04 was : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers might help .00:43
mukluksGrayGhost13: i would recommend WebMin00:44
GrayGhost13mukluks: why? Is it better than iredmail?00:44
mukluksGrayGhost13: i don't know iredmail, but i do know webmin00:45
GrayGhost13mukluks: I'm looking to do a mail server, with no domains being serviced on the server00:45
GrayGhost13mukluks: i'm looking at it now, it's interesting00:46
mukluksGrayGhost13: that's fine, but if you use webmin you will have some flexibility in case your requirements change in the futute00:46
DeeewayneBashing-om, thanks, but after briefly looking at that I'm not sure its applicable to this particular issue.00:46
GrayGhost13mukluks: that's interestin.. that might be useful on something else..00:47
xangua6:49 PM <xangua> Another little issue, the images icon won't show in thunar places sidebar00:50
bazhangxangua, seriously crossposting?00:52
mukluksKali_Yuga: helloooo00:55
mukluksis it me you're looking for?00:55
DeeewayneI guess I found my apache/subversion problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/subversion/+bug/163980900:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1639809 in subversion (Ubuntu) "Problem with Apache & Subversion versions in Trusty" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:58
Bashing-omDeeewayne: :( .... " Apparently Apache version was too recent, and not compatible with the 1.8.8 " ; RE-install of apache ?01:06
DeeewayneBashing-om, yeah, looks like the fix01:10
DeeewayneNot sure how I should proceed.  I've been migrating to Git, but would have preferred to leave my subversion repos in subversion01:11
DeeewayneI'm not that great w/ apt but it looks like the version of apache that was referenced in that work around may not be available in 16.0401:12
Deeewayneso, for me, it might be reasonable to try to wait for that issue to be fixed and if needed, migrate stuff to git01:13
wiggmpkI do not see my bluetooth mouse listed in xorg.conf, If I add a configuration will it cause conflicts? should I be looking somewhere else for the config?01:15
Bashing-omDeeewayne: Not me, no excperience here , but surely others here have had this issue and can advise on their solution .01:15
DeeewayneBashing-om, yeah, my fault for not properly investigating before release upgrade.  I made the assumption that 16.04+apache+subversion would be safe by now01:17
tatertotswiggmpk: did you already "pair" bluetooth devices? yes or no01:18
wiggmpktatertots: yes, it is a bluetooth mouse, with a lot of buttons =P01:18
wiggmpktatertots: basic functionality works, mouse click 1/2, scrolling and wheel press, back/forward buttons01:18
HulioHi guys01:24
energizerI'm configuring cron for doing regular updates to a local database used by a team. Which crontab should I use?01:28
mukluksenergizer: depends01:29
energizermukluks: how so01:29
mukluksenergizer: you could use the crontab for the user created to run the database, if a user has been created01:29
muklukseg. mysql user01:29
mukluksthis way if you ever remove mysql from the system the crontab will probably be removed at the same time01:30
tatertotswiggmpk: ok so basic mouse functionality works fine?01:30
wiggmpktatertots: yes01:30
mukluksenergizer: but if the crontab entries are sensitive and you don't want them to be accessible to a hacker if they hijack your database process then a different user's crontab may be better01:31
Andrew_Hello, I have recently upgraded from 14.04 -> 16.04, and now my unity does not work (no ui, or bars, and ctrl-alt-T will not open a terminal.) when I try to open TTY I only see the top half of the first line. I was able to login recovery mode, and delete the compiz .config, but that did not fix. I was unable to apt-get upgrade unity or dconf from recovery mode. I can open a file browser, due to a desktop folder, is there a way to get01:31
n4n0`Andrew_: did you check dmesg or system messages for any errors or warnings?01:34
energizermukluks: sudo su mongodb fails but mongodb is listed in /etc/passwd01:36
Andrew_n4n0: I checked .xsessionerrors and I saw: "upstart: unity7 pre-start process terminated with status 127"01:36
mukluksenergizer: the shell is probably set to /bin/false, which is good01:36
mukluksyou don't need that user to have shell to edit their crontab01:37
energizermukluks: is that the right user to use01:38
energizeror perhaps make a new one with the project name01:38
mukluksenergizer: well as i said, it depends... just please don't put the database password in the crontab01:40
n4n0`Andrew_: Sounds like maybe an issue with the updater/permission issues when you updated. You could try running `unity --replace` from your recovery console or possibly `dpkg-reconfigure gdm` to reset your default LM. Might have to do some further poking on google or askubuntu.com01:40
xanguaAndrew_: did you try guest user? Does unity work there?01:41
Andrew_n4n0`: i have tried those commands from recovery mode, but it is unable to connect to the network01:42
Andrew_xangua: unity is also broken in guest mode01:43
mandeephi all. in unity when i open any application, the application window appears at the bottom right of my screen. how do i have these windows open in the middle of the screen?01:43
Andrew_I think that if I could get a terminal open in non recovery mode, I could fix this01:44
wiggmpktatertots: I have a horizontal scroll wheel that I would like to enable. xinput reports it as button 13/14, how do I go about that?01:46
n4n0`Andrew_: During startup you are presented with the console after the prestart fails? Are you able to use any of the shortcut keys to get to a TTY? You said you only see the top half of the first line but can you read the contents?01:47
Bashing-omAndrew_: At the login screen - ctl+alt+F1 should give you a console interface where you can log into the system ,01:47
mandeepnvm i just configured it in compiz config01:50
Andrew_n4n0`: the only thing I can read is 'Loading 3.16.0-77-generic', I have tried logging in blind, and then clearing, but as far as I can tell nothing is happening01:50
n4n0`Andrew_: Like Bashing-om said, Ctrl+Alt+F1 will get you to your LM if that fails, you'll need to find out why, eventually leading you to get to a working console that should init networking01:50
Andrew_Bashing-om: I just tried doing ctrl-alt-f1 from login screen, and I still only see half of the top line01:51
n4n0`I had a similar problem but it was related to proprietary video/graphics drivers. I don't see that being true in this scenario.01:52
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Andrew_But X is able to run applications, as evidenced by the file browser, and picture viewer working. could there be a way of opening up a terminal in X from the file browser?01:54
tatertotswiggmpk: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Mouse_buttons01:55
n4n0`Andrew_: maybe after you press Ctrl+Alt+F1 try `/etc/init.d/lightdm restart` ... as for opening a new terminal in file browser if you right click anywhere that isn't a file/folder you can select "Open in Terminal"01:56
bear_how do you guys sync your gmail to your desktop?01:57
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Andrew_n4n0`: let me restart and try that01:57
n4n0`Andrew_: That terminal shortcut is confirmed for 16.04 >01:57
HiddenDjinnbear_: uh, i have it set up on alpine01:57
n4n0`Andrew_: kk.01:58
HiddenDjinnbear_: it doesn't sync as much as it reads directly from the server01:58
Andrew_n4n0`: I remember looking for something like that, but not finding it01:58
wiggmpktatertots: I'll take a look at it, thanks01:58
n4n0`Andrew_: I found it while navigating to any folder and right-clicking in the blank white area. Also if you can attempt to right-click a file and "Open With..." you might be able to start a new terminal from that window.02:00
Andrew_n4n0`: haha got it. so it was treating everything that was not a file in the browser as the desktop when I right clicked, but when I right clicked in a folder I was able to open that folder in thunar, which gave me the ability to open to terminal02:01
bear_HiddenDjinn, that's syncing.02:01
Andrew_n4n0`: much thanks02:01
n4n0`Andrew_: no problem, what a strange issue. Take care, lol.02:01
HiddenDjinnbear_: uh, no...syncing is something slightly different02:02
HiddenDjinnbear_: alpine doesn't save it to the local machine02:03
bear_HiddenDjinn, Syncing doesn't mean you have to save it to non volatile storage02:03
HiddenDjinnbear_: that's kinda idiosyncratic...to syncronize, one must have data in two locations to bring into sync...the data is never anywhere other than the imap server02:06
bear_HiddenDjinn, then you never read it.02:06
bear_once you read it it's in memory on your machine and now in sync with your imap server02:07
HiddenDjinnbear_: i don't think it means what you think it means02:07
bear_it does02:07
dayronmy laptop don't see my memory flash02:11
dayronI run the command lsusb and i can see but don't mount in nautilus02:12
dayronI do an "lsusb" in console and the result is the one you see below. I see that it recognizes the pendrive (Verbatim), but I do not see it as an available drive and can not access its contents.02:20
n4n0`dayron: `dmesg | grep "Verbatim"`02:22
n4n0`dayron: If the flash drive isn't mounted or formatted correctly you may not see it in your file manager. Use parted or gparted (user-friendly) for managing disks/partitions but I advise you to do some reading on Google first.02:24
n4n0`dayron: Some other commands for viewing disk information -- "df -h" and "fdisk -l", use caution when executing fdisk however.02:26
adam_is anyone aware of a bug in 14.04 LTS xenial HWE install images w/r/t preseed files and custom repositories, my apt sources.list file was getting repositories added without the “deb” prefix02:28
adam_now that i write that, it sounds so absurdly specific, i wonder if anyone ran into it ever :|02:28
dayronn4n0`, The pendrive is a friend, I have to copy an information, windows works perfectly and in the usb port other devices work02:28
NickCaoHello! Is it possible for me to play vainglory on my laptop running ubuntu 16.10? I've tried AVD, but it turned out that vainglory can't be installed on it, as an error message that 'The device is not supported popped out.02:29
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PhotonMy keyboard input lags reaaaly bad sometimes in intensive applications. I noticed it in IntelliJ IDEA, steam, Minecraft, and even HexChat.02:38
TelvanaGreetings, I've got a quick question. I have a GTX 780 and a GT 630 installed in my current PC. I'd like to run Ubuntu, but they are from different driver eras, how can I do this? (I have the two cards for a six monitor setup I am using just fine in windows)02:39
juan_y aqui que? que hacen o a que se dedican?02:44
cfhowlett!es | juan_02:44
ubottujuan_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:44
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Phaneswhy is visudo launching nano02:57
* Phanes judges his machine02:57
Phanesalso why am i having to do this to reduce irrelevant results: `apt-cache search openssl | grep openssl`02:59
tatertotsPhanes: you're NOT "having" to do that, you are consciously deciding to do that...there's a difference03:02
Ben64man apt-cache03:02
Phaneswell, it's the thought that counts03:02
Bashing-omPhanes: Seems nano is the degault . one can change it : http://askubuntu.com/questions/539243/how-to-change-visudo-editor-from-nano-to-vim .03:03
Phanesi know how to change it03:05
Phaneswas just odd that =vi=sudo would launch nano03:05
Phanesshould rename it to nanosudo03:05
Phanessince its not using vi and is using nano03:05
Phanesthat is what the vi means in visudo03:05
nvjrajaHi everyone03:06
Phaneswhy does sudo want reverse dns resolution03:08
Phanesit keeps complaining that it cant resolve its own hostname03:08
matsascPhanes: have you changed your hostname?03:14
matsascPhanes: just add your new hostname to in /etc/hosts03:15
tatertotsPhanes: sudo on it's own wouldn't be complaining, the syntax or maybe what ever secret you're doing with sudo might be complaining03:18
tatertotsPhanes: but it's not sudo03:19
mikeymopdoes anyone here understand apahce virtual hosts?03:19
cfhowlett!details | mikeymop, avoid "... anyone? ..."03:21
ubottumikeymop, avoid "... anyone? ...": Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.03:21
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:21
Phanestatertots, please dont give fake advice, it was copying a file.  matsasc i think that's close, i did change hosts.  my concern is why it even cares.03:22
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic03:22
Phanessudo is not a network-aware tool03:22
mikeymopi'm on xenial, i'm following this guide https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/install-laravel-on-ubuntu-for-apache/03:22
Phanesand ive reproduced this on several systems03:22
mikeymopi wrote a .conf file for apache to use an apache virtualhost, however when i tried to use this conf file apahce failed to start03:23
mikeymopi tried checking journalctl to no avail03:23
mikeymopso i reverted to 000-default.conf for now, i'm trying to understand why laravel's conf file didn't work03:23
tatertotsPhanes: did you document the steps to reproduce the issue anywhere, like launchpad or maybe even a personal blog or facebook even?03:23
Phanesnot yet03:24
cfhowlettmikeymop, that tutorial is written for a dead verison of ubuntu.  contact the packager for support and updated information03:24
Phanesit could be expected behaviour if i can find someone with a cluestick03:24
mikeymopcfhowlett: thanks, i was hopoing it would be distro independent03:24
tatertotsPhanes: could be expected behavior? it is expected, else why would you not have shared your verbatim command syntax that produces the very results you're complaining about03:26
tatertotsbecause deep inside somewhere you already know it's human error03:26
matsascPhanes: fake advice? I just gave you a solution for not getting the message again03:26
Phanestatertots, as i said please dont give fake advice, it was copying a file.03:26
Phanestatertots, people read and learn from what is discussed here03:26
tatertotsPhanes: fake advice?03:27
Phanestatertots, http://paste.silogroup.org/piyatoxoro.scala03:27
Phanesthere you go03:27
Phanesnow pretend to be an expert with that03:27
tatertotsPhanes: please don't cry wolf or raise false alarms...right back at you03:27
cfhowlettfor best results, dial down the attitude03:29
tgm4883let's all stay civil please03:29
tatertotsPhanes: a error message and verbatim command would suffice,03:29
Phanesi did find this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sudo/+bug/3290603:30
Phanesit says sudoers can perform on several hosts so needs hostname resolution for context, im unaware of such features and am still looking into it03:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 32906 in sudo (Ubuntu Hardy) "sudo fails if it cannot resolve the local hostname and no MTA is installed" [High,Fix released]03:30
Phanestatertots, provided in paste03:30
Phanesnow thats interesting, sudo provides remote host features indeed: https://www.sudo.ws/man/1.8.19/sudo.man.html03:31
Phanesok that's expected behaviour as suspected03:32
tatertotsof course03:32
zeiadcan anyone help me with the problem of weak wifi signal ??03:32
muklukszeiad: it will most likely be a physical problem we can't help with03:33
Phaneszeiad, booster relay, increase power to ant., or check sensitivity options in firmware, or move closer.  that's about it besides dish shaping.03:33
Phanesthere are some cool things you can do with bidirectional ant.03:33
zeiadi get weak signal from my room and a full signal on mobile03:33
zeiadi changed the wifi card nut nothing happened03:34
matsascthat doesn't need to mean anything03:34
zeiadi'm new to ubuntu, so any idea how to work this problem out ?03:35
matsasczeiad: how many networks are arround you? what channel are you on? what channels are the other networks broadcasting on?03:35
Phaneszeiad, im on a give-the-answer-only-once diet03:35
zeiadi don't know any of this informations03:36
zeiadphanes: if you don't want to help it's ok thank you anyway03:37
zeiadi have 4 or 5 connections within the building03:38
WindowsMikeDoes Ubuntu use less CPU, and RAM than windows 8.1 compared to like system required things?03:38
cfhowlett WindowsMike it depends03:38
PhanesWindowsMike, depends on what youre doing on it but unless you're really filling it up with animations then categorially yes03:39
mukluksuses about tree fiddy less ram and cpu03:39
Phanesi give up03:39
WindowsMikePhanes and cfhowlett I mean like freshly installed no apps open.03:40
PhanesWindowsMike, yes03:40
WindowsMikeDoes Ubuntu is better on CPU compared to windows in that?03:40
PhanesWindowsMike, significantly less03:40
cfhowlettWindowsMike, again: it depends.  configurations, display effects, and many others. BUT03:40
Phanesif i could spell categorically i'd be abusing it right now03:41
cfhowlettWindowsMike, the easy answer is to install it - for free!  - and test things for yourself rather than asking random internetz03:41
* Phanes witholds tongue about gnome 3 bloat in the spirit of the statement03:44
Phanescherwin, exit code 003:47
cherwinPhanes: why did you exit succesfully?03:48
cherwinalso, you're not a program and I'm not a shell03:48
* cherwin is confused03:48
Phanesnono_, exit code 003:49
Phanesok ill stop03:50
* cherwin smacks Phanes around a bit with a large trout03:50
FishPencilIs there a Ubuntu iso that provides a live OS that only includes the terminal interface (no GUI)? Can Ubuntu server be run in live mode?03:52
cfhowlettFishPencil, answer to question 2 = no03:53
cfhowlett!mini | FishPencil03:53
ubottuFishPencil: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:53
FishPencilLook at that03:53
bobdobbsCan I manage rhythmbox remotely? And install the means to do so without moving?04:06
bobdobbsSo, like, I'm in bed with my laptop because it is sunday04:06
bobdobbsI have shell access to my desktop04:06
cfhowlettbobdobbs, vnc04:06
bobdobbsI want to control rhythbox without have to move04:07
bobdobbscfhowlett: ta.04:07
cfhowlettbobdobbs, ssh or vnc to the machine.04:07
mukluksapt install x11vnc04:09
bobdobbsmukluks: doing that now :)04:10
bobdobbsmy mission for the rest of sunday is to stay in bed04:11
bobdobbsexcept maybe for food04:11
mukluksand poop04:11
tgm4883that's cheating04:11
* bobdobbs nods04:11
bobdobbsso, x11vnc is a server? And I'll need a client on my lappy?04:11
tgm4883remmina should work for a client, I think it's installed by default04:14
mukluksbobdobbs: yup, i use xtightvncviewer04:15
bobdobbsI just install vinagre, cos it was easy04:15
mukluksbobdobbs: just ssh in to server, start x11vnc, wait a few seconds, connect from client, done04:15
bobdobbsmukluks: k04:16
bobdobbsI think I'm connected!04:17
mukluksbonus points for using pm-suspend on server when you're fininshed and using wakeonlan when you want to use it again04:18
bobdobbsYUS! connected!04:18
bobdobbsscaling makes it a bit tricky, cos I have two monitors on my desktop. BUt I can make out the rhythbox controls and can use them04:19
bobdobbsnow... how do I get rhythmbox to bring me my poop bucket?04:20
cfhowlettbobdobbs, family friendly channel and off-topic.  enough.04:20
bobdobbscfhowlett: sorry04:20
bobdobbsthanks all!04:20
santos177hello everybody04:24
RaulwynnOkay, this is probably a silly question. How do I put an ISO on a hard drive that I can boot from to install on my hard drive. I can't use any of the stock ubuntu systems and all the ones I try to download it doesn't work. Also, for some reason my dd terminal commands aren't working.04:31
Raulwynn**ISO on a USB drive**04:31
cfhowlett!install | Raulwynn04:31
ubottuRaulwynn: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate04:31
RaulwynnIt's not ubuntu... it's another ISO04:32
cfhowlettwe only support ubuntu here.  ask the other OS for support04:32
RaulwynnWhat? I am using ubuntu software.04:32
ignacioRaulwynn, which iso do you want to put in your usb/disk/whatever?04:32
cfhowlettbut you are not trying to boot ubuntu.  y04:32
Raulwynnxubuntu core04:33
cfhowlettOK for the record; xubuntu is an official ubuntu flavor so it IS supported here.04:33
cfhowlettalso see the install options link I sent earlier.  the method is there04:34
Raulwynnignacio, xubuntu core04:34
ignaciohave you tried usb-creator-gtk /or idk the name/04:34
Raulwynnignacio, I have tried to get a few unetbootin, gmounted04:36
bray90820I would assume 8Gb is enough to install ubuntu but when I do "sudo ddrescue -D --force '/media/data/ubuntu-mate-16.04-desktop-armhf-raspberry-pi.img' /dev/sde" I get an error saying "ddrescue: Write error: No space left on device"04:36
Raulwynnignacio, I have closed my terminal since that.04:36
ignaciowanna hear a story?, It took me 3 hours to put a ubuntu iso in a usb from fedora04:36
Raulwynnignacio, I'm trying to change from xubuntu to the core. I keep have gnome and sdk? I think popping up04:37
RaulwynnIt's been a day long process.04:37
ignacioyou will need to install those I guess04:37
nic_ignacio, set bs=100M to avoid that, the default is bs=512 which means the data are transferred 512 *bytes* a time04:38
ignaciono, 3 hours because I couldn't make the usb bootable04:38
ignacioused dd and everything04:38
RaulwynnThat's where I'm at.04:39
RaulwynnI can't get the dd to run it just closes on me.04:39
matsascignacio: did you remember to use the sync command after you used dd?04:39
ignacio3 times :D04:39
matsasccheck the hash?04:40
ignacioafter getting tired of using dd, I did this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23802350/04:40
TRUMP_Hello Santos04:40
ignaciohi santos177 and TRUMP_04:40
santos177we are from chile...04:40
TRUMP_Good night of coding for everyone!04:40
ignaciohola :)04:41
santos177we are coding in the south of the world04:41
santos177hola ignacio04:41
ignacioI'm from Uruguay04:41
win32sleep it's better :P04:42
santos177sleep is better when you're on holydays04:42
win32santos177: hahaha =P for me it's always holyday :P04:43
santos177you are the boss dude04:44
win32TRUMP_: =P04:44
win32santos177: am not boss :D04:44
santos177bye everybody04:45
santos177have fun04:45
RaulwynnWhen using dd to iso to a USB do I /dev/sda or /dev/sda1?04:57
Raulwynndd if=/home/user/Downloads/mini.iso | pv | of=/dev/sdf Is something wrong? I'm running in root05:01
Ben64why running in root? and i'd put bs=1M in the output05:02
Ben64oh and you're missing dd in the output05:02
Raulwynnthats what.05:02
=== ibm is now known as Guest96472
RaulwynnThis whole time.. Sigh05:02
Ben64you couldn't tell from the error?05:02
RaulwynnIt doesn't give an error05:02
Raulwynnjust shows zero cancels out and prompt for next command05:03
Ben64writing zero bytes and exiting is an error05:03
Raulwynni missed the second set of dd05:03
Raulwynnthis whole (bad word) time.05:03
nitishlast time when I downloaded & installed ubuntu 16.10 there was so much bugs. Is this safe to install it again?05:05
xangua!Details | nitish05:06
ubottunitish: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.05:06
nitishubottu: I don't think you are intelligent05:06
ubottunitish: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:06
cherwinwhere is everybody, this channel used to be way more active05:10
lotuspsychje!ask | cherwin05:11
ubottucherwin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:11
lotuspsychjecherwin: it will be active if you place your question mate05:11
cherwinlotuspsychje: I don't have a question05:11
cherwinnot technical at least05:12
lotuspsychjecherwin: for more active chitchat you could join #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic?05:12
cherwinsweet, thank you lotuspsychje05:12
tacomasterIs there a way from the command line to unlock the default lock screen on ubuntu?05:28
leaftypetacomaster, why do you want to do it from the command line?05:29
cherwintacomaster: maybe this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/505177/unlock-screen-from-command-line05:29
tacomasterleaftype: because i want to make a program that will unlock it from checking email address for a specific code to unlock the computer05:30
cherwintacomaster: is this what you wanted?05:33
tacomastercherwin: It is saying that you have to click the password field before it will work.05:34
tacomastercherwin: Its a start to be honest but i am still looking05:34
cherwintacomaster: yeah I see, that's not very helpful05:35
nic_what is ubuntu's default lock screen program name?05:36
tacomasternic_: its part of lightdm right?05:37
nic_typically not, it's an external program. ''xlsclients'' might find out what it is, although I haven't tested it on the default ubuntu flavor05:39
nic_once you know the program name, pkill/killall/kill $(pidof progname) should do the job05:40
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=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
leaftypethe command "gnome-screensaver-command -l" locks it05:40
leaftypeyou might be able to use '-d' instead, still reading into it05:41
wiggmpkAnyone familiar with getting horizontal mouse wheel to work? I have tried modifying the 50-vmmouse.conf file in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ I can make changes, but it seems not to be able to enable horizontal scrolling. http://pastebin.com/wtDvYwsE05:47
leaftypetacomaster, you might check out this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/341014/unlock-login-screen-using-command-line#34107205:49
tacomasterleaftype: ahh you are awesome. I think that will work :D05:50
leaftypelet me know!05:51
leaftypetacomaster, works for me, as long as the script is done with sudo privaleges05:56
tacomasterleaftype: This is going to be a deamon with admin privs. My spelling may be off05:57
tacomasterI know this is more of a python question but i installed python3-espeak but when i run it in a script it only says the first half of the first word. I have tired using time.sleep(5) to make sure the program is not just closing but nothing seems to get it to fully say it like when typing directly in the terminal06:12
tacomasterI asked in python an they don't seem to know06:13
EriC^^tacomaster: maybe you need to quote the sentence?06:15
cherwintacomaster: show us the code06:15
tacomastercherwin: pastebin?06:16
cherwinthat's... underwhelming06:17
tacomastercherwin: thats all i have so far but it doesn't work right06:17
tacomastercherwin: it just says hel06:18
Speiros* wonders if python is starting to think the world is hel06:19
cherwintacomaster: looking at the github page I don't see anything with espeak.synth()06:19
cherwinit says you should be instantiating ESpeak and then use .say()06:20
Phaneslord the apache2 conf in this disto package is just butchered06:20
tacomastercherwin: with the say() i get the exact same thing06:20
cherwinok lemme try this out for a sec06:21
tacomastercherwin: give me two secs need to do something around the house. Ill be back in like 5-7 mins06:22
cherwintacomaster: awww I can't pip install this??06:22
nic_apt-get install python3-espeak06:23
gbear14275if I've added two nics to a bridge with a router behind the 2nd... is there a reason the computer with the bridged connections should be able to ping one side but not the other?  I'm trying to connect a 10/100 switch behind a server I have but I can't figure out how to pass through the network to the switch behind the severs 2nd interface06:23
gbear14275is adding both eth0 and eth1 to a br0 the wrong way?06:24
tacomastercherwin: sudo apt-get install python3-espeak06:25
gbear14275router1( (
gbear14275Can I do that, or should I assign the 2nd router a different netblock?06:26
Ben64gbear14275: should probably be asking in ##networking06:28
cherwintacomaster: I'm not using ubuntu, but fedora06:28
cherwinthere's no rpm for that06:29
cherwinand honestly I don't like installing python packages outside my virtualenv06:29
jnoob22Just upgraded 14.04 to 16.04. Lots of problems but I think I've got them mostly fixed. I do have the old ATI graphics card where supposed fglrx drivers are no longer supported. No biggie but I do notice that if I start using gnome-session, the video acceleration works fine but if I use the old Unity/Ubuntu desktop (which I prefer) there are no graphic acceleration06:31
jnoob22what gives?06:31
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cherwintacomaster: ok I installed espeak and it works as advertised06:32
Sean_McGyeah my 16.04 upgrade didn't go smoothly either06:32
Ben64jnoob22: how are you testing the video acceleration06:32
tacomastercherwin: if i do espeak with my terminal it works fine. From python file it doesn't work for me06:32
jnoob22Ben64 just eyeballing it06:33
cherwinhmm ok lemme check that out06:33
jnoob22for instance one thing you can do is "grab" a window and "shake" it around a bit.06:34
jnoob22maybe im using the wrong name for it "acceleration"06:34
Ben64that doesn't mean anything for acceleration06:34
jnoob22but you can kind of tell a difference06:34
jnoob22maybe i dont know the proper term for it.06:34
cherwintacomaster: also works when I save it to a file and execute it06:34
jnoob22another thing is if I play a game like Bzflag, it works fine when I have the gnome-session running06:35
SpeirosThe link to the word "catalytic" is broken on the Ubuntu Operator Requirements page.06:35
jnoob22but if I try to run the game in Unity, it's very very laggy and slow.06:35
tacomastercherwin: no idea then.. wonder whats wrong with my package06:35
SpeirosOr rather, I should say, I can't access it.06:35
Ben64jnoob22: unity is slower06:35
Speiros404 error06:35
jnoob22well in 14.04 i never had an issue running it in Unity06:35
Ben64to actually check acceleration, do glxinfo | grep rendering06:36
Phanescan someone please tell me why this is happening: http://paste.silogroup.org/xuwamoyine.js06:40
Phaneslast i checked, and call me crazy, but when -root- is changing perms chmod shouldn't say -no-06:41
tacomastercherwin: finally got it to work06:41
Phanesim being stupid06:41
Phanesg+w was what i was thinking and my terminal cant read my mind06:41
Sean_McGfiles can be immutable06:41
Sean_McGbut yeah, OK06:42
P3Rif i paste here !06:57
P3Ri got banned ?06:57
Ben64use paste.ubuntu.com06:58
cherwintacomaster: what was it?06:59
P3Ri got banned last week06:59
P3Ri dont know way07:00
P3Ri just asked07:00
P3Rand the admin kick me and band me07:00
P3R i leave07:00
Ben64that was productive07:00
FirefisheIf a usb dongle doesn't turn on immediately when plugged into a usb port, and there isn't a dedicated switch, how can one send a *power on* command through the usb port to the dongle?07:01
nic_shouldn't the dongle be recognized as soon as it's plugged in? That means, check dmesg | tail for relevant lines07:02
elias_aFirefishe: Never seen such a situation.07:02
elias_aFirefishe: Or lsusb07:02
ironhide_firefishe: lsusb |nc termbin.com 999907:03
ironhide_firefishe: then copy link and paste07:04
spearthistlegood morning, if a person has two laptops (A) and (B), and wishes you use (A) as a keyboard and mouse for (B), but doesn't want the bandwidth penalty of seeing (B)'s screen on (A), how would somebody achieve this?07:08
Firefisheironhide_:  http://termbin.com/9f3107:09
tgm4883spearthistle: there's an app called synergy to do that07:10
tatertotshe hasn't said or identified what usb device he's talking about....i'm surprised he even posted the termbin being all super secretive07:10
Firefishetatertots: Are you referring to me, or ironhide_?07:11
tatertotsFirefishe: hi, what is the details of the usb device in question? make and or manufacture or any details that was on any of the products packaging might come in handy07:12
Firefishetatertots: I have an older usb 2.1 dongle running a Broadcom BCM2046 chipset.  The thing won't turn on when I plug it in.  I"ve tried a slew of command line bluetooth procedures, all of which have failed.07:12
Firefishetatertots: It's an older 2.1 usb mini-plug.  IOGear is the brand, running a BCM2046 chipset.07:12
Firefishetatertots: I'm looking for a command to directly access the device to power up.07:13
Firefishetatertots: just to power up, nothing else.07:13
tatertotsFirefishe: usb "blank" dongle???/....solve for "blank"...see there's usb wlan adapters, usb bluetooth adapters, usb modems?07:13
tgm4883tatertots: it's bluetooth apparently07:13
tatertotsFirefishe: Bus 004 Device 003: ID 0a5c:4500 Broadcom Corp. BCM2046B1 USB 2.0 Hub (part of BCM2046 Bluetooth)07:14
tatertotsFirefishe: that one?07:14
tatertotsFirefishe: did the device come with a wireless mouse and keyboard?07:16
Firefishetatertots: Yes, that's the device, but I need to know how to access the chipset.  I turned it off on an older version of 'doze years ago (Vista, I think) using a soft  switch via a right-click menu in the systray.  It worked on linux just fine, until after I used that switch.  Then I upgraded, and havne't been able to get it to work on any platform since then.07:16
tatertotsFirefishe: did the device come with a wireless mouse and keyboard? yes or no07:17
Firefishestand alone07:17
ducasseFirefishe: have you tried rfkill?07:17
Firefisheducasse: Yes, to no avail.07:18
tatertotsFirefishe: have you shared your logs here?07:18
tatertotsFirefishe: have you shared your logs here? yes or no07:19
Firefishetatertots: No.07:19
tatertotsFirefishe: hmmm07:19
tatertotsFirefishe: any reason why not?07:19
Firefishetatertots: This is a bit of a fishing expedition.  I"m asking this on a variety of channels for a variety of distros.  Not ubuntu, specifically, as it's a bit of a universal problem I have with a variety of linux os's with this particual dongle.  It used to work, now it doesn't  I'm trying to understand how bluetooth works in linux.07:20
tatertotsFirefishe: if the answer is something like "no because i actually want to bang my head against a wall possibly for no reason at all'...that's certainly your prerogative07:20
Firefishetatertots: I've been using gnu/linux since the Mandrake/Red Hat daze.  I'm not trying to be  overly obscure or obtuse.07:21
Firefishetatertots: What logs do you want?07:21
ducasseFirefishe: is there anything in dmesg when you plug it in?07:22
spearthistletgm4483: thanks, I found for the link, you can connect using ssh.  'ssh -X grower@symbiosis x2x -west -to :0.0'  which puts (B)'s screen to the left/west of (A).07:22
tatertotsFirefishe: i don't want them, it's telling enough that you're here about the usb dongle but yet no one has seen your logs as of yet...i've seen enough07:22
Firefishetatertots: The question was regarding bluetooth command syntax for a BCM2046 chipset.07:23
tgm4883tatertots: maybe I missed it, but did anyone ask him for logs?07:23
Firefisheducasse:  I appreciate the help, but I have to go,.07:23
matin dear usrs07:29
matinhi there07:30
SpeirosFirefishe I plug and unplug mine a few times if it doesn't work.07:30
matini have some problem with kaffeine07:30
matini cont add new sattelite to it07:30
Speiros* never thought he'd discuss publicly about unplugging his dongle.07:31
matinhow can i add new sattelite like yahsat to it07:31
elias_aSad that Firefishe left. The dongle he was asking about really seems to be a headache in Linux: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=20885007:34
ducassebroadcom chipset, so big shock there...07:35
Speiroselias_a Hmm, yeah.  I might have a squizz at that article though:) Thanks.07:36
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LiftLeftI got this when doing apt-get update: W: GPG error: http://http.debian.net wheezy-backports InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 8B48AD6246925553 NO_PUBKEY 7638D0442B90D01007:49
Ben64LiftLeft: ask in #debian07:53
LiftLeftI'll just create a new server07:54
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glitchdanyone have any knowledge on wol?08:05
bumWhat's wol08:05
glitchdbum wol=wake on lan08:06
bumWhat's your issue glitchd08:06
glitchdbum, trying to figure out how to suspend a machine that i just setup wol on08:07
glitchdbum, the wakeup is working, now want to suspend it also08:07
gbear14275?join Steamlug08:11
bumFor what08:11
glitchdto remove the need to log into the server to shut it down08:12
glitchd*suspend it08:12
DystinioHello. :)08:17
P3Rthe admins08:25
P3Rget me band08:25
P3Ri want to test somthing08:25
P3R something08:25
elkyP3R: try saying whole sentences on one line or you'll look like you're flooding.08:26
elkyP3R: what is it you want to test?08:26
amerwhat is the ethical hacking?08:29
ducasse!ot | amer08:30
ubottuamer: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:30
WandererGood day. When I sudo -i it changes the cwd, but when I su user (user being non root) it does not. Is does this make sense? I think it is backward.08:46
Wandereryea dumb question sorry08:53
lubo_hi all09:29
gagbro&j #asciipr0n09:30
Naktibaldahi, I have tried to upgrade to 16.04 and it failed09:33
NaktibaldaI left upgrade running overnight, this morning I saw a crash icon in taskbar and progress window was frozen at 1 hour 30 minutes left of installs09:34
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
Naktibaldanow upgrade window is just a gray rectangle09:35
tatertotsNaktibalda: did you record the error message, try to create your bootable media using a different usb key or burn a different dvd, does your installation media work on a different computer, ?09:35
Naktibaldahow do I check the status of the system and resume installs?09:35
Naktibaldatatertots: I didn't see a message, I clicked the icon and it went away09:38
Naktibaldashould I pastebin output of dmesg or something else?09:38
tatertotsNaktibalda: are you using the computer now?09:38
raxpNaktibalda: is your system bootable? If so, try sudo apt-get -f install09:38
NaktibaldaE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)09:39
tatertotsNaktibalda: install inxi, it's in ubuntu's official repositories so it can easily be found using software manager, and easily installed using your favorite method09:39
tatertotsNaktibalda: just let me know once you have it installed, i dont have the patience i used to ;)09:40
Naktibaldathat file is locked by dpkg process09:43
Naktibaldaroot      4606  0.3  7.0 307764 283912 pts/7   Ss+  Jan14   2:20 /usr/bin/dpkg --force-overwrite09:43
Naktibaldastrace: Process 4606 attached   write(82, "status: odbcinst1debian2:amd64: "..., 4109:44
NaktibaldaI killed it and I am running sudo dpkg --configure -a   now09:49
vasiliHey is there a way to recover my broken linux desktop? I have my macbook pro dual partitioned - half of my 1tb SSD is OSX and the other half is Ubuntu 14 but I am having a bunch of problems with it09:51
EriC^^!details | vasili09:51
ubottuvasili: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.09:51
vasiliIs there a way I can somehow access my Linux data from my mac booted into OSX09:52
EriC^^vasili: /join #osx09:52
vasiliSorry EriC^^09:52
vasiliI hvae been using Linux for almost 10 years now - I am running Ubuntu 14 on my Late Macbook Pro 2011 - I forget what started it because it was a year ago - but I had a bug in the default Windows Manager (This happened a year ago, and as a result I had to start booting into OSX on this laptop rather than the Ubuntu partition) - but basically I was running into some issue with the GUI, I forget what the issue was, but it was something that was09:55
vasili critical like I am pretty sure it was preventing me form using my house)... So I had to navigate to Chrome using Window manager, and I switched Window managers based on my researc.. When I switched window managers, it fixed it, until I shutdown my laptop.. When I turned it back on, it only could boot into CLI mode..09:55
vasiliSo normally this would not be a big deal - I am a software engineer for 3-4 years, and I have been working in CLI since I first installed Ubuntu on my macbook pro way way back in the day when I was probably like 16 (I am turning 26 next mont) - so I got real good at CLI, because I had to learn how to install ATI Drivers through CLI, just to get my old Macbook Pro to have a GUI... I fell in love, and just went from there.. Bought linux servers,09:57
vasili which I currently own and use as a data-farm... Long story short I am very experienced with CLI.. But I was NOT able to fix this09:57
vasiliIt got to the point where I remember that - just to get into the linux side of my laptop - when I booted into Linux - I had to do some crazy stufff and get lucky by hitting a key at the right time just to get Ubuntu to boot into CLI, and even there it was so hosed that it was basically useless.. I forget what GUI I switched to but it was something Light (or the light version of something)09:59
vasiliI spent a long long long time trying to fix the Linux side of my laptop, but no luck - and it was so hard t eveen boot into it because I basically had to get lucky with some weird key-combo or something... basically its hosed but I would like to try and get the data off, or recover my Linux copy - I tried to recover it using the Install CD but I never was able to because the recover button was grayed out10:01
vasiliOh wait - I remember - it was LightDM10:02
vasiliI had tons of problems with it10:03
vasiliIf I could load that half of my Partition in VirtualBox on my mac - that would be great10:03
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oniichanvasili : what os you use?10:14
vasiliUbuntu 1310:14
=== Guest55676 is now known as oniichan
slavanapCan I share block device contents as a file via samba?10:32
oniichanhelp me10:32
slavanaponiichan, ?10:33
vasili@oniichan I meant to say ubuntu 1410:34
vasili@oniichan ubuntu 14 or 1610:34
oniichanslavanap : can help me to fix ssh error10:35
slavanaponiichan, well, you need to describe your problem properly first, and post it at AskUbuntu or here and wait if anyone can help you with it.10:36
oniichanslavanap : i have a problem with ssh server, can anybody help me...10:38
slavanaponiichan, nobody can help you with such description of problem.10:39
slavanapexcept yourself.10:39
oniichanoke oke10:39
vasiliIs there a way I can recover my Ubuntu install at least? Like can I just remove all sys files but keep some of my user data without having to back it all up and then reinstall - When I try doing it using the install CD - the recover Install Option is grayed out for some reason10:41
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slavanapAnyone familiar with mdadm here? I want to merge contents of several block devices sequentially to new block device. Is that possible? Are there limitation for sizes of such block devices (one of them have 32256 bytes size)?10:43
slavanapvasili, you can recover your home folder with tar. It have "archive" option. (tar --help)10:44
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msev-is it possible to desenzitize middle mouse button click?10:48
msev-since i get multiple pastes10:48
msev-with "one" click10:48
tomreynvasili: i just read all of what you wrote so far. i assume you have a dual boot system there, OS X and ubuntu, is this correct?10:50
vasilitomreyn yes!10:50
tomreynvasili: okay, and OS X still works but ubuntu doesn't. and you want to backup / keep the data / user specific configurations you have stored on ubuntu and reinstall ubuntu?10:51
tomreyndo you know or can you find out how many partitions linux is installed on? just one, or multiple?10:52
vasilithanks for taking the time to look at this btw10:52
tomreynnp ;)10:52
vasilishould be 1 but standy for a sec so I can verify10:52
tomreynslavanap: you'll want RAID array memebers to at least cover a couple megabytes, probably more if it's backed by HDDs, to make reads writes more effective.10:54
daisyhi all10:55
slavanaptomreyn, well I've already found out that minimal chunk size for array is 1K. 512bytes is legacy.10:55
tomreynslavanap: i'm not sure what the minimal size is, however.10:55
vasiliHey did you get that img?10:55
slavanapnow I'm looking at dmsetup10:55
daisyi need help guys10:55
slavanaptomreyn, ^10:55
daisycan someone help me10:55
slavanaptomreyn, are you familiar with dmsetup?10:56
tomreynvasili: no. please post anything you have into the channel using a pastebin / image hosting site. i don't accept private messages or file transfers via IRC.10:56
vasilitomreyn http://pasteboard.co/mkOOpKvTn.png10:56
vasiliYeah I literally just google "Pastebin for images" lol10:56
vasiliright before you said that ha10:56
tomreynvasili: looking at it now10:57
tomreynslavanap: a bit. you should, however, explain the overall problem you are trying to solve.10:57
gffg_Sorry Daisy you must to ask this to Donald10:58
daisywho is donald ?10:58
tomreynvasili: i'm not familiar with this utility. would you say the red or the green part is ubuntu, or both?10:58
tomreyn!ask | daisy10:59
ubottudaisy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:59
vasilipink is Ubuntu (or Red is what I think your seeing)10:59
tomreyn!helpme | daisy10:59
ubottudaisy: Error: unresolvable <alias> to please10:59
slavanaptomreyn, ok. I was using ddrescue to rescue broken device. I applied ddrescue to /dev/sdq1 (partition) and not disk overall. To run testdisk on recovered image, I need to mount an image somewhere as block (maybe loop) device. I dd'ed begin and end of disk (parts before and after recovered partition). if I do `cat begin.raw par.raw end.raw > disk.raw` I'll get raw image of full disk for sure. But I'm still recovering thus I want to look at what was11:00
slavanaprecovered already.11:00
tomreynsorry daisy, please ignore what i / ubottu just told you11:00
tomreyndaisy: do explain the issue you are triyng to solve, though. therE's no need to ask who can help, people will help if they can and when they can. (feel free to repeat your question after a while=11:01
slavanaptomreyn, I need to somehow mount my parts as a new block device. Add Copy-On-Write temp file to this. And them safely run testdisk without possible corrupting my image I was got via ddrescue.11:01
vasiliSorry tomreyn - but yeah so Pink (red) is Ubuntu and orange is my Apple Partition. The Green is the EFI. I have a 1tb HD that I split 50/50 with half Ubuntu and half OSX - I am currently running on the OSX part ofcourse because my Ubuntu half broke a while ago - and that's why OSX is just reading the label of the Ubuntu Partition as just a bunch of FFFF-FFFFF-FFFFFFF-FF etc..."11:01
tomreynvasili: okay, so just one partition, wehich means your user configuration data and the ubuntu system itself is on the same partition. that's why you can't just reinstall it easily.11:02
daisymy life is hell and i want to leave this country but i dont know how to find a job abroard if someone can give me some information plz11:02
gffg_For daisy11:02
vasiliOhhhhh tomreyn.. I understand.. Do I have any other options?11:02
tomreynvasili: how much RAM do you have there?11:02
slavanapgffg_, this is not Trump11:03
tomreynvasili: more than 4 GB?11:03
vasili16gb :-) The mst I could put in my MBP tomreyn11:03
gffg_Daisy Duck and Donald Duck :-D11:03
tomreynvasili:and you have virtualbox installed on OS X and know roughly how to use it?11:03
vasilitomreyn yes11:04
askhatGood day counterparts! Did anybody encounter with not being able to curl localhost?11:04
askhatcurl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 80: Connection refused11:04
askhatWhie it is curlable from internet11:04
tomreyndaisy: sorry to hear this. i don't think this is the right place to discuss jobs, though. you could !register and try in #ubuntu-offtopic, but your best bet is probably to look for classifieds on a dedicated website.11:05
daisy_come on guys im serious11:06
tomreyndaisy_: so am i.11:06
slavanaptomreyn, if you curious I'm now going through https://st.xorian.net/blog/2013/03/using-linux-device-mapper-snapshots-to-rescue-a-failed-raid/ and https://linux.die.net/man/8/dmsetup to setup proper device.11:07
daisy_well donald duck wont help11:08
tomreynvasili: so how about this: you assign the linux partition as a physical storage device to a virtualbox VM, share an OS X directory with this VM, (download and) boot the ubuntu desktop live cd in this VM, then create an archive file of your ubuntu home directory in the shared OS X directory, and just reinstall ubuntu on that ubuntu partition?11:10
tomreynvasili: it could be much easier is OS X could mount and read the ubuntu partition itself, but i think that's not supported by Os X, right?11:11
tomreyns/ is OS X / if OS X /11:12
vasiliohhhhhhh tomreyn what a great idea! I will try that now11:12
vasiliYeah it is not tomreyn - sorry for accidentally sending two messages instead of one again btw11:12
vasilitomreyn I tried that initially11:12
tomreynvasili: 'that' which you tried initially is direct mounting / access from OS X to linux, right?11:14
tomreynvasili: I just looked up the direct mounting approach, too, and it does not seem to be the way to go if you're on a current OS X version.11:16
tomreynso better try the virtualbox approach11:16
vasiliYeah tomreyn I had tried directly mounting from OSX and yeah it seemed like it "should" work when I looked into it - but once I actually downloaded, installed and then tried it, it did not work at all... And yes I am trying the VirtualBox method you just thought of. Great Idea btw buddy I really appreciate it11:17
tomreynvasili: welcome. herE's how you assign the partition to the VM: https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch09.html#rawdisk and then follow up at " Access to individual physical hard disk partitions"11:19
vasilitomreyn - My Man!11:20
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winsen_Hi all, does anyone know any good pdf editor?11:26
Dreamanadobe hahahah11:27
tomreynslavanap: i've never used dm snapshotting outside of lvm2, so i'm afraid i'll not be of much help.11:27
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tomreynwinsen_: try with libreoffice draw11:30
tomreynwinsen_: also http://askubuntu.com/questions/162037/how-to-edit-pdfs#16203811:31
winsen_tomreyn: I tried right now with 4.3 version it doesn't work11:34
elias_awinsen_: What do you actually mean by PDF editor? Do you want already existing PDF files or what?11:36
slavanaptomreyn, no problem11:37
slavanapquick question. Does these lines equal in bash?  `array[$i]=$(echo 123; echo 456)` and `(echo 123; echo 456) > ${array[$i]}`  ?11:38
slavanapomg, I'm wrong11:40
tomreynslavanap: you don't redirect output into an array like this.11:40
tomreynit'll write to a file named as the arra yinstead11:40
slavanaptomreyn, I just need output from `losetup -f --show`. Will try part_loop[$i]=`losetup -r -f --show ${part[$i]}`11:40
winsen_elias_a: yes edit existing pdf yes11:42
winsen_elias_a: I guess i need to install 5.2 v?11:45
NaktibaldaHi, I asked about failed upgrade to 16.04 earlier. I ran dpkg reconfigure and rebooted,11:57
tatertotsNaktibalda: yeah i remember that, so what did you discover about the "status" of the system after reboot?11:58
Rabbitnightmareis there a way I can download my windows games with the Linux version of steam and run them in wine?12:04
ikoniaRabbitnightmare: it's really not that simple12:05
Rabbitnightmareikonia: if I have the games already downloaded on a Windows machine, can I login to Linux with steam?12:07
ikoniaRabbitnightmare: only certain games will work with Linux, Steam sometimes wraps with wine, or running wine on it's own. it really depends on a load of things12:07
ikoniaRabbitnightmare: sadly, I have the unpopular view that to play windows games properly you need to use windows12:07
Rabbitnightmarealrighty ty12:07
Rabbitnightmareyeah no they should try to integrate wine into Steam12:08
Rabbitnightmareikonia: that requires I buy windows12:08
ikoniaRabbitnightmare: wine is not a solution12:08
Rabbitnightmareif I wanted to be a pirate I would have simply pirated windows and the games I want to play12:08
ikoniaRabbitnightmare: so no way should wine be integrated into steam12:08
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Rabbitnightmareikonia: a properly configured wine is just as compatible as Windows12:10
Rabbitnightmaremaybe your adherence to broken principals has kept you from updated builds of wine12:10
Zelda006are there other programms like wine ?12:10
Rabbitnightmarebut it has gotten quite stable12:10
ikoniaRabbitnightmare: no, I'm sorry, it's not12:11
RabbitnightmareZelda006: nothing free or as good12:11
ikoniaRabbitnightmare: wine is a moving target with changing support12:11
Zelda006ok thanks12:11
RabbitnightmareZelda006: there are talks that MS might be working their own BLOB that lets you run windows apps etc on Linux that you may be able to license but rumors be what they are, untrue til proven12:12
Rabbitnightmareits a solid rumor though12:12
tatertotssolid rumor sounds like a truthful lie12:13
ikoniaI've not heard of such "rumours"12:13
Rabbitnightmaretatertots: well, .NET is open source, windows power shell, etc being open source, Microsoft announced windows 10 is the last version of windows12:13
Rabbitnightmarethere are no new beta versions of windows other than 10 updates12:13
ikonianot sure what .net being open source and no new beta versions of windows 10 have to do with the rumour you just suggested12:14
tatertotsRabbitnightmare: just say that ..solid and rumor go together like a honest fib12:14
tatertotsjust saying12:14
Rabbitnightmarewell just repeating something I read in some news story12:14
ikoniaI've not seen any mention or reference to a rumour12:15
tatertotsor a hot cold day12:15
Rabbitnightmareidk they are making edge open source12:18
Rabbitnightmarethey made the java engine for IE open source12:18
ikoniaagain, no sure what that has got to do with the rumour you're pushing12:18
Rabbitnightmarenot really pushing just mentioned it passing with a warning tacked on, you are the one losing youir panties over it12:19
ikoniaI don't think edge is actually open source12:19
ikoniaI'm not losing anything over it,12:19
Rabbitnightmarenot yet12:19
Rabbitnightmareits going to be an interesting year12:20
Rabbitnightmareits his handle in alt code12:25
Rabbitnightmarepretty smart12:25
ikoniaalt code ?12:25
Rabbitnightmareits the address at which keyboards read and display letters, if you hold down alt and press numbers, they output characters12:26
Rabbitnightmareþ such as this which cant be found on the keyboard is 0255812:26
Rabbitnightmaresɹǝʇɔɐɹɐɥɔ uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ǝdʎʇ uǝʌǝ uɐɔ noʎ12:28
ikoniaso as his starts with 07412:28
ikoniaRabbitnightmare: J = 10612:28
ikoniathat seems to not be true12:28
RabbitnightmareJ j12:28
ikoniaahh thats lower case12:28
ikoniaI see12:28
Rabbitnightmareneat huh?12:28
ikoniaso the case matters too, very interesting12:28
ikoniathe second letter doesn't match an "a" though,12:29
Rabbitnightmareimageboards which shall go unnamed taught me crap like this12:29
ikoniabut I'm taking the channel, way offtopic here12:29
RabbitnightmareI have a tendancy to talk12:29
ikoniaI was just as guilty,12:30
RabbitnightmareI like to be social12:30
ikoniaRabbitnightmare: #ubuntu-offtopic would welcome that12:30
zhou_xingyuhi guys.anybody know how to use rsync+inotify-tools to backup the file in my pc?12:32
zhou_xingyuI want to backup to my another disk12:33
RabbitnightmareI never understood syncing, copy and paste seems to be good enough for me, its worked since 1991 for me12:33
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saju_mI have a  question12:37
saju_mRecently my own debian package repo (use reprepro tool) server got damaged and lost all packages.12:38
saju_mThen I rebuild new repo by copying cached packages from all servers (/var/cache/apt/archives).12:38
saju_mI used "reprepro includedeb" command ro rebuild the repo.12:38
saju_mNow I want to test new repo.12:38
saju_mFor that, I am planing to delete all old repo link from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xxx, then add new repo.12:38
saju_mAfter that I want to confirm that, all the installed packages in the server now pointing to this new rep, How to do that?12:38
saju_mI have posted my question here http://paste.ubuntu.com/23804143/12:40
ikoniasaju_m: packages don't point to repos12:47
ikoniaonce a host has that repo defined in it's repo list, it's done12:47
saju_mikonia, I am looking for a way to find missing packages in the new repo.12:48
ikoniamissing packages ?12:48
saju_mfind the packages which are installed in the server and not exist in new repo12:48
ikoniawhy would there be missing packages12:48
saju_mearlier i were using multiple repositories , those repositories were running in one of my server12:49
saju_mthat server got damaged12:50
saju_mand lost all repos12:50
ikoniasaju_m: is this a copy of an upstream repo, or a custom repo you've built yourself12:50
saju_mcustom repo12:50
ikoniasaju_m: so if it's your repo, you'll need to audit it yourself, just script a manifest of your hosts and compare12:50
saju_mso i have tried to rebuild it from server's apt cache12:50
saju_mikonia, are you suggesting this12:52
ikoniasuggesting what ?12:52
saju_mfind all installed packages using $dpkg -l12:52
saju_mthen for each package run $apt-cache policy pkgname12:52
ikoniasaju_m: thats one way yes12:52
ikoniayou could just actually search the repo file system too12:53
saju_mand find repo, and check is it my new repo12:53
ikonia(as you control the repo)12:53
Kovalsky00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)12:55
Kovalsky01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Seymour [Radeon HD 6400M/7400M Series] (rev ff)12:55
Kovalskydo you know how to switch between them ?12:55
KovalskyBecause at the present moment only "Intel® Sandybridge Mobile " is active.12:56
saju_mikonia, there are packages which installed from ubuntu.iso , when we installed OS12:58
saju_mikonia, How to filter those packages12:58
KovalskyAnyone can help ?12:58
tomreynKovalsky: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics12:58
saju_mikonia, when i do $dpkg -l, those packages also coming12:58
KovalskyMany Thanks, this should do the trick.12:59
ikoniasaju_m: so you basically only want to know packages that did not come from the ubuntu repos13:00
saju_mikonia, no, some packages which i installed from ubuntu repo also i need to know13:01
saju_mikonia, basically, i want to know all packages which i installed after OS installation13:02
ioriasaju_m, can't you check /var/log/apt/history.log by date ?13:03
saju_mioria, let me check, what is there13:04
BluesKajHiyas all\13:07
ikoniasaju_m: what does it matter if they are installed during/after the install, they will still need to be in your repo13:07
oem_ja pobrac chrome13:11
oem_jak pobrac google chrome13:11
MonkeyDustoem_  it works, we see you13:12
saju_mikonia, i am using Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS, i dont want packages coming with iso of Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS in my repo13:12
oem_what instal chrome13:12
ikoniasaju_m: right, so you want packages that are not provided by the main ubuntu repo then13:12
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:12
saju_mikonia, after OS installation i installed some packages from ubuntu main repo.13:14
bnsaju_m: You could just check .bash_history, like: cat /root/.bash_history | grep "apt install"13:14
ikoniasaju_m: right, so in that case you need the ubuntu main repo13:14
saju_mikonia, but, now exact version will not be there13:14
ikoniasaju_m: so the fact that it's on the CD means nothing, you need the main repo13:15
saju_mikonia, there will be latestt version in ubuntu main repo13:15
saju_mikonia, i dont want the latest version og packages which i installed13:16
ikoniasaju_m: thats right,13:16
elias_awinsen_: If you don't have some particular reason for using an ancient version, yes you should.13:16
ikoniasaju_m: then just copy the repo from the CD13:16
MonkeyDustsaju_m  there's also this command ... apt-clone clone --with-dpkg-repack [backup folder] ... 'repack' copies the pkg names which did not come from the repos13:17
sqdfhello everybody13:19
ikoniaMonkeyDust: thats nice, I didn't know the --repack option13:19
sqdfi'm experiencing a problem with my ubuntu13:19
sqdfrunning 16.413:19
apestatehow would you describe what you are experiencing13:20
cfhowlett!details | sqdf13:20
ubottusqdf: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.13:20
sqdfubuntu server in a windows domain13:20
saju_mMonkeyDust, thanks13:20
sqdfall of a sudden my System Center 2012 stopt backuping my ubunut13:20
apestateoh dear13:20
cfhowlett2012?  what version of ubuntu?13:20
sqdfit is provided to work in an online state13:20
sqdfbut now it only works in an ofline state13:20
sqdfubuntu 16.413:20
winsen_elias_a: now it works thanks13:20
ikoniasqdf: I'm not sure what you're asking here....13:21
sqdfi looked at the package details for the system center13:21
sqdfbut cant find any updates recently done13:21
ikoniasystem center ?13:21
sqdfis this a known issue, comunity forum says nothing about it13:21
sqdfSystem Center 201213:21
ikoniaas in microsoft system center13:22
cfhowlettno such ubuntu such software.13:22
sqdfmicrosoft 2012 R2 Domain13:22
ikoniasqdf: so are you trying to get an ubuntu server to be visible in microsoft system center ?13:22
ikonia(join a 2012 domain)13:22
saju_mMonkeyDust, this will copy all packages which doesn't have repo, that means these packages are came from CD/iso image, right ?13:22
sqdfoh no13:22
sqdfthat is not the issue13:22
winsen_elias_a do you how to get shortcut thunderbird?13:22
sqdfthe ubuntu server normaly gets backuped while being online13:23
sqdfno shutdown is required to backup the full system13:23
sqdfas is the same with the windows machines running in the domain13:23
ikoniaok, so you sucessfully have ubuntu being backed up13:23
sqdfa couple of days ago the backup of the ubuntu server is returing failed13:23
cfhowlettyou might be better served asking #ubuntu-server --13:23
sqdfif i swith the ubuntu server to an offline mode it works again13:23
saju_mMonkeyDust, suppose i installed a package1 from repo1, then deleted repo1 from /etc/apt/sources.list,  does that package also cloned by that command ?13:24
sqdfthe name sugests i might ask their13:24
cfhowlett!server | sqdf13:24
ubottusqdf: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server13:24
ikoniasqdf: so the problem is your ubuntu backup has stopped working13:24
sqdfthanks for the hint cfhowlet13:24
ikoniasqdf: what are you using to backup ubuntu ?13:24
sqdfWindows DPM13:24
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bnDidnt even know that is possible^^13:24
ikoniaI didn't either....13:25
sqdfyes it is13:25
mozammel"history.daemon " always eating up my CPU, and there no way to the that proces, the p..moment I kill it, next moment it stat, I'm using Ubuntu 16.10 please hel13:25
sqdfand i must say a realy nice feature if it works13:25
sqdfthanks for the info everybody13:25
sqdfi'm going to ask again in the server chanel13:25
saju_mikonia, MonkeyDust ,  suppose i installed a package1 from repo1, then deleted repo1 from /etc/apt/sources.list, then run $apt-get update, Now how do I find the rpo of the package1, How do i know that whether package 1 is installed from CD/iso or another repo ?13:27
elias_awinsen_: Desktop shortcut or what?13:27
MonkeyDustsaju_m  not sure, did not try it ... for 'repack' you need to have their .deb files stored somewhere13:29
saju_mdoes ubuntu remove this type packages when we run apt-get autoremove ?13:31
saju_mi have seen some apt-get -f install also13:32
EriC^^saju_m: no it doesn't remove it13:32
saju_mthat also don't touch this type of repo less packages13:32
EriC^^saju_m: and apt-cache policy package to answer your first q13:32
saju_mapt-cache policy packagename, shows empty repo13:33
saju_mfro that i can't figure out whether this package is installed from CD/iso or another repo13:34
EriC^^saju_m: if it's empty i think it's not in your sources.list then13:34
EriC^^saju_m: you mean you want to know if it was in the default installer packages or not?13:35
saju_myes, that is what i mentioned earlier, I lost sources.lst13:35
EriC^^saju_m: default installer or default repos?13:35
EriC^^you want to know if it was installed by default when ubuntu installed itself or you want to know if it was installed from the official repos?13:36
saju_msorry ,what is default installer ?13:36
EriC^^did you understand what i mean?13:36
saju_myes, i got13:37
EriC^^so which is it?13:37
saju_msuppose i installed a package1 from customrepo1, then deleted customrepo1 from /etc/apt/sources.list. Now hoe do i find it was installed from default installer or default repos or customrepo1?13:39
EriC^^you want to know if the package was in the freshly installed system ?(is that what you mean by CD/iso)? or you mean just the official repository13:39
EriC^^saju_m: oh ok, apt-cache policy package should say13:39
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saju_mif we delete from /etc/apt/sources.list, apt-cache policy package shows empty13:40
cfhowlettsaju_m, http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/index.php13:40
EriC^^saju_m: zgrep package /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz shows if it was installed by the installer by default13:40
EriC^^saju_m: see the link cfhowlett gave you and repopulate sources.list and ran sudo apt-get update13:41
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winsen_how to remove this key "apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com C1289A29"?13:41
winsen_I have error message13:41
saju_m<EriC^^, you missed earlier conversation13:41
saju_mi can't repopulate sources.list13:42
saju_mmy customrepo1 went down, lost all packages13:42
EriC^^saju_m: populate the default sources.list13:42
vltHello. How can I turn an HTML+CSS+JS "animated" website into 25fps full HD video?13:43
winsen_any clue guys?13:43
saju_mthat doesn't help13:43
EriC^^vlt: obs project maybe?13:43
EriC^^saju_m: why not?13:43
saju_msources.list has default ubuntu repo links13:43
cfhowlettvlt, wrong channel.  ask #programming or find a website design channel13:43
saju_mthat is working13:43
cfhowlettvlt, OR  you could do a "record my desktop"13:44
cfhowlettthat will not "turn" it into anything but you can capture video13:44
saju_mproblem is there in sources.list entry of customrepo113:45
cfhowlettsaju_m, there is no way we can help you rebuld a CUSTOM repo.  you backed up before you deleted it right?  RIGHT?13:45
saju_mi am trying to recreate it from cached packages from all servers (/var/cache/apt/archives).13:46
EriC^^saju_m: did you see /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?13:47
EriC^^saju_m: try "apt show package" and look at APT-Sources13:48
EriC^^nevermind, without the stuff in /var/lib i dont think it would work13:48
EriC^^saju_m: try to see log files maybe, /var/log/apt/history*13:49
ikoniasaju_m: it really sounds like the idea for maintaining a repo for you may be totally different than how it's meant to work13:49
saju_mhistory not there13:49
ikoniasaju_m: logically you could just copy the repo from the CD if you wanted to make sure it was the same versin as the install media13:50
saju_mEriC^^, please read this http://paste.ubuntu.com/23804143/13:50
saju_mactually i recreated new repo13:51
EriC^^saju_m: /var/log/apt/term* might have the command when you added the repos13:51
saju_mnow i want to find the delta13:51
saju_mif any13:51
Dreaman!pic upload14:01
cfhowlettDreaman, use  imgur14:02
cfhowlettis there a question here?14:03
cfhowlettplease don14:04
cfhowlettdo not randomly paste14:04
=== scottt is now known as Guest83800
archehi all14:14
apestatewith an ssd, using virtualbox vm, should I definitely not use swap on the vm also?14:17
bnapestate: I would always recommend setting at least some swap space aside to prevent processes beeing killed14:19
bnapestate: iirc ubuntu default is Swap == RAM14:20
bnat least for server installs14:20
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hydrajumpi'm following the instructions here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel#Modifying_the_configuration to build a custom kernel14:39
hydrajumpI need to change the kernel config to enable a custom DSDT, e.g. CONFIG_ACPI_CUSTOM_DSDT=y but I don't understand which config file to modify14:41
=== SaxUz is now known as Kenix
=== nikos is now known as Guest11802
stevecamim getting these error messages while updating and im not really sure what to do about them http://pastebin.com/xkG9J0zr14:51
boontoonHi. I just did an upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 after prompt. It said it didn't finish properly and it might be unstable but then closed. What logs will have the output? And how do I fix the possibly broken upgrade?14:51
BluesKajboontoon,have you tried booting into it14:53
boontoonBluesKaj: I haven't no15:00
boontoondidn't want to restart if I could fix now and have no problems15:01
BluesKajboontoon,  so where to whathas your install progressed ...it's difficult to assess without knowing what state it's in15:04
BluesKajoops where to15:05
boontoonBluesKaj it seemed to get to the very end and then give the error. It was in the process of installing all the new packages it downloaded. As I say it then closed and I'm not sure if it'd log it anywhere to help you15:06
BluesKajboontoon, try running sudo do-release-upgrade again15:07
taorahello everyone, can I create a logical (extended) partition on a whole disk?15:07
boontoonBluesKaj: says "no new release found"15:08
boontoonI've also run apt-get install -f15:08
BluesKajboontoon, then run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade15:09
boontoonBluesKaj all up-to-date already. Maybe it upgraded okay and some old packages made it think it's gone bad?15:11
ducasseboontoon: try an apt full-upgrade15:12
BluesKajok boontoon run lsb_release -a15:12
florianwho knows macbuntu15:13
boontoonBluesKaj: says 16.0415:14
boontoonducasse: that also says up-to-date15:16
ducasseboontoon: then do 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'15:18
boontoonducasse: no output15:18
BluesKajboontoon, ok drop to VT/TTY, ctl+alt+F1-F6 and try to return to the desktop with ctl+alt+F715:19
boontoonBluesKaj: yep, works fine15:20
ducasseboontoon: good. then do apt autoremove and you should be fine.15:21
BluesKajducasse,good suggestion, then boontoon the next move is a reboot to be absolutely sure15:22
boontoonducasse, BluesKaj. okay will do. cheers guys15:22
ducasseboontoon: come back if you have problems :)15:22
BluesKajI'm sure he will :-)15:23
royal_screwup21I compressed a file using the "compress" commands. How do I find the extent to which the file has been compressed?15:23
scornbreadmy rsync isn't syncing .irssi folder for some reason... i'm not sure why15:29
scornbreadrsync -av --rsh='ssh -p422'  /home/user myserver.net:/home/user/zbkups-rsync/automated-bkups/15:31
wedgiescornbread: consider asking in #rsync if you don't get an answer here15:32
scornbreadwedgie: ah nvm stupid typo15:36
scornbreadi looked in the wrong folder15:36
taktlosshi guys , i have some problems , i wanna try to install ubuntu if i boot from the DVD got these screen https://gyazo.com/fe759bc2c42052310b30f3ec943a752e    30mins later nothings happens  maybe anyone can call me whats wrong ?! thx guys..15:51
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lucidguyRemote desktop suggestion?  I used to use x2go, not working as good as I would like.  Suggestions?16:00
ash_______(linux beginner), tried running a ./install for a program(matlab) in terminal and got "installation finished" instantly, did this a couple of times before I "fixed" it and I got a GUI up for installing my program. Could the previous ./install runs have an (adverse) effect on my system?16:01
=== kyle is now known as Guest71291
ducasseash_______: the later runs will most likely just write over the files that were written before, if any.16:07
ash_______okay, thank you!16:08
hamza_hello everyone16:10
minimectaktloss: Try to boot with the nomodeset option. Your nvidia card is not recognized correctly... http://askubuntu.com/a/16207616:11
hydrajumponce I've chrooted into the live cd filesystem is this where I install a compiled kernel module?16:12
minimectaktloss: After installation activate the proprietary nvidia driver...16:12
taktlossok thx i will try16:13
taktlossthx guys16:14
=== j3di3 is now known as kostyay
lostguyhi i installed python-virtualenv but when i type python-virtualenv it doesn't open and autocomplete, so where are it's files? in which location?16:25
lostguydoes anyone uses it, where ca i enquire more about this?j16:25
lostguyhow do i use apt-get to list all it's files instead?16:25
lostguycome on guys tell me what's the matter with this16:25
EriC^^lostguy: dpkg -L <package> | grep bin16:26
lostguyEriC^^: so it's16:28
lostguyreturns null16:29
EriC^^try without | grep bin16:29
lostguyso i installed virtualenv package but it's for python2? can i get for py316:29
lostguydoes ubuntu provide a virtualenv for py3 ?16:30
taktlossit works  thx for the help16:30
=== ibm is now known as Guest9197
Guest9197so u set up to fuck poeple up if they try to find new place to chat16:34
Guest9197all other channels disabled16:34
Guest9197this one not disable biut he hits you with a drone in the face soon u enter chat16:35
Guest9197this chat worthless16:35
Guest9197while the rest all playing silent nd "victims"16:36
BluesKajfor you maybe, not for users looking for ubuntu support016:36
ducasseGuest9197: this is not a channel for chat, but technical support16:36
Guest9197oh but how come this is the only channel that someone can connect too?16:36
Guest9197thru all the servers16:36
BluesKajGuest9197, then you have your irc client improperly configured16:37
BluesKajok no bot info there16:38
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lostguywhy dont i have pyvenv installed as  dep? when i have python3.5?16:45
lostguydoes ubuntu NOt package it ?16:45
lostguywhy not?16:45
bumAnyone played with vbox or bios?16:46
MonkeyDust!find pyvenv16:46
ubottuFile pyvenv found in cdist, cdist-doc, python3-venv, python3.5-examples, python3.5-venv, python3.6-examples, python3.6-venv16:46
ducasselostguy: packages are not installed as dependencies unless they are necessary for the package to run. python3.5-venv is only a Suggests:16:48
tatertotsbum: and so what if anyone has played with vbox or bios?16:48
bumI would like to test bios without affecting actual hardware16:48
bumHow to do it tatertots16:49
=== beaver is now known as evilnewbie
ducassebum: try a virtualization channel16:49
tatertotsbum: don't you already have vbox installed?16:50
bumtatertots: yes it's installed16:50
tgm4883bum: you want to test BIOS?16:52
bumYes tgm488316:52
bumHow it looks16:52
bumWhich are available options16:52
bumHow to modify16:52
tgm4883I'm not sure I follow16:53
bumAnd what happens if different options applied16:53
octo8hello, could you please test www.deyaeldeen.com on an iPhone, i know i can render online, but wanted to test on real iPhone, it works everywhere except on some iPhones :(16:54
ducasse!ot | octo816:55
ubottuocto8: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:55
octo8:( ok16:56
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tatertotsbum:  press F8 promptly after powering on a vbox vm.16:56
lasersaberhi evgeniy17:04
evgeniyi have a problem17:04
lasersaberstate your problem evgeniy17:05
evgeniyi not run Dota 217:05
evgeniy1 sec17:05
cancel72hy all17:05
evgeniyRequired OpenGL extension "GL_ARB_separate_shader_objects" is not supported.  Please update your OpenGL driver17:05
dark_witcherHello, quick question, does anyone know how to map onedrive as a network drive?17:06
evgeniyi input in terminal......17:06
evgeniy$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers17:06
evgeniy$ sudo apt-get update17:06
evgeniy$ sudo apt-get upgrade17:06
evgeniy$ sudo apt-get install libegl1-mesa libegl1-mesa-drivers xserver-xorg-video-intel libgl1-mesa-dri libglapi-mesa mesa-vdpau-drivers17:06
lasersaber!paste evgeniy17:06
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:07
lasersaber!pastebin evgeniy17:07
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ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:07
evgeniy!paste $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers17:08
evgeniy$ sudo apt-get update17:08
evgeniy$ sudo apt-get upgrade17:08
evgeniy$ sudo apt-get install libegl1-mesa libegl1-mesa-drivers xserver-xorg-video-intel libgl1-mesa-dri libglapi-mesa mesa-vdpau-drivers17:08
ubottuevgeniy: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:08
tatertotsevgeniy: hi17:08
lasersaberevgeniy: have tried to update you system? sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade17:08
evgeniyit's ok17:08
tatertotsevgeniy: you want to play dota 2 on linux?17:08
tatertotsevgeniy: do you meet the min system reqs?17:09
evgeniyproblem -->17:09
evgeniy$ sudo apt-get install libegl1-mesa libegl1-mesa-drivers xserver-xorg-video-intel libgl1-mesa-dri libglapi-mesa17:09
tatertotsevgeniy: just error...really?...17:10
tatertotsevgeniy: install inxi, let me know once you have it installed17:10
evgeniynot error)  i'm waiting...17:10
tatertotsevgeniy: sudo apt install inxi17:10
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lasersaberdark_witcher: this might work http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/08/map-network-drive-onto-ubuntu-14-04/17:12
dark_witcherdid that17:13
dark_witcheradded some info for how to map it in windows (e.g. address and CID) set up my credentials17:13
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:13
dark_witcherand I'm left with mount error(115)17:14
=== ChickenLipsRfun2 is now known as koffeinfriedhof
eelstreboranyone know why this is continuing to happen when upgrading the kernel when i don't need that firmware (i'm using a skylake i5 processor)? https://paste.ubuntu.com/23805589/17:16
k1l_eelstrebor: its a warning because intel added that code already to the driver in the kernel but didnt add the firmware. it doesnt affect your system17:17
V7How to get check result of openssl decrypt in Bash ?17:20
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=== DevSome1thing is now known as ignacio
lasersaberdark_witcher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE9YRXki74Y17:24
albertoHello everyone17:26
=== alberto is now known as Guest94842
percycHi all17:27
=== mortalius__ is now known as mortalius
percycI come here to study English and Ubuntu...17:29
MonkeyDustpercyc  ok, but only ubuntu questions here17:30
Guest94842I need some help here... I'm trying to automount a remote windows shared folder by editing /etc/fstab, but I just can't make it visible every time I turn the computer on and log in with my user account...17:30
Guest94842I'm on Ubuntu 16.0417:30
MonkeyDust!ntfs | Guest9484217:31
ubottuGuest94842: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE17:31
Guest94842Thank you17:31
ducasse!samba | Guest9484217:31
ubottuGuest94842: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html17:31
ducasseGuest94842: see that for remote folders17:31
Guest94842By the way... Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do? I mean, I already read the links you just gave me, and edited /etc/fstab, but in the end, I always have to 'sudo mount -a' if I want to access the remote windows folder.17:33
=== scottt is now known as Guest30925
ducasseGuest94842: it's possible, yes. try adding the 'auto' option.17:35
Guest94842ducasse Do you mean in /etc/fstab?17:36
ducasseGuest94842: yes.17:36
* eelstrebor just installed kernel 4.9.4-040904-generic on ubuntu 16.04.1 - no problems noted so far17:38
Guest94842ducasse Between which arguments?17:38
ducasseGuest94842: as one of the mount options17:39
ducasseGuest94842: fourth field17:39
Guest94842May I paste here the line in /etc/fstab? (It's just one line)17:40
ducasseGuest94842: sure17:41
Guest94842/remotemachineIP/sharedfolder /media/alberto/sharedfolder cifs credentials=/home/alberto/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,gid=0,uid=alberto 0 017:42
Guest94842It actually starts with "//"17:42
Guest94842Not just one, but two.17:42
arunsHi, I am experiencing somewhat of an issue with my Apache install.17:43
ducasseGuest94842: try making it "... auto,credentials=..."17:43
arunsIt happened when I tried to install Nginx alongside it.17:43
Guest94842ducasse Ok :)17:44
arunsI am on Ubuntu 16.04.17:44
arunsSo far Apache seems to be OK, just when I attempt to access pages on my local LAMP stack sites other than the index page.17:44
arunsI get the message about Apache being unable to resolve these URLs.17:44
arunsThe message I got was E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)17:45
Guest94842I'm going to reboot my machine, I'll be right back.17:45
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alberto_80I'm back17:48
alberto_80I'm afraid it didn't work... :(17:49
arunsAt the moment I am checking /var/lib/dpkg/status in Vim17:49
arunsTo check if any packages didn't install OK via dpkg.17:49
alberto_80/remotemachineIP/sharedfolder /media/alberto/sharedfolder cifs auto,credentials=/home/alberto/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8 0 017:50
alberto_80What am I doing wrong?17:50
ducassealberto_80: try this - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Samba#As_mount_entry17:51
vdvhi everyone17:51
vdvany gvfs experts here?  is it somehow possible to specify some concrete mount points?17:52
vdvmy mount point looks like: /run/user/1000/gvfs/dav:host=localhost,port=42427,ssl=false,prefix=%2FgaA-3VsXTk0w%2Ffiles/17:52
vdvand 'mount -t fuse.gvfsd-fuse' gives me 'gvfsd-fuse on /run/user/1000/gvfs type fuse.gvfsd-fuse (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=1000,group_id=1000)'17:52
alberto_80ducasse Thank you very much.17:55
=== alberto_ is now known as alberto_80
alberto_80ducasse Thank you very much, problem solved! :-)17:58
ducassealberto_80: good, yw :)17:59
bumblefuzzhi, I just added yubikey challenge response authentication to PAM and it works great but some things are now a little off on my system like, no sounds, no brightness control, not being able to run certain apps... I think this has to do with being able to authenticate somehow but I'm not sure... can someone help?18:00
=== Tims_Tech__ is now known as Guest29980
taktihey guys i try to install ( boot ubuntu ) but i have some troubles i getting these error   https://gyazo.com/938913e143c5ac604ec38d3e8d696898   a friendly dude here in the chat say my nvidia shit dosent load i need to boot with nomodset  i try but it dosent work  sometime it stucks after the first 2 lines of code some times it stucks after the hole18:04
takti code ( in my screenshot on gyazo ) makes me sad :( anyone an idea ?!  sry for my bad eng ;D18:04
taktibrb in a few mins, thx 4 help guys18:05
=== Guest29980 is now known as Tims_Tech241
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=== Tims_Tech241 is now known as Tims_Tech
ducassebumblefuzz: try checking auth.log. i've never had any problems like that, but i really only used c/r auth long enough to see that it worked.18:13
faereli have a question18:17
mguyso ask it18:17
ikoniaprobably best to ask it18:17
faerelwhich is the best theme for ubuntu18:17
faereli search a theme18:17
ikoniaimpossible to answer18:18
faerelhave flat18:18
ikoniait's totally subjective18:18
faerelflat design*18:18
faerelyes i know18:18
faerelbut i don't like the ubuntu thme so18:18
taktiback , anyone an idea to solve my prob ?18:22
k1l_!theme | faerel look if you find a theme that you like for your desktop18:22
ubottufaerel look if you find a theme that you like for your desktop: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy18:22
yarinozImmediately after installing Ubuntu, there is one package people usually install apart from ubuntu-restriceted-extras, I forgot the name. Could anyone remind what it is?18:37
EriC^^yarinoz: what does it do?18:37
yarinozEriC^^: It used to be collection of basic tools like cpp, g++ etc18:38
yarinozI forgot18:38
yarinozYes, thanks18:38
k1l_yarinoz: but thats not something, that most users need to install after first boot. but glad we could help you :)18:39
yarinozI have this habit of installing ubuntu-restricted-extras and build-essential18:39
yarinozI forgot the package name since having a fresh install after many years18:39
hydrajumphow do you add a custom kernel module to the ubuntu live cd?18:40
mguyyarinoz: I don't think you even need to download it anymore18:41
ikoniahydrajump: you can't18:41
ikoniahydrajump: livecd is read only18:41
EriC^^ikonia: what about the livecd customization18:42
hydrajumpikonia: right but it's possible to add it if making a custom live cd, right?18:42
EriC^^the factoid always escapes me18:42
ikoniaEriC^^: thats different, but "yes" of course18:42
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/18:44
EriC^^ah that's it18:44
hydrajumpikonia: I've read and tried to follow that guide, but I'm stuck at where to copy my kernel module.18:45
hydrajumpon a running ubuntu system I understand that I can load the kernel module with `modprobe foo`, but I'm not clear on how to do this when I've extracted the livecd filesystem18:46
ikoniahydrajump: into the kernels module tree18:49
ikoniablag: into the kernels module tree18:49
hydrajumpikonia: you mean `/lib/modules/4.8.0-22-generic/kernel/drivers/input/foo.ko?18:52
ikoniahydrajump: what livecd is that ?18:55
hydrajumpikonia: ubuntu-desktop-16.10-amd64.iso18:55
ikoniajust looks a "late" kernel18:56
ikoniaahh 16.1018:56
ioriahydrajump, yo can also modify the initrd.img , repack and recreate the iso18:59
hydrajumpioria: can you please elaborate?19:02
hydrajumpioria: at the moment i've been following the instructions in LiveCDCustomization and I have extracted the squashfs filesystem19:04
ioriahydrajump, i did it with the mini iso. If you mount the iso, copy the content in another folder you can edit the initrd.img, then you can repack initrd.img and redo the iso19:04
ioriahydrajump, but LiveCDCustomization is ok too, i guess19:05
=== anon is now known as Guest68848
oslozorinil y a t'il un français?19:13
k1l_oslozorin: #ubuntu-fr for french19:14
TheNH813Why does scrolling up cause the browser to go back a page.19:14
TheNH813Mouse is acting very buggy. Scrolling up causes the browser to go back a random number of pages. The mouse is a Microsoft IntelliMouse 1.1A.19:16
TheNH813Could it be a driver issue or an issue with the PS/2 > USB bridge adaptor?19:16
xanguaTheNH813: maybe an add-on?19:17
xanguaOh adapter, no idea19:17
ioriaTheNH813, does it happen for every page you browse or only for some of them ?19:18
TheNH813Pretty much every page.19:18
TheNH813Hm.... I can restart Firefox in safemode with the firefox --safemode command to try without addons I guess.19:18
TheNH813But then I'l have to log back onto this IRC.19:19
TheNH813Mkay, I'l back on a dedicated IRC client.19:21
TheNH813Restarting Firefox without addons had no effect.19:21
TheNH813USB mouse seems to work normally when I plugged it in.19:21
TheNH813Just not the PS/2 mouse plugged into the PS/2>USB bridge.19:22
=== BulkReefSupply is now known as CONNOR_KILLA
TheNH813Although it does seem to scroll fine in HexChat and other applications.19:22
OerHeksps/2 mouse is not hot pluggable19:22
=== CONNOR_KILLA is now known as BulkReefSupply
TheNH813Yes it is, with a USB adaptor. Plug it into the USB bridge, and then plug the adaptor into a USB port. A hardwired PS/2 like on the motherboard wouldn't be hot pluggable though.19:23
tux_/dev/sda1:, clean 5407/1221600 files, 215410/2441872 blocks alguem sabe tirar isso?19:23
OerHeksno with ps/2> usb adapter also not hot pluggable19:23
alberto_Hello again19:24
TheNH813Actually, the package states it's hotpluggable. It shows up as a standard USB mouse.19:24
TheNH813Bus 003 Device 011: ID 0e8f:0020 GreenAsia Inc. USB Mouse Device19:24
TheNH813I'v tried rebooting before, but it does the same thing.19:25
OerHeksTheNH813, this one? https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c5/Ps2_to_Usb.jpg19:25
TheNH813No. One of these active PS/2 > USB bridge adaptors.19:26
SaxUzJust out of curiosity, you’ve looked in your mouse settings to make sure that the scroll wheel isn’t bound to the back page button?19:26
alberto_I've managed to automatically mount a remote shared folder (thanks tu ducasse) by editing /etc/fstab. Only I don't know why it shows two icons of the same shared folder on the desktop.19:26
SaxUzand you’ve tried a diffrent browser?19:27
TheNH813There's an option to bind scroll to back?19:27
TheNH813I'l check that if there is then.19:27
alberto_I'm on Ubuntu mate 16.0419:27
OerHeksBulkReefSupply, please don't spam in PM, thanks19:27
SaxUzwhat distro are you using TheNH813?19:28
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest59710
k1l_alberto_: did you use the gvfs from the file browser too?19:29
TheNH813Ubuntu 16.04. Installed XFCE afterwords manually after some OpenGL conflicts between Unity and Steam.19:29
squeakytoyHey all. I need some advice. I have a Digital Ocean droplet, I SSH into it and start a java application with "java ... &> stdout.txt &" and then I go "less stdout.txt" and shift+F to follow. But for some reason, sometimes I get a "Connection reset by [ip] port 22" and I get kicked out from SSH - but strangest thing is that my Java app also dies.. what could kick me out + kill my java app?19:29
hydrajumpioria: i'm trying your method since it seems straightforward19:29
ioriahydrajump, good luck19:30
hydrajumpioria: i've extracted the initrd.lz, added the kernel module and repacked it19:30
alberto_k1l_ I think I didn't...19:30
TheNH813Saxuz OerHeks: Well, I'l be. Checking "reverse scroll direction" made it fixed. Though I'm not used to that, guess it's a workaround I can deal with.19:30
samthewildonehow to I go about the failed installation of the microsoft fonts when doing a ubuntu-restricted19:30
hydrajumpmy question is how do you remaster the iso with that new initrc.lz?19:30
ioriahydrajump, you need to remake the iso now19:30
SaxUzHaha, nice.  Glad to help :)19:30
SaxUzAlso, that’s dumb that it would do that, but at least it worked :P19:31
TheNH813BulkReefSupply: Please don't spam my PMs. One message is enough.19:31
ioriahydrajump, http://askubuntu.com/questions/324778/how-can-i-create-a-bootable-iso-from-an-extracted-ubuntu-13-04-iso19:32
ioriahydrajump, mkisofs could be an option19:32
OerHeks!ops | BulkReefSupply spams in PM19:33
ubottuBulkReefSupply spams in PM: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu19:33
ioria!info genisoimage | hydrajump19:33
ubottuhydrajump: genisoimage (source: cdrkit): Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images. In component main, is optional. Version 9:1.1.11-3ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 316 kB, installed size 1524 kB19:33
hydrajumpioria: thank you looking at that link now19:34
ioriahydrajump, ok19:35
ioriaOerHeks, yeah, me too19:35
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kefgnsdfjsdjkQuestion time!19:37
kefgnsdfjsdjkAnyone know of a nice calendar that allows me to sync my Google Calendar19:37
kefgnsdfjsdjkI'm using Budgie on my ubuntu install right now and Gnome calendar is meh I also get no raven integration19:38
kefgnsdfjsdjk!ops BulkReefSupply mass PM's to join their chatroom19:39
ubottukefgnsdfjsdjk: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:39
exx0rgood evening19:50
kefgnsdfjsdjkgood afternoon19:50
kefgnsdfjsdjkI'm split on Linux right now.19:50
kefgnsdfjsdjkMy laptop works pretty good with Linux but my desktop is Windows and I find most stuff I do works better on Windows than Linux so far19:51
kefgnsdfjsdjkI'm probably after OSX really19:51
kefgnsdfjsdjkoh, ty DalekSec19:53
nek_knakIs there some kind of minimal iso if I want the ubuntu base system but use a different wm/de than unity?19:53
kefgnsdfjsdjkserver image is as minimal as it gets with Ubuntu19:53
xangua!flavors | nek_knak19:53
ubottunek_knak: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. The current list is: !Edubuntu, !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, Ubuntu !Kylin, !Lubuntu, !Mythbuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, !Xubuntu, and Ubuntu !MATE19:53
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD19:54
xanguaI think there's a mini ISO also19:54
kefgnsdfjsdjkThe mini iso isn't wha he wants.19:54
xanguaOh there19:54
nek_knakAh, yeah, the mini one seems to be what I'm looking for19:54
kefgnsdfjsdjkthe mini iso is just a smaller disk image19:54
nek_knakOr can I just select what package groups I want to install with the big one too?19:54
nek_knakhaven't tried it yet (looking for something like the fedora netinstaller, where you can do exactly that)19:55
kefgnsdfjsdjkI can't remember if the mini one comes with Unity or not but the serve rdoesn't19:55
kefgnsdfjsdjkthe mini is basically net install19:55
kefgnsdfjsdjknek_knak: if you want to get your hands dirty, Ubuntu Server makes a good tiny Ubuntu base, if you don't, try a flavour.19:55
kefgnsdfjsdjknek_knak: I might reccomend Ubuntu Budgie19:56
kefgnsdfjsdjkTechnically Budgie Remix right now, as of 17.04 it will be officially a flavour19:56
OerHeksYou can install any desktop environment with  --no-install-recommends, but that is a choise19:56
OerHeks( with the mini iso)19:56
kefgnsdfjsdjkThe only thing I have against Linux in general is the lack of polish19:57
kefgnsdfjsdjkUbuntu with Unity is well polished but once you stray away it gets ruffer.19:57
kefgnsdfjsdjkAt least under the Ubuntu Umbrella19:57
xanguaI find other Ubuntu flavors well polished19:58
kefgnsdfjsdjkSo for example, Ubuntu Mate is pretty hard to customize how it looks and kinda ugly.19:58
OerHekskefgnsdfjsdjk, for you? not for the most of us19:58
kefgnsdfjsdjkOerHeks: regular old Ubuntu is the most polished distro I've ever tried19:58
kefgnsdfjsdjkIt was like I installed Windows, but it was Linux19:58
kefgnsdfjsdjkEverything just worked19:59
nek_knakkefgnsdfjsdjk: don't really want to get my hands dirty. I mean I'm well past my arch linux phase. I just want something stable and simple19:59
xanguaUbuntu mate has a dedicated tweak tool abd well... That's what gnome 2 looked like half a decade ago... kefgnsdfjsdjk19:59
kefgnsdfjsdjknek_knak: Ubuntu19:59
nek_knakThe only problem is I'm so sick of non-tiling WMs19:59
kefgnsdfjsdjkxangua: I know, the tool sucks and installing themes is a PITA19:59
kefgnsdfjsdjknek_knak: If you really want to get your hands dirty you could go Debian + i319:59
OerHeksoh dear, what is wrong with ubuntu + i3 ? do not suggest other distro's, please.20:00
squeakytoyis it smarter to launch background processes as "sudo"?20:00
kefgnsdfjsdjkYou have to go through the hastle of killing Unity off20:00
kefgnsdfjsdjksqueakytoy: only if they need root permissions20:00
nek_knakexactly that's something I'd like to avoid20:00
ioriasqueakytoy, like what ?20:01
xanguakefgnsdfjsdjk: I think you're mixing lots of things20:01
squeakytoykefgnsdfjsdjk, so it doesn't impact the reliability of the process uptime?20:01
kefgnsdfjsdjksqueakytoy: no20:01
kefgnsdfjsdjkxangua: I came from Ubuntu Mate. It worked well but it was ugly as sin.20:01
OerHekssqueakytoy, if you have to ask, the answer is no.20:01
kefgnsdfjsdjknow on Budgie Remix and wow is raven slick20:02
squeakytoyOerHeks, "ok"20:02
OerHeksugly is an opinion20:02
kefgnsdfjsdjknek_knak: is tiling required...?20:02
VotanHi, question, I have a Soundblaster Recon 3Di onboard and it works fine but only on the speakers. How do I tell it to use the headphones instead by default?20:03
nek_knakkefgnsdfjsdjk: not really, but I'd really love to be able to navigate windows in a more fine grained way than alt-tabbing through loads of stuff20:03
kefgnsdfjsdjknek_knak: I'd say try Ubuntu with Unity first, if you don't like it try a flavour. Ubuntu is about as "it just werks" as it gets20:03
nek_knakI'm so used to hjkl-ing my way through i320:03
nek_knakeverything else feels kinda clunky20:03
nek_knakalso I'm using like 10 workspaces usually and most WMs/DEs don't really do that well20:03
kefgnsdfjsdjknek_knak: you can always install Ubuntu and sudo apt-get install i3wm or it was i3? and select it when logging in through lightdm20:04
nek_knakYeah, I just thought there would be some way to manually fixing font rendering and all that.. ;)20:04
nek_knakto avoid*20:05
kefgnsdfjsdjkIt should work fine20:05
nek_knakI guess I'll just try it then20:05
kefgnsdfjsdjkinstall it in virtualbox20:06
kefgnsdfjsdjktry before you buy :P20:06
nek_knakYeah probably I'm even going to try budgie that way20:06
nek_knakIt just looks super neat20:07
taorahello everyone, how can I import my keyrings from gnome-keyring to keepass?20:07
kefgnsdfjsdjkBudgie is slick20:07
kefgnsdfjsdjknek_knak: just made the switch today. Loving it.20:07
kefgnsdfjsdjkit's not perfect but raven is so much nicer than no notification center20:07
nek_knakwell, thanks a lot guys. bye!20:10
taoraok, solved it with a workaround..but I have one more question..I am trying to install nixnote to an ubuntu derivative distro, but get this error even though I installed the qt driver in the repo: paste.ubuntu.com/2380655520:10
OerHekstaora, what derivate? we support official flavors only20:12
taoraOerHeks, it is UberStudent OS..is it an official flavor?20:13
OerHeksnope ( and i never heard/read about it )20:14
OerHeksnixnote does not install on ubuntu 16.x bug > https://sourceforge.net/p/nevernote/bugs/251/20:14
taorabut the error seems to be a common one..maybe there is a general solution for ubuntu distros?20:14
taoraoh, thanks! viewing20:15
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pressure679Why is the tmux cpu tmp font color still yellow even though my cpu tmp is 31 degrees celcius? Is this an error?20:32
taoraOerHeks, thank you very much!! I tried the deb install way with the download on the linked page, and added the mentioned missing dependency in the output. and nixnote opened :)20:41
OerHekstaora, great, have fun!20:45
taoraOerHeks, thank you :)20:46
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zorin_hi there20:57
=== Chappie-san5 is now known as Chappie-san
knak_nekSo where did the compiz config manager go? I remember there was a package like that but I can't seem to find it in 16.1021:05
xangua!info compizconfig-setting-manager I knak_nek21:06
ubottu'I' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed, yakkety, yakkety-backports, yakkety-proposed, zesty, zesty-backports, zesty-prop21:06
knak_nekxangua: apt-get tells me it's been replaced by compiz-core though21:07
hoshi_how to get vfio-pci kernel module working?21:09
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xangua!info compizconfig-settings-manager | knak_nek21:10
ubottuknak_nek: compizconfig-settings-manager (source: compiz): Compiz configuration settings manager. In component universe, is extra. Version 1: (yakkety), package size 561 kB, installed size 4487 kB21:10
chosigHey dudes and dudettes, any of you know of a good program to test (stress etc.) my wifi connection? My router drops wifi from time to time, the signal is good, nothing shows in the logs etc. I can't replicate it as is, so I'm wondering if it is just when the traffic is "heavy" with more clients, I can have 10+ at the same time.21:11
xanguaknak_nek: do you have universe repository enabled?21:11
knak_nekxangua: yeah that might be the problem. Sorry for that, just switched from fedora21:11
jnoob22join #ubuntu-social21:13
k1l_jnoob22: its #ubuntu-offtopic (if you look for the offtopic channel) :)21:13
bray90820I would assume an 8Gb SD card is enough to install ubuntu mate but when I do "sudo ddrescue -D --force '/media/data/ubuntu-mate-16.04-desktop-armhf-raspberry-pi.img' /dev/sde" I get an error saying "ddrescue: Write error: No space left on device"21:15
k1l_bray90820: how big is that image?21:16
k1l_and some sdcards or usb pendrives are a bit smaller than 8gb but labled 8gb21:16
bray90820on geez it's 8.05GB why is it so big isn't an image of ubuntu usually like 1GB21:17
k1l_bray90820: well, its not a installer image like we have for the desktops. its already the whole system as image.21:17
bray90820Aaahhh that makes a bit more sense21:18
bray90820it says on ubuntu-mate.com that you need a minimum of an 8gb card but the image is over 8gb?21:19
k1l_bray90820: i dont know the specifics but its possible that the rpi image includes some free space (that is in the end of the partition). so maybe that dd error should not matter at all21:19
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bray90820I'll try it again and boot it up to see but if it does fail what do you think my next course of action should be21:20
k1l_the specifics of that rpi image.21:20
lana_On shutdown this message appeared:"starting hostname service"21:22
lana_And then it shutdown21:22
lana_Im so confused, it never appeared before21:22
OerHeksbray90820, why not use just DD? dd if=/path/to/downloaded.img of=/dev/devicenode bs=1M21:22
bray90820I tried both and got basically the same results the reason I posted ddrescue here is because that's what the official ubuntu mate documentation told me to use21:23
OerHeksthat image should be exactly 8 gb ..21:24
bray90820OerHeks: When I extracted it it was 8.0421:26
bray90820My bad 8.0521:27
bray90820OerHeks: I'm thinking I should just use a bigger SD card21:29
m8nxHello everyone. May anyone point me to the config file for changing colors in xfce4, to be more specific- the panel volume slider. My problem is that the handle on the volumeslider is the same color as the background on the volumeslider. Same problem for the slider in panel preferences/appearance. Thanks.21:33
leaftypexchat question - how do I silence all the "joined" and "quit" messages?21:46
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hydrajumpi've followed the steps here to create an ISO image https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization#Producing_the_CD_image21:48
k1l_!quietirc | leaftype21:48
ubottuleaftype: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages21:48
hydrajumpand an ISO is created. However, when I use dd to write it to a usb drive it doesn't show as a boot device21:49
hydrajumpthe stock ubuntu 16.10 iso works fine when I use dd to write to the drive21:49
hydrajumpI'm thinking that it has something to do with this `sudo mkisofs -D -r -V "$IMAGE_NAME" -cache-inodes -J -l -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/boot.cat -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -o ../ubuntu-9.04.1-desktop-i386-custom.iso .`21:50
hydrajumplooks liks that mkisofs command in the wiki doesn't create a valid partition table21:56
taorahello everyone, I installed 2 systems of the same distro on my disk, and now I don't see one of them in grub..can you help me fix this please?22:09
Bashing-omtaora: ' sudo update-grub ' does not pick up the secondary system - booted from your primary ?22:11
Pilot200hrSo I have got a new install of Ubuntu running and installed Kodi, the remote works fine but is pulling up other applications in Ubuntu with some keys, where is that configured, it is not the old Lirc that I remember22:11
taoraBashing-om, I haven22:11
dinetok, I know this is not an ubuntu specific question. But somehow our homerouter is dosing our computers. its an ASUS RT-AC56U22:11
taoraBashing-om, sorry..I haven't tried this command22:12
taoraI will do so, hope it works22:12
dinetI'm looking for some pointer on what it can be22:12
taoraduring installation the debian installation GUI had asked me if all the other OSes on disk are shown, and I'd noticed that the same other OS as the one I was installing was not shown..but I went on with the install22:13
k1l_taora: please show a "sudo parted -l" in paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here22:14
Bashing-omtaora: I too multiboot, and I did experience recursion in the boot config files . My solution was to diable 30_os-prober on the secondary systems .22:15
taorak1l_, Bashing-om, currently an install continues on the machine, I will run the commands as soon as I have access to desktop again22:17
Bashing-omtaora: k; and see k1l_'s directive above .22:18
kekponsReceiving address 169cqw2NxkAiZMVf37B6yBe5U6DrLdirpw22:21
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taoraBashing-om, sure, still waiting for the process to end22:24
Bashing-omtaora: Sure . at your pace as we can do :)22:25
Pilot200hrSo I have got a new install of Ubuntu running and installed Kodi, the remote works fine but is pulling up other applications in Ubuntu with some keys, where is that configured, it is not the old Lirc that I remember22:27
taoraBashing-om, thank you :)22:27
taoraBashing-om, problem solved..since the process that just went on was an install, too, it reinstalled grub and fixed the problem :)22:35
taoraBashing-om, k1l_, thank you very much!22:36
Bashing-omtaora: Good deal. you do good work :)22:44
binarydepthHi Bashing-om22:45
Bashing-ombinarydepth: Uh Huh ?22:46
binarydepthJust saluting Bashing-om22:47
n4n0` salut22:50
taoraBashing-om :) enjoy your day/night, everyone! ciao!22:51
rizonzdoes anyone know if 16.04 has apache event per default ? I'm checking this out comparing to 14.04 which does not have a mpm-event package23:00
yan__its me23:01
IriezHey itsme, my name is Iriez23:01
n4n0`rizonz: By default 16.04 does not contain MPM, that is a package that will be installed when apache2 is installed.23:03
rizonzn4n0`: yes but -event is not there at all but -worker is23:05
rizonzso I think event is now default installed ?23:06
n4n0`rizonz: After apache2 is installed by default mpm_worker module is included, they are all included in the apache2-bin package which is a dependency of apache2. By default mpm_event module is enabled, you can disable it and enable mpm_worker with "a2dismod mpm_event; a2enmod mpm_worker" and then restart apache2 for the configuration to take place.23:09
binarydepthsalut n4n023:10
rizonzn4n0`: ok, some change then :) thanks23:10
=== Chappie-san2 is now known as Chappie-san
n4n0`rizonz: Np rizonz, it is a noticeable change from 14 to 16.23:11
n4n0`binarydepth: salute. :P23:11
binarydepthWhat is this IP info for ?23:11
binarydepthwhen an User Joins23:11
rizonzn4n0`: yap need to check some changelogs more and more for what has been changed23:11
keepwatchingmehi !23:11
rizonzn4n0`: some update service in my mialbox or so that notices me about the right stuff23:12
rizonzn4n0`: weird thing on 14.04 is that the module is in but you can still install the package23:13
n4n0`rizonz: I could be wrong but I believe that mpm functionality changed with apache 2.4. I know in 14.04 you were required to install additional packages (apache2-mpm-event) since it wasn't included in apache2-bin.23:16
binarydepthHey Dreaman23:16
rizonzn4n0`: yeah it's weird23:17
n4n0`binarydepth: If you are referring to the IP info when someone joins the channel, they are the user's ident @ hostmask, you can change that information by using HostServ which is a service provided by NickServ (anope)23:17
binarydepthn4n0 ok23:19
poco_Anyone mind helping me figure out why my icons are so messed up? I never had any issue on my laptop running Kubuntu http://i.imgur.com/K5qkRnp.png23:23
binarydepthA theme change ?23:23
poco_binarydepth, that was my first thought and unfortunately changing themes doesn't do anything23:24
binarydepthCheck the desktop entries of any of the apps involved23:24
poco_I can't screenshot it but I'm also missing icons in the application launcher23:24
poco_binarydepth, by that you mean check where?23:25
binarydepthOh sorry23:25
binarydepthI haven't actually checkled those files for icons23:26
binarydepthlet m =e first check one here23:26
poco_binarydepth, ah yeah they're missing there but what's weird is that when the app is open the icons are normal23:26
binarydepthWell the .desktop files could be the factor here23:28
poco_binarydepth, any idea how to remedy it?23:29
binarydepthWell try modifying this file and putting it in the path I told you before23:30
poco_binarydepth, wait so I'm supposed to make a file for each app I'm missing?23:32
binarydepthWell If you have the patience... But this could show if this is the problem ;)23:33
poco_binarydepth, and what should I save this new file as?23:33
binarydepththis file is called atom.desktop23:34
binarydepthfor the atom entry23:34
poco_but I already have a [app].desktop23:34
poco_for example I opened up my Atom and it's exactly the same as what you gave me23:35
k1l_poco_: maybe the guys in #kubuntu can tell you if that is a known kde error.23:35
poco_k1l_, I'll ask thanks23:36
k1l_poco_: did you try a logout and relogin to the desktop?23:36
poco_yeah I've been having this issue all week since I installed Kubuntu from scratch. I also have Kubuntu on my laptop and no issue23:36
binarydepthWell I tried here and taking out the desktop file does take out the icon23:37
binarydepthAnd when I open it the Icon is there23:38
poco_yeah the icon always appears whenever I open the app23:38
binarydepthMaybe you should file a bug to the KDE Task manager poco_23:38
poco_binarydepth, should I still file a bug even if I can't replicate the issue on another machine?23:39
binarydepthNo in that case it is not useful23:39
binarydepthOk I checked the DEB package of chromium browser in "/var/cache/apt/archives"23:42
binarydepthAnd the package should have the desktop file in it23:43
binarydepthThe trick is opening it with the Archive manager23:43
poco_hmm ok one sec. I ended up losing a file in my applications directory while trying to edit it. Trying to get it back23:44
binarydepthpoco_ do you get the idea ?23:45
poco_binarydepth, I don't I'm sorry :(23:45
binarydepthThe idea is to browse into one of the packages and check if it has the ".desktop" in the "/usr/share/applications"23:47
binarydepthcheck the image uploaded23:47
poco_Ok, I found Firefox or example which has a firefox.desktop entry23:47
poco_but missing an icon23:47
binarydepthok then you can try installing "aptitude"23:48
binarydepth"apt-get install aptitude"23:48
poco_so reinstall Firefox is what you're saying?23:49
binarydepthand check if the ".desktop" was installed too23:49
poco_well the .desktop files are all there23:49
binarydepthIt is kind of pointing into a HDD problem I might say23:50
poco_weird I have no indications that my SSD might be bad23:51
poco_yeah as you can see all my .desktop files are present but the ones without tiny icons next to them are the ones that don't show an icon on the task bar or application manager when they are *not* opened http://i.imgur.com/YKx7vPM.png23:52
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binarydepthtiny icons ? you mean the counts ?23:54
poco_I'm not familiar with counts23:54
binarydepthOk I see23:54
binarydepthNo my bad23:54
binarydepthThen I see, it has to be that the icons are missing23:55
poco_but where are the icons coming from when I open the app? haha23:56
binarydepthIn the same Archive manager you can browse into the icons folder in the Share folder23:56
binarydepthYeah, I'm at getting if the package is corrupt23:56
binarydepthpoco_ do you have an Unity box ?23:58
poco_I don't think so?23:59
binarydepthI made some modifications to Unity animations with compizConfig23:59
poco_oh you mean did I ever have Ubuntu Unity installed? No23:59

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