_SleePer_hello everyone, iam a new user of ubuntustudio, and i like very much of this distribution of ubuntu and i like to contribute. I was reading and i will like to make parte of the test team, can anybody help me to enter the team?12:39
eylulhi _SleePer_: https://rossgammon68.wordpress.com/2016/12/11/manual-tests-of-ubuntu-studio-packages/13:34
eylulmanual test cases: http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/370/builds/135507/testcases13:34
eylulI would also strongly recommend subscribing to the mailing list at: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-studio-devel13:35
eylullet us know if you have any questions. :)13:35
_SleePer_thank you very much, i will visit the links and if a have any question i will tell you. :)14:04
_SleePer_another question, can i regist my nick name to be for me or something? thks14:05
cfhowlett!register | _SleePer_ 14:06
ubottu_SleePer_: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.14:06
_SleePer_thanks a lot14:07
OvenWerkseylul: don't put too much into what Ralph has to say. He knows only his own use on his own system. Much of his info is old. That is part of the reason I have stopped posting anything to do with this app on the mailing list. I won't say he knows nothing, but I will say he has very strong opinions and expects they are right for everyone.16:06
OvenWerkseylul: also he spends no time on irc where most of the help to newbys happens and so he really has no idea what they need.16:08
eylulok now I am very curious what Ralf said17:06
eylulbut thanks Ovenwerks <317:06
eylulOvenWerks: I will answer him17:23
eylulI need to read up on what he is saying, there is some valuable ideas on this input. I am not personally offended (spent too many years, as doing tech support to even blink at this :D) but I really wish we could instill a mailing list culture that doesn't involve regular explosions. this is bad for conversation17:25
OvenWerkseylul: That is why I have not answered :) We do not need a flamewar17:28
eylulso help me understand17:29
OvenWerksSome of the things he has said are also why I have not put in bit depth.17:29
eylulwell we can always remove it17:29
eylulthis is a mockup you guys decide on content ultimately17:29
eylulone thing through17:30
eylulwasn't there a requirement of matching say, what is coming from one's microphone or sound device when setting?17:30
OvenWerksI will change "buffer" to something else17:30
eylulI have already changed buffer to framerate17:30
eylulat least I think I did 17:31
OvenWerksJack checks what the device is able to put out and will use the greatest bit depth it can find. but no matter what it starts with, internally it is 32bit float17:31
OvenWerksframerate is something else again.17:31
eylulso you don't have to set it17:31
eylulwhatever his wording was17:31
eylulthe only change I did was to replace "fast response" with "low latency"17:32
OvenWerksThere are a very small number of audio cards that do not tell what the bit depth is.17:32
OvenWerksMy full intention is that most users will not even look at this applet for months because the defaults will just work...17:33
eylulI expect there to be a few profiles17:34
eylullike audio production (maybe the split Ralph describes of live audio work vs music production)17:34
eylulthen something like gaming that uses in practice no low latency/priority settings17:34
eylulOvenWerks: what do you think about his thing about 48000k being default?17:40
eylulI mean we are not at the stage of discussing this really but17:40
OvenWerksI use 48000 as default, it is the industry standard17:41
OvenWerksAll PC audio hardware uses 48000 buses, all video use 48k all broadcast (profesional) uses 48k17:42
OvenWerks44k1 is the odd thing made to fit a bit more time on a CD17:42
OvenWerksLots of people use it, but in my opinion should not17:42
OvenWerksMost audio interfaces sound better at 48k than 44k117:43
eylulyeah no I use 48k as default, I only put 192k because that's what was there on your screenshot *chuckles*17:43
OvenWerksover 48k does not gain anything at all but use more disk space17:43
eylulok so I'll change that to 48k no big, seriously this is a mockup anyway :P17:44
OvenWerksYou would notice in the second part of my screen shot it says 48k as it does when running.17:44
eylulAH I missed that17:44
OvenWerksanyway, I have to go.17:44
eylulthank you for working on this 17:45
eylulI'll email, then I'll update the thing again, but if we are going to keep working on this, we should really setup a git somewhere17:45
* OvenWerks needs to get something working first. Once there is a working package, what I am trying to do should be a lot more obvious.17:47
eylulI understand that OvenWerks :) just having a repo might be easier than trying to email glade files back and forth :P17:59
eylulI am not saying lets have a ready made package :)18:00

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