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studio-user535I want to install multiple linux distro on a pc06:22
studio-user535Would you help me for partitioning?06:22
sinewavIs linux already installed? Is there anything on the drive? how many drives are there?06:23
studio-user535i have windows 10 on another disk06:24
studio-user535this is a 500 GB free disk06:24
studio-user535I want to use it all for linux06:25
studio-user535I am using ubuntustudio in TRY mode06:25
studio-user535some days ago I tried kali. It has an option for automatic partitioning..06:26
studio-user535May installing Kali firs help?06:26
sinewavYou can, then use a partitioning tool such as gparted or fdisk. I used to have three primary partitions for a triple boot systems and keep all my data on the 4th partition.06:28
studio-user535only 3 distroes can be installed?06:29
studio-user535Which one should be first?  Boot?06:29
studio-user535then swab>>   Root >>  and finnaly Home right?06:30
sinewavHow big is the harddrive?06:30
studio-user535500 GB06:31
sinewavYou should read a tutorial on the MBR (Master Boot Record) and partitioning first. You can only have 4 primary partitions. I don't think it is recommended to put an OS on an extended partition.06:33
studio-user535R==Are u there?06:35
sinewavI might suggest using virtual machines instead of multi-booting.06:38
ruin2itiveDoes anyone use Line 6 gear with Ubuntu Studio?08:25
gundhahello, I'm gundha, I'm nubie in ubuntu, just installed it yesterday.....12:19
gundhafor the time being I didn't need any help, but if I have trouble, I hope you people can help me for further assistance.... ^_^12:19
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