a1faflocculant: thanks for confirming the bug01:56
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ochosievening everyone21:00
knomehello sir21:05
ochosihow's everything?21:10
knomethat's a broad question21:11
knomeso i'll just say21:11
knomeeverything is as everything is21:11
knomeso xangua was mentioning doing some OEM installations with xubuntu21:12
knomei know we don't support that yet, but we really should look at it21:12
knomeit would need testing, so we'll need to convince akxwi-dave (and probably flocculant too)21:12
ochosiwhat specifically would need testing?21:15
knomeif we enable the OEM installation, we should make sure the OEM setup works21:16
knomedo you know what that does?21:16
knomeor in general what i'm talking about?21:16
knomes/enable/tell we support/21:16
knome(that's a real question, i don't know if you are familiar with it or not)21:17
ochosinot really familiar with it21:32
knomeok, so with OEM, person A technically installs xubuntu, but the choose the OEM option21:32
knomeat this point they usually give out the system to somebody else, because...21:32
knomewhen person B opens the computer, they get the "first boot" questions like "who are you" etc.21:33
knomethat data is then used to actually set up the system, the first user etc.21:33
knome(as a sidenote, there's also a possibility to show a (different) "installer" slideshow for person B)21:34
knomeso what would need testing is that if the OEM installer (that person B uses) is able to set up things correctly21:34
knomebecause obviously, person A (who is often the tech-minded person here, while person B definitely isn't) can't check that21:35
knomebecause then they'd essentially do the OEM setup as well, so they might just as well install directly21:35
knomei'm pretty sure you can set some bit to make the OEM install run again, but that still doesn't solve our problem21:36
knomethe issue xangua was hitting is that some locales weren't set correctly21:36
knomeeg. he tried to install in spanish, but got the "kl" locale (kalaallisut) for time, for example21:37
knomeso the clock on the panel said something really weird21:37
knomei'm pretty sure this particular issue isn't xubuntu-specific, but we should make sure it isn't, and that there aren't other issues that are21:38
knomeso practically this would help people who help set up systems for other people21:38
knomenot the regular user who installs for themselves21:39
knomeunless they're a bit weird like ubottu 21:39
knomei mean Unit193 21:39
Unit193Never used OEM.21:41
knomei didn't say you used OEM, i said you are weird21:41
Unit193OK, won't refute that part.21:42
ochosiso basically OEM means you customize/prep the image for others..?21:42
knomeit means you'll install the system for them21:42
knomeand they only have to insert their user data21:42
knomeso what a computer repair shop could do21:42
Unit193ochosi: Means that on first setup is when it asks you for user/host/language, not during install.21:43
Unit193EG, when you buy a computer from the store.21:43
knomelike windows does21:43
ochosihaven't set up windows in forever21:43
knomebut if that OEM installer part makes the locale fails21:43
ochosiso i wouldn't know21:43
knomethen it's probably more harmful than helpful21:43
knomeso that's the reason we should do some OEM testing21:44
knomethat isn't arch dependent, so one good thing21:44
knomebut it should still be done more than once in a cycle21:45
knomeochosi, re: custom images; we have that page for derivatives, so we could list stuff there21:45
knomeUnit193, isn't the documentation for creating custom images a bit bad generally?21:46
knomeor is it just confusing because it's "so hard"?21:46
ochosiis it really that hard?21:46
ochosito be frank, i've never tried/cared21:47
knomeme neither21:47
knomebut aiui, the documentation is bad21:47
ochosibut i may give it a shot now, may even need it at work21:47
knomewe don't point to anything there21:47
knomeit would be useful/nice to have some kind of pointer to something that helps you remove the things we want you to remoev21:48
HiddenDjinnknome: ok, i always follow this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch21:49
knomeHiddenDjinn, a quick recap: we're specifically discussing improving http://xubuntu.org/dev/derivatives/ to have at least some pointers to help remove the stuff we want derivatives to remove 21:49
knomemy problem with that page is that it is awfully long (which is probably fair), but more importantly, that it has the discussion in it21:50
knomei'm an admin on that wiki so i could probably move the discussion away, but as i don't know much about the subject, i'm not sure if that would be wise21:50
knomeat least the "best advice" on the comments should be merged on the article itself21:50
knomealso, they talk about bugs in 12.04 and earlier - any of the releases mentioned there aren't supported soon21:51
knomeso it might need some cleaning up21:51
knomealso some specific notes for 10.04 and 9.0421:51
HiddenDjinnknome: agreed, it needs cleaning up21:53
knomei give all my support for doing that21:55
knomecan also help with wiki-technical things and act as an "authority" for acking to move the comments away from the page after the good things are merged in the article (if any)21:56
HiddenDjinnknome: well, i'll take a look and mark what works and what needs to change about the guide if you like21:57
knomethat would be helpful - not just for us, but way more people21:58
knomeand thanks21:58
knomeand feel free to poke me here about it21:58
HiddenDjinni haven't made any paranoid liveusb's lately(paranoid being not trusting the data to be off my person at any time, therefore having a full system on a usb)21:59
knomei don't think that's a requirement on editing that page ;)21:59
HiddenDjinnknome: but making one is a requirement for refining the process for others21:59
HiddenDjinnknome: i can do it with virtual machines, and get back to you on it22:00
knomebut you can edit the stuff that isn't related to that22:00
knomeand if you need help with paranoid stuff, refer to Unit193 22:00
knomeor krytarik 22:00
HiddenDjinnbtw, ttf-mscorefonts-installer isn't working properly in 16.0422:01
HiddenDjinni think the files it needs have been moved22:01
knomei know...22:01
knomenot sure how maintains that package though22:01
knomesigh, don't try to listen at something while you type something completely different22:02
krytarikHow?  Who?  I'm confused!22:03
knomekrytarik, what's the news there? (:22:03
HiddenDjinnthe maintainer seems to be the debian maintainer22:05
knomeyeah, likely synced directly from there22:05
HiddenDjinnthere's a workaround...22:09
HiddenDjinninvolves installing a new debian package in place of the ubuntu package22:09
knomewell, i'd just like to get the package itself fixed :)22:09
HiddenDjinnanyways, i almost always build from the mini iso when building a new custom image22:09
HiddenDjinnknome: agreed22:09
knomeUnit193, krytarik: could you pleeeease look at that, at least a bit? (:22:10
knomeeg. is a patch/updated thing on the way22:10
knomeor maybe there's a bug report22:11
HiddenDjinnknome: there are bug reports22:12
HiddenDjinnknome: i've seen that much22:12
knomehave you seen anybody comment on one and saying they're doing something about it? :P22:13
HiddenDjinnnot yet22:13
Unit193HiddenDjinn: ...Building off the non-live, debian-installer which debootstraps the system?22:13
HiddenDjinnUnit193: i usually build off the live mini iso22:13
* Unit193 scrathes head.22:15
HiddenDjinnmini remix, i think it's called22:16
Unit193Huh, OK.22:16
HiddenDjinnUnit193: i'm not good with remembering exact terms22:17
HiddenDjinnUnit193: sorry22:17
Unit193That's fine, I was just thinking of the mini iso in that case.22:18
HiddenDjinnUnit193: i use ubuntu customization kit along with that to add packages i need or think i need22:18
Unit193ochosi: So you're just asking due to the derivs page?22:19
knomeUnit193, he wanted to do his own remix/derivative22:20
knomei asked for the derivs page22:20
Unit193Ooooh, sounds "fun"22:21
HiddenDjinnknome: hmmm...that means he wants to customize the list in ubiquity, right?22:21
knomei don't know what ochosi wants to do22:21
knomebut the derivatives should technically do that22:22
knomenot sure if that's something that needs to be on the wiki page mentioned22:22
HiddenDjinnknome: and, to make it easier to handle, for a custom mix(like to be installed on multiple systems), one would probably be best served by making a custom meta package, depending on all packages the person wants to install, as well as puts the custom config files in place at the end22:23
knomebut that's something for the derivatives to think for themselves22:23
HiddenDjinnsorry, i've had a rough day, so i just came in a few minutes ago and took four shots due to said day before getting online22:24
knomeiu don't know what the policy for that is, but i'm pretty sure they don't get them uploaded to the ubuntu repositories22:24
knomeso it would be on the ISO only (unless they enabled their own repositories, which is a far stretch)22:24
HiddenDjinnknome: right22:24
knomeanyway i'd say that's out of our scope, and the wiki page as well22:25
HiddenDjinnknome: if it was recognized as a custom spin, wouldn't there be a package that installs it on a running system, not unlike ubuntustudio22:25
knomeUnit193 does something like that though22:25
Unit193Not quite.22:25
knomeHiddenDjinn, officially recognized flavors are a different thing22:26
HiddenDjinnknome: ok22:26
knomewe're talking about derivatives of flavors, specifically xubuntu22:26
knome(and could be a derivative of ubuntu too)22:26
HiddenDjinnknome: oh, the derivative iso/img would exist only on the iso, and maybe in a custom repo22:26
knomethe former is often the case22:27
HiddenDjinnknome: pardon my semi-drunkenness22:27
knomeno worries :)22:27
knomecustom repo's maybe, often PPA22:27
HiddenDjinnknome: right22:27
knomebut again, that's a bit out of the scope for xubuntu22:28
HiddenDjinnwhat's the difference between a ppa and a custom repo?22:28
knomemight be touching the wiki page scope a bit22:28
knomethe way i consider that is that PPA is just additional packages, custom repository is a full repository of all packages22:28
HiddenDjinnyeah, so i can take a look at the wiki you pointed me to and see where it needs to be updated22:28
knomebut that's terminology; yes, PPA is also a custom repo22:28
Unit193Personal Package Archive, generally tends to refer to one on LP.22:28
HiddenDjinnthat first red flag regarding jaunty is no longer relevant22:31
HiddenDjinni can say that right now22:31
HiddenDjinnwe don't support jaunty22:31
knomein april, nothing regarding precise of before is relevant22:31
knomethat's kind of the easy part of the cleanup22:32
krytarikknome: That's fixed in Zesty already, and will have to be SRU'd for the other ones - LP bugs 1607535 and 1651923.22:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1607535 in msttcorefonts (Ubuntu) "ttf-mscorefonts-installer 3.4+nmu1ubuntu2 fails to install core fonts" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160753522:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1651923 in apt (Ubuntu Yakkety) "apt https method decodes redirect locations and sends them to the destination undecoded." [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165192322:32
knomeanother small thing is making all places where it says CD to say disc22:33
knomekrytarik, nice, thanks!22:33
HiddenDjinnknome: well, some of the references to precise are still valid with yackety(i think that's 16.04)22:39
knomeright, then that just needs updating22:39
knomethat's the harder part :)22:39
HiddenDjinnalso, there are portions of precise still supported until april22:41
knomeyes, that's why i said "in april" :)22:41
HiddenDjinnknome: yeah...22:41
HiddenDjinnknome: if you aren't easily offended, i'll /msg you what i first thought22:41
knomenot at all22:41
HiddenDjinnanyways, when the site LETS me, i'll edit23:37
HiddenDjinnok, i can see it again, so time to get virtualbox installed so i can test this23:44

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