xangua6:01 PM <xangua> I just restarted an OEM install and the screen is blank, any help? Don't really know what's happening00:04
knomewhat do you mean by "OEM install"?00:23
xanguaknome: used the OEM install option, already created a new user but now xfce clock won't show the date in Spanish00:28
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knomei thought you said the screen was black, not language issues00:29
xanguaAlready restarted and make sure Spanish is the default language and in the pop-up shows something like "arfininngorneq"00:29
knomeanyway, technically the "xubuntu OEM install" isn't supported, so...00:29
knomethat means we haven't really tested it00:29
xanguaOh didn't know that00:30
knomeit should mostly work00:30
knomebut again, we don't know as we don't run those tests00:30
xanguaThe date is shown like "arfininngorneq 14 January 2017" , don't really know what language that is, if it is00:30
knomewhat does "locale -a" in terminal say?00:31
knomewait, not that00:31
knomejust "locale"00:31
knomeyou're mostly interested in the LC_TIME row00:31
knomeyep, that's wrong00:33
knomeso i don't know how to fix that for OEM, but clearly something has gone wrong there00:35
knomeit might help you debug it00:35
xanguaSo the OEM install is supposed to only work officially with Ubuntu?00:35
knomeiirc some other flavor did some work on it (maybe lubuntu, but i don't remmeber for certain)00:35
xanguaAnother weird thing is I had to switch to f1 terminal, f7 was showing a black screen00:36
knomethis isn't lowest priority for xubuntu, so maybe for the next LTS00:36
knomebut it really depends a lot on the testing00:36
xanguaWell it works, just have some little issues00:37
xanguaBut I guess it "won't work"for regular users00:37
knomeyep, that's exactly the problem00:37
knomeif xubuntu ships something like OEM, it should be totally bulletproof00:37
xanguaI was gonna install Ubuntu mate, but I like xfce stays the same over the years00:39
xanguaAnd a little more lightweight since using Celeron00:39
knome(we're not stopping you using OEM)00:45
knomeanyway, got to go00:46
knomegood luck with it00:46
xanguaAnother little issue, the images icon won't show in thunar places sidebar00:49
bazhangxangua, you should better by now not to crosspost00:53
bazhangI doubt many ubuntu users are using thunar xangua00:54
xanguaIt appears the elementary icon set doesn't have an image icon/emblem file, just tested gnome, Ubuntu mono and high contrast themes00:56
bazhangxangua, thats elementary OS you want support for?00:57
xanguaNo Xubuntu, the default icon theme is called : elementary xfce00:59
bazhangxangua, please do not crosspost01:00
xanguaWait... Now that I look closer... It's actually a "photo" icon lol01:06
xanguabazhang: sorry, I was just informing01:07
xanguaI need my glasses mmmm01:07
bazhangxangua, the best way of informing is filing a bug01:08
xanguaJust informing my progress, also it appears OEM install is not officially supported by Xubuntu but already fixed the little issues01:11
bazhangxangua, crossposting is not the way to go01:14
xanguaSorry :-(01:19
xubuntu91ihi, installing xubuntu now02:36
xubuntu91igetting a lot of failed02:37
xubuntu91iis it ok?02:37
xubuntu91ialso, installing very slow02:37
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senchaIs there a firewall enabled by default? I'm having issues port forwarding and I'm fairly certain it's not my router.03:31
senchaufw appears to be inactive.03:31
senchaNevermind. It was the router after all.03:39
xubuntu38whello, I need help15:28
flocculant!ask | xubuntu38w15:29
ubottuxubuntu38w: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:29
xubuntu38wwell I have an issue with my internet connection, when I start my PC everything's fine but after a few minutes without using internet, I cant use internet anymore and I have to restart my PC15:32
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Prinz_IRCmanMultitracking on Audacity?17:20
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