ejatpmatulis: owh .. so just link the landscape client to the openstack services ?02:47
pmatulisejat, nope. forget the landscape client stuff for now. within landscape server there is a cloud installer section, which is called "autopilot"02:50
ejatso setup maas n landscape server 1st ?02:57
ejatthen later use the cloud installer section02:57
kjackalGood morning Juju world!08:02
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junaidaliHi, I have a failed machine (a controller instance in HA), I have run 'juju enable-ha' to ensure HA again but now I can't remove the failed machine12:39
junaidaliit is giving error 'ERROR no machines were destroyed: machine <machine number> is required by the model'12:39
junaidaliAny idea, what I'm missing here. Juju HA is already ensured.12:40
kjackal_Hi junaidali, you might have more luck asking at #juju-dev . Since it is a day off in the US you might want to also send an email on the list, so that your question gets answered12:59
junaidalisure, thanks kjackal_13:05
Michel_Hi Guys, Trying to run the kubernetes juju, so im creating a bootstrap, but halfway it fails because it looks for the Gateway IP?13:26
kjackalhi Michel_ you are saying juju bootstrap is failing?13:41
Michel_Its trying to SSH into the DG13:41
Michel_Im trying to give the containers a IP on our network, because we're trying to set up a Kubernetes cluster13:42
Michel_howeer, when setting up lxd, if i set up a local 10.X.X.X bridge, it works, however, trying to put it on the local network doesn't13:43
kjackalJust a sec Michel_ let me try to understand. I am not sure I follow. Can you show us the output of "juju bootstrap --debug"13:45
Michel_ I have ens18 - Network adatper. br0 - Bridge created and its bridge_port is set to ens1813:48
Michel_When running bootstrap, it tries to go into the DG13:48
kjackalMichel_: are you following something like this: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/11/21/conjure-up-canonical-kubernetes-under-lxd-today/13:56
Michel_Hi am13:56
Michel_But it doesnt give no networking information13:56
kjackalI know that kubernetes on LXD needs some special configuration so the recomented way to deploy it is through conjure-up13:56
Michel_Because the VM itself is on a 172.30.16.X network, when i create the lxdbridge, it goes on a 10.X address, if i put it on a 172.30.16 address, it doesn't work.13:57
Michel_Im trying to find sources on the configs but nothing :(13:58
Michel_When i deploy the kubernetes master, it gets a 10.X address, and not a 172.30.16 address which is what the VM is on. (so when i try to reach to the master GUI, i cannot access a 10.X.X.X address on my network because its in a 172.x.x.x address and the 10.X is a network for the containers only13:59
kjackalMichel_: I do know if that helps, the kubernetes configuration done by conjureup is here: https://github.com/conjure-up/spells/tree/master/canonical-kubernetes14:03
Michel_Thanks man let me take a look D14:12
Michel_:D *14:12
SimonKLBdoes anyone know how to recreate the certificates for the kubernetes bundle?14:40
SimonKLBrunning the upgrade-charm hook on etcd seem to be a good start14:52
Michel_Also, one more issue, i cannot delete 1 controller, the VM hangs14:53
Michel_i deleted the lxc container by accident corresponding to that controller14:53
Michel_but now it just hangs when i use juju destroy-controller *name* --destroy-all-models14:53
SimonKLBMichel_: if all else fails, use `juju kill-controller`14:56
SimonKLBMichel_: `juju remove-machine X --force` could also be helpful14:56
Michel_Thank you14:57
bdxhows it going all?22:07
bdxI would like to introduce everyone to Ronald Haynes, @rahworks here on freenode. Ronald will be joining me in maintaining and charming creativedrive infrstructure, and will be going to the charmer summit in my stead this year.22:09
rahworksHello All, looking forward to using juju and learning more about it22:18
rick_hbdx: howdy, we'll miss you!22:24
rick_hrahworks: welcome to the party22:24
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