ignacioHi, I need help D: Somehow I broke apt?13:15
k1lwhat did you do? what is the issue? what errormessages?13:15
ignacionot sure,13:17
ignaciowhat I'm sure is that I did not remove /etc/apt manually; http://people.sugarlabs.org/ignacio/pi/lTSxHSHXAZ.txt13:17
k1lls -al /etc/apt/13:19
ignaciols: cannot access '/etc/apt/': No such file or directory13:19
k1lhmm, seems like you did remove that. do you still have the /etc/ folder=13:20
ignacioI do13:20
k1lso the question still is: what did you do?13:20
ignacioI killed apt-check last night because it was using too much cpu13:21
ignaciodid I break something?13:21
k1lkilling a process doesnt remove that directory13:23
FritigernDoes sudo apt update still work?13:24
ignacioI honestly don't remember deleting the directory13:25
ignaciooh wait, found it on /lost and found ; fsck I guess13:25
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dr4c4nHi, I have a suggestion for an improvement to ubuntu gnome, I'm currently running 17.04 from a couple of days ago, and was wondering to whom, or where I direct my suggestion20:29

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