theShirbinyMorning everyone :D06:41
elachecheMorning africa08:37
elachechetheShirbiny: Do you have any recommanded & updated LPIC 101+102 preparation ressources? :D10:23
theShirbinyelacheche, note really, link to the exam objectives?10:56
theShirbinythe first one sounds a lot like rhcsa11:02
theShirbinyif you managed to install arch or gentoo you'll do fine11:02
elachecheYeah, except it's a MCQ test x) not practicle one x)11:14
theShirbinyreally? first time i heard of it11:14
elachechefor RHCSA you can read the docs inside the machine and mans x) in LPIC you should read you memory x)11:15
elachecheNot sure, if I'm using it right, MCQ == Multiple Choice questionnary11:15
theShirbinyyup, man is your friend in rh exams11:15
elachecheyep x)11:16
elachecheI find this on github https://jadi.gitbooks.io/lpic1/content/1011_determine_and_configure_hardware_settings.html11:16
theShirbinyanything now to you?11:17
elachecheI don't get the question11:18
elachecheSome details, also RPM things, I'm used to debs and apt x(11:19
elachecheSome subjects I did before, but not that much to know them by heart11:19
theShirbinyelacheche,  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php?title=Pacman/Rosetta&redirect=no11:23
elachecheI should check this https://wiki.centos.org/PackageManagement/ x)11:25
theShirbinyelacheche, you don't really have much to learn, I think you already know 90% of this11:35
elachecheI hope that I'll pass then x)12:26

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