anirbaanping zaki 05:26
pavlushkaseen Kilos12:10
pavlushkau-la-la: seen Kilos12:10
u-la-lapavlushka: Kilos was last seen 1 day, 19 hours, 21 minutes and 24 seconds ago in #ubuntu-bd on freenode [2017-01-14 22:49:05 BDT], and has been offline on freenode since 2017-01-16 00:51:08 BDT12:10
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pavlushkaHello User12345 | Tuhin :)17:25
pavlushkaWelcome zaki :)17:25
User12345How r u all doing17:25
pavlushkaI am doing good, zaki may be doing great :p17:26
pavlushkazaki: User12345 how is this https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10211453185382876&set=gm.940180822750165&type=3&theater ? :)17:27
User12345lol pavlushka  @ the US Immigration questions17:35
User12345Hello kilos, hope u r fine17:35
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pavlushkaEvening Kilos :)17:36
pavlushkaTuhin: yeah, that was Hilarious and a bit revealing :)17:37
Tuhinthey said mostly right17:37
Tuhinbtw there r not really 2 ruling parties17:38
pavlushkaTuhin: you mean?17:38
Tuhinonly 1 main party and 2 branches of that same party17:38
Tuhinlook at how both party leaders joined hands against trump...17:38
Kiloshi pavlushka Tuhin zaki 17:39
Kilosjust got back from hospital to see when they can do heart bypass ops but looks like months of meds before they can catch up with backlog17:39
Kilosbut im ok as long as i take it easy 17:40
Tuhinhow many blocks Kilos ?17:40
Kiloshow are all you guys17:40
Kiloshaha according to ecg one link bad but dunno which one so meds need to keep arteries dilated so long17:41
pavlushkaKilos: we are mostly fine, I was worried about you.17:41
Kilosty but im still alive so be happy17:42
pavlushkaI am17:42
Tuhinthey put 3-4 rings on my fathers heart  and also a pacemaker 17:42
Tuhin1 of the rings got blocked again, so needed more ring17:43
Kilosoh my17:44
Tuhin@ USA17:45
Kilosim hoping they insert stents into the 2 bad pulmonary arteries17:45
Kilosnot keen on them splitting my chest open and stopping heart and keeping me alive with machines17:45
Tuhinits hard to be a good doctor and do all these operations17:45
Kilosstents they do with angiogram tools and come on from arm or groin artery17:46
Tuhindone on u?17:48
Tuhinsounds very painfull17:48
Kiloswas lekker17:49
Kilosyou stay awake under morphine and watch on a big screen how they probe into the heart and work on it17:49
Kiloslekker = crazy cool17:49
Kilosfun and exciting17:50
Kilosnearly like watching a bot in your arteries17:53
pavlushkaKilos: and that way, you have seen your own insides, that's crazy cool :)17:54
Kiloshahahaha yeah was even better as they broke through the blockage and the pain disappeared instantly as the blood started flowing again17:55
zakihi pavlushka Kilos Tuhin17:59
pavlushkaKilos: wow18:00
pavlushkazaki: Hey18:00
Kilosyou see all your arteries in the heart in red and the section of the heart with no blood supply shows totally black18:01
Kiloscrazy technology18:01
Tuhinhello zaki . i hear u r doing great18:04
Tuhinwhat's up?18:04
zakimay be. :318:05
zakiwriting description of 741 IC :|18:06
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Tuhinbye all19:11

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