TheMusojbicha: yes thats the plan, thanks, I need to file an MIR.00:32
jbichaTheMuso: it should be an easy mir since it's just switching one for the other00:43
TheMusojbicha: I know, I have been working in Debian to get things set up such that this would be easy.00:52
duflurobert_ancell: Is is correct to assume graphical login bugs are unity-greeter and never lightdm?02:47
robert_ancellduflu, broadly speaking, yes02:47
dufluOK, ta02:47
robert_ancellduflu, since lightdm doesn't do anything except launch the X process, i.e. it doesn't attempt to configure anything X related02:47
duflurobert_ancell: So is that also you, or a designer person?02:48
robert_ancellduflu, u-g is fairly unmaintained, but most officially it's owned by ~ubuntu-desktop02:48
dufluHurray. More projects than maintainers agao02:49
robert_ancellduflu, yeah :( When U8 greeter comes along it will fade away though02:51
hikiko hi05:57
TheMusoHey hikiko.05:57
hikikohi TheMuso05:58
happyaronmorning EU guys07:46
flocculantI hope that includes UK people :)07:46
dufluhappyaron: Asia says good afternoon07:47
happyaronah yea :)07:47
happyaronflocculant: sure, lol07:47
willcookegood morning all08:50
seb128good morning desktopers09:00
seb128hey Sweet5hark willcooke09:00
seb128had a good w.e?09:00
flexiondotorgMorning seb128 willcooke happyaron09:00
seb128hey flexiondotorg09:00
flexiondotorgYes good weekend here seb128. Took my daughter to the Winchester Science Centre :-)09:00
flexiondotorgWhich is absolutely ace.09:01
didrockshey flexiondotorg, Laney! re seb128 :)09:02
flexiondotorgMorning didrocks Laney09:02
flexiondotorgdidrocks Sleeping much? :-)09:02
didrocksflexiondotorg: my side, yeah as I'm back home at night, my wife, at the clinic less :)09:02
didrocks(working from the clinic today)09:03
flexiondotorgdidrocks When will everyone be home?09:03
seb128hey Laney09:03
seb128flexiondotorg, that sounds nice :-)09:03
didrocksflexiondotorg: unsure yet, maybe tomorrow, depending on how much weight/fast he will take09:03
willcookedidrocks, working?!09:04
didrockswillcooke: yep, that way, I keep my official 3 days off when we'll all be at home09:04
Laneyhey didrocks flexiondotorg seb128 willcooke09:04
seb128Laney, had a good w.e?09:04
didrockswhich will be the most difficult part it seems :)09:04
willcooke3 days, is that all you get?09:04
didrockswillcooke: and 4G, working from clinic, FTW!09:04
willcookethat sucks09:04
didrocksI have saved 5 days from my 2015 holidays09:04
didrocksso, we'll add that up09:05
didrocksbut yeah, not that good for father in France09:05
seb128you can take 15 days out of work as well no?09:05
didrockssure, unpaid though09:05
seb128which are paid by the state and less that your normal pay though...09:05
didrocksor way less09:05
didrocksI don't remember, we looked at it, as working from home, I guess that's going to be manageable09:06
didrocksbetween 2 deep sleep :)09:06
Laneyseb128: not bad - family visit (cousin), hanging out @ library, pub with friends, baking bread and making soup!09:07
Laneythat's even the right order09:07
Laneyno climbing because I did something weird to my finger nail on thursday09:07
Laneythink it's better now though09:07
davmor2Morning all09:10
seb128w.e was mostly non eventfull, I was supposed to have a tennis afternoon yesterday but the courts were frozen so we couldn't play, otherwise did some shopping and did some house cleaning (got the holidays tree out) and we had dinner with friends yesterday09:11
davmor2seb128: but you could of put skates on and combine the tennis and skating what's wrong with you ;)09:12
Laneyprobably likes his legs unbroken :P09:14
Sweet5harkmy weekend was fine, but mostly boring. Some window shopping on Saturday, some biking on Sunday (twas cold but dry and sunny). I dont know much about american football but watched Green Bay vs. Dallas Cowboys yesterday -- dammit, if those games are always such nailbiters, I had missed a lot so far ... ;)09:14
flexiondotorgMorning Sweet5hark davmor209:16
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flexiondotorgLaney I have a question about update excuses10:18
flexiondotorgI uploaded MATE 1.17 dev snapshots over the weekend after first testing in a PPA>10:18
flexiondotorgcaja and eom are in update excuses10:19
flexiondotorgDepends: caja exempi (not considered)10:19
flexiondotorgexempi is not a version B-D.10:19
flexiondotorgSo I don't understand why caja and eom are not be promoted out of proposed.10:19
flexiondotorgexempi has update excuses but the version in zesty universe is suitable.10:20
Laneyflexiondotorg: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/302363945/buildlog_ubuntu-zesty-amd64.caja_1.17.2-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz10:28
LaneyDepends: [...] libexempi3 (>= 2.4.0) [...]10:28
flexiondotorgdebian/control:               libexempi-dev,10:31
flexiondotorgThat is the same in caja and eom.10:31
LaneyDoesn't matter10:31
LaneyYou got a versioned runtime dependency10:31
LaneyThat's what matters10:31
flexiondotorgIs that implied?10:31
flexiondotorgBecause exempi is not versioned in the debian/control.10:32
LaneyIt's calculated using shlibs / symbols10:32
Laneylaney@nightingale> cat libexempi3.shlibs                                                                                                                                   ~/temp/exempi-2.4.0/debian10:32
Laneylibexempi 3 libexempi3 (>= 2.4.0)10:32
flexiondotorgBut is exempi 2.4.0 has not been promoted yet, how to caja and eom build against it?10:33
flexiondotorg*how did10:33
LaneyBuilds always happen against all of proposed10:33
flexiondotorgOK, thanks.10:33
LaneyLooks like maybe those tests really do want fixing too10:34
Laneyi.e. real failures10:34
Trevinhohey hikiko10:47
hikikoapparently I was asking in the wrong channel :/10:47
hikikopastebin with questions for you10:47
Trevinhonp, let me check10:47
hikikobtw almost fixed the U7 part10:47
hikikobut I think the design for ucc wont switch to lowgfx instantly10:48
Trevinhohikiko: well, in the video I see, there's no actual instant change... Only unity settings are updated instantly (and that would happen anyway) like the dash blurring. But for example shadows and other compiz settings doesn't look like they're updated instantly with the change you suggested, but would rather will be used at next reboot anyway10:49
hikikono, they are10:49
hikikochecked that10:49
hikikoevery time you modify the Default.ini10:50
hikikou7 is reloaded with the new settings10:50
hikikothat's why I copy the settings from lowgfx.ini10:50
hikikoyou can run it and see yourself10:50
hikikobut you have a good point about the tool10:50
hikikoso I am going to do that as well10:50
hikikobut I think we should keep the copy10:51
Trevinhohikiko: wasn't you successifully by using ccsSetProfile() instead?10:51
hikikoccsSetProfile => dependency on compizconfig10:52
Trevinhohikiko: mh, I'm fine to do that if for you it's the only way to update these settings... .But the in the startup script, delete that default.ini if any...10:52
Trevinhohikiko: we already have it and it's fine to add it.10:52
hikikoif you delete it10:52
hikikocompiz crashes :)10:52
Trevinhohikiko: before runing unity.10:52
Trevinhohikiko: in the startup script..10:52
hikikothe python script?10:52
Trevinholike... you do as you do right now (which, I personally don't love, as I'd prefer to avoid such duplication of .ini files), but... If it's the fastest way to get the settings changed is fine (although, that won't change profile... Then if an user changes settings in ccsm in that moment, they won't be applied to the "lowgfx" profile but to the "unity" one.10:54
TrevinhoBut assuming, you're doing that... At startup in the compiz-profile-checker script, you firstly check what proflie to use, set the env variable and then remove the default.ini..10:54
Trevinhothen compiz is started (with the proper env)10:54
hikikoI'll check this out10:55
TrevinhoLike.... I think this scenario won't work with the current setup:10:55
Trevinho1) Enable launcher autohide10:56
Trevinho2) switch to lowgfx10:56
Trevinho3) reload the user session10:56
Trevinho4) the launcher won't be in auto hide...10:56
Trevinho1) and 2) can be in different order10:56
hikikoI could backup the default.ini every time10:56
hikikoand then when you switch back overwrite it with the backup10:57
hikiko1) Enable autohide10:57
hikikoswitch to lowgfx10:57
Trevinhono, no... get rid of it. It can be fine as a temporary file to be there, but it has not to be the reference for our settings10:57
hikikoso if I delete it10:57
Trevinhowe've gsettings for that, and we can't rely on that as a primary source10:57
hikiko1-4 will work?10:57
hikikoI didn't understand that step :|10:58
Trevinhoohhhhh... maybe my scenario is wrong... since I'm covering both the profiles in unity-control-settings, but... if you use ccsm for something else, then it will be that.10:58
hikikoI asked willcooke about that10:59
hikikoI had 3 suggestions:10:59
Trevinhohikiko: what I mean is that if you then run unity using that default.ini as source, then all the profiles settings won't work as expected, since unity will still be in the unity profile, while you try to change the lowgfx... or the other way around10:59
hikikoI kno10:59
hikikoyou ll have the defaults always10:59
hikikowe could either 1- backup the settings, 2- ignore ccsm and suppose that the user that uses ccsm will know how to export a profile and load it again if he wants to experiment with lowgfx, 3- warn the user he might lose custom settings 4- add a 3rd option Full Effects () Limited Effects () Previously Used Effects () (with better wording) and load a backup if the 3rd option is selected11:02
hikikowillcooke, said 2 is fine11:02
hikiko3 is also very easy to implement11:02
TrevinhoNo, I'm fine with ignoring ccsm, I just don't want to use a default.ini file to be there... If adding that temporary and then cleaning it up works... I can accept it, but since we've a CCSContextSetProfile that does exactly what we need, I don't see a reason why not to use it...11:04
Trevinhohikiko: if you don't want to add a new dependency to ucc, I don't see the reason, but in case unity depends on it thus you can just add a tool to unity package and call it from ucc...11:04
hikikobecause when we last discussed that we agreed that it's not a good idea to add a compizconfig dependency11:05
hikikoI am fine to add a dependency11:05
TrevinhoWe probably said that in previous cycle since we were in freezes11:05
hikikobut you had your obkections :)11:05
Trevinhobut we've still some days before FF to do it11:05
TrevinhoSo, go for that instead of messing with files... It's just the solution to use. More maintalable and that will work properly11:06
hikikoalright I can do this today, but we have to review that until wednesday because I have to start working on mir-something afterwards11:06
hikikois this fine by you?11:06
TrevinhoAs you prefer, doing it should be matter of few hours.... MP it as soon as you can11:07
hikikoso, I'll ping you later :)11:07
Trevinhohikiko: in case, if the default.ini file doesn't exist when compiz starts, and you add it... Does compiz will read from that on creation?11:10
hikikoif Default.ini doesn't exist compiz creates it11:13
hikikoand puts there the default plugins11:14
hikikowith the default settings11:14
hikikoin our case it has the unity.ini contents11:14
hikikoTrevinho, ^11:14
Trevinhohikiko: no, I mean... Without our tools. By default there's never a default.ini11:15
Trevinhowithout the *new tools*11:15
hikikommm Trevinho I don't know11:16
hikikodoes xenial have the new tools?11:16
Trevinho"by new tools" I mean the ones you're adding...11:16
hikikobefore I add the tools I checked this manually11:17
Trevinhomh, i see11:18
hikikocompiz crashed if I was deleting Default.ini and when I forced a restart it used to recreate it. Then if I overwrite it11:18
hikikoit instantly loads the new settings11:18
Trevinhohikiko: otherwise I've just checked that modifying by hand .config/compiz-1/compizconfig/config is enough to change the profile... If you don't want to use the ccs function...11:24
Trevinhoit's just about adding/removing a11:24
Trevinhoprofile = unity-lowgfx11:24
hikikothat sounds better Trevinho :)11:25
hikikoI am going to try this11:25
Trevinhohikiko: you should use https://developer.gnome.org/glib/stable/glib-Key-value-file-parser.html to edit it...11:26
hikikoI am finishing the u7 changes now, I ll ping you in a few hrs when I ll have both ready for review, thanks11:26
hikikoso, there's a parser already11:27
hikikocooooooool :)11:27
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willcookesorry, was in a meeting - hikiko|ln, Trevinho  do I need to do anything?11:44
Trevinhowillcooke: no, no... We were just discussing how to implement that lowgfx switch11:44
willcookeI'll read scrollback in a bit11:45
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andyrockhey guys12:48
willcookehey andyrock12:55
ksamakhikiko: hi, i have a trick question. that might also need Trevinho's opinion13:10
hikikoksamak, go on13:11
ksamakas you might remember, we've made a focus tracking for ezoom module in compiz, that uses AT-SPI for backend.13:11
ksamakwe've just finished a version, and i'd like to push whatever is possible in compiz upstream (all would be great)13:12
ksamakpreviously, ezoom used mousepoll to poll the mouse and know it's position changes13:12
ksamaki've added the logic to mousepoll, so it manages caret (keyboard) focus as well13:12
ksamaki've tried to make another copycat of mousepoll, calling it focuspoll, but it freeze the whole thing, so i did it whithin mousepoll.13:13
ksamaki'll push the modif soon, and you can give me your opinions on that13:14
ksamakthere's a slight modification that has been made to the zoom centering algorythm, to include the possibility of legacy mouse behaviour, or an "always centered mouse" as requested by visually disabled people13:15
ksamakTrevinho: so this option breaks the algorythm for the showmouse plugin, introducing the need to communicate between ezoom and showmouse. would that be acceptable?13:16
ksamakbtw, you can test our repo at debian.hypra.fr/debian13:17
hikikoksamak, the process goes like that:13:17
hikikoyou create an lp account13:17
hikikoyou upload your branch13:18
ksamaki've already pushed a couple minor things into compiz13:18
hikikoand you propose for merge13:18
hikikothen we ll review it13:18
ksamakbut it's just about asking your opinion13:18
hikikoif it breaks stuff13:18
hikikoyou ll have to fix it13:18
hikikoadd some code that doesnt allow you to enable ezoom + showmouse together13:18
hikikothat is not desirable i think13:18
hikikowillcooke, is the desktop team manager btw13:19
ksamaksome people actually need both13:19
hikikoso Trevinho and I can only advise you for the code13:19
hikikowhen it comes to the design13:19
hikikoyou better ask willcooke13:19
andyrockksamak: do you have some code already? for focuspoll13:33
andyrockwe can take a look and see if it crash13:34
andyrockotherwise post the diff of mousepoll and I can tell you if it's ok or not13:34
ksamakandyrock: i have an old branch that uses a focuspoll plugin13:35
ksamakandyrock: i'll do that push, first i'll try to push an option for switcher.13:36
ksamakandyrock: if you want to have a look already => https://git.hypra.fr/hypra/compiz13:37
andyrockwhere should I look? :D13:38
andyrockah found it13:38
andyrockbtw better give me a diff13:39
ksamakandyrock: yeah, i'm working on that13:43
ksamakandyrock: it's ok, i'll make a push, then i guess you'll see all i did wrong XD13:43
andyrockok i see you don't touch mousePos13:46
andyrockshould be ok13:46
andyrockksamak: ^^^13:46
andyrockso for me (and I guess for Trevinho as well) it should be ok to do that inside the mousePoll plugin13:46
andyrockmaybe just add a11ywatcher->check_and_process_queue(); inside the if13:48
andyrockso we don't wase cpu cycles13:49
ksamakandyrock: ok, kewl13:58
ksamakandyrock: u know if there's any way of checking another module's gsettings, when the other's not loaded in memory?14:11
ksamakeg: showmouse checking some gsetting from ezoom, when ezoom's not active?14:12
andyrockjust use gsettings directly but it's a bit tricky14:12
andyrockmmm not a good design btw14:12
ksamakyeah i know, but it would prevent putting a dependancy to ezoom in showmouse14:13
ksamakalthough i wonder if it's a problem at all14:13
ksamaksince these modules are kinda linked to a11y14:13
andyrockif showmouse requires ezoom is a good idea to do that14:14
andyrockwhat's the problem you're trying to solve14:14
ksamakthe mouse centering algorythms of ezoom and showmouse, which have to be in sync14:16
ksamakand since we introduce a new one in ezoom..14:16
andyrockmmm not sure tbh15:04
hikikoediting .config/compiz-1/compizconfig/config just crashes compiz in my case15:11
hikikoit doesn't make any real-time changes15:12
seb128seems like a bug worth debugging/fixing?15:12
hikikothe only thing that works ok so far is overwriting the default.ini15:12
hikikommm this time it didn't crash but it didn't make any change at all15:15
hikikoTrevinho, it only works after reboot15:16
hikikothe only thing that works for me is overwriting the Default.ini :/15:17
seb128hikiko, did you look if your segfault issue is reported?15:18
hikikowhich segfault?15:19
hikikoseb128, did you run u-c-c without the unity branch?15:20
seb128hikiko, <hikiko>  editing .config/compiz-1/compizconfig/config just crashes compiz in my case15:20
seb128compiz shouldn't crash because you edit a config15:21
seb128seems worth debugging15:21
hikikoseb128, it just crashed once, now it's completely ignored unless I restart unity15:21
hikikoseb128, maybe the first crash was just a result of a meshed up desktop, in a clean system editing the config file is just ignored15:22
seb128and you didn't try to get a backtrace or an apport report when you had it?15:23
hikikono :/15:26
hikikoit wasn't running on gdb to get a bt15:27
hikikoseb128, here we are:15:33
hikikoI got another crash15:33
hikikobut it seems totally irrelevant to lowgfx15:33
hikikoI received it while I was recording my desktop15:33
hikikosomething at session GnomeManager15:34
seb128seems you don't have the glib debug symbols and maybe not the libunity-core ones either?15:34
hikiko(gdb) f 515:38
hikiko#5  unity::session::GnomeManager::Impl::SetupLogin1Proxy (this=0x56222b0e8a90,15:38
hikiko    session_path="/org/freedesktop/login1/session/c87")15:38
hikiko    at ./UnityCore/GnomeSessionManager.cpp:23515:38
hikiko235     ./UnityCore/GnomeSessionManager.cpp: No such file or directory.15:38
hikikoseb128, I installed them, repeated the process15:38
hikikoand got this15:38
hikikobut I can't make sense15:38
seb128Trevinho or andyrock should be able to help you there I guess15:38
hikikoor someone who works on gnome?15:39
hikikoor it's not related?15:39
hikikoTrevinho, ping :p15:39
Trevinholet me check15:39
TrevinhoI was about to push something on Qt's gerrit and that made me mad :-D15:39
hikikoTrevinho, also check what I wrote about editing the config15:40
hikikoit doesn't switch to lowgfx instantly15:40
hikikoonly after restart15:40
Trevinhohikiko: well, it does if the file's here in a manual check15:40
hikikoonly way to do it so far is either like I did it or by adding a dependency to compizconfig15:40
Trevinhohikiko: but maybe if the file wasn't there it won't wor15:41
Trevinhohikiko: but maybe if the file wasn't there it won't work*15:41
hikikoI had the file15:41
Trevinho~/.config/compiz-1/compizconfig/config ?15:41
Trevinholet me try in a guest15:41
hikikoand I edited it to be profile = unity-lowgfx15:41
hikikoit works only after reboot15:42
hikiko10th time I say reboot instead of restart in a day :p15:42
hikikoTrevinho, so far only overwriting it works ok for me15:43
TrevinhoSo...... hikiko about the crashes, if switching profile causes something like that, I really think we should fix it properly... So gdb is your friend in that case. Crashes are probably due to the fact that all the plugins are unloaded/reloaded. And probably one of them (very likely unity) has something that needs to be fixed.... Now... We without stack15:53
Trevinhotraces we can't fix them. So make sure you're using also a compiled verison of unity15:53
Trevinhoinstall debug symbols15:53
Trevinhoas for the problem itself, just try to use ccsSetProfile then...15:57
TrevinhoI also had some crashes when try to change the profile with ccsm, so first debug those issues frist15:58
hikiko Trevinho seb128 andyrock http://pastebin.com/qfzyX5Nj16:06
hikikoit's clearly non-related to lowgfx16:06
hikikoand to plugins loading16:06
hikikothe bug is somewhere in gnome session manager16:07
hikikobut that's not a code I am familiar to...16:07
hikikodo you understand what might be wrong here? or do you know who knows that part better?16:07
Trevinhohikiko gnome session manager is part of unity...16:08
andyrockhikiko: likely something like that16:08
andyrockshould fix the issue16:09
andyrocknot shure why that part of code is being called at unity unload16:10
hikikoandyrock, sorry :p I dont understand the issue16:10
andyrockin GnomeSessionManager16:11
hikikowhat does this code do?16:11
hikikobasically, what's the gnome session manager?16:11
andyrockjust trying adding the if16:11
Trevinhohikiko: it's the unity module to manage session using gnome..16:11
andyrockit's a "wrapper" between unity and the session manager16:11
hikikoso the paste was the fix16:12
Trevinhomight be16:12
hikikoso andyrock the problem is that the login_proxy doesnt exist16:12
Trevinhoanyyway, it seems that the crash happens when a gdbus return value is sent...16:12
hikikoand we are querying its properties?16:12
Trevinhoit could be that it gets deleted in different order....16:12
hikikolet's see if that fixes it16:13
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TrevinhoI'm not entirely sure, but it could be16:14
hikikolooks probable16:14
Trevinhomh, not sure, since the return actually happens...16:15
Trevinhoit could be like a race... the lambda we passed as callback, has been actually destroyed...16:16
Trevinhoso when we get the reply16:16
Trevinhothe call in glibdbusproxy ...(*callback)(value);16:16
Trevinhohikiko: please put some void DBusProxy::GetProperty to understand what property is fetching... and thus to see what's failing to get back16:18
andyrockfrom the bt the problem happens inside SetGetterFunction not inside the callback16:18
hikikoI still get segfault16:20
hikikogive me a few minutes to see if I can find something more relevamt16:21
Trevinhoandyrock: the problem is in the call at proxy->GetProperty("Display", [this, proxy] (GVariant *variant) {16:21
Trevinhoso, the problem is that probably when we get the reply, the session manager has already been destroyed16:22
andyrockbut would be nice to add a GCancellable flag16:23
andyrockto GerProperty16:23
andyrockand block the call in the dtor16:23
Trevinhoandyrock: that's the thing I was going to look at16:23
Trevinhoandyrock: but we already have a gcancellable there, and that should be invalidated since also the proxy should  be destroyed at that levle16:24
andyrockthat's true too16:25
Trevinhoin fact g_cancellable_is_cancelled(canc) probably returns true, and it that case we can just return16:26
Trevinhobut..... in that case error should be set as cancelled, that's why I'm not understanding why it's failing this way16:26
Trevinhoin fact... as per docs `If cancellable is canceled, the operation will fail with G_IO_ERROR_CANCELLED.`16:29
Trevinhobuttttttttttttttttt..... Ok, that's clear16:30
Trevinhoproxy isn't deleted since it waits for the reply (being passed as a copy to the lambda), thus there's no cancellation16:31
Trevinhoandyrock: ^16:31
andyrockso proxy should be a member of the class16:31
Trevinhoor... we pass a cancellable16:32
andyrockand we need to change a lot of stuff inside DbusProxy16:32
andyrocknot a lot but still16:32
andyrockok it's few lines of code16:34
andyrockI can prepare a branch16:34
andyrockTrevinho: hikiko ^^^16:34
Trevinhoandyrock: I think we could just instead use sigc::track_obj16:35
Trevinhosince it's a trackable, it will do all for free16:35
andyrockhikiko: can you try it?16:36
andyrockhere just wrap the lambda in sigc::track_obj16:36
andyrocksomething like16:36
seb128k, I'm going for a tennis match now, will read backlog after sport&dinner16:37
Trevinhomhmhmh, it doens't compile here16:38
Trevinhoseb128: enjoy!16:38
seb128Trevinho, thanks!16:38
Trevinhoandyrock: ah.... we both forgot  the *this thing :-=)16:40
Trevinhohikiko: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23811089/16:41
hikikoTrevinho, sorry I had swich DE16:42
hikikoI am trying16:42
hikikothank you16:42
hikikoTrevinho, andyrock unfortunately it's not that but I have some ideas, I'll check it16:55
hikikothank you :)16:55
Trevinhohikiko: still same backtrace?16:55
hikikoit must be something related16:55
andyrockhikiko: still the same crash?16:55
Trevinhohikiko: so..... try with this other possibility16:56
hikikoI am checking other possible invalid memory access16:56
* Trevinho codes...16:56
Trevinhonaaaa, I think it's probably not that far16:56
Trevinhohikiko: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23811174/17:01
Trevinhotry that17:01
hikikoTrevinho, give me a minute17:03
Trevinhoksamak: sorry I read things later..17:07
Trevinhoksamak: instead of mouse polling, also using xinput2 might help... as it allows to monitor the position in any case... Also when the ptr is grabbed17:07
Trevinhoksamak: something like I did in https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/xi2-input-monitor/+merge/30312217:07
Trevinhothere is some overcomplication there to keep compatibility with XInput, but the simplest method is quite easy... Check xinput (tool) code in case17:08
ksamakTrevinho: ok. but the question was more about general architecture than for the actual mouse polling. i pretty much didn't change the method that was used for that.17:26
Trevinhoksamak: in general what I read is fine... I'm looking at the implementation17:42
hikikoTrevinho, I was almost sure your fix was the one this time17:44
hikikobut after several repeated switches17:45
hikikoit crashed again :/17:45
hikikooh no wait17:45
hikikothat's a different crash17:45
Trevinhohikiko: it has to be different :-P17:46
hikikoTrevinho, I think it works :)17:46
hikikonow I have to fix the other17:46
hikikoGRRR :)17:46
hikikothank you!17:46
hikikowill you submit the fix?17:46
hikikoor you want me to do add it in my branch and give you credits17:47
hikikoto save time?17:47
hikikobtw if the final decision is that we have to add the compizconfig dependency and try to change the profile on the fly17:49
hikikomaybe I shouldn't spend time to fix phantom bugs that occur when you switch from one mode to the other 50 times17:49
hikikobut are we sure this is going to work?17:50
hikikoTrevinho, you think I should go for the compizconfig solution? currently the only thing that works ok on the fly is what I've already done with the copy17:50
hikikoTrevinho, ?18:07
Trevinhohikiko: I'm going to propose the script...18:16
Trevinhohikiko: however when you encounter bugs... It's better if you try to fix them or nobody else will do it. A part from us, but... There's also something else to do. So...18:17
Trevinhohikiko: changing profile with compizconfig lib should work on the fly18:18
Trevinhousing default.ini to override stuff, is something I wouldn't do for various reasons as I said18:18
hikikoyes Trevinho I agree but the deadline is tomorrow :)18:22
hikikoI am gonna do the compizconfig dependency18:23
hikikofinal decision18:23
Trevinhohikiko: ok, then fix bugs later... finish the impl first18:23
attentejbicha: hi, since https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bubblewrap/+bug/1643734 is fix released in yakkety, could you also help with sru'ing it to xenial?18:28
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1643734 in bubblewrap (Ubuntu) "privilege escalation via ptrace (CVE-2016-8659)" [Medium,Fix committed]18:28
willcookehey robert_ancell20:17
robert_ancellwillcooke, hi20:20
flocculantrobert_ancell: hi there (and you'll now be facepalming I guess :D ) to cut a long story short - we appear to have lost lock/unlock from desktop and suspend too - spent a bit of time today trying to see when it last worked, best I can find is a change in lightdm in November - if I grab an old package - lock works as expected - reported on bug 165639920:36
ubot5bug 1656399 in light-locker (Ubuntu) "Unable to unlock Xubuntu XFCE session after suspend." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165639920:36
flocculantnot sure if you're the person to talk to (still) about that20:36
flocculanthi willcooke too :)20:37
willcookehi flocculant20:38
robert_ancellflocculant, hey, will have a look. This is through light-locker right?20:39
flocculantrobert_ancell: yup that's right20:39
flocculantthanks :)20:39
flocculantat least it's not the month before release this time - hopefully we'll catch these things sooner in future - added specific lock testing to one of our iso.tracker suites20:40
robert_ancellflocculant, do you have a lightdm.log after a failed lock?20:40
flocculantI can certainly do the lock locally and add one to the bug - will do that shortly20:41
flocculantrobert_ancell: ok - attached lightdm.log to bug20:48
robert_ancellflocculant, thanks20:48
flocculantappear to have got a xorg crash too now after forcing a reboot20:49
robert_ancellflocculant, we have regression tests for the locking functionality, hopefully whatever is broken can be added to those to stop it regressing20:49
flocculantwhich is a duplicate20:49
flocculantrobert_ancell: awesome :)20:49
flocculantthough we will still test it as part of our post installation tests20:50
robert_ancellthe more tests the better!20:50
flocculantunfortunately - locking isn't something that *I* do normally20:50
flocculantyea for sure :)20:50
willcookenight all20:50
flocculantnight wi20:50
flocculanthe goes quickly :p20:51
robert_ancellI reckon he has a script that writes "night all" when he quits20:51
flocculantrobert_ancell: thanks for looking - if you need anything ask me or bluesabre or ochosi20:54
robert_ancellwill do20:54
flexiondotorgrobert_ancell Evening :-)23:21
robert_ancellflexiondotorg, hiya23:31

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