mbiebltoo late for the release team00:01
Son_Gokumbiebl: what, why?00:18
Son_Gokuthe hard freeze isn't until next month00:18
mwhudsoncan i use autopkgtest to build a package and then run some other packages tests against the built package?01:26
mwhudsoni guess i can do it by hand easily enough01:27
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ginggsis it known that merges.ubuntu.com hasn't updated since 2017-01-11?08:17
tsdgeosMirv: no qtpurchasing updte?08:23
Mirvtsdgeos: it was rebuilt09:14
tsdgeosMirv: ah, but still 5.6?09:15
Mirvif a new version is wanted, I'd guess the people involved in payments would like to land + test such09:15
MirvI can help with packaging of course09:16
tsdgeoswas just wondering :)09:16
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xnoxinfinity, yes it's just a note "your vps is sucks". Good to know that you don't refuse these things.10:17
Odd_BlokeCan I find if there are Ubuntu/Launchpad bugs corresponding to particular Debian bug numbers?11:03
pittiOdd_Bloke: yes, somethign like https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/debian-bts/123411:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1234 in Launchpad itself "Gina is an unmaintainable mess of command line options, environment variables and shell scripts" [Medium,Fix released]11:13
pittibut I'm not sure about the "debian-bts" name11:13
pittiOdd_Bloke: oh, it's /debbugs (see https://launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/debbugs)11:13
pittiOdd_Bloke: so e. g. https://launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/debbugs/740749 redirects you to the LP bug which is linked to that debian bug11:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 626798 in aptdaemon (Ubuntu Natty) "duplicate for #740749 update-manager crashed with DBusException in _run()" [High,Fix released]11:14
Odd_Blokepitti: Excellent, thank you!11:14
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cjwatsonginggs: yes, I've been getting cron mail about that, I need to get it past the current thing it's crashing on13:00
ginggscjwatson: thanks!13:00
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_SleePer_hello everybody, i am using test drive to do a test but it give me an error when i use the kvm for virtualization. Give me that "failed executing command: `/usr/bin/qemu-img create-f qcow2/home/user/.cache/testdrive/img/testdrive-disk-kK3Ihy.img Oyher...G`14:37
_SleePer_can anybody help me?14:37
cpaelzer_SleePer_: did that loose some spaces when copy&pasting or might that be the issue?14:38
cpaelzercreate-f => create -f14:38
cpaelzerqcow2/home => qcow2 /home14:39
cpaelzermaybe more14:39
_SleePer_that loose some spaces when i copy and paste14:46
_SleePer_did you now what is that error cpaelzer?14:46
cpaelzer_SleePer_: well it doesn't even list on what it fails14:48
cpaelzer_SleePer_: it only tells you the command it fails on14:48
cpaelzer_SleePer_: if you have more detailed logs check those, if not i'd hope test-drive leaves you the artifacts around and you can rerun that command to see what is happening14:49
_SleePer_and how can i solve the error?14:50
cpaelzer_SleePer_: sorry the message you posted doesn't contain the error, so I can't even guess14:50
cpaelzer_SleePer_: this is like "mv fails for me - what is the reason"14:51
cpaelzer_SleePer_: well one would need the actual error - like file not found, or whatever applies14:51
_SleePer_ok ok, i will "investing" thank you very much14:51
cpaelzer_SleePer_: all I can tell you atm is that I've used qemu-img this morning and it worked, so it is not generally broken14:52
cpaelzer_SleePer_: please come back if you found and more detail and we can help interpreting that14:52
_SleePer_ok, i instal qemu-utils a 1 hour ago, can i did a bad instalation?14:53
cpaelzer_SleePer_: there is not much that can be done wrong, if you want to check the integrity of the files belonging to a package you can use "dpkg --verify"14:55
cpaelzer_SleePer_: but I'd very much guess that the way testdrive calls it causes an issue, so try to isolate that14:55
_SleePer_ok, i will run that14:55
cpaelzer_SleePer_: either for its error message, or to reproduce14:55
ubottubdmurray, BenC, cyphermox, infinity, micahg, rbasak, sil2100: DMB ping.15:00
cpaelzerhey co-devs - what is the most easy way to check for component mismatches?15:28
cpaelzerI'm pretty sure the merge I'm on has a lot15:28
cpaelzercan I run anything against e.g. the buildlog or the created debs/source files?15:28
cpaelzerI mean I can massage the buildlog to hold a list of depends and recommends and check them all in a not-too complex script - or push stuff to a ppa and throw reverse-depends at it, but I'd expect there is a better way already15:29
cjwatson(though it probably needs to be updated to stop caring about build-deps)15:33
cpaelzerthank you cjwatson15:38
rbasakcpaelzer: also, if you have a test build, you can grep for universe in the build log.15:39
rbasakI'm not sure that's guaranteed to work in every case, but it works well enough for me :)15:39
cjwatsonThe build log will only tell you about build-dependencies, which are precisely those not required to be MIRed nowadays ...15:41
cjwatsonYou'd want the install log instead if you were taking that approach15:41
cariboubarry: did you notice that your upload for LP: #1647031 is held in -proposed ?15:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1647031 in systemd (Ubuntu) "systemd-resolved’s server does not follow CNAME records" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164703115:41
barrycaribou: yep.  it's blocked on some systemd regressions which i've been unable to reproduce.  looks like it's even works for systemd 232-8.  would love to get some help with that, but i will be looking at it again this week15:43
barry(the systemd 'upstream' autopkgtest is failing)15:43
cariboubarry: I'll try to rerun the DEP8 tests locally15:44
barrycaribou: cool.  ping me with any info.  tbh, i've been running network-manager out of my own ppa just so schroots work :/15:44
cpaelzerok rbasak, that is what I thought before - combined with the tool cjwatsonrecommended that should be good15:45
cpaelzerrbasak: just from the changelog I see quite a lot coming my way and since humans are bad at catchign the tail end of dependency trees I want tools15:45
cariboubarry: I stop systemd-resolved everytime I reboot my laptop & manually change the nameserver entry; Maybe I should test your PPA15:45
barrycaribou: https://launchpad.net/~barry/+archive/ubuntu/experimental15:45
cariboubarry: tnks15:46
barrybeen working great for me15:46
cariboubarry: that's the same bits as the ones in -proposed ?15:46
barrycaribou: yep15:46
barryonly difference is d/changelog15:46
rbasakcjwatson: ah. Good point.15:49
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cjwatsonginggs: should be up to date again now18:41
ginggscjwatson: Generated at 2017-01-16 18:16:44 UTC. \o/18:46

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