avisits cheaper than h.91 and more energy efficient01:16
avisand people need jobs01:16
avisit compiles stuff that has correct code better than the best compiler and cannot be cloned.  #debian is not fair.01:17
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lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:42
ducasse\o morning!07:15
ObrienDavewaves from Colorado07:15
* ducasse waves back07:16
Bashing-omducasse: Day shift to take over :)07:19
ducasseBashing-om: how has your day been? :)07:20
Bashing-omBeen fair . some progress made on the 'buntu learnig curve .07:21
ducassegood :)07:22
Bashing-om'tis :))07:23
lordievaderGood morning08:28
BluesKajHi folks12:04
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