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alan_gduflu: I saw camako's comment about mir_window_type_popover. The design doc says "The popup type was previously called Menu" which doesn't match the comments in our header. Do you have an opinion on the correct name?09:31
duflualan_g: It appears I missed that. So no opinion09:31
alan_gThe description of https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/no-window-type-overlay/+merge/31474909:32
duflualan_g: Traditionally in toolkits there have always been multiple separate menu types (which helps with behaviour and animations)... popup != dropdown09:33
duflualan_g: Sounds like it belongs in a different MP anyway09:34
dufluOr three different menu classes: https://specifications.freedesktop.org/wm-spec/wm-spec-latest.html#idm14020047262952009:35
alan_gSure, I was tempted to just do away with mir_window_type_popover (which is trivial) but then wondered if that was a good direction.09:35
duflualan_g: I'm pretty sure we need to separate them because decoration and animation may be different09:35
alan_g"Examples of popups include menus, combo boxes, walkthrough hints, and popovers" (Mir and Unity: Surfaces, input, and displays (v0.3)_09:35
dufluOh dear09:36
dufluYes a combo box may be a popover and may be similar to a menu09:36
alan_gBut at the moment mir_window_type_popover and menu are synonyms09:36
duflualan_g: I think it's an interesting question but not a blocker for that particular MP09:37
dufluwhich just landed09:37
alan_gThat MP landed. I was wondering how best to sort out mir_window_type_popover/menu which is also wrong.09:38
duflualan_g: This is why display servers generally don't get involved in toolkit design :)09:39
alan_gI guess a toolkit designer/user would be the best to ask. ;)09:40
alan_gduflu: thanks for the chat. At least I know there isn't an easy right solution.09:41
duflualan_g: I know we need to distinguish the different menu types. That's all09:41
dufluI think I know anyway. Maybe we need a subtype09:42
alan_gI'll see what attente thinks when he wakes up09:44
duflucimi: zesty Unity8 now has the new input rate logic. Feels a bit nicer but we're not finished yet09:49
dufluAlthough I would like to get a kernel fix for the usbhid regression....09:51
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hikikohey Trevinho10:18
hikikoping :)10:18
hikikoI think there's a problem with the design you suggest in the gcc review: if I use the tool, unity won't switch profile in real-time but in next reboot10:21
hikikoalso, if the user modifies the lowgfx profile, he wont have the default settings anymore10:22
hikikonext restart*10:23
hikikoalso that profile is generated by the .ini isn't it?10:24
hikikothe tool runs once at startup as far as I understand it10:26
hikikoI probably should change unity to use that tool as well, but we still need to switch to lowgfx instantly10:28
hikikoand overwriting the settings seems to be the easiest way10:29
* alan_g wonders how that's relevant to #ubuntu-mir10:42
hikikooh noes10:45
hikikoI thought I am in #ubuntu-desktop10:45
hikikothanks alan_g :p10:45
alan_ghikiko: how's it going in U7 land?10:46
hikikoalan_g, fine :) I am trying to finish all the remaining priority tasks to focus on porting chromium on mir10:49
alan_gA great way to start the new year. (I hope)10:51
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attentealan_g: hey. gtk does differentiate between the different popup types when creating those widgets, so if it helps you to differentiate between them, we could pass them to you: https://developer.gnome.org/gdk3/stable/gdk3-Windows.html#GdkWindowTypeHint14:04
alan_gattente: I'm not sure how much it would help us (it is really unclear if Mir needs different behaviour). But if a shell is doing server-side decorations it would likely matter.14:06

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