ubottuSouthern_Gentlem called the ops in #ubuntu ()16:31
geniifalse alarm16:32
DJonesLooks like it was at P3R whas asking to be banned16:54
DJonesWas +q'd by drone originally then quit, rejoined and started swearing16:55
FrNcS_FrWell, my name is luca22:14
FrNcS_FrNo, just joking :P22:14
FrNcS_FrMy name is francois22:14
FrNcS_FrI'm from france22:14
FrNcS_FrI have a pc with parrotsec and arch22:14
FrNcS_FrMy favourite food is chicken22:15
FrNcS_FrBut i like milk with biscuits, too22:15
FrNcS_FrI'm here for requesting unquiete22:16
FrNcS_FrI know it's hard for you to write  /mode #ubuntu-ops -q my_host22:16
FrNcS_FrI know that it can damage your keyboard22:17
FrNcS_FrBut it can make freenode a better place for uculu22:17
FrNcS_FrTHANK YOU!!!22:18

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