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fishcookerhow to disable daily cron apt-get update which is get list updated list daily so that i will not get message 77 packages can be updated and 44 updates are security updates.02:13
pmatulisfishcooker, edit the cron job. grep for 'apt' under /etc02:52
JanCfishcooker: it's part of the update-notifier-common package03:22
JanCyou can edit /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic and set APT::Periodic::Update-Package-Lists to "0"03:23
hallynlamont: (you last touched open-iscsi) do you have any objection to http://paste.ubuntu.com/23808904/ as debdiff against open-iscsi?05:10
fishcookernoted JanC pmatulis, thanks05:22
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lordievaderGood morning08:28
Mr_Pangood morning08:36
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jamespageDmitrii-Sh, hey so re https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qemu/+bug/165648011:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1656480 in qemu (Ubuntu) "QEMU Does not Send L2 Broadcasts After Live Migration" [High,New]11:14
jamespagewe'll need to confirm the status of that issue for yakkety and zesty as well - if the later qemu versions in those releases are OK, we need to comment to that effect (you can do that by nominating for those series)11:15
jamespagethe SRU team will not accept the update into proposed until we know its OK in later releases, to avoid regressions11:15
Dmitrii-Shyakkety was ok the last time I checked. It has 2.6 where it has been patched11:15
jamespageDmitrii-Sh, OK you just need to comment to that effect then11:16
Dmitrii-Shjamespage, well, it looks like the best way to verify is pull-lp-source and grep. I do not see any activity here at all https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-qemu/qemu.git/log/?h=ubuntu-dev since June this year.12:32
cpaelzerDmitrii-Sh: that branch is out of date atm12:34
cpaelzerDmitrii-Sh: I'm actively working on giving it some life again atm12:34
cpaelzerDmitrii-Sh: not filling in all in between, but given zesty merge is done that will at least hold that again12:34
Dmitrii-Shcpaelzer: thx for the info. It was a little confusing when I tried to verify that the needed commit is in-place. I tested the functionality but couldn't find the commit there12:36
cpaelzerDmitrii-Sh: for the time being you might fetch from git://git.launchpad.net/~usd-import-team/ubuntu/+source/qemu12:37
cpaelzerDmitrii-Sh: that at least has it on a "per ubuntu version" base12:37
cpaelzerDmitrii-Sh: splitting and cleaning all of that is - as I said - part of my mereg work I'm on atm12:37
Dmitrii-Shcpaelzer: good to know, I'll stash the url somewhere12:39
lamonthallyn: I feel exactly zero ownership for open-iscsi -- mine was a driveby :D  -- having said that, your debdiff looks like a good plan, and maybe even a bug fix13:14
HakonHello. I'm getting "Failed to start nfs-idmapd.service: Unit nfs-server.service not found." when trying to run idmapd on a client. Does it need to run nfs-server to get idmapd?14:07
Hakonthis is ubuntu 16.04 btw.14:07
hallynlamont: kthx15:09
j3r0best way to parse apache log files with python?16:55
j3r0wrong channel sorry16:58
t4nk451Hello, anyone knows a good rack server? and one that doest use much electricity?17:55
t4nk451For low price?17:56
geniiOf the combination of Good, Efficient, and Inexpensive you can usually find any combination of those two things together but rarely all three17:58
RoyKany idea how I can monitor synchronous i/o only to just leave async stuff out of the equation for now?18:38
RoyKgenii: heh - he left a second after asking18:39
geniiRoyK: Yeah, I had typed the answer out but not hit enter yet because work distracted me, then just came back and hit the enter without checking joins/parts18:42
miczacHi, why has  'ifdown ensxx' / 'ifup ensxx' no effect after changing /etc/network/interfaces?19:44
miczacneither has  'service networking restart'19:48
s7rawm4nHey. I have a fairly fresh install of ubuntu server 16.04.1, and I've been having major issues with connecting to the server over the intranet. Come to find out, my bios is reporting different MAC address for my ethernet card than my operating system. Anyone reason why this would be?21:50
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lucas_aipytz is giving me a weird timezone for Los_Angeles. Any ideas why? It should be -08:00 instead of -07:53... 2017-01-17T12:30:00-07:5323:34
geniilucas_ai: Looks like same problem as here: https://bytes.com/topic/python/answers/676275-pytz-giving-incorrect-offset-timezone23:38
genii( right down to the 7 minute discrepancy)23:39
lucas_aisounds pretty stupid. Timezones are never 7 minutes off from round numbers. Are they?23:40
lucas_aiI don't understand why they'd do something like that23:41
geniiThe page contains a fix if you read it23:41
lucas_aiYeah, the fix works!23:42
lucas_aibut I'm still puzzled as to why pytz is so shitty!!!23:42
Miguel_UbuntuHello. Where can I get some help on an issue related to bootstrapping Juju? Thanks in advance.23:43
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stanford_AII'm looking for the most badass linux/robotics programmer. To build an indoor drone with deep learning. Do you know a good one here?23:48

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