elachecheMorning loco08:37
praisethemoonMorning elacheche08:41
praisethemoonelacheche, I have a question, I'm going to do a workshop in ISIMM but i'm not sure if I should allow everyone to work on their laptop or just to demonstrate (only I do the work)10:33
elachechepraisethemoon: that's a statement, not a question, show me the question x)à10:58
praisethemoonwhich one is better10:59
praisethemoonin terms of time/quantity of information given10:59
praisethemoonyou know a lot of time is spent on setup, internet config, etc10:59
elachecheThe 2nd one11:00
elachecheif you have like 30min or less, just demonstrate11:00
elachecheo/ pavlushka11:02

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