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matv2dobey hi09:47
matv2i have a question about something you said -to someone else- on here the other day which puzzled me09:47
matv2you said porting of new devices would become disticntly easier in a snap-based environment.09:48
davmor2matv2: I assume because you just change a single binary09:49
matv2davmor2 please elaborate :)09:50
matv2As I see it the hw enablement is still the same work. We wil still be talking to Hybirs/LibHybris the same way and getting that worked out is much the same effort right? How does snapping this change that09:51
davmor2matv2: core is built up of 3 snaps, Core which is the os, kernel, and system so you would only need to change system to have a working device09:52
davmor2matv2: in theory at least dobey will be on this afternoon and can confirm though09:58
matv2davmor2 thanks. going to digest this for a bit09:58
matv2be prepared for follow-ups ;)09:58
davmor2matv2: I'm not the man for that, I'm just helping you not wait till Lunchtime for your answer-ish09:59
matv2davmor2 thanks! it wasnt a question that I needed to hurry solving though. Just trying to learn a bit10:06
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DavidrndHi, which OpenGL Version is supported on the Ubuntu touch OS ? Unfortunatly i can't find any infos regarting the OpenGL Version...11:40
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matv2Davidrnd AIDA64 on my device (Meizu Pro 5) says OPENGL ES version 3.112:09
matv2if thats any help12:09
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Davidrndthanks :-), but OpenGLES is not OpenGL.. :-(12:12
ogra_Davidrnd, you wont find plain OpenGL on any arm device12:13
DavidrndHmm. so theres no libglu ( mesa3d ) right ?12:14
DavidrndThis means only OpenGLES is supported right ?12:15
ogra_yes, like on all arm based devices12:16
mukajust installed ubuntu1. browser is crashing. any way to fix it? I have hammerhead (nexus 5).19:16

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