daftykinsargh that compression artefacting o000:04
zmoylan-pia little part of me always hopes that these 8 bit geniuses is committing cyber crime just so when the police raid them they have to go through their entire speccy mag cover tape collection looking for incriminating data... :-P00:34
davmor2Morning all09:10
foobarrymy 3yr old daughter drew a picture for her brother for his birthday09:22
foobarryhttp://imgur.com/nRnfgKh NEVER SLEEP AGAIN09:23
davmor2All the people, Zombie people, all walk hand in hand, hand in hand through their dead life!09:27
davmor2foobarry: you have a goth in the making, that or your own series of sixth sense and she sees dead people ;)09:28
foobarryits just a pretty picture of her family and dog in pink09:28
davmor2foobarry: it's not actually that bad a picture :)09:29
davmor2foobarry: at least you can tell they are people :)09:29
brobostigonmorning boys nd girls.09:43
JamesTaitGood morning all, and happy Blue Monday! 😁10:04
* zmoylan-pi puts on blue monday by new order... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYH8DsU2WCk10:24
davmor2JamesTait: now that this has been ruined on 2 channels I'll again go with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Kobdb37Cwc :D11:03
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diploAfternoon all, just thought I'd probe here before going to far how you guys would sync a table between 2 mysql servers each night, just a plain old dump and restore in a script ?12:17
diploNot sure it's worth the effort of replication being setup12:17
SafiyyahHi all, I am trying to connect to my desktop remotely using the X2go client12:31
SafiyyahI am infront of both machines, it seems that I don't have a complete understanding of the hostname12:32
Safiyyahmy desktop is called safiyyah-desktop and my laptop is called safiyyah-laptop12:32
Safiyyahhowever that isn't going through12:33
foobarryanyone played with raspberry pi/ardunio and motors ? want to perhaps control a knex thing withit12:34
* brobostigon puts his hand up and says, "arduino"12:36
popeySafiyyah: often your home connection router won't resolve them like that, but might if you add ".local" on them, so safiyyah-desktop.local and safiyyah-laptop.laptop12:36
Safiyyahthat didn't work12:39
foobarrybrobostigon: any exp with knex motors?12:41
brobostigonfoobarry: last project was to control hydraulic motors. not that i recall, sorry.12:42
popeySafiyyah: another option is to set a fixed IP either on each machine or in the dhcp settings on the router (if you have access)12:57
Safiyyahpopey 1 issue is that they both have the same ip address13:23
popeythat's suboptimal13:23
foobarrywhat is the IP?13:23
foobarry127.0.0.1 ...:P13:24
Safiyyahthe local is
Safiyyahbut both machines are on
popeythey probably have more than one IP address13:25
foobarrywhat is your outpout from ifconfig command13:26
popeyclick network manager in the top right, and choose connection information13:26
popeylook in the tab for your wired or wireless connection13:26
Safiyyahthat says wired connection 113:27
Safiyyahlaptop is on wi-fi13:28
Safiyyahcalling virginmedia for info on accessing router13:30
popeyyes, in wired connection 113:38
popeyyou should see a section "IPv4" and under that "IP Address:"13:38
popeythat's your computer IP13:38
popeyyou should find similar on the other computer, but it will say the name of the wireless network you're on13:39
popeySafiyyah: e.g. http://imgur.com/a/PpNv313:39
Safiyyahpopey, yes, I have it and access to my router14:03
Safiyyahnow it's how to enter the information onto x2go correctly14:04
diddledannew pi compute module: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/compute-module-3-launch/14:19
* zmoylan-pi wonders how big the pi compute community is compared to the regular community14:44
davmor2zmoylan-pi: more specialised at a guess so I would imagine 20% as many users maybe, but I would imaging that device using pi built in are more likely to be pi compute14:49
Safiyyahpopey It tried my IP address as a hostname and nothing still15:03
popeySafiyyah: sorry, I've never used x2go15:04
AzelphurAh, nothing like waking up in the morning to a dead 5TB drive. :< https://dpaste.de/paxg15:24
Azelphurmdadm handled it like a champ though, removed the drive from the array and nagios has bleeted at me15:25
Azelphurordered another one off ebuyer, drop it in and go in theory, it's a RAID6 so everything is still chugging along15:28
Laneyi wonder if anything would tell me if one of my raided drives failed15:40
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Safiyyahpopey what do you use?16:09
popeyI don't :)16:09
popeyI never have the need to remotely control another desktop.16:09
* diddledan remotely controls popey's desktop16:10
* diddledan makes the pointer spell-out rude words16:10
AzelphurLaney: depends, whats your setup?16:17
LaneyAzelphur: md16:19
AzelphurLaney: well, when a drive failed mdadm would remove it16:19
Azelphurand put the array in a degraded state16:20
Azelphurif you don't have anything on top of that to monitor mdadm, then no, you'd never know16:20
diddledanergh. why does sky/nowtv _still_ require silverlight?!16:20
LaneyI know that md would handle it16:20
Azelphurshould set up nagios or monit or something to let you know :)16:21
LaneyMaybe something would stop the boot for example and shout at me16:21
davmor2Laney: yes the lack of noise in the room ;)16:21
diploLaney: I used as Azelphur mentioned nagios to monitor a customers raid ( issues with a battery or something ) and got it to send alerts via telegram16:23
Laneydiplo: it makes me say blerg16:24
Laney10 years ago I would have been all over configuring that16:24
Laneynow I want something in the system to do it for me by default :(16:25
popeypretty sure logwatch used to send me mails about raid failures16:25
popeythat was near zero setup16:25
LaneyI could go pull out a drive and see what happens16:26
davmor2Laney: still the noise when the noise stops somethings gone wrong ;)16:26
Laneysomething in the boot process or desktop ought to notice imho16:26
Laneydavmor2: I spent quite some time making this computer very quiet :P16:26
popeyoh, you don't currently have a failed drive?16:27
popeypretty sure it does halt boot and put the message on screen16:27
popeyc to continue, m to manually recover16:27
LaneyI'm just wondering if I would know if one of them failed16:27
davmor2Laney: log into it with byobu that tells you the state of raid if you enable the plugin I believe :)16:27
LaneyI remember some "boot degraded" thing vaguely16:27
popeyi had that on my home server and had to go and plug a screen in to find out which key to press16:27
popeycould test this in kvm16:28
popeyby creating a few disks and then boot with one missing16:28
diplohah I had to do the same popey  :)16:28
popeyinteresting exercise16:28
Laneysomething generic in the desktop would be nice16:29
Laneycould be a fun project16:29
Laneythink udisks2 knows about smart and raid stuff16:30
Laneyjust got to surface that16:30
diploEdit mdadm.conf and stick the device and MAILADDR and then run mdadm --monitor --scan --daemonize16:30
Safiyyahokay so I got things moving, with SSH I have access to the terminal on the desktop (even on putty) would like a graphical one, help please17:29
SafiyyahOn x2go I am logging in but not to the live session, is there a way to log into the live session itself? like VNC on the phone?17:30
daftykinsif anyone signs up to the retail ombudsman website, be prepared for many lulz18:17
daftykinsi broke their site last night by putting a £ symbol in a text field18:18
davmor2daftykins: hahahahahahaha18:38
daftykinsoh and you'll be emailed your password in plain text18:44
davmor2daftykins: what's the problem with that, they didn't add it to billboard up and down the country so it's perfectly safe right :D18:46
diddledandaftykins: did you try using Bobby Tables' name as your name?18:50
daftykinsdiddledan: i want to reply with that XD18:54
daftykinswhen i signed up right, it set my email to be <generated string>@myname.co.uk - utter madness18:54
daftykinshe called it a 'glitch' that got fixed this morning18:55

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