floridagram3<KMyers> @AdamOutler - EnPass is getting secure attachment support!!!!15:13
floridagram3<AdamOutler> You're a beta tester for this app.  Awesome!  I am too.15:34
floridagram3<KMyers> Been a beta tester since it introduced TOTP support15:34
floridagram3<RazPi> @AdamOutler Where does android cache available memory if it does at all? The obvious need to clear my memory aside, my phone will say "out of storage memory" for pictures. But once I clear like, 10, 20, or even a few videos, I have to restart the phone for it to realize there's memory. I was wondering about the underpinnings of that.16:54
floridagram3<AdamOutler> Raz, that would be a function of the filesystem. It should be handled by secure delete which totally zeros out everything.   You can force it with Linux command "sync".17:06
floridagram3<RazPi> @AdamOutler thanks! I have a terminal installed but the filesystem looks so alien to me, and only sh is available17:10
floridagram3<RazPi> @AdamOutler  Hm, tried sync and clearing the application cache and even force stopping it, I wonder if its pulling the memory availability from something in java that caches it.17:15
floridagram3<ahoneybun> I'm driving right now.17:18
floridagram3<AdamOutler> Maybe sync as root?17:31
floridagram3<AdamOutler> Media Manager handles scanning for changes.17:44
floridagram3<RazPi> Ooh ok17:45

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