inetprogood mornings05:44
inetprooh and hi superfly06:17
paddatrappermorning inetpro 06:23
inetproeh paddatrapper, how's the weather in CT this morning?06:24
thatgraemeguymorning peoples06:28
nsnzeromorning guys06:46
andrewlsdmorning inetpro06:48
andrewlsdit's windy06:48
andrewlsdmorning nszero thatgraemeguy paddatrapper06:49
andrewlsdhi superfly06:49
inetprohi andrewlsd07:09
inetprotumbleweed: how are things going at LCA?07:10
tumbleweedinetpro: today was crazy, tomorrow should be less crazy07:11
tumbleweedfirst few days are always crazy for video team07:12
inetprotumbleweed: enjoy!07:13
paddatrappermorning andrewlsd 07:18
paddatrapperinetpro: weather is nice and sunny07:18
pavlushkaMorning theblazehen 08:08
pavlushkao/ ahoy ZA!08:08
nsnzerohi there pavlushka 08:12
pavlushkahello nsnzero :)\08:17
pavlushkamaaz seen Kilos12:11
Maazpavlushka: Kilos was last seen 17 hours, 21 minutes and 1 second ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2017-01-15 20:50:53 SAST], and has been offline on freenode since 2017-01-15 20:51:08 SAST12:11
LangjanHi pavlushka I dont know where he's hiding12:15
pavlushkaLangjan no problem, I'll keep my radio on :)12:17
LangjanGood. Maybe he has Internet connection problems (again)   12:19
jerit_can I ask about my mail server here? Apparently its having authentication problems... http://pastebin.com/PxEdX61H12:43
jerit_authentication problems I've got no idea how to fix12:43
superflyjerit_: is that your MTA or your SMTP server? 15:01
jerit_thats my SMTP15:03
jerit_I've narrowed down the problem to some issue with the DNS15:03
jerit_since I can ping the IP address but not the hostname15:03
jerit_or rather the hostname isn't resolving to the correct ip address15:04
jerit_interestingly enough there's a ban listed on my server for bonnie@loganyoung.co.za which isn't an email address I've created... wonder who tried to access the server on that email address15:18
Kilosevening all17:46
Kilosim still alive and still on meds till steve bhiko has a gap for bypass ops17:47
Kilosthey years behind or so doc tells me. they gonna try get me in sooner because of seriousness of arteries condition17:52
LangjanHi Kilos did your boss give you the day off?18:47
Kiloshahaha hi Langjan 18:53
Kiloswhat you doing ion lubuntu now18:54
LangjanHi Kilos I installed Lubuntu for a neighbour who was battling with a dated win xp18:55
LangjanYou keeping well?18:55
Langjanpavlushka was looking for you 18:56
Kilosyes im ok ty been all day at hospital18:57
Kilosthey say steve bhiko has massive backlog with heart jobs18:57
Kilosyou can see if you contacts can move me up the list'18:58
Kilosid prefer 2 stents to 2 eart bypasses18:58
LangjanAi! 18:58
LangjanSo when do you hope to get in?18:59
Kilosthe doc hoping when they see the severity they will squeeze me in18:59
Kilosaccording to dock im running at danger levels19:00
LangjanWell I have come to that conclusion myself19:01
KilosLangjan join #phillw and ask for lubuntu help there ive told melodie you having screen issues19:01
LangjanOK thks, I have had a few mails which suggest I check connections and screen first19:02
Kilosjoin there man19:03
LangjanIf that does not sort the prob I will follow up on that, many thanks19:03
Kilosthey waiting for you19:03
Kilos  type in /j #phillw19:03
Langjantype in where?19:03
Langjanok im in19:04
Kilosthat means join that channel19:04
LangjanIt keeps saying "Cannot send to channel"19:06
Kilossorry got an out of bundle message and internet gone20:08

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