poco_shit I should not have just run unity box. My desktop just crashed00:00
binarydepthjajaja lol00:00
binarydepthu serious ?00:00
binarydepthcan you still run commands ?00:02
binarydepthI'm curious about your dpkg version00:03
poco_I'm back00:05
poco_interesting bit, Discord whose icon was missing before is now showing upon reboot00:06
rizonzn4n0`: still around ?00:10
rizonzoh found not needed n4n0`00:11
cuddletop ubuntu tweak utilty pls00:15
cuddleto remove desktop icons and other configuration00:15
malkaunshow do i get flash video to work in opera?00:16
malkaunscant see any video on sites like cnn.com and mashable.com etc.00:16
malkaunsalready have flashplugin-installer installed00:16
malkaunseverything works fine in google-chrome but not opera00:17
k1l_cuddle: unity-tweak-tool00:19
xanguahttp://www.webupd8.org/2014/12/how-to-get-flash-and-h264-to-work-in.html?m=1 malkauns00:19
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malkaunstaking a look, thx00:20
xanguamalkauns: mmm sorry, that doesn't appear to apply to the new opera chromium based00:21
darkishim getting a error about not being able to load the driver swrast00:24
darkishlibGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found00:25
darkishlibGL error: failed to load driver: swrast00:25
darkishthose are my 2 erros00:25
TheNH813So, can someone tell me why Steam dosen't open? It dies with REALLY ambiguous errors.00:26
k1l_TheNH813: open from terminal and see the exact errors00:27
TheNH813Or sometimes no error. Ubuntu 16.04. Steam from the regular repositories.00:27
TheNH813Will do.00:27
TheNH813Ok, it seems to want to redownload itself, so I'l let it update the00:27
darkishis there a lib or something i neeed to get rid of the libgl error?00:28
TheNH813What Software?00:29
darkishsecond life00:29
k1l_that got a native linux client?00:29
TheNH813Might be built with outdated libraries, or you need to reinstall Mesa/LibGL00:30
darkishah wtf this pc has a windows partition why am i even bothering00:30
TheNH813Try "sudo apt-get reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx libglapi-mesa libglu1 libglw1 libgl1"00:32
TheNH813Or install if they aren't installed.00:32
TheNH813k1l_: I'l tell you what Steam says in a couple seconds. Almost done updating.00:33
darkishya they werent isntalled00:34
TheNH813That fix it?00:34
darkishsame errors00:35
TheNH813k1l_: You know what? Steam seems to have fixed itself. Nevermind.00:36
k1l_darkish: what video driver is installed?00:36
darkishhow can i find out?00:36
TheNH813darkish: Let me check which libraries that game requires. I have a feeling it may be using odd versions.00:37
k1l_lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'00:37
darkishTheNH813: i grabbed all the libs which was a pain in the ass00:37
darkishTheNH813: Kernel driver in use: nvidia00:37
darkishim using a gtx 105000:37
darkishk1l_: ^^00:37
TheNH813darkish: Well, if the libs are the wrong version (they built it using a newer or older version) it dosen't matter if they're installed, it simply won't work. there are workarounds for that tough. Which is why I'm downloaidng a copy of it to inspect it.00:38
gerard72I installed Ubuntu 16.10 and I was trying to install an app that needed me to login to UbuntuOne. It isn't accepting my password. I can login to the website just fine with the same password. This must be a known bug?00:39
TheNH813darkish: I also highly reccommend you install the "additional drivers" from the additional drivers utility. NVIDIA open source drivers are horrid, and cause massive lag.00:39
k1l_darkish: "dpkg -l |grep nvidia | nc termbin.com 9999"00:39
darkishTheNH813: i downloaded the closed source from the nividia site00:39
darkishk1l_: "use netcat"00:40
TheNH813Use the ones fromt he repositories, you it can cause... issues.00:40
TheNH813I experienced that myself.00:40
k1l_darkish: ah ok. maybe that is the issue. the ubuntu driver sould work00:40
k1l_the ubuntu nvidia driver00:40
darkishhm? but i checked the additional drivers and there wasnt anything00:40
TheNH813Really? Hm... maybe there's not a package yet for that card.00:41
TheNH813Then stick with the self extracting package drivers.00:41
darkishthis driver hasnt been screen tearing or anything00:41
darkishhonestly ill just use windows for this but thank you very much for the help00:42
darkishi have spent like 4 hours so far working on this00:42
darkishi give up00:42
k1l_well, you use the nvidia website driver. you cant blame ubuntu for that now. you would not blame windows if the nvidia site driver would make issues on windows.00:43
lucie_hey im no pro and i could need some help please. i want to install something without the terminal so i download the package from the website. when i open the downloadet package i just open the archivemenager. how can i install the zip?00:45
TheNH813darkish: Ah, Second Life is 32 bit. It needs the 32 bit versions of the libs. If you want to give it another try.00:45
k1l_lucie_: you dont install a .zip. open the zip and read the instructions in the readme00:45
darkishTheNH813: ik all the libs are i38600:46
TheNH813Ah, ok.00:46
lucie_good advice thx i try00:47
k1l_lucie_: you should look if ubuntu doesnt already provide that software in the ubuntu repos00:47
k1l_lucie_: "apt search something" to search for "something"00:49
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Jonno_FTWI found a bug00:52
tatertotsdarkish: don't give up00:52
Jonno_FTWin rhythmbox,00:52
darkishtatertots: :*(00:52
k1l_Jonno_FTW: then report the bug00:52
tatertotsdarkish: can you do this in terminal> sudo apt install inxi00:53
tatertotsdarkish: just 4 simple words separated by a single white SPACE00:53
tatertotsdarkish: then press enter00:53
darkishCPU~Quad core Intel Core i5-6400 (-MCP-) speed/max~915/3300 MHz Kernel~4.4.0-31-generic x86_64 Up~3:05 Mem~2921.3/7930.7MB HDD~1171.3GB(40.3% used) Procs~241 Client~Shell inxi~2.2.3500:54
tatertotsdarkish: did the install complete? yes or no00:54
tatertotsdarkish: no not exact as detailed as i'd like...try this00:54
tatertotsdarkish: inxi -Fxxrzc0|nc termbin.com 999900:55
Jonno_FTWk1l_: Rhythmbox:ERROR:rb-ext-db.c:364:impl_constructor: code should not be reached00:55
darkishtatertots: http://termbin.com/vw2d00:55
tatertotsdarkish: good job00:55
darkishim not a noob :*(00:55
tatertotsdarkish: i know you're not00:56
tatertotsdarkish: 18:26:47 <darkish> libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast00:57
tatertotsdarkish: is this a game or app that results in this error?.....if so please name the app or game00:58
darkishsecond life00:58
Bashing-omtatertots: darkish " System:    Host: G Kernel: 4.4.0-31-generic " note too that the system is not up2date .00:59
bloody_puppethey Bashing-om !01:00
tatertotsdarkish: installed thru steam or from software manager or downloaded a tar.gz from their website???01:00
Bashing-ombloody_puppet: Howdy,01:00
darkishbloody_puppet: you what m8 i just downloaded this copy of ubuntu yesterday01:00
darkishtatertots: from thier site01:00
bloody_puppetdarkish, you rang?01:00
bloody_puppetdarkish> bloody_puppet: you what m8 i just downloaded this copy of ubuntu yesterday01:01
tatertotsdarkish: do you launch the game using the gui from your menu? can you launch the game from terminal?01:01
bloody_puppetET phone home..........01:01
darkishi launch it from terminal01:01
bloody_puppetET phone hoooooome..........01:01
tatertotsdarkish: apt list --installed|grep nvid|nc termbin.com 999901:05
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Guy1524hey guys, how do I tell if an application is using vulkan or opengl as a renderer01:05
darkishtatertots: WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.01:06
tatertotsGuy1524: just check the renderer it's using01:06
darkishUse netcat01:06
=== Guest77387 is now known as MDTech-us_MAN
tatertotsdarkish: apt list --installed|grep nvid > ~/nfo.nfo01:06
Guy1524darkish: how would I use netcat to find out which renderer its using01:06
k1l_tatertots: he installed the driver from the website. so there is no nvidia package01:06
MDTech-us_MANAt the moment my Xorg is running at 12GB of ram.01:07
darkishGuy1524: that msg wasnt for you01:07
MDTech-us_MANWhats up with that?01:07
MDTech-us_MAN 1371 root      20   0 11.453g 8.123g  20660 S   1.3 26.0 421:57.90 Xorg01:07
Guy1524oh, ok01:07
darkishtatertots: nothing happenas01:07
darkishtatertots: thank you but stop wasting your time helping me, if i really wanted it to work i would biooot into wincdows01:07
tatertotsk1l_: thanks...didn't know he installed it like that...;)01:07
tatertotsdarkish: you want me to stop trying to help you?01:08
MDTech-us_MANI run Windows 8.1 in a VirtualBox VM with 15GB of my 32GB dedicated to it and with 2 memory hogs like this I'm already out of ram01:08
darkwind_Hello! I was wondering if someone could help me in determining if a laptop would run linux? The model in question is the Dell Inspiron 3000 series laptop, specifically the 3179 model (late 2016). I've seen that prior models of the 3000 series with slightly different specs seem to be able to run ubuntu, albeit with some (possibly fixed?) issues. I haven't seen any information on this new model though, and it's a dealbreaker if I cann01:09
darkishtatertots: i mean like i have a win partition so i could just use that for this game01:09
tatertotsdarkish: are you able to open the nvidia utility from terminal?01:11
xanguadarkwind_: this isn't really a hardware recommendation channel but https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuPre-installed01:12
darkishtatertots: i got nvidia settings along with some other stuff01:12
darkishi see opengl configuration01:12
tatertotsdarkish: ok close the nvidia util01:13
tatertotsdarkish: in terminal>  nvidia-settings &>> ~/nfo.nfo01:13
tatertotsdarkish: if the nvidia util opens close it again01:13
darkishyea ok closed it01:14
darkishnothing else happend01:14
tatertotsdarkish: cat ~/nfo.nfo|nc termbin.com 999901:14
darkwind_xangua: sorry, I didn't know where to go. Is there another channel that would be better to go to for help?01:14
darkishtatertots: "use netcat"01:14
darkishdarkwind_: ##hardware01:14
tatertotsdarkish: sudo apt install pastebinit01:15
darkwind_darkish: Thank you very much :)01:15
tatertotsdarkish: cat ~/nfo.nfo|pastebinit01:16
darkishtatertots: You are trying to send an empty document, exiting.01:16
k1l_tatertots: pastebinit can read the file directly: patebinit /path/to/some/file. but the nc error means the file is empty01:17
tatertotsdarkish: hmm it's usually not empty but i've only used this method when the nvidia driver is installed from either the PPA or from official repos01:17
tatertotsdarkish: i've heard through the grapevine you installed the .run from the nvidia website01:18
darkishtatertots: dont sweat it, windows :)01:18
tatertotsdarkish: ok...don't have to tell me thrice   ;)01:18
darkishtatertots: been working on this for hours myself01:19
darkishits a battle not needed to fight01:19
darkishbut thank you for the help,  i reallyu apecreate it01:19
darkishor whatever01:19
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MDTech-us_MANAt the moment my Xorg is running at 12GB of ram. That doesn't seem normal to me. Top command output:01:23
MDTech-us_MAN 1371 root      20   0 11.453g 8.123g  20660 S   1.3 26.0 421:57.90 Xorg01:23
Ben64MDTech-us_MAN: doesn't look normal01:24
melanihay alguien?01:24
MDTech-us_MANI usually leave my computer running for days without rebooting and sometimes around the 2nd or 3rd day it just freezes and all I can do is hard reboot01:24
MDTech-us_MANI'm guessing it clogged soemthign up01:24
Ben64 1455 root      20   0  378.5m 156.4m  72.7m S   1.0  1.0 609:14.22 Xorg01:24
MDTech-us_MANyea, Ben64. On my Ubuntu laptop its usually around that range01:25
MDTech-us_MANfor my GPU I have a NVIDIA GTX 740 with the latest drivers01:26
uxfihey MDTech-us_MAN01:27
MDTech-us_MANI meant GTX 75001:27
MDTech-us_MANAny ideas anyone? cause if I kill Xorg now I may nto be able to gather as much info for diagnostics01:30
Dreamanjust reboot01:31
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: logs show anything interesting?01:32
MDTech-us_MANwhere are they?01:32
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: in /var   but just do this quick and dirty in terminal before you reboot01:33
MDTech-us_MANit actually works fine now01:33
MDTech-us_MANjust takes up alot of ram01:33
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: journalctl -p 401:33
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: analyze that...then do01:34
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: journalctl -p 301:34
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: do the same with that01:34
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: see anything interesting?01:34
MDTech-us_MANgot a few lines like this: Jan 14 20:15:37 Maxwell-Ubu-Main kernel: nvidia_uvm: disagrees about version of symbol nvUvmInterfaceChannelDestroy Jan 14 20:15:37 Maxwell-Ubu-Main kernel: nvidia_uvm: Unknown symbol nvUvmInterfaceChannelDestroy (err -22)01:35
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: do you want to further investigate? yes or no01:35
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: or should i stop now01:36
MDTech-us_MANthis has been getting at me for a long time now01:36
MDTech-us_MANaka since I installed ubuntu01:36
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit01:36
MDTech-us_MANoh wait a sec01:37
MDTech-us_MANits getting jiucy here01:37
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: juicy?....what in the logs?01:37
MDTech-us_MANJan 15 02:04:19 Maxwell-Ubu-Main kernel: Buffer I/O error on dev sr0, logical block 0, async page read Jan 15 02:04:20 Maxwell-Ubu-Main kernel: blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 001:37
MDTech-us_MANI got a bunch of those01:37
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: or are you simply refilling your glass of orange juice ...hahaha ...that was an attempt at humor....01:38
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: let me know when the install is completed?01:38
MDTech-us_MANits done01:39
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebinit01:39
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: press enter01:39
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: share the link/url here01:39
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: then do01:40
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:40
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: press enter01:40
fatwaffleis this guide the way to install a secure ubuntu next to win10? http://askubuntu.com/questions/293028/how-can-i-install-ubuntu-encrypted-with-luks-with-dual-boot01:40
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: share the link/url here01:40
MDTech-us_MANfirst one is the specs and second the log01:40
MDTech-us_MANbtw, if it matters I do use virtual box with windows 8.1 installed and 3d acceleration enabled01:41
MDTech-us_MANand I keep the vm on all the time01:42
MDTech-us_MANtatertots: ^01:42
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: ok..no prob..next do this01:43
MDTech-us_MANrm -rf / ?01:43
tatertotsshame on you01:44
fatwafflesudo it01:44
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: nvidia-smi &> ~/nfo.nfo01:44
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: press enter01:44
fatwaffleover ssh on a remote machine for revenge01:44
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: you won't see anything01:44
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: just let me know once it's been done01:44
MDTech-us_MANit finished right away01:45
MDTech-us_MANthe nfo was written01:45
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: pastebinit ~/nfo.nfo01:45
lucie_#join Buddy.IM01:46
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: i see     0      1371    G   /usr/lib/xorg/Xorg                             311MiB01:46
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: 0      1371    G   /usr/lib/xorg/Xorg                             311MiB01:46
MDTech-us_MANisn't that graphic memory?01:47
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: yes01:47
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: so now we can start to calculate01:47
MDTech-us_MANso 311MiB out of 1GB?01:48
MDTech-us_MANor to be specific 976MiB01:49
MDTech-us_MANis that normal?01:49
MDTech-us_MANI never really checked it of other computers01:50
tatertots@ 19:23:03 <MDTech-us_MAN>  1371 root      20   0 11.453g 8.123g  20660 S   1.3 26.0 421:57.90 Xorg01:50
MDTech-us_MANFYI: Virtual Box is off now01:50
MDTech-us_MANotherwise I'm out of RAM and everything gets laggy and stuff01:50
ZeranoeWhat would be a decent way to copy a large directory and all sub directories/files from a Debian machine to a Ubuntu one? get -r dir ?01:51
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: so only a percentage of that PID 1371 is using your GTX01:51
k1lZeranoe: rsync01:51
Zeranoe(From an sftp session that is)01:51
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: nothing looks too odd in your log....let me see your journalctl 3's and 4's01:52
MDTech-us_MANI forgot, can you redirect their output?01:54
MDTech-us_MANnvm seems fine01:54
MDTech-us_MAN`journalctl -p 3`: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23808147/01:54
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: did the mem util of PID 1371 reduce after VM was shut down?01:55
MDTech-us_MANnope Xorg still uses the exact same about of ram01:55
MDTech-us_MAN`journalctl -p 4`: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23808148/01:55
MDTech-us_MANwell... technically its useing 0.001g less01:56
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: you configured your system without swap didn't you? yes or no01:56
MDTech-us_MANI use a swapfile01:56
Zeranoek1l: I haven't used rsync before. I don't want to cary over the permissions because the users are not the same, so would it be rsync -rl ...?01:57
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: sudo parted -l|pastebinit01:57
MDTech-us_MANfyi: I got this error wen doing that command: Warning: Error fsyncing/closing /dev/sdg1: Remote I/O error02:00
cfhowletti/o errors usually point to hardware failures02:01
MDTech-us_MANits an external drive I use to transfer huge files between computers02:02
MDTech-us_MANI don't even think its mounted02:02
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: ok i see a unusually high amount of events in your logs02:04
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: in terminal> nvidia-settings &>> ~/nfo.nfo02:05
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: if the nvidia util opens just close it02:06
MDTech-us_MANyou mean &> ?02:06
MDTech-us_MAN>> will append to the current file02:06
tatertotsi meant what i typed02:06
tatertotsthat's what i want02:06
MDTech-us_MANdone: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23808250/02:06
MDTech-us_MANoh, there were no changes02:07
MDTech-us_MANyea. there is no output02:08
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: ubuntu-drivers list|pastebinit02:08
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: please tell me how you came to run Driver Version: 375.26  when 367 is the highest version driver manager would have offered you/02:10
MDTech-us_MANnvidia site02:11
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: ah i see...that makes sense02:11
MDTech-us_MANI had a similar problem before02:11
MDTech-us_MANbefore it just crashed the kernel02:11
MDTech-us_MANlike I woke up in the morning and it would be at this ubuntu logo with Kernel Oops or somethign like that02:13
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: Jan 14 20:15:37 Maxwell-Ubu-Main systemd[1]: Failed to activate swap /swapfile02:13
tatertotsJan 14 20:15:37 Maxwell-Ubu-Main systemd[1]: Failed to activate swap /swapfile02:13
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: so you didn't configure your computer with any swap......you claim to use a swap file ..but Jan 14 20:15:37 Maxwell-Ubu-Main systemd[1]: Failed to activate swap /swapfile02:14
MDTech-us_MANswap is workign now...02:14
MDTech-us_MAN# free -m               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available Mem:          31989       13350       15009         125        3629       18026 Swap:         30719        3632       2708702:14
MDTech-us_MANis in use right now02:15
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: your logs have a lot of failed to activate swap02:15
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: which considering you have a VM that uses 16GB while running other apps/processes on the host02:15
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: seeing this amount of swap/swap file failures is concerning02:16
MDTech-us_MANwell... actually if you noticed I am using btrfs02:16
MDTech-us_MANin raid02:17
MDTech-us_MANso I'm using a loop device on a file02:17
tatertotsJan 14 20:15:37 Maxwell-Ubu-Main kernel: swapon: swapfile has holes02:18
fishcookerhow to disable daily cron apt-get update which is get list updated list daily so that i will not get message 77 packages can be updated and 44 updates are security updates. I want to keep my box as is no update even query the new update02:18
MDTech-us_MANtatertots: so you tink I should make a partition for it?02:19
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: bluetooth is failing and timing out also02:19
MDTech-us_MANI don't have bluetooth02:20
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: yeah that's what it says...don't shoot the messenger lol02:20
MDTech-us_MANwell, maybe thats the problem?02:20
tatertotsJan 14 20:16:09 Maxwell-Ubu-Main systemd[1]: Failed to start LSB: This service starts and stops VMware services.02:21
tatertotsJan 14 20:47:32 Maxwell-Ubu-Main pulseaudio[4984]: [alsa-source-USB Audio] alsa-source.c: Failed to set hardware parameters: Broken pipe02:22
MDTech-us_MANthe alsa thing is my headphones02:22
MDTech-us_MANthey may not be linux friendly02:22
tatertotsJan 14 20:15:37 Maxwell-Ubu-Main kernel: sd 6:0:0:0: [sdf] Asking for cache data failed02:22
tatertotsJan 14 20:15:37 Maxwell-Ubu-Main systemd[1]: Dependency failed for Swap.02:23
Jakethepythonhello room i am having problems with Ubuntu Server 14 after apgradign to ubuntu 16 with Samba02:23
tatertotsJan 14 20:15:37 Maxwell-Ubu-Main nvidia-persistenced[823]: Failed to lock PID file: Resource temporarily unavailable02:23
MDTech-us_MANtatertots: I dont have a /dev/sdf02:24
MDTech-us_MANI did use vmware for my windows system before, but it kept crashing on boot so I switched to vbox02:25
tatertotsJan 14 20:16:52 Maxwell-Ubu-Main com.canonical.Unity.Scope.Applications[4692]: (unity-scope-loader:7471): unity-applications-daemon-CRITICAL **: daemon.vala:144: Failed to load Software Center index. 'Apps Available for Download' will not be listed02:25
MDTech-us_MANi dunno wtf that is02:25
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: yes....i'd like to ask you a few questions02:29
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: is the symptom consistently reproducible ? meaning are you able to produce the symptom at will02:29
nightshow do i change how often i'm promoted for password ?02:29
nights(for sudo)02:30
tatertotsor does the symptom appear to be intermittent02:30
MDTech-us_MANtatertots: well, every time I reboot and then use the computer all day02:30
MDTech-us_MANwhen I come back its already at hight RAM02:31
tatertotswith only the 1 VM running02:31
barnitoI am going to setup openhab on a pine64 SBC02:31
MDTech-us_MANI do a lot of gpu intensive stuff there02:31
tatertotsor do you have stuff like spotify, skype, chrome/firefox running on the host also02:31
MDTech-us_MANwell, yea chrome02:32
MDTech-us_MANwith a lot of tabs02:32
MDTech-us_MANbut I kill chrome tabs once they suck up too much ram02:32
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: does the symptom occur if you never power on the vm?02:32
MDTech-us_MANI don't know.02:33
MDTech-us_MANI always power on the vm02:33
tatertotsthat's the big $ question02:33
MDTech-us_MANI use it for all my work and stuff02:33
MDTech-us_MANsince its not line adobe can actually port their tools to linux :(02:34
tatertotshmmm so it's unknown if this symptom will occur without the VM02:34
hydrajumpafter adding a kernel module to initrd.lz do I need to do anything else for the module to be loaded?02:34
tatertotsthat mystery needs revealed02:34
tatertotsto isolate the symptom to the host02:35
MDTech-us_MANoh wait!02:35
MDTech-us_MANI did have the vm down for a few days02:35
MDTech-us_MANI didn't have any stuff to do so it was down for a few days02:36
MDTech-us_MANand I don't remember restarting then02:36
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: schedule a maintenance window of time....reveal the mystery if the symptom occurs without the VM,02:36
MDTech-us_MANI was just watching movies on chrome all day02:36
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: let me know the results of the analysis02:36
MDTech-us_MANand no problems02:37
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: let's just assume for right now....until you schedule a maintenance window to perform the analysis...let's assume the symptom NEVER occurs without the VM02:38
tatertotsi hate assuming02:39
JakethepythonErrors were encountered while processing:02:39
Jakethepython samba02:39
JakethepythonN: Ignoring file '50unattended-upgrades.ucf-old' in directory '/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/' as it has an invalid filename extension02:39
JakethepythonE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)02:39
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: that would suggests that the symptom is induced after initialization of the VM02:40
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: isolating the symptom to starting the vm02:40
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: now if we take this stance02:41
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: we must closely examine why powering on this VM produces negative symptoms for your host02:42
aminI want to post a video to instagram, but for whatever reason it takes forever to upload. It may be because of video format or some errors in it. I want to rerender it. Do you suggest ffmpeg? How can I rerender the video into a standard format without any change to the video, itself?02:42
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: in terminal> vboxmanage list --long vms|pastebin02:43
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=== Guest1950 is now known as cuddle
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: ok02:48
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: so you need to definitively determine if the symptom occurs without powering on this VM....right now we just assumed the symptom NEVER occurs without the VM but that need to be confirmed and validated as a consistently true statement02:49
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: it looks to be very possible that it would be found to be true...but i hate to assume ya know02:50
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: i can see some things that would for sure cause that type of circumstance02:51
MDTech-us_MANits just that I got a lot of work I need to do on the windows vm and I can't really not use it for a day...02:51
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: with the way your vm is configured and your host is configured including but not limited to the info in the logs...i'm not surprised at all you have that symptom02:52
MDTech-us_MANany more specifics?02:53
pizza_partyAny way to update drivers without a network connection?02:54
KingsQuesthi everyone02:55
KingsQuestis there a free google drive that doesn't cost much that is ok with ubuntu ?02:55
KingsQuesti have paid account.  i'm SSI :D02:56
KingsQuesti love ubuntu02:56
nightsme too02:56
KingsQuesti don't love Apple.  its not gnu02:57
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: can't really go into too much detail until you perform the analysis to definitively state with %100 certainty that the symptom never occurs without the VM02:57
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: once you make that statement....your vm will have to defend it self against me02:58
KingsQuestmy google results i don't believe are the responsiblity of gnu2 ubuntu.02:58
KingsQuestor my ebay website02:58
KingsQuestthey weren't running ubuntu ;) :D02:58
KingsQuesti use clamav as resident daemon.  because i'm serious about viruses.  i even scan -- when the coast, is clear :D  i slept 8 hours last night.  i don't randomize that unless no one's looking :D02:59
MDTech-us_MANwhich means this gets delayed for another week02:59
KingsQuestbe sure to save your kernels before 16.04 LTS.  is over.  gnu2 is wonderful :D03:02
=== done is now known as Guest48106
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: well it's your vm and i don't wanna suggest how you should configure it...and you have free will so nothing forces you to observe best practices03:04
countingdaisiesis there an equivalent to add-apt   that removes a repository instead of addint it?03:04
MDTech-us_MANtatertots: kive it to me straight skippy03:05
KingsQuesti use JFS.  and something turned off, because i knew my data was very good for me.  audible ?  i hate it.  they changed my books.  it was their server.03:06
rizonzwhere have the mods-enabled for php 16.04 went to ?03:06
KingsQuestno ipv6's that are off are one's on ubuntu is false but on off.  its spec even stateful packet.  we honest about 600 days.   ubuntu rocks !!  JFS rules !!!03:07
countingdaisiesIs this what we get?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/307/how-can-ppas-be-removed03:07
countingdaisies6 yrs ago03:07
KingsQuestwhy is my information being blocked from google ?03:08
rizonzmhh that changed it seems03:08
KingsQuestit's ipv6 and on03:08
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: now when you come with those test results......the gloves are coming off..and you'll have to defend how you configured that vm....03:08
countingdaisiesoh, sorry, nevermind03:08
MDTech-us_MANtatertots: its a clone of a physical windows's drive03:09
MDTech-us_MANso I could install ubuntu03:09
MDTech-us_MANand add 2 new SSDs in raid03:09
MDTech-us_MANso sum it up, I imaged my old SSD, installed 2 new SSDs, installed btrfs on all 3 and ubuntu on btrfs03:10
MDTech-us_MANthen I used the image in the VM03:10
zerohimselfhey guys, having a low samba speed (<40mb/s) ... verified the gig-e connection, iperfs at 98mb/s... any ideas03:15
zerohimself or am i just out of my mind expecting a better speed?03:16
vinzusamaHi everyone03:20
MDTech-us_MANtatertots: ...03:23
vinzusamaI'm trying to install Ubuntu 16.10 on a new PC with a W10 preinstalled, the problem is if I deactivate Secure Boot mode I can install Ubuntu but Windows won't boot anymore, and if I activate Secure Boot mode, I can run the Ubuntu installer but it only recognize my USB stick, but not my SSD...03:23
vinzusamaUEFI trouble :/03:24
vinzusamaany advice ? :)03:24
zhou_xingyuI am UEFI too03:24
zhou_xingyuBut I install successfully03:25
zhou_xingyuYou may need to update grub203:25
vinzusamazhou_xingyu but which grub ? I can boot up Ubuntu, but in the install process, it tells me that 8GB is not enough to install it (my USB drive is 8GB).03:27
vinzusamaso, it does not see my SSD drive03:28
Bashing-omvinzusama: Insure that you also boot the liveUSB in EFI mode .03:29
adymitrukhow can I enable the lid to suspend my laptop?03:29
adymitrukit currently shuts down the computer as if the power was pulled on it03:29
vinzusamaBashing-om I guess it is, I'll try something on the process to burn the ubuntu iso on the usb key03:31
sector327vinzusama, how about just running windows in a VM? the problem I have with dual boot setups is it seems the grub is always getting rewritten (or overwritten) after an upgrade.03:32
sector327vinzusama, I can run oracle virtualbox (with adds ons installed) and have full windows functionality/resolutions03:32
pizza_partyAny way to update a driver without a network connection?03:33
Bashing-om!uefi | vinzusama03:33
ubottuvinzusama: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:33
sector327adymitruk, have you tried the unity-tweak tool? I'm not sure but there might be extra power settings there03:33
pizza_partya xubuntu live usb won't connect to an Atheros Qualcomm03:34
adymitruksector327: I'm not on unity. I'm using the KDE Neon desktop03:35
adymitrukregardless, what should I be looking for?03:35
=== ilfantomas_ is now known as ilfantomas
barnitoprob have to reinstall Windows with secure boot disabled.      vinzusama03:37
vinzusamabarnito yes I'll try this at last attempt I guess03:38
sector327vinzusama, cut the cord!!! make the jump. only use windws when you HAVE to03:40
sector327I did the "big jump" last year and honestly I don't regret it at all03:41
vinzusamasector327 don't worry, I'm quite used to Ubuntu, that's not the point. But my windows will be for games, so virtualisation is not a very good option in this case03:42
vinzusamaI'll cut the cord haha03:42
vinzusamait's just I'm not used to UEFI03:42
sector327vinzusama, sink or swim man....hahahaaaa. but yes I can understand about the gaming. surprisingly enough I'm pretty much anti-game on pc's. i keep that with the playstation03:43
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: i'm back....so according to your testimony, the vm used to be a a physical machine in it's former life.03:47
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: did you do anything to it prior to imaging it?03:48
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: to get it ready for it's reincarnation03:49
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: that time lapse...it's gotta mean no03:49
tatertotsand thats fine03:49
MDTech-us_MANyea I just imaged it03:50
MDTech-us_MANno preperations03:50
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: and you're fairly confident the symptom doesn't occur without the vm?...how confident on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being least confident and 5 being gosh dang confident?03:51
sysRPLcould someone help me with ubuntu? my middle mouse button locks mouse input when pressed. that is i cannot move the mouse when the middle button is down.03:52
sysRPLi've googled a lot and found nothing helpful to correct this problem03:52
sysRPLi think tthere was  asetting at one time to move the window when the middle mouse button was pressed, but i can't remember that setting location ... it's been so long03:53
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: about how long measured in time from powering on the computer does it take on average for the symptom to occur?03:54
MDTech-us_MANa day03:54
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest66009
tatertots24 hours03:55
MDTech-us_MANif I power on in the morning, do some stuff then go away, when I come back int eh late evenign its already at 12gigs03:56
MDTech-us_MAN*in the03:56
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: when creating the vm were there any architectural or design considerations made with regard to the computational workloads that would be on the vm?03:58
MDTech-us_MANif I power on during mid day, and do stuff until night then come back in the morning its frozen03:58
MDTech-us_MANwell, my main consideration was to make sure Adobe Premiere would work03:59
MDTech-us_MANso that calls for 3d acceleration03:59
tatertotsmmhmm acceleration for your NLE...ok go on03:59
MDTech-us_MANand I also will need to be able to run a few other products simultaneously which means large RAM03:59
MDTech-us_MANand max cpu for encoding04:00
sysRPL^ my full question posted at the link above ^04:02
Ben64sysRPL: is it a laptop04:05
MDTech-us_MANtatertots: ?04:11
airheadnerdHi MDTech-us_MAN04:12
airheadnerdUbuntu pro?04:12
airheadnerdAnyone had to deal with USB ports before?04:14
Ben64what's the real question?04:14
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: i'm here04:14
MDTech-us_MANtatertots: ideas?04:14
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: let's get some metrics going so we can have some numbers04:15
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: in terminal> vboxmanage metrics setup Main Windows 8.1 Guest/CPU/Load,Guest/RAM/Usage04:17
=== ilfantomas_ is now known as ilfantomas
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: might need to deal with white space in your naming conventions04:17
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: so like04:17
MDTech-us_MANfixed quotes04:17
MDTech-us_MANno output04:18
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: thats normal, if you've never gathered mectrics before04:18
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: you are now gathering metrics and i will expect to see reports from you on this issue04:19
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: that way we have real numbers to track04:19
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: we need to also get some more metrics04:19
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: vboxmanage metrics list|pastebinit04:20
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: link?04:20
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: in terminal> vboxmanage metrics setup host Host/CPU/Load,Host/RAM/Usage04:24
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: we will use metrics to track guest/host memory/cpu over time and go over the metrics at a later date, based the findings a new action plan will be created.04:26
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: use the machine as you normally would04:26
MDTech-us_MANso, should I just restart x now?04:26
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: so we can get metrics from your normal use04:26
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: yes or reboot04:27
MDTech-us_MANsee you at a later.04:27
tatertotsMDTech-us_MAN: ok cool...we'll pull reports from let's say a 72 hours of your normal usage04:28
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Colombo1Hi, some icons have changed collor04:38
Colombo1from yellow to pink04:38
Colombo1Ubuntu 16.04 after some graphical updates04:38
zc       04:38
Colombo1anyone know what might be the problem or how I might try to search for what might cause the problem?04:38
zcAre the United States?04:39
zcAre the United States?04:40
zcAre the United States?04:40
DreamanColombo1  video card is04:41
Colombo1AMD Tonga 28504:41
Colombo1its Tonga series/verrsion04:42
Colombo1R9 285, you want it04:43
Colombo1Tonga is generation (that is more precise)04:43
Dreamanuse free driver04:43
Colombo1I am using free driver04:43
Colombo1newest Mesa from padoka ppa04:43
Colombo1this weird corruption happens only on some icons04:43
lotuspsychjeColombo1: ubuntu version? kernel version?04:43
Dreamanmy is 483004:43
Colombo1like Pidgin smails or those video "looks" (how it is called)04:44
Colombo14.4.0-59-generic #80-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 6 17:47:47 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:44
Colombo1Ubuntu 16.0404:44
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic xenial04:45
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB04:45
lotuspsychjelookin good04:45
lotuspsychjeColombo1: corruption happens on other driver versions also?04:46
Colombo1lotuspsychje: I have no idea.04:46
lotuspsychjeColombo1: can you experiment with your 'additional drivers' list, change+reboot and check?04:47
=== Guest24223 is now known as himcesjf
Colombo1lotuspsychje: I could, but this looks like much more pain and work, it literally happens only in movies (when you have icons of movies and they show some part of the movie, you know) and pidgin icons04:48
Colombo1so it is only a bit annoying not some difficulty04:48
lotuspsychjeColombo1: i understand, but before you file a bug or try to understand, i suggest switching radeon/mesa/other drivers and compare04:49
jayjoHey - I am going to switch my macbook pro for an ubuntu laptop. Is there a machine that is comparable quality (and even just durability and feel) as the macbook pro? My desktop is ubuntu & I'm ready to make the leap04:50
lotuspsychjejayjo: alot of machines will be ubuntu installable04:50
lotuspsychjejayjo: what i would suggest is choosing for a laptop with powerfull ssd04:51
jayjoI do data analysis on my machine so high-end is necessary. Is there a maintained official list or a well-regarded guide to some good options?04:51
lotuspsychjejayjo: there are lists of supported hardware indeed04:52
lotuspsychjejayjo: but i would reccomend to know yourself first what kind of hardware you need?04:52
lotuspsychjejayjo: if you choose a model with enough ram/ high cpu/ strong ssd im sure you will hit same powers as the mac04:54
lotuspsychjejayjo: there are high end laptops from system76 and dell also, but in my opinion too expensive04:55
jayjoIs the puri.sm laptop recommended?04:55
lotuspsychjejayjo: lemme look that up04:56
lotuspsychjejayjo: it runs pureOs, as we are in #ubuntu here we strongly reccomend ubuntu as Os04:57
jayjooh I see - I didn't even catch that04:58
lotuspsychjejayjo: best option is to choose your specifications first, ubuntu will install on most of them04:59
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Bray90820So my computer running ubuntu 16.04 stops booting at "verifying dmi pool data" When I boot the live disk and select boot from first hard drive I get a busybox shell05:24
ClimhazzardBray90820 https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205808005:25
Bray90820I already tried boot repair but I will try it again because q few things have changed since last time I ran it05:26
ClimhazzardHave you checked your memory or for bios config errors?05:27
=== jiongjiongyihao is now known as FaMuLan
loganleehello my friends05:33
amicrawler2017need help with video card ubunut 16.04 x64  Gallium 0.4 on AMD RV710 (DRM 2.43.0, LLVM 3.8.0)05:35
amicrawler2017on opengl05:35
amicrawler2017do i need the ati driver from the site ?05:36
tatertotsamicrawler2017: hi05:36
tatertotsamicrawler2017: can you open terminal?05:36
tatertotsamicrawler2017: sudo apt install inxi pastebin05:37
tatertotsamicrawler2017: let me know when its completed05:37
amicrawler2017what is inxi pastebin ?05:38
n4n0`amicrawler2017: To provide logs for diagnostics05:38
amicrawler2017ok done05:39
tatertotsamicrawler2017: done cool05:41
amicrawler2017tatertots: done05:41
tatertotsamicrawler2017: in terminal>   inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebinit05:41
tatertotsamicrawler2017: press enter05:41
tatertotsamicrawler2017: share url/link here05:42
lion_Hi guys!05:42
n4n0`rawr a lion05:43
tatertotsamicrawler2017: nothing in the url/link is unique to your person so don't worry about that...just share the url/link05:43
tatertotsamicrawler2017: if you do not get a link try this instead05:44
tatertotsamicrawler2017: in terminal>   inxi -Fxxrzc0|nc termbin.com 999905:44
amicrawler2017ok there it is05:45
tatertotsamicrawler2017: this is what AMD gpu owners can expect moving forward https://www.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature/05:46
tatertotsamicrawler2017: there is no other driver for you to use in any version of ubuntu > 14.x05:46
amicrawler2017so its a dud then05:47
tatertotsamicrawler2017: https://www.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature/  the driver here is the only driver you are eligible to use on 16.x05:47
amicrawler2017this card is not like nvidia then05:48
n4n0`That's an understatement05:48
amicrawler2017so is this card ok or is it garbage05:48
tatertotsamicrawler2017: the kernel supplied amd driver has come a long way https://www.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature/05:48
tatertotsamicrawler2017: check the chart for what features you'll have05:49
tatertotsamicrawler2017: i hope you weren't planning to play many video games with this05:49
amicrawler2017no just video05:50
amicrawler2017so on05:50
n4n0`amicrawler2017: I didn't catch your card name but for the most part I think opengl features are supported.05:50
tatertotsamicrawler2017: it'll probably work just fine for normal home/home office workloads05:50
tatertotsamicrawler2017: you will NOT be doing any high end video gaming though05:51
amicrawler2017was having issue with video streaming today05:51
amicrawler2017pbskids for my kid05:51
amicrawler2017video was very choppy05:51
amicrawler2017in full screen05:51
amicrawler2017was using firefox05:51
amicrawler2017the frames per sec was very low05:52
n4n0`amicrawler2017: Was it using the flash plugin or html5 player?05:53
amicrawler2017looks like flash05:54
amicrawler2017yep flash05:54
amicrawler2017any ideas05:55
amicrawler2017to make flash work better05:56
amicrawler2017for video05:56
n4n0`amicrawler2017: You are better off using HTML5 player if the site supports it. For a large network like PBS I would think/hope they support html5. Flash plugin for Firefox has came a long way but I've noticed many complaints regarding performance issues.05:57
tatertotsamicrawler2017: did you try playing the same video in chrome/chromium?05:58
tatertotsamicrawler2017: and comparing the results to playing the exact same video in firefox05:58
amicrawler2017no not yet05:58
tatertotsamicrawler2017: that's something you should do, if you had not done so05:59
amicrawler2017but a webpage is a webpage05:59
amicrawler2017no matter what browser you use06:00
airheadnerdDoes anyone have experience with usbhid / USB bus issues?06:00
amicrawler2017it still gets to the page06:00
tatertotsamicrawler2017: is the symptom isolated to firefox is what is being determined with such a test06:02
amicrawler2017yep its firefox06:03
amicrawler2017so what is the diffrents06:03
amicrawler2017is it how it handles flash06:04
tatertotsamicrawler2017: have you actually tested to verify and confirm this? yes or no06:04
tatertotsamicrawler2017: then i agree...the symptom is isolated to firefox....chrome/chromium does NOT have the symptom06:04
amicrawler2017the site look diffrent with firefox compair to chrome06:05
tatertotsamicrawler2017: and yes how it handles multimedia content06:05
amicrawler2017well thats funny06:05
tatertotsamicrawler2017: and yes how "they" both respectively handle multimedia content06:06
amicrawler2017firefox uses flash site and chorme use html5 site06:06
tatertotsamicrawler2017: see ...when i first suggested the test you were like......a web page is a web page...lol06:06
amicrawler2017it is06:06
n4n0`a web page is a web page until its a cat.06:07
tatertotsamicrawler2017: i agree...but your streaming video is a tad more complex06:07
n4n0`and then a cat is a web page.06:07
amicrawler2017the browser  firefox can do html506:07
n4n0`alias cat='webpage'06:07
tatertotsamicrawler2017: so now that you know chrome/chromium works fine, and it's a firefox issue, let's talk about firefox06:08
tatertotsamicrawler2017: is your firefox and computer in general up to date with all updates?06:09
amicrawler2017humm now chrome wants to use flash06:09
amicrawler2017was using html5 a sec ago06:09
tatertotsamicrawler2017: in terminal>   apt list --installed|grep flash|pastebinit06:11
tatertotsamicrawler2017: share url/link here06:11
amicrawler2017its how im going around the site06:12
amicrawler2017i got it06:12
amicrawler2017it just a pifktoc06:12
tatertotsi don't know what pifktoc means sorry06:13
amicrawler2017problem from keyborad to chair06:13
amicrawler2017sorry here is the saying PEBKAC06:15
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liuxghow can I install a debian package from non-ubuntu archive into my snap?06:20
HiddenDjinngot a dumb question, did apt replace apt-get as recommended in trusty or xenial? or did it go as far back as precise?06:21
amicrawler2017force pkg06:21
Ben64liuxg: you don't06:21
Ben64HiddenDjinn: xenial probably06:21
HiddenDjinnBen64: working on updating a wiki, that's why i ask06:21
Ben64i know it exists in trusty06:22
HiddenDjinnso, as of april, i can delete any references to apt-get and replace with apt and be good to go06:22
liuxgBen64, so I cannot package a debian package not from ubuntu archive?06:23
HiddenDjinnliuxg: you can, but it isn't necessarily a good idea06:23
Ben64it's almost always a terrible idea06:23
amicrawler2017is it like alien convert rpm to deb06:24
Ben64HiddenDjinn: should be06:24
Ben64HiddenDjinn: i've been thinking about updating a bunch of wiki stuff too06:24
liuxgHiddenDjinn, I want to package azure-iot-sdk-c-dev into my snap, but it is from ppa:aziotsdklinux/ppa-azureiot. Can I just find its debian package?06:24
Ben64HiddenDjinn: this isn't the channel for it though, maybe keep future discussions on it in #ubuntu-discuss :)06:24
HiddenDjinnBen64: my bad06:24
Ben64no problem06:25
HiddenDjinnBen64: too many channels06:25
CrazyTuxhello, which is the best tool for creating Live USB from an iso file of an OS? I want the one which supports the most number of distros. Is there any available in Ubuntu repositories?06:42
=== KindOne_ is now known as KindOne
s-corpCrazyTux: you can try YUMI with wine06:45
CrazyTuxs-corp, but does wine detect a pendrive?06:45
CrazyTuxs-corp, any image writer to create a Windows bootable usb?06:46
Bashing-omCrazyTux: If the .iso is linux, and you are on 'buntu then the "best" tool to write the .iso to USB is 'dd' .06:47
CrazyTuxBashing-om, if the iso is of Windows and I am on Ubuntu, then?06:47
s-corpCrazyTux: it should detect USB and it does support windows isos and many more06:48
CrazyTuxs-corp, ok. Will try that. Thanks a lot for helping me in that.06:48
s-corpCrazyTux: no problem good luck06:49
Bashing-omCrazyTux: Windows I can not say for sure . but I do not think a Windows' .iso is of the hyvrud nature . no can 'dd' it . maybe consider rufus ?06:49
CrazyTuxcan rufus be run in wine?06:50
CrazyTuxdoes it detect the pendrive in wine?06:50
s-corpCrazyTux: You could also try MultiSystem06:54
CrazyTuxrufus doesn't detect pendrive in wine. I just checked it.07:00
petersonI can't find any awesome wm IRC. Anyone know where I can go to get help?07:01
=== g2[ATL] is now known as g2
MrPI was just on under peterson Anyway, I'm not sure if anyone has responded. Anybody know where I can get some help with "Awesome"?07:05
daxhttps://awesomewm.org/community/ says #awesome on irc.oftc.net07:07
Bashing-omMrP: Your client irssi ? then try #irssi on this server .07:10
MrPdax, When I log in, it doesn't load any responses. I've tried several times, hoping people may be offline.07:10
MrPBashing-om, What is irssi?07:11
=== done is now known as Guest13998
ObrienDaveanother IRC client07:12
elias_aObrienDave: Nope. Irssi is _the_ IRC client.07:20
ObrienDaveright ;P07:21
cuddlehi how do i stream soundcloud in ubuntu07:22
cuddlewithout firefox or chrome07:22
Bray90820So i kinda messed up my system pretty badly I rebooted my computer while it was connected to a loopback device and now I can't boot my system07:27
Bray90820ubuntu 16,0407:27
cuddledid any one make a suggestion07:28
cuddlefor soundcloud on ubuntu07:28
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:28
tatertotsBray90820: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair07:32
tatertotsBray90820: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery07:33
lasersaberfor me to run windows for free, do i use wmware player or workstation?07:34
te_lanusI'm impressed with the small performance boost I got when mate updated itself to 1.16.0 (from the ppa:ubuntu-mate-dev/xenial-mate repository)07:35
tatertotscuddle: soundcloud....without a web browser? hmm that means you probably want to find out of they make installable software and that you meet the minimum system requirements for that installable software, or that the vendor, soundcloud supplies some usage information aka documentation on it's website07:36
ducasseBray90820: what do you mean by "can't boot" - what happens?07:36
elias_aPerhaps something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbyAZQ45uww07:38
elias_aGood morning! ;-)07:38
tatertotslasersaber: do you have documentation from any vendor involved to reference this "free" use you speak of?07:38
tatertotslasersaber: no is a perfectly acceptable answer07:39
lasersabernever mind07:42
lasersaberi found the answer http://www.vmware.com/products/player/playerpro-evaluation.html07:44
lasersaber"The free version is available for non-commercial, personal and home use."07:44
elias_aIt is not free. It is gratis = free of charge.07:47
elias_aOne of the big handicaps of english language...07:48
Trinityanyone familiar with armory here?07:48
bobdobbsI've created a playlist in rhythbox. Is there a way to play the tracks in the playlist randomly?07:48
HiddenDjinnbobdobbs: yeah, just select shuffle as the advance method07:49
bobdobbs"shuffle as the advance mode"?07:49
bobdobbsI'm gonna sound dumb, but... how do I do that?07:49
HiddenDjinnbobdobbs: is there a menu with the word "playback" across the top bar?07:50
bobdobbsnot that I can see07:50
HiddenDjinnok, brb...installing rhythmbox to get exact07:51
Bray90820ducasse: The system hangs on varying dmi pool data and then I try to boot from first hard disk with the live CD and it defaults to a busybox shell07:51
Bray90820tatertots: I tried bootrepir doesn't work07:52
bobdobbsHiddenDjinn: oh hey! I figured it out!07:52
HiddenDjinnbobdobbs: right before i was going to tell you07:52
HiddenDjinnbobdobbs: the two arrows crossing each other07:52
bobdobbsThere's a button that does it. It isn't marked with text, and there's no tooltip or anything. So I couldn't tell initially07:52
bobdobbsHiddenDjinn: :D07:52
bobdobbsHiddenDjinn: thanks :)07:52
Bray90820What I need to do is unload the loopback device07:53
HiddenDjinnbobdobbs: it's also under the "control" menu07:53
* HiddenDjinn has been using a streaming service for a long time07:53
ducasseBray90820: what do you mean by loopback device?07:54
Bray90820This is actually what I did and I rebooted before I unloaded it07:54
tatertotsBray90820: did you keep the log from boot repair?07:55
tatertotsBray90820: no is a perfectly acceptable answer07:55
Bray90820Sorry I was AFK I did not keep it but in my opinion boot repair will not help in this situation07:57
ducasseBray90820: that's actually called a loop device, loopback is a networking term. and it will not have survived a reboot. was it an unclean shutdown?07:58
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Bray90820It was a clean shutdown08:00
Bray90820ducasse: So am I f***ed and needing to reinstall?08:00
lethuhello where do I find my xorg.conf file?08:00
lethuI have amdgpu and mesa drivers08:01
ducasseBray90820: filesystems are unmounted on shutdown, do you have a live image you can use?08:01
ducasselethu: there shouldn't be one.08:01
lethuducasse, how do I set gallium option?08:02
ducasselethu: you can create a snippet in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d08:02
lethuducasse, is that a directory?08:03
ducasselethu: yes, create it if it doesn't exist08:03
lethuducasse, then what file do I write? sorry for my questions08:04
ducasselethu: see the xorg.conf man page, you just need the section surrounding your option08:05
lethuducasse, thanks for the help08:06
Bray90820ducasse: Live image as in a live CD of ubuntu?08:10
ducasseBray90820: yep08:10
gagaliciousi have a ubuntu server raid1 system. i tried to clone the disk use the new disk to install on my new PC. the problem is, it boots fine the first time. but on 2nd try, the boot fails. normally because of MDADM not recognized. how can i resolve this?08:10
Bray90820ducasse: I very well do08:10
ducasseBray90820: boot from that and fsck the root filesystem08:11
Bray90820root device as in the one with the loop device?08:11
ducasseBray90820: well, the root fs is what you're having problems with08:12
gagaliciousi have a ubuntu server raid1 system. i tried to clone the disk use the new disk to install on my new PC. the problem is, it boots fine the first time. but on 2nd try, the boot fails. normally because of MDADM not recognized. how can i resolve this?08:12
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countingdaisiesI saw an article on something once and wanted to ask about the concept on here. Can a chroot environment be used to control what commands a user can/cannot issue to the system?08:16
ducassecountingdaisies: yes, you can build a chroot that contains only the program(s) the user is allowed to run08:17
Bray90820ducasse: couldn't run fsck because there wasn't a valid ext partition08:18
countingdaisiesducasse: Oh, that doesn't seem like the way I thought it worked (and may not work for my use case then)08:18
ducasseBray90820: ouch. in that case you can try testdisk to see if it can recover the partition table, other than that it's time to check the disk thoroughly and do a reinstall :-(08:19
countingdaisiesducasse: So I have to install everything I want them to be able to use (not an "access" issue where they use the regular installed programs)?08:19
ducassecountingdaisies: exactly.08:19
Bray90820I mean a reinstall wouldn't be the worst thing i have all the data backed up08:20
Bray90820It would just be hours and hours of time08:20
countingdaisiesducasse: back to sq108:20
countingdaisiesI want a way to control commands and how (at least some of them) are used.08:21
ducassecountingdaisies: maybe something like apparmor is what you want08:22
countingdaisiescould selinux (for example) stop me from creating a file with touch if it contains whitespace in the name? Will it work for that?08:22
ducassecountingdaisies: no idea08:22
countingdaisiesducasse: sorry saw it after08:22
countingdaisieswhat about using containers I wonder? I don't know much about how it works, but what about Docker containers to isolate an application layer and a user environment layer (or something like that)?08:24
countingdaisies*but what about*08:24
Bashing-omBray90820: Maybe . remap the boot sector ? see : http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/114429/short-read-while-trying-to-open-partition08:25
ducassecountingdaisies: you still need to install what you want to be available inside the container08:25
countingdaisiesducasse: Oh, yeah. I think I read somewhere you can isolate / compartmentalize different areas of your system (like the application layer) - off by itself08:27
ducassecountingdaisies: apparmor is the closest thing i can think of to what you're asking for08:28
countingdaisiesducasse: cool08:29
Bray90820I have decided to just reinstall08:30
Bray90820Thanks for your help tho08:30
akikcountingdaisies: i think one option would be to use acls of the file system to restrict what users can run08:34
countingdaisiesakik: thx08:39
countingdaisiesakik: do you know if conditions can be placed in acls?08:41
countingdaisiesLike they have to form the command a certain way or they get denied (with instructions)08:42
akikcountingdaisies: no i don't know about conditions with acl08:45
n4n0`Good day.08:45
countingdaisiesakik: acls are interesting. It came up when I was messing around with aws but I've never dealt with them.08:46
mapmhi, I have a problem with a lubuntu encrypted installation. When booting, grub automatically starts loading Lubuntu but then it says (loading a kernel with a "verbose" parameter instead of "quiet splash") "Begin: Runnng /scripts/local-bloc09:06
mapm ... done." lots of times then "done" then "Gave up waiting for root device. Common problems: - Boot args (cat /proc/cmdline) - Check rootdelay= (did the system wait long enough?) - Check root= (did thesystem wait for the right device?) -09:06
mapmMissing modules (cat /proc/modules; ls /dev) ALERT! /dev/mapper/lubuntu--vg-root does not exist. Dropping to a shell!" Then busybox09:06
re-lhello there09:10
re-lhave a nice day09:11
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ziguardianhallo any body can help me?, my ubuntu stuck with black screen and blinking cursor09:48
ikevin-ziguardian, when doing special things?09:49
JP____can you type?09:49
JP____First time issue? or every time you boot?09:50
sajmoonHi All09:50
sajmoongot a problem with screen connected to integrated card...anyone able to help?09:50
ikevin-sajmoon, what kind of problem?09:51
sajmoongot 2nvidias and 2 screens connected to one of them...installed nvidia drivers and it works perfect..09:53
sajmoongot 3rd screen hooked up to integrated card and it works too09:54
sajmoonbut when i login it is black09:54
sajmoonwhen i press ctrl+ alt + F1 tty show on that screen09:54
sajmooni want to be able to display part of desktop on it09:54
sajmoonany chance to do it?09:55
sajmooni need nvidia drivers installed09:55
tatertotsziguardian: hi are you chatting from a different computer right now?09:55
ikevin-hummm, not sure, so you maybe need to play with X configuration and xinerama09:55
sajmooni tried it to hook it to 2nd nvidia and it works but it is on different x server09:56
sajmoonand it is not desired behavior09:57
sajmoonso i thought i can use integrated card09:57
IamTryingUbuntu Kylin 16.10 - Bug Buga Bug Bug. Chinese language is showing while installing. EVen selected English US showing Chinese fonts.10:00
IamTryingUbuntu Kylin 16.10 - download iso 64-bit and after installing why its showing Chinese instead of English? Even selected English keep showing Chinese10:01
EriC^^IamTrying: chinese is the new english10:01
IamTryingDid Ubuntu Kylin 16.10 bought by Chinese ?10:01
RabbitnightmareIamTrying: 你不会说普通话吗???10:02
IamTryingEriC^^: Even the language is selected to English British or US its keep showing all the installation in Chinese.10:02
Rabbitnightmarewhy not just use normal Ubuntu, download the wallpaper and theme?10:02
RabbitnightmareUbuntu Kylin is made in Chinese10:03
Rabbitnightmarefor chinese10:03
IamTryingRabbitnightmare:  Everything is showing as Chinese how do i get English US or British10:03
Rabbitnightmareuse normal Ubuntu10:03
IamTryingWhat is normal Ubuntu ?10:04
IamTryingi want 16.10 not 16.0410:04
EriC^^there's an english 16.10 in the site10:04
RabbitnightmareIamTrying: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop10:04
IamTryingEriC^^, Rabbitnightmare : that is what i downloaded but its showing Chinese. is it BUG buga BUG BUG?10:04
Rabbitnightmareyou said Kylin10:05
RabbitnightmareKylin is not the normal iso10:05
IamTryinghttps://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-kylin - 64-bit i am using all in chinese10:05
RabbitnightmareUbuntu Kylin is specifically created for china10:05
Rabbitnightmareare you in china?10:05
IamTryingRabbitnightmare: no i am in Belgium. I want English not Chinese10:06
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Rabbitnightmareuse normal Ubuntu then for fucks sake10:06
Rabbitnightmaresorry for cussing10:06
IamTryingNo but but but its 16.04 Rabbitnightmare i want English 16.1010:06
Rabbitnightmarebut you chose a distro specifically created for the china market10:06
IamTryingBut but but i need 16.10 not 16.04 in English Rabbitnightmare10:07
Rabbitnightmarethen download 16.1010:07
Rabbitnightmarescroll down hurr10:07
tn542116.10 has an english release tho10:07
tn5421It's right below 16.04 LTS10:07
tn5421scroll down half a page10:07
Rabbitnightmaretn5421: he is using Ubuntu Kylin which is a distro created specifically in Mandarin with a theme change10:07
Rabbitnightmarehe isnt in china10:07
tn5421I saw.10:07
tn5421I chose not to comment because it wasn't constructive.10:08
RabbitnightmareIamTrying: I dont understand how you got to Kylin, when looking specifically on an English google site even, you would have had to seek out the chinese version of Ubuntu10:09
Rabbitnightmarein Mandarin10:09
Rabbitnightmareor specify Kylin10:09
ziguardianno, i login by press ctrl+alt+c10:10
RabbitnightmareAll the kylin version is, is a language translation with a different theme, if you wanted the theme you can download it10:10
RabbitnightmareI do prefer the skeuomorphic icons10:11
JP____I feel as if IamTrying is trolling us :p10:12
JP____But maybe he is an exchange student with a chinese laptop10:12
Rabbitnightmarewhich would make sense10:13
JP____Yeah, only possibility my mind can concieve10:13
Rabbitnightmareeven still he is typing in english, so english google at the very least or going to http://www.ubuntu.com would not take you to Kylin unless you specified so10:13
RabbitnightmareI know if you go to google.cn, googling Ubuntu will take you to Kylin10:14
tatertotswouldn't his next steps be downloading a different ubuntu iso and reinstalling ?10:14
Rabbitnightmarepretty much10:14
Rabbitnightmaremost of the language translations are hard coded into Unity10:14
tatertotsIamTrying: download a different ubuntu iso, reinstall..simple...done10:15
RabbitnightmareI mean there is a nifty chinese calendar, a music shop for China, and a localization weather app for China but its all localized10:15
Rabbitnightmareall of which are in the repos10:15
RabbitnightmareI would like to see a localized distro for Hebrew but I aint holding my breath, plus I speak multiple languages, and English isnt that hard10:17
Rabbitnightmarenot enough people I suppose10:18
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tn5421I am, ironically, having issues getting internet on my install of ubuntu 16.04 lts10:24
tatertotstn5421: are you chatting from a different computer right now?10:24
tn5421Well, same physical device, win10 install10:25
JP____Hebrew? Awesome10:25
JP____I have had one really good jewish friend, he was the bomb10:25
tatertotstn5421: wireless or wired?10:25
tn5421My device ID is, apparently, enp5s010:26
tatertotstn5421: is ubuntu a vm? yes or no10:26
tn5421It is not.10:26
tn5421I have 2 HDDs, ubuntu is installed on one, Windows on the other.10:26
tatertotstn5421: laptop or desktop10:26
tatertotstn5421: does the nic have link and activity led lights?10:27
tn5421I did not check10:27
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tatertotstn5421: does the switch/router/hub have activity/link led lights?10:28
tatertotstn5421: does the switch/router/hub that the computer is connected to have activity/link led lights?10:28
tn5421We have like 8 devices connected so the router is always active10:28
tatertotstn5421: does the switch/router/hub that the computer is connected to have activity/link led lights?10:28
ikevintn5421, does the router provide dhcp configuration?10:28
tatertotsyes or no10:28
tn5421Yes, I use DHCP on windows with no issue10:29
tn5421I did not check whether the lights on the ethernet port on my pc were flashing at the time.10:29
ikevinwhen doing an "ifconfig", does network settings are good?10:29
tatertotstn5421: does assigning a static ip allow connectivity?10:29
tatertots<tn5421> I did not check whether the lights on the ethernet port on my pc were flashing at the time.10:31
tn5421I had to hunt it down10:31
tn5421I was half-dead10:31
tatertotstn5421: so you are not physically able to trouble shoot the computer right now?10:31
tn5421I can, but not while chatting here at the same time10:31
tn5421Would have to reboot this pc10:31
ikevintatertots, this mean non config, try: sudo dhclient enp5s010:31
tatertotstn5421: so you are not able to physically trouble shoot the computer right now?10:31
tn5421I can if you give me 5 minutes to get an irc client on my phone10:32
baakohi guys has anyone manage to set up ssl on ubuntu 16.04 server please. I have install ssl and set it up following https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-secure-nginx-with-let-s-encrypt-on-ubuntu-16-0410:32
IamTryingGuys, i have still Chinese Ubuntu 16.10 What is it???? i am in Belgium i went to a Ubuntu English site and my PC was already using Fedora English without any issue.10:33
Zenbaako: I have10:33
baakoI am using nginx by the way. This is my server config http://kopy.io/yqony10:33
tatertotsIamTrying: download a different iso of ubuntu and reinstall...told you that an hour ago10:33
baakohi Zen10:33
baakoif you go on the url in the kopi link it doesnt show the https10:34
tatertotstn5421: ok10:34
IamTryingtatertots: This is making no sense. Why in English site they are putting Chinese Ubuntu?? Why would Chinese rule the linux with Chinese language? I want English 16.10 not Chinese. Already installed twice and its still Chinese.10:34
baakoig you are on the url go on it again you will see the https lock icon10:35
Zenbaako: You have non-https content on the page10:35
ZenAlso your www. redirect is broken10:35
baakoZen, i added return 301 https://$server_name$request_uri; in link 18 when i comment it out it shows the non-https contents10:36
tatertotsIamTrying: why isn't as important as what you plan to actually do about the situation, and you've been instructed to download a different iso of ubuntu and reinstall10:36
Zenbaako: I see WP content being served over http from another domain10:37
tatertotsIamTrying: why isn't as important as what you plan to actually do about the situation, and you've been instructed to download a different iso of ubuntu and reinstall, any attempt to not comply means you want to keep what you have right now and learn to love it over time.10:37
IamTryingtatertots: i have now 16.10 in English. Here is the BUG 1) I installed Ubuntu 16.10 as English 2) Lot of tranaslation is showing still in Chinese10:37
tn5421Ok, I am logged into my phone from tn5421|phone, @tatertots10:37
tn5421Rebooting my pc10:37
Zenbaako: background-image: url(http://mybrilliantsite.com/..snip..hero-background-1.jpg);10:37
baakoZen, am going to try install wp again10:37
tatertotstn5421|phone: do either of the devices on either end of the cat5/ethernet cable have led/activity led lights?10:38
Zenbaako: not really going to help if you are loading your theme from an external website like that10:38
tatertotstn5421|phone: a simple visual glance at the computer, and a short walk to the router/switch is all that's required to answer yes or no10:39
baakoZen, seem to work now10:40
IamTryingBUG - when i do `df -h` its showing i have 3,9G available ??????????? my disk is 40GB10:40
tn5421|phoneGreen light is on, orange not flashing on pc10:40
IamTryingOK - i can see the /dev/sda4 29G and available 23GB10:40
IamTryingits working now. thanks10:40
Zenbaako: idk, I'm getting the WP setup page now, you should restrict access to the webserver so only you can access it whilst setting these things up10:40
AngryPandaHi has anyone tried using Instalooter or instatake?10:40
tatertotstn5421|phone: that's called a link light...it let's you know you are connected to something at the physical level at minimum...and that's kinda important10:41
baakoZen, yes i wanted to see if the issue was because i was trying to do ssl on an already set up WP site10:41
Zenbaako: like I said, the issue was that you were serving insecure content on a secure page, your certificate was valid otherwise10:41
tn5421|phoneLights proper on router10:41
tatertotstn5421|phone: good10:42
tn5421|phoneTatertots: it's connected but the data transfer light on my pc is not lighting at all10:42
drjami am trying to migrate myself (and if this works, my small office) from microsoft to linux. the repladement must also do GAMES. ..... does anyone have experience with: ATI RX 380 8GB card, and also Fan speed control.... and Corsair H110i water cooling control?10:43
drjamthats a bit10:43
tn5421|phoneUnfortunately only one light on router for each Ethernet for some reason10:43
tatertotstn5421|phone: do you own a usb flash drive, to move information from the system and transport it back to windows10 where you have internet?10:43
tn5421|phoneI do10:43
Zendrjam: yes, maybe, no respectively.10:44
tatertotstn5421|phone: plug it in make sure it's accessible10:44
drjamlol cool Zen10:44
drjamits a big ask, and a big deep end i may end up having to suck the teet of ms after all10:44
Zendrjam: one thing at a time, for the graphics card you'll need the xf86-video-amdgpu drivers at the very least10:44
eXpl0it3rI'm running into an issue with etckeeper while trying to upgrade: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23809791/10:45
tatertotstn5421|phone: usb flash drive ready?10:45
ppfeXpl0it3r: looks like you've thoroughly messed up your PATH10:45
eXpl0it3rppf: I figured, however it's working fine when using the terminal, but it's messed up when the scripts run10:46
drjamok thanks zen. ive downloaded them i think, well, something from the official AMD ati website, had missing dependancies, i ll try again in a minute10:47
drjamand manually add the dependancies10:47
Zendrjam: welp, I should explain this carefully10:47
Zenxf86-video-amdgpu is an open source driver for your graphics card, its generally included in the distros repositories10:48
tn5421|phoneUbuntu doesn't want to detect my jump drive10:48
Zendrjam: sounds like you downloaded the proprietary driver from AMD, I'm assuming some version of catalyst/fglrx which is kind of depriciated (but can still work)10:48
eXpl0it3rppf: /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games10:49
Zenor you know.. leave10:49
tatertotstn5421|phone: do you own any other removable media to try?10:50
ssc_Hello, I have two filesystems, /dev/root that is mounted on / and /dev/sdc that is mounted on /opt10:50
ssc_And I would like to merge them into 1 without loosing any data, how can I do that?10:50
Zenssc_: you can't merge 2 partitions, you have to remove one and extend the other to use the freed space10:52
Zenwhich means backing up the data to somewhere else while you do it10:52
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ssc_Zen: How can I do without loosing data?10:53
eXpl0it3rhmm okay, manually typing export PATH seems to work10:53
ssc_Any where I could read about it please?10:54
eXpl0it3rSo why is PATH not "exported" by default?10:54
Zen.. back up your files to somewhere not on that PC10:54
ssc_Zen: Which files? :O10:54
ZenThe ones in /opt10:54
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ZenUnless your / has enough space for them to store temporarily10:54
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ssc_'/'\ has only 20G while /opt has 162 G that's why I want to merge10:55
ssc_'/' has only 20G while /opt has 162 G that's why I want to merge10:55
ZenThen you need a disk with 162GB of free space to copy the data too10:56
ZenYou can't merge'10:56
Zen.. You can't "merge" 2 partitions10:56
ssc_Yes I understand that Zen10:56
ssc_But /opt has only 14G data in it right now10:56
ZenOk, so you need a disk with 15GB of space to copy the data from /opt to temporarily10:57
ssc_Is it possible to create another partition of 20G, put the data in there, remove /dev/sdc and resize /dev/root or vice versa and then place data?10:57
k1lssc_: you can resize partitions from the system you run. you need to boot a live system for that10:58
ZenI guess you can attempt to shrink the partition that /opt is on, but its dangerous and may result in data loss :)10:58
ssc_k1l: I have no option, it is hosted with linode and being used as a server10:58
k1lssc_: some hosters offer recoveries, where you can manage the partitions from10:59
ssc_k1l: Yeah just started looking at that10:59
tatertotstn5421|phone: ?11:00
ssc_https://postimg.org/image/7u3rdqxg1/ Can not see /dev/root11:02
k1lssc_: maybe you better ask the linode guys how to solve that issue11:03
Zenssc_: /dev/sda is probably /11:11
Zenyou'll find that /dev/root is just a symlink to the device that is actually the root FS11:11
ssc_Zen: How do I make sure if it's symlink?11:13
Zenls -la /dev11:13
Zene.g. mine looks like: lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root           4 Nov 21 13:36 root -> sda211:14
ZenThe l in the first bit means its a link, you can also tell because of the -> too11:14
ssc_Yeah but there is nothing like that in there11:15
ssc_sda,sdb and sdc are not symlinks at all11:15
Zenssc_: yes, I know that, but /dev/root is11:15
ssc_There is nothing like root inside /dev :O11:15
Zenpastebin the output of: ls -la /dev11:16
ssc_Zen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23809975/11:17
Zenok, where did you get the idea that /dev/root is even a thing, because its not in there at all11:18
Zenalternatively, pastebing the output of: lsblk11:19
k1lssc_: as i already suggested: you might want to talk to the linode support because of that special linode setup11:20
ssc_By df -h11:20
yeeveI'm using rsyslog and imfile for apache logs, does anyone know how to stop the logs also being added to the main syslog file? ( usually there is the & stop command but I'm not sure if it will work in this case)11:20
ssc_Zen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23809985/11:21
ssc_k1l: Even special doesn't make magical so there must be something I am missing11:21
Zenssc_: your '/' is /dev/sda : sda    8:0    0  19.5G  0 disk /11:21
ssc_Okay so I want to get all the quota in /dev/sdc in to /dev/sda and remove /dev/sdc11:23
TuxCrazywhat is the difference between installing Xubuntu and installing Ubuntu and then intalling Xfce?11:23
yeeveTuxCrazy, if you want XFCE I recommend installing xubuntu, the differences can be squashed but I prefer a clean base, if you install ubuntu and move to xfce you will have old ubuntu-desktop stuff hanging around and possible duplicated apps and stuff.11:25
TuxCrazyok. That is what I wanted to know.11:25
akikssc_: if you don't want to talk to linode support, one quite easy solution is to mount /dev/sdc to somewhere in your root file system11:26
akikssc_: some directory that you know will grow big11:26
TuxCrazyDo we get the same packages with same versions when we update in 16.04.1 and 16.10?11:27
Zenakik: sounds like his / is full and wants to use space from sdc instead, tbh I doubt this will work anyway because it looks like they are virtual disks11:27
k1lTuxCrazy: no. 16.10 got a different state of packages.11:27
k1lTuxCrazy: but keep in mind, that on 16.10 you need to upgrade to the next ubuntu version every 6 months. its not a LTS11:27
re-lhello every11:27
TuxCrazyk1l, different means what?11:27
k1lTuxCrazy: newer version in most cases11:28
TuxCrazyok. But, do we usually encounter any problems in upgrading in case of 16.10 or will it be easy and smooth?11:28
TuxCrazyand is 16.10 as stable as 16.04?11:29
ruin2itiveHello there11:29
k1lTuxCrazy: its smooths since the original ubuntu packages get automated testing for the upgrade. but that doesnt count for 3rd party apps and repos (like PPAs)11:29
k1lTuxCrazy: both are stable. they dont change once released.11:29
ruin2itiveCould anyone help me install proper drivers?11:30
TuxCrazythen, what exactly is the purpose of having two versions?11:30
k1lTuxCrazy: a lot of people dont want to upgrade the version. so 16.04 is LTS and gets support for 5 years. so people can move directly to 18.04 then11:31
varazirHmm, I created a new account on my 16.04 box used "adduser", after loging in to that account I run ssh-keygen. No can't I connect to my server using keys I have stored in authorized_keys on another account11:34
varazirconting with the "other" account11:34
cookie4700varazir : How do you make the connection?11:38
varazircookie4700: I'm using a app on my android called Irssi ConnectBot11:39
varazirhas worked fine untill today. I did a reboot today11:39
ppfvarazir: check dmesg and auth.log11:41
cookie4700on the server: does the command 'tail /var/log/auth' give any reason why the login is rejected11:41
varazirok thanks11:41
varazirfound it11:43
varazirAuthentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /home/mircwars/.ssh11:43
varazirwhat should the access be on that folder ?11:44
varazircookie4700: ppf what is the default access for .ssh ?11:45
ppfright, sorry, u+rwx11:50
ziguardianhallo any body can help me?, my ubuntu stuck with black screen and blinking cursor11:52
varazirppf: cookie4700 thanks, it's woing again!11:52
varazirppf: so <segment>+<type of access> segment like in user/group/global11:54
ppfvarazir: yes, check man chmod for details11:56
fubHi. Can someone recommend a good/strong wifi usb stick to run with ubuntu?11:57
fubIt's a desktop machine I want to connect to my network11:57
varazirmuch easier to understand, but I guess I should learn number codes as well12:00
BluesKajHi folks12:04
hateballfub: if it's a desktop, why not a full card? also ##hardware might be better12:04
fubhateball: whats the benefit of a card?12:05
hateballfub: fwiw, I use a intel 7265 card in my desktop12:05
hateballfub: that you can something proper, like intel, and not something far beyond terrible that uses realtek12:05
fubso better performance?12:06
hateballfub: among other things yes. as you'll have more or better antennas connected to a card12:06
k1lfub: pci cards got better radio reception due to having real antennas12:08
fubk1l: something like this? https://www.amazon.de/TP-Link-TL-WN851ND-WLAN-Adapter-Mbit/dp/B0019EMF2M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1484568538&sr=8-1&keywords=wlan+pci12:09
ZenSome even have antenas that you can place where you like12:09
fuboh, only 2.4ghz12:09
k1lfub: support for that should be out of the box.12:09
fubwhere can I check for the support?12:10
fubCurrently looking at the TP-Link TL-WDN4800 N900 (because of 5ghz)12:10
fubis WOL working with this?12:11
JP____Currently looking @ my screen12:11
fubI guess not12:11
FManwhy is my /bin/sh a link to /bin/dash?12:11
k1lfub: the n900 should be ootb, too12:11
k1lFMan: that is the standard on ubuntu and debian. scripts are dash. user terminals are bash12:12
k1lfub: i do look at https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/WLAN/Karten/ since i understand german12:12
fubah, great12:14
FManok, where do I find the source code? such as the somewhat non-standard strcasecmp function - where is it implemented on Ubuntu?12:15
fubk1l: and WOL?12:15
fubis that possible?12:15
Rabbitnightmare_fub: I use realtek and intel cards only12:15
k1lfub: i dont know. i guess the mainboard needs support too. i dont use WoL12:16
JP____Guillaume :hi:12:16
JP____I know a Guillaume in real life, hope your him :p12:17
guillaume___i'm running Ubuntu on a Laptop with Nvidia + intel graphics and i experience a lot of tearing. I found a solution which was to switch to the intel graphics by going to nvidia-settings and selecting intel (Power Saving Mode), which works better but i then want to tweak the xorg.conf which disappeared after a reboot, this only happens if i set Intel graphics as primary do you know why ? (JP, no sorry but i'm a nice Guillaume as al12:18
fubk1l: all right12:18
fubthanks for your help12:19
FManI finded the strcasecmp source from NetBSD libkern12:21
k1lFMan: i dont understand what your exact issue is but this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DashAsBinSh  got some details about the change to dash and some specifics12:24
=== test is now known as Guest23650
FMannah, I had no actual problem with it - was just wondering :)12:24
k1lFMan: the source for dash you can find here: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dash12:25
FManawesome, thank you12:25
FManhmm, there is an Ubuntu Core on cdimage - does that do anything on its own?12:32
Walker_msomeone here ?12:41
JP____Guillaume_: Do you have cpu-utils installed?12:41
k1lWalker_m: yep. just ask a ubuntu question :)12:41
Walker_mok (2) Connection 'wificonn' is not available on the device wlp4s0 at this time.12:42
pombredaHi: is there some API of sorts for http://packages.ubuntu.com/ ?12:49
FinalXpombreda: not directly, but see http://askubuntu.com/questions/620956/does-packages-ubuntu-com-provide-a-search-api12:51
pombredaFinalX: thanks :)12:52
tatertotsWalker_m: hi12:54
tatertotsWalker_m: are you chatting fromthe computer in question right now?12:55
pombredaFinalX: this sounds indeed a tad complicated ... but that's a start12:55
keesjI was trying to install kde (apt-get install kubuntu-desktop12:57
keesj)  on 16.04. and I now have a dependency problem (two package provide the same file in google-drive-something) trying to overwrite '/usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service', which is also in package account-plugin-google 0.12+16.04.20160126-0ubuntu112:58
JP____Is configuring a database an ubuntu question?12:59
keesjI am now in "I can only to atp-get install -f" but that fails mode12:59
Ben64keesj: pastebin full error12:59
keesjBen64 http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23810279/13:00
Ben64keesj: why are you running as root?13:01
keesjI don't care about google (nor telepathy) and would like to atp-get remove account-plugin-google13:01
keesjBen64: that is the way I do things (lxc containt type access using lxc-attach --name mycontainer (being root is not the problem)13:02
Ben64it can be a problem13:02
Ben64apt-get purge -f account-plugin-google13:03
bruce__Hi there, someone can tell me where i find a version of live-build with efi support ?13:03
Ben64bruce__: pretty sure all the latest images support efi13:04
keesjok, I just never experienced it http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23810290/ (apt-get purge -f account-plugin-google)13:04
=== duonghq_ is now known as duonghq
keesj(I am also fine removing unity-scope-gdrive)13:05
ioriakeesj, sudo dpkg -P account-plugin-google unity-scope-gdrive   and   sudo apt-get -f install13:05
Ben64do that then13:05
keesjlooks good! does calling dpkg directly bypass this problem ?13:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1451728 in kaccounts-integration (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1557698 [master] kde-config-telepathy-accounts package install error" [Critical,In progress]13:08
ignacioI need help D:13:08
ignacio"cant read" /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ - DirectoryExists (2: No such file or directory)13:08
keesjBen64: thanks a lot13:09
Ben64ignacio: ls -ld /etc/apt/apt.conf.d         .... also what are you doing13:09
ignacioignacio@ignacio-laptop:~$ ls -ld /etc/apt/apt.conf.d13:11
ignaciols: cannot access '/etc/apt/apt.conf.d': No such file or directory13:11
OerHeksignacio, on what linux version is this?13:12
ignacioubuntu 17.04, agh I don't have support here13:12
sievertHello! can i in ubuntu programming on c# and run .net applications?13:13
OerHeksindeed, join #ubuntu+1 please13:13
ioriaignacio, dpkg -l update-notifier-common13:13
bruce__sievert: you can use mono13:13
sievertYou say about monodevelop?13:14
sievertbruce__ , thank you13:14
ignacioioria, http://people.sugarlabs.org/ignacio/pi/KPPgAVHSXi.txt13:14
ioriaignacio, try to reinstall (apt-get install --reinstall ) but i'am seeing that you are on zesty13:15
=== Gazyrlezon is now known as Nery
ppfso, i've got an sd card which failed with some disk errors. running fsck says "unable to set superblock flags"13:18
ignacioioria, that did not work :(13:18
ioriaignacio, try to purge and reinstall13:19
ioriaignacio, no stop13:19
ioriaignacio, don't do it13:19
ppfany idea how to fix the filesystem?13:19
ignaciohow about fdisk?, I guess it could work13:20
ioriaignacio, it will remove a lot of stuff13:20
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:21
ppfhere's an excerpt from dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23810340/13:21
pombredaFinalX: re: the launchpad API... it is decent after all... but I cannot find a way to get the copyright file of a given package-version13:24
pombredaany idea?13:24
ioriaignacio, have you tried to just remake the folder ?13:24
ignacioFound it on /lost and found13:25
FinalXpombreda: sorry, I haven't really tried anything that you're trying either.. no idea :)13:27
acosonicJust wtf is this on server? https://gist.github.com/acosonic/aa83b97f80bd5f2fd143b5cce2accbde13:31
Southern_Gentlemlooks like your crypted fs isnt open so it can update initramfs13:32
ioriaacosonic, are you using encryption ?13:33
acosonicI don13:33
acosonicI don't think so...13:33
ioriaacosonic, btw it's a warning ...  dpkg -l cryptsetup13:34
k1lacosonic: its just warnings13:34
k1lso maybe you have just cryptsetup and mdadm installed but dont use it?13:35
acosonichm, I'm doing something from stackoverflow13:35
ppfwhat do you guys think, broken filesystem or hardware defect?13:35
acosonicgrub-install /dev/<your_device_id> what's my device ID?13:35
ioriaacosonic, sudo blkid13:35
k1lppf: sdcard or such?13:35
ppfsdcard, yes13:36
ioriappf, i'd try to format on a win box13:36
ppffailed with some disk errors. running fsck says "unable to set superblock flags"13:36
ppfioria: why specifically?13:36
k1lppf: did you try a reboot? is it native reader or some usb device reader?13:36
acosonicioria https://gist.github.com/acosonic/b57423189765b12d81824e343570ddb213:36
ppfk1l: native reader13:36
ioriappf,  it's less finicky13:36
ppfin my laptop, and also on a pi13:36
ioriaacosonic, no, i asked you dpkg -l cryptsetup13:37
k1lacosonic: is that a vm?13:37
acosonicI removed it13:37
acosonicyeah, VM13:37
ppfioria: hm. i'd prefer to fix the fs over scrapping it, even if win were successful13:37
ioriappf,  i see13:37
ioriaacosonic, reboot13:38
ppfhere's an excerpt from dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23810340/13:38
jeanjackhi there13:38
acosonicwell it's still alive...13:39
cipher6Anyone wanna help try to solve a wget problem?13:39
ioriaacosonic, the warning  or cryptsetup ?13:40
acosonicI removed crypt... Apt-get remove...13:40
jeanjacki have 3 server, with one that exports multiple nfs on both of other servers13:41
k1lacosonic: should not be needed to reinstall grub. update-grub should do13:41
cipher6tatertots: Help with wget?13:41
jeanjackfor one server, i can see all the nfs mounted well13:41
ioriaacosonic,  and paste fstab13:41
jeanjackon the other, only one nfs mountpoint won't work13:42
jeanjackstuck in mount action.13:42
acosonic fstab13:42
acosonic-bash: fstab: command not found13:42
jeanjackacosonic: cat /etc/fstab13:42
ioriaacosonic, ^13:42
cipher6Ben64: any help to be had w/ wget this morning?13:43
k1lcipher6: if you state your issue one could help13:43
ioriaacosonic, what is LABEL=/ / ext413:43
ioriaacosonic, maybe replace with its uuid13:44
jeanjacksomeone can help me in where i can look ? fstabs and export file looks good13:44
ignaciois it possible to dissable apt-check//update-notifier?13:44
cipher6k1l: Thanks, I know of a server full of iso's I'd like to have an i  want it to only download the english language ones13:44
acosonicioria I don't have a clue13:44
k1lppf: as i said, i would try a reboot and see again. if it still fails, i would try another host machine to rule out driver/hardware issues.13:44
acosonicI guess everything is on that /13:44
cipher6k1l: the naming convention is http:url.com\ProgramName\en_blahblah.iso   Will wget work recursively if I feed it the recur flag with the url as13:45
cipher6I only want the english language versions and not the 100's of iso's in each program folder13:46
=== done is now known as Guest69962
k1lcipher6: hmm, i dont know if that works. but i think ti doesnt work13:48
mynameisJulianHello :)13:49
cipher6right so how do we make it work k1l13:49
ioriaacosonic, i'am not good with VM, but you can backup fstab and replace LABEL with b36b9d27-0ab9-4371-9c07-9f352804e637 (from your sudo blkid)13:49
k1lhttp://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/117988/wget-with-wildcards-in-http-downloads   cipher6 seems it works with --accept-regex13:49
acosonicwhy would I do it if it's working fine, I don't understand it...13:49
acosonicit's magic for me :D13:50
k1lacosonic: is there still an issue?13:50
ioriaacosonic, yes, it's just a warning13:50
mynameisJulianXubuntu or Lubuntu? Which is better?13:50
acosonicno issue I rebooted, server went up no problems13:51
bazhangmynameisJulian, matter of opinion, try both and decide13:51
OerHeksmynameisJulian, better is subjective, lubuntu is more lightweight than xubuntu, i like xubuntu more.13:51
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. The current list is: !Edubuntu, !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, Ubuntu !Kylin, !Lubuntu, !Mythbuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, !Xubuntu, and Ubuntu !MATE13:51
azaelani[#ubuntu] Hi brother and sister, how are you ?13:52
mynameisJulianI have a Core2Duo, I think I'm gonna give xubuntu a shot. Just wanted some of your opinions13:52
bazhangazaelani, ubuntu support issue?13:52
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MWMi am trying to redirect analogue output through USB instead of the mic jack...any ideas?13:53
ppfk1l: i'm holding the card in my hand, so a reboot wouldn't do much13:59
ppfi put it into my laptop to recover the fs13:59
ppfi'll try another machine, now, because the lenovo Ts sometimes have problems with their mmc driver13:59
HakonDoes anyone know if i no longer need the idmap-daemon running for nfsv4 on ubuntu?14:01
Hakonnfs client that is14:01
ducasseHakon: do you use user id mapping?14:02
Hakonducasse: on one or two systems, yes14:02
Hakondidn't want them part of the ldap domain14:03
ducasseHakon: then you need it, at least on those systems14:03
Hakonthe thing is: Failed to start nfs-idmapd.service: Unit nfs-server.service not found.14:03
=== derpdude is now known as DrAnonSlayer1337
Hakondo i need to run nfs-server to get the daemon?14:04
=== solvemetare is now known as metaresolve
=== DrAnonSlayer1337 is now known as derpdude
ducasseHakon: i would think so, but not sure14:05
ducasseHakon: try #ubuntu-server, maybe someone there knows for certain14:06
Hakonaight, thanks.14:06
pawan_I'm having issues with Nautilus after making changes to my theme. Every time I open Nautilus, the sidebar is empty, the toolbar buttons are not visible and sometimes even the contents of a folder remain invisible until I move the mouse over them14:07
AlexQJust testing IRC, sorry (couln't write on ##c++ ?)14:09
cookie4700AlexQ : I think you need to register your nick with Nickserv14:10
AlexQcookie4700: Thanks, I'll try. Had that registered but maybe it expired? Is my nick 'AlexQ' not-registered?14:11
OerHeksAlexQ, maybe it expired after 6 months14:12
OerHeks( of none use)14:12
AlexQOkay, thanks. Will try to register again, bye!14:13
ppfk1l: the next machine shows hardware problems with the card as well14:14
ppfso, looks like it's gone :)14:14
unknowedhi; someone could help me with some NIS configuration problem?14:17
AlexQNope, my nick did not expire. Do I have to add my e-mail somehow? I don't remember ever needing to confirm (or maybe even sent) my e-mail address to register on freenode?14:19
OerHeksAlexQ, you are logged in/registered now, i can see that.14:19
OerHeksso have fun in ##c++14:20
AlexQYeah, I know. I had wrong password in Pidgin for some reason.14:20
AlexQShould I register my e-mail with my nickname?14:20
OerHeksAlexQ, you already have. if you don't remember/know which, join #freenode for help14:22
AlexQoh, yeah, I know, it's already there.14:22
unknowedhi people14:22
=== Gazyrlezon is now known as Nery
bazhangAlexQ, please /join #freenode for more support14:23
unknowedsomeone could help me with NIS configuration problem?14:23
AlexQbazhang: Thanks, I think I'm fine now :). Thanks for help!14:23
ristduring a liveusb boot, if i access my hard disk and get all the files from there and then place them on my liveusb, will installing the liveusb distro get rid of these files in some way? will they be moved to the hard disk after the installation is completed?14:23
iceyunknowed: you should just ask your question; if somebody knows the answer, they will respond :)14:23
ristnote that i will get many the files from the hard disk to the liveusb and after installation, i will format the hard disk for the new distro14:24
ristwill the files that i had saved before the installation and the formatting of the hard disk stay with me?14:24
OerHeksrist, files saved on the persistent part of your live usb will be there, but not copied to your fresh install, you need to do that manually14:25
ristOerHeks: how will it be done manually14:25
OerHeksrist, like the way you saved them to your usb?14:26
srulirist: make sure your usb has persistancy configured, else you will loose them14:26
OerHeksdrag and drop or cp /from/files /to/target14:26
ristsruli: how can i check that14:26
unknowedi have installed nis service on ubuntu server 16.04 (virtual machine) and when i execute ypwhich command, raises an  error : "can't communicate with ypbind"14:27
k13noxI don't know where to post this, but anyone know a soft who emulate a network enterprise. To test my app with different configuration. Proxy, NAT, TCP/UPD, ports...14:27
ristOerHeks, please tell me if i have properly understood the matter: i'll first copy the files from the hard disk to the liveusb's /home/test/Desktop, and after the installation is done, i'll move these files somewhere else?14:28
ppfhm, remind me quickly; when i'm host-jumping with ssh, is there a way to use identity files from each individual hop instead of from the source?14:28
ristwill the files on the Desktop disappear after the installation? if they don't disappear, then i have no need to copy anything manually?14:28
=== scottt is now known as Guest30851
OerHeksrist, the ubuntu usb-creator has that option, to make a persistent space of the remaining bytes.14:29
OerHeksit is not standard, iirc14:29
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:29
srulirist: safest way would be to copy it to another usb device14:30
OerHekssruli +114:30
ristsruli: the problem is that i have only one usb device. my hard drive is 500GB, isn't there a way to make a partition and put all the backup files there, and after installation, i can get just the files from the partition?14:30
ristin this way, i'll copy nothing from the hard disk to the liveusb prior to installation, and only do it after installation14:31
srulirist: paste output of lsblk to pate.ubuntu.com or "lsblk | nc termbin.com 9999"14:31
ristactually not the liveusb, since by then the distro will be installed14:31
ristsruli, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23810624/14:32
unknowedproblem: ypwhich can't establish communicattion with ypbind14:32
unknoweda NIS configuration problem i suppose; i follow the guide offer in: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNISHowTo14:34
srulirist: you dont really have spare to make additional partition, you can shrink the current one but that comes with a warning "backup your data first"14:35
srulirist: approx how much space do you need to backup your files?14:35
ristsruli, probably 120gb14:35
ristsruli: i really need to shift this amount of data from my current distro to the one i'll install through the liveusb14:36
ristis there any safe way to do this14:36
srulirist: i was thinking you can use the swap space but that wont be enough... how did you create the liveusb?14:37
ristsruli: through unetbootin14:37
srulirist: is it eufi boot?14:38
ristwhat do you mean by that?14:38
srulirist: you have 2 options, 1. is make 2 partitions on your usb a small one for live cd and large one ext4 for your backup, see if unetbootin allows to select partitition for liveusb, second option is to shrink your current ext4 however you stand the risk of loosing data by doing o14:40
ristthe USB is like 16gb14:41
srulirist: so where did you plan on copying your files too?14:42
srulirist: your current install is on lvm?14:43
risti guess there's no safe option left but to buy four 32gb usb's14:45
srulirist: you can get a 128gb, or 2x64...  maybe there is another way ..."sudo lvdisplay | nc termbin.com 9999"14:46
EvilTerranhello! I'm having some trouble downloading source packages - I keep getting "gpgv: Can't check signature: public key not found"14:47
EvilTerranI'd understand that if I was using a 3rd-party repo, but they're from xenial-updates/main14:47
EvilTerran(this is on a fresh install of xenial - the only thing of significance I've done to it so far is to "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade", and uncomment the deb-src lines in sources.list)14:48
EvilTerranI've noticed the line before that error says "gpgv: Signature made ... using RSA key ID A744BE93", and my research indicates that's the GPG key of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarcDeslauriers14:50
EvilTerranbut I'm not sure what to do with that information14:50
BluesKajnot another evil...14:52
pawanNeed help fixing Nautilus caused by custom theme14:57
Rabbitnightmarepawan: you still at it?15:05
Rabbitnightmareyou gotta go into the config file and fix it manually15:05
pawanRabbitnightmare: I wanted to change the theme's color from blue to green throughout. So I made changes to the SCSS files as well as the SVG file. Everything went fine, except for Nautilus15:07
pawanRabbitnightmare: Somebody suggested the Nautilus supports less features for SVG than Inkscape. So Nautilus is possibly having problems rendering. But I have no idea how to fix it.15:10
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odroidthats not friendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!15:21
samthewildonebesides decreasing my display resolution, is there another way to have th system wide fonts larger ?15:25
mr_yogurtWhat's the procedure for using two monitors, one plugged into the dedicated card and one plugged into the onboard?15:25
srulimr_yogurt: as far as i am aware you cant do that15:28
mr_yogurtsruli: i've had it working on this machine before, but i can't remember how i did it and i've reinstalled ubuntu since then15:29
Southern_Gentlemsruli,  depends on the bios of the machine15:29
Southern_Gentlemmr_yogurt,  in the bios both video ports enabled15:29
Southern_Gentlemthen you should be able to goto setting display and use both15:30
Southern_Gentlemmr_yogurt, this is a desktop correct?15:30
mr_yogurtthey're both enabled, but the second monitor doesn't show up when i go to display settings15:30
Southern_Gentlemdouble check your bios15:31
mr_yogurtsorry, had to switch to a laptop so i could turn of the pc and still communicate15:33
janat08my browser prompted me to instal vlc through xdg-open, and the vlc is crashing while it's not in ubuntu software15:36
mr_yogurtok, internal graphics is definitely enabled in the bios15:36
janat08ubuntu software installed list15:37
janat08how to uninstall15:37
mr_yogurti also have this working on the windows install on the same machine15:37
mr_yogurtprevious searching i did on how to do this seemed to involve messing with xorg.conf in some way, but i didn't find exactly what was supposed to be done15:44
ubottuhtmangia: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:57
CSWookieHow do I find out what packages will be installed if I do apt-get install package, given the packages I currently have installed?15:58
CSWookieI have X installed, but no window manager, because I plan to just use a framebuffer.  I don't want any window managers installed if I apt-get install firefox.15:59
mr_yogurtapparently setting the default graphics in the bios to integrated graphics works15:59
mr_yogurtor, at least sort of. now i have weird resolution problems when i enable the second monitor16:01
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meldronhi guys, are there any limitations in using setcap 'cap_net_bind_service=+ep' with ubuntu? i am trying to bind a priv port with node, but it wont work16:06
mbufIs there anyone here who uses Ubuntu on a Macbook Pro?16:11
meldronjust figured it out, most paritions are mounted with nosuid, how can i mount change default mount options for file systems?16:19
BluesKajme if you're referring to UUID in fstab then sudo blkid will give you the entries needed for particular partitions/device16:22
MindSparkhey, I upgraded to 16.04 and my old vim-gnome is gone16:24
MindSparkwhen I do apt-get install vim-gnome I get the following16:24
MindSparkThe following packages have unmet dependencies:16:24
MindSpark vim-gnome : Depends: vim-common (= 2:7.4.1689-3ubuntu1.2) but 2:8.0.0134-1ubuntu1~ppa1~t is to be installed16:24
MindSpark             Depends: vim-runtime (= 2:7.4.1689-3ubuntu1.2) but 2:8.0.0134-1ubuntu1~ppa1~t is to be installed16:24
MindSparkE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.16:24
ducasse!paste | MindSpark16:25
ubottuMindSpark: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:25
MindSparksorry about that, didn't realize the output was so long16:26
P3Rcan i got please16:26
P3Rcan i got banned please16:26
mr_yogurtWhen I have two monitors, one plugged into internal graphics and one plugged into normal graphics, my ui gets all screwy. The mouse is (visually) a few hundred pixels right of where it actually is (where it clicks), and windows are wider than they should be.16:26
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P3Rcan i got banned >???16:28
P3Ri need to get banned16:28
P3Ri test thing16:28
P3Riwill paste to get banned16:29
P3R* Loaded log from Sun Jan 15 11:25:45 201716:29
P3R 16:29
P3R* Now talking on #ubuntu16:29
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ducasseP3R: this is not the place for this16:30
P3Rfuck off16:30
tatertotsmr_yogurt: can you open terminal?16:30
P3Ri want to get band16:30
P3Ri test something16:30
P3Rducasse: if you have a access to band me16:31
P3Rplease do it16:31
mr_yogurttatertots: let me check. i've been screwing around with the settings and it might be a minute or so before i get back to the state it was16:31
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu16:31
ducasseP3R: if i could i would, trust me. try #ubuntu-offtopic16:31
geniiSouthern_Gentlem: Please don't use !ops unless there's some acutal channel emergency16:32
ghostalhaving some issues setting up grub to boot windows 7 and ubuntu 16.04. windows 7 is on sda and ubuntu is on sdb (althought sda was unplugged while ubuntu was installed, for safety's sake :) ). output of boot-repair here: http://paste2.org/fmbwFX2F16:32
mr_yogurtgenii: what would qualify as an actual channel emergency? i'm curious now16:33
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ghostalwhen i've tried to auto-repair with boot-repair, i get an error that begins "GPT detected. Please create a BIOS-Boot partition (>1MB, unformatted filesystem, bios_grub flag)."16:34
ghostalbut things generally boot okay16:34
ghostalinto ubuntu16:34
geniimr_yogurt: Most often bots spamming, but it can be other things like a user being harassed or numerous other things16:34
ghostaland i can boot into windows by going into the UEFI and choosing the right option from some kind of boot menu choice thing there16:35
mr_yogurttatertots: ok yeah i can access a terminal16:35
tatertotsmr_yogurt: in terminal> sudo apt install inxi pastebinit16:35
mr_yogurttatertots: now what?16:37
tatertotsmr_yogurt: inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebinit16:37
tatertotsmr_yogurt: press enter      then share the url/link here16:37
mr_yogurttatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2381107916:39
tatertotsmr_yogurt: apt list --installed|grep nvid||pastebinit16:41
tatertotsmr_yogurt: press enter      then share the url/link here16:41
hydrajumpI found the `ubuntu` user that's created in the live cd session in /etc/casper.conf. How can I set a password for this user when remastering the live cd?16:44
mr_yogurttatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2381110516:45
tatertotsmr_yogurt:   pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:45
tatertotsmr_yogurt: press enter      then share the url/link here16:45
mr_yogurttatertots ^16:46
mr_yogurttatertots: oops. http://paste.ubuntu.com/2381111216:47
tatertotsmr_yogurt: glxinfo|grep OpenGL &> ~/nfo.nfo16:49
tatertotsmr_yogurt: you won't see anything, just let me know when you have completed the step16:49
mr_yogurttatertots: finished. printed 'Error: unable to open display'16:50
tatertotsmr_yogurt: you should NOT be doing this as root16:51
mr_yogurttatertots: i didn't. or at least i don't think i did16:52
IhrFusselI'm trying to move some folder (with subfolders) to another directory "mv folder/ .folder1/folder2/folder3/" and it says "directory is not empty" o.o16:53
IhrFusselWait nevermind...I guess that's the error you get if another folder with the same name already exists16:54
IhrFusselKinda misleading16:54
tatertotsmr_yogurt: no worries, not a big deal16:55
tatertotsmr_yogurt: glxinfo|grep OpenGL16:55
mr_yogurttatertots: then what?16:56
mr_yogurti re-ran the first step but in the messed up gui, didn't get that thing about 'unable to open display' and nfo.nfo has some text in it about opengl16:58
tatertotsmr_yogurt: did you see information when you ran the command17:00
tatertotsmr_yogurt: glxinfo|grep OpenGL17:00
tatertotsmr_yogurt: glxinfo|grep OpenGL|pastebinit17:00
mr_yogurttatertots: paste.ubuntu.com/23811173/17:01
tatertotsmr_yogurt: nvidia-settings &> ~/nfo.nfo17:03
tatertotsmr_yogurt: if the nvidia utility opens just close it17:03
mr_yogurttatertots: done17:04
tatertotsmr_yogurt: pastebinit ~/nfo.nfo17:04
tatertotsmr_yogurt: ** Message: PRIME: is it supported? yes17:06
tatertotsmr_yogurt: i'd like to ask you a few questions about your symptoms17:06
mr_yogurtquick rundown: if i set ubuntu to use both monitors, all windows are now stretched horizontally and when i click, the actual clicking location is a few hundred pixels to the left of where it should be (where the mouse is)17:07
mr_yogurtlauncher bar is not stretched, and the mouse is in the right spot for it17:08
mr_yogurttatertots: a little bit more testing has revealed that the mouse is moved over proportionally to the left: the mouse is contained within the right monitor, and clicking when the mouse is at the left of the right monitor will be stretched all the way to the left of the left monitor. if i click at the very right of the right monitor, the click is in the right spot17:10
tatertotsmr_yogurt: check your x and y axis's with xrandr17:11
tatertotsmr_yogurt: sounds like there's some padding going on in the way you have your displays configured17:12
tatertotsmr_yogurt: if you run> xrandr17:12
mr_yogurti ran xrandr and i'm not sure what i'm looking for17:12
tatertotsmr_yogurt: if you run> xrandr    it'll show you17:12
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tatertotsmr_yogurt: look at the top there17:13
tatertotsmr_yogurt: tells you your offsets17:13
tatertotsmr_yogurt: let me look at it17:13
mr_yogurttatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23811322/17:13
tatertotsmr_yogurt: HDMI-0 connected primary 1920x1080+1280+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 521mm x 293mm17:15
tatertotsmr_yogurt: see that "+1280+0"17:15
mr_yogurttatertots: yes17:16
tatertotsmr_yogurt: where is the Manufacturer: SAM  Model: 125 monitor plugged into right now?17:17
tatertotsmr_yogurt: i'm guessing that's a samsung17:17
mr_yogurttatertots: the samsung is plugged into the onboard17:17
mr_yogurttatertots: it's an old monitor i had laying around and my card doesn't take vga17:18
zacktuI'm trying to install Tomcat using instructions for Ubuntu 16.04 at Digital Ocean.  I'm at the point where I should execute systemctl.   Is there a package that contains that command?17:18
tatertotsmr_yogurt: so samsung>>>intel onboard   and  ASUS VH236H (DFP-1): connected to >>>>>nvidia correct?17:20
mr_yogurttatertots: yes17:20
tatertotsmr_yogurt: looks like your settings are not configured to what you are wanting visually...you have both displays as one screen#017:24
mr_yogurttatertots: so, how do i change it?17:24
tatertotsmr_yogurt: your xrandr shows only screen#017:25
zacktuinstead of trying to restart the systemd daemon, perhaps I can accomplish that by rebooting17:25
tatertotsmr_yogurt:  the other issue is that your system supports prime, and i haven't heard you mention it in your trials and tribulations17:26
tatertotsmr_yogurt: have you been toggling prime as you connect displays to the intel gpu?17:26
mr_yogurttatertots: no17:26
tatertotsmr_yogurt: because that's kinda what its for17:26
mr_yogurttatertots: until you mentioned it i hadn't even heard of it17:27
tatertotsmr_yogurt: your system supports nvidia-prime17:29
tatertotsmr_yogurt: when you want to use your intel, make sure to set your prime to intel...then when not in use set your prime back to nvidia17:30
mr_yogurtIf i set it to intel, then I just get the left monitor. When I set it to nvidia, i get the screwy problem we've been trying to fix17:31
tatertotsmr_yogurt: because you have both monitors configured as a single x screen#017:32
tatertotsmr_yogurt: once you separate them17:32
mr_yogurttatertots: how do I separate them? that's what i don't know how to do17:32
tatertotsmr_yogurt: look in your nvidai utility17:32
mr_yogurttatertots: nvidia xserver settings?17:33
tatertotsmr_yogurt: yes, you should see settings for the orientation and xenerama or xinerarmia or something like that17:33
tatertotsmr_yogurt: i have an idea, can you screen shot your nvidia settings and maybe post it to http://imgure.com so i can see it17:35
tatertotsmr_yogurt: i have an idea, can you screen shot your nvidia settings and maybe post it to http://imgur.com so i can see it17:35
mr_yogurttatertots: i'll try. it's sorta difficult with the screwy mouse17:35
tatertotsyeah it's http://imgur.com ...it's a free image hosting site, no sign up required to post images :)17:35
kang00What's difference Between coreboot and libreboot17:36
mr_yogurttatertots: also, which settings tab you want?17:36
tatertotsmr_yogurt: yeah once you get the settings proper the mouse will be fine17:36
tatertotsmr_yogurt: the one that shows the two monitors with the gold fish and xinerama17:36
geniikang00: Libreboot is basically coreboot but with open source firmwares17:36
mr_yogurttatertots: i'm not seeingit17:38
mr_yogurt*seeing it17:38
AamitHi all17:38
tatertotsmr_yogurt: i'll screen shot mine and post it..give me a sec17:39
mrchairmanI'm looking for a good LESS css editor17:39
kang00(kang00) Coreboot is closed?17:39
mrchairmanYou guys know all, tell me what to download17:39
tatertotsmr_yogurt: what's your prime set to right now?17:40
mr_yogurttatertots: nvidia17:40
tatertotsmr_yogurt: ok you should be seeing all the settings then17:41
geniikang00: Maybe read https://libreboot.org/docs/#why17:42
mr_yogurttatertots: this is in the 'X Server Display Configuration' tab right?17:44
AristideYEAH ! I have solved my Steam problem \o/17:45
Jakey3how do i troubleshoot an ip and port i.e. why its not loading a web installer17:45
=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
mr_yogurttatertots: The weird thing is, when I look at the help for that tab, it mentions Xinerama. but it's not actually there in the tab.17:46
tatertotsmr_yogurt: here's my xrandr for my dual monitor nvidia setup http://termbin.com/htw817:46
tatertotsmr_yogurt: if it's missing you might have a driver issue...it shouldn't be missing.17:48
tatertotsmr_yogurt: you should see xinerama and stuff like that17:48
tatertotsmr_yogurt: you kinda need to turn that feature off right now and if it's missing that's going to be rather difficult17:49
mr_yogurttatertots: is it possible to turn it off by editing a file and rebooting?17:50
tatertotsmr_yogurt: i was just about to suggest a reboot because you hadn't been toggling your prime properly17:50
rubenwardyHi! My laptop only has one AUX slot. On Windows when you plug something in, it asks you what it is (headphones or microphone). On Ubuntu it just assumes it's a headphone. How can I get it to receive input?17:51
rubenwardyTried googling but no results17:51
tatertotsmr_yogurt: there's something about prime that you may need to know17:52
mr_yogurttatertots: what?17:52
tatertotsmr_yogurt: after you toggle it you have to log out and log back in for setting to be proper.17:53
mr_yogurttatertots: i'm pretty sure i did that the one time i intentionally toggled prime17:53
tatertotsmr_yogurt: anytime you toggle...log out of the system and log back in17:53
mr_yogurttatertots: rebooted, and still messed up17:54
tatertotsmr_yogurt: is xerama and stuff still not showing/17:54
mr_yogurttatertots: and still no xinerama17:54
mr_yogurttatertots: still gone17:54
tatertotsmr_yogurt: on the xserver display config tab area where it shows the two monitors17:56
tatertotsmr_yogurt: what is your "configuration" set to?17:57
tatertotsmr_yogurt: its a drop down menu thing17:57
mr_yogurttatertots: X screen 0. there's no other options17:57
mr_yogurtother than 'disabled'17:57
tatertotsmr_yogurt: oh i see...it's not the settings...it's the configuration you are using with that old arse monitor17:58
tatertotsmr_yogurt: you have no way of getting both monitors on the nvid chip at the same time because you don't have a dp/hdmi > Vga dongle correct?17:59
mr_yogurttatertots: sadly, yes17:59
neeneeif you have the two ports, you may need to change a setting in your bios to allow both to be active18:00
tatertotsmr_yogurt: you could put both on the intel.....but that kinda negates having a nice gtx 1xxx series18:00
neeneeNot available in all BIOSes and I can not name the exact setting18:00
mr_yogurtneenee: both monitors work fine on my windows install on the same machine with the same setup18:01
neeneeThat rules out BIOS, I agree18:01
tatertotsmr_yogurt: checking your BIOS is also a good idea although if both gpu's weren't enabled in bios it would cause a nvidia-prime failure...and your prime switches between intel and nvidia like it's designed to18:01
tatertotsmr_yogurt: the other thing that's working against you is your monitors do NOT support the same native resolutions18:02
kang00How to erase or format bios18:03
srulii added a script ../dispatcher.d/90constatus to touch a file when connection goes up or down but NM does not execute it, script http://pastebin.com/s7WAq11a why not?18:03
tatertotsmr_yogurt: if you look at my xrandr http://termbin.com/htw8 and compare it to yours....you see both my screen share the same resolution of full 1080HD....yours is catywhompus18:04
mr_yogurttatertots: catywhompus?18:04
tatertotsmr_yogurt: sorry for the slang word18:04
tatertotsmr_yogurt: sorry for the slang word....yours is.....uh.....let's call it "uneven"18:05
tatertotsmr_yogurt: for example if you draw two rectangles representing both monitors18:05
mr_yogurttatertots: i like using one screen for internet and the other for code or whatever. if you're not using them for games it doesn't really matter too much if they're uneven18:05
tatertotsmr_yogurt: one is 1280x1024   the other is 1920x1080   now stick them side by side18:06
tatertotsmr_yogurt: now consider they are both apart of screen#018:07
mr_yogurttatertots: but how do we make them not both part of screen#0?18:07
tatertotsmr_yogurt: VGA-1-1 connected 1280x1024+0+56 338mm x 270mm AND   HDMI-0 connected primary 1920x1080+1280+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 521mm x 293mm18:08
tatertotsthats why your mouse is wonky18:08
tatertotsmr_yogurt: they have to be connected to the same gpu at the same time18:09
tarjoHello everybody. Can anyone experienced installations of ubuntu where, although the OS is very fast, the opening of applications is very slow?18:09
mr_yogurttatertots: so there is no other way to fix it other than getting an hdmi or dvi to vga adapter?18:10
tatertotsmr_yogurt: means you need a DVI>VGA dongle or a DP>vga dongle....or a newer monitor18:10
tatertotsmr_yogurt: remember prime only let's you pick one OR the other NEVER both18:11
mr_yogurttatertots: windows does not have a problem with running on both. is it just that ubuntu doesn't support it?18:11
tatertotsmr_yogurt: doesn't surprise me18:12
mr_yogurttatertots: well, thanks for the help. i'll see if i can find another monitor since this one needs replacing anyway.18:13
tatertotsmr_yogurt: i've seen wlan adapters that support hotspot/AP mode in windows totally not support AP/hotspot mode with their linux firmware...same wlan chip we're talking about here18:13
tatertotsmr_yogurt: and just an example to show that sometimes a chips windows firmware is NOT = to its linux firmware or vissa versa18:14
supersupperHow can I manually configure which lenses Unity uses in it's search?18:20
xanguasupersupper: you can go to the applications tab and list the lenses in the sidebar thing18:21
ppfwhat's a lense?18:21
supersupperxangua, why is it so slow at doing math?18:22
MWMI am trying to redirect audio input from USB to the built in jacks.  Is this possible?18:22
supersupperxangua, if I super then 5*5 it takes like 5-10 seconds for it to tell me "25"18:22
xanguappf: like a search engine withing unity launcher (shows your programs, music, files, weather, recipes, Wikipedia, bugs, etc.18:22
WeiJunLimy usb flash drive is connected on hardware setting bar on Fusion like this https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/zv1pft6i0r17w4l/2017-01-16%20at%209.02%20AM.png - but on my ubuntu vm I don't see any signal to access the usb flash drive itself. Help?18:23
xanguasupersupper: don't know, I suppose it's a web lens since I disable them and it doesn't appear in mind... Slow internet?18:24
supersupperxangua, internets very fast18:24
supersupperthat would be crazy if it did that online !!18:24
MWMVM has been scetchy for USB support in my experience.  Ive had to boot from a live image to get it working. I would also be curious to hear the answer to thta18:24
SpeirosHi people.  How come to add a DVD player, it takes 32 files?18:27
sunitknandiSpeiros: because dependencies18:30
Speirossunitknandi It seems like a hell of a lot though eh.18:30
sunitknandiWhat are you trying to install? Name of the player?18:31
SpeirosWell, when it searched for plugins (the generic video player) it said it needed the Gstreamer bad plugin set.  But when I selected it, it was bundled with these other files too.18:32
tatertotsMWM: vbox or vmware or other?18:32
MWMtatertots:  I was replying to WeiJunLi.  Im working on audio redirection from usb to the mic inputs18:33
WeiJunLitatertots: vmware fusion18:33
tatertotsMWM: oh ok sorry18:33
MWMnp :)  Just to bad my reply was only another problem :D18:34
Speirossunitknandi Thanks too :)18:35
tatertotsWeiJunLi: do other usb devices work in the ubuntu VM?18:36
WeiJunLitatertots: this is the only one i've to test18:36
WeiJunLiwell it does in the guest.18:36
WeiJunLidoes work*18:36
sunitknandiSpeiros, installing the whole codec pack. :P18:37
uxfihello sunitknandi18:38
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day18:39
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BluesKajSpeiros, are you familiar with VLC ..IME it's probly the most versatile and dependable media player, and it comes with all the necessary plugins for both Video and Audio18:39
sunitknandi Hey uxfi18:41
SpeirosBluesKaj Hey.  Sorry, was on the side.  No, I wasn't aware of it.  I'll check it out.18:44
Speirossunitknandi Yeah, it appears that way.18:44
tatertotsWeiJunLi: the vm has usb 2.0 support enabled in it's mobo settings?18:46
tatertotsWeiJunLi: are you chatting from the ubuntu vm right now? yes or no18:47
WeiJunLitatertots: ye18:48
=== timyp_ is now known as timyp
tatertotsWeiJunLi: open terminal>     sudo apt install inxi pastebin18:48
tatertotsWeiJunLi: let me know once the installation had completed18:49
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WeiJunLitatertots: no package pastebin18:49
=== Crypto is now known as Guest14243
tatertotsWeiJunLi: open terminal>     sudo apt install inxi pastebinit18:50
tatertotsWeiJunLi: pastebinit sorry i forgot the "it'18:50
tatertotsWeiJunLi: let me know once the installation had completed18:51
tatertotsWeiJunLi: ready yet?18:52
WeiJunLitatertots: sorry slow connection18:55
=== Guest14243 is now known as lapos
WeiJunLitatertots: keep going18:55
tatertotsWeiJunLi: no worries...just let me know once installation is completed and we'll get started18:56
padgalandhow do i clean out my /boot to get updates? already emptied my bin and ran sudo apt-get clean18:58
ghostalwould anyone be able to help me with a windows 7 and ubuntu 16.04 dual boot? windows 7 is on sda and ubuntu is on sdb (althought sda was unplugged while ubuntu was installed, for safety's sake :) ). output of boot-repair here: http://paste2.org/fmbwFX2F when i've tried to auto-repair with boot-repair, i get an error that begins "GPT detected. Please create a BIOS-Boot partition (>1MB, unformatted filesystem, bios_grub flag)."18:59
MonkeyDustpadgaland  first, ls -l /boot ... use a pastebin to show it to the channel ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/19:00
WeiJunLitatertots: ye done19:00
tatertotsWeiJunLi: in terminal>      inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebinit19:00
tatertotsWeiJunLi: press enter19:00
tatertotsWeiJunLi: share url/link here19:00
WeiJunLitatertots: what it does19:00
tatertotsWeiJunLi: don't worry, the link does not contain any information unique to your person19:01
tatertotsWeiJunLi: we're going to debug your usb issues my friend19:01
MWMIm trying to run sound from USB input to the onboard line in.... any ideas?19:01
tatertotsWeiJunLi: you will get to see the link first before you share it here19:02
MWMpavucontrol shows the sound as working but I cant hear it.  the build it analog  only has options for line in and it say "unplugged"19:03
MonkeyDustpadgaland  ok, what's the outcome of   uname -r19:03
WeiJunLitatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23811894/19:03
MonkeyDustpadgaland  try    sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove19:05
Roeyhi, I upgraded from 16.04 to 16.10, and now my system has trouble resolving address names... how can I diagnose this19:05
tatertotsWeiJunLi: in terminal>      dmesg|grep Controller|pastebinit19:05
tatertotsWeiJunLi: press enter19:05
tatertotsWeiJunLi: share url/link here19:05
miczacHi, got ubuntu server: do all network interfaces have to have an entry in /etc/network/interfaces? I got US on a VM w/ 3 NICs the middle one is bridged the others host-only. I just wanted to configure the bridged but that stalls at boot time for 5 mins.19:08
c1im trying to access a remote postgress db with psql -h hostname -U username -d database19:09
c1i get the error -su: psql: command not found19:10
tatertotsWeiJunLi: still there?19:11
WeiJunLitatertots: ye sec19:11
=== jer_ is now known as Sir_Brownfinger
c1works on the local postgres19:11
=== c1 is now known as JAkey4
=== JAkey4 is now known as Jakey4
WeiJunLitatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23811960/19:11
WeiJunLitatertots: the only output...19:11
BlytheHello, my hdmi monitor is constantly power cycling and now showing any picture. It works on my laptop and xrandr says it's connected. Anyone have any ideas? Currently running the nvidia 367.57 drivers.19:13
rizonzwhy would I do grep '^foo$' ? I wonder about the ^and the $ the $ will be for everything that is follows ?19:14
MonkeyDustrizonz  ^foo means that f o o are the first three characters of the line19:15
estrangerand the last 3 :)19:16
rizonzMonkeyDust: ok, I was thining that19:16
rizonzestranger: ?19:16
tatertotsWeiJunLi: your vm doesn't have a usb controller19:16
rizonzMonkeyDust: but what if I want to search for it anywhere ?19:16
estranger^ = beginning of line, $ = end of line19:16
WeiJunLitatertots: there's any way to solve it19:16
tatertotsWeiJunLi: you should probably give one19:16
rizonzah ok19:16
WeiJunLican you help me with that19:16
estrangerjust do `grep foo` to find "foo" anywhere in the line19:16
tatertotsWeiJunLi: can you screen shot the motherboard settings of the vm in fusion?19:17
MonkeyDustrizonz  or grep -i to override lower and uppercase differenses19:17
rizonzMonkeyDust: yeah!19:17
padgalandthank you19:18
tarjoHello everybody. Can anyone experienced installations of ubuntu where, although the OS is very fast, the opening of applications is very slow?19:30
Southern_Gentlemtarjo,  hard drive slow or failing ?19:31
tarjoSouthern_Gentlem, hard drive tested, everything is ok19:32
Southern_Gentlemtarjo,  so starting writer is slow  and apt-get install updates is fast  if you coupld expand on you post above19:33
tarjoSouthern_Gentlem, Yes, but not only writer, every App who starts for first time in session, will be slow. But terminal apps are fine.19:35
Southern_Gentlemtarjo, but the second time its fast ?19:36
tarjoSouthern_Gentlem, I thought of compiz, but it wasn't the cause of that also. I reninstalled lightdm/gdm3, nothing.19:36
Southern_Gentlemwriter for example should be writing to your /home19:36
Southern_Gentlembut the second time it should be faster19:36
tarjoSouthern_Gentlem, yes you are right on that too.19:37
Southern_Gentlemand firefox and most of the desktop apps19:37
tarjoBut who waits 6-7 seconds for the terminal to open ?19:37
Southern_Gentlemtarjo,  you do if it takes that long19:38
tarjoBefore that installation, I have had another one of 16.04, and everything was working perfect on the same computer19:38
Southern_Gentlemtarjo,  now reboot and see if those same apps take as long the first time19:38
tarjoSouthern_Gentlem, already done, it's the same time19:38
WeiJunLitatertots: sorry for the delay how do i see the motherboard seetings on fusion19:39
WeiJunLitatertots: what exactly you wanna know19:39
tarjoAnyway Southern_Gentlem, thanks a lot19:39
=== jje_ is now known as jje
tatertotsWeiJunLi: your vm has no usb controller....so we need to check it's settings, if it's not enabled, then that's simply a human oversight, you will enable it and go on your merry way, however if it IS enabled, you better start chatting in #vmware and possibly open a trouble ticket with vmware fusion support if you are entitled to support19:43
cesarockwow, no visitava un chan desde 199020:03
MonkeyDustcesarock  that's great, but english only here20:04
=== moz is now known as Guest76594
Przhevalskoyeare unix books worth it?20:07
Przhevalskoyebooks like learning  commands n stuff20:08
MonkeyDustPrzhevalskoye  if you find them useful, then they are worth it20:08
cesarockok,I'll try to speak in English MonkeyDust20:08
MonkeyDustcesarock  and ubuntu questions only20:09
PrzhevalskoyeMonkeyDust: you know useful books?20:10
MonkeyDustPrzhevalskoye  i use 'Ubuntu Linux Toolbox' (paperback)20:10
Przhevalskoyeill look into that one, thanks20:11
Przhevalskoyewhat was the fuzz between you and cesa btw?20:12
hydrajumpanyone got Apple's thunderbolt ethernet adapter working on ubuntu 16.10?20:13
Southern_Gentlemhydrajump, reboot with it installed20:14
cesarockI love Ubuntu, I'm new here and everything works great. chao20:16
Przhevalskoyegood to hear i guess20:16
tony_cesarock, ubuntu is great. I switched from Win10 on my laptop about half a year ago and have never wanted to switch back20:17
Przhevalskoyeid like to see backwards compatibility tho20:18
Przhevalskoyeor some developers coding for linux20:19
=== Southern_Gentlem is now known as kk4ewt
hydrajumpkk4ewt: weird I've done that several times. I can see that I get a dhcp lease but when I run ifconfig there's no ethernet interface20:21
hydrajumpthis is from the ubuntu live cd btw20:21
Przhevalskoyeu have the cable plugged in?20:22
hydrajumpPrzhevalskoye: yes ;)20:23
Przhevalskoyeill help ya?20:23
hydrajumpPrzhevalskoye: ok what do you suggest?20:30
HerbalistPrzwalski horse20:38
Herbalistthe small horse from the tundra20:39
sootanyone done a preseed/kickstart unattended install for 16.04.01 desktop?20:39
FManthanks for making the note of the -x option earlier for me!20:39
geniiHerbalist: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?20:40
Przhevalskoyebut live cd doesnt have all the drivers and such installed20:40
Herbalistgenii sorry .. i skipped by the channels and commented automatically, then i realised it was not Ubuntu related20:40
RFlemingHow's it goin'?20:41
Przhevalskoyegenii: ur not admin of some sort so please dont act like one..20:41
MonkeyDustRFleming  great! ... type   /topic20:41
* genii sips20:41
hydrajumpPrzhevalskoye: is it possible to make it work with live cd?20:42
RFlemingMonkeyDust: quite aware of the topic thanks.  Just bein' friendly.20:42
Herbalistuh oh .. thanks anyway Przhevalskoye20:42
* Przhevalskoye eats his cake and shuts up20:42
Przhevalskoyeye np20:42
=== Bob is now known as Guest16386
Przhevalskoyehydrajump: i dont know about that, why are u using live tho?20:43
hydrajumpPrzhevalskoye: because I just need to run it in ram temporarily.20:43
Przhevalskoyehydrajump: maybe its because of the drivers?20:45
RFlemingI want to use the mini.iso for an install, but also want some of the CLI niceties that come with a full DE install (like system-properties-common, git, etc.).  What would be the best meta package to encompass these tools?20:45
mcphailRFleming: ubuntu-desktop will bring you up to a normal desktop install, but git isn't part of a metapackage like that20:48
ioriaRFleming, system-properties-common ? you mean system-software-properties-common ?20:49
kernellohello everyone, my network manager has already the saved password of a network, but it didnt connect to it in my multiple trials, and asked me to enter password again, after which it connected to it. the only thing that comes to mind is that the drive has just been connected to this new machine. could this be the reason why the network didnt auto-connect?20:49
RFlemingwill not ubuntu-desktop also give me the Ubuntu Desktop and X and everything else.20:50
RFlemingioria: I meant software-properties-common20:50
ioriaRFleming, apt-cache depends software-properties-common20:50
mcphailRFleming: it is highly unlikely there will be a metapackage for your choice of custom install. Just install from mini and add what you want20:52
RFlemingmcphail: that's what I have been doing.  I'm just lazy, wanted to know if there was a meta that might cover most of my bases :)20:52
mcphailRFleming: does the ubuntu-server package cover what you want?20:52
RFlemingI'm also trying to make it appear similar to the other flavours20:52
* RFleming never thought of that20:53
mcphailRFleming: that has git etc20:53
RFlemingWell that's a Picard facepalm if I ever saw one.20:53
* RFleming sighs20:53
mcphailha! enjoy20:54
RFlemingThere's a couple of things in there that aren't real relevant, but 99% is better than nothing :)20:54
RFlemingmcphail: do you know if it does any branding... IE changing /etc/issue to Ubuntu Server20:55
mcphailRFleming: I think it just shows Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS \n \l like a standard install20:58
RFlemingmcphail: yeah.  It does when installed from the command line.  I'll have to see from the mini.iso installer though.20:58
RFlemingThanks a lot for the obvious answer!20:58
* RFleming feels like an id10t20:58
sootdoes anyone know if I need to edit grub.cfg to boot into an unattended install with kickstarter?20:59
neeneescript install buffers.pl buffer_autoclose.py iset.pl go.py colorize_nicks.py20:59
=== bildeamer1 is now known as bildramer
WeiJunLitatertots: are you still around?21:12
WeiJunLitatertots: here is to add a USB Controller, https://pubs.vmware.com/fusion-5/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.fusion.help.doc%2FGUID-935333D1-820B-461A-9BA2-9F5AB335E89D.html21:12
WeiJunLiI've done exactly that before21:13
Przhevalskoyeew vmware21:13
Przhevalskoyei need to use that stuff for school21:13
Przhevalskoyebless their web client21:13
Przhevalskoyedat platvoeten tho21:14
Przhevalskoyeold UPC user?21:15
platvoetenPrzhevalskoye, yup old UPC user ;)21:15
Przhevalskoyeplatvoeten, same here ;) ziggo ruined everything21:16
Przhevalskoyefellow dutch ubuntu user?21:16
platvoetenPrzhevalskoye, hmm cant complain atm21:17
nimbioticsHello everyone. Trying to configure an ubuntu 16.04 server in a digitalocean vps, I changed the ssh port, but am now unable to connect via ssh. The command Im using is [ssh -p <PORT_NUMBER> <USER_NAME>@<HOST_IP_ADDRESS>]; I don't get any error message, the command just never complete. What am I doing wrong? TIA!21:18
Przhevalskoyeplatvoeten, i really can, stuff crashed so many times this week like omfg, the support didnt even want to help me after i told them that i didnt like ziggo..21:18
neeneeDoes it timeout eventually? Did you update your firewall rule before changing the port / restarting the ssh service?21:18
Roey$ sudo systemctl start systemd-resolve21:19
Roey<Roey> Failed to start systemd-resolve.service: Unit systemd-resolve.service not found.21:19
Roey???? how do I fix this?21:20
platvoetenPrzhevalskoye, ohh thats sad, on the contrary, I managed to cut my subscription by a half for the next three months :P21:20
Przhevalskoyeplatvoeten, nice hehe, we did get instead of 120 mbps for which we pay for, 150 hehe21:20
nimbioticsneenee, the connection does times out. I did not update the firewall rule. Let me work on that. Thanks!21:20
neeneenimbiotics: pleasure and good luck :)21:21
heathenwolfeRoey: sudo systemctl start systemd-resolved.service21:21
PrzhevalskoyeRoey, systemd.resolve.service not found, aka, you did not install?21:21
RoeyPrzhevalskoye: error, cannot parse your response, please rephrase21:22
RoeyPrzhevalskoye: I upgraded from 16.04 -> 16.10 two days ago and then I find that it can't resolve names.21:22
neeneeRoey: focus on heathenwolfes' response, you might just have made a typo in your command21:22
heathenwolfeRoey: mind the d after resolve21:22
Roeyso I did it21:23
Roeyand it loaded it21:23
doc|workAnyone had an issue with computers where you reboot them and when they come back up you don't get any output on the screen, even though remote desktop'ing into them works fine? I'm seeing it on an intel nuc over hdmi.21:23
Roeythen I tried running "ping google.com" and it hangs21:23
Roeyheathenwolfe: ^21:23
Roeyheathenwolfe: "gethostip" similarly hangs.21:23
Roeyneenee: aye thanks.21:23
neeneewhat do you mean with 'hangs'?21:24
Roeymeaning that it times out21:24
Roeyit just sits there.21:24
Roeyevery.single.upgrade something has to break, argh21:24
neeneedoc|work: try taking out hdmi while it boots and adding it after it's started.. remote desktop is more of a windows protocol though21:25
heathenwolfeRoey: can you do $ nslookup google.com21:25
Przhevalskoyeor you just check if things work before you update21:25
Roeythings worked well before the update, Przhevalskoye21:25
neeneeRoey: consider sticking with stable releases / use less ppas / try to not create a 'frankenbuntu' :)21:25
Roeyok, heathenwolfe, that returns immediately21:26
neeneemake backups of config files before you modify things, only modify one or two things at a time - makes reverting easier.21:26
doc|workneenee: sorry, not "remote desktop" but anydesk :)21:26
PrzhevalskoyeRoey, then first check if those things are gonna work in the update you are willing to do..21:26
Roeythat reports the IP immediately, heathenwolfe21:26
doc|workneenee: this is for a retail setup so we can't have that as the solution :/ I need a permanent fix21:26
RoeyPrzhevalskoye: ideally sure, but not on a home PC where I expect an upgrade to work21:26
PrzhevalskoyeRoey, but isn't it essential to know that programs are going to work in the next update? homePC or Mainframe?21:27
neeneedoc|work: ok. are there multiple displayed attached or just hdmi? can you get it working by plugging in the hdmi later or does it not work at all? Has it worked in the past / can you recall what has changed?21:27
tarix_mdebian channel is to terrible :)21:27
RoeyPrzhevalskoye:  let's get back to diagnosing this issue?  Thanks :)21:28
doc|workneenee: just one display over hdmi. I don't have physical access to the machine right now (it's at its location a couple of thousand miles away).21:28
tarix_mthat u discuss?21:28
doc|workneenee: it works sometimes on a reboot, but not always, very frustrating.21:28
neenee((I doubt anyone has a mainframe here))21:28
Przhevalskoyeneenee, you get the point ;)21:29
neeneedoc|work: hm. okay - is it a current setup / I assume running ubuntu, a recent release?21:29
doc|workneenee: current, using xubuntu21:29
heathenwolfeRoey: well then it's not dns. Hanging to me sounds like you're hitting a firewall of something. I only get hangs atm when the destination or somewhere in between is dropping packets21:29
doc|workneenee: #xubuntu suggsted I ask here21:29
Roeyheathenwolfe: ahhhh21:29
Roeyheathenwolfe: lemme turn off my firewall.21:29
heathenwolfeRoey: did you drop outbound connections on the fw?21:30
neeneedoc|work: oh that's fine, I don't mind, the base is the same.21:30
* doc|work nods21:30
neeneedoc|work: does xrandr show you the information of the connected display?21:32
neeneedoc|work: should show you what kind of a screen / resolution is currently connected / active21:32
doc|workneenee: yes, oddly though it has at times said it's connected to a screen while the display utility in xubuntu shows it as disconnected21:32
neeneeis the display off consistently / always? or does it periodically turn on?21:33
doc|workneenee: it stays off once that shows as far as I'm aware, but sometimes boots up fine21:34
neeneecan't be a powersave feature as it should show something during boot at least, unless you have an incorrect/unsupported framebuffer setting21:34
doc|workon Friday it did disconnect during the day, no idea why21:34
doc|workbut just once21:34
doc|workneenee: not sure about booting21:35
neeneehave you tried a second screen / alternative cable?21:35
doc|workneenee: that's the plan, switching to DP21:35
neeneethe cable would be easiest to have switched, do you have any hands on site?21:35
doc|workbut still want to figure out a way to debug21:35
doc|workneenee: working on that21:35
neeneetrue, otherwise you may run into the same issue without an alternative to switch to21:35
doc|workright now I'm just kind of stuck at xrandr and no other clue how to debug21:35
Ben64doc|work: well what does xrandr say21:36
neeneewhat kind of graphics driver / chip? custom xorg.conf or none/auto?21:37
neeneeyou could pastebin a log indeed21:37
neeneepasting here would be a bit much21:37
neenee(do people still use pastebin?)21:37
doc|workBen64: it's all working right now and I don't want to go breaking it, but the general gist is xrandr shows the screen as correct as far as I can tell and connected. However if I look at xubuntu's display utility it sometimes (not always) shows it as connected even if it's not.21:38
doc|workneenee: intel iris 540 in an intel nuc. No custom.xorg by us. Just the standard setup.21:38
neeneeperhaps xubuntus display utility tries to force settings which are incompatible - I am not familiar with the specific tool however21:39
doc|workneenee: even then, xrandr is showing it as connected. The xubuntu utility is usually but not always more accurate.21:39
zuiss1hi, if a computer has windows on it and i created space for ubuntu, how would i choose to have ubuntu installed with encryption? i only see an option to either use the whole disk and encrypt, or a "manual" option if i just want to encrypt in the free space i created21:40
doc|worksorry, I probably could have phrased that better earlier21:40
zuiss1but i'm too novice to know how to do it manually21:40
neeneedoc|work: the display goes blank/black at which time xrandr still shows connected?21:40
doc|workneenee: right21:41
=== KingsQuest is now known as ubutosid9
neeneehm. you could try to re-enable the screen with xrandr / perhaps with a cron job every x minutes - doesn't solve the underlying issue though21:43
neeneeeg. xrandr --addmode HDMI1 1920x1080 / xrandr --output HDMI --mode 1920x108021:44
doc|workyeah, that could be a fallback actually21:44
doc|workis a bit odd all the same!21:44
neeneewell, I have to be off for now, busy work day tomorrow again. Good luck and cya around perhaps, I will be around as well, can run this in the background.21:45
doc|workneenee: great, thanks. Will see if it happens again in the morning21:45
risthello. i'd like to make a backup partition in which i plan to place some data that i'll copy onto the distro that i'll install through the liveusb. how can i do this21:49
nilsonwas geht21:51
s7rawm4nn> Hey. I have a fairly fresh install of ubuntu server 16.04.1, and I've been having major issues with connecting to the server over the intranet. Come to find out, my bios is reporting different MAC address for my ethernet card than my operating system. Anyone reason why this would be?21:53
ppfrist: do precisely that then21:54
ristppf, how is the question21:54
risthow can i see how much space i can allow for the partition21:55
n4n0`s7rawm4n: BIOS is detecting an integrated adapter's MAC instead of your ethernet card's?21:56
s7rawm4npossibly, but unlikely, they are of the same manufacturer and only off in the last 2 bits, as in xx:xx:xx:D1:EB:10 vs ...:D1:EB:0F21:58
s7rawm4nsorry off by the last byte. not 2 bits22:01
saju_mare you guys keeping snapshot/backup of old version of  repo trusty-updates,  http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty-updates22:02
saju_mif yes, please share the link22:02
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ - CHECK FOR POINT RELEASES at http://releases.ubuntu.com - Release Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes22:03
k1lsaju_m: not really. what is the issue?22:03
Picisaju_m: Trusty is still supported, its repos are still live and won't be taken down for another 2 years22:03
inrahello everyone22:05
inratesting, can you see my text?22:05
tatertotsWeiJunLi: sorry was AFK22:05
k1linra: yes22:05
inrak1l, thank you :)22:05
WeiJunLitatertots: I'm around22:05
FrNcS_FrUbuntu is the shittest gnu/linux distro, I wonder why so much people use it O.o22:05
WeiJunLiCheck what I've done22:05
WeiJunLibut still the same though22:05
SebthreeBQM10HDFrNcS_Fr, its ok22:06
FrNcS_FrI know22:06
flexHello Community! I would like to write a script that opens specific windows (my developement envireonment including a text editor, the webbrowser on a certain URL and a console) and resize them/move them to the specified position. Is that possible and are there any guids that might help me figuring out how to accomplish that?22:06
tatertotsWeiJunLi: good job on finding the vendors documentation22:06
FrNcS_FrWell, not the shittest, but not the besy22:06
FrNcS_FrAmazon life :P22:07
inraI just ran an action that moved my home folder to my desktop by mistake. what can I do now? can I move everything back via another system?22:07
k1lFrNcS_Fr: please keep this channel clear for technical ubuntu support. thanks22:07
FrNcS_Frk1l: amazon life?22:07
inrathat's so bizarre. normally I should have gotten a message that said it was not possible, no?22:07
flexFrNcS_Fr: Ubuntu is the best argument when you talk to people who say "but windows is much simpler". Ubuntu is the best starting distro (assuming you are not a tech guy or nerdy by nature)22:07
inradesktop is a subfolder of home folder22:08
flexAnd yeah I know this was rethorical....however.22:08
SebthreeBQM10HDFrNcS_Fr, but there an be better one depending on user, needs, computer etc. also going by history there has always been one most popular distro that used to be Mandriva.22:08
DolphinDreamwhat's the recommended partitioning for a 16.04 installation? I have 2 HDDs and want to leave the home on the first HDD and install a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 on other HDD. Do I need a swap / system partitions and use the first HDD as the home ?22:08
FrNcS_FrFlex: arch is better22:08
WeiJunLitatertots: yea, that's what you was saying to do22:08
FrNcS_FrSebthreeBQM10HD: no22:08
tatertotsWeiJunLi: have you tried to remove the controller from the guest (powered off of course), exit fusion, reboot host, launch fusion, confirm guest still has controller configured prior to powering it on, determine if newly added controller appears in guest?22:08
FrNcS_FrArch life!22:08
flexFrNcS_Fr I am using arch on my desktop PC..however. "Better" is relative.. Noone without any experience in programming / UNIX based systems will be able to even install arch, despite of configuring GPU and so forth..22:09
tatertotsWeiJunLi: wait i typo'd that22:10
k1lflex: SebthreeBQM10HD please dont feed the trolls. this channels focus is technical support.22:10
FrNcS_Frflex: I CANNNN22:10
WeiJunLitatertots: you said to add a usb controller22:10
k1lFrNcS_Fr: stop that.22:10
inracan you help me please?22:10
flexI would like to write a script that opens specific programs (my developement envireonment including a text editor, the webbrowser on a certain URL and a console) and resize them/move them to the specified position. Is that possible and are there any guids that might help me figuring out how to accomplish that?22:10
FrNcS_Frk1l: you like biscuits with milk?22:11
saju_mwhy can't we keep multiple versions of package in repo ?22:11
flexk1l: I got distracted.. My apologies22:11
tatertotsWeiJunLi: yes, i said to add a controller after ubuntu showed no signs of having any usb controller at all,22:12
ppfsaju_m: we do22:12
WeiJunLitatertots: im lost22:13
saju_mppf, How ?22:13
tatertotsWeiJunLi: lol...let's just see if the contoller you added is detected22:13
tatertotsWeiJunLi: we'll start with that.22:13
saju_mi could not find curl-7.35.0-1ubuntu2.5 in http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/c/curl/22:13
tatertotsWeiJunLi: because i saw the link from vmware and i believe you have now added a usb controller22:13
saju_mcurl-7.35.0-1ubuntu2.5 was there in that repo22:14
saju_mnow its not there22:14
tatertotsWeiJunLi: so open terminal>22:14
tatertotsWeiJunLi: so open terminal> dmesg|grep Controller|nc termbin.com 999922:14
tatertotsWeiJunLi: or22:14
tatertotsWeiJunLi: so open terminal> dmesg|grep Controller|pastebinit22:14
k1lsaju_m: can you show the output of "apt-cache curl" and say why you want that specific version?22:14
ppfyou can install it: apt intsall curl=curl-7.35.0-1ubuntu2.522:15
k1lsaju_m: put the output into paste.ubuntu.com please and show the url here22:15
ppfthat being said, i'm not entirely sure that really is a solution to the problem you're having22:15
tatertotsWeiJunLi: share the url/link here22:15
WeiJunLi'You are trying to send an empty document, exiting.' tatertots22:15
WeiJunLiit doesnt create any url cuz it's an empty doc tatertots22:16
tatertotsWeiJunLi: .....ok hold on let me see if i can dig up the first record you posted hours ago22:16
WeiJunLimy dmesg doesnt change anything i guess, isnt the first time22:16
WeiJunLiperhaps go to /var/log and do grep -ir 'Controller'|pastebinit22:17
k1ltatertots: grep is case sensitive. either be sure its capital Controller or use -i22:17
WeiJunLithere may contain more info, right22:17
WeiJunLitatertots: since there are more files22:17
tatertotsWeiJunLi: dang i'm good...found your first dmesg   http://paste.ubuntu.com/23811960/22:17
saju_mk1l, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23812960/22:18
WeiJunLitatertots: take a look at this one http://paste.ubuntu.com/23812958/22:18
WeiJunLiI went to /var/log and did grep -ir 'Controller'22:19
flexIs bash able to resize/move windows after startup (including something like WaitForProgramHasLoaded() )?22:19
k1lsaju_m: sorry, i meant "apt-cache policy curl"22:19
tatertotsWeiJunLi: so see in your first dmesg http://paste.ubuntu.com/23811960/   grep for the Controller returned this...meaning at minimum if there has been "no change" at all...you would be showing me this same info a second time.....but according to you it has changed and even less info or NOTHING at all is down in dmesg now...which doesn't add up to me if this is your previous dmesg prior to adding the controller in fusion22:19
saju_mk1l, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23812969/22:19
k1lsaju_m: any reason you want that specific version?22:20
saju_mk1l, curl i given for example22:21
SpindizZzyhello world :)22:21
k1lsaju_m: because there are a lot of security fixes: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/c/curl/curl_7.35.0-1ubuntu2.10/changelog   i would not recommend running that outdated version22:21
SebthreeBQM10HDSpindizZzy, HI22:21
SpindizZzy <warn> /sys/devices/virtual/net/tun0: couldn't determine device driver; ignoring...22:21
tatertotsWeiJunLi> tatertots: take a look at this one http://paste.ubuntu.com/23812958/   "what command produced these finding"....always communicate that....since i am always doing that toward you ..reciprocate22:21
inraI found this command but I'd like to avoid messing things up even worse, can you help me know if it's the correct one please: 'sudo mv /sourcepath/ /targetpath/22:22
SpindizZzyin ubuntu 14.04 LTS22:22
SpindizZzyplease help :)22:22
=== cyborg is now known as Guest54407
WeiJunLitatertots: grep -ir 'Controller'|pastebinit22:22
WeiJunLiinside /var/log dir22:23
saju_mk1l, can we trust all updated packages ?22:23
k1lsaju_m: yes. i dont see why not? they do get automated testings before they are put into the repos.22:23
saju_mk1l, can we blindly upgrade our system to whatever there in upstream repo ?22:23
tatertotsWeiJunLi: so here my problem with this and where it's going...i saw your link...i accept that, now i want another link from you ...this one22:24
tatertotsWeiJunLi: so open terminal> dmesg|pastebinit22:24
k1lsaju_m: ubuntu got a stable release system. so once the ubuntu version is released the version of programs will not be updated, but there will be security and heavy bugfix patches backported.22:24
tatertotsWeiJunLi: share url/link here22:25
inrawhy is there noone to help22:25
tatertotsWeiJunLi: unless all is working now...then of course..great job22:26
WeiJunLijust a sec22:26
elias_ainra: I'm here.22:26
saju_mk1l, thanks, i know that22:26
tatertotsWeiJunLi: but if it still no workie....i want that full dmesg22:26
elias_ainra: What are you trying to achieve?22:26
saju_mk1l, but little bit afraid to upgrade if system has other softwares running22:27
emanuelspricht jemand deutsch hier22:27
k1lemanuel: in #ubuntu-de ist der deutsche kanal22:28
inraelias_a, thank you! I copied my home folder to my desktop by mistake. everything on my desktop has disappeared and file manager is not clickable right now. I checked the folders via terminal (via F1), and saw that I have the following directory tree now: 'home/Desktop/home/Desktop' and only under the last desktop I see my desktop elements22:28
inraI am not sure if simply applying mv command would help. and even there, I am not sure which folder to move where would be correct22:29
benccnginx package on ubuntu 16.04 is 1.10. Why apt-get source nginx gives me 1.9.15?22:29
k1lbencc: can you show the output of "apt-cache policy nginx" on paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here?22:29
elias_ainra: Are we talking about Ubuntu installation here?22:30
inraelias_a, no, but an ubuntu derivate22:30
inrabased on 14.04., I guess22:30
elias_ainra: I'd just move the directory structure and reboot.22:31
bencck1l:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23813031/22:31
inraelias_a, but which one to move where22:31
inrathe second home folder to original home?22:31
k1lbenok, do you have the trusty-updates  and trusty-security repos enabled for sourcpackages?22:32
bencck1l: I've added xenial-updates and now it's fine22:32
bencck1l: thanks22:32
Jakethepython    i am having trouble installing samba22:32
k1lbencc: uh right, xenial, not trusty :X22:32
Jakethepythonit is saying ob for smbd.service failed because the control process exited with error code.22:33
elias_ainra: Let's say "home" is your home directory. Now it seems that you've moved it to /home/user/desktop. Is this correct?22:33
inraelias_a, yes22:33
inrait is like /home/user/Desktop/home/user/Desktop now22:34
elias_ainra: So move the /home/user/Desktop/user to /home/user.22:34
=== fuzzybear is now known as fuzzybear3965
inraso would i need to cd into Desktop first (because the home folder is there), and then run '~/Desktop$ sudo mv /home/user ~/' like this?22:35
inraelias_a, so would i need to cd into Desktop first (because the home folder is there), and then run '~/Desktop$ sudo mv /home/user ~/' like this?22:36
genii/home/user and ~/ are the same thing22:37
inragenii, thank you, so it's ok the way I posted the command, I guess22:37
elias_ainra: You're on right track.22:38
JakethepythonHello Room could someone help me with my Samba Install error?22:39
k1lJakethepython: put the full error on paste.ubuntu.com and show the url here22:40
inraelias_a, thank you, running it now22:40
geniiThe prudent thing to do would be to be in /home/user/Desktop    and then mv user/* /home/user   ( no sudo should be required)   and then rmdir user   and then cd ( with no argument) to return to /home/user22:40
jeanjackI can't get what's wrong with my command : wget -r -A rss $url22:43
inrait turned to a horrible mess of Desktops and home folders at irrelevant places22:43
inraat least the files are still there22:43
jeanjackit don't download anything22:43
jeanjackif I use just the -r options, i get my rss file22:44
Bray90820So I can't seem to login to ssh as root but I can login to su and it was to my understanding that they were the same password22:44
Bray90820What I would actually like is to login to ssh root without a password22:44
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
inrato give an idea, it looks now like this: /home/user/Desktop/Desktop/home/user/Desktop22:44
k1lJakethepython: that doesnt show what the issue is. please show the output of "systemctl status smbd.service" too22:45
zoAnyone willing to help a total idiot? :) I can't see my wireless connection. Thanks in advance22:45
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs22:45
jeanjackBray90820: you know what is an RSA key ?22:45
SebthreeBQM10HDzo that can be a bit or more difficult to configure, depending on which one you got22:46
=== notabetterdevops is now known as notadeveloper
SebthreeBQM10HDzo look in additinal drivers,  search  for that in the interface unity by default or whaever your on,  might have something waiting to go there22:47
SebthreeBQM10HDzo would need to be etherneted to download though.22:48
zoHey Sebthree, can you give me a terminal command or something else to start with? Thanks22:48
SebthreeBQM10HDzo yeah lspci22:48
SebthreeBQM10HDthat hsould say what wireless amoungst other things22:49
zook, we're a go... what am i looking for?22:49
SebthreeBQM10HDzo the mentiol of your wireless22:49
SebthreeBQM10HDcard adapater22:49
SebthreeBQM10HDyour wireless22:49
n4n0`oh boy22:49
zoI have network controller and ethernet controller... any od that it? Sorry, but as I said, I am a total idiot :P22:50
k1lJakethepython: hmm. i dont see a reason. maybe try a "sudo apt purge samba" and try to install it again afterwards22:50
SebthreeBQM10HDzo yeah should be both, pastebin the terminal output and give me the link22:51
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:51
zoNetwork controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM43142 802.11b/g/n (rev 01)22:51
zo07:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8101/2/6E PCI Express Fast/Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 07)22:51
SebthreeBQM10HDzo probably similar to mine, how new is the computer?22:51
JakethepythonIgnoring file '50unattended-upgrades.ucf-old' in directory '/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/' as it has an invalid filename extension22:52
Jakethepython what does this mean?22:52
zoAhm, I think less than a year22:52
SebthreeBQM10HDJakethepython,  some old file to do with apt upgrades, should be ok22:52
SebthreeBQM10HDit seems22:52
SebthreeBQM10HDto first bit22:53
SebthreeBQM10HDzo yeah seemed new22:53
JakethepythonHow would i get rid of it?22:53
SebthreeBQM10HDzo  on an UBuntu tablet now, so  what wiress I have here is ireelivent for your issue, but on the lap top I think I may have a similar one22:53
SebthreeBQM10HDas you22:53
Herbalistit means it's not happy about the extension ucf-old22:53
zohow do I make him happy again? chocolate? :)22:53
SebthreeBQM10HDzo now search unity the default interface for additional drivers22:54
Herbalisttry change it to .ucf and remove i22:54
SebthreeBQM10HDJakethepython,  I think you can ignore  that error messange be ok, when it come up22:54
JakethepythonThe samba purge reinstall gave the same error message22:54
inrahow can I power off a disk from the terminal? I dont mean unmount, it is already unmounted, but powering off22:55
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=== analyser_ is now known as analyser
zoSebthree, sorry had a low bat situation... Ahm, where do I go for that :) Sorry for stupid questions :)22:59
zoHey Sebthree... sorry for super stupid questions :) where do I go for that? :)23:00
SebthreeBQM10HDzo no that's ok, and your brand new to Ubuntu then ?23:00
Amm0ninra, if you remove the device in the filemanager it should power down amoung other operations.23:01
zoKind of, and not top great around to computers to begin with :)23:01
SebthreeBQM10HDzo by default since the april 2011 release it comes with the unity interface23:01
SebthreeBQM10HDthe menu down the left23:01
SebthreeBQM10HDthe stuff on the top right etc23:02
SebthreeBQM10HDyes unity23:02
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity23:02
SebthreeBQM10HDzo in unity you can search for additional drivers23:02
n4n0`Poor SebthreeBQM10HD23:02
SebthreeBQM10HDn4n0`, how so ?23:02
n4n0`So much to answer23:02
* n4n0` jumps in a pit of lava.23:02
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
Amm0ninra, or from commandline use: usdisksctl power-off -b /dev/sdx23:03
SebthreeBQM10HDn4n0`, h eh that's ok, but newbies can be fun to help23:03
Amm0ninra, sorry typo it's udisksctl23:03
SebthreeBQM10HDn4n0`, a pit of lava in the old croc games ok :D23:03
zoOk, so I'm at the additional drivers place? Did I miss?23:04
SebthreeBQM10HDzo on the top left  the bar down the left,, the very top, should be  an ubuntu logo, click on that,  get the search up an  search for addiontal drivers and open that23:04
inraAmm0n, I've just found this command with udisks : 'udisks --unmount /dev/sdb1 && udisks --detach /dev/sdb'..though I couldnt be sure if it applies to my case as I dont have any mounted sdb1 partition23:04
SebthreeBQM10HDzo if lucky there is a wireless driver waiting to go,  well once ethernet connected as well so can actsually download it23:04
inramaybe I should use just the detach part of it?23:05
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inraAmm0n, yes, it worked with udisks --detach command above23:06
inraAmm0n, thank you for the command you recommended, I noted it!23:06
SebthreeBQM10HDzo  I guess you just installed,  and didn't test wireless on live dvd/usb  but thats ok23:06
zook, no ubuntu logo, just about this computer, ubuntu help, system settings, lock and other logging options23:07
SebthreeBQM10HDzo there is23:08
SebthreeBQM10HDor should be23:08
SebthreeBQM10HDzo the very top of the bar I think23:08
SebthreeBQM10HDfirst icon23:08
zoyes there is... I looked in the wrong place :)23:08
SebthreeBQM10HDclick that23:08
zotold you, total idiot :)23:08
SebthreeBQM10HDthen search23:08
SebthreeBQM10HDzo no not at alll23:08
Amm0ninra, you could check "lsblk" what's relevant for your device23:09
SebthreeBQM10HDzo  your using this for some reason, most peole wont go near Linux23:09
SebthreeBQM10HDzo since they hardly know computers etc23:09
* SebthreeBQM10HD is meant to be deliving a talk this Thursday to such people about something hmm23:09
SebthreeBQM10HDzo  so did a wireless driver come up in additional drivers :) ?23:10
Amm0ninra, you should use "sync" too, if it's a removal device, to write all data from cache before you use the udisks command23:11
st3fannhey, Im looking to delete the screen temp file /dev/pts/1, but for some reason it does not let me.. I am attempting to do it as root so I dont know why this would be happening23:11
st3fannand this is the output for lsattr -d lsattr: Inappropriate ioctl for device While reading flags on .23:12
zoOk, so I'm finally there.. I have a broadcom wireless thingie... it says that it is using an alternative driver and it is marked as using broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver source from bcmwl-kernel-source (proprietary)23:13
SebthreeBQM10HDzo ok good23:13
SebthreeBQM10HDzo  you need to use the propritary driver23:13
zoyaaaaay :)23:13
SebthreeBQM10HDwhih is what tht is23:14
SebthreeBQM10HDyou have to enable it, but lso download it23:14
zook, so I do that? :)23:14
SebthreeBQM10HDso yeah got a ethernet cable to get it online for that ?23:14
SebthreeBQM10HDyep connect that23:14
SebthreeBQM10HDdownload intall it enable it23:14
SebthreeBQM10HDget on your wireless, an should be ok23:14
zuiss1does "guided - use entire disk and set up encrypted lvm" in the ubuntu installer mean use it will wipe out the windows install, or does it mean it will use the partition only,23:15
st3fannwipe everything zuiss123:15
SebthreeBQM10HDand  your wireless should have a password and some kind of encryption, not this open wireless stuff zo23:15
SebthreeBQM10HDzuiss1, the default automatic partiting does not seem to do encryption or lvm23:15
inraAmm0n, thank you, added to my notes! :)23:16
SebthreeBQM10HDand it would use some free space from windows,  or just pariton space i think23:16
st3fannanyone? Ive done some reading and it looks like the file is a symlink, I really don't know what to do with it, and I cannot run screen without removing the file :/23:16
zuiss1so what should i do if i want encryption, but am on a dual boot system where i don't want to wipe out windows?23:16
zuiss1the installer only has a use full disk option for encryption23:16
SebthreeBQM10HDzuiss1, I am not sure if I hve used automatic in ubunu actsaully, but it seems you should do a  custom install and be more in control yourself23:17
SebthreeBQM10HDzuiss1, you can encrypt home regardless I think23:17
SebthreeBQM10HDbut sure / won't be I guess23:17
zuiss1SebthreeBQM10HD: do you know how to set up encryption if i select "manual"23:17
SebthreeBQM10HDzuiss1, advanced partining optons maybe ?23:17
SebthreeBQM10HDzo  so you get it online on the wireless?23:18
zoSeb, can you make it a bit easier for me? A terminal code or link please?23:18
inrareturning to my original problem, i managed to bring all folders back under my original home folder, but now the other home folder that I copied under desktop is still there, and has no content. could it be why I still cannot click on the file manager?23:18
SebthreeBQM10HDzo no additional drivers is where you go to enable the driver23:19
SebthreeBQM10HDand tht's the easy way23:19
SebthreeBQM10HDzo may b some command way, but thats not   going to be as easy23:19
inraor cannot open any most applications?23:19
SebthreeBQM10HDzo ethernet conect it23:19
SebthreeBQM10HDzo then enable download actiavte the driver whatever in addiontal drivers, put password in so it can do that, and that should do it23:20
Amm0ninra, create a new user and login, then diff the folderstucture/permissions, or just use the new user and copy your files23:22
zook, so I think I'm a bit lost... I only have a do not use this device option and can't see any way to activate it beside doing the "turn on and off" thing :P23:23
zomaybe leave it for someone else to do it live?23:23
SebthreeBQM10HDzo no show me a screenshot of additional drivers?23:24
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.23:24
zook, just a sec23:24
zook, how do I get them to you? upload somewhere and give you a link?23:25
Amm0ninra, did you use sudo with the mv?23:28
zuiss1so i created a 500 MB /boot partition, and then a large partition which i selected "physical volume for encryption" so now i have these 2 partitions. but the installer won't let me click "install" to proceed23:28
zuiss1anyone know what i need to do23:28
zohere it is23:28
SebthreeBQM10HDzo hmm23:30
SebthreeBQM10HDzo looks diffenret to mine23:30
zohmmm I agree :)23:30
SebthreeBQM10HDyou got  certain other things there to such as inel23:30
SebthreeBQM10HDI only get like two things coming up on mine in that one of which is wirelss23:30
SebthreeBQM10HDbut that's all ok23:30
SebthreeBQM10HDzo just make sure that its using the broadcom23:31
JakethepythonDoes anyone have any suggestions as to installing samba it keeps erroring I can't seem to get it to install even after  a purge23:31
SebthreeBQM10HDzo  or sems to be using it23:31
SebthreeBQM10HDthen  on the top right23:31
zowell it does say that it is using it :)23:31
SebthreeBQM10HDshould get a icon for wireless23:31
SebthreeBQM10HDsee if you can enable it then23:31
SebthreeBQM10HDzo however23:31
SebthreeBQM10HDzo  however you still need to thernet probbly23:31
SebthreeBQM10HDit won't download anything without so23:31
SebthreeBQM10HDno Internet connection no downloads23:32
zook, nothing on the enabling front23:32
zoI am sorry to say that I am to hopeless and someone else will have to deal with it for me23:32
lucas_aiLOL pytz is giving me a weird timezone for Los_Angeles. Any ideas why? 2017-01-17T12:30:00-07:5323:33
zothank anyway and thank you for your time <323:33
SebthreeBQM10HDzo no23:33
SebthreeBQM10HDzo no don't give up yet23:33
zohave to, it's after midnight where I am and the bed is calling :)23:33
zoappreciate it a lot in any case23:34
SebthreeBQM10HDz0 who is someone else23:34
SebthreeBQM10HDand where you from ?23:34
SebthreeBQM10HDand yes addiontal drivers is where you going to have to do something I expet23:34
SebthreeBQM10HDand probably download something via the ethernet able23:34
zoyeah, will give it another go tomorrow, and then make someone else do it... promise :)23:35
zok.. gotta go now23:35
zothanks and bye23:35
inraworking to tackle the problem that I posted about my home folder, I have just moved hidden files back there, except that two of them were refused to be moved, saying that 'directory is not empty'..I found a few posts about this case, but cannot be sure how to use the respective commands..can you help me move these files please?23:41
mozart92Hey everyone :) I have a technical question, is this a good place?23:45
Vilegentmozart92, ask23:46
k1lmozart92: this is the proper place for technical ubuntu questions23:46
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inrahome folder is back23:47
mozart92@Viligent Premise: I use a vpn (with openvpn-networkmanager) I'd like to create an ssl tunnel in order to use the vpn only with the web browser, in order to let the pc and its processes (like steam) use all my bandwith with the normal ethernet connection. Is this possible?23:47
stanford_AII'm looking for the most badass linux/robotics programmer. To build an indoor drone with deep learning. Do you know a good one here?23:48
inraall of a sudden it was a good command line exercise23:49
TEMPLARgood bye23:51
mozart92Viligent Basically I want to apply my vpn only to the browser.23:52
Vilegentwell possible most likely easy no23:53
k1lmozart92: maybe there are browser addons that direct the browser traffic into the vpn23:54
Vilegentbecaause steam traffic is still web traffic23:54
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
mozart92k1l I only found some offered by vpn providers, furthermore my vpn only supports linux through openvpn.23:59

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