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Phiber2000Hi! I'm using xubuntu on a ThinkPad W510 with 2 external displays. That works well. But when I lock the session, all displays keep as blackscreen until I open the notebook display.11:06
Phiber2000Is there any solution?11:06
flankehello room13:26
flankeI am new to xubuntu and have installed wubuntu 16.4 yesterday13:27
flankeI tried several sip protocol programs like empathy, sfl, twinkle, linphone, etc. but I can't get a single one to work with the credentials that I have (account at freevoiopdeal). I always get an internal server error. does anyone else have encountered the same issue and resolved it?13:29
flankexubuntu ;)13:29
flankeI also tried to install a windows app (voipconnect) via wine but as I expected, it did not work...13:31
bazhangchrome supports LINE13:33
bazhangthas just about the best there is13:33
flankewhat do u mean by "chrome supports". Chrome the browser?13:34
bazhangchrome has an addon for LINE13:34
bazhangpreviously, it was wine on Linux, not a good solution at all13:35
flankeI don't really like using a google application on linux...what's the point of using linux if I have got to use a propriatery app.? U don't have any other idea?13:35
bazhangsorry I didn't see that in your question13:48
bazhangthey have an install sans browser on github as well13:49
flankeNo worries, I just give the precision. :)13:49
flankeI check :)13:49
flankeNot good either. It is asking me to register on telegram via my mobile phone. I want to phone via my pc to a phone, not setting up telegram...13:59
bazhangthats not how it's done at all14:00
flankeand via the internet address you gave me, I could not find any linux program...14:01
bazhangdownloaded it no problem here, set up no issue14:02
flankewhere did u download it from?14:02
bazhangthe github or the browser addon14:02
flankeyou've got a github account then?14:03
bazhangdid you wish to set this up on your phone, your PC, or both14:07
chippydoesn't SIP require certain ports etc to be open / forwarded? Have you looked at this?14:08
flankeI want to set this up on my pc only15:33
flankeI don't think so about the ports to be opened. As far as I know, no.15:33
xubuntu79ihello folks16:32
Artemis3bazhang, except the screen saver / suspend etc will never trigger with that thing open...18:12
Artemis3i have to keep it closed and stick to telegram because of that.18:12
Artemis3flanke, as for registering, it sadly needs to send an sms the first time, but other than that, its better afterwards you don't need the phone again.18:13
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flanketx Artemis19:21
AzsendiI'm having problems with my xubuntu23:17
Azsendiit's stuck on /dev/sda2: clean, 626136/121085952 files, 200099556/484325632 blocks23:18
AzsendiIt doesn't load the gui.23:18
AzsendiDoes anyone know how to fix this?23:18
AzsendiWill anyone be able to help me?23:23
AzsendiWill anyone be able to help?23:30
AzsendiXubuntu Desktop doesn't load, it gets stuck on /dev/sda2: clean, 626136/121085952 files, 200099556/484325632 blocks23:38

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