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kaisersHi juju-gui, is it ok to ask a q about the jujucharms.com store web ui in here?14:42
rick_hkaisers: sure thing14:42
kaisersGreat. I'm looking at a page like https://jujucharms.com/u/quobyte/quobyte-api/trusty/0 and i need to edit the 'configuration' section at the lower end of the page14:43
kaisersWhere is that content defined?14:43
kaisersAbove that is the readme from the juju charm, but i cannot find the sources for the configuration section at the lower end of the page14:43
rick_hkaisers: it's parsed from the config.yaml in the charm14:43
kaisersBecause i'm looking at the sources and they differ14:44
rick_hfrom https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v5/~quobyte/trusty/quobyte-api-0/archive/config.yaml14:44
rick_hkaisers: was it just recently updated? There's some caches in the webui that might cause delays in updating?14:44
kaisersNo, i probably have a wrong version when fetching the charm from the server14:45
kaisersnot a bzr wizard, sry14:45
kaisersBut thanks a lot for clarifying.  I was wondering if i was looking in a completely wrong direction. If it's in the charm I'll find & edit it.... :)14:46
rick_hkaisers: hmm, well bzr sohuldn't have anything to do with it14:51
kaisersI'm an absolute noob in bzr/juju/charms. I'm trying to update some things a colleague did some months ago. afaics the sources i get from code.launchpad.net are not the same as those deployed to the jujucharms store. 14:53
kaisersQuick q: Normal procedure would be develop against code.lp, and at some point deploy towards the jujucharms store, correct?14:54
kaisers<-- is digger into the docs...14:56
rick_hkaisers: ah I see. So the charms are pushed to the charmstore with the charm command. It lets you develop in your chosen source control location and then when things pass tests/QA/etc you can push to the store to update14:56
rick_hkaisers: see https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/authors-charm-store14:56
kaisersthanks again!14:56
rick_hlet me know if you hit any questions/issues along the way14:57
kaisersrick_h: will do14:58
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