RoeyCapsAdmin: HELLO!00:01
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Roeyitsme: hello, do you know linux?00:38
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Roeys/he left.00:39
valorieRoey: you got no help yet?00:45
Roeymgolden_ and lordievader responded but it was past my bedtime00:47
Roeyhey Valorie00:47
valorieand was their help, helpful?00:51
Roeyvalorie: they just asked me to explain the issue02:13
Roeyvalorie: like, I can chat here but I can't resolve hostnames to IP addresses in firefox/ping/gethostip/etc.  Even though I can do "nslookup" successfully02:13
sintrewell if i remember from yesterday we thru everything we could think of at it02:14
sintreand the kitchen sink :)02:14
sintrenot sure if i remember correctly but this was after and upgrade from 160.402:15
sintrei mean 16.0402:15
sintreso for time being going back would beeasier than bangin your head against the wall02:15
sintreit might be hardware specific somehow but nobody could figure it out atleast not yet02:16
sintreon thing id din't ask yesterday was , do you have wifi as well has a broadband card02:17
sintreand did you try testing both02:17
sintrewith same result on same system02:17
Roeysintre: correct, it happened once I upgraded to 16.10.  I can test with a livecd to see if it's any other issue02:27
RoeyI don't have wifi on this system02:27
Roeyit's just a desktop godbox (intel 5960x + 64GB ram)02:28
sintretest another 16.10 live usb?02:28
sintrereg ubuntu or kubuntu?02:28
Roeyoh heavens not ubuntu; GNOME can rot in hell02:29
sintredid it work?02:29
RoeyI need to do it.02:29
sintrenot asking to switch lol02:29
sintrethis just for tresting02:29
Roeyaye of course02:29
RoeyI'll get to it02:29
sintrei also don't like gnome personally02:29
Roeywhat don't you like about it?02:30
RoeyI don't like that it supposes things for me02:30
Roeyand limits my options02:30
Roeyand the community has such a snobby attitude, I find.02:30
sintrehonestly just out of box layout drive me crazy02:30
sintreeverything at top lol02:30
Roeyah, that too02:30
sintrei'm easy to piss off , so went straight to kubuntu when i found it02:30
Roeyah! Was this recent?02:30
sintrena few year ago02:30
Roeyoh ok02:31
sintrebefore i sswitched ot kubuntu as my primary os02:31
Roeywho knows maybe I'll go to Neon after this02:31
Roeyred hat in 1998 -> Debian in 1999 -> Kubuntu in 2005 or so02:31
sintretry the live usb and see if it works for you :)02:31
Roeyok :)02:32
Roeyand then what02:32
Roeyreinstall this thing??02:32
sintrehonestly with the head aches i'd just go back to 26.0402:32
sintre16.04 with backports02:32
sintreuntil you can figure out what causing this02:33
sintreif you know it works02:33
sintresomething may of happend in the upgrade nobody can figure out02:33
sintreor before , try a fresh install straight from a 16.10 kubuntu02:33
sintrethats how i think thoug , comes a time to not waste more time02:34
sintreif you want  function up system02:34
sintreso back up and get rdy if thats what you wanna do :)02:34
sintrehey darin02:35
DarinMillerhey sintre02:35
sintreRoey has had epic two day battle after upgrade from 16.04 to 16.1002:35
sintreso far we've thrown everyhting we can think of02:36
sintreseems he can't resolve and websites hostname02:36
sintrebut can connect directly with a p to sites02:36
sintrehopefully that paged him02:36
DarinMillerIs Roey the same person we were attempting to help a few days ago?02:37
sintreyea and yesterday02:37
sintrereinstalled network manager and everything else02:37
DarinMillerLast thing I suggested was purging iptables as that had helped someone with the same issue, but I did not hear back.02:40
sintrehe seems to pop in and out02:40
sintrelast think i could recomend is just back up and put 16.04 on there again02:40
DarinMillerDo you recall if he is using a laptop or desktop?02:41
sintrehe using a a desktop02:41
DarinMillerDoes live booting with 16.10 work ok?02:41
sintreit's just a desktop godbox (intel 5960x + 64GB ram)02:41
sintrei asked him to try that02:41
sintrehe said he might get around to it02:41
DarinMillerWOW.  That's the problem way too much RAM02:41
DarinMiller :)02:42
DarinMillerA couple of options to try.  1) Live boot to test network.  2) Small hammper approach: install 16.10 to a small partion, run updates and see if everything is normal.02:44
DarinMillerI suspect he may have more than 1 HD judging by the amount of RAM, so 2nd install should be very easy to test.02:45
sintreyea , hoping he took the live iso advice02:45
sintrehe has a wireless router other devices can connect to fine02:46
DarinMillerI have never heard of a broken network connection and googling turns up very little.  hateball was really good at network issues so maybe he could assist.02:46
sintrebut no wifi for his desktop02:46
sintrewell he's gotta come back to help him , i assume he will as he aint giving up on it obviously02:47
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Roeyhe left..03:13
sintrehe'll be back just stay around chat03:13
RoeyI need to go to bed soon--I should try that livecd...ya know..I'll burn it on my laptop03:14
Roeyhihi DarinMiller03:14
sintretold you he'd be back03:14
DarinMillerHey Roey03:18
Roeyoh hello DarinMiller03:19
sintreahh hpefully bboth here t same time lol03:19
RoeyI'm downloading the 16.10 livcd03:19
DarinMillerSounds like a great plan.  So the network symptons seem to be dns resolution related?  (You can ping specific IP's but no name resolving?)03:20
sintreroey darin can't think of what i can't imagine , helped me tons03:20
Roeywellthank you03:22
RoeyDarinMiller: indeed03:22
RoeyI can ping specific IPs, but when I try pinging hostnames, it just sits there03:22
Roeywhen I try going to specific hostnames in Firefox, it just says "looking up"03:23
Roeyeventually it times out (I figure it is timing out and defaulting to another resolution provider) and downloads some of the web pate03:23
RoeyDarinMiller: now assuming that the LiveCD works, then the next step would be to compare configuration of the system agains that of the livecd03:24
RoeyI would think.03:24
DarinMillerYes.  But while downloading lets see if we can fix it.03:25
DarinMillerHave you tried pointing to another dns server such as google via network manager settings?03:25
RoeyI have03:27
RoeyI mean I've tried putting this value in /etc/resolv.conf (it still didn't work, and /etc/resolv.conf invariably got overwritten anyway.. so I tried putting this value into /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head so that it would appear consistently in /etc/resolv.conf03:28
Roeybut even with nameserver as the first line in /etc/resolv.conf, still the system could not resolve hostnames03:29
DarinMillerwhat about disabling ipv6 in network manager?03:30
RoeyI haven't tried disabling ipv6... how can I do that through the command line03:31
Roeynetwork manager.. I can't get that to run03:31
sintreok now we're on to someting03:31
Roeyyeah we tried it yesterday here03:35
RoeyI just couldn't get this thing to load03:35
DarinMillersysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=103:37
DarinMillerto renable sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=003:37
VulcanJediAny guesses why firefox keeps opening on my secondary display?03:37
Roeyok, I've disbaled it03:38
Roeynow what? ping shows the same (mis)behavior03:38
DarinMillerok, renable and try ping again.03:39
Roeysame thing.03:39
Roeylet me reboot for a sec?03:39
RoeyI have the livecd here03:39
sintrecertainy give that a go03:40
Roeyko, BRB03:40
DarinMillerVulcanJedi: some application ignore the windows manager window placement. However, you can override that behavior.03:42
DarinMillerVulcanJedi: btw, what version of Kubuntu are you running?03:42
DarinMillerIs everything working OK for you (plasma not crashing, dual monitor settings lost during reboot, etc)?03:44
VulcanJediyes, though i had to force nvidia x server to add the correct resolution to my 2nd monitor. no display issues since then03:45
DarinMillerOK, if everything is stable then you should not need backports ppa, but I would recommend it you experience any stability issues.03:46
VulcanJedioh, i got backports trying to get other things working, but it turns out facebook is just a curmudgeon03:47
DarinMillerregarding firefox, do you want it to alway open in the same location?  I can walk you through how to force it.03:47
VulcanJedipreferably, to open in the last position it was open03:48
VulcanJedibut if i can have it open on primary, that's of course the next best thing03:48
DarinMillerJust a sec, testing ff on my dual screen box.03:48
DarinMillerI usally run chrome and does not always follow the desktop windows placement either...03:49
DarinMillerDo you run ff full or split screen?03:50
VulcanJedihaven't tried chrome on ubuntu yet, is chromium the same thing?03:51
DarinMillerchromium lack the built in pepperflash and other proprietary bits.03:53
DarinMillerVulcanJedi:  the monitor where you want ff to start, is it your primary monitor? Do you know how to verify?03:59
VulcanJediIt is, but I can double check.03:59
DarinMiller16.04 had issues with primary monitor retention. backports updates fix most of the issues.04:00
VulcanJedioh, well then i should see if it keeps the 2nd monitor's panel if i add one again04:01
DarinMillerOK, I found a new option I had not tried until now.04:01
VulcanJediyes, correct monitor is primary04:01
DarinMillerfor grins, toggle the primary to other monitor apply then toggle back.04:02
Froeystratedhi all04:02
FroeystratedDarinMiller, sintre: hi!  So this is from the livecd04:03
Froeystratedproof that it's not a hardware issue04:03
sintreit lives04:03
sintregj joey04:03
sintreso back up and prepare for new install04:03
FroeystratedI made one dvd, and that ended up having physical media errors so I made anothe rone04:03
DarinMillerregardless, try this trick: right click on title bar and select "more  options"04:03
sintrebecause we'04:03
Froeystratedwhat because we04:03
DarinMillerl^More Actions04:03
sintrecan't figure out ho to fix current one04:04
Froeystratedsintre: I'd rather not have to make customizations to the OS again... argh04:04
DarinMillergood to hear Froeystrated.  I still with we could fix your problem without a slegehammer reinstall, but I am out of ideas.04:04
Froeystratedand the graphics doesn't work04:04
FroeystratedI ahve nvidia here.04:04
FroeystratedDarinMiller: aye04:04
sintreyea lets give it one more shot04:05
DarinMillerlive cd does not have Nvidia proprietary drivers.04:05
Froeystratedbut X won't show because it's nvidia04:05
FroeystratedDarinMiller: fuck me, rioght?04:05
Froeystratedsudo atp-get install nvidia-36704:05
Froeystratedthen restrtr X somehow04:05
Froeystratedand hope it loads nvidia drivers?04:05
Froeystratedgod this is so retarded that it doesn't work.04:06
DarinMillernvidia requires restart so live installing nvidia drivers will not persist through  reboot.04:06
Froeystratedevery single upgrade of kubuntu breaks something stupid.04:06
FroeystratedDarinMiller: oh lovely :)04:06
Froeystratedupgrading is never easy for me04:06
Froeystratedalways something fundamental has to break, argh04:06
DarinMillerVulcanJedi: sorry, under more  actions, selection special windows settings04:07
DarinMillerOn the size and position tab, check the "initial placment" box and select "under mouse" (or whatever you want to try).04:08
VulcanJediOoh! I'm going to try smart placement and see what it does04:08
VulcanJedihad no idea there were so many options in that context menu04:08
DarinMillerVulcanJedi: smart placement should be your current behavior unless you changed that in sys settings.04:09
VulcanJedireally? then why is default its own option?04:09
DarinMillerVulcanJedi: anyways, many options in there, but sadly, I don't see a remember last position option.04:10
DarinMillercheck sys setting -> win manag -> win behavior -> advanced tab04:11
VulcanJedioh, hey04:11
DarinMillerI set ff to open with meta+f and set ff win settings to open under the mouse.  works as advertised.04:13
VulcanJediwell, at least i have a fun new toolbox to play with, thx04:13
DarinMillernp :)04:13
DarinMillerFroeystrated: How much HD space do you have?04:14
sintre64 gigs ram should = like 4 2 tb hdds :)04:15
sintrebut didn't ask him about hdd space , oops04:15
VulcanJediwell, for one reason or the other, firefox is now opening on primary, so that's good04:15
VulcanJeditake that, kubuntu!04:15
sintreepsiode 2 kubuntu strikes back cometing to a install near you soon04:16
DarinMillerVulcanJedi: I have seen funny issues where some strange setting are stuck until the certain things are toggled.  That why I recommended toggling the primary monitor as I had an issue on 16.04.04:17
DarinMillerOh, oh he left.04:18
sintrehe'll problally be back04:19
sintrei guess04:19
sintrehe's been at it for two days about now04:19
Roeyso here is my catch 2204:23
RoeyI can boot off a livecd04:23
Roeybut X wont' work because of nvidia drivers missing.04:23
sintreok darin can talk you thru doing a side by install with current install04:23
RoeyI can jump off a bridge but that won't do anything to solve the problem04:23
sintrewhich then can give you time to work on new install while you save stuff04:23
DarinMillerRoey do you know if /home is it's own partition?04:24
Roeyactually scratch that.  A friend of mine did jump off a bridge, so that's not funny.04:24
sintreatleas then you can cess a webpage04:24
RoeyDarinMiller: Yeah I was looking at th e mount table04:24
Roey/home, /arch are each in their own partitions04:24
DarinMillerdf -l04:24
VulcanJediDarinMiller, yup, that's going to be my goto fix for display-related issues now, toggle the relevant setting and see if it works04:24
DarinMillershows /home as it's own partition?04:25
RoeyDarinMiller: you know I'd pastebin it but I can't load the pastebin site04:25
RoeyDarinMiller: correct04:25
RoeyI can obliterate / and /home and /arch would still be there04:25
Roeyor would they? it's a btrfs installation.04:26
DarinMillerWait, so if you know about setting up home as it's own partition, I assume you know you  can re-install without reformatting home, yes?04:26
RoeyDarinMiller: right04:26
Roeythe only thing--is that I don't have a backup here.04:26
RoeyI mean I do.04:26
RoeyBut I can't get the disk drive to work for some reason.04:26
DarinMillerwhat is in root that requires backup?04:26
Roeywell just my /home and /arch04:26
Roey/arch is where I keep movies, music, etc.04:26
Roeyand even still, I can't load x04:27
DarinMillermind sharing your df listing? df -l | pastebinit04:29
DarinMillerhttp://pastebin.com/00YAAUUZ <- Mine looks like this.04:29
Roeywhat's pastebinit, a command?  I don't appear to have it.04:29
Roeyand again--I can't resolve hostnames so I can't do this04:29
RoeyI can't load the site04:29
DarinMillersudo apt install pastebinit04:29
Roeyconnecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com...04:30
Roeyit's not connecting04:30
Roeydo you get it?04:30
RoeyI can't look up anything04:30
DarinMilleryou can pipe command like output and create quick share link to terminal output.04:30
Roeypm me04:30
Roeyi"ll paste there.04:30
Roeyhow about that?04:30
sintrehi again04:36
sintreso decide how your gonna go forward?04:36
RoeyI have no idea.04:36
sintrebtw can you right click on desktop04:38
sintreand add widgets04:38
sintreif so drag a network over onto desktop it probally has no icon in the menu on left side but it'll be there04:38
sintrethen right click on it04:38
sintrethen you can try change the settings on your connection04:39
sintreonce you se your connection right click and hit edit04:39
Roeysintre: oh, ok04:49
Roeyok I deactivated Network1 and then re-activated it04:50
Roeysintre: ping doesn't work still04:50
sintrewell now you have access yto settings is darin still around04:51
Roeyyeah we're chatting in a PM actually04:51
sintrei think ipv6 can be deactivated from there04:51
Roeywe tried deactivating ipv6 through the commandline, that didn't sovle it04:51
sintrehmm , some great network guys but you gotta be on same time as them to grab thier attention and help04:53
sintrei honestly would just get rdy for new install side by side04:53
RoeyI don't want to reinstall though04:53
Roeyfor a few reasons:04:53
Roey1) I don't want to clobber my BTRFS partitions04:53
sintrethis is almost two days not being able to even get a webpage silly04:53
Roeybecause it's all one partition that is subpartitioned04:53
Roey2) I made custom edits to config files and don't want to clobber them with a re-installation04:54
sintreyou can save copies of config files04:54
sintreits up to you but honestly , if at this point we've exuasted all option that i know of04:54
sintreor you can have a gimp useless os tht can rresolve websites04:55
sintrei mean thats your call , i don't think anybody else is gonna come up with magic answer04:55
sintreits time spent trouble shooting and hoping or time spent reinstalling and repairing04:56
sintrething is we can't figure out hoew to repair this04:56
Roeysintre: I understand where you're coming from05:05
RoeyDarinMiller, sintre: good night guys :)05:49
DarinMillergn all05:49
sintrenight Roey05:49
sintremight DarinMiller05:49
sintrenight :)05:49
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lordievaderGood morning.08:23
BluesKajHi folks13:44
TaggnostrI'm copying files from my hd to an externa drive, but it seems to be going at <1MBps, is this normal?15:39
BluesKajhi Taggnostr15:40
TaggnostrI first tried through dolphin, and plasmashell was using 100%+ cpu, now I'm trying with cp, and it still seems slow15:41
BluesKajis the external drive usb connected ?, if so make sure it's connected to the 3.015:41
Taggnostrit's usb, and I connected it to the blue usb on the back of my pc15:41
Taggnostreven usb 2 should transfer at 60MB/s15:42
BluesKajTaggnostr, actually it shoud be faster thru dolphin15:43
Taggnostrshould I stop cp and try again through dolphin?15:43
BluesKajTaggnostr, yes15:43
Taggnostrlet's see15:44
BluesKajyou should see the external drive listed in the dolphin device list on the left15:44
Taggnostrthe tray loading icon says 300KiB/s15:45
Taggnostrand plasmashell is using ~115% cpu (from top)15:45
TaggnostrI think this already happened a few times in the past, sometimes it gets really slow, sometimes it's fast15:46
BluesKajTaggnostr, odd that plasmashell is using so much cpu, perhaps an update and upgrade are in order15:49
Taggnostrshould be up to date15:49
BluesKajI just copied 3Gig media file from my outboard to my home dir in less than 30 secs, but I use an esata to sata connection15:51
Taggnostrthat's what usually happens for me as well, but some times it's slow15:52
BluesKajyou must have some other processes using up cpu15:52
Taggnostrplasmashell? it starts eating cpu as soon as I start copying15:53
BluesKajit shouldn'r15:53
TaggnostrI'll try to copy the subdirs one by one and see if it changes anything15:55
BluesKajoops, my ususally reliable vpn server went down16:08
TaggnostrI'll try to restart and see if it gets any better16:08
BluesKajTaggnostr, which kubuntu are you running?16:09
acheronukTaggnostr: what version of plasma do you have?16:09
Taggnostrplasmashell 5.7.516:10
ubottuKDE bug 356479 in general "plasmashell uses 100% CPU when there is an animation in the task bar" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]16:16
acheronukat least on the CPU side, may be that ^^^^16:16
acheronukand that is hopefully fixed in the plasma 5.8.x backports in backports ppa16:17
Taggnostrthat did the trick, copying at ~30MB/s now16:17
acheronukthough I can't confirm that 100%, as I was never able to reproduce that bug to start with16:17
acheronukTaggnostr: ok. so a transient issue then16:17
Taggnostryes, it comes and goes16:18
TaggnostrI'm not even sure that's the issue, I think I got similar problems when I had programs writing on the disk16:18
Taggnostrlike a videocapture software, sometimes when I stopped it it would be ready immediately, other times it would take a few minutes to write the file before it was ready16:19
acheronukpossible not the same then16:19
Taggnostrthe files had comparable sizes, and I don't remember it having any tray animation16:19
TaggnostrI just hope it's not an hardware issue16:19
TaggnostrFTR now plasmashell is around ~60%, but the writing is going fast16:20
Taggnostrthere's also a mount.ntfs using 15-50%16:22
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BluesKaj!info ext417:34
ubottuPackage ext4 does not exist in yakkety17:34
BluesKaj!info extfs17:34
ubottuPackage extfs does not exist in yakkety17:34
kiendeleoSo I just set up my laptop with Kubuntu after 10+ years of using Ubuntu as my primary OS for my work computers.  I set up Two-Factor authentication for sudo and login and it apears that the Plasma login doesn't support entering the unlock code and a password.  Is ther a way to add this feature?18:01
BluesKajkiendeleo, what do you mean, two factor authentication ?18:05
kiendeleoI set it up so that I have to enter a code and a password using the "google-authenticator" package18:06
BluesKajnever heard of that as an authenticator for Kubuntu18:08
kiendeleoIt works great on servers and compand line stuff (ssh, etc.) but I would like to get it set up so I have to have the authenticator to log in to the machine as well18:09
BluesKajin sddm or grub?18:11
BluesKajI guess you could edit /etc/sddm.conf18:14
kiendeleothat file doesn't exist, I am runnign 16.10 if that chnages anything18:17
BluesKajkiendeleo, /etc/sddm.conf  exists here on 16.10..I have it open18:21
kiendeleoI have an sddm folder in /etc and it contains a file Xsession in it18:23
kiendeleono sddm.conf18:24
BluesKajlook in dolhin root then etc, then a textfile sddm.conf18:26
BluesKajor in the run command , /etc/sddm.conf18:28
kiendeleo"bash: /etc/sddm.conf: No such file or directory"18:28
BluesKajkiendeleo, alt+f2, kdesudo kate /etc/sddm.conf18:30
kiendeleoIt opened a blank file saying it is new18:31
kiendeleoI am guessing that kate is simular to Gedit in Ubuntu18:32
BluesKajodd because I have it as a plain textfile here and on my laptop18:35
kiendeleodefinatly odd, This is a fresh instal off of the latest Iso (Downloaded yesterday) were there recent changes to how the display manager works?18:36
BluesKajkiendeleo, https://paste.kde.org/pcocopnxp18:39
BluesKajkiendeleo, sddm is the default kubuntu DM afaik18:40
kiendeleoIt that what is supposed to be in that file?18:40
BluesKajgood question  :-)18:41
BluesKajI don't edit many conf files..mainly media conf files18:42
kiendeleoI guess I'll be reading a plethora of manpages today LOL18:43
user|61838hello, I am tryingng to install expressvpn on kubuntu 16.10, but I need to install initscripts. can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue?18:44
BluesKajkiendeleo, good luck, most man pages are too arcane for my ' knowledge base '18:45
BluesKajyou probly need to install openvpn user|6183818:45
user|61838I did18:45
user|61838When i try to connect manually, my connection is timed out18:46
kiendeleoBluesKaj, thanks for your help18:47
BluesKajuser|61838, did expressvpn provide you with .ovpn and certs for the openvpn file18:47
user|61838When i try to use the app provided by expressvpn I get the initscripts error18:47
user|61838I will paste the error I am getting18:48
BluesKajuser|61838, i asked you a question plase answer that first18:49
user|61838yes they did18:50
BluesKajalso did you install network-manager-openvpn18:51
user|61838Yes I installed network-manager-openvpn18:52
BluesKajuser|61838, did you copy the crt and .ovvpn files to /etc/openvpn/18:53
user|61838No I did not, should I do that now?18:54
BluesKajus, depends did you also download and install an sh file or run file with a small gui as part of the expressvpn package18:56
user|61838I did, however, I could not install the file because I am missing the "initscripts" dependency18:57
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BluesKajok let's see the eroor18:58
user|61838https://goo.gl/ELqRq0  I used the paste feature, not to sure how it works lol18:59
BluesKajuser did you i9nstall the replacements suggested in line 5?19:00
user|61838BluesKaj, no I did not, I am a novice linux user, if you have the time would you walk me through the process?19:02
BluesKajuser|61838, open a terminal, the copy and paste this, sudo apt install util-linux util-linux:i386 sysvinit-utils:i386 sysvinit-utils , then enter19:04
user|61838BluesKaj, done, want me to post the results?19:05
BluesKajno errors?19:06
BluesKajdependency errors etc19:07
user|61838yes there were errors19:07
BluesKajok post19:08
BluesKajbummer I should have thought of this elemntary command first , sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade ,19:10
user|61838ok one sec19:11
BluesKajuser|61838, sudo dpkg --configure -a19:11
user|61838I ran it19:11
BluesKajnow the dpkg command above19:12
user|61838I ran it19:13
user|61838nothing so far19:13
BluesKajso it returned to the prompt without any output19:14
BluesKajok, now run sudo apt -f install19:15
user|61838all three results returned 019:16
BluesKajuser|61838, check /etc/openvpn to see if the crts and .ovpn files are there19:18
user|61838Blueskaj, No they are not in the etc/openvpn folder19:19
BluesKajtopen dolphin then choose root then navigate to /etc/then openvpn19:19
user|61838I did19:19
BluesKajok, are the crt and .ovpn files in your Downloads ?19:20
BluesKajyou'll need root permission so do, alt+F2 , then, kdesudo dolphin /etc/openvpn and paste the files there19:22
user|61838ok, I pasted them there19:24
BluesKajnow reboot19:24
lordievaderBluesKaj: You do know you can just point openvpn (the cli anyways) to the .ovpn file?19:25
BluesKajyes i do that myself , but I'm not using NM19:28
BluesKajoh you mean inorder to copy the files...\19:28
BluesKajold habits and all that19:28
BluesKajlordievader, thanks for the reminder19:29
user|67015BluesKaj, Im back19:30
lordievaderNo, as in "sudo openvpn <path-to-.ovpn"19:30
user|67015I guess I should pick an username lol19:30
BluesKajuser|67015, a nick would be good19:31
=== user|67015 is now known as Duvah89
Duvah89ok, so I restarted my computer, the files are in the etc/openvpn folder, what do i do now19:31
BluesKajsorry my vpn got disconnected19:38
BluesKajI'll repeat lordievader, my vpn service requires a username and pw in the commnad, i have it aliased in bash-aliases so i don't have type a long command to connect19:38
BluesKajthe command has to point to /etc/openvpn/login.txt for username and pw, so it's a bit complicated19:44
lordievaderBluesKaj: Your .ovpn config can point to that too. I got a similar setup on a vm. The openvpn service is started on boot. VPN requires username and password, but the config takes care of that.19:45
BluesKaji don't use vpn all the time, just for torrents and irc mostly19:46
BluesKajDuvah89, is your vpn connecting?20:14
Duvah89BluesKaj, sorry no it is not, I had to step away from my desk, my apologies.20:23
=== wxl_ is now known as wxl
Roeyhello all21:17
Roeylordievader: o/21:17
sintreRoey> hey there good day22:09
sintreso how is the jounrey going :)22:09
Roeyoh man22:11
RoeyI fixed it.22:11
Roeysintre: I still have to breathe heavily, one moment22:11
sintreok , i gotta hear this :)22:12
Roeysintre: this pisses me off so much, like being hit in the face with a shiny gold brick wrapped in a thin rind of lemon22:16
sintreerr , i can imagine22:17
sintreso what was the finaly fix22:17
Roeygetting rid of /etc/hosts (the one from https://hosts-file.net/?s=Download) and replacing it with the stock hosts file22:18
RoeyI tried also the newest version of that file and got the same error22:18
Roeyso the system has a problem reading that hosts file22:18
sintrewhere did you grab the host file from live cd?22:18
Roeysintre: see here: https://superuser.com/questions/704785/ping-cant-resolve-hostname-but-nslookup-can22:19
Roeysintre: I retained the stock hosts file when I installed that giant hostsfile from the net22:20
Roey(I just moved it to /etc/hosts.stock)22:20
sintregod dman22:20
Roeyso now I copied that stock sucker back into /etc/hosts, and it works.22:20
sintreyou can report this lil problem and work around on forums or maybe in kubuntu-devel with this problem22:21
sintrebut i could be a problem above them22:21
sintrei certainly book marked that page22:21
Roeythank you :)22:21
Roeythank you *so* *so* *so* much22:22
sintrecertainly thx for your stubborness22:22
sintredarin is gonna love to hear the news22:22
Roeysintre: I mean that web page went thorugh all of the ideas we had22:22
Roeyand the last one... made me realize that yes, I had changed /etc/hosts (with that one from the net that blocks advertisement sites)22:23
sintrecertainly get word out there best you can i'll do the same22:23
Roeyis there a .tell here22:23
Roeywould have wnated to let Darin know22:23
sintrehhe normally gets on later in the evening i'll let you tell him :)22:23
Roeyso I think that the system has an isuse trying to read that 'net hosts file.22:23
Roeysintre: can you do me a favor22:23
Roeya big favor22:23
sintrewhats that22:23
Roeydo you have a test environment22:23
sintrena sry22:24
Roeycan you try downloading that file and after isntallig it into /etc/hosts, try and ping something?22:24
sintrelater when my other pc if free i can22:24
sintreits in use atm22:24
sintrethis is my pribary system i'm on atm22:25
sintreprimary bla22:25
sintremy older notebook hooked up to everything hardwired22:25
Roeyooh I like pribaries22:26
Roeyantioxidants, you know22:26
Roeysintre: heh22:26
Roeyso in short I think 16.04 was fine with that hostsfile from https://hosts-file.net/?s=Download but 16.10 is not.22:27
sintreyou'd be supposed at some of my epic mtypos22:27
sintrei once assert to the channel i was going to grab some ravioli for dinner instead of leving it in my panty22:27
sintrethey're loginand here but pretty active in kubuntu-devel atm22:28
sintreif they can fix it they will22:28
sintrefif its not just uniwue to you22:28
Roeysintre: aye22:30
Roeysintre: are you familiar with hostfile.net?22:30
Roeythey give you a hostfile that blocks plenty of advertisement sites22:30
sintrenot really22:30
sintreohh so you had something previously installed22:30
sintrebefore yupgrade?22:30
sintrewell then we found the culprit22:33
Roeysure did.22:33
RoeyI feel like I've just come out of the bathroom and my butt feels numb from sitting so long22:35
Roeybut I got it.22:35
sintreyea man certainy congratz 100 times22:36
Roeyand btw22:36
sintreit always works out like that it seems22:36
sintrelast thing you'd could possibly think of22:36
Roeythe way they use strace in that link I showed you--that is what I mean by "digging deeper"22:36
Roeysolid analytical work22:36
Roeysintre: heh22:36

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