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himcesjfWhom to contact for launchpad account issues?17:55
carakaThere is a certain kind of bug you can file for account requests not handled by the faq. I just woke up sorry - it's inhere somewhere. https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faqs18:34
himcesjfHey caraka. Morning! I have a username issue18:35
himcesjfI accidentally created a new launchpad account assuming that I don't have one but I had one.18:35
himcesjfAnd chose username of my choice18:35
himcesjfLater I realised that I have an account so I deleted my new account and with that I lost my username18:36
himcesjfI am unable to change username on my new account even when the account related to the desired username is permanently deleted18:36
carakaI don;t know if it's covered in the faq, but you can just delete the new account and carry on, or you can merge them. I only know this because I watched cjwatson talk someone through it about 3 days ago. :D18:37
himcesjfer, I deleted my new account and I am unable to change username on my old account*18:37
himcesjfI don't see it in FAQs18:37
dobeyi don't think you can delete accounts on launchpad. it sounds like what you did was cancel the account on login.ubuntu.com, but the launchpad "person" still exists18:44
caraka^ Here's someone with far more brains than I.18:45
dobeyyou can deactivate an account on launchpad, and i think that usually results in the username for it being changed to foo-deactivated from foo18:46
dobeybut from what you said, it sounds like you probably deleted/canceled the ubuntu login account side, and not on launchpad18:46
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cjwatsonhimcesjf: I'm not working today, but email me details of the affected accounts (cjwatson@canonical.com) and I'll get it sorted out for you.  I'll expect to be able to email you on the email address associated with the account to verify that you own it.19:15
cjwatsonhimcesjf: I expect dobey's right and that the Launchpad part of the account still exists, though.  In that case you can follow the FAQ entry above to merge them.19:18
cjwatsonhimcesjf: So that's https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/Merging; please try that before resorting to emailing me.19:20
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