lyn||iancalimero_82, what filesystems and is the home on its own partition00:01
lyn||ianYou could install lubuntu to to where your / was00:01
calimero_82hi lyn||ian , ext4, but is crypted the home , is the same?00:03
lyn||iancalimero_82, is it on its own partition?00:03
calimero_82all in sda00:04
lyn||iansda what?00:04
lyn||ianthat means one disk00:04
calimero_82sda1 swap sda2 / sda3 home00:05
calimero_82i did manual setup with crypted home00:06
lyn||ianmake sure not to format sda3 home but install lubuntu to sda200:06
lyn||ianthen you will need /etc/fstab to look for /home on sda300:07
calimero_82but being encrypted your home, after you install Lubuntu on the /, on reboot, I have to do some procedure to read the encrypted home?00:10
calimero_82i've never installed a so with home encrypted00:12
Dmopez  Hi I have a old Dell  that might ex-husband put the boob tube on for our daughter when she was young and young teenager and she's now 16 and I wanted to set it up for my eight-year-old is to use but I am now locked out of the machine and my ex-husband won't tell me or can't tell me how to get back in and unlock it so I can only get on under guest is there anyway00:13
Dmopez Where ex-husband change the software on my dell netbook and when I got it back I'm now locked out of it he doesn't remember the password or even which version you  is there anyway I can override the lock out the Dell used to use windows XP00:14
xanguaHow long ago was this? May be easier to just install 16.0400:15
DmopezIt is probably been about four years my 16-year-old was younger at the time now I have an eight-year-old who could use the same laptop because it's the works but I can't set it up for her00:17
Dmopez How do I get 16. Open for00:17
DmopezThank you00:20
xanguaDon't know if your Dell supports 64 bits but that's what I'd use00:21
xangua16.04 is around the middle of the site00:21
DmopezIt's old is only handle the 3200:22
EzXimeI've chosen Lubuntu as my new OS. I currently have Linux Mint. I created the live USB then used it to boot my laptop. I have downloaded the iso several times and run the disc check which always results in one file error.00:46
xanguaTry torrent?00:54
EzXimeI did. Same thing01:19
EzXimeThat was Lubuntu 16.10. I'm about to try 16.04 tonight01:20
EzXimeI was wondering if installing Lubuntu despite the file error would mess things up much. Could it be a bug that reports an error even though there isn't any?01:22
xanguaWell I installed 16.04 with no issues, haven't tried 16.1001:28
EzXimeI'll try the 16.04. Thanks Xangua01:28
Giant_NoobieHi, sorry to request a google in channel, but how do I watch my dvd movie in lubuntu?02:22
Giant_NoobieI've been searching and finally ended up here.02:23
Giant_NoobieYes. It did work.  Many thanks from a noob.02:25
SeaGrizzlyHey Guys, got a question here is it possible to both setup an iscsi target and mount it so that the os sees it as well?03:42
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