FJKongmorning everyone00:12
happyaronjbicha: thanks for sponsoring!04:51
ychenghappyaron, ping06:04
happyaronycheng: pong06:06
ychenghappyaron, got sometime to audio talk ?06:08
jbichahappyaron: please merge https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/1.4.2-3ubuntu2 into your branch06:40
jbichaor maybe that wasn't even in your branch to begin with06:41
happyaronI think they are in my branch already06:41
jbichaoh I see, never mind06:42
flexiondotorgMorning happyaron jbicha08:51
flexiondotorgseb128 I'm just off to the dentist, back a bit later.08:51
flexiondotorgAnd Bonjour :-)08:51
willcookemorning all08:56
willcookemorning Laney. C c c cold today09:01
Laneyhey willcooke09:03
Laneynot so bad here, like 5 I think09:03
Laneypretty grey and misty though09:03
willcookeOh, -2 here09:03
willcookebut sunny09:03
seb128good morning Laney willcooke flexiondotorg09:06
flexiondotorgMorning seb128 willcooke09:07
seb128willcooke, how was London? ;-)09:07
flexiondotorgJust heading to dentist.09:07
willcookegood luck flexiondotorg09:07
willcookeTv news... this was good:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08bcc1809:07
willcookeSweet5hark, might be interesting to you ^09:08
* Sweet5hark clicks09:08
davmor2Morning all09:08
willcookehowdy davmor209:08
seb128hey Sweet5hark09:08
seb128hey davmor209:08
Sweet5harkmoin seb128, willcooke, all.09:09
Sweet5harkwillcooke: thanks, bbc says its only available in the UK. Cunning me will try looking at it with canonical VPN in the evening ....09:10
Laneyhey seb12809:11
Laneyhey flexiondotorg hey Sweet5hark09:11
Laneywhat's new?09:11
Sweet5harkLaney: got a dpkg build to run for 2.5 hours yesterday ;). Its a start.09:14
seb128Laney, cold & grey today!09:15
seb128seems like it's the same for you09:15
seb128did you manage to go back climbing?09:15
seb128or is your finger(?) still injured?09:16
Laneyyeah I went last night09:16
davmor2hey guys Software update still only shows one line of text in the description of what is happening http://people.canonical.com/~davmor2/personal-screenshots/single-line-still.png09:16
seb128davmor2, distro serie?09:16
davmor2seb128: zesty09:17
seb128that has not been fixed in zesty yet09:17
seb128not sure why09:18
davmor2seb128: yeah I think flexiondotorg fixed a similar issue in deja-dup so had assumed it was done at the same time and not really paid it much attention till I noticed it this morning :)09:19
seb128somebody needs to land https://code.launchpad.net/~flexiondotorg/aptdaemon/aptdaemon-lp1623856/+merge/30987109:19
seb128barry reviewed it but didn't sponsor the change not sure why09:19
seb128can you maybe nag barry about it?09:19
davmor2seb128: I can sure09:20
FJKongseb128: seb I talked the guy (lathiat, I find his irc from github), he is looking that bug09:43
seb128FJKong, great, thanks09:47
seb128did he had enough info09:47
FJKongI think he had09:47
FJKonghe said he already got bug email in his inbox days ago09:48
seb128thanks FJKong09:54
happyaronhey guys, back from dinner...10:00
seb128hey happyaron, how are you?10:00
happyarongreat, and you?10:00
seb128I'm good thanks10:01
seb128happyaron, looks like your nm uploads get sponsored :-)10:01
seb128happyaron, also I saw your email to the dmb list, would be good if you get ppu for it10:01
seb128though the list archive for this month seems to be a bunch of requests and no replies10:02
seb128so not sure how active the dmb is10:02
happyarondon't know what's happening10:02
happyaronseb128: dell oem might need this fix to land in xenial, but it's quite large, what do you think? https://git.launchpad.net/network-manager/commit/?h=xenial-1647283&id=3727a844980a677bc66c4549eb38c1a545c3130d10:07
willcookeMy 2 cents - it's a large patchset - but it's really important for the OEM team to get fixed10:08
seb128happyaron, upstream didn't backport to stable series?10:09
happyaronseb128: only to 1.410:10
seb128did you ask if they could so it to 1.2 as well?10:10
happyaronnot yet, can do it right away with the patches10:10
seb128let's get the SRU out first10:10
seb128but yeah I think it's worth considering10:10
happyaronlet's wait their people to verify the patch first, I was told it's at 1/50 reproducing rate on certain dell hardware10:12
happyaroncan only rely on Taipei guys to test10:12
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desrtmoin moin13:30
seb128hey desrt :-)13:42
desrthi seb!13:42
willcookehey desrt13:44
desrtmorning willcooke13:44
desrtis all well?13:44
willcookeit is pretty well, thanks13:44
willcookehow about you?13:44
willcookeI'm paying Amazon 55 GBP a year for unlimited cloud storage, so I wrote a bash script over lunch to backup my whole home dir to it :)13:50
willcookeYou can encrypt the files too which is quite nice13:50
Laneyhi desrt!13:56
desrtmorning laney :)13:58
Laneywhat up13:58
desrtnot much.  starting to look forward to fosdem =)13:59
Trevinhohey hikiko, how's the profile thing's going?14:08
hikikoworks more or less but it doesn't update instantly14:12
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Trevinhohikiko: did you commit the change at the end?15:32
Trevinhohikiko: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/trunk/view/head:/tools/unity_active_plugins_safety_check.cpp#L7815:33
hikikoTrevinho, which change?15:35
Trevinhohikiko: once you call setProfile, you've then to commit those changes15:35
Trevinhohikiko: as it's done in the linked tool15:36
TrevinhoI already said to you to look at it some time ago :-)15:36
hikikowhere do you commit the changes?15:37
hikikoin 76?15:38
hikikoand after?15:38
Trevinhohikiko: 78 and 7915:38
hikikoshould I sync gsettings too?15:39
hikikotoo good to eb true15:43
hikikoit didn't fix my problem :/15:44
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Trevinhohikiko: mh, gsettings sync shouldn't be neded in your case, but the first call yes15:49
hikikoit works better with ImportFromFile but then I can't import from unity.ini or Default.ini for some reason15:50
hikikoit's like15:56
hikikosome settings are loaded and some not15:56
hikikoand it has artifacts15:57
hikikolike the dash doesnt have blending but the launcher has15:57
hikikoI think I have to find out what was happening compiz-side when I was overwriting the Default.ini. that worked ok, so I l can do the same thing16:00
hikikoI mean find out how it was updated16:01
Trevinhohikiko: this works here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23822790/ (I've tested this in a clean session though)16:25
Trevinhohikiko: also cleanup your ~/.config/compizconfig as that is generally clean on users that didn't mess with ccsm16:26
hikikomy code is very similar to that, I also load unityshell at the end but it seems not necessary16:27
hikikoI didn't iterate16:27
hikikolet me see something16:28
hikikoI've replaced set with import16:28
hikikolet me put it back16:28
hikikoand I first write then read :p16:28
Trevinhoread then write :-)16:29
Trevinhoalso ccsm does soemthing more, see compiz/compizconfig/ccsm/ccm/Utils.py's Update16:29
Trevinhohikiko: basically you should call ccsReadPluginSettings on all the loaded plugins16:31
hikikoand the thing is16:31
hikikothis function exists only in python16:31
Trevinhono, no...16:32
hikikoI have to implement it in c16:32
Trevinhono, it's there16:32
hikikothis doesn't update it instantly for me :/16:33
hikikobut it should16:33
hikikoyeah just read you16:33
hikikoI am going to try to read the settings16:34
hikikolet's see16:34
Trevinhohikiko: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23822856/16:48
hikikoTrevinho, I did it for active plugins only16:49
hikikoI should include them all probably16:49
hikikobecause lowgfx and default have different plugins enabled16:49
Trevinhohikiko: in fact that doing it for all the plugins available16:50
hikikoI kno16:51
hikikoI think I ve seen a func before that does something similar but I diddn't check for which plugins sec16:52
hikikoccsReadSettingsDefault (CCSContext * context)16:53
hikikobut it reads the backend settings, sorry16:54
hikikoit's not the same16:54
hikikoI am fixing it to iterate through all16:54
hikiko+fingers crossed :p16:54
hikikoIt doesm't fix it17:02
Trevinhowhat do you get?17:03
hikikolet me show you a video17:03
TrevinhoMake sure you test it in a new session... Or see what you're missing from mimicking ccsm....17:03
Trevinhousing gdb or getting a stacktrace on libccsm calls from it, could help in case17:03
TrevinhoThe tool I pasted seems to work here17:04
hikikoTrevinho, how can I make sure it's a new session?17:11
hikikoI cleaned up the files and rebuilt u717:11
hikikowhat else should I check?17:11
Trevinhohikiko: check your ~/.config/compizconfig is clean17:11
hikikoit is when I start17:12
Trevinhosorry ~/.config/compiz-1/compizconfig/17:12
hikikoit only has the Default.ini17:12
hikiko(the one generated)17:12
hikikovoid ccsEnableFileWatch (unsigned int watchId);17:14
hikikoTrevinho, maybe I should watch the config17:15
hikikohttps://transfer.sh/eGGsT/fail.ogv Trevinho17:21
hikikothe desktop is a hybrid17:22
hikikoI ll try to do something like17:26
hikikop->isActive ? p->load;17:26
hikikoin the loop17:26
hikikoto reload the active plugins17:27
hikikoor better the profile plugins17:27
hikikoif there's a way to get them from the profile17:27
* hikiko looks17:27
Trevinhono, you shouldn't try to reload those... that should happen by default17:53
hikikoTrevinho, I am running out of ideas17:58
hikikodid you see the video?17:58
hikikoit looks ugly :p17:59
hikikoIf I don't find a way to make it work until tomorrow I think I will use the previous17:59
hikikoI ll make a break and look at it again in a while18:00
Laneynight night18:02
hikikobye Laney18:02
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seb128good night desktopers18:17
willcookesee ya seb12818:17
willcookeI'm off too18:17
willcookenight all18:17

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