dmj_s76cyphermox: Your patch actually improves the appearance when the panel is the correct size.00:06
xeviousOnly about 20% of custom.iso has downloaded so far, in case you're wondering why I haven't given any feedback yet.00:07
cyphermoxthat's fine, I knew it would take long, nothing I can do about it00:23
dmj_s76cyphermox: I've added my results to the bug report00:33
dmj_s76cyphermox: Notice the small little band of incongruous pixels?00:36
cyphermoxheh, that's PAD; I was afraid that might be a side-effect of trying to fix things that way00:36
dmj_s76That bright little line has been commented on as a potential bug by a few people here.00:37
dmj_s76cyphermox: So PAD isn't perfect (this right thing would be to make the gradient actually match the height of the panel), but it looks better to my eyes than repeat.00:42
cyphermoxthere are only two options, what this means is that there ought to be a different way to fix the height to be correct, but I don't know what it is00:43
dmj_s76me neither00:43
dmj_s76Also, humanity @2x should fix the double height00:43
dmj_s76will get on that tomorrow00:44
xnoxcyphermox, when launching manual partitioner would you expect to see all LVM volumes that are present on the visible devices or not?16:38
xnoxat the moment i have a strange mix of in "Configure LVM" i see 4 logical volumes; yet none are present in the "manual partitioning menu" to e.g. pick some existing logical volume to be for example /srv16:38
cyphermoxmaybe LVM only probes when you first run into Configure LVM?16:44
xnoxdid "rm /var/lib/partman/lvm" rerun detect disks again, and they appear16:44
cyphermoxthat sounds all wrong16:44
xnoxso it keeps a flag to run "pvscan/vgscan" only ones.16:45
cyphermoxthat is possible, yeah16:45
xnoxdeffinately. Trying to reproduce and troubleshoot this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/157058016:45
cyphermoxthat said, usually if you don't see things you go configure LVM/iSCSI/whatnot and when you get back to the main partitioning menu they show16:45
xnoxwhich kind of boils down to: i can see volumes on normal drives; but not on the multipath assembled drives16:45
xnoxand i think lvm re-detection is not done after multipath is assembled.16:46
xnoxwell that's what i did here, and in that menu they _were_ visible. I even tried to make a change (e.g. remove one volume) and "finish" and yet the other one did not show =(16:46
cyphermoxlook at the hysterical data for partman-multipath, we may have changed that when mauricio did other multipath changes16:46
cyphermoxI think we removed it because scanning the way it was being done might find LVM first and keep you from activating multipath?16:47
cyphermoxbut that doesn't make sense now that I think of it16:47
xnox /o\16:58

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