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manjortg, could you please apt install dh-autoreconf in xenial-amd64 chroot for tangerine ?18:45
rtgmanjo, done18:46
manjothank you 18:46
stgraberso are you planning a quick follow-up to the latest SRU to sort out bug 1655842? I've got a few systems here (mostly armhf somehow) that are basically non-fonctional because of this.20:03
ubot5bug 1655842 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) ""Out of memory" errors after upgrade to 4.4.0-59" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165584220:03
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apwbjf, ^21:11
bjfstgraber, i'd like jsalisbury to build you a test kernel and verify his reverts work for you 21:18
stgraberjsalisbury: can you build me an armhf generic kernel?21:20
bjfstgraber, watch that bug, i'm sure he will do so21:21

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