ateenytreewhoops sorry01:16
tioxI don't understand.02:10
tioxHad anyone else been having trouble with fft-mscorefonts-installer?02:10
tioxttf-mscorefonts-installer rather.02:10
alkisgtiox: no issues here, maybe your ISP or sourceforge have issues06:41
sixwheeledbeastNope I recently installed mscorefonts to ubuntu-mate for someone.08:01
tioxsixwheeledbeast: Around still?11:39
tioxBecause I had trouble from a fresh live sessino of Ubuntu MATE with ttf-mscorefonts-installer because Sourceforge isn't able to send anything that package demands.11:40
sam__okay, this may sound stupid; what exact differences in ubuntu-mat and debian to plain eye?11:40
sam__@tiox ignore that message it will not do your system any harm.11:41
tioxsam__: No difference really. Just saying I tried a live session an ttf-mscorefonts-installer kept spitting out errors at me because it can't retrieve the files it calls upon from sourceforge.11:42
sam__yes sourceforge probably move the package to new address and ubuntu is trying to retrieve it from old address.[11:44
cristina__Hola, acabo de instalar ubuntu mate en un ordenador hp nuevo. La conexión por cable funciona bien, pero la wifi, auque parece que está disponible, no encuentra niguna red alrededor. El resto de mis dispositivos encuentran 20 o más. Por lo que no puedo conectarme por wifi a internet13:16
cristina__Alguien puede ayudarme?13:16
cristina__He probado todos los tutoriales que he visto y nada.13:17
cristina__Mi ordenador es un HP pavilion y el dispositivo wifi es rtl8723be realtek13:19
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Guest55426morning to all15:13
Guest55426when i Ubuntu rebooted, there is a square color pixel in the right upper part of the screen, how do i remove this15:15
Astro7467Guest55426: Raspberry Pi?15:21
Astro7467Guest55426: Raspberry Pi?15:21
Guest55426yes astro7467 raspberry pi15:21
Astro7467it is a thermal indicator from the RPi, not a OS controlled thing15:22
Astro7467means your RPi cpu is starting to get too hot15:23
Guest55426ok thanks. should i turn it off now and think about getting heat sinks.15:24
Astro7467I see it with rasplex when streaming x265/HEVC, which is cpu intensive to decode (compared to x264/AVC)15:25
Guest55426i brought nano kit at local store, looked up raspberry pie, try others os but Ubuntu seems to be suitable for me15:25
Astro7467if it is showing all the time, could be advisable to shut off. Just opening up the case, if possible or repositioning the RPi, for better air flow, could be enough15:26
Astro7467but Heatsink probably advisable longterm15:27
ambsHi, mates!16:08
ambsany idea why changing HiDPI to 2 in gnome-tweak-tool doesn't change a thing?16:09
ambswell, when starting gnome-tweak-tool it complains of 'shell not running o dbus service not available'16:23
sixwheeledbeasttiox: this wasn't a live session, full installation about 3 weeks ago17:51
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tiox`I kept going to bed, lol18:48
tioxI needed the sleep. Anyway, I always test things live if they go wrong elsewhere. Though, depending on what I am doing I have to do "sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386"18:49
tioxFunny question; is xev part of a Ubuntu MATE install or does that need to be installed separately?18:56
Eagle357Hi guys i've a question about Ubuntu Mate for RPI Zero can you help me ?19:53
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alkisgtiox: it's part of x11-utils, which is preinstalled in mate20:27
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