wyoungAny one in?03:22
elkydo you have intentions of being constructive if there is?03:47
ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (HP7653 language)04:20
wyoungelky: of course, assuming I don't get kicked out again09:11
bazhangwyoung, was there some assistance you needed here11:31
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ubottuppf called the ops in #ubuntu ()17:49
DJonesDealt with by freenode's sygn bot17:57
elkywyoung: we're not playing that game again, this channel isn't for lurking in. if you're not around, you'll get removed until you rejoin which shows us that you're around and thus responsive. if you can't stay responsive for a reasonable while after joining, don't join.20:18
elkythus if you don't respond in the next 10 minutes i will be removing you again.20:20
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