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Davidrnd<mcphail>: Thanks08:49
CoderEuropeDon't know what to do next - this is how I started off :  Trying to setup VPN on my Ubuntu phone. all I have is email +password + this OVPN file download .... https://www.anonvpn.io/chromeos/setup.html10:26
CoderEuropeAnyone here ?10:28
k1lso use the network manager to set up the vpn?10:28
CoderEuropeWhat do I do- I am a noob10:28
k1lopen the network manager, put in the vpn data, connect?10:30
CoderEuropeWhat do I add the OVPN file ?10:30
CoderEuropeback i 5 ....10:31
CoderEurope** back in 5 mins ......10:31
CoderEuropeYes yes .. and ?10:39
CoderEuropepopey, help me crack this will ya, please ? I have really no idea of what I am doing ? ^ look up.10:39
k1lCoderEurope: where exactly is the issue?10:40
CoderEuropeIt says on the ubuntu phone - set up VPM 'manually' wtheck does that mean ?10:41
k1lthat you neeed to enter the details for the vpn connection10:42
neeneeCoderEurope: I answered your question in #ubuntu10:42
neeneeBut I think you did not read my reply10:42
CoderEurope~I am a total n00ob .... unless you give me the ....10:42
k1ltake that from the file you got from your vpn service provider10:43
neeneeopen the file in a text editor or import it into network manager.10:43
CoderEuropeHow do I do that ?10:43
k1lopen it in a text editor10:43
neeneenano bla.ovpn ?10:43
CoderEuropehangon ....10:43
CoderEuropeWhere is 'Files' on the ubuntu phone ?10:46
CoderEuropeDo I need the dosbox thiny ?10:46
neeneeI do not have a Ubuntu phone. consider opening the file on another system10:46
neeneedosbox is for running dos programs/games/etc10:46
CoderEuropeOkay I opened it in my chromebook ... now what ?10:48
CoderEuropeStill none the wiser :(10:50
neeneeremote = server, port = 443, protocol = udp10:50
CoderEuropeand the certificate ?10:52
CoderEuropethere was more in the paste - but I didn't include that lot.10:52
CoderEuropeDo I justy put 'remote' where it says 'server', then ?10:53
CoderEuropehello ?10:53
CoderEuropehello ?10:55
neeneesorry, I do not have time to hold your hand with this issue. The ovpn file is made up of the values you need. the certificate is in that same file too, pasted at the end. You need to match the fields in the ovpn file with the fields you have in the app you use to connect to the VPN. alternatively, as I mentioned before, you can use Network Manager in regular ubuntu to import the file, display the10:55
neeneeseparate values in a more easily readable manner, something I think you would prefer.10:55
neeneeFurthermore, consider asking the party you received the file from for help - I assume they need to you connect to their system?10:56
CoderEuropeI am sorry, but this is just too complicated for the average user ....10:56
CoderEuropeI asked weeks ago - no response.10:56
neeneeif you have an ubuntu system, import it into network manager. though it seems odd ubunty phone would not have network manager as well.10:57
CoderEuropeI dont know how to 'import to network manager' thou10:58
CoderEuropehello ?10:59
neeneeyou probably need network-manager-openvpn10:59
CoderEuropewhat do I type into the terminal (exactly) ????10:59
CoderEuropehello ?11:01
CoderEuropeCome on Ubuntu Touch - I cannot afford to waste  hours waiting for a response !11:13
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brunch875I've never used VPNs before, but isn't there a section under system settings to configure it?11:16
CoderEuropeProblem: I have an OVPN certificate file (http://ow.ly/rObC30877xD) email + password | How the hell do I get it to work on my Ubuntu phone ?11:16
CoderEuropeHiya popey11:16
CoderEuropePhew ...11:16
* CoderEurope breates a sigh of relief....11:17
CoderEuropepopey, problem highlighted moments ago ... cheers for the help.11:18
CoderEuropeI have 'opened' the OVPN file on my chromebook with 'Caret' editor .. looks legit n'all.11:19
popeyI suspect you need to type the details in manually.11:20
CoderEuropepopey, You'll hate me again, soon. But thanks - if you feel like giving up, then just say so (and we'll leave it open) cheers.11:20
popeyI have never imported an ovpn file, and I don't think we support that11:20
popeypatience, I have just booted a phone to look11:20
CoderEuropeokay - no worries.11:20
CoderEuropeWhat hapened to the weekly Q&A's BTWay >11:21
CoderEurope**BTWay ?11:21
popeypostponed over xmas11:21
popeyre-doing them soon, differently11:21
popeyso, I don't think you can import that file into the phone11:21
CoderEuropeQnA rebbot - like it.11:21
popeyi think you have to get the details from the file and manually add it11:21
CoderEuropeyeah thought so - did you open the file ?11:22
CoderEuropeor can you teleport into my phone & diy ?11:22
popeyfor example our dialog asks for the ca cert and the key11:22
popeywhich are inside that file, which could be extracted to separate files11:22
popeyand the server name and port is in the file too11:23
CoderEuropeis the server 443 ?11:23
popey443 is the port11:23
CoderEuropeI guess it is port 443 :)11:23
popeykey starts on line 147 of the file and ends on line 17411:24
brunch875non-inclusive, I take11:24
popeyca cert is from lines 23-4911:24
popeyand client cert is 52-14411:25
popeyno, inclusive11:25
popeycut out the </ca> and <cert> tags11:25
popeycipher is AES-128-CBC11:25
popeyetc, it's all in that file11:25
popeyjust needs picking out11:25
CoderEuropeokay - trying - how do I export to ubuntu phone (already downloaded to phone)11:26
popeyi dont understand the question, export?11:26
CoderEuropeDo I use nano for that lot ?11:26
brunch875CoderEurope: you have to open it in a text editor and manually extract11:26
popeyyeah, could use nano to edit the file11:26
popeyI'd make 3 copies of it, one called client, one called ca and one called key11:27
CoderEuropeCrumbs, popey - this is really hard cheddar stuff :)11:27
popeyand edit each one down from the master file11:27
popeythen in the vpn config screen you tap the button, go find each file11:27
CoderEuropeWhere is stuff saved for Ubuntu browser in phone ?11:28
brunch875You mean where downloads are put?11:28
brunch875in ~/Downloads11:28
brunch875unless specified otherwise11:28
CoderEuropeI never 'really' used nano, before ... how do I copy  & paste to a new file ?11:30
popeynah, just copy on the command line11:30
popeycp anonvpn cert11:30
popeycp anonvpn ca11:30
popeycp anonvpn key11:30
popeythen edit each one down11:30
CoderEuropeI am stuck in nano .. no idea what I am doing now - cannot move the cursor or anything :(11:31
CoderEuropecould just exit I guess11:31
popeyyeah, might be a bit painful, easier to edit on a real computer11:33
CoderEuropeWhat does cp do again ?11:34
CoderEuropeTell ya what - I'll do it on the chromebook & import it .. somehow ...11:35
CoderEuropeWhat file format should I save it as ?11:38
brunch875plain text11:38
brunch875sed -n '23,49p' < anonvpn.ovpn > ca11:42
brunch875sed -n '52,144p' < anonvpn.ovpn > cert11:42
brunch875sed -n '147,174p' < anonvpn.ovpn > key11:42
brunch875that's if I understood popey correctly11:42
CoderEuropeYeah I did it on my chromebook.11:43
CoderEuropeWhat the quickest way to get a txt file onto an Ubuntu phone 'as an download' ?11:44
brunch875the same way you'd do with android, plugging it to your computer with an USB11:44
brunch875or send an email to yourself11:45
CoderEuropeI am using a chrome book !11:45
CoderEuropeI dont have email set up !11:45
CoderEuropeoh maybe i do ...11:45
CoderEuropegmail ...11:45
brunch875I can also offer you super-original solutions but that'd be making things complicated for no reason11:46
popeythe phone ships with netcat :)11:50
CoderEuropeI cannot download 'draft' attachments from my phone ... trying again ...11:50
brunch875popey: I'd recommend that but then... why not use sed instead in that case? :P11:50
CoderEuropeCan someone give me an gmail so that they can send on 'back to me' ?11:51
brunch875add @gmail.com to my nickname and you've got it11:51
CoderEuropeokay ....11:51
CoderEuropesent ...11:52
popeyyou can send mail to yourself :)11:52
CoderEuropeplease reply plus bitcoins - or I shall send in the cat pics !11:52
CoderEuropeoh okay, cheers11:53
CoderEuropegot them \o/11:54
CoderEuropeIs it 'Password with Certificates' for Autho type ?11:55
popeyjust certificates I think11:56
popeyi assume you don't have a password?11:56
brunch875yes, I think so too11:56
popeyoh, looks like anonvpn use passwords11:57
popeyhttps://www.anonvpn.io/chromeos/setup.html according to that11:57
CoderEuropeI do so have a password - it is based on biscuits !11:57
CoderEuropeWhats the 'Key password' bit all about ?11:58
CoderEurope& with the CA cert~ Do I need 'Use additional TLS authentication or Verify peer certificate ?11:59
brunch875some keys need unlocking with a password. Leave it blank12:00
brunch875I would test it without ticking those boxes, see if it works12:00
CoderEuropeokay cheers.12:04
CoderEuropedo i need to 'compress data' ?12:04
CoderEuropeIt has come up with a VPN is setup notice ... I just quit it.12:08
CoderEuropeI shall give it 15 minutes & see if I am American now ......12:09
* CoderEurope goes to find a Trump/ton hat ....12:09
CoderEuropeWell that didn't work as planned :D12:17
CoderEuropeI save the files as .txt - is that right ?12:18
CoderEuropeHow do I turn off 'predictive text' on Ubuntu touch - its doing my head in !12:22
brunch875check settings12:23
brunch875no need to add a .txt to the files12:23
CoderEuropeHow do I stop Ubuntu phone turning off every 10 seconds ?12:24
CoderEuropeOh phooey I did the files wrong then.12:24
brunch875Why do you think so?12:27
brunch875the extension isn't necessary but it shouldn't matter12:28
CoderEuropeWell I tried it again - and it said the 'secrets had failed' so I give up !12:31
CoderEuropeI am not paying another $50 for 'lifetime VPN' when I cannot even get it to work.12:32
brunch875you might want to contact anonVPN on the details12:32
CoderEuropeA week ago.12:32
CoderEuropeSupport is abismal12:32
brunch875I see... that is most unfortunate.12:33
CoderEuropewell it is Ubuntu !12:33
CoderEuropeYou didn't expect it to actually work, did you ?12:33
brunch875why wouldn't it? Configuring these kind of things is easier on ubuntu12:34
brunch875I remember having to use TTLS for my college's wifi and on windows I had to download some program to make it work12:34
CoderEuropeI need to fund the bug that allows for OVPN file support, I guess ....... where is it exactly ?12:34
CoderEuropeback in 5 ... please find that bug for me (?) thanks.12:35
CoderEuropeno one found the bug :(12:45
dobeywell there doesn't seem to be a bug report for importing settings from an openvpn config file14:31
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dobeyCoderEurope: i don't see any open bug about not having an import from openvpn config file option for vpn on phone/tablet17:57
montvidhi there18:28
montvidi wanted to ask a bit about nexus 7 flo18:28
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1496756 in Canonical System Image "Nexus 7 devices which ship with android 5 need revised storage drivers" [High,Confirmed]18:29
montvidit seems i cant install ubuntu because of this bug18:29
montvidi need to install some files from this guy :https://github.com/ddagunts/UTCWM_N7_patch18:30
montvidis it safe?18:30
montvidone guy fixed this problem a year ago...18:30
CoderEuropemontvid: Not sure - basically if it is 'safe' then it should be in the archives already. Look right and ask p o p e y18:35
montvidthanks, will do18:36
montvidit's basically no one having a new nexus 7 flo razor can install ubuntu so sad...18:37
CoderEuropemontvid: I take it - this is not the Nexus 7 -2013 ; but just the Nexus 7 , then ?18:43
montvidNexus 7 -201318:45
montvidbought in 201618:45
montvidwifi version18:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1496756 in Canonical System Image "duplicate for #1499636 Nexus 7 devices which ship with android 5 need revised storage drivers" [High,Confirmed]18:47
dobeywell "safe" and "correct" are not necessarily the same thing18:48
dobeythe change might be ok and work fine, but i'm not sure it's the correct way to support the later revisions of n718:48
montvidwell the question was raised more than a year ago. It would be nice to have a way to install ubuntu touch18:50
montvidis there another way to install it?18:53
dobeythe "correct" fix would proabably be to get a port working based on android 5.1 instead of 4.4, for flo, but it's a lot more work than just rebuilding the kernel18:53
montvidlike from here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/vivid/daily-preinstalled/current/18:53
dobeyi don't know if ubports has deb images built with android 5 yet or not18:54
dobeyif so, that might be a workable option though18:55
montvidbut how do you install all those images and a tar.gz file?18:55
dobeyi'm not sure what you're asking18:56
montvidhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/vivid/daily-preinstalled/current/   how to install those files?18:56
dobeyyou don't take those files and install them on the device directly18:56
dobeythe ubuntu-device-tool grabs the correct images for a device and flashes them. grabbing the daily-preinstalled tarball isn't going to solve the issue you're asking about18:57
dobeyif you flash ubuntu on, and then build a new boot.img with the patched kernel though, you should be able to flash just the boot.img on with fastboot18:59
montvidif only i could do that :D19:00
montvidi mean i don't know how to do that. :)19:00
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montvidi tried this guys patch and it installs ubuntu 15.04 ota 1419:11
montvidbut if you guys are planning to migrate to ubuntu 16.04 that's not that nice :P19:20
dobeywell, it's not just migrating to 16.04. it's migrating to snaps too19:22
montvidheh i got the kernel info : aosp_flo-userdebug 4.4.2 kot49h 20160330-0939-0ubuntu1`overlay1 test-keys19:22
montvidis it an ubuntu kernel?19:23
dobeyit's the android kernel with a few patches needed to make ubuntu work on it19:23
montvidwaht is "device image part 20160401.1"  if i may ask? :)19:25
montvidthanks dobey for your support. Now i just wonder if there is something to be done to fix this :(19:26
dobeythere's the device part, custom part, and preinstalled ubuntu part, iirc. the device part is the part of the flash kit that includes the device-specific bits, iirc (kerenl and android system bits)19:28
dobeyand probably recovery19:28
montvidthe guy patched the boot.img and the recovery.img19:29
montvidi could check if twrp would work instead of ubuntu recovery. :P19:30
montvidby the way i asked popey for help and he does not know what to do. Is popey the maintainer of nexus 7 flo?19:33
montviddoes anyone know the maintainer of nexus 7 2013 flo razor?19:34
montvidmaybe the maintainer would have some ideas :)19:37
popeyI don't think there is a maintainer anymore19:50
Eagle357 Hi guys i've a question about Ubuntu Mate for RPI Zero can you help me ?19:50
dobeytechnically there wasn't ever a maintainer for that device, since we've never actually supported it :)19:51
dobeyEagle357: wrong channel. you want #ubuntu perhaps, or #ubuntu-mate maybe19:51
popeyEagle357: we don't support the raspberry pi zero19:51
Eagle357they says i'll go here19:52
montvidcmon man19:52
popeyit's an unsupported arm rev19:52
montvidUbuntu phone images are built for the target devices below. These are built and supported by Canonical with contributions from the wider Ubuntu community.19:52
montvidit is officialy supported19:52
dobeymontvid: right. the earlier nexus 7 2013 is supported. the ones where google changed the hardware have not been, or you wouldn't have had a problem flashing it :)19:52
montvidPoking around the internet (xda, #ubuntu-touch, #ubuntu-kernel) I found that newer Nexus 7 "flo" models, made in/after late 2014 have a different revision to their eMMC controller/hardware/something19:54
montvidit's just a few lines of code changed :P19:55
montvidoh well19:55
montvidI guess i have to find this github guy and ask him to build a new kernel for the 16.04 branch in the future...19:58
dobeylike i said earlier. that might "work," but it's not necessarily "correct." those devices never came with android 4.4, and google doesn't support android 4.4 on those devices. if ubports has android 5 based nexus 7 deb images though, they could probably build android 5 flo images too, for it to be supported there19:59
montvidwhere could i ask? do you have an email? I am going to search for it now19:59
dobeyubports.com or #ubports channel here on freenode20:00
dobeythey've been working on getting android 5 based builds working on other devices like nesux 5 and one plus one. i don't know if they did so on deb too or not20:01
montvidi am talking to a guy on ubports20:38
montvidhe says canonical supports only android 4.4.2 hal20:39
dobeynot entirely true20:39
montvidso my question is does canonical downgrade meizu and aquaris phones to android 4.4.2?20:39
dobeyaquaris phones came with 4.420:40
dobeyas did arale20:40
dobeypro 5 and m10 tablet are both android 5 though20:40
dobeybecause android 5 is required for arm6420:40
dobeythe retail devices support was also developed in cooperation with meizu and bq20:42
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montvidmay i ask the cutting edge ubuntu touch for flo is in the devel branch?21:14
dobeydevel and devel-proposed should be avoided21:15
dobeyi'm not sure if they're even still getting built21:15
montvidi got like 5 reps21:15
montvidubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-pd ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu ubuntu-touch/staging/ubuntu ubuntu-touch/rc/ubuntu ubuntu-touch/devel/krillin.en ubuntu-touch/rc/ubuntu-pd ubuntu-touch/devel/ubuntu21:15
montvidi am going to try the newest build and see21:16
montvidbut which one is the newest/ :/21:16
dobeyubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-pd is probably what you really want on nexus 721:16
dobeywell, if you want the "newest" bits anyway21:16
montviddo you know if there is a deadline when canonical will switch to 16.04? or 15 will be going strong for a while?21:19
dobeythere isn't an exact date yet, no; and it won't be a standard OTA update to get it. it will require reflashing any device for which support for snaps/16.04 is provided21:21
dobeywhen it's ready/as soon as possible, is the basic answer though.21:21
montvidok i found out the devel branch is from 20160222 hehe21:22
montviddobey - ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-pd is 20160609 old... eh21:32
montvidok ill try to find it...21:33
montvidcmon guys there is a build for nexus 7 2013 on the 4th of january is there realy no maintainer of the device?21:42
popeyasking over and over doesn't make it happen21:46
montvidok ;)21:47
montvidwell i am happy some guy from github hacked the problem. at least i can run ubuntu touch with his help.21:49
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montvidthank you, good night. it seems multirom does not work too.23:29

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