wolfgergin rum?11:56
wolfgerWow, morning sounds so much better backwards! :-D11:56
wolfgerI need a day of sleep. cmaloney, you still unemployed? Want to be me for a day? :-D12:04
wolfgerAlthough I think my boss would notice our physical differences when you show up for the weekly meeting.12:05
cmaloneywolfger: Still unemployed, but I'm trying to stay away from auto companies and their ilk12:36
cmaloneyunsuccessfully, I might add. Have an interview tomorrow. :(12:37
hpucksTough to do around here.12:37
cmaloneyYeah, no kidding12:38
cmaloneybetween auto, insurance, and marketing I'm starting to wonder if we do anything else.12:38
jrwrenThat is the brave job. Open a brewery. Make it work.13:20
shakes808cmaloney: what happened?  What are you looking for?13:51
cmaloneyI was laid off from Morpace in September13:54
cmaloneylooking for Python / DevOps positions13:54
shakes808that's shitty.  sorry to hear that.13:55
cmaloneyhopefully remote, hopefully not in marketing / automotive / insurance13:55
shakes808i will keep my ears open for you13:55
shakes808have you tried a recruiter?13:55
cmaloneyNo worries. Thanks. :)13:55
cmaloneyyes, and much like the monolith from 2001 they don't quite know what to make of me13:56
jrwrenwow, he says python /devops and then you say, that's shitty.?  :p   j/k13:56
cmaloneyjrwren: It's what I have on my resume, not whare I necessarily want to be, but there it is. :)13:56
cmaloneynot on the resume? Doesn't exist. ;)13:56
shakes808at CHC tonight, my buddy works for a recruiting firm: relapath? or something like that.  would you be opposed to me giving your to him?13:56
shakes808jrwren: that was towards the lay off :P13:56
cmaloneysure: http://decafbad.net/files/resume.pdf13:57
shakes808sounds good.  I will pass that along tonight13:57
cmaloneythough I'm a little recruiter-hostile.13:57
cmaloneyThanks. :)13:58
shakes808you don't want to be farmed out?  :)13:58
cmaloneyI don't want to be a call center for every daft idea of what people think I want.13:58
shakes808I have another buddy that has his own consulting company with a couple of clients, I can see he he needs a second as well.  He is contracted to the company I am working for currently 2 days a week.  I will see him Friday.13:59
cmaloneyFeel free to share it as you see fit.14:00
shakes808sounds good.  hope i can help14:01
cmaloneyYou already have. Thanks. :)14:01
jrwrenrecruiters get a bad rep. recruiters are like programmers. there are good ones, there are bad ones.14:06
shakes808it is more of a contract house14:08
shakes808cmaloney: i passed your resume to my buddy.  we will see what comes of it.16:11
shakes808no problem boss16:16
shakes808cmaloney: my buddy said he will submit it tonight to his contact there.16:53
cmaloneyThank you.16:59
shakes808and I will still talk to my other buddy to see if he has anything.  but that one might be more spotty than the former16:59
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