tseliotricotz, mamarley: I think you mentioned a few regressions affecting the 375 series. Are they still there?08:12
mamarleytseliot: 375.10 caused a number of applications to crash when exiting, which among other things broke the KDE lockscreen, which was fixed in 375.20.  375.20 introduced a new bug that caused issues if one tried to launch too many OpenGL applications or certain games, causing the applications to display nothing but a black screen.  That was fixed in 375.26.11:08
mamarleySo, no regressions of which I am currently aware.11:09
tseliotmamarley: that's good to hear, thanks. I am going to migrate users from 361-367 to 375 (if QA doesn't find any more regressions)12:46
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mamarleyricotz: soee: https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+packages20:53
ricotzmamarley, oh :)21:11
ricotzare you running it already?21:11
soeewhy it is called nvidia-graphics-drivers not nvidia-xxx ?21:16
mamarleyricotz: Yep, seems to work fine.21:50
ricotzmamarley, will try it out tomorrow22:20
mamarleysoee: No idea, sorry.23:19

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