inetprogood mornings05:46
nsnzeromorning all05:46
inetprooh and hi superfly as well05:56
inetproen oom Kilos ook05:56
inetprohi nsnzero05:56
superflyTime for me to sleep 05:57
superflyI'm still in last night 05:58
superflyNight inetpro 05:58
paddatrappermorning inetpro, nsnzero. Evening superfly 06:18
inetprosuperfly: time to catch up, good night 06:19
inetpropaddatrapper: hi06:20
Kiloshi inetpro paddatrapper  and others07:10
Kilosand sleep tight superfly 07:11
paddatrapperhi Kilos 07:18
inetprohet jy al jou miere uitgesorteer Kilos?07:25
Kilosomtrent almal inetpro 10:22
Kilostot so 30 meter van die huis af is skoon10:22
Kilosmaar daar een of twee neste in die dak dink ek en hierdie n platdak  so moet sinkplaat afhaal waar ek dink hulle is10:23
unlaudableanyone ever played with bitnami/wordpress docker images?10:49
jerit_it just took me 20 minutes to find where my website is on my ubuntu vm10:49
LangjanGood day all13:34
LangjanHey Kilos whats this quitting and joining about? Are you well? 13:47
Kilosinternet very sick sir, keeps dropping connection all the time13:50
Kiloshopefully they working on the tower at least13:50
LangjanI know that frustration,my kids have similar issues on their plot. Glad I have wired connection. 13:52
Kilosyeah it helps13:52
Kiloseven a good mobile like i had in pta was good13:52
LangjanAre you well?13:52
Kilosbut this one sucks13:53
Kilosim ok yes ty and you?13:53
LangjanFine thks13:53
Kiloshow did the golf go13:53
Kilosoh ya that13:53
Kilosalso peeps doing funny things with balls13:53
Langjanyou chatting to pairs champ 13:53
Kiloscongrats sir13:54
Kiloswell done13:54
Langjanthks Kilos 13:54
LangjanJuanita runner-up in ladies13:54
Kilostell her well done13:54
Langjanshe forgot to keep her head down13:54
Kilosand practise more13:54
Langjanthks will do13:54
LangjanI found a monitor for my neighbour13:55
Kilosthat is a good price13:55
Langjanbut old tech13:55
Kilosdoesnt matter on old pc13:55
Langjanyes as long as it works13:55
LangjanVolkshulp 200013:56
Kilosoh yes i been there to look some time back13:56
Kilosglad they could help13:56
LangjanYes so am I13:57
LangjanThey also helped his wife with everything, box, monitor, keybrd, mouse the lot 13:57
LangjanShes the lady that I wired up to my router now hes also connected here 13:58
Kiloshave they got spare heart surgeons there13:58
Langjan Let me ind out...13:58
Kilosbefore i went to oz13:58
Kilosyou found me some guys with info on hospitals13:59
Langjanoh yes13:59
Kilosi think one was the head heart guy at steve bhiko wasnt he13:59
Langjancant remember, but could have been a contact via my cousin in Rustenburg14:00
Kilosi need to find someone that can squeeze me in, debs is stressing bad14:00
Kilosim scared she has an attack from all the stress14:01
LangjanAi! Stress just makes matters worse14:01
Kilosshe has hardly slept since i left14:01
Kilosjust 2 hour naps here and there14:02
Kiloslove actually sucks at times14:02
LangjanAi that's not good14:02
LangjanWe have a cousin who practices medicine in Pta and is well connected, dont know about Steve Biko but I will give him a buzz and find out 14:03
LangjanJust popped in to see how youre doing, I have to prepare for a meeting, chat later14:05
Kilosgo well and ty for the visit14:05
LangjanMy pleasure, go well Kilos and thks for always being there14:05
Kiloswhat a stuff up15:54
Kilosgmail said someone tried to get into my account so i went to each account and changed passwords but now thunderbird cant get there with the new passwords15:55
Kiloskeeps saying failed and reenter password or w password15:56
Kilosnew password and then still fails15:59
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
LangjanHi there Kilos 18:22
Kiloshi Langjan 18:22
LangjanI had a chat with our doctor relative in Pta18:23
Kilosoh yes18:23
LangjanHe says quality of service at SB is very good18:23
LangjanHe used to serve on the Board but he resigned due to inept management attitudes 18:24
Kilosim actually past worrying about quality of service i just want heart fixed18:24
LangjanHe has no direct contacts there any more18:24
Langjanbut suggests you contact Dr Kobus Stanton at Eugeme Marais, he may have some suggestions for you as to how to go about to expedite matters18:25
Langjanunfortunately thats all I could get18:26
Kilosok sir ty for that18:26
Kilosbasically collapsing and going in while heart attacking is the only sure way 18:26
Kilosthen its emergency stuff18:27
LangjanLet me know how things pan out, he did say that if we hit a dead end I must get back to him 18:27
LangjanOK we will chat again later18:27
Langjanhopefully you will not get to emergency stage18:28
Kilosty for that Langjan 18:28
Kiloshopefully not yeah18:28
LangjanHope it helps, best of luck while we also pray for you18:29
Kilosthanks for everything my friend18:29
LangjanLekker aand verder18:29
Kiloshave a great evening18:29
Kilosour own champ18:29
LangjanNo prob, luckily I dont use kde so system is running fine18:29
Kiloseven though its ball throwing18:29
LangjanSo I can ring off18:30
Langjan lmga18:30
LangjanIts not a ball, a ball is a round object18:30
LangjanSlaap lekker18:30
Kilosok damaged ball18:31
Kilosjy ook dankie oom18:31
Langjandankie Kilos 18:31
Kilosnight all . sleep tight20:06

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