admin911HELLO HI00:05
cfhowlettdrop the caps.  ask your ubuntu question.00:06
admin911anonomus  no work good00:08
admin911wht up pulp00:09
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coffeeguyhey is there a multi media gaming ubuntu flavor?00:45
coffeeguyand should i compile firefox from source for better performance?00:45
coffeeguyin ubuntu 16.04.100:46
Jakethepythonhow do i change a drives mount point?00:46
k1l_i doubt recompiling firefox will bring you more performance00:46
k1l_Jakethepython: unmount it and mount it where you want it?00:46
coffeeguyok i had a feeling that was the case this isn't gentoo lol00:47
coffeeguyk1l_, ty00:47
WhisketHi I made a custom hybrid iso with Ubuntu 16.04. When I dd the ISO to a USB the BIOS won't detect a bootable disk. If I format the disk FAT32 and copy the files over it boots but into the normal ubuntu installer and not mine. Booting the ISO in a VM works fine. Anyone know what I might be messing up writing the ISO to USB?00:47
Whisketdd bs=4M if=my_image.iso of=/dev/sdb100:48
cuddleim having trouble accessing my iphone from ubuntu00:48
k1l_Whisket: dont dd it to the partition. dd it to the bare metal usb.00:48
cuddleit was working before but now i cant see anything on the phone00:48
cuddlei just want to get the pics on my phone saved. anyone know how to do this with ubuntu00:49
cuddleit used to be plug & play00:49
Whisketk1l_: thanks, i'll give it a try00:50
Whisketk1l_: fdisk deleted sdb1, dd to /dev/sdb and the same thing happens. BIOS doesn't recognize it00:56
k1l_Whisket: then your iso is broken. a hybrid iso includes the partitions already so it can be dd (or cp or or or) onto the bare /dev/sdb and not into a partition like /dev/sdb100:57
WhisketThe ISO has the partition. It successfully creates sdb1 and like I said the ISO boots fine in a VM00:57
Whisketfdisk shows the partition is bootable00:58
k1l_i guess the vm tests only the cdrom iso part?00:58
k1l_not the hybrid iso part00:59
juan_hi my software de ubunto wount load01:05
Jakethepythonmdadm an md device must be gien in this mode01:05
Jakethepythonwhat is an MD device?01:05
juan_dont under stand01:05
juan_hi does any one speek spanish here01:06
Bashing-om!es | juan_01:09
ubottujuan_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:09
Jakethepython1sudo mdadm --create -- verbose /dev/md1 --level=1 --raid-devices=2 /dev/sdb /dev/sdc01:16
Jakethepython1mdadm: an md device must be given in this mode01:16
sullivanHowdy, having an issue setting primary monitor in dual monitor setup, could somebody point me in the right direction please?01:17
tatertotssullivan: did you try using the display settings ?01:23
zguy300hey guys, i am booted with a live usb and trying to access my mounted hard drive but cannot get permission to get into home folder. is ther anyway i can access it?01:23
sullivanYes; the monitor on the left is apparently set to primary, only way I can appear to change it is by disabling it entirely01:24
sullivan Within the display settings01:24
wedgiezguy300: sudo01:26
tatertotssullivan: from display setting you should be able too declare a primary display, the display with the menu shown in it, is the primary01:27
sullivantatertots, do I need to restart after applying/keeping settings when I make that change?  I tried it before but the window still loaded onto the wrong screen01:29
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tatertotssullivan: you will need to apply, and possibly log out and log back in again01:30
sullivanWill try that01:30
sullivantatertots, setting the launcher to only the proper display didn't have any effect01:32
tatertotssullivan: can you open terminal?01:34
sullivanComfortable with CLI01:34
tatertotssullivan: in terminal>     sudo apt install inxi pastebinit01:34
tatertotssullivan: sweet, then this will go smoothly01:34
tatertotssullivan: once install is completed01:34
tatertotssullivan: in terminal>    inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebinit01:35
tatertotssullivan: share url/link here01:35
zguy300tatertots. you think you can lend me a hand?01:39
tatertotszguy300: lsblk|nc termbin.com 999901:40
tatertotszguy300: press enter01:40
tatertotszguy300: share url/link here01:40
sullivantatertots, http://dpaste.com/2JDJVHY01:42
zguy300im not on the computer i need help with01:42
zguy300its right next to me.01:42
tatertotszguy300: connected to the internet? yes or no01:42
zguy300yes i clicked link01:43
tatertotssullivan: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log|pastebinit01:44
tatertotszguy300: the link it shown to me, i don't think you'd know what to do with such informations01:45
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sullivanthere's a .log.old, you just want the .log correct?01:45
noahmg123OK. So Chrome requires my touchscreen to be floated using xinput for better touch support. However this completely breaks touch functionality everywhere else.01:45
noahmg123any way I can do this without breaking everything01:45
tatertotssullivan: just .log01:45
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tatertotszguy300: put the url/link into this chat room so we can see it01:46
sullivanThing's yuuuuuuge: http://dpaste.com/34N7VTV01:48
zguy300yeah think you lost me. lsblk|nc termbin.com 999901:48
zguy300oh you want me to make a pastebin type through this website?01:50
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kazapoalguien habla español?01:58
bazhangkazapo, #ubuntu-es for espanol01:59
tatertotssullivan: [  9698.612] (II) AMDGPU(0): Output HDMI-A-0 using initial mode 1360x768 +0+001:59
tatertots[  9698.612] (II) AMDGPU(0): Output DVI-D-0 using initial mode 1920x1080 +1360+001:59
tatertotssullivan: xrandr|pastebinit01:59
sullivantatertots, http://dpaste.com/23QSRP102:00
zguy300tatertots. to be clear, i enter that link into my broken computer and give you the link it sends back on here correct?02:01
tatertotssullivan: HDMI-A-0 connected primary02:02
tatertotssullivan: so you want DVI-D-0 as primary correct?02:02
tatertotszguy300: one of the links you've posted are of my lsblk02:03
sullivanNo, the DVI is the left monitor, which I want as secondary, but is where things are coming up; the right TV is the HDMI which should be the primary02:03
roothorickaha, so zesty IS getting gnome ngihtlies02:04
tatertotszguy300: only advice i can give is try to chat from the same computer with the issue so you can provide the url/links accurately02:04
sullivanIt's a samsung TV with the HDMI port configured as DVI/PC (if that's relevant)02:04
zguy300hmmm, ok02:04
zguy300damn wrong keyboard sorry02:04
lubuntuhey its zguy30002:06
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Guest47576i had to install hexchat quick02:06
roothorickinstalling LTS on this machine was a mistake... HWE isn't comprehensive enough to actually support cutting edge GPUs02:06
roothorickyou get the kernel drivers, sure, but the important bits on the Mesa side aren't there. I pulled a PPA for now, seriously considering moving to following 17.04 development. It isn't exactly a mission critical machine02:07
tatertotssullivan: the samsung on HDMI-A-0 is now set as primary, and this is what you want, you want apps to open on a certain monitor to avoid having to drag an app to the monitor you want it on...correct?02:08
bazhangroothorick, #ubuntu+1 should you wish to discuss 170402:08
tatertotssullivan: i am talking about your two monitors as per http://dpaste.com/23QSRP102:09
xanguaroothorick: you get updated xorg packages too02:09
sullivanYes, the HDMI should be where games/videos/stuff opens in fullscreen, not the other monitor02:09
sullivanThey...don't, however02:09
tatertotssullivan:    xrandr primary DVI-D-002:11
tatertotssullivan: press enter02:11
tatertotssullivan: now test where games/videos/stuff opens02:11
sullivanxrandr: unrecognized option 'primary'02:11
telnetrestarthey guys02:12
sullivanis it xrandr DVI-D-0 -primary or such?02:12
tatertotssullivan: sorry i typo02:12
Guest47576hey lmk when you have a minute tatertots. know your busy helping someone. i can wait my turn02:12
telnetrestarti have a fresh ubuntu desktop 14.04 LTS install that i'm having issues with installing the newest version of virtualbox02:12
Guest47576telnet which problem?02:13
Guest47576i done it severl times02:13
tatertotssullivan:    xrandr --output DVI-D-0 --primary02:13
tatertotssullivan: press enter02:13
tatertotssullivan: now test where games/videos/stuff opens02:13
telnetrestartit requires i386 packages out the rear, but they all will not install because the require another one that won't be installed02:13
telnetrestarti went down a rabbit hole about 10 packages deep02:13
juan_good evening how do i connect to ubuntu es02:13
tatertotsGuest47576: ok will do02:13
sullivantatertots, shows up on left/DVI/secondary monitor02:14
tatertotssullivan: xrandr|pastebinit02:14
Guest47576telnet, sorry i misunderstood. i thought u wanted to run lubuntu off VM.02:14
sullivantatertots, http://dpaste.com/15YSR7S02:14
telnetrestartnegative, trying to install virtualbox on ubuntu02:15
telnetrestartmultiarch is enabled...but for some reason it won't install anything02:15
Guest47576which verison virtualbox? ill try installing on my live OS im on. same as yours02:16
tekeli-lijuan_, type `join #ubuntu-es` into your irc client.02:16
telnetrestartthe latest version, 5.12 i think?02:16
telnetrestartlet me check02:16
Guest47576ok ill give it a try02:17
Guest47576did you remove old version before installing?02:18
Guest47576your running the i386?02:19
Guest47576i would do the amd64 so unsure if it would be same install.02:19
roothorickxangua: good point. I may actually have a mismatch as I don't recall that PPA including xorg drivers02:19
roothorickyeah, I'm gonna do 17.0402:19
tatertotssullivan: ok i found it02:19
telnetrestarti'm running amd6402:19
tatertotssullivan: you will need to declare a 'default' ...standby02:20
xanguaroothorick: that PPA? Hardware enablement stacks is part of official repositories02:20
tatertotssullivan: http://dpaste.com/3FS1H9102:21
roothorickxangua: 16.04 doesn't have working Mesa for AMD Polaris02:21
Guest47576wont let me do the install. let me try with the terminal. see if differente02:21
roothorickat all. There's the HWE kernel images but that's only the kernel/DRM end, you still wind up in fb fallback in X02:21
sullivanHow do I implement that02:22
Bray90820Is there any way to see the output in the terminal when a cronjob runs02:22
roothorickyou get hardware blitting, and llvmpipe softens the blow, but it's still CPU-only rendering02:22
tatertotssullivan: so if you do not like the defaults that were selected for you...you must by hand..define a default02:22
tatertotssullivan: xorg.conf02:23
snowkidindmy log file has a bunch of entries I don't want to see, how do i not view the unwanteed lines using grep? e.g. tail -100 error.log | grep  "without lines containing 'mystring'"02:23
telnetrestart@Guest47576, I'm going to upgrade to 16.04 LTE and see if that improves the situation02:23
Guest47576telnet, sorry man i am live boot right now. wont let me do install without running update02:23
Guest47576im running lte02:23
telnetrestartno worries, thanks for trying man02:24
Bashing-omroothorick: Last I was aware Polaris will not be supported until kernel 4.7.02:25
sullivantatertots, /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ doesn't have xorg.conf within it02:25
Guest47576telnet, your not by any chance running kali tool with katoolin are you?02:25
tatertotssullivan: or you could try swapping the connections physically on your rx 470/480,02:25
sullivanIf I had a DVI-HDMI adapter handy I would02:26
telnetrestartno, it's a fresh install02:26
roothorickBashing-om: hwe-16.04-edge kernel is 4.8 so ;)02:26
sullivanWhat can I do with the xorg.conf/where can I find it02:26
tatertotssullivan: it's usually in /etc/X1102:27
Bashing-omroothorick: Should workie .02:27
roothorickI do currently have full hardware acceleration, but, Wine 1.6? That's not gonna cut it. And I'm sure I'll find more old things. I'd rather run unstable than pile up on PPAs02:27
sullivantatertots, not seeing it there02:27
tatertotsGuest47576: what issue are you having?02:28
roothorickmy laptop is LTS, and I make an effort to keep the system relatively unmolested specifically so that I have a strong, stable system to fall back on when rapidly spinning blades spread excrement everywhere02:28
Guest47576alright so i go to boot my lubuntu an its shows start screen and when it would normally show login the screen stays blue02:29
Guest47576so im on live boot with usb and have the drive mounted02:29
roothorickHTPC is on LTS, but I've beaten the snot out of it, lots of PPAs and weird configs02:29
sullivantatertots, did a locate xorg.conf, no file in the list, only thing is some man's and the xorg.conf.d folder in /usr/share and its contents, and a doc for an intel graphics component it looks like02:29
sullivanEr, don't know if it's a doc, it's a xorg.conf under /usr/share/doc/xserver-xorg-video-intel02:30
roothorickand my server is a case study in getting away with Bad Ideas to keep a system running, and the effects of such02:30
Guest47576i installed kali tools via katoolin(done this many time) however, this time i deleted the katoolin respitories. i restarted computer and then i got the blue screen... hoping i can somehow revert back on add respitories back02:31
sullivantatertots, huh, I navigate to the folder where locate says there's an xorg.conf, and there isn't one02:32
tatertotssullivan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver   i noticed you are NOT using the new proprietary amd driver, which is fine, but see the link...ubuntu wifi for amdgpu is still under initial construction https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AMDGPU-Driver02:32
roothorickI'm actually kinda surprised how quick and smooth the fglrx sundown was02:34
tatertotssullivan: with that being said, the link i sent previously talks about using "man radeon" to "Check the manpage of the Radeon driver for advanced option"02:34
tatertotssullivan: does "man amdgpu" exist?02:34
sullivantatertots, yes it does02:34
tatertotssullivan: does it show "advanced options"02:35
sullivanDoesn't look like it02:36
sullivanname, synopsis, description, supported hardware, configuration details, see also, authors are the sections I see02:37
roothorickAMDGPU Pro: Worth it?02:38
tatertotssullivan: have you ever tried this http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD-Radeon-GPU-PRO-Linux-Beta-Driver%E2%80%93Release-Notes.aspx02:38
xangua##hardware ?02:38
tekeli-liHow long should I wait before asking my question again?02:39
sullivanroothorick, quite less of a pain in the booty to configure/install, however in some applications its performance falls behind the open source driver02:39
tatertotsGuest47576: did your symptom occur immediately after installing ubuntu?02:39
sullivanworked fine for me though02:39
donofrioHow do I setup like tty8 to be a second GUI login session02:39
Guest47576no it did not. had it fully functional02:39
tatertotsGuest47576: did your symptom occur immediately after installing ubuntu?, what hardware or software changes were made prior to the symptom occurring?02:40
roothorickI'll give AMD this, it seems like their Linux drivers are better than their Windows drivers02:40
roothorickmaybe not quite in performance, but more stable and fewer quirks02:40
sullivantatertots, yes I've been using the hybrid driver since I got the card pretty much; installed ubuntu specifically to utilize the open source driver02:40
Guest47576tatertots, mind if i pm?02:40
tatertotsGuest47576: ok02:41
roothorickthe one thing, I have a Freesync monitor, I'd love to get that working02:41
sullivanHaven't tried the hybrid driver on ubuntu, so I can't speak to its performance there; worked fine in Mint 18 and 18.1 (including the issue with the multimonitor stuff here)02:41
donofrioyou know so two diffrent users can use the same system without have to logout and log back in again?02:41
sullivanroothorick, hybrid only at this time unless you're going to upgrade to a newer kernel and version of mesa02:41
Bashing-omtekeli-li: 20 minutes is considered good to bump your quest back up .02:42
sullivanAMD is working on implementing FS on amdgpu, but the only officially available solution for FS is amdgpu-pro02:43
sullivanSame with vulkan02:43
sullivanPhoronix has articles discussing it02:43
roothorickfrom what I'm reading, it needs kernel patches that are currently controversial02:43
roothorickthe whole DAL scandal02:44
roothorickand the actual implementation for FS itself hasn't materialized yet02:44
tekeli-liBashing-om, Thanks. I've been waiting a few hours  :)02:44
tekeli-liI stopped X with `sudo systemctl stop lightdm`. Now I'm left with a completely black screen with a single white underscore in the upper left corner. There is no shell prompt. There is no login prompt. What is the component of the system I'm looking at, and where do I look for its documentation?02:45
sullivanamdgpu-pro is fully user space so no issues with HAL's and whatnot, it's just not fully open02:45
sullivanAnd I'm speaking in regards to polaris support, I can't speak about previous arch's02:45
roothorickI'm still impressed that an open source driver can be this featureful and performant on something so new. Shows what direct corporate involvement can do02:47
sullivanrootho, wouldn't really call it a scandal, they're working on DC/DAL or whatever to clean it up so it can get upstreamed, I read the messages, dairlie's working with them02:48
Bashing-omtekeli-li: I do not know the answers . but might advise the channel what release you are running as systemctl is a systemd interface . Does systemd apply in your case ?02:48
roothoricksullivan: the initial reaction from the kernel maintainers was, well, had confrontational undertones, so it's good to hear they're cooperating instead of having a staredown or something02:49
daxthe amount of "scandal" and arguing involved was massively overblown02:50
sullivanroothorick, dax, yup02:50
daxi'm on the relevant mailing list and IRC channel, both sides of it know each other and work together well, there was a thread of "i know you know this but your employer needs to" that Phoronix etc. completely failed to pick up on02:50
roothorickI guess that's just kinda part of the FOSS culture. People aren't afraid to be direct and rude, as it's a hobby to everyone02:51
sullivanrootho, nobody was really curt or rude, that's not what I took away from it.  Looked like a professional disagreement initially to me pretty much, which took a bit longer to figure out because of text lacking context etc02:52
sullivanSame stuff as always02:52
tekeli-liBashing-om, Lubuntu 16.10 `lsb_release -d => Description:Ubuntu 16.10`02:52
tekeli-liBashing-om, I believe systemd is present and working on this system02:53
roothorickhm. This is 16.04, do-release-upgrade -d is saying there's no new version02:53
sullivanJust because Linus is mr. logic e mcengineerface and doesn't play well with others doesn't mean everybody acts like that, especially when we're talking about reps from corporations and people maintaining linux components02:53
Bashing-omtekeli-li: Yeapper . 16.10 is systemd :)02:54
roothorickthere we go02:54
sullivanrootho what hardware are you running that you'd like to utilize amdgpu02:55
roothorickRX 48002:55
roothorickamdgpu and the pro variant are the ONLY options02:55
sullivanthe hybrid driver (pro) works fine except for some edge cases, same can be said for amdgpu.02:56
sullivanOnce I got onto ubuntu the process for enabling amdgpu was about the same level of difficulty as running amdgpu-pro under mint02:57
cuddlehow do i get ubuntu to see my whats on my iphone storage device. it detects device but the folder shows up empty. my computer used to always show the pictures on the phone and not any more. it only works on windows but how do i get it to work on ubuntu02:57
sullivanrootho you trying to get some working drivers?02:58
tekeli-lisullivan, Linus has always been as he is now. If anything, he's gone soft over the years.02:58
sullivantekeli-li, agreed from what I've seen; dude's got some social weirdness going on (ha don't we all)02:59
roothorickuvesafb would probably work, but that doesn't count for obvious reasons03:00
roothorickI have standard amdgpu working with full acceleration03:00
roothorickbut not much more than that... 144Hz is buggy03:00
roothoricknot a huge deal as I run 60hz a lot anyway because this monitor has contrast problems in 144 mode03:00
roothorickcuddle: don't know about iPhones, but on Android you have to unlock the device first03:00
roothoricksullivan: I want, well, freesync, and not-glitchy 144. And more performance as always03:00
sullivanamdgpu will improve over time obviously03:00
sullivanI just got tired of the prospect of waiting potentially a YEAR for proper driver support under linux with expensive hardware03:01
roothorickso, Irssi bugged out03:01
roothorickI did NOT send all those at once03:01
daxnetwork's a bit laggy right now, probably wasn't your client's fault03:02
tekeli-liroothorick, I assumed network lag caused all your lines to be echoed at once.03:02
sullivandefinitely looking forward to vega release to get an idea about AMD's linux team03:03
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sullivan's ability to get driver support right out of the gate going forward03:03
roothoricksullivan: I dunno, Polaris is AMD's latest and greatest generation, and as long as you have new enough XYZ the core functions (modesetting, acceleration, etc) are not only there but stable and reasonably fast03:04
jschalkenIs there a shortcut for "apt-mark auto <package> && apt-get autoremove"? Basically "remove if nothing depends on it"?03:04
sullivanthe problem is OOTB functionality; I was away from linux for a couple years before Win10 sent me fleeing with my hair on fire03:05
roothoricksullivan: you too huh?03:05
sullivanDeprecation of fglrx was news to me, after I had bought the hardware03:05
sullivanWe all know the sorry state that is FOSS on Big Green, was at least expecting competent OOTB support even proprietary wise on team red initially03:06
roothorickI still have my Win7 install. I checked on win10 periodically and gave up when I saw that my biggest complaints are a trend that's picking up speed03:06
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roothorickso I'm dualbooting now, and will be wiping and repurposing that other SSD when extended support ends on 703:06
sullivanrootho, what sealed the deal for me was a minor upgrade (not redstone) NUKED MY BOOT LOADER and my mint install03:06
roothorickthat started back on 7, after the proliferation of daz loader03:07
roothorickthey gave up for a while though03:07
sullivanI was insensed, completely unacceptable03:07
roothorickmy last straw was seeing that they've added MORE ads to the OS, in ways that are even harder to get rid of03:08
roothorickit's pretty clear what they want win10 to be, and it's precisely the opposite direction from what I find tolerable in an OS03:08
sullivanNow I hear they might be backing off some of the telemetry crap eventually, but we'll see.  But regardless I'll probably do vga passthrough with a hypervisor before I go back to dualbooting so I actually have some semblence of control03:09
roothorickyou didn't rollback to 7?03:09
roothorickthe one time I tried 10, that's what I did03:09
sullivanNerp, I cut the cord as it were entirely03:09
sullivanCompletely nuked the partition and started from scratch with Mint, and ended up here03:10
roothorickwhat will be interesting is how they change things as corporations start complaining under pressure from the win7 sunset03:10
Logicgatehey guys, so I have an Ubuntu 16.04 VM mounted, and I'm trying to sync a shared folder from the host with a guest folder03:10
roothorickmy company never left win7 ent03:10
Logicgatewhat's the best way to achieve that?03:10
LogicgateI'd like to have a filewatcher on the host shared folder, which replicates to the guest folder03:11
roothorickwhat type of VM?03:11
roothorickthis the point where I realize03:12
roothorickI did this wrong. do-release-upgrade in a terminal inside a gnome session03:12
roothorickyeah, things are breaking. Pretty badly.03:13
sullivanit's like dist-upgrade or something03:13
Vaderadvise the font for UTF03:22
mpchesterSo this is a weird one. I'm using ubuntu16.10/unity and have my bluetooth headset hooked up.  The audio sounds pretty terrible BUT the main problem is that I keep hearing "Call from" whenever i'm not playing something03:42
SeaGrizzlyQuestion - so if I have setup a device as an iscsi target is there a way to mount that same volume so the OS sees it and it can be backed up?03:44
priporgmpchester, Call from who?03:44
mpchesterit never says, it just says in a female robot voice " call from" and then stops03:44
mpchesterand then repeates after a minute or so03:45
priporgmpchester, does she have a sexy voice?03:45
priporgmpchester, ok good. problem solved.03:45
mpchesterno it's even more distracting03:45
mpchesterbecause it's so sexy03:45
priporgmpchester, i'm sure you can make it a mans voive03:46
SeaGrizzlyAnybody got any thoughts on my issue?03:47
SeaGrizzlyEven mounting it read only would be fine03:48
SeaGrizzlyAlthough if it were in a sexy voice saying mounted that would be even better.03:48
tatertotsSeaGrizzly: do you have an initiator in use?03:50
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SeaGrizzlyI could but it was very slow doing a loopback type of thing03:51
SeaGrizzlyI was hoping there was a way to just mount the volume a second time as read only to back it up with crashplan.03:51
SeaGrizzlySo far have not come up with anything03:52
tatertotsSeaGrizzly: if you just setup a device as a target..there's nothing to backup...the target is empty03:52
SeaGrizzlyBasically I am trying to build a backup server for windows servers to backup to then eventually push everything to crashplan.03:52
tatertotsSeaGrizzly: how many lun's?03:53
SeaGrizzlyWell so I have a disk that is a blockio iscsi target and then connected to the target with windows and formated the volume for backup of the server03:53
SeaGrizzlyjust one03:53
SeaGrizzlyso far03:53
SeaGrizzlySorry not sure what that means?03:54
tatertotsah now we're talking03:54
SeaGrizzlySort of but I am not totally understanding you lol03:54
tatertotsSeaGrizzly: so you have a 2tb lun, it's empty because you just created it...have you tested writing any actual data to the lun?03:55
SeaGrizzlyWhy do you need the qualifier name?03:57
roothorickwell, that was messy, because of the PPA packages, but I managed to muscle it in03:57
SeaGrizzlyTatertots yep I have preformed several good backups the the lun03:58
tatertotswhy don't you advise your organization to buy real storage emc,equal logic, powervault03:58
SeaGrizzlyThen I wouldn't be here would I.03:58
SeaGrizzlySo your saying it won't work03:58
SeaGrizzlyThats fine just wondering if it was possible.03:58
tatertotsSeaGrizzly: nope not saing that03:58
tatertotsSeaGrizzly: i'm sure you'll figure it out....maybe not in the next 15-30 minutes..but eventually03:59
SeaGrizzlyYea was hoping somebody here may have tried something like that before.03:59
SeaGrizzlyI wonder if NFS would be a better option.03:59
tatertotsSeaGrizzly: would require you add the role to windows servers, thus modifying them from their state if the role is not already in place, and unless ur the enterprise admin or work closely with the enterprise admin you may need to get approval to add the new roll to all windows servers just for your little project ya got going04:03
SeaGrizzlyThat's not a big issue, but wondering if that would be an option that would allow me to see it to back it up on the ubuntu side.04:03
tatertotsSeaGrizzly: possible04:05
tatertotsSeaGrizzly: what speed is the infrastructure ?04:05
tatertotsplease don't tell me you're trying to do this on 10/10004:05
SeaGrizzlyToken Righ04:06
SeaGrizzlyNo it gig between the servers04:06
SeaGrizzlyAlso if windows just does incremental backups then they are not that big.04:06
SeaGrizzlythus why I want to get something that windows will do incremental backups to like iscsi or possibly NFS04:07
SeaGrizzlyThe other option is making a VHD file on a samba share.04:07
SeaGrizzlybut then I have to do a ton of work to restore the VHD from the crashplan service.04:08
tatertotsreal storage would make your life easier....lol...they might buy real storage and get rid of you though...there's always that risk ;)04:09
tatertotsexperience with real storage would make you more valuable to a larger organization with bigger budget$ at the same time though04:11
lotuspsychjeguys keep it bit ontopic please04:11
tatertotssorry lotuspsychje ...we were kinda get'n out there a bit lol04:12
* tatertots reels it back in04:12
lotuspsychjetatertots: we have a nice #ubuntu-discuss if you like :p04:12
tatertotslotuspsychje: no i rarely socialize offtopic like that....just felt like no one else was going to speak to that particular end users woes...it's over now though..so carry on04:13
SeaGrizzlyYea spending 10k on a storage option for backup doesn't really suit them so I guess I will look elsewhere for answers.04:14
Guest5087how I change my name here, the command04:14
lotuspsychjeGuest5087: type /nick yournew-nick04:14
=== Guest5087 is now known as BOA
=== BOA is now known as Love
tatertotsSeaGrizzly: if you ever want to consult, look me up..take care my friend04:15
=== Love is now known as RedStar
SeaGrizzlyLater tater04:16
=== ceibal is now known as notignacio
HP7653sucken mein penisen04:19
HP7653my tome04:19
HP7653mein kamph04:19
lotuspsychje!language | HP765304:19
ubottuHP7653: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:19
HP7653!language lotuspsychje04:20
lotuspsychje!ops | HP7653 language04:20
ubottuHP7653 language: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu04:20
HP7653!language | lotuspsychje04:20
ubottulotuspsychje: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:20
HP7653!language | lotuspsychje04:20
phunyguyYES HI04:20
HP7653!language | phunyguy04:20
ubottuphunyguy: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:20
HiddenDjinn*this* is going to end well04:20
lotuspsychjetnx phunyguy04:21
tekeli-lisome peeps just have to test limits04:21
phunyguyalright alright, we have it from here.04:23
phunyguyback to support!04:23
* phunyguy cracks the whip.... "Your paychecks will all be docked!"04:23
* tekeli-li does the backstroke04:24
HiddenDjinnpaycheck? what paycheck?04:24
* HiddenDjinn breaks out his dice bag and rulebooks04:24
tekeli-liwhat's your game?04:25
HiddenDjinntekeli-li: let's take it to -offtopic04:25
tekeli-liHiddenDjinn, pm me or name the channel04:27
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=== laowal is now known as ignacio
Bray90820Anyone wanna help me here I have a backup script that is running ssh root without a password and when I manually run the script everything works fine but when i put it in a crontab it asks for a password and ultimately fails04:54
aryohi master Ubuntu04:54
catbeardany way to tell a PCI slot version from terminal?05:09
catbearde.g. 2.0 SFF05:09
tatertotscatbeard: yeah05:13
tatertotscatbeard: is the slot populated with a device? yes or no05:14
tatertotscatbeard: are you chatting from the computer right now?05:14
tatertotscatbeard: in terminal> inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebin05:15
tatertotscatbeard: press enter05:15
uberalexdoes this channel also cater to questions about the forums?05:15
tatertotscatbeard: if you don't get a url/link means you haven't updated mint05:15
tatertotsmaybe i'll get lucky twice in a row, and have people that have installed updates.....can it be???05:16
catbeardnot running mint, running ubuntu 16.04.1 lts05:16
tatertotscatbeard: oh sorry05:16
tatertotscatbeard: got my rooms mixed up05:17
tatertotscatbeard: in terminal>  sudo apt install inxi pastebinit05:17
cfhowletttatertots, ?!  inxi should be present in 16.0405:17
cfhowlettby default05:17
uberalexor what channel should I be in to talk to someone about the forums?05:18
tatertotscfhowlett: sweet!05:18
kk4ewtuberalex, ask your question05:18
tatertotscatbeard: let me know when that completes then we will continue05:18
catbeardtatertots: done05:19
uberalexi got a PM from howfield about looking at the guidelines for posting a tutorial and I didn't see it at the time since i wasnt looking for any pinned content...05:20
tatertotscatbeard: in terminal>     inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebinit05:20
tatertotscatbeard: press enter05:20
tatertotscatbeard: share url/link here05:21
uberalexso the thread is in the jail, so i was wondering should I modify the jailed post or post a new thread?05:21
cfhowlettnew thread but you can reference the jailed one05:21
catbeardtatertots: no inxi isntalled05:21
tatertotscatbeard: then why did you not inform me of errors on my previous instruction to you which i will now repeat05:22
tatertotscatbeard: in terminal>  sudo apt install inxi pastebinit05:22
catbeardyeah apt'd it05:22
=== hide4OSX is now known as underd0g
tatertotscfhowlett: uh thought it was there by default.........look what catbeard is experiencing05:23
ZythyrI SSHed into a Ubuntu server. I want to excute a command called fbi, but it requires me to use sudo everytime. What do I need to do so I dont have to use sudo for that command?05:23
underd0gDoes anyone know how I might get MSF console installed on ubuntu05:23
cfhowletttatertots, both are present by default in ubuntu.  If he's not seeing them ... not *buntu?05:23
Sean_McGI dont have inxi either05:23
Sean_McGI'm on 16.04 xenial05:24
tatertotscfhowlett: so likely he's pulling a fast one and not really using ubuntu just trying to get help in #ubuntu?05:24
catbeardtatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23820468/05:25
tatertotscatbeard: search for inxi in software/package manager, its in the official ubuntu repositories so it should be easy to find and install05:25
cfhowletttatertots, that is an inxi printout, so I guess we're good.05:25
tatertotscfhowlett: yep we are good05:26
tatertotscatbeard:    sudo dmidecode|pastebinit05:27
tatertotscatbeard: share url/link here05:27
CrazyTuxhello, can anybody here help me?05:28
tatertotsCrazyTux: what have you done this time?05:28
CrazyTuxI have Xubuntu installed on my laptop and Windows inside Virtual box. Hox can I access the files stored on host OS by using Guest OS?05:29
tatertotscatbeard: link/url?05:30
cfhowlettCrazyTux, you need to set up a virtualbox shared folder05:31
CrazyTuxok. But, how?05:31
cfhowlettCrazyTux, read the virtualbox documentation: fully detailed05:32
CrazyTuxcfhowlett, ok.05:32
tatertotsCrazyTux: https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html#sharedfolders05:32
tatertotsCrazyTux: it's totally spelled out for you here dude https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html#sharedfolders05:32
CrazyTuxok. Thanks a lot.05:32
ZythyrNeed help. I used this example to automatically run a script at startup. My script is simple "sudo fbi -T 1 /home/dev/Downloads/images/sunset.jpg". The goal is to display a sunset picture on the screen. However after reboot its not being displayed. Is it because of the "sudo"? Is there a password require? Which user executes this script?05:34
roothorickalright, in 17.04, local hostnames are all screwed up05:38
cfhowlett!ubuntu+1 | roothorick05:39
ubotturoothorick: Zesty Zapus is the codename for Ubuntu 17.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+105:39
roothorickaw right05:39
catbeardtatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23820474/05:39
tatertotscatbeard: you have a 16x slot, you only have two slots so the 16x one should be easy to spot05:42
tatertotscatbeard: is that all you wanted to know?05:42
raspadohi, is anyone familiar with fpm? Im trying to define a requires to build a rpm, if I pass -d <package> it will install dependencies but thats not what I want05:46
tatertotscatbeard: you have a 16x 2.0 slot, you only have two slots so the 16x 2.0 one should be easy to spot05:46
raspadoI just want it to check if the rpms are present to install the package05:46
tatertotscatbeard: http://www.digitalstorm.com/forums/uploads/6454/Pcie_slots.jpg05:47
tatertotscatbeard: you should have enough info now...take care05:47
uberalexso after reading irc guidlines, irc specific questions should be in #ubuntu-irc ?05:52
cfhowlettyes, uberalex05:52
n4n0`sometimes I ask irc specific questions in #help or #freenode05:53
raspadoanyone familiar with fpm ?05:54
cfhowlett!patience | raspado05:54
ubotturaspado: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:54
Bray90820would sudo -i and login in as superuser be the same thing?05:56
uberalexwell i just recently started using IRC just for ubuntu... so im somewhat new05:56
cfhowlettuberalex, #ubuntu-offtopic is the channel for chitchat.  This channel is dedicated to ubuntu support.05:57
=== RaptorJesus is now known as Majesticles
FareIf I run apt as root it complains W: No sandbox user '_apt' on the system, can not drop privileges --- but if I don't it complains I'm not root.06:11
cfhowlettno need to profanity.  as for the error     apt not _apt06:12
Fare"apt not _apt" ??? What do you mean?06:12
Farethe error involves _apt06:13
cfhowlettFare, there is no _apt command in ubuntu.  the correct command is apt06:13
Fareit's not the command06:13
Farethe command is apt, but the error tells me about a missing user _apt06:13
cfhowlettFare, pastebinit06:14
cfhowlettlet's see06:14
wmmFare, cfhowlett is it this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/synaptic/+bug/152267506:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1522675 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "Warning messages about unsandboxed downloads" [Medium,Confirmed]06:16
cfhowlettstill waiting to see the actual command and error in context06:17
wmmFare, note that it is a warning not an error (W: not E: at the beginning of the line) so I'm expecting it to be a cosmetic issue, not blocking functionality06:17
Farehow do I get a user _apt created?06:18
cfhowlettshould not be needed - wait06:18
Farealso, a group crontab, etc.06:18
cfhowlettfare: verify: you are doing this at root?06:18
Farecfhowlett, I use sudo, because when I don't I fail to acquire the dpkg/lock06:20
Fare/usr/bin/mandb: the setuid man user "man" does not exist06:20
cfhowlettI have never seen this particular error in 10 years with ubuntu.  *might* be worth a bug report06:20
Farefor reference, this was created using dbootstrap from NixOS (I never managed to boot into ubuntu directly; GRUB fails to install from ubuntu, and trying to load it from NixOS's grub fails very early)06:21
Fare(the bootimage says it can't find the root filesystem)06:21
Fareso I'm running ubuntu in a chroot06:22
cfhowlettfare let's not discuss NixOS as it completely off-topic here ...06:22
cfhowlettand if you can't boot ubuntu, you have other, more important issues, I would suggest06:22
FareI've kind of abandoned the idea of booting ubuntu from now.06:23
FareI once managed to boot ubuntu, but then it erased NixOS and Windows from the laptop without asking for confirmation, so I don't want to try again that way06:23
cfhowlettwe can't help you with anything other than ubuntu so ...06:24
FareUbuntu complains /usr/bin/mandb: the setuid man user "man" does not exist --- but there is a man in /etc/passwd06:24
Farealso an _apt06:24
Faremaybe it's querying a demon running outside the chroot?06:24
Farecfhowlett, this is ubuntu, running in a chrooot06:25
uberalexcfhowlett, it wont let me jooin #ubuntu-offtopic06:30
cfhowlett  ?  works for me no problem.06:31
uberalexsays something about services???06:31
cfhowlettvague info = vague answers, uberalex.06:31
uberalexCannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services06:32
cfhowlett!register | uberalex06:32
ubottuuberalex: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.06:32
cfhowlettuberalex, register your nick06:32
ZythyrNeed help. At startup, I want to run the command "sudo fbi -T 1 /home/dev/sunset.jpg". This command reads the image to framebuffer of tty1. I used crontab -e to add my command, but the command is not being executed. I setup my Ubuntu to boot into command line using this guide: http://ask.xmodulo.com/boot-into-command-line-ubuntu-debian.html . By default, it boots into TTY1 and prompts me to06:39
aryowhat's the good room for fun?06:41
hateball!ot | aryo06:41
ubottuaryo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:41
cfhowlettaryo, check your channel. ubuntu support only here06:41
aryook thanks06:41
=== anon is now known as Guest56799
tatertotstry #fun06:44
uberalexoh i created a thread for this, the firefox version in ubuntu 16.10 live didnt allow me to search the forums06:46
cfhowlettuberalex, please do not report your threads in this channel.  not what it's for.06:46
uberalexnot trying to do that. i simply had problems using the forums on firefox with my live usb06:47
cfhowlett  ...   had.  so problem solved or problem reported, right?06:48
uberalexeh, i just went onto the store and downloaded chrome06:48
cfhowlettso since it's NOT a current problem and you are NOT here asking for help - let's drop the topic?  or move it to #ubuntu-offtopic.  thank you.06:49
uberalexit is a problem with the live installer though06:49
cfhowlett!details | uberalex then put your question into a usable context and format for this channel, please.06:50
ubottuuberalex then put your question into a usable context and format for this channel, please.: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.06:50
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
VaderWho will go 20th ebashit democrats ???06:54
neenee!ot | Vader06:55
ubottuVader: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:55
uberalexWell ive been testing Ubuntu 16.10 on my laptops with Live USB and installing trying to learn more when i get off work and today for some reason I couldnt search the forums on firefox06:55
uberalexso im curious where should i provide feedback for that?06:56
neeneeuberalex: probably on bugs.launchpad.net, search if there's a ticket open already for your specific issue first - if so, add to that, otherwise you can create a new ticket06:57
wmmuberalex, define "could not search" - what is the error message?07:03
Bray90820So I have a bash script and every time it runes it opens a new gui window is there a way to run it without opening a gui window07:07
hateball!details | Bray9082007:08
ubottuBray90820: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.07:08
uberalexwmm, thats what was what is odd. i wasnt getting any error message. it was returning blank resultts. but when i installed chrome the search worked fine07:09
uberalexi was attempting to search the forums for turning off the touchpad touch gestures in unity07:10
uberalexwell the swipe gestures or whatever i somehow manage to open up the tabbing between windows07:10
VyvancePLMSAnyone use Private Internet Access for Unbuntu?07:13
CoderEuropeMorning Frubes !07:14
Bray90820hateball: The bash script creates an lvm snapshot and it opens in a unity window07:16
Bray90820I don't want it to open07:16
JungleFeveri love it07:53
JungleFevero/ CoderEurope07:54
CoderEuropeWhich is better ECC or nonECC memory ?07:54
JungleFeverdepends on the purpose of use07:55
JungleFeverhome server with crucial information?07:56
JungleFeverif you have data and/or workloads that can not afford a potential error in a bit leading to some form of corruption then go for ECC, if you are doing casual work or usage then just stick with nonECC. the hardware required to run either is typically different to begin with07:56
JungleFeverie: server grade motherboard with ecc vs desktop motherboards with nonECC07:57
CoderEuropeokay cheers for that.08:00
JungleFeveranyone want to help me fix a shortcut in bash? i don't know what I broke08:00
wmmJungleFever, don't ask to ask, just ask and wait08:12
JungleFevercool story bro08:13
JungleFeverwmm any chance you code python?08:14
VyvancePLMSAnyone use Private Internet Access for Unbuntu? Do you like the interface? I find it lacking and cumbersome. Anyone know of alternatives?08:16
reisiowhat is it?08:17
JungleFeverthere are quite a large selection of VPN with softwares, VyvancePLMS what exactly are you doing do you just need an external connection or security centric work?08:18
VyvancePLMSJungleFever, Security. Just looking for anonymity on one of my machines connections.08:19
JungleFevernot sure if i can post links, so do this: google and search for "vpn comparison list" the first link is a site with a huge comparison list between all the pros/cons between different VPN08:20
JungleFeveryou should be able to find the level of security/anonymity within that list, it's not a shill site and is based off VPN info so it's very useful08:20
JungleFeverit covers all the key elements one generally wants to look for when it comes to detailed information08:20
VyvancePLMSCan you recommend one that would be a good fit for a server that is 100% automated?08:22
JungleFeverhonestly without knowing exactly what you are doing, no, and sadly i think its always best i don't know what you're doing :P what i would recommend is using more than one if you can08:23
JungleFeverlayers can help if appropriate08:23
CRogersAnyone notice that nautilus 3.22 in ubuntu 16.10 doesn't copy the character typed to the jump-down search box like it used to?08:24
CRogersnautilus devs say it's an ubuntu issue.08:24
reisioCRogers: copy?08:24
CRogersso when you are browsing files, and you start typing, the text appears in a little box down in the corner.08:25
CRogersin nautilus 3.22, the first character activates the box, but the character doesn't appear in it.08:26
CRogersThe result is, the first character is missing from the word you want to skip down to.08:26
CRogersIt's... intollerable. lol :)08:26
reisiooh yeah, I did notice that elsewhere08:27
reisioit must be a new GTK+ "feature"08:27
reisiothey're idiots :D08:27
CRogersomg, that needs to be fixed. :D08:28
reisiounfortunately, very unfortunately, GTK+ development is fairly well tied to GNOME08:28
reisioand GNOME devs are idiots08:28
CRogersnautilus devs said it's an Ubuntu issue, though.08:28
reisioit isn't08:28
CRogersyou sure?08:28
reisioyes, you probably haven't even spoken with a "nautilus" dev08:28
CRogersI rather think he is. :)08:31
CRogersAlso: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=77728608:33
ubottuGnome bug 777286 in Navigation "Typing first letter of filename opens search box, but skips first letter" [Major,Resolved: notgnome]08:33
CRogersthey closed my bug as Not GNOME08:33
CRogersHe said that little pop-up box is an Ubuntu tweak to nautilus.08:34
CRogersnautilus trunk handles it in the searchbar at the top.08:34
CRogersSo if that's wrong information, it's a very specific but of misinformation. :)08:34
reisiono, it's not Ubuntu specific08:35
reisioI don't even use Ubuntu08:35
reisioanyway, it's not like if you report it correctly they will fix it anyway; they're the ones who broke it in the first place :p08:35
reisioyou could fix it yourself, though08:35
CRogersSure, but I'd rather find out who needs to fix it so I don't have to maintain it. ;)08:36
CRogersAlso, I like gnome.08:36
reisiothat is not an eventuality08:36
reisioone must inevitably maintain things on one's own in this world, or compromise08:36
CRogersOr find out who need to fix what.08:37
CRogersand alert them to the problem.08:37
reisioI'm not sure why you think that'll be more successful than merely reporting the problem correctly08:37
CRogersmuch easier, and means more people get the benefits.08:37
reisioanyway; GNOME has their own IRC network, IIRC08:38
reisioand nautilus is not called nautilus any longer08:38
reisioI think what you're encountering, however, is a GTK+ issue08:38
reisioso look at GTK+ bugs08:38
CRogersreisio: the bug I posted is for the nautilus project. It's still being maintained by people in #nautilus08:39
CRogersI'm also in #gnome-design08:39
reisiodunno what you expect from people who can't even keep track of their own project's name08:39
CRogersAnd yes, I'm trying to find out whose bug it is.08:39
reisioit's GTK+'s08:39
reisioprobably even harder to get developers to deal with bugs for that, though :p08:40
CRogersreisio: what os are you using where you see this problem in (the program formerly known as) nautilus?08:41
CRogersFlavour, please?08:41
CRogersThe window manager is irrelevant?08:42
CRogersI rather think it isn't.08:42
=== reo is now known as Guest17383
CRogersDifferent distros have different tweaks.08:42
CRogersAnd if this is working on other GTK+ using systems, then it's probably not a GTK+ bug.08:43
reisiothey have the same GTK+08:44
reisioand if pluto is a planet and not a planetoid blah blah blah08:44
CRogersreisio: thanks for your help. I'll ask someone else. :)08:44
CRogerslooks like I'll need it. :)08:45
CRogersAnyone else seeing this bug?08:45
reisioif you're simultaneously certain of what the problem is and not certain, yes08:45
reisioyou're going to need some luck08:45
wmmI don't use nautius, but the gnome dev mentioned "ubutnu type ahead", googling which returns some interesting links08:45
CRogersYea, saw that too, but that's apparently not related to this.08:45
wmmwell, then it seems you could submit a report on ubuntu's bugtracker launchpad.net and see what the ubuntu maintainers of nautilus think of this08:47
CRogersI think that's probably my next move. thanks wmm08:47
CRogersI want to make sure it's not an ubuntu bug before bugging the gtk+ people.08:47
wmmor: mail the Ubuntu desktop team for more info (address is in the output of the nautilus pkg description, apt-cache show nautilus)08:48
CRogersthnks again.08:49
CRogersI'll have to remember that one: apt-cache show08:51
wmmCRogers, another option is to ask the users of other distros, or search their forums/bugtrackers, since gtk3 is a moving target you would want non-LTS or rolling distros08:54
reisiomoving target?08:55
CRogersreisio: If you want to do something useful, you could find something to support your statement that nautilus is changing project names. I can't seem to find any information at all on that. :)08:56
reisioCRogers: that's because its new name is impossible to search for08:56
reisioit's "files"08:56
reisiodon't ask me what kind of magical unicorn brain fart produced that decision08:56
CRogerswmm I will do. I've tried once this morning, but the results were... a bit baffling. :)08:58
reisiogtk+ 3 is not more of a moving target than any other ole package08:58
wmmmost of the linux world is lts, talking as if rolling release weren't a niche (important but sill a niche) won't help, especially here09:03
reisiommm, most of the linux world has projects with trunks09:03
reisiobut they also have versions09:04
reisioand so has GTK+ version 309:04
CRogersreisio: Nautilus remains nautilus. They just changed the display name to make it easier for users to find their files. The project name is not changing.09:08
CRogersNeither is the command to invoke it.09:09
reisiowhat'd you say? They changed the name?09:10
reisioI already said that09:10
CRogersreisio: They have not changed the name of the project. Only the display name.09:14
CRogersthe command is still nautilus, and it's apparently going to be for the forseeable future.09:15
reisiowhat'd you say? They changed the name?09:15
* ObrienDave snickers09:15
CRogersreisio: "dunno what you expect from people who can't even keep track of their own project's name :p". <- Saying this is wrong.09:16
reisioyou're saying they have two names, and that's wrong?09:17
CRogersI'm saying the project name hasn't changed. Also, you get my vote for Mr. Moving target 2017.09:17
reisioCRogers: nautilus hasn't changed its name?09:18
CRogersHas not changed the project name. You ignoring the "project" part, doesn't make your statement any more true. :)09:20
reisioCRogers: hrmm? You saying nautilus hasn't changed its name?09:20
CRogersalias sudo = "seriously"09:22
CRogersseriously apt-get install nautilus09:22
CRogerslook, I changed the name of sudo.09:22
=== Majesticles is now known as RaptorJesus
reisiosure you did09:23
CRogersglad we agree.09:23
kernellohello everyone, how can I convert all files in a folder to another format?09:24
CRogersguess we'll have to change teh sudo wiki now.09:24
reisiowell, I was being flippant, but sure :)09:24
reisiokernello: what format are they now?09:24
reisioyou might've wanted alias seriously=sudo09:25
* reisio shrugs09:25
kernellothey are pdf,09:25
reisiokernello: and what format do you want them to be?09:25
reisiokernello: they're PDF with digital, selectable text?09:25
kernelloreisio, how do you mean? yes, I can select a text in the pdf09:26
reisioI would imagine any programs for converting pdf 2 epub would produce pretty rudimentary copies of the text, and only in optimal scenarios09:27
reisiokernello: but calibre & its helper apps should be able t manage it, some of the time09:27
kernellodoes calibre not only convert to epub?09:28
kernellodoes it also do the reverse?09:28
reisioindeed; calibre does almost anything anybody would want to do with any "ebook" format09:28
reisiothere is never a reason to convert digital text to PDF, however09:28
kernelloreisio, I'd like to convert from pdf, not to09:29
kernelloand I'd like to batch convert, that's why I needed the command09:30
kernelloI found this but dont know how to make it convert more than one file: ebook-convert file.pdf file.epub09:31
kernelloor there is this one, but I dont know if I can convert to epub instead of txt with it;  for file in *.pdf; do pdftotext "$file" "$file.txt"; done09:32
reisiofind dir/ -type f -iname '*.pdf' | parallel ebook-convert {} {.}.epub09:32
jcSo that cups logrotate issue I was having in 16.04.1 LTS? logrotate is actually configured to `invoke-rc.d --quiet cups restart` on a daily basis - this is what was causing held jobs to go bye-bye. Poor form09:32
jcChanging that instruction to 'cups reload' seems to have fixed the problem, at least for now09:33
kernelloreisio, thank you very much! this is what I looked for09:34
reisiojc: interesting09:34
reisioI don't see why log rotation would require interacting with services in any way...09:34
kernelloreisio, ciao, have a good day!09:34
reisionp & you09:34
wmmjc, is this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cups/+bug/50470509:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 504705 in cups (Ubuntu) "cups restart every morning" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:34
jcThird-party print provider had a few tickets about held jobs disappearing, so they'll attempt to modify logrotate's behaviour09:35
jcwmm: similar to that bug except logrotate tells cups "restart" instead of "force-reload"09:35
jcAlso different Ubuntu/CUPS version in that ticket09:36
=== Gazyrlezon is now known as Nery
wmmof course, it's open since ages and still unresolved on 16.0409:36
jcIt's interesting because the server was previously on 12.04 LTS and didn't exhibit that behaviour09:37
reisio12 & 16 have entirely different init systems, IIRC09:38
reisionot that it isn't confounding _why_ they have :p09:38
reisiohi soe09:39
soewinhi reisio09:39
soewinnice to meet you09:39
jcI read that Canonical planned to replace upstart with systemd. New features new problems :p09:39
wmmthis is unrelated to the init system09:40
reisiommm, well, they replaced it after they were forced to09:40
reisioI'm sure there was some planning after being forced to :p09:41
reisiowmm: https://people.debian.org/~hmh/invokerc.d-policyrc.d-specification.txt09:41
soewini am beginner of linux user09:43
wmmThe point is that cups is asked to restart. The rc.d thing is out of the equation09:43
akikhelge blischke at cups.org says that cups doesn't need a logrotate09:43
reisiocatalase: hi09:43
reisiosoewin: neat09:43
reisiowmm: you're suggesting that restarting services is not to do with init systems?09:44
wmmWhat you users can do is, subscribe to the bug report, leave a note that it is reproduced in current versions, and make pressure to fix that09:44
reisiopressure, heh09:45
calimero_82I have a home separated and encrypted, to make an another os installation need to run a few commands from the live CD before to install? thanks, i've mint mate and want change it into ubuntu09:45
mikkel_Hey there. I09:46
reisiocalimero_82: if you want to migrate an ecrypted home, it'd probably be simplest to back it up, do an ordinary install with your new distro of choice, and then restore the encrypted data09:46
mikkel_god dammit09:46
wmmreisio, the cook is doing their job correctly, the problem si the client who ordered it in the first place09:46
mikkel_i'm currently in irssi in the terminal (ctrl alt f1) since my gnome has frozen. How would I restart gnome?09:46
reisiocalimero_82: you might keep in mind, though, that Mint is sourced from Ubuntu (or Debian, which is what Ubuntu is sourced from), so you won't necessarily encounter many differences09:46
reisiowmm: if you're saying logrotate shouldn't be dealing with a service at all, I agree09:47
lintguyI have a Intel Atom X5-Z8350 tablet and i have gotten everything to work except the screen, i can only boot with nomodeset. Anyone know how i can get the screen to work in proper mode?09:47
reisiomikkel_: GNOME as opposed to Unity, you mean?09:47
calimero_82mikkel when i have to uncrypted the home? before of "install ubuntu" in live cd? there i a guide?09:47
reisiolintguy: proper?09:48
mikkel_reisio: Yeah, I'm running ubuntu gnome09:48
mikkel_calimero_82: wrong nick :)09:48
reisiomikkel_: probably sudo service gdm restart; depends on what DM you're using09:48
calimero_82sorry mikkel_09:48
lintguyreisio: There's no 2D acceleration working with nomodeset09:48
mikkel_reisio: Okay, I'll try. and look for lightdm and gdm09:48
mikkel_thanks. Next question. How do I exit irssi? :P09:48
reisiomikkel_: /exit09:49
k1lmikkel_: /quit09:49
mikkel_thanks :P09:49
calimero_82 when i have to uncrypted the home? before of "install ubuntu" in live cd? there i a guide? reisio09:50
reisiocalimero_82: if you want to backup first, then install a new distro, then restore, what I would suggest would be to backup from running Mint with your home already decrypted09:50
calimero_82reisio: why i have to backup? i want to use my home with manual installation, i have to format only the root09:52
reisioyou don't have to, it would merely be simpler09:52
calimero_82sorry reisio  i want to do a manual installation, so before click the installation icon, in live cd, i have to decrypt first the home? thanks09:54
calimero_82reisio: i don't have a dvd or hd to do backup.09:59
reisioI would only suggest backing up to an HDD or SSD, anyway09:59
=== v_y is now known as v-y
CoderEuropeI need to setup VPN, that I have paid for with my Ubuntu phone , how ?10:15
CoderEuropeCan anyone help me ? This is all I have so far .... https://www.anonvpn.io/chromeos/setup.html10:16
CoderEuropeand a password10:17
CoderEuropeThis is important ... HELP HERE PLEASE !10:19
edaqhello CoderEurope10:19
edaqwhat do you need CoderEurope ?10:19
CoderEuropeedaq: Trying to setup VPN on my Ubuntu phone. all I have is email +password + this OVPN file download .... https://www.anonvpn.io/chromeos/setup.html10:20
edaqah VPN on a Ubuntu Phone10:21
edaqinteresting CoderEurope10:21
edaqAfraid I have never installed Ubuntu on a phone before10:21
edaqI dont use vpn much myself10:22
CoderEuropeI need it cos I do disruptive stuff.10:23
CoderEuropeedaq: So you cannot help ?10:23
tatertotsCoderEurope: what part specifically are you having trouble with?10:24
k1l!touch | CoderEurope10:25
ubottuCoderEurope: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch10:25
CoderEuropeDon't know what to do next - this is how I started off :  Trying to setup VPN on my Ubuntu phone. all I have is email +password + this OVPN file download .... https://www.anonvpn.io/chromeos/setup.html10:25
neeneeovpn is a configuration file for OpenVPN, it's made up of various settings/separate files combined into one, comparable perhaps to how a certificate is built. You can open up the file / get the required information from it, or use the information in it to manually setup the VPN. I think there are importers too, on Ubuntu you can import/process a .ovpn file - Network Manager can import it for instance. If you10:25
neeneehave a separate Ubuntu system (non-phone), you could import to display the settings in a more pleasing manner?10:25
k1lthere should be vpn support on ubuntu touch. but for issues better ask in that channel10:25
CoderEuropeokay cheers.10:25
CoderEuropechangeing to #ubuntu-touch !10:25
neeneeor read what I said10:26
neeneegood luck ;)10:26
CoderEuropeI shall provide hugs for you all later :D10:26
tatertotsCoderEurope: is anonvpn your vpn provider?10:26
neeneele sigh10:26
neeneeI think he has tunnelvision10:26
=== killer is now known as Guest7719
JP____Hey, anyone know any resources for ftp scripting?10:29
* neenee hugs google10:30
k1lJP____: you dont want to use ftp anymore since its unencrypted. its like sending all your data on postcards.10:31
JP____Yeah but in this case it's not sensitive data10:31
neeneeyou can use ftps10:31
JP____Also the device only supports ftp10:31
neeneewhat device?10:31
JP____Some commercial human interface machine10:31
JP____Running proprietary OS10:31
JP____Can't change that (not allowed to hack it either :p)10:32
neeneeyou can even script ftp with bash if you want to10:32
neeneebut you'd have to tell us what exactly you want to do10:32
neeneemakes it easier to give a fitting answer10:32
JP____I want to login to the device, change to the directory of the 1 file.... Get the file and close connection10:33
JP____That's about it10:33
JP____I was thinking of using bash, but i am not so advanced that i can like login to a remote device via bash yet10:33
neeneegoogle has a lot of examples you can modify :)10:36
JP____neenee: I found one thnx, now it only has to work10:38
=== Gazyrlezon is now known as Nery
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
JP____neenee: it works :)))))))10:40
neeneegood ;)10:40
neeneeI would suggest having the script retrieve the password from a secure location, make it readable only by the user running the script, but that's a separate issue10:41
JP____neenee: yeah usually i would10:50
JP____But the system that runs the script is heavily secured10:50
daxdax89hello all10:50
JP____and rarily has internet10:50
daxdax89my wifi is not working, i can't enable it up in right corner10:50
daxdax89how to fix it?10:50
JP____ifconfig > pastebin10:50
bakadaxdax89: use rfkill10:50
daxdax89rfkill unblock all10:51
k1ldaxdax89: can you show "rfkill list" and "dmesg" in a pastbin?10:51
daxdax89i've tried but no luck10:51
daxdax89oh sec10:51
bakabut on my asus N551zu rfkill not worked to..10:52
bakaits worked on my asus x55**10:52
daxdax89i dmed you @d1l10:53
daxdax89how do i tag someone here in chat anyways?10:53
k1ldaxdax89: if you show it here, more people could help10:53
bakamy trick on asus n551zu is hibernating the laptop then resume again...10:53
k1ldaxdax89: beginning of name, then press tab10:53
k1ldaxdax89: can you show "lspci" and "dmesg" too?10:53
k1ldaxdax89: did it work before?10:55
daxdax89here  on dmesg shows somethigns....10:56
daxdax89yeha man t works on windows just fine10:56
daxdax89it worked on ubuntu as well like 4 months ago when i bough laptop10:56
daxdax89but i isntalled windows bcs of my gf10:56
daxdax89now she got her own pc so i am back on ubuntu10:56
k1ldid you shut down wifi on windows? is it a dualboot?10:57
daxdax89no i didnt and no its not dualboot10:58
k1lwhat is the output of "sudo modprobe iwlwifi"10:59
daxdax89how do i turn of system messages here btw10:59
daxdax89there is no output at all11:00
daxdax89it just gets me in next line11:00
daxdax89k1l, wanna conenct over via team viewer to check it out please?11:02
k1ldaxdax89: "ls /lib/firmware | grep 3160 | nc termbin.com 9999"11:04
k1ldaxdax89: looks like the intel driver got some firmware issue with that card11:04
daxdax89k1l, i did check under additional drives something that says intel11:04
k1l<k1l> daxdax89: "ls /lib/firmware | grep 3160 | nc termbin.com 9999"11:07
daxdax89k1l, it shows some link11:08
k1ldaxdax89: iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: Could not load the [0] uCode section11:09
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
daxdax89k1l, what does that mean?11:09
k1lthat is from your dmesg. that is a hint, that the firmware got some issues11:09
daxdax89[    9.668039] iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: Failed to load firmware chunk!11:10
daxdax89[    9.668050] iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: Could not load the [0] uCode section11:10
daxdax89[    9.668066] iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: Failed to start INIT ucode: -11011:10
daxdax89[    9.668260] iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: Failed to run INIT ucode: -11011:10
daxdax89how do i fix that11:10
bazhangdaxdax89, using a pastebin for such a huge paste here11:12
daxdax89bazhang, sorry11:12
daxdax89k1l, so what do you think i should do?11:14
k1li am not familiar with that 3160 wifi card.11:14
daxdax89when i press f12 nothing happens , wifi doesnt go off or on11:15
k1lyou could try to name the iwlwifi-3160-17.ucode to iwlwifi-3160-17.ucode.bak in /lib/firmware. so it uses the -16 firmware instead of the -17. and see if that helps after rebooting11:16
daxdax89k1l, maybe i should just reinstall whole system again ><11:16
kamild1996Hello, I got a problem with my Dell Latitude E5410's Wi-Fi not working after waking up from sleep. Here's wireless-info: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23821581/11:16
k1lkamild1996: look at the rfkill output in the paste. try a "sudo rfkill unblock all"11:17
livewhat is the difference between ubuntu and debian?11:17
livepeople say that debian is more stable than ubuntu11:18
livei am a newbie11:18
bazhanglive, a great topic for the offtopic chat rooms11:18
k1l!debian | live11:18
ubottulive: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!11:18
neeneekamild1996: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=200469011:18
k1llive: both are stable.11:18
liveok i have a question my hard ware amd a6-6310 4gb ram will it run unity well ?11:19
daxdax89kamild1996, i got same problem :D11:19
kamild1996k1l, done but now it says "Wi-Fi is turned off by the hardware switch", even though I toggled that switch back and forth11:19
liveit is a dell11:19
bazhangtry a live usb live11:19
kamild1996neenee, I've done it but it didn't help at all11:19
liveis this hardware well suited for unity or should i try other de?11:19
bazhanglive what have you tried so far11:19
k1llive: yes, it will work on that machine11:20
livei have a query i tried elementary os i have tried ubuntu 16.04.1 but ubuntu slighty feels sluggish than eos ?11:20
neeneekamild1996: ok. but you are makeing use of that module? iwlwifi?11:20
bazhanglive only testing it with a live usb or the like will let you know that for sure11:20
liveit runs all right11:20
kamild1996neenee, do you mean if it's being used? Well, according to the log, yes11:20
k1lkamild1996: try reloading the wifi module11:21
bazhanglive there is your answer then11:21
livecan anyone tell me minimum requirements for running unity?11:21
liveis amd supported well in ubuntu11:21
k1lkamild1996: sudo modprobe iwlwifi11:21
k1llive: yes.11:21
neeneeno and yes + unity recently got a low power mode11:21
livemy friends are telling me get an intel laptop11:21
livelinux plays well with intel hardware11:21
neeneeBut works fine on AMD as well11:22
livethanks i will try ubuntu 16.04.2 it is going to launch today11:22
JP____New Ubuntu :o :o :O11:23
JP____Must download fast11:23
neeneeI thought tomorrow11:23
kamild1996k1l, done, this message no longer appears, but no networks are being detected.11:23
liveoh i have one more query linux kernel 4.8 is going to be dropped but ubuntu devs are going to use this kernel in 16.04.2 is it secure?11:23
adrian_1908hello. I installed pip3 packages using sudo and now learned that this probably isn't the best idea (they share a directory with OS packages I fear). What's the best way to undo this? I haven't been able to figure out how to list installation date, which might allow me to identify the few misplaced packages from memory.11:24
neeneelive: you ask very broad/open-ended questions :)11:24
live4.8 won't be maintained idk read the news somewhere that is why asked this question11:25
craptalkhelp, my internal wifi card is not working since i did some updates a week ago, and not sure what it do. how can i fix this? should reinstall the driver[this is the interface name: http://termbin.com/pl0a]?11:27
craptalkwhat can i do with this situation?11:27
kamild1996Wow, looks like Wi-Fi is refusing to work for a lot of people lately lol11:27
k1llive: ubuntu supports the kernels that are shipped with ubuntu. they even maintain the mainline kernel when that matches the one that is released with ubuntu11:27
neeneecraptalk: can you revert the updates / do you know which specific update(s) broke it? / is it a known issue? / workaround available online in bugtracker et al?11:28
k1llive: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack#Kernel.2FSupport.A16.04.x_Ubuntu_Kernel_Support11:28
craptalkneenee, i cant specify the particular updates, since i do the major update at all. i did the apt-get update to expect better result, but then even before wifi issue, i got low graphic mode issue that i already fixed(really a headache). For now i am using external wifi device11:30
craptalkmy internal card doesn't read any access point at all11:31
hateballcraptalk: run "dmesg" and it should show why it isnt loading your broadcom firmware11:32
hateballcraptalk: perhaps you've had a kernel update and dkms didnt build a new module properly, that happens11:33
gioanyone that use Ubuntu Mate with network-manager problem?11:35
craptalkhateball, well can you spot the problem when i send you the dmesg output? kinda dont know what to find11:35
gioseems that the new upgrade solved the problem?11:35
hateball!paste | craptalk11:36
ubottucraptalk: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:36
craptalkhateball, what?11:36
bazhangDKMS is Dynamic Kernel Module Support. See https://launchpad.net/dkms for more. craptalk11:41
bazhanghe was asking to see if that module was loaded or not craptalk11:41
neenee+ he was giving you a method to share your dmesg without spamming.11:41
bazhangcraptalk, the suggestion for using a pastebin was to prevent pasting a huge swathe of text here11:42
bouncemanrsync -av --progress --exclude '/var/www/html/testdrive/demo' /var/www/html/testdrive/ /var/www/html/production/11:47
bouncemanCan someone say why the dir demo is being transfered to production?11:47
bazhangbounceman, which demo?11:48
bouncemanthe following dir are suppose to be excluded from the sync /var/www/html/testdrive/demo11:49
bazhangbounceman, are you referring to ubuntu server?11:49
bouncemanYep, its an ubuntu server11:50
bouncemanah got it11:54
nils_long time12:07
=== dfgas_off is now known as dfgas
bboxi cant access my external hard drive12:17
bboxusb wont show up on the Desktop12:19
mjaykbbox: does it show in lsblk or lsusb12:19
bboxno I tried alot of different thing lastnight and got no reults.12:20
bboxI tried these following commands and more lsusb,fdisk -l,ls -l /dev* \ wc -l,12:23
bboxsays usb cable maybe damaged but it works fine on windows12:23
mago1i'm stuck on an old ubuntu 14 server and i've configured the system to mount an iscsi disk at boot. Now I try to run a service that uses this iscsi mount, but unfortunately it starts before the disk is mounted. How can I ensure that my service runs after iscsi has been mounted? Ubuntu 14 uses upstart (and some legacy sys V scripts)12:24
mehmet_my ubuntu freeze every time after start in 10 min12:26
FManthat's too bad12:27
mehmet_what shuld ı do12:28
mehmet_is that a solution12:28
FManinstall Windows?12:29
ouroumov_mehmet_, please provide the output of the following command: inxi -CG12:30
bboxmystery usb12:30
bboxI have a hard drive with 30 OS linux. Im having trouble gettting the usb to come up.12:32
bboxplug in usb. Nothing happens. it used too come up. but only recently it stopped.12:34
=== Gazyrlezon is now known as Nery
dimmhello, All! Have question related to Rsyslog. Why can filtering based on "if $msg contains" not working in my case? http://dpaste.com/3ZHNE6S12:43
mannenI would like to add a custom menu entry to grub that boots to multi-user.target instead of graphical.target, what do I do?12:43
bboxroot@RED-HAT-SERVER:~# lsusbBus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub12:44
bboxBus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub12:44
bboxBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub12:44
nils_idk grub so :P12:45
Namehow are u ?12:46
nils_good hbu12:46
bbox--USB HELP12:47
bboxPRINT ('HELLO WORLD')12:47
nils_anyone know if #dreamhack on quakenet is still active?12:48
neeneenils_: connect to quakenet, join the channel, find out12:49
nils_nah shit's dead, man12:52
nils_it used to be pretty active12:53
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Harry_Can anyone support me on the bios issues faced while installg ubuntu on a uefi system ?13:00
NatureShadeany tricks on gettig qtmultimedia working on 16.10, struggling with gstreamer errors13:09
NatureShadegetting following error messages: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23821942/13:11
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Jazzy_JHarry_, you still there?13:20
Jazzy_JI've recently done a UEFI install of Ubuntu and am currently working on getting UEFI working for my corporate Win10 images.  This is a needed skill as hardware released after Oct. 2017 will no longer accept legacy BIOS boots.13:22
BluesKajHi folks13:44
spitziCan I run Ubuntu from usb and then let it change the on-disk file system as it pleases? My aim is to sort of dual-boot through usb, and then let Ubuntu run just as quickly and smoothly as if it was initiated from an on-disk partition.13:48
neeneeusb will likely stay a slower. You can make a stick with Ubuntu live with persistence though13:49
spitzineenee, I did, but it runs very slowly in practice13:50
BluesKaj!persistence| spitzi13:50
ubottuspitzi: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence13:50
spitziIs the fastest option always to boot from dedicated partition?13:50
spitziMeh, alright. Time to make room for Ubuntu.13:50
BluesKajthat's the best method, spitzi13:51
spitziOk, see ya. Thanks.13:51
Harekietusb3 pendrive running ubuntu here and it's quite speedy13:51
posHarekiet, it will fail within a year. trust me13:55
Harekietpos hehe yeh wait and see :)13:57
HarekietI'm still hoping to get some extra grub entry to just boot the system with a ram overlay so I can just power it down after I'm done with browsing13:57
JP____sql-ing in ubuntu?13:59
akikJP____: yes14:00
JP____akik: found some docs14:01
JP____akik: but anything you can tell me before i delve in?14:01
akikJP____: mysql workbench14:01
JP____akik: i am a complete noob to databases14:03
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royal_screwup21I wanted to find 5^2 using Bash, so I typed in "echo $((5**2))". What am I doing wrong?14:17
neeneestring in a file?14:17
Piciroyal_screwup21: works for me. you may want to ask #bash though14:18
Jazzy_Jstorage prices are cheap.  get a 1 TB drive for your laptop or a 2 TB for your desktop.  Backup your data, reinstall fresh.  Windows first, in order of version, on each indivitual partition then the various *nixs and letting grub do the work.14:19
neeneewith most media being streamed / stored online, I find I rarely need that much space14:21
=== Charlotte is now known as Guest82379
lostguyif i dont have software center can i do dpk -i googleearth.deb ? to install it?14:26
lostguyis it good ?14:27
lostguythen how do i remove it?14:27
lostguyi like to use dpkg over software center as it is easy to use and friendly14:27
neeneedpkg does not manage dependencies though14:27
neeneeyou could use gdebi instead14:27
lostguyok dpkg -r14:28
lostguyis gdebi when was it introduced ?14:28
neeneeIt's an alternative to dpkg, it resolves dependencies too14:29
neeneethough installing a lot of deb packages manually instead of using a package manager is a good way to create a frankenbuntu14:29
=== Popzi1 is now known as Popzi
lostguyno is it debi a newer thing that came after 2014?14:29
lostguyor is it always an old thing14:30
neeneeI think it's rather old14:30
lostguybu tt thx for the tip anyway14:30
neeneeI've been using it for quite a bit longer than 201414:30
neeneeIt has been updated thoguh, is being maintained if that is what you mean14:30
xanguaSince 2007 as far as I remember, if you mean the graphical app14:31
neeneeno, the commandline one14:32
neeneeI am not aware of a gui for it14:32
amerhow can i run paltalk on ubunto?14:33
lostguygdebi is not gui , but 'may' hve fronts ends like all other softwares14:33
lostguyneenee: what is the package manager of debian? should i try debian?14:34
ubu1hey how do I run graphical applications as root on Ubuntu 16.10? If I run "sudo some-app-gtk" I get : "Failed to connect to Mir: Failed to connect to server socket: No such file or directory"14:34
Jazzy_JThe storage size give you room to multi boot multiple Operating systems if you have a slow processor and low memory or have many VMs if you have a fast processor and memory to handle it.14:34
neeneelostguy: it's the same as ubuntu14:34
Jazzy_JData on local storage should be temporal with a backup off the computer.14:34
neeneeubu1: Why would you want to?14:34
lostguyok so it uses apt-get, but why the hell does debian hasa two pckage managers like dpkg and apt-get like on uubntu14:35
neeneeubu1: applications should not need root14:35
lostguyin other distros there is only one-like pacman in arch14:35
neeneedpkg is not a package manager in itself14:35
neeneeit is part of a package management system14:35
Jazzy_JOn my server, I have about 20 VMs running.  I have 2 TB of storage and need more.  My limitations are that I provide my own cloud with the server (which is backed up on another system)14:35
amerhow can i run paltalk on ubuntu?14:35
neeneeAnd let's not spiral down into distro vs distro discussions14:36
tatertotsamer: have you even tried?14:36
lostguybut the debian commmunity is small??14:36
ameryes not working14:36
ubu1neenee: it's arbitrary, now do you know or not?14:36
lostguyi never read it's wikis, which i think is bad maintained, nd no support i think?14:36
tatertotsamer: how did you try to run it...detail your actions or steps14:37
BluesKajdpkg is the package management , the others like apt, and apt-get use dpkg14:37
lostguyubuntu has overwhelming askubuntu questions wherre i get all my answers and also their site14:37
lostguyhow is debian on this regard?14:37
amerpaltalk exe file so i install wine to mange exe on ubunto but didn't work14:37
neeneedebian is fine if you're a bit more self-sufficient.14:38
tatertotsamer: then maybe visit the #winehq chat room14:38
amerafter that i work on pal-talk express but suddenly stop working14:38
tatertotsamer: or just use http://paltalk.com14:38
neeneeubu1: sudo should work, your error points towards a different issue on your system.14:38
tatertotsamer: the website works fine14:38
neeneeubu1: you should provide more context / what are you trying to run as root for instance and why14:39
ameron ubunto?14:39
tatertotsamer: yes14:39
ameri open the link but nothing about linux only mac and windows14:40
amertatertots ?14:41
neeneeamer: You can just use paltalk from your browser, no need to download anything14:41
ameryes but how14:42
ubu1neenee: Do I have a broken system? Basically anything, nautilus, gedit etc14:42
amertell me how14:42
OerHeksamer, paltalk can run in wine, join #winehq for help or from your browser http://express.paltalk.com/14:42
neeneeamer: 1. visit website. 2. sign in14:42
neenee3. use it?14:42
OerHeksno guarantee14:42
neeneeubu1: possibly, what happens if you run say, nautilus or gedit without root, as normal user from X/gnome?14:43
ubu1neenee: I am using Mir, and things works well as a normal user14:45
tatertotsamer: did you log in?14:46
ameri sign in but no interface but only my account information14:47
OerHeksubu1, if it runs well, why run as root?? it can be a security risc14:47
amerno chat room ,nothing about paltalk14:47
amerand tell me paltalk express under maintenance14:47
OerHeksamer, there you go, they are down14:48
amerwhat sould i do?14:48
tatertotsamer: paltalk express is the web based version and right now they are doing maintenance.....try again later14:48
OerHeksamer, wait for them to fix it.14:48
OerHeksyou should think of this yourself14:48
tatertotsamer: use the web based pal talk express....no download and installation required14:49
ubu1OerHeks: i know the risks, and if you are worried that I will come back and blame you or neenee for my mistakes, I will not.14:49
OerHekstatertots, web service is down also, i guess14:49
amertatertots: what do you mean?14:49
acresearchpeople, ubuntu has a spesific arabic keyboard for PC computers, i am using ubuntu on a macbook which has a different arabic keyboard, is there a way to make ubuntu understand the different keys?14:50
tatertotsOerHeks: if i could remember my account from years ago i'd log in and test it14:51
tatertotsamer: web based means all you need is firefox/chrome14:52
neeneeWhat is Mir14:52
ubu1neenee: a display server developed by canonical14:53
OerHekstatertots, you gave me an idea, it does not work here either ( chrome and firefox)14:53
tatertotsOerHeks: the site won't even pull up for you?14:53
tatertotsOerHeks: or you can't join rooms14:53
OerHekswebsite does, but login does not direct me to any service14:53
tatertotsOerHeks: hmmm i wonder if the maintenance just cleared or about to be cleared14:54
neeneeubu1: I'm afraid I have not heard of it14:54
OerHeksi read twitter, down for years now :-D https://twitter.com/paltalkstatus/status/52485749659978956814:55
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tatertotsOerHeks: perpetual maintenance lol14:56
tatertotsmust be one heck of a problem or outage14:57
acresearchpeople, ubuntu has a spesific arabic keyboard for PC computers, i am using ubuntu on a macbook which has a different arabic keyboard, is there a way to make ubuntu understand the different keys?15:01
ubu1OerHeks: Do you have an answer, or do you not know?15:04
neeneeacresearch: I think you can manually map keys, but have not done so myself.15:04
OerHeksubu1, ? i answered, don't run graphical applications as root.15:05
acresearchneenee: i will not be surprised if i can in ubuntu, that is what i love about linux, you can change it, but as you said, how?15:05
ubu1OerHeks: no you pointed out it could be a security risk - but I think I get it now15:07
OerHeksubu1, you stated that running as user is fine, so you are on the experimental path.15:07
neeneeacresearch: xkb can be used to remap, system-wide keymaps can be found in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols, you can make your own keymap based on the one that is closest - probably start from the normal arabian one15:10
crazycoderhello verybody15:10
crazycoderi see strange ""refreshes"" on the screen....like flash15:11
crazycoderwhat can i see?15:11
neeneeare you pressing print screen repeatedly?15:11
crazycoderi do not know i changed the CPU and motherboard yesterday15:14
crazycoderso it is something related to i7 6700k and my asrock mb15:14
crazycoderbefore i had AMD15:14
BluesKajcrazycoder, tou'll probly need to reinstall ubuntu since the hardware is now different and APIs etc won't apply15:16
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crazycoderBluesKaj, i really do not know...yesterday i asked this question (here)15:17
crazycoderan they told me to NOT resintall the OS15:17
ubu1OerHeks: so your point is that experimental stuff is not allowed or encouraged in here?15:17
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neeneeNot encouraged to run normal apps as root, true. Not allowed? You can run software the way you prefer, but if you are doing it in a non-conventional/recommended way, you may find you will not find a lot of help when something goes wrong.15:18
=== [mhoney] is now known as mhoney
hateballcrazycoder: what gpu? Intel?15:18
acresearchneenee: wow that is amazing thanks, i just looked at the ar keyboard, it is complicated but ia start, thanks.    since probably no one has done this, where can i publish my work so others use it?15:18
FinalXwell, both the cpu and mb can each have built-in graphic cards, maybe it's related to one of them15:18
crazycoderhateball, yes i use the default gpu15:19
neeneeacresearch: hm. github perhaps? or just the ubuntu forums might be easier :)15:19
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BluesKajcrazycoder, who ever told you that is mistaken , you have different hardware , so drivers etc won't match up ..you can try to fix things, but if I were you I'd back up my data and reinstall ubuntu15:20
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crazycoderBluesKaj, they told me ubuntu deploy drivers in a fashion way so the hardware is not important...it looks at it and deploys the correct drivers15:22
crazycoderis this wrong BluesKaj ?15:22
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crazycoderanyone here15:26
crazycoderso do i need to reinstall ubuntu or not ?15:26
JP____crazycoder: what's going on?15:26
crazycoderJP____, i changed my pc yesterday...i only have the old SSD.....because i changed motherboard....CPU (from AMD to INTEL)15:27
crazycoderso now i do not know if i need to reinstall ubuntu or not15:27
crazycoderit works now...i am using ubuntu...15:27
crazycoderbut i see strange flash on monitor sometimes15:27
JP____Nope, you don't have to reinstsall as far as i know15:27
JP____Are you using a different monitor?15:28
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* JP____ sets mode 777 to root15:29
crazycoderJP____, no15:30
crazycodersame monitor15:31
crazycoderi do not use a graphic card15:31
crazycoderi am just suing the intel (Default)15:31
crazycoderJP____, i am using intel driver15:33
crazycodermaybe should i switch to ubuntu intel driver ?15:33
JP____Yeah try that15:33
crazycoderok JP____15:36
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spitziHi, could anyone help me install a bluetooth mouse, Microsoft 3600? No luck using the standard procedure in Ubuntu 16.0415:53
FinalXspitzi: maybe like this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/646433/microsoft-designer-mouse-bluetooth-4-0-on-ubuntu-14-04-lts15:54
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spitziFinalX: meh, not for 16.0416:01
kang00Who is Windows user also16:04
tgm4883kang00: wrong channel16:05
kang00Windows says they don't have Linux user16:05
FinalX"Linux user"?16:05
=== baggar11_ is now known as baggar11
donofrioanyone worked with vmware and gotten an "AirWatch Client/Agent" for ubuntu yet....?16:06
OerHekskang00, this is unrelated to ubuntu support, join #ubuntu-offtopic for such polls16:06
tgm4883kang00: this is a channel for Ubuntu support. Windows is not a supported Ubuntu flavor16:06
tgm4883kang00: in the event you are talking about the ubuntu on windows stuff, you're looking for #ubuntu-on-windows16:07
kang00Thanks for Suggestion16:07
FinalXdidn't even know they had their own channel, too16:08
OerHeksdonofrio, i think there is no "AirWatch agent is a device management solution that enables you to secure, monitor, manage and support your entire fleet of smartphones, including Windows Phone"16:08
OerHeksfor ubuntu16:08
* OerHeks just checked http://www.air-watch.com/open-source/16:09
DaXhey guys16:16
DaXi got my wifi hard blocked16:16
=== DaX is now known as Guest4141
Guest4141how can i fix it16:16
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
kang00How many file types of os there are?16:19
kang00Like .iso etc?16:19
Guest4141lol thousands16:20
Guest41413 maybe16:20
kang00Guest4141 which?16:20
Atomic_vvWHjiso is not really an "os" filetype. It's just a filetype for burning to cd that happens to get used for oss often.16:22
kang00Atomic_vvWHj which are os file types then?16:23
Atomic_vvWHjthere are .img as well as container formats for virtual box or the other virtualization program I don't remember now16:23
kang00Why burning to cd; .iso is used?16:23
k1lkang00: can you say what the real issue is?16:24
kang00Curiosity k1l16:24
Atomic_vvWHjI think that's where iso comes from. Cd burner software used it, yes.16:24
Atomic_vvWHjCould you specify what you exactly ,ean by os filetype?16:24
k1l.iso is just a image of a cd.16:25
tekeli-liISO comes from the standard organization.16:25
kang00Atomic_vvWHj I want to know how os is distributed?16:26
kang00I am sure it's not distributed in .pdf16:26
Guest4141k1l, i am hard blocked on wifi16:26
Guest4141what should i do man?16:26
kang00So which are other ways16:26
tekeli-liHere you go: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Organization_for_Standardization#Products_named_after_ISO16:26
ppfkang00: it's only iso16:26
k1lkang00: the .iso file distributed include installers or live OS. they are run on cd/dvd or usb pendrives.16:26
kang00How they differ installer or liveos? Do they have different file Extension? k1l16:28
donofrioOerHeks, without an MDM agent we're going to see hosts being kicked off the wired and wireless networks (business policy is being enforced for me)16:28
adukethi, are there KDE users here?16:28
k1lkang00: no16:29
k1lkang00: its just whats inside the .iso. there even are netinstalls or pxe boot isos16:29
kang00k1l how to identify which type it's just by looking at file or folder structure16:30
kang00You gave 4 options16:30
kang001) netinstall16:30
kang002) installer16:30
kang003) live os16:30
kang004) pxe boot16:31
kang00I guess all of them have .iso as file Extension16:31
k1lkang00: by the name :)16:31
Menzadorkang00: What k1l said, they're pretty self-explanatory if you ask me16:32
k1lkang00: the file extension is not related to the stuff that is included in the image. its like you ask us how we distinguish 2 different .jpgs.16:33
sliddisHow does ubuntu handle switchable graphics on laptops? I have a hp zbook g2 14". AMD Radeon and intel graphics16:36
xangua! Bumblebee16:37
ubottuThe Bumblebee Project aims to support NVIDIA Optimus technology under Linux. The Bumblebee website can be found at http://bumblebee-project.org/16:37
k1lamd is not bumblebee. that is done by the amd_gpu driver16:38
himcesjfHow to digitally sign a PDF?16:38
BluesKajunno if bumblebee support amd16:38
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ppfBluesKaj: no it doesn't16:43
ppfis vga_switcheroo still a thing?16:43
BluesKajppf, yeah, thought so16:44
IrcDroidClienti hear noises around,i feel terrible.16:44
ppfsliddis: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics16:44
ppfno idea how up to date that is though ...16:44
ppfcommunity pages do not generally age well16:44
kang00k1l Hello16:46
kang00I was disconnected16:46
IrcDroidClienthow does it happend when i wake up and everything turned.16:46
k1l<k1l> kang00: the file extension is not related to the stuff that is included in the image. its like you ask us how we distinguish 2 different .jpgs.16:47
k1lIrcDroidClient: please keep this channel clear for ubuntu support.16:47
BluesKajIrcDroidClient, do you have an ubuntu support question?16:49
ppf!sound | IrcDroidClient16:49
ubottuIrcDroidClient: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.16:49
IrcDroidClientno question16:50
IrcDroidClienti like watching people asking questions and learn something.16:53
kang00k1l then What's way to distinguish .jpgs?16:53
kang00In our case os16:53
noimnotninevoltk1l: man file16:54
k1lkang00: check the name16:56
noimnotninevoltkang00: man file16:56
noimnotninevoltsorry, thought k1l was the one asking.16:57
kang00I am not on Linux noimnotninevolt16:57
k1lkang00: then look at the name. if you dont have a name on that file, then check the md5sum from it and go on the hunt on the web16:57
kang00What's md5sum16:58
noimnotninevoltkang00: the unix 'file' command has been ported to many platforms.16:58
kang00On Windows?16:58
ubottugiuseppedambrosi: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:58
noimnotninevoltkang00: but, this is #ubuntu, so it's not clear why you're asking your question here if you're not using ubuntu.16:58
k1l!md5sum | kang0016:58
ubottukang00: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM16:58
noimnotninevoltkang00: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/file.htm16:58
k1lkang00: i think your question is out of the scope of technical ubuntu support. your questions better suit into the #ubuntu-offtopic channel since they are more basic16:59
kang00Yes but I don't think it's open16:59
kang00Need registration16:59
k1lkang00: yes. you need a freenode account17:00
=== nils is now known as Guest63241
IrcDroidClientwhy people so warmhearted when you answer their questions what did you benefit from it?17:07
spitziSo I tried installing MS Bluetooth mouse 3600 on Ubuntu 16.04 to no avail, not even with blueman.17:11
spitziI guess it would be quickest to just get a BT mouse which is certified Ubuntu-compatible17:12
spitziAny recommendations?17:12
noimnotninevoltis bluetooth a hard requirement?17:13
noimnotninevolti'd recommend a wired usb mouse (or wireless usb mouse if wireless is a hard requirement).17:14
noimnotninevolti've never seen graphical efi that supports bluetooth devices, for example.17:15
lan29Hey everyone, I'm running into an error what I try to install things and haven17:18
lan29Hey everyone, I'm running into an error what I try to install things and haven't had any luck on SO,Google, ect... Here is the error: http://pastebin.com/FDpndDkv17:20
lan29Any help would be appreciated, thank you!17:20
ppflan29: paste the entire output, please17:22
OerHekslan29, utopic? that version is EOL, dead, use a supported version please ( 12.04 lts 14.04 lts /16.04 lts /16.1017:23
ubottuUbuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic17:23
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade17:26
lan29OerHeks, Thank you17:26
ppflan29: upgrade is probably going to be tricky, 15.X are eol as well17:27
OerHekslan29, upgrade from 14.10 > 15.04 ( eol) > 15.10 ( eol) > 16.04 takes ages, i would reinstall fresh17:27
OerHeksand need some tricks17:27
ppfya, reinstall +117:27
OerHekssee !eolupgrade17:28
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:28
lan29OerHeks, when I cat /etc/*-release I get 16.0417:29
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:29
ppflan29: that's seriously messed up then17:29
Rishcan anybody help me for my sd card doen not shown in ubuntu17:30
ppfpaste the entire output of your failing command, please17:30
=== dil3mm4_ is now known as MinisteroOscuro
OerHekslan29, oh, i read linux-generic-lts-utopic, so i thought you are on utopic, never seen that generic kernel on this version17:30
ppfand /etc/apt/sources.list17:30
ppfand /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*17:30
xRob_Hey guys. I'm new to Ubuntu, and Linux is general. I had a VERY hard time partititioning my hdd to dual boot with Ubuntu. What's with this file system? What's ext4? Why did I have to mount it? etc?17:31
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:31
ppfxRob_: ext4 is a filesystem, one of many17:32
xRob_BluesKaj: Perfect, I'm reading it now17:32
xRob_ppf: What's a filesystem? :P17:32
ppfxRob_: unlike windows, where you have individual drives, on linux you have a single directory tree, and drives are "mounted" into that tree17:32
lan29ppf, http://pastebin.com/YWPFZf6U thanks17:32
ppfxRob_: that's how data is organized on a drive17:33
xRob_ppf: That makes no sense17:33
donofrioOerHeks, found an "VMware AirWatch Remote File Storage (RFS) for Linux – CentOS 6.5, CentOS 7 - 2.1: Open Source License File | Open Source Code" So you'd think ubuntu folks would jump all over this goddness....we need a full MDM agent for ubuntu today....someone give it some lovein....17:33
ppflan29: gzip: stdout: No space left on device17:33
BluesKaj!ext4 | xRob_17:33
xRob_ppf: So a drive has to be mounted as /?17:33
ppfi'm guessing your /boot partition is out of space17:33
ppfxRob_: yes17:33
ppflan29: i'm guessing your /boot partition is out of space17:33
OerHeksgzip: stdout: No space left on device .. is your drive dirty mounted ( with errors, so mounted read only) or is the space filled?17:34
ppflan29: sudo apt autoremove17:34
lan29ppf, should have plenty of space only using half my ssd17:34
ppflan29: df -h17:34
OerHekstouch somename.txt # and see if it returns without error17:34
lan29OerHeks, no error17:35
ppflan29: the default partitioning scheme adds a smallish /boot partition. if you don't autoremove things that gets too small fast17:36
OerHekslan29, oke, then it is not mounted read only, do the suggestion of ppf > autoremove17:36
brunch875firefox and chrome use a different flash player, don't they?17:36
j09Hi, where do I save the X configurations file on Ubuntu through nvidia-settings?17:36
jfk-cmI can't get selenium standalone to work on Ubuntu 16.10. It appears to start but when I try to create a session it says "Unable to create new session". It works on Fedora 2417:36
ppfj09: /etc/xorg.conf17:37
lan29ppf, Ah, makes sense freeing 2gigs17:37
hydrajumpafter adding a network connection in the networkmanager gui I can't see the config file in /etc/NetWorkManager/system-connections. Where is the config stored?17:38
j09ppf not /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?17:38
acresearchpeople i am trying to edit the file that controls the keyboard keys, i cannot save my edit, how can i?17:38
ppfj09: man xorg.conf tells you all the places xorg.conf can go. that's one of them as well17:38
hydrajumpacresearch: why can't you save your edit?17:38
ppfpick whichever you like most :)17:38
acresearchhydrajump: it is read onluy17:39
j09ppf Would both work?17:39
hydrajumpacresearch: in vi type `:wq!`17:39
ppfj09: yes17:39
acresearchhydrajump: won't work17:39
ppfacresearch: sudo17:39
acresearchhydrajump: i meant i tried, it doesn't work17:39
j09ok, thanks ppf17:39
acresearchppf: thanks17:41
brunch875My flash installation on firefox reports 24 but the one on chrome reports 23. Are those two the same thing? Or is there a distinction such as NPAPI PPAPI?17:41
lan29ppf, Holy Smokes it worked! Thank you17:41
lan29OerHeks, thank you too!17:42
ppflan29, acresearch, j09: welcome17:42
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ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu17:49
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DJonesppf: Just ignore the messages, freenodes anti spam bot is removing the users sending the messages17:50
ppfDJones: roger that :)17:51
himcesjfHow to digitally sign a PDF?17:51
arvind_join /#mlpack17:51
himcesjfAlso, whom to contact for Launchpad account issues?17:51
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OerHekstime for mode +R17:52
Ben64why are channel notices allowed?17:52
mircx1i think this a time to admin paste to ircd inspircd17:53
mircx1all bots spams this not work17:53
brunch875hue, hilarious17:53
brunch875drone is so autonomous :)17:54
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XefHi, I'm using Ubuntu 16. In my shell I constantly have problems with lines that extend past the width of the window. when they go on to the next line it gets all jumbled up and I can't read what I'm typing. anyone know how to fix it? Thanks.18:03
XefI've already tried stty sane, but no luck there18:04
Ben64Xef: ubuntu 16what, can you post a picture?18:05
jfk-cmSorry 16.1018:06
XefBen64: ubuntu 16.04. one sec, I'll get a pic18:06
jfk-cmI can't get selenium standalone to work on Ubuntu 16.10. It appears to start but when I try to create a session it says "Unable to create new session". It works on Fedora 2418:07
XefBen64: http://i.imgur.com/aNmFExI.png18:09
digital_ghost how to set vi mode in bash only for one session18:13
Ben64Xef: neat. try doing "shopt -s checkwinsize" and try again18:14
XefBen64: same thing18:15
Ben64Xef: "eval $(resize)" and try again18:16
Xefnope :/18:16
Ben64Xef: what's the output of "resize"18:17
XefCOLUMNS=80; LINES=24; export COLUMNS LINES;18:17
niko1990Hello everyone18:18
Ben64Xef: well that's correct, idk then18:18
Xefhaha, wild. thanks, anyway18:18
Ben64what if you actually resize the window18:18
XefI actually just closed out the terminal and reopened it and it's working fine now18:19
XefI did do that before, this isn't the first occurrence :)18:19
Xefmaybe one of those commands fixed it18:20
Ben64really weird18:20
Ben64those commands should only be for that terminal, closing it and opening a new one wouldn't have that effect anymore18:20
grmorinhelp installation cant create dev, cant write on disk18:23
niko1990I'm setting up my very first laptop with ubuntu 16.04 (I worked before with Ubuntu, but only with comandline). I have a samba server running on my small home server. I had a couple of network shares, that worked perfectly fine with windows, but now i tried mounting them in ubuntu (etc/fstab cifs) and the problem is that some of them i just have read right, but not write rights... I did not18:23
niko1990changed anything in Samba, I'm using the same username and password. It works (read & write permissions) on windows 7, but not on ubuntu... Does maybe someone have an idea why?18:23
grmorinsame thing here18:23
=== bumblefuzz1 is now known as bumblefuzz
tomreyngrmorin: show some output, use a pastebin or imagebin, take a photo if needed18:27
tomreyn!pastebin | grmorin18:27
ubottugrmorin: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:27
grmorinhelp  root blocked18:28
carbon-cabronwhy 'user joined your channel' wont stop in teamviewer 3 after deacivating them in settings->options->notifications->Sounds Pack dropdown18:28
carbon-cabronannoying sounds.. .. cant stand them18:28
tomreyncarbon-cabron: teamviewer is not supported here, you could try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic18:28
k1lcarbon-cabron: maybe restart ts?18:29
MonkeyDustcarbon-cabron  was thinking the same, try a teamviewer channel18:29
carbon-cabronhmm.. alrdy gave it a thought.. will try right away18:29
=== bumblefuzz1 is now known as bumblefuzz
carbon-cabronit worked thanks18:30
tomreynniko1990: what does "mount" say, are they really read-only?18:31
tomreynniko1990: put differently: how do you know they are r/o (is trhere an error message, and which)? which mount options are you using?18:32
salamanderrakehow does one turn the Nvidia-*.run driver installer package into a .deb file for install?18:33
niko1990tomreyn: no, they are all marked as rw, but it shows like i would have not the permissions on the samba server side to access the files and folders...18:34
jfk-cmIs this the right channel to ask my question? I have a problem running Selenium standalone server on Ubuntu. It works fine on Fedora.18:34
MonkeyDustjfk-cm  there's also #ubuntu-server18:35
niko1990tomreyn: I have for example a folder with permission 775 on the samba server. when i try to connect to this folder with the ubuntu laptop it acts like i would be the "every one else" 5er permission user, even though my user is in the group that should have the 7er permission18:36
tomreynniko1990: it's probably either the mount options or samba client configuration then. at least one of the two will mount with so that only root can write to the mounts by default18:36
jfk-cmThanks MonkeyDust. But I'm just using Ubuntu desktop and trying to run Nightwatch.js which uses Selenium. There's a problem making a connection to Selenium server.18:36
jfk-cmDo you think ubuntu-server would be better for my issue?18:37
niko1990tomreyn: when i change the permission on the smaba server to 777 of this folder, then i can read and write to this folder perfectly fine with the ubuntu laptop...18:38
tgm4883salamanderrake: you don't18:38
tgm4883salamanderrake: don't use .run files from nvidia, use the packages in the repos18:38
salamanderraketgm4883: I want to add a beta driver, but since its a beta it may not reach the ppa18:39
salamanderraketgm4883: locally to my system.18:40
tgm4883salamanderrake: You'd need to extract the package, then do all the packaging of the files, then build the package into a deb18:40
tgm4883salamanderrake: which driver?18:40
tomreynniko1990: sorry i'm not very much into smb/cifs. i suggest you take a look at mount.cifs(8) or smbmount(8) - depending on which one you're using.18:42
niko1990tomreyn: ok =) Thank you very much18:42
tgm4883salamanderrake: well, you could rip apart one of the packages that already exist to see how it works, however, you'd still need to know where to put all the files that are in the .run file (which may be different since it's a whole new major version)18:43
tgm4883salamanderrake: is this for support for a new video card? I'm just wondering if I'm going to be doing the same thing tomorrow when my 1070 arrives18:44
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ioriasalamanderrake, it's 2012 but maybe will give you an idea http://atomic-penguin.github.io/blog/2012/12/14/mini-howto-building-a-deb-package-for-beta-nvidia-drivers/18:50
salamanderrakeioria: thanks18:51
=== eliasps_ is now known as eliasps
te_lanusHi. a quick question. If I want to replace a gpu o I need to remove the drivers currently install or not, I have a Geforce GT240 in one of my desktops, and it is giving problems, got a 8800GT that I want to replace it with18:59
neeneethere's probably no need18:59
salamanderrakete_lanus: just replace the cards and re-install the drivers, should be no issues, its not like windows.19:02
te_lanusthanx salamanderrake19:04
uddaneok I just installed an update to the nvidia 340 drivers for 16.04 and now I'm afraid to reboot. Has anyone out there run into any issues with the new 340 driver?19:05
te_lanusnew?  I'm still on 340.98 for my gt240 :D19:07
BluesKajte_lanus, and will be for a while19:08
mcphailuddane: the time to worry about that is _before_ you update. Bit late now19:09
te_lanusI'm still a bit skittish about replacing hardware without a thought, a few years (2007) back I replaced a US keyboard with a Dell uk_GB one and had three days of fun trying to work out why my system won't start19:09
uddanemcphail: yeah, I know.... shot myself in the foot this morning doing this before coffee19:09
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uddanete_lanus: I just looked at the actual driver version and it's 340.98... so you haven't had any issues with it?19:16
=== roothori1k is now known as roothorick
nick347Hey guys, I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 on my laptop, and the sounds buggy. The laptop speakers work fine, but sometimes the headphone jack will randomly stop working19:18
uddanenick347: at the risk of sounding like a troll, have you tried different headphones to rule out cord issues on the ones you normally use?19:19
nick347No, it's not that, I only have one pair of headphones and sometimes it works when I use them, but then it'll randomly stop working19:21
Ben64how do you know it's not that if you don't have another pair to try?19:21
neeneegood question19:22
nick347Because there's nothing wrong with the headphones. They work fine with my phone19:22
Ben64inconclusive, you really ought to try another device first19:23
neeneemight be a hardware issue, unless you can see events of plugging/unplugging19:23
neeneeer, not unless.19:23
nick347Sometimes they work fine, but if I unplug them and then plug them back in again, then they'll sometimes stop working19:24
moskiteauSo I have an nfs mounted in fstab. It is mapped to user pulse with group 3000 (drwxrwsr-x). When I try to write to it, it always give me a (Permission Denied) altho I added myself to the group 300019:27
te_lanusuddane: nope been using it for 6 months on Ubuntu Mate 16.0419:27
wechsesif I manually backup a directory will it remove the old subdirectories and files in the old backup or just add the new ones?19:27
wechsesis it "smart" enough to see the changes?19:28
uddanete_lanus: sweet, then I won't stress it too much. but I am wondering how old my previous version was. I know I set up this box when 12 was new19:29
Eagle357Hey guys i´ve a question about Ubuntu Mate on Raspberry Pi zero can you help me ?19:30
OerHeksEagle357, join #ubuntu-arm for PI support19:31
nicomachusEagle357: on an rpi 0? is that armv6?19:31
nicomachusohhhh.. 512 mb RAM. that'd be tough.19:32
Eagle357ok thanks OerHeks. i dont know nicomachus itśnt a armv7 that is sure19:33
egyptianhi . i just did a virt-install then virt-build of ubuntu16 but networking refuses to start up https://paste.fedoraproject.org/530046/48476801/ - any ideas?19:33
noimnotninevolti'm in a similar boat except networking works fine, but i get two mouse cursors, one of which stays pinned to the center of the display.19:34
egyptiannoimnotninevolt: vnc?19:35
noimnotninevoltspice w/ relative mouse movement.19:35
noimnotninevoltother VMs handle this with no issues though. tails, windows, etc.19:35
egyptiani got to fix networking before i get to a gui :/19:36
egyptiannoimnotninevolt: try #libguestfs19:36
egyptianor #virt on oftc.net19:36
noimnotninevolthrm. yea, #libvirt seemed dead and/or dev-centric.19:37
egyptiannoimnotninevolt: the channel title says ask and *wait*19:37
noimnotninevolti waited a few days :P19:37
egyptianso .. my question was how do i get networking enabled on ubuntu16 ?19:37
noimnotninevoltis it not seeing the virtualized network adapter?19:38
egyptianens2 shows up19:38
noimnotninevoltcan you up it and manually assign an ip address?19:39
egyptianas per the fpaste i linked to19:39
noimnotninevoltah, yea, let me read that :P19:39
Skythonhey guys, sounds like a kiddy question, im assuming its possible to sql poison roblox for robux?19:39
Ben64doesn't sound like an ubuntu question19:40
PiciSkython: try ##security, not here19:40
Skythonk thx19:40
noimnotninevoltpaste seems truncated.19:40
egyptianvirsh console vm1 output .. cant ssh into the vm to get proper sized longs19:40
egyptianlogs even19:40
noimnotninevolttry ifup manually in console?19:41
egyptianmy interfaces file https://paste.fedoraproject.org/530055/76850314/19:41
noimnotninevoltyea, try setting static ip in interfaces, ifup manually.19:42
noimnotninevoltyou might be able to get a better error message that way.19:43
egyptianfixed it .. interfaces says ens2 .. ip a said ens3 . weird19:43
noimnotninevoltah, well, happy ending :)19:44
rayvtirxis slackpkg in universe?19:45
DJonesrayvtirx: Looks like its a random 3rd party package19:47
DJonesrayvtirx: Certainly not an offical package19:48
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kfc123hey everyone19:58
kfc123could anyone help me out19:59
Picikfc123: You'd need to ask a real question first ;)20:00
PengatomHi, whenever I lock my screen (either on purpose or timeout -> screensaver) I have a hard time login in again. The keyboard layout seem to have changed or something, couse not all of the keys work. I have an Norwegian keyboard layout, and it still says it is active on the screen. Any ideas how to fix this?20:02
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
bloxyAnyone else running ubuntu on their raspberry pi?20:03
bloxyIs anyone there?20:04
BluesKajbloxy, ubuntu-mate ?20:05
bloxyYeah thats what I'm running.20:05
nicomachusbloxy: I have Mate running on a rpi320:05
bloxyI had to get berryboot in order to get it running though20:06
nicomachusI didn't have any trouble just loading Mate straight to the SD and booting from there.20:06
bloxyIt always gave me a kernel panic...20:06
bloxyI even tried mac os disk utility as I can only use a mamicro sd card to sd card adapter with my s20:07
nicomachusI would make sure you install medium is good, make sure you attach the heatsinks to the board, and then if you have any other trouble try #ubuntu-arm20:07
nicomachusyour install medium*20:07
saju_mI am planing to upgrade linux-image-3.19.0-43-generic_3.19.0-43.49~14.04.1 to linux-image-3.19.0-66-generic_3.19.0-66.74~14.04.120:08
saju_mis it compulsory to restart machine after that ?20:08
saju_mi am using ubuntu 14.04.03 lts20:09
saju_msome services also running in that machine20:09
nicomachusany time you upgrade the kernel you need to reboot, unless you do live-patching.20:09
saju_mlive-patching? let me check what is that.20:10
nicomachussaju_m: not a good idea.20:11
nicomachussaju_m: just reboot.20:11
saju_mnicomachus, I am planing to upgrade these packages, security upgrade https://paste.ubuntu.com/23823917/20:13
saju_mnicomachus, should I restart machine after each package upgrade ?20:13
saju_mnicomachus, How do i know which package needs system reboot ?20:14
saju_mnicomachus, How do i know which package upgrade needs system reboot ?20:14
nicomachussaju_m: just isntall al upgrades, then the system will tell you it needs a reboot.20:14
saju_mnicomachus, i am using server edition20:14
saju_mnicomachus, where can i see that message ?20:15
nicomachussaju_m: I know. install all upgrades, then on your next login it will say "this system needs to reboot for changes to take effect".20:15
saju_mnicomachus, ok20:15
saju_mnicomachus, one more doubt20:16
saju_mnicomachus, Some custom services are running in this system. This package ugrade should not affect those services. How do I ensure that?.20:20
saju_mI am planing to upgrade one package then restart custom services and test all apis, then do the same for other packages. Is it a good idea? This way I can figure out the package which breaks my custom services, right?20:20
saju_mDo you have any other suggestion ?20:20
=== 02HAAAAAN is now known as tomaw
nicomachussaju_m: you can just use apt to view the package changes from the upgrade.20:20
saju_mnicomachus, apt-get install --dru-run ?20:21
nicomachusapt list --upgradeable20:21
saju_mnicomachus, What I did is, I have a list of packages to be upgraded. I have created new internal rep by these packages and its dependency packages20:23
saju_mnicomachus, apt list --upgradeable, will show new packages from trusty-uprade repo, right ?20:24
bloxyy Ijust created a network. Does it make a LAN wifi that other devices can join?20:25
saju_mnicomachus, i dont want to use upstream trusty-uprade repo, if I use that lot-of other packages also get upgrade. I want to control the number of packages to be get upgraded.20:25
Mikaya(Mikaya) Hi ! What's up ? Sorry to disturb you but I'm french and it is my first step in AndroIRC. So I search a good channel where I can speak with other people about everythings to ameliorate my english and meet cool person ;) So, know you a good channel in AndroIrc ? :)20:28
bloxyYou are currently in a channel that is meant for Ubuntu users. What is your IRC client?20:28
bloxyMikaya, could you please state what your window says at the top?20:29
MikayaYeah I understood that i wasn't in a good channel for this kind of discussion20:29
MikayaI'm in freenode20:29
bloxyNoits fine20:29
bloxyBut what is your current operating system?20:30
jjuthcan anyone give me a hand20:30
bloxyI can possibly help. What is your problem?20:30
jjuthso am i currently running ubuntu20:30
MikayaHum ... Sorry Bloxy but i don't know what is my operating system ... :/20:31
jjuthand my ubuntu server cannot connect to the outside internet and for some reason when i do a route command20:31
MikayaI'm totally lost lol20:31
jjuthit gives me an gw of * which is why i cannot connect to the internet20:31
bloxywhat happens when you press ctrl + alt + t, mikaya?20:31
bloxyALso, it could be a problem with your internet, jjuth.20:32
bloxyHave yout ried connecting other devices?20:32
MikayaAaah ! Sorry but I have not a computer keyboard but I am in my smartphone20:32
jjuthbut all my machines on my network can hit the web no issues20:32
jjuthonly this one give me the problem20:32
jjuththe interfaces file on the ubuntu box is setup properly so i just dont get it20:33
bloxyWhat reqally?20:33
bloxyIt could possibly be your drivers.20:33
jjuthnor do i know how to edit the kernel ip route table20:33
jk^hi all, is it better to download ubuntu from official site www.ubuntu.com or from the site of ubuntu community of my country? :\20:33
bloxyIt might be the system not detecting your network card.20:33
jjuthits a virtual machine so it has vmware tools on it so drivers should be convered20:33
bloxyYou are in a virtual machine?20:33
jjuthrunning ubuntu20:33
bloxyIt could possibly be due to the system selecting the wrong hardware.20:34
bloxyTry opening settings and see if the proprietary drivers are availible.20:34
bloxyIt could be trying to use a proprietary.20:34
jjuthits odd tho because all my machines can ping the ubuntu and ubuntu can ping them20:34
jjuthjust cant ping outside20:35
jjuthlike it cant ping my default gateway or
bloxyDOes it connect to interneyt, like google.com?20:35
jjuththats the issue20:35
jjuthinternal network it works external it wont20:35
bloxyIt sounds like vmware issues...20:35
bloxyTry moddifying the network card settings.20:35
bloxyIt could be that you arent using LAN, as its the only type of internet setting that works with VMware on my desktops.20:36
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bloxyIts best to try LAN first20:36
jjuthhow do i do that?20:36
galbronjoin/ #ubuntu-es20:37
saju_mOne upgrade related doubt20:37
saju_mWhen i try to upgrade "libgnutls26", it says 'following packages will be REMOVED' https://paste.ubuntu.com/23824055/20:37
saju_mHow do i know the softwares (running in my system) which already using the packages which are going to remove ??20:37
bloxyjjuth try unfullscreening if you ar ein fullscreen.20:38
bloxyI need to refresh my memory of vmware...20:39
saju_msimilarly, upgrade of libcurl3, removes packages curl and pollinate20:39
saju_mHow do i know the name of softwares which already using the packages curl and pollinate ?20:42
saju_mif some installed softwares already using curl and pollinate, then i can avoid the upgrade of libcurl3, right ?20:43
ZythyrNeed help. I am running Ubunutu in virtualbox. I determined IP addressed and now I am trying to connect from my Windows PC using ssh. Its able to connect to the IP, but login authentication fails. It says password is wrong even though i put in correct password20:43
Picisaju_m: It sounds like your custom repository does not actually contain your package's reverse dependencies.20:43
Picisaju_m: i.e. curl depends on a specific version of libcurl3, so you can't just upgrade libcurl3 and expect curl to work.20:44
minimecZythyr: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/145997/trying-to-ssh-to-local-vm-ubuntu-with-putty20:45
saju_mPici,  what about https://paste.ubuntu.com/23824055/20:45
saju_mPici, same ?20:45
saju_mPici, what about other packages which uses iputils-ping and libgnutls-openssl27 ect--20:46
Zythyrminimec Thanks, let me look into that20:47
Picisaju_m: libgnutls-openssl27 depends on a specific version of libgnutls26, and some of those other packages depend on that.20:47
energizerWhen I press <Super>-2, I expect the launcher icons to work, but they don't. And when I press <Super> it doesnt activate the dash. How can i enable these? 16.0420:48
saju_mPici, What should i do if my custom package required those packages which is going to remove?20:48
Picisaju_m: You need new versions of those other packages then.20:49
Picisaju_m: Do you not have access to the internet on that computer?20:49
saju_mPici, i want to make sure this upgrade process should not break my custom services20:49
saju_mPici, yes i have20:50
Picisaju_m: Then why restrict what repositories you can update from?20:50
saju_mPici, that is not my issue20:51
saju_mPici, i am planing to upgrade these packages https://paste.ubuntu.com/23823917/ , security patches20:52
saju_mPici, some custome services already running in my system20:52
saju_mPici, i want to make sure this upgrade process should not break my custom services20:52
Picisaju_m: the way that its going right now would suggest that it would very likely break things.20:53
saju_mPici, at least I want to find which package upgrade breaks the custom services20:55
saju_mPici, upgrade one package in the list then test the custom services, is that the only way ?20:56
Picisaju_m: Again, theres something wrong with your repository setup if it is telling you it will remove packages if you try to upgrade gnutls.20:59
hydrajumphas anyone used an apple thunderbolt ethernet adapter with ubuntu and it has worked?21:00
saju_mPici, are you saying this ?, "apt-get install" suggesting package removal based on the repos specified in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xxxx ?21:03
PickledEggsIs there a better channel to ask about a boot issue with 17.04? I notice it's not in this channel's subject21:05
ubottuUbuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) will be the 26th release of Ubuntu.  It is due to be released in April 2017. Discussion in #ubuntu+121:05
Picisaju_m: can you pastebin the output of apt-cache policy libgnutls26 ?21:07
PickledEggsThanks geirha21:10
craptalksomebody please help me with this error code #2002 on my phpmyadmin21:12
craptalki did reinstallation completely and nothing solved the problem21:12
craptalkdid dpkg reconfigure and HY000 error is showing up, force me to abort or at least leaving me the same error when try to log in21:13
craptalkis there a way to fix this? or can i have another database server for my web development?21:14
MonkeyDustcraptalk  i'm not really familiar with phpmyadmin, but maybe this is useful http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12621669/mysql-php-error-2002-hy000-cant-connect-to-local-mysql-server-through-sock21:15
craptalkMonkeyDust, i did that, and still cant login on to my localhost/phpmyadmin url21:16
craptalkthis error "#2002 - No such file or directory<br />The server is not responding (or the local server's socket is not correctly configured)."21:16
craptalkand this error "Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed."21:17
craptalkmaybe, number one issue is i dont know what the hell is wrong with this21:19
MonkeyDustcraptalk  both mysql and phpmyadmin have their own channels, but they are not very busy21:20
infandumMy wife is interested in trying out linux. I figured ubuntu would be best and I said we can dual boot it with windows just in case, then you can delete one later if you want. Do we still need to disable secure boot? Do we need to disable fast boot? Finally, is it safe for her to download the base unity version and then put plasma and / or gnome on there later? Will they conflict? I use arch so if things break I can blame myself, but if21:21
infandumit breaks with her I'm afraid of what might happen...21:21
infandumAlso, lts or not? I assume you can still upgrade to the next version using a gui, correct?21:21
craptalkMonkeyDust, i know, and that is something that i dont want, cause i need the answer21:22
MonkeyDustinfandum  no need to remove unity, you can install other DE's and switch21:22
xanguainfandum: Ubuntu can boot via secure mode, KDE looks the more similar to Windows so Kubuntu?21:22
infandumMonkeyDust: but they won't conflict? I know in arch (in the past) kde processes might run even though you log into gnome.21:23
xanguaThen install Kubuntu, not Ubuntu21:23
infandumxangua: Depends on which DE she wants21:23
MonkeyDustinfandum  what xangua suggests21:23
saju_mPici, got it, repo which i newly build doesn't have updated version of libgnutls-openssl27, that is why its trying to remove it when i try to upgrade libgnutls2621:24
xanguainfandum: assuming she knows what desktop environment she wants :-P21:24
MonkeyDust!dualboot > infandum21:24
ubottuinfandum, please see my private message21:24
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saju_mWhen I run $apt-cache depends -i libgnutls26, its not showing libgnutls-openssl2721:30
saju_mBut when i run $ apt-get install --dry-run libgnutls26, its trying to upgrade libgnutls-openssl2721:30
saju_mPlease check this for more details https://paste.ubuntu.com/23824300/21:31
pop__you globalist will fall , freedom will prevail. Trump drain these parasites from former america21:31
pop__infowars  blocked, michael savage blocked, drudge report warned off this tyranny21:33
saju_mits strange, right?  does it Ubuntu packaging issue ? failed to specify the dependency libgnutls-openssl27 ?21:34
saju_mWhy its not showing in $ apt-cache depends -i libgnutls2621:34
ppfsaju_m: that list is a) not transitive and b) -i only prints important dependencies21:35
infandumxangua: I'll show her some videos, but she might change her mind21:35
saju_mppf,  i have tried without -i, libgnutls-openssl2 not in that list21:37
saju_mppf, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23824329/21:38
pop__welcome to globalism - trump please help america21:39
ppfsaju_m: yes, as i said, the list isn't  transitive21:39
pop__your a fucking machine21:39
saju_mppf, is there any other command which i can try to find dependent packages which are not listing in $ apt-cache depends ?21:40
ogxhttp://player.believe.fr/v2/3614973140617 (Listen maybe you like it??) and cya.21:41
xanguainfandum: showed my mom these but didn't convince her :-( Ubuntu 16.04 and Official Flavors: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKopOf5__2tg5nWHOCIBz8A8B7UpwEqs721:41
pop__you drink flouride water your IQ has dropped down by 40 %21:41
ppfsaju_m: try apt-rdepends or debfoster21:41
saju_mppf, apt-rdepends also not showing21:45
saju_mppf, somewhere we specified this dependency, that is why its showing when we run $ apt-get install --dry-run libgnutls2621:46
saju_mppf, we don't know, from where its reading that dependency package libgnutls-openssl2721:47
saju_mppf, $apt-cache rdepends libgnutls26 showing libgnutls-openssl2721:49
clissold345In a terminal how can I list all directories that contain more than 1GB of data?21:53
andy_kclissold345 an easy one is this "du -hl | sort -hr" which will output the size of all directories recursively21:59
andy_kbut not filter the stuff <1 GB automatically22:00
andy_khowever all the big stuff will be at the top22:00
andy_kthe "-h" flag makes byte output sizes human readable for "disk use" and sorts according to human readable for "sort"22:01
fishcookeryesterday i've got this error http://vpaste.net/WKF7A which failed DIMM  if i have 16 DIMM installed and this configuration http://imgur.com/WjLTxfJ is it C2 or C1 or something else  this is my manual https://data2.manualslib.com/pdf2/33/3250/324995-asus/rs720e7rs12e.pdf?6a64c52263547b881f8e426b24b633a8 or i need another tool to know which one failed?22:01
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acresearchpeople, what is the word in unity 8?22:04
acresearchcan we expect it in 17.04?22:04
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clissold345andy_k, Thank you, that command pretty much does what I want.22:07
xanguaacresearch: probably no22:10
acresearchxangua: what is going on with it? what is the story?22:10
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MonkeyDustacresearch  the story is, that 16.10 has a test version of unity8, iirc22:12
=== Guest52181 is now known as Dezman
acresearchMonkeyDust: yes i know and it is absolutly unusable22:13
=== Dezman is now known as Hacker
LoshkiMy 14.04 LTS died last night, and my 6TB data disk now says "found protective or hybrid MBR and corrupt GPT.". What now?22:14
cfhowlettfortunately, alternatives desktop environments are abundant, acresearch22:14
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acresearchcfhowlett: the one by zorin seems to be the best22:15
cfhowlettnothing prevents you from switching to Zorin OS.  Good luck.22:15
acresearchthanks cfhowlett22:16
acresearchbut back to unity 8, when can we see it finished?22:16
k1lacresearch: on the phone. when its done, on the desktop. you can look at the preview on 16.1022:17
acresearchk1l:  is there a blog that shows progress?22:18
k1lacresearch: planet.ubuntu.com got some news about that22:18
minimecfishcooker: Not that I am a real 'pro', but it looks like the Dimm on 'Bank 5' has a problem. 'Machine Check Exception: 0 Bank 5: 8c00004000010093' and similar. If you have physical access to that installation, you could remove all DIMMS, put the DIMM of Bank5 into Bank1 and run the 'Memory test' provided by GRUB on the 'GNU GRUB' start screen.22:21
fishcookeractually how visualization of position of bank 5 minimec22:25
fishcookeri think there are two DIMM got error22:26
sacrebleuwhen I type 'who' I don't see the main account, what gives?22:27
MonkeyDustsacrebleu  and if you type w22:28
sacrebleuMonkeyDust: says 0 users22:29
MonkeyDustsacrebleu  and whoami22:30
sacrebleui have 2 ssh sessions going22:30
sacrebleu'who' has no output22:30
MonkeyDustsacrebleu  and 'main' is the output of whoami ?22:31
sacrebleuMonkeyDust: yes22:31
MonkeyDustsacrebleu  what's the output of    cat /etc/issue22:31
sacrebleuUbuntu 12.04.5 LTS \n \l22:31
minimecfishcooker: Again guessing... The DIMMS on your motherboard seem to be named A1-A2, B1-B2 and so on. So 'Bank 5' could be C1... http://static.nixpro.by/133/1333/13336/133363/499800.jpg22:31
MonkeyDustsacrebleu  do you see a username when you type    ctrl-alt-F122:32
sacrebleunot sure that will work via teraterm?  is there an alternate?22:32
MonkeyDustteraterm? is that a typo?22:33
sacrebleuno its a terminal program.  this worked up until about 10 days ago by the way (131 days uptime, no issues) then it started, and after reboot, this 'empty who' started about 1 day in22:33
MonkeyDustsacrebleu  type ctrl-alt-F1 ... ctrl-arrow left to go back to the gui22:34
sacrebleuCtrl-Alt-F1 triggers my NVIDIA's shadowcast22:35
sacrebleui'm on windows?  its a headless ubuntu box...22:35
MonkeyDustsacrebleu  it should bring you to TTY122:35
sacrebleunatively, perhaps.22:36
MonkeyDustsacrebleu  i missed that part in your question22:36
fishcookerplease take a look http://imgur.com/a/dIZDm minimec... actually what's is A B C D ?22:37
sacrebleuMonkeyDust: is there more to this?22:39
tekeli-liI stopped X with `sudo systemctl stop lightdm`. Now I'm left with a completely black screen with a single white underscore in the upper left corner. There is no shell prompt. There is no login prompt. What is the component of the system I'm looking at, and where do I look for its documentation?22:39
minimecfishcooker: It might be that you have to 'fill' a 'letter', so you would have to fill BankA with two DIMMS, otherwise it would not work (boot).22:40
fishcookeractually i have took two the suspected DIMM but i could be wrong... this is my latest dmesg output http://vpaste.net/et7az minimec22:42
MonkeyDustsacrebleu  the combination W7-headless ubuntu-teraterm is too exotic for me22:43
fishcookermy lshw -C memory shown that bank 4 and 5 empty http://vpaste.net/E8p8j22:44
sacrebleuwhat were you trying to accomplish before you ran into that concern?22:44
MonkeyDustsacrebleu  wanting to know if you could get a username in TTY122:44
sacrebleuwho -l shows 6 LOGIN22:44
sacrebleuits actually Ubuntu-headless Teraterm-W10 as conduit SSH22:45
fishcookersomeone tell me about edac-utils... do you used to use edac-util, minimec22:45
sacrebleuhttp://bluesmoke.sourceforge.net/ fishcooker22:46
fishcookerthat's my output of edac-utils http://vpaste.net/ELoSn sacrebleu22:46
minimecfishcooker: I never used that, but it is available in the repos, so worth a try... http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&section=all&arch=any&keywords=edac-utils&searchon=names22:47
sacrebleufishcooker: i dont have enough context22:47
fishcookerno worries sacrebleu22:47
sacrebleuare you testing memory?22:47
fishcookerno i don't want to testing the memory22:47
sacrebleufishcooker: read carefully https://linux.die.net/man/1/edac-util22:47
fishcookeri want to pick up the wrong one22:48
sacrebleuThe default report will also display any errors that do not have any DIMM information. These errors occur when errors are reported in the memory controller overflow register, indicating that more than one error occurred during a given EDAC poll cycle. It is usually obvious from which DIMM locations these errors were generated.22:48
minimecfishcooker: First I would try to take the DIMMs if bank 4-5 out, clean all the contacts and see if that helps...22:48
fishcookeractually i have took 2 of it22:48
sacrebleufishcooker: last bit of advice http://fibrevillage.com/sysadmin/240-how-to-identify-defective-dimm-from-edac-error-on-linux-222:49
fishcookercould you point on the  diagram http://imgur.com/a/dIZDm it must be c1 and c2 right?22:50
minimecfishcooker: I guess so.22:51
fishcookernice point sacrebleu22:51
fishcookeryes we have took of it22:51
fishcookeraccording to the info analysis on http://fibrevillage.com/sysadmin/240-how-to-identify-defective-dimm-from-edac-error-on-linux-2 i've got mc0: csrow0: CPU_SrcID#0_Channel#0_DIMM#0: 24 Corrected Errors22:56
g3_Anyone have any experience setting up a pxe boot?22:58
fishcookerIn the first memory controller(mc0). first pair of DIMM (csrow0 and csrow1) ... actually what is the meaning ch0 tells it's the first DIMM in the DIMM pair, minimec?22:59
minimecfishcooker: As I never used edac-utils, I cannot help you there. But your guess seems reasonable.23:01
fishcookernoted minimec. no worries but FYi, i have the bank 4 and 5 empty which is c1 and c423:08
fishcookermy best guess is first pair of DIMM it must be A1 or A2 http://imgur.com/WjLTxfJ, what do you think sacrebleu?23:11
fishcookersorry * c1 and c223:11
fishcookeri have took two of them  c1 and c223:11
CommonCentsHello.  I'm having issues with my WiFi.  Slow performance and it keeps losing connection.23:13
CommonCentsI have Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter.23:14
CommonCentsSo far, I've turned off hardware encryption, and I've turned off power management.  It still drops and is really slow when it is connected.23:14
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CommonCentsDoes anyone have any ideas/suggestions?23:15
=== [the-quick-brown is now known as Birosso
kk4ewtlspci |pastebinit23:16
CommonCentskk4ewt, was that suggestion  for me?23:16
kk4ewtthat question is for you yes23:18
minimecCommonCents: Seems to be a common problem... https://www.google.ch/search?q=%22Atheros+AR9485+Wireless+Network+Adapter%22+ubuntu&ie=UTF-8&sa=Search&channel=fe&client=browser-ubuntu&hl=en&gws_rd=cr,ssl&ei=zvZ_WKr-H4H-UPuMofgF23:18
minimecCommonCents: Possible solution... http://askubuntu.com/questions/673156/atheros-ar9485-wifi-disconnects-randomly23:19
kk4ewtminimec,  also i have seen this for broadcom chipsets as well23:19
CommonCentsminimec, Yeah, I've seen a lot of reports of the issue I'm having.23:19
CommonCentsI also set the regulatory domain to US. I am in US.23:19
CommonCentskk4ewt,  results at http://paste.ubuntu.com/23824837/23:20
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minimecCommonCents: What is the brand of the laptop?23:22
CommonCentsIt's a desktop,23:23
minimecCommonCents: Oh... ;)23:23
CommonCentsand I stuck a PCI WiFi adapter in it.  A cheap one from Amazon.    Hang on, i'll get exact link23:23
Ben64get a new one :D23:23
Ben64one that doesn't require fiddling23:24
CommonCentsYeah, I thought about that Ben64.23:24
CommonCentsSeems like everything requires fiddling these days.23:24
Ben64if you have prime you usually get free returns23:24
Ben64nah, most stuff doesn't23:24
CommonCentsHere's lshw -c network:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23824842/23:25
CommonCentsIf I return it, does anyone have a suggestion for a WiFi adapter (pci) that "doesn't require fiddling"23:26
minimecCommonCents: There is a thread on ubuntuforums, where they blacklist 'acer-wmi' on a asus laptop, That seemed to do the trick... https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2260577&p=13213796#post1321379623:26
CommonCentsLet me check what kernel modules are loaded.23:27
ubottubiheho: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».23:27
Ben64CommonCents: pci or pci express23:27
CommonCentsben64, Just PCI.23:28
CommonCentsOnly PCI express slot in this thing is occupied by a video card.23:28
Ben64hm, you sure? the 1x slots are easy to miss23:29
CommonCentslsmod is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23824865/23:29
CommonCentsI don't seem to have any "acer" modules loaded.23:30
minimecCommonCents: Yeah... I see that.23:30
CommonCentsI stand corrected.  This is the adapter I have. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0036AFAEW/23:31
CommonCentsI guess that one is PCI Express23:31
Ben64you don't see much pci anymore23:32
CommonCentsYeah.  This is an older desktop.23:32
minimecCommonCents: HAve a look @ this... http://www.htpcbeginner.com/how-to-fix-atheros-ar9285-ar9287-wireless-problems-in-ubuntu-1104/23:33
CommonCentsI've had this thing running a little over a month.    It was never right for the WiFi.23:33
CommonCentsIt seemed to get much worse when I added the second video card.  Well, a card in addition to the video chipset on the system board.23:33
minimecCommonCents: That is worth a try, I guess...23:33
CommonCentsI've done that already.23:34
CommonCentsI also turned off power management, which is in some of those pages about this problem.23:34
Ben64CommonCents: asus N10 and N15 seem to work fine23:35
rsavageWhat version of Apache2 ships with 16.04?23:35
Climhazzardi dont think it ships with it by default23:36
CommonCentsand I've set the REGDOMAIN in /etc/default/crda23:36
minimecrsavage: http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/apache223:36
CommonCentsBen64,  so this one https://www.amazon.com/PCE-N10-Wireless-N-Network-Transmit-Interface/dp/B004XFYGNK/23:37
verticle1erthello everyone, i am having an issue after installing ubuntu. The system will come up to the login screen. i hit a key on the keyboard and the screen goes black. I was only able to install after putting i915.modeset== and forcexvesa23:37
Ben64CommonCents: yep23:38
rsavageCommonCents: Thanx!23:39
CommonCentsBen64, I take it you've used one of those?23:39
Ben64CommonCents: nope, did a bunch of googlin'23:42
sylarhi people23:42
sylari have a very small querry23:42
verticle1ertsylar: sorry its not bigger23:42
sylarthe tilde and bactick is not working in my mac ,instead gives me the <> symbol. How do i change that?23:43
sylarubuntu is on the mac here23:43
CommonCentsOK.   After reading, I think blacklisting that "acer-wmi" module might help.  It's possible that module is trying to find it's own devices and messing with the atheros hardware.23:44
CommonCentsI'll try that and report back.23:45
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minimecsylar: This could be a solution... http://askubuntu.com/a/55317423:45
=== Ken is now known as Guest4280
sylari will try that23:51
sylarfirst i take the backup right?23:53
ringzer0Since my favorite webservice management tool: VestaCP will not keep up with Ubuntu releases, does anyone else have a suggestion for an alternative?23:53
lungaroI have a Radeon (Radeon HD 8490 / R5 235X OEM), what is the best driver, open source or proprietary??23:53
=== bumblefuzz1 is now known as bumblefuzz
ringzer0lungaro: if your manufacturer made a driver, use it.23:54
lungarothat's kinda what I was thinking ringzer023:54
lungarothanks, that's how I did nvidia23:54
ringzer0:) - if you have issues, use the OS version as alternative.23:54
sylarwhat should be my destination file for the backup of /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc minimec?23:55
ringzer0sylar: A safe place23:56
minimecsylar: something like 'sudo cp /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc-backup'23:56
ringzer0on, minimec was a nick... lol23:57
ringzer0sorry guys :P23:57
minimecringzer0: And indeed a nice one... ;) At least I think so...23:58
ringzer0very much so.  it takes a long time to come up with a good one :)23:59

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