thumperanyone around who can review?22:20
thumperredir: ta22:32
redirgood find22:32
thumperwell, looking through the uploaded info for the bug22:33
thumperseemed obvious that we were leaking, and just went through the codebase looking for all cases22:33
* redir wonders if there's a static analysis tool for that22:39
thumperwallyworld: ping23:33
thumperwallyworld: can you please enable the pre-push hook?23:34
thumperwallyworld: you are committing code that doesn't pass go vet23:34
thumperapiserver/remoterelations/remoterelations.go:344: and 35723:35
wallyworldok. but our landing bot hsould pick that up23:35
thumperyes, but it doesn't23:35
nurfetguys, when juju ssh into a machine which user does it use by default?23:45
axwnurfet: the "ubuntu" user23:55
nurfetaxw: thanks. how can I change the user during bootstraping?23:57
axwnurfet: are you using the manual provider?23:57
nurfetno, I am developing a new public cloud provider23:58

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