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reddrag0nanyone here that can help me with lubuntu and an iphone?04:32
reddrag0ni installed all the pieces IE ipheth and its repositories, and when i turn on my laptop, and hook my iphone with usb, personal hotspot works04:34
reddrag0nnow when i need to take the phone with me, i disconnect the usb, and come back later and hook it up again, it won't connect right, i have to reboot the laptop in order to have hotspot tethering reenabled04:35
reddrag0nis there a way that once i plug the usb back in, it forces a refresh and i can use the hotspot without restarting?04:35
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miczacHi, for some weeks I've been using two VMs w/ lubuntu on them. Today I get on both machines "System program problem detected". Looking at dmesg I can't see anything unusual. How can I track this down?16:16

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