mcphaillongsleep: I'm not clear on the instructions on the spreed.me snap at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nextcloud/spreedme-snap/master/README.md . If I'm running the nextcloud snap, do I have to set up another non-snapped apache instance to forward to the spreed client? Is there something automatic I'm missing?00:08
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Guest7264I maintain 2 Arch aur packages. Is there a tool or easy guide on how to create snapcraft.yaml based on a aur PKGBUILD file?02:36
Guest7264Looking the getting started guide for snap, but I don't see how to format the source and state my dependencies02:37
Son_Gokuit is not possible to do what you ask at this time02:40
Son_Gokuunless you're talking about independently re-packaging as a snap?02:41
Guest7264happy to create the yaml file for the snap package02:42
Guest7264but I do not see where to state what the dependencies are or even how to pull my code from github02:42
Son_Gokuyou don't pull code from github02:43
Son_Gokusnapcraft.yml is designed to be part of the source tree02:43
Son_Gokumuch like how debian/ folder for debian packaging is02:43
Guest7264I'm an Arch guy02:43
Son_Gokuas for build and runtime dependencies, they are described (in the form of ubuntu packages) in `stage-packages` and `build-packages`02:43
Son_Gokuso... mild refresher02:44
Son_GokuDebian packaging is a merged source build02:44
Son_Gokumeaning that you must insert your packaging scripts into the original source tree to build02:44
Guest7264How would I handle depends=('python' 'python-numpy' 'python-colorama')?02:44
Son_Gokurather than external source build, like PKGBUILD and RPM spec, where the sources are retrieved and acted on independently02:44
Son_Gokuruntime dependencies are filled in as "stage-packages"02:45
Son_Gokusee here: http://snapcraft.io/docs/build-snaps/syntax#parts02:45
Son_Gokumakedeps are "build-packages"02:46
Guest7264so I would need stage-packages for 'python' 'python-numpy',,, ?02:49
Guest7264also how to I state where my source is ? i.e. source=("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gps1539/stock_quote/master/stock_quote") (in PKGBUILD)02:51
Son_Gokuyou can't02:58
Son_Gokuyour snapcraft.yml needs to sit alongside the script03:02
Son_Gokuso basically create the project locally, have the stuff downloaded, and then do it03:02
Guest7264thanks for your help03:06
ivo_hey guys09:46
ivo_how is everything09:47
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lfaraonezyga: soooooo, how much work would it be to move `/snap` → `/var/run/snap/`?19:48
lfaraoneor something.19:50
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