ubuntu-mateHey all.. I am loving ubuntu-mate... but... it doesn't seem to let me mount all my NTFS drives. (Ubuntu does). Any ideas?03:16
ubuntu-matenobody? :_(03:17
randallwhat do you mean, ubuntu does?03:18
ubuntu-mateIf I install Ubuntu (the standard install) it installs without issue and all the drives show up and are mounted... on Ubuntu-Mate... the drives appear to all be there in Computer but they do not all mount.03:19
randallhave you tried mounting them manually? are they internal or external?03:19
ubuntu-mateThey are internal drives... I double-click on the drives in Computer and it gives an error for mounting:03:20
ubuntu-mateUnable to mount location Can't mount file03:20
randallwell, if snandard ubuntu can mount and access them, than it's probably not a simple fix if ubuntu mate can not03:21
ubuntu-mateI should be able to install Mate on standard Ubuntu, correct?03:22
ubuntu-mateWhat else would I be missing beside the desktop Mate?03:22
comptekkiubuntu-mate, have you sudo apt update; sudo apt -y dist-upgrade to udate everything then reboot?03:22
randallyeah, O'm pretty sure you can install any DE on standard ubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu, lubuntu, etc are just installs of ubuntu with that de from the start03:23
ubuntu-mateHmm... good call. The other thing I forgot to mention, is this is the live demo... not installed yet... but I have had this same issue with Linux Mint.03:23
ubuntu-mate(which is really frustrating)... I am trying to leave Windows behind. :P03:23
ubuntu-mateAnd I like Ubuntu... but hate the window controls on the left03:24
ubuntu-mateI'll try the full install and update and see if that fixes it (though it didn't for Linux Mint)03:24
randallwell, the least painful way is vitalization, or maybe dual-booting03:24
ubuntu-mateI might just suck it up and do Ubuntu since it works.03:24
randallwhat ever works03:25
ubuntu-materandall I have seen you answering questions on here before. Thanks for your efforts helping people get Linux working.03:25
comptekkilinux mint could have different version of support for ntfs on live boot media03:25
ubuntu-mateYou as well comptekki! Thanks. Yeah... I suspect.03:25
ubuntu-mateGuys thanks all for your help. I hope some day to have a good enough knowledge base to do the same for others.03:26
randalljust keep learning03:26
comptekkiover the last week i've tried to peg a distro - tried three or four and came back to ubuntu-mate because of nic/wireless, wake support and compiz support03:27
ubuntu-mateI really love it's polish!!!03:27
ubuntu-mateI am just so frustrated it failed me on harddisks... but I'll try to install it.03:27
comptekkiothers had problems of some sort on macbook pro hardware03:27
ubuntu-mateSelf build here :) so who knows03:28
ubuntu-mateI absolutely love how Ubuntu-Mate and Linux-Mint have a link to a chat where you can commiserate with others.03:28
comptekkiyou can check which drivers are being used and update them on the live system, can't you - or is support only in kernel for file systems??03:28
ubuntu-mateI honestly do not not. I am just introducing myself to Linux. I'll try an install and update everything I can03:29
comptekkior use hexchat ;)03:29
comptekkilet me check on the ntfs process...03:29
comptekkiit looks like FUSE (take a look with apt-cache search FUSE|grep ntfs)  you can try and update libntfs-3g87103:34
comptekkithen you can unmount and mount again the partitions03:34
ubuntu-mateokay. I'll give that a shot. Thanks comtekki!03:35
comptekkisudo apt-get install --only-upgrade libntfs-3g87103:35
ubuntu-mateThanks again!03:38
comptekkione way to check which you have installed:  apt list --installed|grep ntfs03:38
comptekkithe latest I have is: libntfs-3g871/yakkety,now 1:2016.2.22AR.1-3 amd64 [installed]03:38
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Guest33671hey randall... installing it and not testing it on liveCD solved the problem... I also unplugged and replugged in the cables just in case. Either way all done!03:58
Guest33671comptekki... I got errors when trying to update with the command you gave.03:58
randalloh good03:58
Guest33671thanks again03:59
randalllive environment is a wonderful thing, but it's only part of the real thing you get from installing it03:59
comptekkihmm.  just tried it and it says:  libntfs-3g871 is already the newest version (1:2016.2.22AR.1-3).04:02
comptekkiglad it works now, anyway04:02
randallnow if only there was a way to read ext-4 in windows04:03
comptekkirandall, there is: google: read ext4 in windows04:04
randalloh, ok04:04
randallwow, I did not know this, but that would reqire installing this software on someoneelse's computer just to access my external hdd at their hpuse04:07
randallbut if I were to make a habit out of that, it'd be better just to format the external in ntfs in the first place04:10
comptekkinever tried any yet04:10
comptekkior format fat32 if files aren't too big04:10
randallbut a way less invasive means woulld be a live usb of your distro of choice, boot into that, then do all the moving of files that way04:11
randallcomptekki, you know the file size limot on fat32 off hand?04:12
comptekki2gig file size max04:13
randallhmmm, too small if youre doing something like downloading windows installers from your gog and humble libraries so they can "try before they buy"04:14
comptekkii was thinking fat32 was 4gig - not sure why one place on web said 2 gig.  Maybe format as exfat??04:19
randallthat could work04:20
Astro7467fat32 file size limit is 4GB, can confirm cos I previously used external drives for media and my self imposed video limit was 4GB so I Cld place on external drives as needed04:26
randalloh, ok04:28
comptekkiaté logo04:45
ivan_Some one could help to install pipe light04:53
aaron_Hi ivan05:02
aaron_I'm pretty new to pipe light... so I am not sure if I can be of any help05:02
aaron_how knowledgeable are you?05:02
aaron_It looks like they have a good tutorial on installing Pipe Light on YouTube (though the instructions are for Linux Mint).05:03
aaron_Are you doing this so you can watch Netflix?05:03
ivan_Yes but, i need to intall it through RPI305:07
aaron_ahh. There you have me lost. :) I haven't done anything with that05:07
aaron_You might try searching YouTube though05:08
Admixxerrpretty fascinating: Adolf Hitler vs The Jew World Order https://youtu.be/ssCkc8t9sho05:52
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motion228just installed ubuntu mate, what should i do first?11:36
SuperEngineerupdate it if needed, then use it - try it - like it.  then reboot it, check that all is cool and which, if any settings you want to change.11:54
SuperEngineeroh, and donate of course ;-)11:54
SuperEngineer[but step 0 has been done, finding #ubuntu-mate, welcome]11:56
SuperEngineer[& then you had to go step -1... not having patiene, and leaving before being replied to] DOH!11:58
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blackman_kein ton aus der lautsprechen16:13
blackman_was kann man machen das ich wieder etwas hören16:16
dineshhi this is dinesh16:23
dineshI am unable to connect to wifi16:23
blackman_help not sond16:38
mikeypizanohello, does anyone know how to fix the battery charge monitor applete? mine shows an empty battery (percentage works but batter icon is empty( http://i.imgur.com/gsud9V8.png20:16
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