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samba35do i require vt-d / iommu for dpdk to use with pci nic even ?10:24
samba35using 16.0410:24
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jonahHi can anyone please help, I can't start MySQL after a server upgrade13:30
jonahI get "apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" name="/sys/devices/system/node/" pid=4418 comm="mysqld" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=102 ouid=013:30
jonahand similar errors like that13:30
jonahhi turns out ibdata1 is filling my var partition! Does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it please?14:16
jonahHi does anyone please know if it is safe to shrink my /home partition which is a logical volume lvm, then add the spare space to /var?14:57
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sypherjonah: Depends entirely on what filesystem /home is.15:39
marlincIs there a alternative for apt-check to programatically check for updates and security updates in Xenial?20:19
bekksWhy do you need an alternative?20:21
marlincDoes it still exist? I can't find it that's why :)20:22
marlincOh it does still exist, great!20:27
VillageGood time, i want help, don't understand how too activate Failover (New IP to DS system)22:13
RoyKVillage: what sort of failover?22:47
RoyKVillage: I mean - whole server, or some service, virtualisation or physical (etc)22:48
VillageIf really something don't happening, i don't know where issue, i try link new IP with existing DS system22:50
VillageBut it's don't works, so i afraid write to support becuase i don't know from what side issue22:51
madratraceI am trying to logprof the apache profile but I am getting into a loop where it doesn't seem to go anywhere unless I abort the process. more specific the offending entry is about the default hat : default URI , no matter what option I choose unless i choose abo(r)t it keeps asking for input23:10
madratraceanyone tried to train apache on apparmor?23:11
JanCmadratrace: I think there is a preliminary profile in the 'apparmor-profiles-extra' package?23:16
JanCmost likely it needs changes for local configuration though...23:17
madratraceJanC: haven't installed this tbh nor apparmor-profiles23:18
madratraceJanC: only thing i tried was installing the apache apparmor mod23:19
madratraceJanC: but profiling gives me exactly the same behaviour, it gets stuck at hat policies23:20
madratraceJanC: So I uninstalled it23:20

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