ZakAny life in here?00:00
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Guest83532Any life in here?00:00
nk1I'm here00:01
nk1but probably can't answer questions00:01
Guest83532You already answered the first one, lol00:01
Guest83532I'm assuming you've run into a dead end as well?00:02
nk1I ran into my dead end months ago00:02
nk1and left Ubuntu Touch for Sailfish :p00:02
Guest83532Yeah, what's your dead end?00:02
nk1I was using it on a Nexus 500:02
nk1via the UBPorts image00:03
nk1and kept installing updates which slowly made it less and less usable00:03
nk1until I installed one that basically stopped anything from running00:03
nk1and so I thought, "there's no way anyone would have pushed this if that was how it was supposed to work"00:03
Guest83532Really? How was it though before the stability issues?00:03
nk1so I reinstalled with the latest version at that time (this was back in September/October, IIRC)00:03
nk1and it didn't help00:04
nk1still nothing worked00:04
nk1so I switched to Sailfish00:04
nk1It was pretty good before the stability issues00:04
Guest83532What is sailfish?00:04
nk1it's a competing linux-based mobile OS00:05
nk1(I eventually stopped using it for the most part as well, but not because it didn't work, just because I decided I wanted to do a lot of things that required Android)00:05
nk1Did you run into similar issues with Ubuntu Touch?00:06
Guest83532Ubuntu needs to snap it together and get this whole touch thing going and stable00:06
Guest83532I'm trying to put it on an HTC one m8 but its not working00:07
Guest83532Terminal keeps telling me its not on the list of devices00:07
nk1That's probably not Ubuntu's fault, since IIRC they didn't make the M8 port00:07
nk1(For that matter, neither were my Nexus 5 issues, likely, for the same reason)00:08
Guest83532So what are you doin in here?00:08
nk1My IRC client connects to the channel automatically00:09
nk1but coincidentally, I happen to be in the position to change my phone configuration again00:09
nk1If I wanted to00:09
nk1since my phone seems to have broken00:09
nk1and I'm therefore in the market for a new one00:10
nk1Ubuntu Touch compatibility is not super high on my priority list, but I would pay some heed to it00:10
nk1I don't see any mention of the One M8 on the Ubuntu Touch website; are you sure it's supported?00:11
nk1Guest83532: ^00:12
Guest83532Well shit, best of luck to you man. I gotta hit the road00:12
dobeyit is not00:12
nk1Guest83532: thanks; best of luck to you as well00:12
dobeyi don't think there are any images for any HTC phones on either the official image server, or on ubports00:14
dobeyyou would need to port to the device00:14
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mimecargood evening15:27
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jhbhi *, just installed ubuntu on my old nexus 5. Is there an email client available?18:04
jhbbtw, I am quite amazed how good it looks!!18:04
jhbah, dekko18:08
duudHi, I'm currently using devel_rc-proposed on system-image.ubports.com for hammerhead. I'm getting updates almost every day. I would like to see the commits/changes that are new. https://github.com/ubports hast the android side, but it had no changes for a while. So the changes must be on ubuntu-touch side, I can't find which repo contains the commits. So if anybody could help me with this pls.20:35
dobeyduud: i think the images get built daily regardless of whether anything actually changed. there really hasn't been any changes in the ubuntu tarball i don't think21:46
duuddobey: thx, people on ubports told me the same22:28

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