eelstreborls -l ~/vpn/server1client/ca.crt shows that it exists00:00
COSL04Xeelstrebor: welcome back, check your profile for the VPN and make sure the key and cert files are defined by the "true path" because.... ok this has to be a path issue, do the file paths in the profile file match the filesystem ?00:00
tomreyneelstrebor: run as which user?00:00
eelstreborCOSL04X, yes, the profile shows the absolute path to the file00:00
elisax2e2hey, im getting random CPU hangs, where 1 kernel thread / cpu core is hung, and it locks up the whole system and needs a hard reset . I believe its related to this bug https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=109081.  I dont know how to actually verify if its a CPU bug, but it has happened on 3 different debian based distros.00:01
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 109081 in intel_idle "boot hang unless intel_idle.max_cstate=7 - Intel i7 6700HQ (Skylake-H)," [Blocking,Closed: code_fix]00:01
elisax2e2im running ubuntu 16.06, all updated btw00:01
eelstreborCOSL04X, the read/write/execute permissions and ownership are the same as the other 2 pc's so it be working properly00:02
grantwuIs there an easy way to get a version of OpenSSH with Kerberos support compiled in?  I'm running 16.10 and it isn't built with it00:02
tomreyneelstrebor: the nm-openvpn error message suggests that the process returning the error message did not expand the ~ character. you will need to provide an absolute path, or ensure that it can be expanded during runtime.00:03
COSL04Xeelstrebor: put the full "complete path" dont shortcut env to home if its try to execute as a nobody user00:03
eelstrebor-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  1757 Apr 15  2016 network-manager00:03
COSL04Xeelstrebor: dont use "~/..." use FULL PATH00:03
eelstrebortomreyn, the profile doesn't use the ~ , it shows the absolute path00:04
tomreyneelstrebor: it has to be coming from somewhere...00:04
grantwuNever mind, not completely sure that is the issue00:04
tomreynelisax2e2: have you tried with microcode updates?00:05
elisax2e2tomreyn, i cannot find them00:05
eelstrebortomreyn, the syslog shows the full path but the message says no such file or directory even though it does exist00:05
tomreynelisax2e2: here they're offered as part of proprietary drivers00:05
elisax2e2tomreyn, i read that it was solved via a BIOS update, but my laptop manufacturer doesnt have any update00:05
tomreynelisax2e2: so try microcodes00:06
elisax2e2where, how?00:07
adalbertMy Ferret says Hi !!00:07
eelstrebortomreyn, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23842778/00:09
elisax2e2tomreyn, nvm found them00:09
elisax2e2thank you00:09
tomreyn /usr/bin/software-properties-gtk --open-tab=400:09
tomreyneelstrebor: encrypted home directory maybe?00:10
eelstrebortomreyn, yes it's an encrypted home directory, but so is the directory on another pc that's working ok00:14
ericuscopying files to a shared folder on my Windows Server goes at ~65MB/sec, while copying files FROM the server to Ubuntu is about 22-23Kb/s. Any idea why that is?00:14
Deathstr0keany1 here has XP with razer blade stealth?00:15
eelstreborwhat is that?00:15
Deathstr0kerazer's laptop00:15
Deathstr0kei installed 16.04 and 16.10 but whenever i press caps lock screen tears and laptop crashes (can't report with any info due to that)00:16
Deathstr0keany idea about it?00:16
tomreynsounds like a hardware / firmware / *maybe* driver issue.00:17
Deathstr0keupdated everything that i could00:18
Deathstr0keprobabbly hardware00:18
tomreyneelstrebor: here's how i'm thinking: by the time the openvpn process spawns and tries to read the key file, your user is not yet logged in, and thus your home directory is not yet unlocked, and so the file is not available at this time. later on, when you login, sure then the file is readily available.00:19
eelstrebortomreyn, ok, i'll move the files outside of the encrypted directory and see what happens00:19
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tomreynDeathstr0ke: have you tried a bios upgrade? different bios settings? maybe try with a different OS, too, to see whether it runs stable there.00:20
tomreynDeathstr0ke: also do a memory + cpuburn test00:20
Deathstr0ketried with mint too, same issue00:20
SaintMoriartyHello, I have a server at my remote office that is running ubuntu 16, Is there a way to revert it to its fresh install state via ssh?00:21
Deathstr0keand i updated bios and kernels, fixed everything else that it was fixable00:21
tomreynDeathstr0ke: maybe ask in ##hardware too, they might have heard of this symptom before, or have better suggestions on narrowing it down further.00:22
tomreynDeathstr0ke: by different OS, i meant non-linux, so openbsd or windows or something.00:22
Deathstr0kewindows is working perfectly00:23
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tomreynDeathstr0ke: check your /var/log/dmesg.log.1 (assuming the previous shutdown was unclean)00:24
SaintMoriartyIs this even possible?00:24
Deathstr0kewill install it again and check it00:25
Deathstr0kewill get back with it later00:25
tomreynSaintMoriarty: you can try to clean it up manually, or reinstall all packages, or try to remove all packages but the abolute minimum. but all of this won't get close to a reinstall.00:25
eelstrebortomreyn, that solved the problem - thanks00:27
* eelstrebor will have to try to remember this in case someone else has this issue00:29
COSL04Xeelstrebor: glad you are all set, have to make a mental note on that one00:29
COSL04Xtomreyn: +100:30
COSL04Xeelstrebor: somehow I missed the statement about "at login" I thought you were trying to auto connect when choosing a interface profile to load00:33
eam_hi, it looks like my sound card ordering changed. If I set ALSA_CARD=PCH I can use aplay to play audio files -- how do I set this as my default audio device?00:36
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=== AWest is now known as AdamWest
minimeceam_: After you did your changes, try to save them as default settings with 'sudo alsactl store'. That might work.00:41
eam_well I haven't done any changes, I'm manipulating aplay by setting an environment variable00:45
eam_I figured out that it's a pulseaudio problem, killing it and taking away its execute permission so it can't run and then setting ALSA_CARD=PCH seems to work00:46
eam_I can set that for all login users, but I'm sure there's a better way?00:47
beshoodear all , i am working on printing config file , i have this setting for A3 . A3|A3|842 1190|18 14.40 824 1175.6000:47
beshooi know that the 842 1190 is the A3 size in mm00:47
beshoobut what is the rest of config ?00:47
beshoo18 14.40 824 1175.6000:48
beshoosource : http://www.ubuntu-es.org/node/125476#.WIP_OdJ94dU00:48
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shinkaI have a laptop with two drives. I have to sync DropBox to my second drive. When I open Ubuntu's file browser, I see in "Other locations" the other drive as /dev/sdb1, but I cannot see it in the "Find Directory" windows from Dropbox.00:55
RNevillehello, having problems with my computer running Ubuntu 16.04 just power down, maybe a over temp problem01:03
RNevilleany program I can run to monitor my computers cpu temp under Ubuntu 16.0401:04
IrcDroidClientasia china will be01:08
KingsQuesti use ubuntu01:12
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countingdaisiesI'm trying to install eramba on my ubuntu 16.04 but there isn't very good information (that I can find) on installing it. The information I can find has gaps in it that I, personally, get stuck at. I'm not stuck atm but I'm HIGHLY concerned that the only instructional video I can find for it leaves something critical unsaid and I wouldn't catch it.01:22
countingdaisiesAny insight or advice would be wonderful01:22
countingdaisiesAny testimony from exper installing it would be awesome!01:23
Bashing-om!info eramba xenial01:25
ubottuPackage eramba does not exist in xenial01:25
deus402i'm runnning 16.04 lts, and i'm having problems with my network becoming unresponsive under high loads, to the point where i cannot even ssh in to the server.01:33
deus402how should i go about beginning to diagose why it is locking up?01:34
NecyI just set up a conky config. And my secondary hdd is set as 'Automatically mount' (in mount options in Discs) anyway, it doesnt show up automatically in conky unless i go into the file browser and manually click on it first, then run conky. Im thinking i need to turn automatic mount off and set mount options to 'Mount at startup', but i dont know what to set as Mount point or identify as. assistance? :)01:34
COSL04Xdeus402: what kind of system ?01:35
COSL04XNecy: can you show what your current conky config is like ?01:36
deus402COSL04X: like what hardware?01:36
Necyits also noramally mounted to media/nectar/Storage01:36
COSL04Xdeus402: Yes is this a IoT, device, laptop, server, etc01:36
NecyCOSL04X: I managed to fix the problem now. you can still look if you want :)01:37
Necy(the colour thing)01:37
COSL04XNecy: It's ok, glad its fixed01:38
joaoboa noite galera01:38
Necythanks man01:38
deus402it's a pc. running a gen 7 i301:38
deus402COSL04X, gigabit ethernet with gigabit internet connection.01:38
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COSL04Xdeus402: have you gone over all the basics? making sure configs are correct, no duplicate IP on the network etc ?01:39
Necy*trys out the new mount options and restarts*01:39
deus402COSL04X: yes, ip is static set by mac address. internet configs are correct. only seems to happen under high load.01:40
tomreyndeus402: nothing in dmesg?01:40
deus402tomreyn: yes, standby.01:41
deus402having it remotely rebooted so i can access it again.01:41
deus402tomreyn: getting messages like this:01:42
deus402[11750.638501] TCP: request_sock_TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 8084. Sending cookies.  Check SNMP counters.01:42
deus402[13365.020652] TCP: request_sock_TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 8181. Sending cookies.  Check SNMP counters.01:42
deus402[16309.880100] TCP: request_sock_TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 57632. Sending cookies.  Check SNMP counters.01:42
deus402[20862.385796] TCP: request_sock_TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 8080. Sending cookies.  Check SNMP counters.01:42
ehtdeus402, what is your ulimit?01:43
deus402upload limit?01:43
tomreynulimit is a command01:44
deus402i have followed a guide on tweaking tcp/ip kernel settings for gigabit, standby for tweaks made.01:44
deus402still wating on access to the box.01:44
tomreynyou seem to have enabled syn cookies, i think they're off by default for roughly the reason you are encountering01:44
ehtdeus402, https://access.redhat.com/solutions/3045301:45
deus402tomreyn: sudo: ulimit: command not found01:45
COSL04Xdeus402: dont need to use sudo01:46
deus402deus@ubuntu:~$ ulimit01:46
deus402apparently what brings the network back is clicking on ethernet network, then wired connection 1 via the gui and it comes back... no reboot required01:47
COSL04Xdeus402: the documentation you liked talks about the cookeis, and the negative performance if enabled01:47
COSL04XIm about to head out guys, almost 48hour awake, burning out01:48
deus402COSL04X: eht linked that01:48
deus402are you saying that i should follow that documentation or not?01:49
deus402only recent dmesg messages since the last network crash:01:49
COSL04Xdeus402: What was the guide you followed01:50
deus402[11165.329485] TCP: request_sock_TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 8181. Sending cookies.  Check SNMP counters.01:50
deus402[22651.982720] perf interrupt took too long (2520 > 2500), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 5000001:50
deus402[121057.512100] do_general_protection: 51 callbacks suppressed01:50
deus402[121057.512103] traps: compiz[28089] general protection ip:7fe7ff70c87e sp:7ffe460d2ad0 error:0 in libunity-core-6.0.so.9.0.0[7fe7ff678000+133000]01:50
deus402COSL04X: cant seem to find it again, but here is what i added to sysctl.conf:01:51
deus402i see that the link that eht provided has some other options that i have not set.01:52
COSL04XIm out, gonna crash, later01:52
tomreyndeus402: do you have a graphical desktop running on your server? since libunity-core-6.0.so.9.0.0 seems to suggest one is installed?01:54
tomreynalso compiz01:54
deus402also yes01:54
tomreynso its not really a server in the classic sense ;)01:54
deus402but in the strictist definition, it is a server because it provides services to clients?01:56
tomreyndeus402: yes in the software architecture perspective it is a server for thos clients01:59
tomreyndeus402: fair ;)01:59
deus402so i'm looking at the link that eht posted, i don't think i'm seeing anything out of the ordinary, but i also barely know what i'm doing with netstat02:00
deus402using the command:  netstat -nta | egrep "State|8181"02:01
tomreyndeus402: it's late here, i'll head to bed. you should inspect the connections / the traffic (maybe log some, or just use netstat to get an idea of whats going on) and finod out whether there's some attack going on or whether the traffci si legitimate. and maybe follow that redhat documentation, it seems sound to me.02:01
deus402here is what i get: http://pastebin.com/PMt8TBKF02:01
deus402without having to read how to use netstat for an hour, is there a way to have it show all ports instead of just 8181?02:02
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deus402just netstat -nta i assume?02:03
tomreynsure you just omit the |818102:03
tomreyni.e. dont filter out just those ports02:03
tomreynwhat you put on pastebin is not a relevant amount of connections02:04
tomreynat this stage there wont be any issue, i guess. so there can be some burts of traffic which cause it.02:05
tomreynyou could tcpdump it for a while02:06
deus402since it reconnected, i don't have any users connected right now either.02:06
tomreyn...so that you can get a better idea of what this traffic is, and whether it's legitimate02:06
deus402it's used as a plex media server, up to 9 users streaming at once.02:07
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blotekdeus402, gimme credentials it will be up to 10 users ;P02:08
tomreyndeus402: do you have a firewall between this system and the internet?02:08
tomreyn0   *               LISTEN02:08
deus402there is the isp provided router/modem, firewall is disabled on it.02:09
tomreynlooks like you got netbios / rpcd open on the internet02:09
tomreynalso windows remote desktop?02:09
deus402rdp is on purpose, netbios not so much02:10
tomreynnetbios can be a traffic amplification vulnerability.02:11
tomreynanyways, i'm gone for now. good luck.02:13
KiritoWhy is python-docker not working in Ubuntu 16.10? https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/pASUUn5x/02:23
RayTraceron Fedora, machinectl lists the docker containers. How can I make machinectl on Ubuntu list them as well?02:25
Kiritoalso where the hell is python3.6-pip ?02:34
deus402eht, tomreyn, here is a better representation of open connections: http://pastebin.com/HZALze2s02:53
countingdaisiesDoes anyone have exper installing eramba?02:53
deus402this that is with only 4 users streaming right now.02:54
bazhang!info eramba02:54
ubottuPackage eramba does not exist in yakkety02:54
elisax2e2im on 16.06, the 4.8 kernel doesnt like my hardware. what LTS kernel can i downgrade to?03:17
eelstreborthis kaffeine does a crummy job of scanning satellites - it picks up services but a lot of them can't be added - i have no idea why03:26
eelstreborelisax2e2, have you tried one of the 4.9 kernels?03:26
eelstrebori'm currently using 4.9.5 without problems except on on box where i have to use 4.8.1703:31
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elisax2e2what repo03:31
eelstreborone of my pc's has a dvb card and the driver for it won't build on the 4.9.x kernel03:31
eelstreborelisax2e2, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/03:31
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elisax2e2eelstrebor, but its not stable? that repo is for experimental kernels03:31
eelstreborall are stable except for the ones marked -rc#03:31
* eelstrebor wishes he hadn't eaten all that pepperoni pizza03:32
eelstreborit use to be that they used even-odd numbering scheme to identify the stable and unstable kernels but now they use -rc to show the experimental/unstable kernels (reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_kernel)03:36
countingdaisiesIs anyone familiar with installing a php application on ubuntu? The only instruction I can find to install it expects more technical knowledge than I have and I got stuck half way through.03:41
owen1After running this command - `sudo chown -R $(whoami) usr/{lib/node_modules,bin,share}` I am not able to run sudo anymore: `sudo: /usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set`. How do I fixed that?03:44
SchrodingersScatcountingdaisies: start with where you're stuck?03:44
octacianI have an encrypted HDD that just failed yesterday. I had been planning on backing up today, was hoping it'd make it this long. FSCK won't do it, and after unlocking it with udisksctl, the only thing I can mount is Ext2 fs partition 1. I'd really appreciate some help, thanks.03:45
octacianI can't mount sdc2 or sdc5, and the luks-... file created in /dev/mapper/ is apparently not a mountable filesystem.03:46
octacianIt seems almost as if I have a bad superblock, but I can't seem to restore it.03:47
Kurt_Can anyone tell me, i just got a older computer, gonna be putting ubuntu 16.10 onto it, linksys model: wmp54gs which ubuntu does not pick up, at time of install.. is there any work arounds, or drivers i can use for this?03:48
countingdaisiesSchrodingersScat: Hope I get the right answer you were wanting - I'm trying to install a web application locally (php), which involves creating a mysql db. The person in the only instruction I can find for this issues the following command as root in a terminal: "mysql db_name < db_schema_file_name.mysql"     <---  that doesn't work. Also, since so much is skipped (that I'm expected to know)...03:48
countingdaisies...I'm not confident I've created the db correctly so far either, or that mysql itself is set up right (all I have is a root acct right now - I think).03:48
countingdaisiessorry so long03:48
countingdaisiesSo what the guy in the instruction is generally trying to do (I think) is create the db for the application and load "schema" into it (whatever that is).03:49
tatertotsKurt_: are you using that computer right now? yes or no03:51
Kurt_tatertots: its sat right by me right now.03:52
SchrodingersScatcountingdaisies: right, that seems like a bad example afaik03:52
tatertotsKurt_: do you have it hardwired to the network with ethernet cable?03:53
Kurt_tatertots: no but i can share my internet from this computer via ethernet cable.03:54
SchrodingersScatcountingdaisies: If you're trying to dump a file into mysql then yes you still need to create the database first and give the users proper permissions03:55
tatertotsKurt_: connect to the network and join chat from the computer in question03:56
SchrodingersScatwhy would he need to do that?03:57
countingdaisiesSchrodingersScat: Could you look at: https://github.com/ivuk/eramba-vagrant/blob/master/eramba_deploy.sh   and tell me if its a reliable example to go off of (is complete and accurate in all the steps / commands that need to occur)?  I'd like to copy paste from it as much as I can (if that would be useful to do)?03:59
countingdaisiesSchrodingersScat: At least I could know if its worth going off of cause it contains a lot more detail than the only vid I can find to instruct it03:59
SchrodingersScatcountingdaisies: and you have /var/www/html/eramba_v2/app/Config/db_schema/default_mysql_schema_211.sql ?04:02
Rave1Kurt_,  looks like that has  a broadcom 4306 chipset and will likly have a driver tutorial somewhere online04:03
countingdaisiesmine is: /var/www/html/eramba/app   and it is extracted. and I did some kind of set debugging in a "app/Config/core.php"  That's how fare I made it. Then I did some kind of thing with an apache config file think I set hostename to localhost.04:04
SQLSchrodingersScat: eh?04:05
countingdaisiesSchrodingersScat: This version's file is named / located : "/var/www/html/eramba/app/Config/db_schemalatest-c1.0.1.001-eng.sql"04:06
SQLcountingdaisies: eh?04:06
SchrodingersScatcountingdaisies: so long as you changed that and the other things that aren't ubuntu correct you should be fine04:06
countingdaisiesI need help or help to find help - it isn't my fault the php application spans 100 different foss application to run04:07
Rave1Kurt_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:08
SchrodingersScatcountingdaisies: for instance afaik in ubuntu it should be www-data not apache in lines like chgrp -R apache04:08
elisax2e24.9 doesnt work either, le sigh04:08
elisax2e2how badly would i break the 16.06 if i downgraded to 3.2 kernel?04:09
Ben64there is no 16.0604:09
elisax2e2sure 16.0404:10
elisax2e2or 16.1004:10
Ben64you can't do it and be sane, why would you want to do that anyway04:10
elisax2e2because the 4.x kernels give me CPU stalls04:10
elisax2e2id probably be more sane if i did that then i am now04:11
Ben64what cpu do you have, and what is a "CPU stall"04:11
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 109051 in intel_idle "intel_idle.max_cstate=1 required on baytrail to prevent crashes" [Blocking,Needinfo]04:12
elisax2e2the a CPU core hangs, and runs at 100%, causing the rest of the system to freeze up and require a hard reset04:13
elisax2e2ive tried 4.9 kernel, disabling video drivers, all the fixes suggested in that thread, updating the cpu microcodes04:13
linmanhi, im trying to stop a daemon running, but everytime i view its pid with "ps aux" the pid changes04:14
Ben64elisax2e2: did you do intel_idle.max_cstate=104:15
elisax2e2my machine still locked up04:15
Ben64are you sure you did it properly04:15
linmancan someone help with that?04:15
Ben64elisax2e2: pastebin /etc/default/grub04:16
elisax2e2i would if that machine was on04:16
elisax2e2i did it right04:16
Ben64well there's no more to be done if you can't pastebin anything04:17
elisax2e2theres many things to be done, just not the way youre going04:18
tatertotspastebin's are the best, ends speculation, having to ask the end user questions that would at best receive vague answers04:19
kk4ewttatertots, amen04:20
jaygee17hi all :)04:21
sting32i just ran the software updater, it updated a bunch of stuff along with some firmware and now my boinc manger won't start.. can anyone help?04:21
dudejiif i keep a ref of file inode in java , can it write fast files. ?04:21
Random832dudeji, what04:22
dudejieach file has inode correct ? if i can save that inode ref somehow in some language , can i write fast files on disk ?04:22
noc_define "fast file" and why do you have a need for that04:23
sting32i don't want to reinstall ubuntu .. something about the updated screwed up boinc manager.. i tried uninstalling boinc manager and re installing it.. still won't open04:23
munchkin24Should I be picky with a USB image writer to install Ubuntu from a Bootable flash drive?04:23
dudejii have many files to write but very small chunk of data <10kb data but 6000 file writes in 30seconds.04:23
tatertotskk4ewt: when you see 20 guys speculate for over an hour about something a pastebin could have revealed in a nano second ;)04:24
noc_dudeji, standard practice in java is to wrap the FileWriter/FileOutputStream inside a BufferedWriter/BufferedOutputStream to avoid that04:24
sting32no help?04:24
cfhowlettsting32, no patience ?04:25
dudejinoc_ will it help in fast file write ?04:25
sting32it's late. i've been trying all sorts of stuff04:25
jaygee17munchkin24, I just stick to the default usb writer in Ubuntu or Mint - they always make mine bootable04:25
munchkin24jaygee17: I'm in Windows so....04:25
noc_dudeji, if you're not doing that, you're already doing it wrong, whatever os you're on04:25
elisax2e2confirmed it worked via running cat /sys/module/intel_idle/parameters/max_cstate    and got 104:26
munchkin24Tried using Rufus, but when I choose the flash drive in my boot menu, I'm just taken to my bios menu04:26
dudejinoc_ currently i am doing POC for fast file write , I amm looking all the various ways to write fast files.04:26
sting32what shou;ld I do. I wish i never ran the damn software updater04:26
munchkin24jaygee17: I was just wondering if there were specifics to using one vs another. Maybe one has consistent issues04:27
dudejione more problem : in one of my usb stick i install ubuntu genome now i am not able format usb drive . it says :  "This partition cannot be modified because it contains a partition table; please reinitialize layout of the whole device. (udisks-error-quark, 11)"04:28
ledenisting32, ubuntu 16.04 or ...04:28
jaygee17munchkin24: I have used a few on Windows and they all seem to work fine. Favorite is "Win32 Disk Imager"04:28
noc_dudeji, the same goes for InputStream/Reader  by the way, you wrap into their Buffered conterparts04:29
noc_dudeji, what do you want to format the drive to?04:29
munchkin24jaygee17: Figures. Guess I should feel disconcerted about my motherboard then :(04:30
noc_sting32, launch boinc from command line and pastebin the error mesages04:30
ledenisting32, try  sudo service boinc-client restart04:30
sting32where does boinc live? where is the command line start up04:30
dudejinoc_ set-up installation is corrupt somehow usb is not booting anymore , i want to create bootable again.04:31
sting32client restart didn't give me any errors.. didn't give me any output what so ever04:32
Ben64dudeji: dd bs=1M if=ubuntu.iso of=<your usb drive device>04:32
sting32manager still not starting.. if i knew where to start the command line i'd try it04:32
Ben64sting32: how did you install boinc04:32
sting32from the package manager04:33
sting32i just did a whereis04:33
sting32looks like /usr/bin/boinc04:33
noc_dudeji, to reinstall just launch rhe installer and choose the old partition. If you mean "make a bootable live usb" then follow ben64  advice04:33
sting32ok i ran from command04:34
sting32says another instance is running04:34
xXEoflaOEXxsting32, did you try: sudo killall boinc?04:34
sting32trying now04:35
sting32boinc no processes found04:35
ledenisting32, try boinc-client04:36
sting32i can't find a command for that04:38
dudejiben , i do not understand this command04:38
sting32i have a command for boincmgr04:39
sting32ran that and got nothing04:39
sting32no output just back to bash04:39
sting32can i just undo whatever i upgraded that caused this.. was it probably a new kernal?04:40
=== scscss is now known as pplmns
sting32why am i geting no errors when i start the mgr i just get nothing?04:41
ledenisting32, witch video card you using?04:44
sting32i don't know.. i just know it worked before i upgraded04:44
sting32this shouldn't be this hard04:47
sting32i'm going to have to reinstall the os04:47
countingdaisiesIf someone ran: "mysql -u root -p db_name < db_schema_file.sql" , on the bash command line, would the mysql ouput of the execution result be logged anywhere?04:50
countingdaisiesvisible / stored?04:50
The_DarkKnightJust downloaded Ubuntu onto my USB04:50
The_DarkKnightFuck I feel like a hardcore hacker already04:50
xangua! Language | The_DarkKnight04:51
ubottuThe_DarkKnight: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:51
The_DarkKnightoh k04:51
xanguaThe_DarkKnight: it's not who we say we are but actions what defines us... Or something like that... You're the one that wears a bat costume Bruce!04:52
The_DarkKnightFrick yeah!04:52
rypervencheThe_DarkKnight: ><04:57
rypervencheThe_DarkKnight: Welcome....to Linux..?04:57
The_DarkKnightIt's stuck or something, I think04:58
The_DarkKnightbut It'll happen. :)04:58
stellarmayday mayday05:09
=== stellar is now known as Guest10094
MenzadorGuest10094: State your issue please05:09
Guest10094no issues at all just checking out05:10
xXEoflaOEXxguest10094, Do you have any Ubuntu problems?05:10
Menzador!ot | Guest10094 , perhaps our social channel would be a better fit?05:10
ubottuGuest10094 , perhaps our social channel would be a better fit?: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:10
digital_ghostIs it safe to add other repos , for example I add pi-rho to install vim-gtk. I know this a noob question, I am not an expert in linux .05:25
Ben64!ppa | digital_ghost05:30
ubottudigital_ghost: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:30
Dovidhi. I made multiple xessions in /usr/share/xsessions. Now on one of them I have it just launch firefox and it has the default screen resolution. On the other I have unity and I was able to change the resolution. Being that for the one that just launches firefox I am not running unity how can I change the resolution?05:35
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html05:38
ubuntunoobhi hi05:38
xXEoflaOEXxwelcome to Ubuntu, ubuntunoob, and hello!05:38
The_DarkKnightSo uh... guys05:39
ubuntunoobok so wine... how hard is it to reset the mouse's kilter? like when i click its about 50 pixels to the north and 50 to the east?05:39
The_DarkKnightI downloaded Ubuntu05:39
The_DarkKnightAnd I got it on my USB using Rufus USB installer05:40
The_DarkKnightBut how do I actually run it?05:40
The_DarkKnightWhat shall I do...?05:40
The_DarkKnightHere: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows it said when it's finished just restart, but I restarted and nothing happened.05:41
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xXEoflaOEXxThe_DarkKnight, Is your BIOS be able to boot to USB?05:42
The_DarkKnightidk so i guess not?05:42
surveyormost modern bioses can boot from usb sticks05:42
The_DarkKnightThese were the exact same settings while using Rufus: https://assets.ubuntu.com/v1/febc3c7b-download-desktop-usb-windows-7.jpg05:42
xXEoflaOEXxThe_DarkKnight, then Restart, go to BIOS Boot menu, then click on (USB-HDD, USB-RMD-FDD, or similar.) to boot from USB.05:43
The_DarkKnightOk so I don't want to get stuck with Ubuntu05:46
The_DarkKnightSo when I do get it running in USB mode05:47
The_DarkKnightAnd I restart the PC, will it automatically run Windows then?05:47
surveyoryes :)05:47
The_DarkKnightCan someone else confirm?05:47
xanguaUnless you join the Linux shadow league05:47
surveyorWindows will run unless you choose to boot from usb again.05:48
xXEoflaOEXxThe_DarkKnight, Everytime the PC restarts, the BIOS will boot from first place like when you put HDD in 1st place, then if you reboot, it will 100% boot Windows because BIOS is always using the 1st place of boot drive.05:48
The_DarkKnighthttps://www.asus.com/support/faq/1013017/ this is what I'm doing05:48
The_DarkKnightIt's going to disable Secure Boot Control05:49
The_DarkKnightThat's irrelevant?05:49
xXEoflaOEXxThe_DarkKnight, Secure Boot is for UEFI. Are you running UEFI or BIOS?05:49
surveyorDisabling Secure Boot allows the computer to boot other operating systems like linux, bsd, etc.05:49
xXEoflaOEXxThe_DarkKnight, and disabling Secure Boot allows ALL of the OS to boot.05:50
The_DarkKnightxXEoflaOEXx: https://www.asus.com/support/faq/1013015/05:50
The_DarkKnightk I'm going ahead with it05:50
The_DarkKnightYOLO, right?05:50
xanguaUbuntu can boot fine with secure boot The_DarkKnight , you just need to disable Windows fast boot05:51
CowdungHello where can I find options to disable bluetooth in linux kernel configuration menu?05:51
munchkin24xangua: How does fast boot affect Ubuntu booting from a flash drive?05:52
The_DarkKnightxangua: I'm just gonna disable secure boot05:52
The_DarkKnightAnd follow the instructions05:52
xanguaCowdung: you mean disable the Bluetooth module or like you want to configure and compile a kernel without Bluetooth support?05:52
xXEoflaOEXxThe_DarkKnight, BIOS, so enable CSM, then Disable Secure Boot, then go to Save and Exit, and go to Boot Override, then go to Generic USB Flash Disk (your flash's name).05:52
xXEoflaOEXxThe Secure Boot Option is on Security tab.05:52
The_DarkKnightBTW, when I restart the PC, will secure boot be re-enabled or will I have to manually reset everything back again to run Windows?05:52
Cowdungxangua: I want to configure and compile a kernel without bluetooth05:52
The_DarkKnightYea I got that.05:53
xanguamunchkin24: oh you're right, it doesn't, just won't show Windows partition if you try to install Ubuntu I think05:53
The_DarkKnightBTW, when I restart the PC, will secure boot be re-enabled or will I have to manually reset everything back again to run Windows?05:53
surveyorThe_DarkKnight, just remove the usb stick when you reboot and the BIOS will boot from the hard drive.05:53
surveyorloading windows05:54
CowdungI have been looking for this option but can't find it. Under which category I can find it?05:54
xanguaThe_DarkKnight: you have to enable it back, but Ubuntu can boot with secure boot05:54
xXEoflaOEXxThe_DarkKnight, If you save it to CMOS, then it will be saved permanently until you change it back.05:55
munchkin24hopefully that wasn't a bad sign for that dude/aspiring hacker05:59
xXEoflaOEXxHi kaleem06:01
syI'm trying to ssh into my beaglebone from ubuntu 16 and I got this warning saying "Warning: Remote Host Identification has changed" followed by a long paragraph ending with host key verification failed. I was told that the fix to this is ssh-keygen -R hostname. Therefore replaced hostname with my real hostname shandora but it says shanedora not found???06:03
The_DarkKnightYeah so06:05
The_DarkKnightThere was no Launch CSM option06:05
The_DarkKnightThere was no Boot override in save and exit06:06
The_DarkKnightIt was literally nothing like the pictures here: https://www.asus.com/support/faq/1013015/06:06
The_DarkKnightIs there no way to run it from like an ISO mounting program or some shit?06:06
surveyorSure, you could run it in a VM like virtualbox.06:07
The_DarkKnightWould that even be useful06:07
The_DarkKnightWhy didn't the BIOS work tho?06:07
surveyorI assume a version difference between your BIOS and the one in the pictures.06:08
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MeneMyo all i heard the kewl kids play here06:19
digital_ghost there is no syntax highlight for bash script in vim ? How do i fix this ? "set syn=sh" is not working06:19
lotuspsychjedigital_ghost: perhaps the vim channel know this?06:23
deus402eht, you still around?06:23
rypervenchedigital_ghost: Do you have vim installed? Perhaps it's not vim-full or something.06:24
rypervenchedigital_ghost: Are you actually using vim? Did you envoke it with "vim" or "vi"?06:24
digital_ghostrypervenche : yes, i have vim installed. Its "vim"06:24
lotuspsychjethink i played with syntax highlight on vim, but had to install vim-gtk06:25
rypervenchedigital_ghost: Do you have syntax set to on?06:29
digital_ghostrypervenche : yes06:29
lotuspsychje!info vim-syntax-gtk06:37
ubottuvim-syntax-gtk (source: vim-syntax-gtk): Syntax files to highlight GTK+ keywords in vim. In component universe, is optional. Version 20110314-1 (yakkety), package size 222 kB, installed size 1228 kB06:37
amazonian_toadIs there any 3D scanning software for Ubuntu that uses the xbox360 kinect?06:39
=== alien_ is now known as Guest65484
=== Nectar is now known as Necy
lotuspsychjeamazonian_toad: seems like there's openkinect, not sure about the scanning software06:42
lotuspsychjeamazonian_toad: http://askubuntu.com/questions/102814/how-to-use-kinect-xbox-360-as-a-desktop-controller06:42
amazonian_toadlotuspsychje, yeah but that's going to require that I write some kind of software I think06:42
amazonian_toadI don't want to do that06:42
amazonian_toadI'm looking for something more like openscanner06:43
lotuspsychjeamazonian_toad: how about blender, doesnt that do 3D things?06:43
amazonian_toadlotuspsychje, that's for 3d modeling. Not scanning06:43
amazonian_toadI'll need that later.06:44
amazonian_toadI have a specific object I need to scan06:44
backboxi want to fuck an android device06:45
lotuspsychje!language | backbox06:45
ubottubackbox: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList06:45
amazonian_toadbackbox, that requires analog components06:45
* dax raises an eyebrow06:45
lotuspsychje!ops | backbox language06:45
ubottubackbox language: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu06:45
amazonian_toadlotuspsychje, I tried emulating the software in virtualbox and I'm getting erros.06:46
amazonian_toadthanks though06:46
lotuspsychjeamazonian_toad: perhaps look for opensource scanners? http://www.makerscanner.com/06:47
The_DarkKnightDoes anyone here dual boot Ubuntu with Windows 10?06:47
amazonian_toadlotuspsychje, hey thanks!06:48
lotuspsychjeThe_DarkKnight: best to ask your real issue to the channel mate06:48
The_DarkKnightI just want to know if it's possible tbh06:49
lotuspsychje!dualboot | The_DarkKnight yes06:49
ubottuThe_DarkKnight yes: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot06:49
The_DarkKnightOk one more question06:49
The_DarkKnightWhen using a VM you allocate RAM to it06:49
lotuspsychje!uefi > The_DarkKnight read also this before you proceed06:50
ubottuThe_DarkKnight, please see my private message06:50
The_DarkKnightCan I still use that RAM with the rest of my computer(which is Windows)06:50
The_DarkKnightor is it only marked for Ubuntu use only?06:50
daxusually it's assigned lazily, i.e. if the VM isn't using it, it's free for use by whatever06:51
daxvirtualbox does it that way for example, i think vmware's windows product does too06:51
The_DarkKnightAnd it's easily reallocated back, right?06:51
The_DarkKnightNo issues with that?06:51
roothorickthis has been a disaster. xinput set-prop tends to not have any effect despite list-props reflecting the changes, except under specific and nonsensical conditions. 16.04 install media won't even boot on newer Radeons without manually editing the kernel commandline to add nomodeset, and then you have to do the same with the installed system, which obviously prevents the graphics driver from working06:51
roothorick(which is WHY you have to do it), and then you have to manually update the system even though the installer supposedly updated it already. And there's this issue with games on the Unity engine not reading the mouse properly, which has been difficult to debug due to xinput set-prop not working consistently06:52
daxThe_DarkKnight: indeed. you'd only have issues if (in use by VM guest) + (in use by VM host) > amount of RAM06:52
daxThe_DarkKnight: where "issues" = stuff ends up in swap so slowness06:52
The_DarkKnightHm, k06:52
roothorickrunning things in Wine has been largely a bust, but I expected that. I didn't expect to have problems with something so simple as mouse input.06:53
lotuspsychjeroothorick: your talking about a clean install on 16.04.1? what kind of graphics card specificly?06:54
roothorickwell, days old, there have been some modifications, but the mouse problem has been there since day 106:55
roothorickRX 48006:55
Nick-chxdoes anyone know of which os is this web browser? https://s23.postimg.org/9l7lro1az/www.jpg06:55
lotuspsychjeroothorick: is that the radeon driver or amd-gpu?06:55
The_DarkKnightWell, just allocated 6 GB of RAM to VM. Hope it goes smoothly.06:55
cfhowlettNick-chx,  webbrowser is NOT an OS.06:55
roothorickoh, yeah, the HWE kernel adds support for Polaris. But it needs Mesa support to. There's no HWE version of Mesa in the Ubuntu repository. So you have to resort to a PPA or installing the new "amdgpu pro" half-proprietary driver to get hardware acceleration in any shape or form06:56
lotuspsychjeroothorick: have you tested other ubuntu version on your card? like 16.10? or higher kernels?06:57
roothoricklotuspsychje: I installed amdgpu pro, that much is working. I have my mouse at a point where it does what it's supposed to do ONLY under gnome-shell and ONLY when it's not grabbed by a game06:57
roothorickand I forgot about my soundcard. Only one output works, the front panel. Nothing on the back produces any sound at all.06:58
lotuspsychjeroothorick: i think this might be worth a new bug06:58
roothorickI have no idea if I can get a mic input at all. Haven't tried. Don't have much faith.06:58
Nick-hxcç does anyone know of which os is this web browser ? https://s23.postimg.org/9l7lro1az/www.jpg ç06:58
roothorickso my current impression: Linux? Games? Only for VERY highly technical people experienced with Linux that ALSO have lots of time on their hands06:59
cfhowlettNick-hxc, yes we see you.  there is no indication anywhere in that pick to identify the browser07:00
lotuspsychjeroothorick: you can only speak of your specific case mate07:00
lotuspsychjeroothorick: we have succesfull ubuntu gaming stories07:00
lotuspsychjeroothorick: can this help in any way? http://askubuntu.com/questions/841742/amd-rx-480-on-16-04-mesa07:01
roothorickI already said, the videocard is functional07:01
roothorickyou have to jump through some serious hoops to get there, but you can get the system booted in a broken amdgpu driver, then from there install amdgpu pro and it comes up07:01
lotuspsychjeroothorick: time for deeper logs digging on xinput then?07:02
lotuspsychjeroothorick: i would start a new bug in your case, describing your full story...amdgpu issues are hot, you would help the community07:02
roothorickalright, the specific issue... xinput set-prop <id> "Device Accel Constant Deceleration" <x> only has an effect when in a GNOME session, and even then not consistently, I generally have to disable and re-enable the mouse07:03
lotuspsychje!bug | roothorick07:03
ubotturoothorick: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.07:03
roothorickif I'm in openbox instead, it does nothing. Ever. Even though the property listed in list-props changes fine.07:03
roothorickthis is a 12kdpi mouse, the regular slider doesn't cut it07:04
roothorickwhich, I don't think that actually works either07:04
=== zaphod is now known as Guest81386
lotuspsychjeroothorick: it also might be interesting to join #gamingonlinux to find likewise users on your specific card07:05
roothorick...let me check what the install media actually was07:06
roothorickit may have actually been just 16.0407:06
lotuspsychjeroothorick: yeah, its very recommended to start from 16.04.1 media07:07
lotuspsychjesolved alot of pain07:07
roothorickhow would I do that07:07
lotuspsychjeroothorick: download the latest iso07:07
roothorickno I mean07:07
roothorickfind out what install media was used to install the OS07:07
roothorickapport knows, so it's stored somewhere07:07
lotuspsychjeroothorick: whats your lsb_release -a and uname -a right now?07:08
roothorickLinux modestmonster 4.8.0-34-generic #36~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 21 18:55:08 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux07:09
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic xenial07:09
roothoricklsb_release says Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS for the description. Release is just 16.04 if that means anything07:09
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB07:09
roothorickkernel is from linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge07:09
roothorickthat was necessary to get into X at all (amdgpu driver with Polaris support)07:10
roothorickI don't know if amdgpu pro uses it, decided to just leave it07:10
lotuspsychjeroothorick: so a default 16.04.1 installed didnt get you amdgpu driver working?07:10
roothorickit wouldn't even boot without nomodeset07:11
lotuspsychjeroothorick: this fact already deserves a new bug mate07:11
roothorickbut, again, it may not have actually been .107:11
lotuspsychjeroothorick: can you try again with the .1? also .2 comes out soon also07:11
roothorickI've got enough on my plate, I think07:12
wyseguyfor anyone that wants to see the race tonight without any spoilers. http://offroadvideos.org/ama-supercross-round-3-anaheim-2-2017/07:12
EriC^^roothorick: try grep cdrom /etc/apt/sources.list07:12
wyseguyenjoy :)07:12
roothorickit was .1 then07:12
lotuspsychjewyseguy: use #ubuntu-offtopic for that mate07:13
wyseguylotuspsychje ah, sorry07:13
wyseguyyou got it :)07:13
roothorickhow would I report that then? ubuntu-bug doesn't make sense since, well, it's a live environment that won't boot, we're not even getting that far07:13
lotuspsychjeroothorick: you have a launchpad account? then start ubuntu-bug yourpackage from terminal07:14
roothoricksince I'm on a totally different system than the affected, that wouldn't make sense, would it?07:14
roothorickwell, same hardware07:15
lotuspsychjeroothorick: yeah gather the bug from the affected machine07:15
roothorickwhat package would it be then?07:15
lotuspsychjeroothorick: not sure in your case where it comes from, perhaps xinput if its mouse issue?07:16
roothorickI don't even know if that's a bug07:16
roothorickI thought you were talking about the live environment no boot07:16
lotuspsychjeroothorick: not sure where it comes from either, perhaps use xinput as package, then tell your complete story, let the devs find out07:19
roothorickYou should not file a bug if you are: ... Requesting support07:21
roothorickwell, I guess if it doesn't apply the effects it has to be a bug07:21
EriC^^roothorick: i think they mean if your intention is support07:21
VystyHi! I'm rendering a video with kdenlive and I want to be able to render for Youtube. Does anyone know where I can install the youtube render profiles?07:22
cfhowlettVysty, what final output do you want?  mp4 I assume07:22
VystyProbably. Whatever works best on YT.07:22
cfhowlettdo a short  and test if YT re-renders it.  pretty sure KDEN has a YT output option07:23
VystyIt used to. I got a new computer and suddenly I don't have it anymore.07:24
cfhowlettthen you are not presently using KDEN to render so ... confused07:24
VystyInternet search has suggested I can go to Settings --> Install New Render Profiles, but I get an error when I try that.07:25
cfhowlettVysty, do you have kdenlive on your present computer?07:25
darkseid4nkanyone familiar with dirtycow & LG?07:25
VystyI have the video finished, ready to render. I went to render it and couldn't find the YT option.07:25
ktechmidashey, so I'm trying to run something as a certain user... with sudo -u I get this07:26
cfhowlettVysty, got it.  try a simple one: mp4, 30 fps and choose a size.07:26
lotuspsychjedarkseid4nk: ask your real issue to the channel07:26
Vystycfhowlett: Giving it a shot.07:26
ktechmidaserror: cannot read config file: open /root/.config/lxc/config.yml: permission denied07:26
darkseid4nklotuspsychje: I was hesitant because this is an ubuntu support channel not android. -_-07:27
VystyUngh... so many options and I don't know what it all means.07:27
lotuspsychjedarkseid4nk: if your device is android, ask in the android channel mate07:27
ktechmidasit's LXD, it should generate a new certificate under that user and work as long as they are in the LXD group07:27
ktechmidasbut it's still trying to get to /root07:27
ktechmidaseven with the sudo -u07:28
ktechmidaswhich is throwing it07:28
ktechmidasany ideas?07:28
EriC^^Vysty: h264 is the best video codec usually07:28
VystyEriC^^: AAC fast, High Profile (CBR), or HEVC?07:29
EriC^^that's for the sound, i think aac fast is alright07:29
EriC^^probably cbr is better quality07:29
EriC^^try them out with a sample of your video and see what you like best07:29
darkseid4nklotuspsychje: cant. im registered and identified. Forwarded to android-unregistered which isnt a support channel. -_- #fml07:30
cfhowlettVysty, I think YT likes 720 at 25 fps07:30
VystyBlargh, this was so much easier when there was simply a YT rendering option.07:31
cfhowlettVysty, also: kdenlive offers support in their wikis, mailing list and forums.07:31
ducassedarkseid4nk: then ask in #freenode why you can't join07:31
Vystycfhowlett: Yea I came in here because it's something I want to upload tonight.07:31
roothorickI sent that... I remembered something else, I'm gonna try07:31
cfhowlettVysty, ubuntu support doesn't mean kdenlive support, but we'll do what we can - this time.07:32
Vystycfhowlett: I know. But there's always someone in here and it's worth a shot.07:32
lotuspsychjeroothorick: feel free to share your new bug to channel also07:32
EriC^^Vysty: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/172217107:32
EriC^^and https://support.google.com/youtube/troubleshooter/2888402?hl=en07:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1658408 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev (Ubuntu) "XInput property "Device Accel Constant Deceleration" applied inconsistently, if at all" [Undecided,New]07:33
cfhowlettVysty, oh hey!  #kdenlive is a thing!07:33
Vystycfhowlett: Already tried. no one responded to me.07:33
cfhowlettEriC^^, good link!07:34
EriC^^Vysty: check the first link, it has all the info07:34
VystyEriC^^: Yea I'm trying to get my render profile to fit what's in that link.07:34
lotuspsychjeroothorick: lookin good mate!07:35
VystyEriC^^: Apparently Audio code AAC-LC isn't an option I have.07:35
EriC^^it's probably the same as AAC-fast07:35
EriC^^Vysty: let me check a video i had uploaded to youtube once for it's settings07:36
roothorickI'm trying a hwdb tweak, let's reboot this guy07:38
EriC^^Vysty: this worked well http://imgur.com/a/niVUr07:38
cfhowlettVysty get it close.  if need be YT will transcode it to match exact settings07:38
lotuspsychjeroothorick: perhaps also mention the amdgpu driver story07:39
VystyEriC^^: I don't see on my Render options where I can click to get the settings the same as you.07:39
cfhowlettVysty, so make a custom render config07:40
EriC^^fwiw i had made the video with adobe premiere's youtube profile thingy07:40
VystyI want a youtube profile thingy!07:40
Vystythat's all I want!07:40
VystyThere used to be one!07:41
VystyI want it back!07:41
EriC^^i've seen it in openshot07:41
cfhowletttalk to kdenlive07:41
cfhowlettconfirmed: openshot has a number of YT profiles07:41
Vystycfhowlett: How do I get them in the appropiate place?07:42
cfhowlettrender > show all renders > add        see the + sign?07:43
Vystycfhowlett: I don't see "Show all renders".07:43
VystyShow all profiles07:44
VystyThere we go.07:44
cfhowlettsorry my mistake ...07:45
VystyAlright, so... I stick in the parameters from the above link?07:45
EriC^^yeah, except for the resolution and framerate07:46
EriC^^use what your original video had07:46
VystyMy original video?07:47
amazonian_toadHow do I install a windows partition after I have installed ubuntu?07:47
VystyYou mean stuff I put on before?07:47
VystyThat was on my old computer. :/07:47
cfhowlettamazonian_toad, every dualboot tutorial will tell: install windows FIRST for sanity07:47
EriC^^Vysty: no i mean the resolution and framerate that the camera was using to capture stuff07:47
VystyWhen I'm typing in these parameters, I literally just type framerate=25 ?07:47
amazonian_toadcfhowlett, so you mean I'm kinda screwed?07:47
Vystyor dimensions=1920x1080?07:48
cfhowlettamazonian_toad, depends how much you value your sanity.  back up your ubuntu data, install windows, reinstall ubuntu, restore data.  done07:48
amazonian_toadcfhowlett, what if I install windows on an external hd?07:48
EriC^^Vysty: i think so07:48
cfhowlettpossible, never done myself, amazonian_toad07:49
VystyFuck it. I'm just doing AAC fast and keeping whatever it says.07:49
VystyI'm going to second-guess myself to oblivion.07:49
heheheI am trying to use 7zip binary07:53
heheheI run install sh to copy libs to local07:53
roothorickso the RIGHT way to do what I really wanted to do is make an InputClass in xorg.conf(.d) to apply the Resolution option to the mouse07:54
hehehewhen I execute 7zip nothing happen07:54
heheheany ideas how to debug it?07:54
roothoricklibinput has a more direct way of handling this, but who uses a mouse outside X anyway07:54
roothorickso, Unity games still have the "lopsided mouse" problem08:00
tatertotshehehe: uh..any reason you need to use the installer?08:07
hehehetatertots: I simply want to use 7zip08:07
hehehebut bin wont start08:07
tatertotshehehe: you do realize it's available in the official ubuntu repositories, making it easy to find and install if not already installed. Any reason why you're insistent on doing it the hard way?08:08
hehehetatertots: I am using 14.0408:08
hehehewhen I run apt-get install 7zip nothing happen08:09
tatertotshehehe: in terminal>     apt-cache search 7zip|nc termbin.com 999908:10
tatertotshehehe: press enter08:10
tatertotshehehe: share link/url here08:10
heheheUse netcat.08:10
tatertotshehehe: in terminal>     apt-cache search 7zip08:11
tatertotshehehe: sudo apt install pastebinit08:12
ducassehehehe: the package is called p7zip-full08:12
hehehep7zip-full is already the newest version08:12
tatertotshehehe: then read the man page08:12
hehehedont it have gui interface?08:12
ducassehehehe: then you should already have it.08:12
deus402I have this convoluted setup working: https://amc.ovh/2015/08/15/uniting-encrypted-encfs-filesystems.html but i'm giving myself a bit of a headache trying to understand how to do some more complex things with it.08:14
deus402the moral of the story is that i would like deleting a file/folder from the unionfs-fuse mount to delete the file from all branches, instead of adding it to the blacklist.08:15
deus402every option i have seen for a unionfs-fuse setup lists a rw branch and a ro branch, is there any reason to not just make both branches rw? and if so is there a specific way to designate which branch is the top level branch?08:17
ubuntu181Hello, I have a laptop lenovo g50-80, please let me prepotachate Linux distribution on which the wifi to work08:20
EriC^^ubuntu181: the wifi works out of the box on ubuntu08:21
cfhowlettubuntu181, help ... what?08:21
CasperlocoBom dia.08:22
ubuntu181I installed ubuntu but Wi Fi not working properly disappears and you must restart laptop08:25
hehehetatertots: ok had to use command line, works now08:27
hehehehmm ERROR: Unknown error -214702489108:28
hehehewtf :D08:28
heheheanyway to check archive health?08:28
roothorickalright, so it looks like, games that "lock" the cursor (i.e. for first person camera) don't register small mouse movements correctly, and the issue probably is the obscene resolution on my mouse causing rounding errors08:32
roothorickwhere do I even begin on that one08:32
hehehetatertots: thing is I can extract individual files but when I try to extract entire archive nope08:34
tatertotshehehe: what was your syntax?08:35
hehehe7zip x archieve name08:35
roothorickso, Minecraft does not exhibit the problem08:36
hehehecan I instruct it to overlook corrupt files?08:36
heheheand extract the rest?08:36
roothorickso the issue, then, is probably in the individual games, not handling reading mouse movements correctly... or maybe it's SDL08:37
ivo_hey guys. I have with snapd on my PC. My home is not in the standard place. When I use different user on the same machine where the hom efolder is in th standard place it works fine. I've get an error that the mapped FS is readonly08:43
ivo_there is a bug report about this, but somehow it is expired08:43
ivo_so I've reported it again08:43
CrazyTuxhi, please suggest a good usb formatting utility available for Xubuntu.08:43
ivo_can you imagine a workaround?08:44
EriC^^CrazyTux: gparted08:44
ivo_I am just looking in to details about snappy08:44
CrazyTuxI need to format my pendrive to Ext4.08:44
EriC^^CrazyTux: yup, it can do that08:44
cfhowlettCrazyTux, the default is startupdiskcreator08:44
CrazyTuxEric, ok. Will try that.08:44
EriC^^cfhowlett: CrazyTux that creates a live usb08:45
CrazyTuxI need an utility to format and one to create a live usb also.08:45
cfhowlettstardiskcreator does both08:45
SebthreeBQM10HDivo_,  I woudnt reccomend doing a whole ubuntu system iin snappy for the average user at this ttime08:46
EriC^^CrazyTux: if you just need to format, then gparted, if you want to create a live usb then use startup disk creator08:46
EriC^^if it's a ubuntu live usb08:46
CrazyTuxIf I need to create something else?08:47
EriC^^then use unetbootin08:47
EriC^^or dd the iso if it supports that08:47
ivo_SebthreeBQM10HD, I am just playing around08:50
ivo_it looks very similar to docker08:51
ivo_so just looking at it08:51
inrahello everyone, I'm trying to access an encrypted home folder on a borked disk. the folder is shown when testdisk is run. I tried to find some luks strings via command 'strings -n 4 -t d /dev/sda | grep LUKS' but strangely, I havent found any true positives yet. could there be something wrong/missing with the command?08:54
nomicWhite House press secretary’s angry declaration that the media faked low attendance does not stack up against photos, videos and public transport figures https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jan/22/trump-inauguration-crowd-sean-spicers-claims-versus-the-evidence08:54
cfhowlettnomic, wrong channel .  do not spam political content here.08:54
EriC^^inra: encrypted home dir or encrypted disk?08:55
inraEriC^^ encyrpted home dir08:55
EriC^^inra: recover your home dir contents and use ecryptfs to decrypt it08:56
EriC^^luks isn't involved in home dir encryption08:56
inraEriC^^ so I can just copy contents from testdisk, and decrypt it?08:57
EriC^^you'll need the passphrase (unwrapped) or the last login you had the passphrase wrapped with08:57
EriC^^inra: yeah08:57
inraEriC^^ is it the passphrase that I created at first login?08:58
EriC^^yes, it's the password you used in the installer depending how you changed it later08:58
EriC^^how did the disk get borked? maybe you dont need testdisk recovery08:59
inraah, so it's the login password08:59
inraEriC^^ I did the worst and dumbest..inserted the wrong letter to X in /dev/sdX  when running dd09:00
inraand stopped the process  5-10 seconds later09:00
inrabut still it was borked09:00
inrano partition is shown on disk09:00
EriC^^inra: that's not too bad09:00
EriC^^inra: what was your partition table like?09:01
EriC^^and how much gb did it say it copied?09:01
inrathere were multiple OSes, some under an extended partition09:01
inraI dont remember how much was copied09:01
inraI think I didn't notice it even if it was shown09:02
EriC^^the thing is, testdisk can't recover much with ext4, you could use photorec but it'll just give files it can find, with no dir structure or filenames09:02
inraoh no09:02
inraI know this09:02
inrabut you said I could decrypt?09:02
EriC^^which might bork the whole decryption process if it's like encfs09:02
EriC^^inra: if you're lucky then you have a partition at the start of the disk, and that filesystem got borked, but it didn't reach the partition that has your home dir09:03
EriC^^in that case you can mount that partition if you can get the old partition table from an old sudo parted -l paste you made, or testdisk might be able to find it, and then you can mount it using the offset sector09:03
EriC^^and you'd be golden if dd never reached that filesystem09:04
EriC^^do you have an old paste you made of sudo parted -l or so?09:04
EriC^^have you ever been here before? anybody requested it? you can check the irc logs for the link09:05
inraEriC^^ I did have a partition at start, and I think it damaged this one only. because on the system I was at the moment, I checked the partition table, and only the first partition was shown 'unknown', and all the rest of the partitions were shown there (but still all in a distorted partition table, with extended partition gone) but this was in gnome disk utility. when I however ran gparted, none of the partitions were shown, and the whole disk was marked a09:07
inras 'unallocated'09:07
EriC^^inra: yeah that makes sense, the partition table is the first 512bytes of the disk usually09:07
inrabut testdisk showed 'all' the partitions with none of them missing, even the ones that I recently deleted09:08
EriC^^yeah, it can find lost partitions09:08
EriC^^do you remember if it was a gpt partition or msdos?09:08
inraI mean, what testdisk showed was just as how my disk looked like09:08
EriC^^inra: ok, perfect09:09
inraEriC^^ it was msdos09:09
EriC^^inra: in testdisk press the right arrow to select the partitions the way they were, and then press write09:09
EriC^^P stands for primary and the L something is for the extended logical ones09:09
inraEriC^^ sure about write? I remember when I last used this function in testdisk :)09:09
EriC^^yeah, if you are sure of the layout go for it09:10
inrais it not ok just to copy it somewhere and decrypt it?09:10
inraseeking safety :)09:10
EriC^^inra: you can't copy it unfortunately09:10
EriC^^ext4 doesn't play too well with testdisk and usual recovery methods09:10
EriC^^ah wait09:11
EriC^^inra: my bad09:11
EriC^^i was thinking as if you had deleted the files09:11
EriC^^inra: you can infact press "p" over the partition to view the files and then copy the whole files somewhere, it should work09:11
inraoh great09:12
inralive cd has no testdisk, so have to install it first, and then will start right away09:12
inraEriC^^  testdisk copies the files, but I dont see anything in the destination folder..is it because it's encrypted?09:39
inraor will they appear when the copying is complete?09:40
inrais it ok to run other commands on the disk on a second terminal while testdisk is running on the same?09:44
EriC^^inra: depends on the commands09:45
EriC^^inra: did you write the old partition table using testdisk?09:45
inraEriC^^, hello back :) it is still copying, about 40K files copied already. but strange is, the destination folder is still empty, is it because the source is encrypted?09:46
Ben64how are you copying09:47
inravia testdisk09:47
inrawith C09:47
EriC^^inra: yes the files should be in a dir called .private09:48
EriC^^press ctrl+h and it should show up09:49
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
roothoricklibratbag is pretty nice09:51
roothorickonly thing it can't do with my mouse, far as I can tell, is changing the LED patterns09:52
inraEriC^^ that's the folder that I expect to see, too, but it hasn't appeared yet09:53
inrawhen I asked about other commands, I was referring to the other trial to access the folder via strings, grep cryptsetup..09:54
EriC^^inra: in testdisk did you choose the dest dir?09:55
inraEriC^^ yes09:55
EriC^^inra: it should say Copied in green if it works09:56
inraEriC^^ yes, it was saying copied in green for a long while until some copies failed and it is shown in red since, but still copying09:57
EriC^^try  a sudo find / -iname ".Private"09:58
inrabut it must be copying because when I check folder size the free space is diminishing steadily, and there is a used space of several GBs09:58
EriC^^aha, cool09:58
inraEriC^^ your last command did it! I was looking for it under the folder that I created (/media/ubuntu/myusb/copyhere), but it was copying it at 'media/ubuntu/myusb/home/.ecryptfs/sourcefoldername/.Private'10:02
EriC^^once it's done, "ecryptfs-recover-private" should find it and ask you for the passphrase to decrypt10:03
=== arthur is now known as Guest79565
inraoh great, I hope! :)10:04
EriC^^inra: about the files that failed to recover, after it 's done you could get the starting sector from testdisk, e.g 123 and the sector size, e.g 512 and run sudo mount -o offset=$((123*512)) /dev/sdX /mountpoint10:14
EriC^^and then use rsync to do a quick sweep of the files and try to copy what failed10:14
EriC^^sudo rsync -av /mountpoint/ /path/to/recovered/files   (trailing / after mountpoint is important)10:15
inraEriC^^ thank you! :) I hope the folders that I need get delivered intact :)10:17
EriC^^inra: no problem, yeah, you can md5 check them to be sure too10:21
inraI was just wondering if I used earlier the command with strings correctly, in order to find offset numbers to use with luksdump..'strings -n 4 -t d /dev/sdb | grep LUKS'10:21
EriC^^inra: i've no idea about that10:22
inrathe strings deliver the luks numbers related to the partition, then use these to mount a /dev/loopX , then use it with cryptsetup to land right upon the partition needed, and enter password, it's opened10:23
inrabut I dont remember the exact use of commands10:25
EriC^^aha, nice10:25
=== screedoz is now known as screedo
cotin__Anyone know someone that would like to get paid to try and help me with this sound issue?: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=235010510:28
tatertotscotin__: do you have access to another set of headphones?10:31
Johnson1977can i set user owner on a mounted disk image?10:32
Johnson1977I am mounting a data partition of a image, and want to add / modify files on the partition10:33
cotin__Yes i have access to another set of headphones10:33
cotin__And have made sure that the headphones i want to use works with my cell and my other windows computer.10:34
tatertotscotin__: have you ever used anything else in the same audio plug/hole ?10:35
gde33installing google earth how? the software center just keeps spinning.10:35
tatertotscotin__: have you ever used anything else in the same audio plug/hole ? besides those headphones ....ever10:36
cobra-the-jokerhey guys , i have a major problem with dpkg :(  i can't install anything or update it ,http://pastebin.com/ysTMFYAg10:36
cotin__No i have not. But i think this problem started after i used a second screen connected with HDMI to my laptop.10:36
tatertotscotin__: have those headphones ever worked in that plug/hole?..ever10:37
cotin__yes. they did when i first tried to fix the headphone jack as i described here: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=235010510:37
cotin__after a fresh install of 16.1010:38
=== anonymous is now known as Guest42380
tatertotscotin__: no where in your forum post do you acknowledge the headphones have functions as designed in the past10:39
cobra-the-jokerSo , can anyone tell me what is wrong with this ? http://pastebin.com/ysTMFYAg10:39
cfhowlettcobra-the-joker, try sudo apt full-upgrade10:40
tatertotscotin__: saying "the head phones worked at first when i tried to fix a broken jack" makes no sense, if the jack was non functional your answer is false10:40
cotin__The top guide to change [Element Speaker] settings in "analog-output-headphones.conf" at /usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/paths/10:40
cotin__They did not work after the fresh 16.10 install. but that guide i mention at the top did work.10:41
cobra-the-jokercfhowlett: i don;t want to upgrade to 16.10 though10:41
=== al2o3-cr_ is now known as al2o3-cr
cotin__But now after 2 weeks it suddenly does not work.10:41
tatertotscotin__: the hole/plug possibly has sustained physical damage, and no evidence you have provided or steps you have take validate the opposite10:41
cfhowlettcobra-the-joker, and that would not because it is not sudo do-release-upgrade10:41
xcloudHi Hi everyone, so I recently added my first new user to Ubuntu Server 16.10 named "news", following this I manually created its own directory within /home/ as this wasn't added by the system. Is this normal?10:42
tatertotscotin__: ok my next questions for you will be in yes or no form...meaning restrict your answers to yes or no ONLY10:42
cobra-the-jokercfhowlett: i got the same response10:42
cotin__Well my it recognizes in sound setting when i plug in the jack and changes from Speakers to headphones.10:42
cotin__And even shows sound playing.10:42
tatertotscotin__: Do the headphones work when booted to livecd/liveusb? yes or not or say "i don't know"10:43
cotin__i dont' know.10:43
tatertotscotin__: go find out10:43
cotin__Ok ill be back tatertots10:44
xcloudWould have naming my new user "news" created the issue of not having a system created user directory within /home/ ?10:47
tatertotsxcloud: no10:48
inraEriC^^ I get this error with "ecryptfs-recover-private": paste.ubuntu.com/2384505010:49
xcloudI just created another user, and received a message stating " Creating home directory `/home/username"10:49
xcloudnow when I debugged ssh as I was able to find that the new user called "news" had a home directory in /var/spool/10:51
inraah, I might have found the way to solve it10:51
xcloudwhy would the system create it there?10:51
cobra-the-jokerSooo , guys i really need help here http://pastebin.com/ysTMFYAg10:53
inraEriC^^ accessed! thank you very much!!!10:53
inraEriC^^ when this error comes with "ecryptfs-recover-private": paste.ubuntu.com/23845050, the solution is to add the exact location of .Private, like "sudo ecryptfs-recover-private media/ubuntu/myusb/home/.ecryptfs/sourcefoldername/.Private"..then it detected the private folder instantly10:55
xcloudtatertots: I think Ubuntu already has a user named 'news' by default :/10:57
ppfso, this is more a generic linux question: in my program i have to map some device memory, which obviously requires root priviledges10:57
ppfhowever, i don't want to run my program as root10:57
ppfwhat options do i have here?10:57
cotintatertots im back. And headphones works perfectly in LiveUSB.10:58
ppfi can obviously run the program as root, map the memory, drop priviledges and fork. is there a nicer way though?10:58
tatertotscotin: good eal10:59
tatertotscotin: good deal10:59
cotinSo its an easy fix then? :D11:00
tatertotscotin: you have determined the symptom is isolated to the installed operating system11:00
gde33I think https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-software/+bug/1573206 doesn't open .deb packages but if I right click the package and pick "open with ubuntu software center" it does want to install it. Is this a bad idea?11:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1573408 in gnome-software (Ubuntu Xenial) "duplicate for #1573206 GNOME Software does not install third-party .deb packages" [High,Fix released]11:00
gde33it doesn't seem to make progress11:01
gde33As suggested for google earth I did:11:03
gde33sudo apt-get install libc6-i386 libglib2.0-0:i386 libsm6:i386 \libglu1-mesa:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libxext6:i386 \libxrender1:i386 libx11-6:i386 libfontconfig1:i386 lsb-core11:03
gde33hummm the desktop is a mess now "Sorry, Ubuntu 16.04 has experenced an internal error."11:05
=== unknown_- is now known as unk
EriC^^inra: great!11:12
gde33is anyone here using google earth?11:16
cfhowlettgde33, "anyone..." questions and polls do not belong in this channel.  for actual assistance structure your question with YOUR issues and YOUR specifications11:16
popeygde33: i take it you have seen http://askubuntu.com/questions/764827/unable-to-install-google-earth-on-ubuntu-16-04-64bit  ?11:17
cfhowlettfor reference: https://inkscape.org/media/cms_page_media/56/ask-smart-questions.pdf11:17
gde33cfhowlett: I'm not very experienced should I try install it or just wait for .deb packages to open in gnome software center?11:20
cfhowlettgde33, installing from the terminal will give more information11:21
gde33I tried sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts first, now I'm looking at an eula with <Ok> under it but I cant click it and using the keyboard doesn't seem to have an effect (enter, Y, O, space)11:22
EriC^^gde33: try tab11:22
gde33ah tnx11:23
gde33download failed -.-11:23
gde33Failed to fetch https://netix.dl.sourceforge.net/project/corefonts/the fonts/final/andale32.exe  Protocol "http" not supported or disabled in libcurl11:24
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
gde33I believe I'm getting a nag screen for these fonts every [i dont know] days, it always fails (now I see why)11:25
popeygde33: that's bug 165645111:28
ubottubug 1607535 in msttcorefonts (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1656451 ttf-mscorefonts-installer 3.4+nmu1ubuntu2 fails to install core fonts" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160753511:28
denarasHello, would you able to help to resolve pg_toast error ?11:28
denarasselect count(*) from products m where chk(m);11:28
denarasERROR:  unexpected chunk number 1 (expected 0) for toast value 3209533 in pg_toast_1728911:28
popeyok, bug 160753511:28
ubottubug 1607535 in msttcorefonts (Ubuntu) "ttf-mscorefonts-installer 3.4+nmu1ubuntu2 fails to install core fonts" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160753511:28
elias_aI was just about to ask about ttf-mscorefonts-installer -bug. :)11:29
gde33ill just try google earth in a few months, maybe it will be click install by then :P thanks for the help11:29
denarasCan anyone help me to fix it ERROR:  unexpected chunk number 1 (expected 0) for toast value 3209533 in pg_toast_1728911:40
BluesKajHiyas folks11:40
denarasOr at least suggest what next steps I should to look and perform11:41
cfhowlett!details | denaras11:41
ubottudenaras: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.11:41
Ben64denaras: missing context11:41
denarasWe have some sort of database corruption11:42
denarasHappned after we turned replication11:42
cfhowlettvague questions >>> vague answers11:42
denarascreate function chk(anyelement) returns boolean language plpgsql as $f$ declare t text; begin t := $1; return false; exception when others then return true; end; $f$; select count(*) from products m where chk(m);11:42
denarasERROR:  unexpected chunk number 1 (expected 0) for toast value 3209533 in pg_toast_1728911:42
denarasI'm trying to run the query above11:43
jimmyarwhy doo i get canonical here? in duckduckgo search?11:43
jimmyarwhenever i search anything i do ge that ? why is that11:43
jimmyari want to get rid of it?11:43
Ben64jimmyar: then don't type it11:43
MonkeyDustjimmyar  it's not Canonical, the enterprise ... canonical means 'normal, mainstream' etc11:44
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
jimmyarMonkeyDust: it means i am on ubuntu and wont get it on other os?11:44
EriC^^jimmyar: i think it means the type of search is canonical11:45
MonkeyDustjimmyar  not sure, i guess it's a ddg thing11:45
EriC^^could be wrong11:45
Ben64jimmyar: https://duck.co/help/privacy/t11:45
soee!kernel xenial11:53
soeewhat is the current kernel version in xenial?11:53
brunch875I have the feeling the ubuntu repos are slow to update11:54
brunch875will it change anything with snaps?11:54
popeysoee: 4.4.0-59-generic is what my xenial laptop has12:01
popeysoee: 4.4.0-59-generic is what my xenial laptop has12:02
TigerfyHow do I join diffrent channel?12:03
EriC^^Tigerfy: /join #channel12:03
TigerfyI want to connect to irc.rizon.net12:04
EriC^^Tigerfy: which irc client are you using?12:04
TigerfyXCHAT-Gnome irc chat12:04
Tigerfywhat should I use+12:04
EriC^^/server irc.rizon.net12:04
amin HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.4.0-59-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "xenial" 16.04 ** CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1.42GHz ** RAM: Physical: 7.7GiB, 75.6% free ** Disk: Total: 688.5GiB, 33.3% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH ** Ethernet: 645 NetLink BCM57785 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe ** Uptime: 6h 5m 7s **12:06
gebbioneis anyone using their webcam thought their browsers (chrome, firefox) on 16.04 ? My webcome works but not in the browser with hangout or any other apps on it12:15
popeyi do12:15
popeyuse it in chrome12:15
UltraWelfareHello :)12:16
UltraWelfareCan someone help me with like a huge problem?12:16
popey!ask | UltraWelfare12:16
ubottuUltraWelfare: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:16
MonkeyDustUltraWelfare  let's here it, in one line12:17
UltraWelfareOkay so, I've have a gpu named "Radeon HD 5850 Xtreme 1GB" from sapphire..I tried to install Ubuntu 16.04 and when it opens I can see the login screen everything is fine, I enter my password then I can see the Unity Desktop but its completely frozen. I can only move the mouse and open another TTY Terminal. Reinstalling ubuntu desktop and installing unity (from TTY) did not help... I tried to downgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 but its wors12:18
UltraWelfare(I run out of words so I continue here), it just shows a bunch of glitchy boxes and loops with a black screen. I tried installing fglrx with no luck it says that I have some libchees installed and I cant install them12:19
UltraWelfareWhat do i do ?12:19
gebbioneUltraWelfare, i had a similar problem. Let me see if I find all the options I went through12:20
gebbioneUltraWelfare, as per previous sentence I had a similar issue. X was not starting at all cause I had nomodeset in my grub and that was blocking radeon drivers from loading. Also check your modprobe drivers settings. More details are here http://askubuntu.com/questions/809930/ubuntu-14-04-to-16-04-radeon-hd-5770-but-basic-display-functionality-does-not-wo/811217#81121712:23
UltraWelfaregebbione, is that for ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04?12:24
UltraWelfareI'll have to re-install then12:24
UltraWelfareBecause i am at 14.0412:25
gebbioneregardless check ur modprobe12:25
coffeeguyhi how do you set up a public key in ubuntu?12:26
UltraWelfarewhat should I do with the modprobe?12:26
ppfUltraWelfare: check out .xsession-errors12:26
ppfnot with modprobe, obviously12:26
UltraWelfareGo to /etc/modprobe.d?12:27
ppfUltraWelfare: no, in your home12:27
UltraWelfareI'll reboot to see what happens12:27
UltraWelfareAnd will come back12:27
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oh2gbaHello, can anybody help me with a ipv6 problem?13:01
tekisuiam trying to do this13:03
tekisuibut doesn´t seem to work13:03
tekisuihow i enable glamor with x.org13:03
tekisuion 16.04 ??13:03
MonkeyDust alan__ it works, we see you, use ##test, not this channel13:07
tekisuihow i enable glamor with x.org ??13:09
tekisuiit should make things run smoother i guess13:10
chrmhoffmannis there an wordpress ppa?13:12
chrmhoffmannubuntu security updates don't seem to update wordpress13:12
k1ldoesnt wordpress offer an own update service?13:13
chrmhoffmannwell, if it's installed through ubuntu packages it shouldnt touch it13:14
deadbitThank you.13:18
MonkeyDustdeadbit  yw13:18
k1lchrmhoffmann: afaik they dont really offer patches but just ship new version of wordpress. so i would recommend to use their install13:19
chrmhoffmannit's a joke that ubuntu packages wordpress but doesn't track their security stuff13:19
k1lchrmhoffmann: its in universe repo. you can offer your help to support that community package repo a better way.13:20
chrmhoffmannah it's in universe13:20
chrmhoffmannok - so I take back my complaints13:20
k1l!info wordpress | xenial13:20
ubottuxenial: wordpress (source: wordpress): weblog manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.6.1+dfsg-1 (yakkety), package size 3709 kB, installed size 18366 kB13:20
deadbitI'm trying to run a command for networkmanager.state13:21
deadbit"/var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state" but i'm not getting the state information.13:22
ericusHi! Is there any way to speed up RDP connections from Ubuntu to a Windows machine? I'm using Remmina as client, it's very slow and laggy..13:22
deadbitDoes this work in Ubuntu?13:22
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chudeadbit: If I cat the file, there's some information. But I don't know if it's what you're after.13:24
deadbitwhat is the syntax?13:25
chucat /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state13:25
deadbitright.... sometimes it's jus tthat simple13:25
deadbiti'm over thinking this13:25
deadbitdoes it give a output like main::NetEnable=true:Wireless=True:WWAN=True?13:26
chuThat's what I have13:28
deadbityep that's what i need13:28
deadbitok thanks13:28
ultrawelHello i am back13:28
ultrawelI am ultra welfare, connected from my android13:29
ultrawelSo I just installe ubuntu 16.04 still the same provlem with desktop freeze and on grub thwre is no nomodeset13:30
ultrawelWhat do I do now ..?13:30
cfhowlettultrawel, read the nomodeset instructions and use them.13:31
cfhowlett!grub | ultrawel13:31
ubottuultrawel: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:31
ultrawelNo i asked a question brfore13:31
ultrawelThey tlld me what to do and it didnt fix13:31
ultrawelokay so13:31
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:31
EriC^^ultrawel: did you put nomodeset?13:31
ultrawelSome guy told me to check thst there isnt any nomodeset13:32
k1lultrawel: you need to manually set that nomodeset to try it with that.13:32
ultrawelBecause my sesktop freezes after login13:32
k1lultrawel: you need to add it manually13:32
ultrawelAMD GPU here...ok will try13:32
k1lultrawel: please see the link from the bot, that is a howto which includes the "one time" explanation to put it into grub.13:33
neilduganhi does anyone know why a "mount" on a nfs drive takes forever to happen13:33
jattnetwork down13:34
Dreamanultrawel amd gpu is13:35
ultrawelHd5850 xtreme 1gb sapphire13:35
ultrawelNomodeset works ,desktop is functional13:35
ultrawelBut the res is low13:35
Dreamanultrawel i use 483013:36
neilduganjatt, the network is up, I can ping the server, the nfs-kernel-server is installed, the directory is in /etc/fstab13:36
Dreamanfree driver is good13:36
ultrawelI just insralled 16.0413:36
ultrawelAnd its just not working13:36
Dreamanultrawel i use 17.04 alpha13:37
ultrawelNomodeset has a res of 1400x1050 my screen is 1920x108013:37
Dreamanold card13:37
ultrawelBefore 1-2 yeads13:37
ultrawelI was usinf Ubuntu just fine13:37
Dreamaninstall 16.04 lts and use free driver13:38
ultrawelHow do I use the free driver13:38
ultrawelIsnt it on by default..?13:38
ultrawelDoesnt worm13:38
ultrawelDesktop hangs after login13:38
Dreamani dont now13:39
Dreamanhttp://prikachi.com/images.php?images/162/9024162o.png   ultrawel13:41
Dreamansee my13:41
jonahHi can anyone please help I can't start mysql. I get this error: I get "apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" name="/sys/devices/system/node/" pid=4418 comm="mysqld" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=102 ouid=013:43
jonahand similar ones13:43
jonahany help really appreciated13:43
deadbitjonah, where are you trying to start it from?13:45
jonahdeadbit: just from shell/terminal13:45
deadbitis it configured to run automatically or are you going from the she...13:45
jonahdeadbit: yes should start on boot but fails13:45
deadbitdid you update ubuntu?13:48
neilduganhi does anyone know why a "mount" on a nfs drive takes forever to happen... I can ping the server, the server has nfs-kernel-server install and /etc/exports setup ... the client and nfs-common install and /etc/fstab setup ... but when I try to do the mount it never happens.13:48
deadbitcan you pastebin the  /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld file?13:49
deadbitwell pinging only means that icmp echo is enabled. generally you can assume that traffic is open between both points.13:49
deadbitit's more of a blind link-state status13:50
deadbitneildugan, those last two where meant for you.13:50
jonahdeadbit: that's weird it has come back up. it seems it is down to my var dir getting full !13:50
deadbitjonah can you pastebin the  /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld file?13:50
jonahdeadbit: so I ran out of disk space13:50
deadbitah... wow.13:50
deadbitlol - like i previously said - sometimes it's just that simple13:50
jonahdeadbit: do you know how I can find out what filled /var/ ?13:51
deadbitthat's a good question.13:51
neildugandeadbit, why mysqld?13:53
deadbitneildugan, no. the mysqld is for jonah.13:53
deadbithahaha i need to place names before i post on threads.13:53
deadbitjonah, here is al ink for "Favorite commands to find what's filling up file systems"13:54
jonahdeadbit: looks like the mysql log folder!!13:55
enoch85_hey guys, something very strange happened to me yesterday. I re-installed my laptop with Ubuntu 16.04 (Kernel 4.8 and new Wifi-driver) and suddenly I can't reach one specific subnet in my LAN, I can't even ping it, though I can ping the other subnets just as usual and I can also ping the domain name (it's a server) Where should I start looking for errors?13:55
enoch85_I just tried to ping from a Windows computer and that works, but not from mine13:56
deadbitthis might be basic. but make sure you can ping the loopback13:58
deadbitping is basically a blind/link-state status.13:58
deadbitenoch85_, were you able to do the loopback address?14:00
deadbitor ping loopback14:00
enoch85_deadbit, seems like I tried it all...14:00
enoch85_sec will try14:00
enoch85_yup, it works14:00
deadbitwhat does ifconfig tell you for your interface configuration14:00
enoch85_will post some stats14:00
deadbitjonah, hey that's great! you found what's filling up your /var. yeah would make sense - those db.logs getting quite large.14:01
ks479hey guys, does anyone knows how to completely disable mouse accel on ubuntu?14:01
ks479i tried modifing the xorg config but it dosent work after reboot14:02
enoch85_deadbit, https://hastebin.com/oqiyogewev.pl14:03
deadbitbe careful on clearing your logs, you can damage the tables14:03
deadbitjonah, read up on this link, which shows the syntax for flush. http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/flush.html14:03
deadbitit will give you the syntax for the flush command and clearing the logs out.14:03
deadbitks479, are you disabling the mouse accel because your gaming?14:04
ks479deadbit, yeah14:04
ks479some games dosent allow raw mouse imput14:04
deadbitks479, yeah i figured... what you playing? are you using play on linux?14:04
enoch85_deadbit, https://hastebin.com/omololalid.rb14:05
deadbitenoch85_, i'm reading through the output now.14:05
ks479i have about 80 games on steam, 50 of those run on linux, for some games like skyrim, i have to use playonlinux14:05
enoch85_deadbit, thanks!14:05
ultrawelDesktop frozen14:06
ultrawelCannot connect to brl14:06
deadbitenoch85_, oh wow you got the dev build dell xps 13 with ubuntu14:06
ks479i mostly play csgo and tf214:06
deadbitnice! how do you like it? i was just thinking about buying one. literally last night!14:06
general_unspeciftrying to install mysql-server is going abysmally, is mysql a reputed headache in ubuntu?14:06
enoch85_deadbit, I can ping from the firewall14:06
enoch85_deadbit, yes :)14:06
deadbiti had the dell mini with ubuntu 8.1014:06
deadbitks479, are you having trouble with csgo?14:07
zapotahbug with snmpd init script when running lxc containers on the host14:07
deadbitalso, are you using play on linux?14:07
enoch85_deadbit, actually it's a windows 10 Dell that I installed Ubuntu on, but it's nice. worth the money!14:07
ubottuDebian bug 815142 in snmpd "snmpd: dose not start snmpd when LXC containers (running snmpd process inside it) exists" [Normal,Open]14:07
deadbitenoch85_, how does it support the ubuntu OS? any problems with drivers?14:07
zapotahapplies to ubuntu package as well14:07
ks479deadbit, im having trouble disabling mouse acceleration14:07
enoch85_deadbit, running the latest kernel (4.8) with the latest broadcom drivers, it works nice, no errors execpt this strange error14:08
deadbitks479, yes I know.. i'm sorry. I was asking enoch85_ if he had any problems with loading ubuntu on the dell xps 1314:08
enoch85_deadbit, I ran 4.4 before and didn't have this issue though14:08
deadbitso it sounds like you are trying to ping a windows machine on a domain?14:08
jonahdeadbit: ah sorry still having a lot of problems14:08
enoch85_deadbit, UEFI and everything14:09
jonahdeadbit: var is still full even with the logs gone14:09
ks479i will just use xset m 00 whenever i boot14:09
jonahdeadbit: it looks like it is down to ibdata1 file in mysql folder!!14:09
jonahdeadbit: it is massive and fills the partition but not sure what I can do14:10
deadbitks479, you said you opened the ...mouse..accel.conf file?14:10
deadbittry this ks479 http://www.webupd8.org/2016/08/how-to-completely-disable-mouse.html14:10
deadbitit's a link to disable acceleration for linux machines14:10
enoch85_deadbit, I'm trying to ping (LAN address to a VLAN on my server)14:11
deadbitok your server is running hyperv?14:11
ks479thats exactly what i tried, it dosent really work14:11
enoch85_deadbit, I have 10 other VLANS and it's just the network that doesn't respond, though it works when I try from another PC (my wifes windows laptop)14:12
deadbitwhat is the vswitch configured to? private? external, internal?14:12
enoch85_deadbit, hmm let me check14:12
deadbitok ks479 you did try that...14:12
enoch85_deadbit, oh, btw, have no switch14:12
deadbitjonah, looks like this is a mysql issue14:12
ks479whenever my pc wakes up the mouse acceleration is back on14:12
enoch85_it's one physical interface nic that handles all the VLANs, and it worked before, but not since I upgraded to the 4.8 kernel14:13
enoch85_which is very strange14:13
enoch85_it should be the opposite14:13
deadbitnot necessarily a problem with you ubuntu OS. probably might be a good idea to flush your logs or look at truncating your db...although those options are best left to a professional db admin. not to say you are not - but if done incorreclty they can/will damage your db.14:13
deadbitjonah, i'd recommend asking in #mysql14:14
enoch85_deadbit, I tried to restart the firewall, server, datastore (FreeNAS), laptop, and it still doesn't work, though I'm starting to belive it's a firmware issue becuase it works from other PCs... deadbit14:15
deadbitit's a weird one for sure.14:15
jonahdeadbit: ok tryng that thanks14:15
deadbiti'm trying to see if google has any threads on anyone else with your build that might have this problem14:15
deadbitjonah, you're welcome14:15
enoch85_deadbit, I tried to allow * (everything) to my XPS13 and did the same with my wifes laptop. RESULT: my wifes laptop can ping, but not my xps 1314:16
enoch85_and they are both connected to the same AP14:16
deadbityeah but pinging is just icmp echo14:16
deadbittry to see if you can hit shares on the server14:17
enoch85_deadbit, tried SSH as well, but it times out14:17
deadbityou have smb/samba enabled right?14:17
enoch85_deadbit, I can reach the domain but not the internal IP14:17
enoch85_deadbit, I also tried VPN ( and it doesn't work either14:18
deadbitdo you have subnet isolation other than the vlan traffic?14:18
enoch85_deadbit, so something is up with this PC14:18
ultrawelAny expert here ? Desktops hangs after login14:18
enoch85_xps 1314:18
enoch85_deadbit, subnet isaolation?14:18
deadbitby design that's what vlans are - they are segregated broadcast domains14:18
deadbityeah on some firewalls - you can isolate the traffic14:18
enoch85_yeah, I can't reach another subnet if I don't allow it14:18
enoch85_but my XPS13 is allowed to everything in the network14:19
deadbitwhat firewall are you using?14:19
enoch85_no rules are changed14:19
ultrawelAnyone help me with desktops login freeze ?14:19
enoch85_and it worked before I upgraded linux-generic-firmware, kernel and wifi driver14:20
deadbitultrawel, just ask. dn't ask to ask14:20
ultrawelIt hangs14:20
deadbitJust put your question out there.14:20
ultrawelDesktops hangs after login14:20
ultrawelWhat do I do14:20
deadbitultrawel, Yes that's understood. Did you make changes?14:20
ultrawelFresh installation14:20
enoch85_deadbit, theese are the firmware I used: https://cloud.techandme.se/s/uxI8k2yDQ92zX4h14:20
deadbitultrawel, Well - I would go to google and start looking for an answer.14:20
ultrawelI did14:20
ultrawelI tried every solution14:21
enoch85_on Ubuntu 16.0414:21
deadbitYou're probably not getting much help because - it would be obvious to find most the help you need online.14:21
deadbitultrawel, i'm sure it feels like you did, and i'm not trying to berate you or belittle you. but i don't think you can literally try "every" solution.14:21
ultrawelI ttied moving tje cache folder14:21
ultrawelI tried reinstalling desktop and unity14:22
ultrawelI tried chown14:22
ultrawelI tried removing some config folders14:22
deadbitenoch85_, i'd be intrested in knowing what you learn to be the issue. i'm very sorry i have to go14:22
ultrawelNomodeset works but low resolution14:22
ultrawelRemoving quiet splash didnt work14:22
deadbiti've added you as a friend on my list. please include me on your friends list if possible. may i pm you?14:22
enoch85_deadbit, thanks anyway :)14:22
ultrawelUpgrading kernel didnt work14:22
ultrawelMe ?14:23
ultrawelIf you are asking me ,you can pm me14:23
deadbitalright thanks14:24
deadbitchu, thanks again.14:24
deadbiti appreciate you understanding.14:25
ultrawelIrc crashed14:26
NitrigaurWhat would you recommend as a shared filesystem which can be readily written to by both linux and Windows and more robust than FAT32?14:29
juacadoI-m going to try ext14:30
NitrigaurNTFS writes by linux still cause errors in my experience.14:30
Nitrigaursurveyor, ^14:30
ppfNitrigaur: no they don't14:30
dontknowi agree unfortunately ntfs is the best option14:31
juacadoHi, I'm using Ubuntu on a MacBook Pro 13" from 2015 and the Apple bluetooth mouse won't pair, I tried all tips that I could find but no luck14:32
juacadoHas anybody here succeeded with this?14:32
Nitrigaurppf, it happened more than once that my system crashed while an NTFS share was mounted and it was unrecoverable by both linux and Windows, without any physical damage to the disk...14:33
ppfso why do you blame linux for that :D14:33
dontknowNitrigaur, i bet you are using rolling distro14:34
Nitrigaurppf, that's why I am wary to use NTFS as shared system. Mind you when Windows crashed with mounted NTFS it could still recover from that. That happened on multiple occasions. Granted that was on 14.04.14:34
dontknowbleeding edge14:34
ppfthose are ... entirely unrelated things14:35
Nitrigaurdontknow, no I'm not, strictly LTS when it comes to linux14:35
ppfntfs on linux has been stable for years now14:35
chokiHello, can I set umask for a directory only?14:35
ppfthere's no drawback in using it, and it's undoubtedly the best option if you want  to share disk space with windows and linux14:35
Nitrigaurppf, I'll try again, hoping I fare better this time. And to be fair to dontknow, I am using Ubuntu LTS atm, but I'm planning to triple-boot between Ubuntu, Arch (rolling release) and Windows14:37
Nitrigaurppf, and I am not trying to blame anything, I just state the experience I've had so far. And I have been running Linux since 1997.14:39
Nitrigaurdontknow, ppf, surveyor, thank you for your imput. I will risk it on NTFS once again...14:40
NitrigaurAfter all, the shared files are just a copy from the originals on both systems.14:41
joeel84You guys play Steam games?14:53
joeel84lots of RocketLeague lately for me14:54
enoch85deadbit: solved it14:54
enoch85it was my vmnet that had the same subnet, changed it and now it works14:54
RootBuntootso anything coolio happening here14:57
joeel84Are any of you guys running the AMDGPU drivers?  Are they ready for gaming?15:03
RootBuntootAnyone else find out recently that discord has a linux version now. Also I used to use amd gpu with my linux gaming rig15:03
RootBuntootI can see if there are drivers for your card what is it?15:04
RootBuntootif you look up "amd drivers linux" on google15:04
surveyoryeah discord runs quite well!15:04
RootBuntootlinux download center should be the first link15:05
RootBuntootit has a list of series and their oses and drivers15:05
RootBuntootthats the link to it15:05
neilduganhow do I install mencoder?15:06
RootBuntootare you trying to install mplayer?15:07
neilduganRootBuntoot, I have mplayer,  I need mencoder15:07
RootBuntootwhat os?15:08
RootBuntootI want to asume ubuntu but I need to make sure15:08
BluesKajsudo apt install mencoder15:08
cimbakahnCan i uninstall gnome-keyring completely and safely?15:08
neilduganBluesKaj, I allready tried that,  it returns "E: Package 'mencoder' has no installation candidate"15:09
RootBuntootwhat os version15:09
RootBuntoottype uname -rv15:09
BluesKajneildugan, which ubuntu?15:09
neilduganBluesKaj, 4.2.0-42-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 28 21:26:26 UTC 201615:10
ramikilanyhello guys15:10
ramikilanyhow to ad onedrive to my ubuntu?15:10
joeel84I'm currently running FGLRX on 14.04; but I'm wondering if AMDGPU will/does perform better15:11
joeel84I'm really only concerned with getting the best framerates15:11
RootBuntootthe mencoder guy type lsb_release -a15:11
joeel84The benchmarks I've seen make FGLRX still look faster15:12
BluesKajneildugan, lsb_release -a15:12
RootBuntootit will show the specific version of ubuntu that you have15:12
neilduganRootBuntoot, BluesKaj, 15.1015:12
RootBuntootdid you run sudo apt-get update recently15:13
dontknowjoeel84, check phoronix.com15:14
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) was the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 28th, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/wily15:14
BluesKaj!eol | neildugan15:14
ubottuneildugan: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:14
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neilduganRootBuntoot, BluesKaj, oh!15:15
RootBuntootneildugan have you ran apt-get update recently15:15
neilduganRootBuntoot, BluesKaj, I will try to upgrading to a newer version15:15
BluesKajRootBuntoot, that won't work15:15
RootBuntootit will at least update packages15:16
neilduganRootBuntoot, BluesKaj, after the update I still get the same error.. I will try to update the version to next release.15:17
RootBuntoothold on a sec15:17
BluesKajneildugan, yes you'll have to upgrade to 16.0415:17
RootBuntootits not in 15.1015:17
joeel84@dontknow thank you!15:18
BluesKajhis sources are no longer accessible15:18
neilduganRootBuntoot, BluesKaj, do-release-upgrade ... "No new release found"15:19
minimecneildugan: In your case you first have to read this... ;) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:19
BluesKajneildugan, I have a command that might work , but it's chancy15:20
RootBuntootneildugan This is how to do it from GUI https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/upgrade15:21
minimecneildugan: Short... you first have to change the sources to 'old-releases.ubuntu.com/' in /etc/apt/sources.list. Then do the last available updates. Afterwards you should be prompted to upgrade to the 16.04 release.15:22
dominik_can someone help me?15:24
dominik_When i try to connect to my UbuntuMate - raspberry pi 3 with vnc it does not show desktop15:25
BluesKajneildugan, check PM15:26
jonahhi can anyone please help. I'm trying to use system-config-lvm from a live CD but when I open it up there are no drives, volume groups or partitions shown... Just an empty window15:26
chullgood morning :)  i realize im asking in #ubuntu - but maybe you know .. my husband has problems with his ubuntu 16.04 and LibreOffice - they updated from LO 4 to LO 5 and now it says his files don't exist .. and they are there, i looked in terminal .. so is 5 looking in a new place for files?15:32
kerberos-leon-94list -YES15:33
jattchull: do15:34
jattlowrite path_to_file15:34
jattdoes it open it15:34
chulljatt we are in the opening recover window. i had him uninstall and reinstal LO ..15:35
chullhe has files to recover/open but its listing them as Untitled Untitled 1 etc15:36
minimecchull: Check the 'paths' settings in >Tools>Options...15:37
chullminimec, oh i forgot the good part. Ubuntu doesn't show anything in the Toolbar for LO15:37
jattchull: sure but you can try to open the file from the command line15:37
chulljatt ok15:38
cotinAnyone know a way to use an android tablet as a second screen on ubuntu 16.04 ?15:39
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=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
minimecchull: If you don't see the menu (text), first try to set the default desktop theme again in 'unity-tweak-tool'.15:39
=== kerberos-leon-94 is now known as kerberosleon
chulljatt, its not opening. minimec other applications have the tool bar15:44
chullit didn't help to click restore defaults15:44
minimecchull: I remeber having had the same problem. LibreOffice is not a GTK application, that's wjy you have the problem. You might be able to get the 'Tool'-menu with <alt>t.15:46
chullminimec, doesn't seem to.15:47
chullnice idea though ill keep it :)15:47
minimecchull: https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/70263/toolbar-text-missing/15:48
chullminimec, it goes to this bug, but you just told us that LO is not a GTK app https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bamf/+bug/153222615:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1532226 in bamf (Ubuntu) "No menu bar in gtk apps on fresh boot" [Critical,Fix released]15:53
groundze1ohello there15:55
groundze1oanyone active here?15:58
neildugangroundze1o, you haven't asked a question!15:58
minimecchull: As far as I remember, it's related to the 'theme' Are you using the default theme? You can change that in the 'settings' app, or install the 'unity-tweak-tool'. The tweak tool is not installed as deafult application, I think.15:58
minimecchull: Unity default theme...15:58
groundze1oare you from Montreal neildugan ?15:59
neildugangroundze1o, no! why would you think I am?15:59
groundze1oneildugan: i whoised you16:00
chalcedonyhe has the unity tweak tool16:00
BluesKajgroundze1o, au is aussie16:01
chalcedonyhe had a darker theme and switched to a lighter one now.. i like darker16:01
groundze1oi am using irc in a terminal16:02
groundze1okind of funny16:02
BluesKajgroundze1o, his irc server is in Montreal16:03
groundze1oto have a 1300$ machine with 4k resolution to play around in terminal16:03
chalcedonygroundze1o, lots of irc programs for terminal - the pros use them16:03
groundze1ochalcedony: why would pros use a terminal instead of a gui with more capabilities?16:04
groundze1othe irssi thing i am using now, can not scroll up..so i can't see old messages16:04
chalcedonyyou can do more with it than you think - look at 'screen' with irssi or weechat?16:04
groundze1ooh..just pressed on "page up/down" i can scroll..well..now i am happy16:05
chullminimec, or anyone would you feel safe downloading this? a guy in #libreoffice said its the latest and greatest https://websetnet.com/libreoffice-5-2-ppa-ready-ubuntu-16-04-ubuntu-14-04/16:10
minimecchull: I personally try to avoid ppa's. And I am not sure that this solves the 'menu problem'.16:12
chalcedonyminimec, i see. ok that answers that16:13
chalcedonyminimec, so this is a ubuntu issue, and we need to wait for someone to solve it?16:16
chalcedonyit definitely affects LibreOffice.. which really does not work atm16:18
minimecchalcedony: As far as I remember, there is nothing to solve. It has to do with your desktop theme not beeing 100% compatible.16:18
chalcedonythere is more wrong though, libre office's popup windows don't work16:19
chalcedonyand it cant find his files16:19
chullObject not accessible The object cannot be accessed due to inisufficient user rights16:22
chullplus all those unidentified files that he is sure he saved16:22
minimecchull: Maybe try to rename tho libreoffice configuration folder to 'libreoffice-backup'. See '/home/<user name>/.config/libreoffice'... https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/UserProfile#GNU.2FLinux16:23
chullminimec, ooh ok that might16:24
chullthank you a lot16:24
tom__393I'm a green hand16:25
tom__393who can tell me how to use this system?16:25
smeertargh annoying16:28
smeertinstalled a package with dpkg16:28
smeerttested it and want to reinstall it. but im not sure i can reistall it16:29
smeertat least it snot running. what to do?16:29
=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
PianoSkullshey guys, i'm in a boot loop and I tried a lot of solutions, none are working16:37
PianoSkullsnow i just want to access my user files from the guest session to back them up before reinstalling16:38
PianoSkullshow do i access another user's files from the guest session?16:39
=== evan is now known as Guest16186
minimecPianoSkulls: How can you bee in a boot loop, when you can start a guest session?16:45
PianoSkullsnot a boot loop16:45
PianoSkullslogin loop16:45
minimecPianoSkulls: What version of ubuntu are you running?16:45
PianoSkullsi just want access to my files? how is it done?16:46
ioriaPianoSkulls, open a console (ctrl+alt+f1 (or f2))16:47
PianoSkullsthen what16:47
ioriaPianoSkulls, try to login16:48
minimecPianoSkulls: ok. Can you switch to a console '<ctrl><alt>f1' and login with the account you normally use? Check ich you have a .Xauthority file. If that is the case 'mv .Xauthority .Xauthority-old'. Then logout and <alt>f7 to get the GUi login screen again.16:48
PianoSkullsalready done when I was trying to fix the login loop, but no solution worked, so I give up. I just want my files back so I can reinstall16:49
ioriaPianoSkulls, you mean you can't login via console  ?16:49
PianoSkullsoh I can login alright16:49
Nitrigaurhow can I prevent recent file indexing in dash for certain directories?16:50
PianoSkullsthere just isnt a .Xauthority file16:50
PianoSkullsit doesnt exist16:50
ioriaPianoSkulls,  ls -al ~/.Xauthority16:50
ioriaPianoSkulls,  its hidden16:50
minimecPianoSkulls: You could simply rename the 'home/<youruserY folder' to <youruser-backup>. The next time you login, a new <youruser> folder will be created, and you can copy the files you need back from <youruser-backup>.16:51
NitrigaurPianoSkulls, all files starting with a dot '.' are hidden by default16:51
ioriaPianoSkulls,  the output please16:51
PianoSkullsit says: ls cannot access '/home/username/.Xauthority": No such file16:52
ioriaPianoSkulls,  lspci -k | grep VGA -A 2| grep driver16:53
=== Menzador is now known as Guest44012
PianoSkullsKernel driver in use: i91516:55
ioriaPianoSkulls,  is your home encrypted ?16:56
ioriaPianoSkulls,  if you run 'ls' can you see your files and folders ?16:56
SpaceBasshey friends - I've got a brand new 16.10 install on a apple iMac. It installs fine, then I set up LDAP authentication and a few other normal packages and it doesn't survive a reboot. I get stuck on 'login service failed to start'16:57
PianoSkullsyes I see my files16:57
ioriaPianoSkulls,  try   sudo service lightdm restart    if it fails come back to the console16:58
dozyI am wondering if anyone here can help me16:58
PianoSkullsdidn't work16:59
dozyI am trying to install an xfce applet but while ./compile I am running into an error16:59
PianoSkullsback to console16:59
ZeZuSpaceBass,  alt+F1 gets you to root console?16:59
ioriaPianoSkulls,   cat ~/.xsession-errors | nc termbin.com 999916:59
dozychecking for ORBit-2.0 >= 2.12.5... not found16:59
SpaceBassZeZu, let me try again (i tried but maybe didn't get it right)16:59
dozybut when I 'sudo apt-get install ORBit-2.0'17:00
dozyNote, selecting 'liborbit-2-0' for regex 'ORBit-2.0'17:00
dozyliborbit-2-0 is already the newest version (1:2.14.19-1build1).17:00
ioriaPianoSkulls,   it'll give you an url, paste it here please17:00
SpaceBassZeZu, any of the alternate consoles just show a blinking _17:00
ZeZuSpaceBass,  yea idk about the new imacs if you're using the default keyboard alt might be something else ... i always replace it so ...17:00
dozyI have found a "guide" on how to install ORBit-2.0 but I can't figure it out as I am bad at this level of Linux config17:01
PianoSkulls.xsesion-error: no such file17:01
SpaceBassZeZu, indeed... it's alt+fn+f1 apparently17:01
ZeZuSpaceBass, you're not logged in only the single user console would be active17:01
ZeZuTo get that far into the boot process it should be up17:02
SpaceBassZeZu, yeah, seems things are totally hung with all the networking services failed17:02
PianoSkullsioria, .xsesion-error: no such file17:02
SpaceBasswill try again to get into recovery mode17:02
ioriaPianoSkulls,   ls -al ~ | nc termbin.com 999917:02
ioriaPianoSkulls,   errors not error17:03
ZeZuvery weird, you must have tied the main user to network'd auth lol ... recovery mode should be single user / root so yea that should work too17:03
ioriaPianoSkulls,   you are encrypted17:06
PianoSkullshow did it happen?17:06
ioriaPianoSkulls,   why you said you were not17:06
PianoSkullsI didn't think I was17:06
ioriaPianoSkulls,   did you change your password ?17:07
ioriaPianoSkulls,   from command line ??????17:07
ioriaPianoSkulls,  never change passwd on encryption from cli17:08
ioriaPianoSkulls,  use always gui17:08
PianoSkullswell now I know17:08
PianoSkullsthanks for the heads up.17:08
PianoSkullsis there a fix for this?17:08
ioriaPianoSkulls,  it nullified the function itself of encryption ...17:09
ioriaPianoSkulls,  idk really, mount manually and try to unwrap17:09
PianoSkullsioria, so you're saying i'm in this mess because I changed the password?17:11
ioriaPianoSkulls,  yes17:11
ioriaPianoSkulls,  try this but personally never tried (http://askubuntu.com/questions/281491/cant-log-in-after-password-change-ecryptfs) and could make the things worse, in  alternative try this http://www.howtogeek.com/116297/how-to-recover-an-encrypted-home-directory-on-ubuntu/17:13
nuxmuncherHello, trying to figure out if my dvd drive is defective or needs tweaking... running ubuntu 16.0417:14
nuxmuncheralready tried many tutorials and workarounds but no luck17:15
PianoSkullsioria,  thank you for the help, i'll try that. You helped a lot, I didn't know my user was encrypted17:15
ioriaPianoSkulls,  no problem, good luck17:15
Nitrigaurnuxmuncher what errror messages do you get that lead you to believe that you optical drive is malfunctioning?17:19
Nitrigaurnuxmuncher what errror messages do you get that lead you to believe that your optical drive is malfunctioning?17:19
Nitrigaur^ still a typo, but I think that the message is clear enough...17:20
nuxmuncher'open disc' from vlc yields:  Playback failure:17:20
nuxmuncherDVDRead could not open the disc "/dev/sr0".17:20
nuxmuncherYour input can't be opened:17:20
nuxmuncherVLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///dev/sr0'. Check the log for details.17:20
Nitrigaurnuxmuncher, 1. how many optical drives do you have? 2. Are you trying to play a retail DVD video?17:21
nuxmunchercd icon does not appear in side menu.. with or with dvd inserted17:21
nuxmuncheri want to be able to play dvd .. or rip with handbrake.   No luck with either17:22
Nitrigaurnuxmuncher, does the light indicating that it is trying to read from disc light up?17:22
tatertotshow come people never check the log when their error message literally says "see log for DETAILS"17:22
haakonnhi, recently i lose networking each time my laptop wakes up from suspend. turns out it comes back if i restart NetworkManager. is this a known issue? i'm on xenial17:22
MonkeyDusthaakonn  wifi or cable?17:22
nuxmuncherjerks & starts & whirs then stops17:22
haakonnMonkeyDust:  wiki, haven't checked cable17:23
nuxmuncherive tried most tutorials I've googled.. no luck17:23
nuxmuncheronly one internal optical drive17:24
Nitrigaurnuxmuncher, please give me the URL you get when typing lsblk | nc termbin.com 999917:24
PianoSkullsioria, are you here?17:26
PianoSkullsI FIXED IT17:26
ioriaPianoSkulls,  yes17:26
=== Nicmavr is now known as Guest68376
ioriaPianoSkulls,  good17:26
PianoSkullsall i had to do was change the password back to what it was originaly17:26
PianoSkullsnow i can log in fine17:27
Nitrigaurnuxmuncher, thx, I do see a sr0 device, so that looks good. Do you have a data DVD handy (without any copy protection) and if so, does that mount normally?17:27
nuxmuncherit never mounted so far... how do you know / see sr0 ?  I feel jostled right now17:29
NitrigaurIt can be an install DVD or a backup that you made earlier, does not matter really. Some DVD's are copy-protected in such ways that your optical drive won't be able to mount it without extra software,17:29
=== Guest68376 is now known as Kestrel-029
nuxmuncherit's a store bought dvd so I don't know17:29
Nitrigaurnuxmuncher, please don't feel jostled. There is no reason to. It simply states on the last line of your pastebin: sr0     11:0    1  1024M  0 rom17:30
nuxmuncherplease.. how did you see sr0 device?  are you controlling part of my computer?17:30
nuxmuncherok i guess.  i've inserted the dvd17:31
Nitrigaurnuxmuncher, I don't have any access to your computer, no worries :-)17:31
nuxmuncherok, that's reassuring... what exactly did "..f47k" convey to you?17:33
DaveTaboolaHi all!17:34
Nitrigaurnuxmuncher, please give me the URL you get when typing tail -n 20 dmesg | nc termbin.com 999917:34
Nitrigaurnuxmuncher, the URL that you provided, told me that your system did detect a block device called sr017:35
DaveTaboolahopefully i'll find the answer here (i couldnt solve it using stuff ive found so far). does anyone know how i can change the audio jacks "roles" somehow the  front only serve as speaker out while i want it to be mic plug (chnage back to front and vice versa) :\17:36
Nitrigaurnuxmuncher, Sorry, I forgot a pipe here, this is the correct command: dmesg | tail -n 20 | nc termbin.com 999917:36
BluesKajsr0 is usually a cd/dvdrom drive17:37
Nitrigauryes indeed.17:37
ohnxignacio: hi17:38
=== Str8Edge is now known as RivalStr8Edge
nuxmuncherdon't get URL.. I get: tail: cannot open 'dmesg' for reading: No such file or directory17:39
nuxmuncherUse netcat.17:39
Nitrigaurnuxmuncher, I've been called upon to make the evening dinner. I have to leave you for now. I hope you will find the cause of this. The most likely cause is that you miss the software to decrypt the DVD before you can mount it and view the movie you'd like to see.17:39
nuxmuncher... sorry just saw 2nd message17:40
nuxmuncherok..thanks.. as i've said.. followed many tutorials and already ran 'dmesg' commands without luck.. at any rate: happy diner17:41
nuxmunchercan anyone else help me with diagnosing dvd drive problems?17:42
nuxmuncheron ubuntu 16.o4 LTS?17:42
=== myth is now known as Guest96735
Nitrigaurnuxmuncher, thank you and good luck solving your DVD issue. It is most likely a case of copy protection. If decss is legal in your parts of the world, you might want to install it, but there is meta-package that handles all the dependencies.17:42
NitrigaurOK, I really have to go now, I see some impatient faces staring at me ;-)17:43
ericus_Hi! Any way to speed up RDP connections from Ubuntu to Windows? It's really slow..17:44
nuxmuncher.. like I said.. I just don't want to buy another dvd drive just to find out that I didn't properly tweak the dvd drive I already have...17:49
nuxmunchercan anyone help?17:49
eelstrebornuxmuncher, there's a lot of stuff on the web that'll help you with playing dvd's - if that doesn't help you probably have a bad dvd player17:50
eelstreborgotta make sure you get all the appropriate packages installed17:50
nuxmuncherthat's what I suspect but find it troubling that there's no actual program that'll tell me "broke" or "not broke"17:51
nuxmuncheri totally don't mind getting another dvd drive17:52
nuxmuncheri've seen that page... doesn't help17:52
eelstrebori haven't priced dvd drives laely but they're probably no expensive17:52
eelstreborcan you try playing the dvd in another computer or regular dvd player?17:53
nuxmuncherdoes anyone know how to test whether a dvd drive is broken or not?17:56
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=== _7 is now known as Menzador
nuxmuncheris there another channel geared for dvd support?17:58
CrazyTuxhello, are debian based distros generally better than rpm based distros?17:59
DJonesCrazyTux: Its personal preference, Ubuntu is based on Debian, so most people here would prefer that.  If you want general advice, I'd suggest joining ##linux and asking there18:00
randomguy1997CrazyTux: Debian has more packages as compared to rpm18:00
CrazyTuxrandomguy1997, yeah. I was looking for that kind of info.18:01
DragginGood evening!18:04
CrazyTuxgood evening, Draggin..18:05
DragginHiya CrazyTux :)18:05
=== stav is now known as nuxmuncher
DragginI have a very quick and short question - trying to help a friend troubleshoot a little issue on her Ubuntu machine. What is the actual command that gets executed when one clicks the Ubuntu Software icon in Unity? Her mouse cursor indicates that something is happening, but Ubuntu Software never opens up. So I want to tell her to run it from the terminal so I can get an indication as to what is going wrong.18:06
DragginBut - "software-center" seems to be an older version of Ubuntu Software? Or am I missing something. I'm struggling to find this information online.18:06
Draggin(I've obviously not used standard Ubuntu in a very long time - I switched to Kubuntu on higher-end machines and Lubuntu on lower-end machines very long ago :) )18:07
=== stav is now known as nuxmuncher
xanguaDraggin: run and show the output of: sudo apt update18:08
Dragginxangua, I had her do an update and dist-upgrade, which seemingly completed without any errors (difficult for me to say for sure though, as I'm troubleshooting remotely)18:09
DragginBut after completing both and a reboot, the issue still hadn't gone away18:09
nuxmuncherHi can anyone help me with dvd drive problems?18:09
nuxmuncherwon't recognize any dvd I put in there18:10
nuxmuncher...actually, it recognizes audio discs, but not dvd movies...18:12
nuxmuncherany advice?18:12
nuxmuncherany love?18:12
xangua!Dvd | nuxmuncher18:13
ubottunuxmuncher: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats18:13
Dragginnuxmuncher, sounds like you need to install and configure libdvdcss18:14
nuxmuncheri've done this with no luck18:14
nuxmuncherdone most all tutorials on internet18:15
nuxmuncherdrive works cuz I just ripped music to my hard drive18:15
nuxmuncher.. frustrated18:16
nuxmuncheri've got libdvdcss2 actually... might that be the problem?18:17
=== ken is now known as Guest26590
Dragginnuxmuncher, it's been a while since I've done this. I was under the impression that most Ubuntu distros/flavours nowadays come with it all preinstalled. But - I believe libdvdcss2 is the thing you need...18:18
nuxmuncherI actually rarely use dvd drive.. but sometimes need to play or rip a dvd18:19
warrwillowHi, I've never used hex chat before. New Linux User. Need help installing dolphin. Where should I be to get help? THanks18:20
nuxmuncherI guess this means I gotta buy an external dvd drive for my (separate) mac mini box... most annoying when I know that I have a working18:21
nuxmuncherdvd drive18:21
The_DarkKnightHey guys18:21
The_DarkKnightLiterally the first time in my life I'm using18:21
warrwillowI followed the suggested prompts. I'm have a particular issue18:21
The_DarkKnightUbuntu. Don't know how to install PyCharm18:21
The_DarkKnightCan anyone guide me? :)18:21
DJoneswarrwillow: Just use the version in the repositories, sudo apt-get install dolphon or use your package manager/Ubuntu software/Synaptic etc18:22
The_DarkKnightGood link18:23
warrwillowIDK how that's different than what I've already tried to do. I didn't know if I could give details here.18:23
The_DarkKnightDoes UMake come built-in with Ubuntu?18:23
xanguaThe_DarkKnight: Ubuntu mate is one of official Ubuntu flavors18:23
The_DarkKnightI'm talking about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-make18:24
xanguaThe_DarkKnight: oh sorry, yes it should18:25
The_DarkKnightIt didn't18:25
warrwillowin usr/share/ I didn't have dolphin.desktop when I tried to set it as default I only had dolphinpart.desktop and it was not in "applications" but another folder. I uninstalled then reinstalled several times after removing all directories to start fresh. In the command line I'm at "setting up rake (10.5.0-2)... Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.23-0ubuntu5)... then it asks for an input18:25
The_DarkKnightI'm using Terminal to install it.18:25
nuxmunchergentlemen: SHOTS FIRED... can't play a dvd movie on ubuntu... can someone help or am I in the wrong forum?18:27
The_DarkKnightYo so18:28
Zborgmy touchpad will often stop working for a few seconds every so often but then start working again, any idea what the problem is?18:28
The_DarkKnightI'm getting this error: prntscr.com/dyxh0m18:28
The_DarkKnightI've installed Umake18:28
The_DarkKnightbut when I try to install pycharm I get that?18:28
=== chappie-san2 is now known as Chappie-san
The_DarkKnightit's working18:30
warrwillowso no? ...18:30
The_DarkKnightSo quick question.18:32
The_DarkKnightIs there a reason why Ubuntu is preferred over Windows by some devs?18:32
The_DarkKnightI feel like Windows has all the apps Ubuntu has and more.18:32
oh2gbaDarkKnight, fully depends on what you're developing :)18:33
oh2gbakinda difficult to dev a linux app on w..18:33
CrazyTuxhow is user18:33
CrazyTuxuser's privacy handled in Ubuntu?18:34
The_DarkKnightIt's not18:34
oh2gbain what way do you mean Tux?18:34
Zborgnvm it's working but I can't enable the rc.local service18:34
CrazyTuxread somewhere that Ubuntu might have some spyware in it.18:34
oh2gba"somewhere" ?18:34
oh2gbaall code is open, free to have a look if you liek.18:35
The_DarkKnightThat's the problem18:35
DragginCrazyTux, perhaps I'm biased, but that sounds like total nonsense. Ubuntu is open source, so would be very hard for spyware to just slip through without anybody noticing... Source of your information?18:35
The_DarkKnightEveryone thinks it's out in the open that nobody actually has a look18:35
The_DarkKnightIt's like that example of having an emergency in public18:36
The_DarkKnightEveryone thinks someone else will do it18:36
DragginThe_DarkKnight, all of the developers working together on it will have a look.18:36
CrazyTuxI am just a beginner in Linux and to Open source community. Moreover, I'm just an end user. All these things are new to me.18:36
PianoSkullsis it safe to use fslint?18:37
PianoSkullsis it dangerous18:37
The_DarkKnightOR IS IT18:37
oh2gbaUbuntu uses the information about searches to show the user ads to buy various things from Amazon. Amazon commits many wrongs; by promoting Amazon, Canonical contributes to them. However, the ads are not the core of the problem. The main issue is the spying. Canonical says it does not tell Amazon who searched for what. However, it is just as bad for Canonical to collect your personal information as it would have been for Amazon18:37
oh2gbato collect it. Ubuntu surveillance is not anonymous.18:37
oh2gbathat you can actually disable if you like.18:37
k1lPianoSkulls: it depends on what you delete after/with using fslint18:38
DragginGosh, oh2gba - I was actually unaware of this... o_O18:38
CrazyTuxI am using Xubuntu. Is that issue present in Xubuntu also?18:39
PianoSkullsk1l, only dupes and temps18:39
PianoSkullsmaybe redundant whitespace18:39
k1lCrazyTux: ubuntu doesnt have spyware in it.  the thing that was made the scandal as spyware, is a search bar that is named to online and local search. i guess you dont call firefox spyware because it searches online.18:40
PianoSkullswhat's better? Fslint or bleachbit?18:41
tatertotsthe term or phrase "better" AND "best" are both "subjective" terms18:41
nuxmuncheri get that playing dvd's in ubuntu is 'illegal' but I'm guessing most/all of you have/do it... but reluctant to assist me in same...18:42
nuxmunchercan you at least point me to somewhere where I can get help18:42
PianoSkullstatertots,  which one is safer18:42
nuxmuncherfeeling sad and ignored here18:42
k1lPianoSkulls: automatic removes are never safe18:42
myth_When will hybrid graphics issue be solved ?18:43
PianoSkullstatertots, i just want to clean the system from useless junk18:43
k1lPianoSkulls: and there is not that need to clean the system as it is on windows.18:43
tatertotsPianoSkulls: safe is also subjective...it's "safe" for a fish to stay under water for 4 hours without additional equipment....for a human...not so much18:43
k1l!dvd | nuxmuncher18:44
ubottunuxmuncher: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats18:44
PianoSkullstatertots, technicalities and specifics lol18:44
neilduganjust upgraded to 16.04 and the laptop now has no sound :-( ... I get a list of devices with "aplay -l" ... but the sound config shows no output devices18:45
k1lnuxmuncher: that linked page tells you what to do.18:45
The_DarkKnightYo guys18:45
love3I love you all18:45
nuxmuncherdone it.18:45
love3Hey what's up18:45
nuxmunchert work18:45
k1lnuxmuncher: what doesnt work exactly?18:46
The_DarkKnightDoes this command automatically start running Guest Additions? "sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso"18:46
nuxmuncherdrive plays music cd's but not dvd's (yes it's a dvd drive)18:46
k1lnuxmuncher: so what ubuntu is it exactly?18:47
k1lnuxmuncher: is libdvd-pkg installed?18:47
The_DarkKnightDoes this command automatically start running Guest Additions? "sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso"18:47
k1ldid it download and install libdvdcss?18:47
Zborgnow how do you enable rc.local?18:48
myth_Does anyone here have hybrid graphics (Intel/Nvidia GeForce) and is able switch in between the Intel and Nvidia card without problems ?18:49
nuxmunchercan play audio cd with rythymbox or vlc without any issue18:50
k1lmyth_: did you install the nvidia driver offered on the system-settings -> software and updates?18:50
nuxmuncherbut movie dvd not even recognized18:50
k1lnuxmuncher: that is not related to libdvdcss. so did it install properly?18:51
nuxmuncherhow can I prove this to you?18:51
myth_Yes I did and it doesn't work well with the Intel card, it works with the Nvidia card only18:51
nuxmuncheri have libdvdcss2 anyway18:51
myth_anytime I switch to the intel card I get many xserver bugs18:51
k1lnuxmuncher: if its installed there are still some DVDs with DRM, that are not supported by libdvdcss and linux.18:52
nuxmuncherhow can I spot these dvd's?18:52
k1lnuxmuncher: i dont know. maybe look if others got issues with playing that dvd on linux18:54
cokeheadi got issues18:54
ikoniawin 119:03
denarasIs this command would be good to check if current database from backup does not have any corruption pg_dumpall > /dev/null 2> dump.err  ?19:12
nuxmunchercan u suggest another 'flavor' where this works 'out of the box' i think i heard linux mint was good... any other suggestions?19:13
nuxmuncherblowz my mind that I can't play a dvd movie in ubuntu :(19:14
BluesKajnuxmuncher, install vlc19:17
tatertotshe's already tried vlc19:17
iorianuxmuncher, have you tried other dvds ? and what player are you using ?19:17
tatertotshe only has a single dvd disc to try it sounds like19:17
nuxmunchervlc and rythymbox play audio cds no problem19:17
tatertotswhich could be a single point of failure19:18
nuxmuncherbut dvds not even recognized19:18
tatertotsnuxmuncher: sudo apt install inxi19:18
tatertotsnuxmuncher: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit19:18
BluesKajhow old is this machine nuxmuncher?19:18
iorianuxmuncher, could be a codec issue, or regionset issue ... and try the default player Videos (totem)19:19
nuxmuncherbought 2013 but it's top notch... 32gig ram19:19
tatertotsnuxmuncher: just hollar at me once install is completed, or if you'd rather keep doing what you've been doing the last hour or so ..have at it19:19
nuxmuncherinstalled inxi.. now what19:19
manish hey remota19:19
tatertotsnuxmuncher: you need pastebinit also...that's why i appended it19:20
nuxmunchertried regionset tweak.. din't work19:20
zolHow can I get virtualenv to use my zsh prompt? Whenever I activate a virtualenv it gives me a blank prompt.19:20
nuxmunchercomplete tatertots19:20
tatertotsnuxmuncher:  inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebinit19:20
tatertotsnuxmuncher: share url/link here19:21
tatertotsnuxmuncher: once you complete that step successfully i'll issue you a new instruction19:21
nuxmuncherdone pastebinit..19:21
manishis there any alternative for aircrack-ng19:21
tatertotsnuxmuncher:  inxi -Ddx|pastebinit19:22
tatertotsnuxmuncher: share url/link here19:22
manishthat would work for wpa2 connections?19:22
iorianuxmuncher, dpkg -l  ubuntu-restricted-extras19:23
tatertotsnuxmuncher: try that last one again...it looks ugly and not right19:23
tatertotsnuxmuncher:  inxi -Ddx|pastebinit19:24
REMOTAhow are you?19:25
REMOTAcan i add bots here?19:25
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest29504
REMOTAin other channel19:25
Guest29504any slackware users here?19:25
gandbarelПривет. Есть кто по русски разговаривает?19:26
PianoSkullsgandbarel, are u the only russian here?19:26
tatertotsnuxmuncher: that looks hideous...shouldn't look that way..something is up19:27
gandbareli don't no19:27
nuxmuncherioria... it's version 65.. if that helps19:27
PianoSkullsgandbarel, btw I'm not russian, just curious19:27
nuxmuncheramd64 arch19:27
gandbarelБля русские есть?????19:27
k1l!ru | gandbarel19:28
ubottugandbarel: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:28
iorianuxmuncher, ls /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh19:28
nuxmuncherhideous is possible... i have been trying to repair this for hours... probably messed up alot of stuff19:28
PianoSkullsgandbarel was that some russian slang? google couldn't translate it19:28
PianoSkullsat least i dont think it did it right19:29
nuxmuncherioria: stav@scrmr:~$ ls /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh19:29
nuxmuncherls: cannot access '/usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh': No such file or directory19:29
ioria!info  libdvdread4 xenial19:30
ubottulibdvdread4 (source: libdvdread): library for reading DVDs. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.0.3-1 (xenial), package size 51 kB, installed size 164 kB19:30
Johnson1977what does this command do: cut -d: -f1 /etc/passwd19:31
nuxmunchertatertots.. I retrograded video cart to X.org thinking this would help... somehow had notion that something to do with ttf-mscorefonts bug that kept popping up19:31
iorianuxmuncher, the manual suggests, for xenial, libdvd-pkg , libdvdread4 is for previous version .... but it's in the repo ... we could try19:31
nuxmuncher... tried alot of stuff19:31
MonkeyDustJohnson1977  it cuts out the first column of /etc/passwd-19:32
nuxmuncheralready installed libdvd-pkg... doesn't help19:32
Johnson1977mmm now would that be used19:32
iorianuxmuncher, yeah, you might need a manual install of ttf but not sure it's related19:32
=== avis is now known as Guest50061
MonkeyDustJohnson1977  do you need it for something?19:33
Johnson1977I just saw that command was run, dont know who or why19:33
nuxmunchertatertots... are u gonna leave me at 'hideous'... makes me feel cheap19:33
iorianuxmuncher,  sudo apt install libdvdread419:33
MonkeyDustJohnson1977  run where?19:33
Johnson1977on my machine19:33
Johnson1977on my server19:34
MonkeyDustJohnson1977  start from the beginning, what brings you here19:34
allardhi people19:34
nuxmuncherlibdvdread4 is already the newest version (5.0.3-1).19:34
Johnson1977what does this command do: cut -d: -f1 /etc/passwd19:34
Johnson1977and why would that be run19:34
Johnson1977whats in the first collumn of /etc/passwd19:35
iorianuxmuncher, ls /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh   again please19:35
=== Guest50061 is now known as avis-
nuxmuncherstav@scrmr:~$ ls /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh19:35
nuxmuncherls: cannot access '/usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh': No such file or directory19:35
=== allard is now known as ramiz
tatertotsnuxmuncher: well it's not supposed to look ugly like that...look at mine compared to yours19:36
MonkeyDustJohnson1977  how many people have acces to your server19:36
Johnson1977only me...19:36
iorianuxmuncher,  have you rebooted since you installed  libdvd-pkg ?19:36
MonkeyDustJohnson1977  then there's something you're not telling, it doesnt make sense19:37
nuxmunchertatertots... don't know what u call ugly...19:37
nuxmuncherioria: ive rebooted since yes19:37
m1nevJohnson1977 why dont u test this command by yourself?19:37
tatertotsnuxmuncher: https://gist.github.com/3383cd91a9187701939b1eed52da35a919:37
manishhey..anyone who tried installing ubuntu touch on a samsung phone?19:38
MonkeyDust!touch | manish19:38
ubottumanish: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch19:38
iorianuxmuncher,  sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg19:38
tatertotsnuxmuncher: ah it's just ugly in the link19:39
tatertotsnuxmuncher: inxi -Ddx19:39
nuxmunchertatertots... im not a programmer ... calling that 'clean' or 'chinchilla' means the same to me19:39
manishubottu: i know.. none of the samsung phone is mentioned in the link19:40
ubottumanish: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:40
nuxmuncherioria: ive already tried that.. didnt help19:40
nuxmuncherlibdvd-pkg: guest package [libdvdcss2/1.4.0-1~local] is already installed.19:40
iorianuxmuncher,  vm ?19:41
nuxmunchertatertots: Drives:    HDD Total Size: 2250.5GB (23.2% used)19:41
nuxmuncher           ID-1: /dev/sda model: Samsung_SSD_840 size: 250.1GB temp: 0C19:41
nuxmuncher           ID-2: /dev/sdb model: WDC_WD1002FAEX size: 1000.2GB temp: 39C19:41
nuxmuncher           ID-3: /dev/sdc model: WDC_WD5002AALX size: 500.1GB temp: 37C19:41
nuxmuncher           ID-4: USB /dev/sdd model: FreeAgentDesktop size: 500.1GB temp: 0C19:41
nuxmuncher           Optical: /dev/sr0 model: ASUS DRW-24B1ST   a19:41
MonkeyDustnuxmuncher  next time, use a pastebin ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/19:42
iorianuxmuncher,  is that a virtual machine ?19:42
nuxmuncherioria no it is not a virtual machine19:43
nuxmuncherdvd drive is on box with ubuntu 16.04 lts installed on in19:43
manishubuntu 16.10 users?19:44
iorianuxmuncher, what happens when you insert the dvd ?19:45
nuxmuncherdrive spits and stirs and whirs.. but never appears in file manager19:45
nuxmuncherwhen I try to open from vlc it dont work19:45
EriC^^nuxmuncher: anything in "dmesg"19:46
gtxbbyou might need to be a member of a special group ("video" ?) in order to open the dvd19:46
=== JoshuaAC- is now known as JoshuaACasey
EriC^^maybe the group "cdrom" ?19:47
iorianuxmuncher, with the disk inside run 'sudo parted -l'    and see if /dev/sr0 shows up19:47
nuxmuncherdmesg gives me a crazy long string of code with alot of red text in it19:49
EriC^^nuxmuncher: try sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt19:49
inafkingHi there, can I ask a question about xorg.conf and radeon driver?19:49
EriC^^inafking: sure19:50
Bashing-ominafking: If it is ubuntu as the OS , sure ask away .19:51
nuxmuncherioria: /dev/sr0 does not show up19:51
iorianuxmuncher, ok... what dvd is that ?19:51
nuxmuncherASUS make19:51
nuxmuncher.. if that's what you're asking.19:51
iorianuxmuncher, i mean the disc ...19:51
nuxmuncherI've seen the specs befor19:51
nuxmuncheroh... it's purchased dvd video19:52
EriC^^nuxmuncher: try sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt19:52
nuxmuncherno spec's at all otherwise19:52
nuxmuncherwouldn't even know how to verify19:52
nuxmunchereric: mount: no medium found on /dev/sr019:53
inafkingWell, the thing is that I've the following xorg.conf19:53
inafkingAnd the Xorg.0.log complained that it didn't detect my card which is an AMDAPU BTW19:54
iorianuxmuncher, and no other disc available for testing ?19:54
inafkingXorg.0.log: http://pastebin.com/J13wCN8D19:54
EriC^^nuxmuncher: does the dvd work in another pc?19:55
jek404can anyone see me19:55
inafkingI could about the same settings on another PC but it had a Radeon HD 5450 and worked flawlessly19:56
EriC^^jek404: yes19:56
inafkingIt detected all my custom modelines19:56
Bashing-ominafking: reading, in the meantime .. what release is this ? As there is no proprietary drivers in 16.04+ .19:56
jek404ive had cannot send to channel errors19:56
inafkingOf course, it's 16.04 with the opensource radeon driver19:56
nuxmuncherioria:  i tried another dvd and yes it works.. i feel like a knob..19:57
EriC^^jek404: you might need to register your nick19:57
nuxmuncheri guess the dvd itself is borky19:57
nuxmunchersincere thanks to everyone here19:57
jek404I'm working on it but havent been able yet19:57
EriC^^nuxmuncher: could be it's not supported as k1l said, try on another operating system if you get the chance19:58
iorianuxmuncher, ok19:58
EriC^^jek404: /msg nickserv register <password> <email>19:58
inafkingwhoops, I read some post about a broken dvd but were directed to other people, LOL19:59
Bashing-ominafking: Let's back up and regroup ' booting " ro nomodeset " then the fall back driver ( mesa ??) will be used . What is the original issue you are attempting to resolve ? Can we not go back to defaults and see what the problems are ?20:00
inafkingWell, that's what's I was trying to avoid. Use the fallback driver, since I need to use custom modelines that emit in 15Khz for my CRT TV20:01
inafkingOnly the radeon driver supports 15Khz resolutions20:01
inafkingApart from the nvidia driver which I don't have an nvidia card20:01
BlueProtomanI have a laptop that runs both Ubuntu 16.10 and Windows 8.1.  Every time I boot up, my system time is always incorrect, regardless of which operating system.  It seems to be set about eight months in the past.  Why does this happen and what can I do about it?20:02
EriC^^BlueProtoman: set the hardware clock maybe20:02
yell0w_viperBlueProtoman: send stock tips to your past self.20:02
Bashing-ominafking: Well .. ya done jumped over my experience level . but for sure you will need to work out "nomodeset" to use the radeon driver .20:03
BlueProtomanyell0w_viper: Tried that, got angry letters from the SEC.  Gonna try telling my past self to bet on the election, though.20:03
BlueProtomanEriC^^: How, in the BIOS?20:03
EriC^^BlueProtoman: yes20:04
BlueProtomanEriC^^: Will do next time I boot up, thank you.20:05
BlueProtomanNew problem; my webcam doesn't work.  I tried several applications (though only on Linux, haven't tried Windows), but nothing recognizes my webcam.20:05
EriC^^BlueProtoman: i think you can do it from the terminal too with sudo hwclock --systohc20:05
EriC^^it sets the hardware clock to the system clock as per man page20:06
BlueProtomanEriC^^: Huh, fancy that.  Next time I boot I'll see if it had an effect, thanks!20:06
EriC^^BlueProtoman: no problem20:06
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Once the hardware clock is set .. as dual booting . ya might benefit : http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/05/time-differences-ubuntu-1604-windows-10/ .20:07
BlueProtomanBashing-om: I'll bet English people never have to deal with that problem20:07
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Wrong .. there .. as Windows wants to control the HWclock as local time .. and linux is UTC .20:08
BlueProtomanBashing-om: But UTC == GMT, right?20:08
BlueProtomanWell, I've been wrong before.20:09
BlueProtomanAnyway, webcam.  What do?20:09
Bashing-omBlueProtoman: Correct .. but Windows does the conversion to local rather then UTC . One has to give to the other to keep the time correct on the respective systems .20:10
EriC^^BlueProtoman: seems it's the same but with minor differences20:10
anis_MOV : ANIS20:12
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chris___bsh scrpts?20:17
ioriachris___, https://www.shellcheck.net/20:18
=== Khaotic_ is now known as Khaotic
mikeypizanohello, does anyone know how to fix the battery charge monitor applete? mine shows an empty battery (percentage works but batter icon is empty( http://i.imgur.com/gsud9V8.png20:24
=== tJS is now known as t_JS
chris___ACE needs dev setup, or stand-alone ...20:30
miczacHi, is there an extra channel for ufw?20:35
NanakixHello, is someone available for troobleshooting backlight on a laptop?20:35
Bashing-om!alis | miczac20:37
ubottumiczac: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"20:37
chris___(mikeypizano) go into xfce or lxde for system.prefs icons and switch loader with clean loader20:41
chris___(mikeypizano) https://www.freshports.org/sanity_test_failures.php20:41
chris___(mikeypizano) http://rpm.pbone.net/index.php3/stat/21/year/2016/month/01/day/2420:42
chris___(mikeypizano) ... also check systempreferences , app settings should be in there, it's an RPM20:43
math-alphahi guys i have issues dual booting windows  and ubuntu20:45
ramikilanycan i have a GUI on ubuntu server?20:45
bekksramikilany: Sure.20:45
ramikilanyhow may i?20:46
chris___re-install gnome-desktop on top20:46
k1lramikilany: where is the server located?20:46
bekksramikilany: by installing the desktop environment of  your choice.20:46
math-alphachris__ you mean hi guys i have issues dual booting windows  and ubuntu ??20:46
k1lramikilany: usually you dont run GUI on a server. since you connect through the web/ssh and dont want it to consume the ressources for gui.20:47
PianoSkullsi'm trying to keep a folder always at the top of the list with a symbol before the name like in windows but when I do it, the folder goes to the bottom20:47
chris___reqs, gnome editor, and new gnome320:48
chris___hi bk20:48
EriC^^PianoSkulls: try adding a number at the top like 0020:52
ramikilanysorry guys back20:54
ramikilanyhow do i connect through web/ssh and what i can get through the web interface?20:55
ShutterBCugh I ran into a huge snag with iscsi mount. Looking for a workaround for this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/156992520:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1569925 in systemd (Ubuntu) "Shutdown hang on 16.04 with iscsi targets" [High,Confirmed]20:55
k1lramikilany: usually one manages a server through ssh. you run "ssh user@serverip" on you terminal and then you manage the server with that20:55
bekksramikilany: either you connect by web OR by ssh.20:55
bekksramikilany: For connecting via web, you need to setup a webserver.20:56
ShutterBCI feel like helping with some other questions for a few minutes to get my mind off of the fact I really need to learn systemd :)20:56
ramikilanyi will tell what i am doing, i work in a hospital and trying to migrate my servers and desktops from Microsoft to ubuntu20:57
ramikilanyand you know MS as a server are easy to handle20:57
=== apocolipse_ is now known as apocolipse
ramikilanyactive directories, OU, file system...20:57
bekksramikilany: We know thats a lie. :)20:57
ramikilanybekks: why!20:58
bekksramikilany: So do you actually want a centralized webbased management solution for your Ubuntu servers?20:59
ramikilanyin the new suite of MS21:00
bekksramikilany: MS is irrelevant to this channel.21:00
ramikilanythey are doing a lot of stuff through powershell21:00
bekksramikilany: Which isnt of initerest in here.21:01
ramikilanyso why i don't go as CLI to the more powerful linux21:01
bekksramikilany: So just use SSH to administer your linux servers.21:01
ramikilanyi am trying to find here how i can kick MS and go to ubuntu21:01
bekksInsert an Ubuntu CD, install it.21:02
k1lramikilany: install the ubuntu server. manage that through ssh from your terminal.21:02
ramikilanyand what is the alternative for the file server?21:02
bekksramikilany: a cifs file server.21:03
bekksramikilany: called "samba".21:03
ramikilanyand i already know that LDAP is the alternative for the OU correct?21:03
bekksramikilany: There are several full blown solutions out there. One of them is Zentyal.21:04
ramikilanyit more easy to manage and also powerful as ubuntu server?21:04
ramikilanyis it*21:05
ShutterBCramikilany, I think you need to assess the business function of the servers you want to migrate first21:05
bekksramikilany: It is an Ubuntu server.21:06
ramikilanyvery good21:06
ramikilanyi need a file server and active directory management for the users and groups21:06
bekksramikilany: I addition to what ShutterBC said, you need to learn how to use/replace an AD with a samba PDC, too.21:06
bekksramikilany: After you successfully migrated from AD to samba PDC, you need to learn how to migrate your fileserver(s).21:07
ShutterBCBeing at a hospital, I can't imagine you have unlimited budget, but keep in mind your maintenance overhead. I would say that it's probably worth trying a migration if you've got some time and a lab set up21:07
ramikilanyok dear bekks21:07
ramikilanyi got some now shutterBC21:08
ramikilanyand i am trying this due to 2 things21:09
ramikilanythe first is ubuntu is more stable than MS21:09
ramikilanyand free21:09
=== asdfasdf is now known as Barones
ShutterBCramikilany, are the workstations going to be converted over too? Do you guys use Exchange? Heavy use of GPO?21:11
ShutterBCFor the record, I do a lot of work with Windows security but at home run Linux equivalents. I'll tell you that I'm too lazy to forklift a heavily customized AD environment, but I might if I were paid. :)21:12
ramikilanyyes already switch 5 workstations to ubuntu and every thing goes good but they hardly working on libreoffice21:12
ramikilanyas exchange i use kerio connect21:12
bekksramikilany: Which HCIS system do you use?21:13
ramikilanylocal developed21:13
ramikilanyon foxpro21:13
bekksramikilany: I bet Foxpro doesnt run on anything else but MS.21:14
rawfodogHello, I am using an ubuntu machine for a webserver. When I save the file I am working on in windows, in order to run the file I have to chmod the file. I have to do this over and over again it is very annoying. Is this a chown issue?21:14
ramikilanyand about the gpo not medium use21:14
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
EriC^^rawfodog: no it's from the fact that ntfs doesn't save permissions that linux uses21:15
ramikilanyas we are shutterbc we will not get paid21:15
rawfodogok thanks EriC^^. The ubuntu machine is sharing its file system, not windows. How do I fix this problem?21:16
EriC^^rawfodog: windows must be overwriting it then i guess21:16
EriC^^rawfodog: you can't do much but chown it everytime or just run it using the script language21:17
ramikilanyyes indeed bekks21:17
bekksramikilany: So you cannot migrate at all.21:17
ramikilanyso i will install it on a virtual machine21:17
bekksramikilany: and you will still need to pay the windows licenses.21:18
bekksramikilany: So basically its not worth the effort.21:18
EriC^^rawfodog: like bash /path/to/file21:19
ramikilanyit worth for the next 100 workstations and MS office21:19
ramikilanyit about 300$ each21:19
bekksramikilany: And for every workstation of them using your HCIS, you will need a Windows license, too.21:19
rawfodogEriC^^, I am merely using ./script.sh. I should "bash script.sh" ?21:20
rawfodogah, it worked :)21:20
ramikilanyin my case no, i tried something and went good21:20
rawfodogTHanks EriC^^21:20
EriC^^rawfodog: run "head -1 script.sh" and see the shebang line with #!21:20
bekksramikilany: In every case. When you install Windows in a VM, you need a license, for not breaking the licensing agreement.21:20
ramikilanysomething like xenapp21:20
chris___secure shell script first is a good way to go ... mk sure you keep the source offline!21:20
ShutterBCregarding Foxpro you might get lucky: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=29621:21
bekksramikilany: And XenApp costs a LOT more than your plain Windows.21:21
ShutterBCStill, your chances of something breaking are high21:21
chris___just use citrix old client21:21
bekkschris___: Which isnt supported anymore, at all.21:21
ramikilanyi had 1 old windows license and i tried built in role like xenapp21:21
ramikilanyand worked well21:22
bekksramikilany: there is no XenApp builtin role in Windows.21:22
ramikilanyand for the workstations i just open a web link21:22
chris___well, u can still get it21:22
ramikilanyit is like xenapp21:22
ramikilanyin windows it is cold remote session21:22
chris___kind of ... but less stable and old21:22
bekksramikilany: You are talking about the Remote Desktop Server, which needs to be licensed too.21:22
ShutterBCare you talking about the remote desktop connections to a server?21:22
bekksShutterBC: Yes, he is.21:22
ShutterBCTo get more than 2 simultaneous users, you need to license it21:23
bekksramikilany: You need to license that, too.21:23
ramikilanybut 1 license goes for 50 users21:23
chris___I've never done it in ubuntu21:23
bekksramikilany: No? :)21:23
ramikilanytry it21:23
ramikilanyi tried21:23
ShutterBCramikilany, you tried 50 concurrent sessions?21:23
ramikilanyuntil now up to 27 users21:24
ramikilanytomorrow i will continue21:24
ShutterBCYeah you can create as many user accounts as you want. just good luck when trying to connect all at once21:24
bekksramikilany: So you need 27 User-CALs or 27 Device-CALs.21:24
bekksramikilany: But you need to license them.21:24
ShutterBCNow since I don't know what license you purchased, I can't say for sure what your situation is.21:24
ShutterBC^^ what bekks said21:25
ramikilanytomorrow i will tell you what kind of license i have21:25
bekksramikilany: It will work - for 120 days. Until the activation time is over.21:25
ShutterBCBest of luck to you. :D21:25
chris___config rdc server and client21:26
bekkschris___: For configuring the RDS, you need to license it :P21:26
bekkschris___: Or you cant use it, after the activation time is over :)21:26
ramikilanyf*** MS :D21:26
ShutterBCFor all this talk of migrating to Ubuntu from Windows, I'm actually pretty sure I'm going to do this on my work machine again. So long as guest OS 3D acceleration doesn't suck too badly21:27
ramikilanyas you can turn your face you must pay money21:27
ShutterBCYep -- you are paying for "convenience"21:27
ShutterBCHey I have to say, I respect RDP a lot. Usually it's pretty good. When I need to stand up servers though, I really don't want nor need the overhead.21:28
ramikilanythe RDP is very good solution and the resource sharing over it is very good21:29
ramikilanylately i know that MS bought the RDP from citrix21:31
ramikilanyi don't know if is it correct21:31
NitrigaurSounds plausible21:31
bekksramikilany: you still need to license it :)21:31
budderhey guys I was wondering how exaclty I run the command to disable the graphical boot screen? it is workaround A https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/BlankScreen21:31
ramikilanyi know my friend :(21:32
budderI am new to linux. how am i supposed to run that command if I cannot even boot into ubuntu?21:32
bekks!nomodeset | budder21:33
ubottubudder: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:33
Nitrigaurbudder, from within the bootloader, you can type c to enter a command-line environment based on busybox. Or e to edit the current boot command21:33
brotherBoxinstead and i have no idea what is happening. i tried without a .vimrc and in the virtual terminal thing, to the same effect21:34
brotherBoxdoes anyone have any idea why this is happening? i use ubuntu 16.1021:34
budderNitrigaur: so do i basically just hit C to bring up the CLI and then literally just paste "    set gfxpayload=text " in it?21:35
k1lbudder: i would first try the "nomodeset" "one time boot" solution from the howto the bot linked21:36
Nitrigaurbudder, no, that would be [e] (the 'e' key on your keyboard)21:36
brotherBoxhi guys, i have a strange issue. when i open vim on a terminal and press r (for replace), it displays ">[2 q" instead and i have no idea what is happening21:36
budderkilltheliterate: i am reading that guide now and trying to understand it21:36
budderNitrigaur: okay, so I just hit "e" on boot and then paste that command?21:37
brotherBoxit does that with vim and neovim, in terminal and ctrl-alt-f1 mode21:37
brotherBoxso i believe it has to do with my distro21:37
Ben64brotherBox: what are you trying to do21:37
Nitrigaurbudder, after hitting 'e' you can edit the line and add it to the existing one, just as the linked article from the always helpful ubottu mentioned.21:38
brotherBoxBen64: im trying to use the r key in vim/nvim but it replaces the key on display with something else21:38
Ben64brotherBox: no no, what are you trying to actually accomplish21:38
brotherBoxBen64: using vim like i am used to, thats all it is. I am outlining a problem that i notice, give the things i tried to narrow down the source and ask for a solution or ideas21:39
Ben64well if you can't answer this simple question, i can't help you21:39
brotherBoxi dont know how my response doesnt answer your question, i try to use vim to edit a document and notice strange behaviour21:40
brotherBoxwhat part of this is mysterious to you21:40
Ben64because i keep asking you what you're trying to accomplish and you keep dodging the question21:40
budderNitrigaur: nowhere in the guide does it mention the "set gfxpayload=text" command that is on the troubleshooting blank screen wiki page I initially linked21:41
leddGot a quick question. How do I create a keyboard shortcut in Ubuntu to autorename all .mp3 files in the current directory of Nautilus ("Files") to 0001.mp3, 0002.mp3, 0003.mp3, etc...?21:41
brotherBoxim trying to fix the screen display glitch21:41
brainwashbrotherBox: wrong TERM? did you maybe mess around with cursor appearance?21:41
brainwashbrotherBox: also, I would suggest asking in #vim21:42
Nitrigaurbrotherbox, are you trying to replace text? Sound like you are working with a keyboard layout that vim won't understand. (Maybe Dvorak instead of Qwerty? )21:42
MonkeyDustledd  create an alias for  for-next loop, then assign a keyboard key to that alias21:42
brotherBoxbrainwash: i didnt change configurations and use the same terminal software as i did before the glitch started to appear21:43
brotherBoxNitrigaur: yes, thats what r in vim does. It used to work fine and i cant notice any differences in keyboard layout, and i would notice because my password depends on special characters that i would not get on other layouts21:44
brotherBoxalso the fact that this happens in both vim and neovim leads me to believe that its related to ubuntu, even though i cant reproduce the behaviour in other software21:44
ShutterBCbrotherBox, if you're on a remote session, what does it think your term variable is set to now?21:44
NitrigaurbrotherBox, (assuming that you are within a GUI desktop environment) do you have a keyboard layout-icon in the top-right corner of your screen? If so, what does it say?21:45
budderkilltheliterate: the "set gfxpayload=text" command that is in the troubleshooting blank screen wiki page I initially linked is nowhere in the howto guide that ubottu linked. so which do i do?21:45
ShutterBC(echo $TERM)21:45
budderthe "set gfxpayload=text" or the" acpi_osi="21:45
brotherBoxoh, err, seems like regular old vim doesnt have that behaviour, it seems specific to neovim21:46
brotherBoxsorry for the confusion, i'll ask in #neovim21:46
ShutterBClol OK21:46
Nitrigaurbrotherbox please open a new terminal and link the output of echo $TERM | nc termbin.com 999921:46
ShutterBCok, back to dissecting systemd21:47
leddMonkeyDust: what does that mean?21:47
=== rumble is now known as grumble
NitrigaurShutterBC, good luck with that O_o21:47
MonkeyDustledd  what does what mean?21:47
ShutterBCI'm quite annoyed with my 16.04.1 instance right now :)21:47
leddMonkeyDust: I have a script that, if it's in the same dir, it renames all the files as I want. But I want it to work in the current Nautilus dir while having the .sh file sit in some other dir.21:47
leddMonkeyDust: I already know how to link keyboard to it.21:48
MonkeyDustledd  oh, ok, you can use brackets (...) ... like (cd ~/Music && execute script) ... then the script will be executed in ~/Music, but you stay where you are21:49
leddMonkeyDust: I don't want a fixed dir. I want whatever Dir nautilus is currently in.21:50
leddMonkeyDust: here is the script: #!/bin/bash21:51
leddfor i in *.mp3; do21:51
ledd  new=$(printf "%04d.mp3" "$a") #04 pad to length of 421:51
ledd  mv -- "$i" "$new"21:51
ledd  let a=a+121:51
MonkeyDustledd  then use the absolute path to the script21:51
NitrigaurShutterBC, I'm about to try ArchLinux which also uses systemd. I've tried SlackWare, one of the last "major" distros that did not switch to systemdm but I ran into dependency hell and have not looked back since.21:51
MonkeyDustledd  and next time, use a pastebin for multiple lines ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/21:51
=== scottt is now known as Guest64925
minimecledd: You could install 'nautilus-actions'. That would give you an option in the context menu. So right click in the folder, run script... https://saravananthirumuruganathan.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/extending-nautilus-context-menus-using-nautilus-actions-scripts-and-python-extensions/21:55
leddminimec: I installed it already. Can't figure out how to put in such a context menu item.21:56
minimecledd: There is even a better option without installing anything... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NautilusScriptsHowto21:56
minimecledd: In fact I am using this, but did not remember how I did it... ;)21:57
MonkeyDustledd  guess it's easier and faster  when you do it in Terminal21:57
leddminimec: thanks, that worked.22:01
samananyone in here?22:02
samanguys? girls?22:02
minimecledd: no problem. I have to write these kind of solutions down somewhere, because I often froget how I did in the end...22:02
wadiecan you please help me lovely people22:07
ShutterBCNitrigaur, yeah -- usually it's great, but I'm out of practice. I have an iscsi initiator that when set to mount on boot causes the machine to hang during shutdown22:07
ShutterBCsystemd is not correctly waiting for iscsi logout, then kills network, then it's hung22:08
wadiemy ubuntu 16 can't connect to one wifi network only, which other devices can connect to. it's my home's network which has always been working fine. checking using the terminal shows that my card is working fine and I can connect to other networks22:08
Worm_in_a_BoxShould I be able to install ubuntu using a distro from 12 years ago and then upgrade it flawlessly to the newest one?22:08
MonkeyDustWorm_in_a_Box  no22:08
wadieI'm connected through my android now -.-22:09
NitrigaurShutterBC, that's VERY annoying indeed...22:09
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: theoretically: yes. but its not worth the effort. just install a actual supported one.22:10
=== rikki is now known as Guest64931
Worm_in_a_BoxThe box won't allow usb boots.22:10
Worm_in_a_BoxAnd I don't have virgin cds.22:11
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: there is cd/dvd or pxe22:11
minimecwadie: Did you configure something on the router on the home network. Could it be that you accidentally blocked the MAC address of your computer?22:12
wadieI don't have access to the router22:12
minimecwadie: Ok.22:12
wadieneither physicaly nor remotely22:12
wadiebut connecting using my phone is fine and I can connect to other networks on ubuntu22:12
wadieand it just happened today that I can't connect simply after booting up, didn't touch a thing22:14
VillageGood day, Peoples, i want help, how to connect Failover (New IP) to old system?22:14
minimecwadie: other thing I could think of is the 2.4/5 GHz. Image the router is only set to 5GHz wireless, and your computer only supports 2.4GHz.22:15
=== ken is now known as Guest66773
wadieminimec, I've always used this network up until last night it was all good22:15
wadieall I did was wake up this morning and try to connect as I normally would22:15
Villageit's strange then, wadie\22:15
VillageWhats variables?22:16
VillageSoftWare play with you?22:16
minimecwadie: Oh. Ok. Did you do an update last night. Could it be that your connection is working, if you boot an older kernel in the brug menu @ boot?22:16
wadiehmm I'll check that22:17
minimecwadie: 'grub' not 'burg'...22:17
Villageprologic at green understanding22:17
Villagecan you help me, online man?22:18
Xzhi there, I have HP Zbook 15G3 and I want to 1. boot if off USB stick (in live or installed on USB mode), 2. boot it in secure UEFI mode22:18
Xzthere is multiple problems on the way, however, either about graphics card (startx in live mode will hang the system)22:19
VillageXz, where you stuck?22:19
Xzand also secure mode seems very nasty22:19
XzVillage: well, I tried many things already, first and most important, I installed from live USB stick to another USB stick and was able to boot fine in secure mode22:20
k1lXz: there should not be any need to run startx. some video cards do need nomodeset to be used22:20
k1l!nomodeset | Xz22:20
ubottuXz: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:20
Xzubottu: I have NVIDIA card, that's the one not liked by linux-kernel in general22:20
ubottuXz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:20
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=== fred is now known as Guest16489
Xzk1l: alright...22:21
Villagesecure mode issues with graphic card?22:21
XzVillage: so i installed from live USB stick to target (another) USB stick22:21
XzVillage: Ubu 16.04LTS22:21
XzVillage: and was able to get it to boot in UEFI secure mode fin e22:22
XzVillage: but then I rebooted laptop off SSD where my win10 + bitlocker sits (they have to stay there)22:22
XzVillage: UEFI refused to boot that, it said some policy changed22:22
XzVillage: then in BIOS I spotted new entry on a boot list called 'ubuntu'22:22
XzVillage: I changed the order, so that entry 'ubuntu' was second, not first anymore22:23
VillageIt's strange situation try small of it to target22:23
XzVillage: that helped with Win10+bitlocker - so it fixed my Win1022:23
XzVillage: but then I cannot anymore boot from USB stick I instlaled UBUNTU on22:23
XzVillage: what does that mean? 'small of it to target' ?22:23
XzVillage: by the way, that 'ubuntu' entry is gone from BIOS now22:24
VillageHm, it's boot loader, between systems, but why they issues between ich ones22:24
XzVillage: I don't know what it was, but bitlocker was pissed, so maybe bitlocker removed that?22:24
XzVillage: it's a work laptop with default corporate build on SSD, so it has to stay22:24
XzVillage: I want to use the laptop at home with UBUNTU on it, so the only option is to boot off USB22:25
XzVillage: or Ethernet/WiFI (PXE mode maybe)22:25
VillageI think first it's BIOS like and you feel, i forget future problems, but you can try from zero if you have backups22:25
VillageI not more of basic, but system must help if feel that you going right way22:25
XzVillage: well, I cannot touch BIOS and SSD22:25
XzVillage: because it has to work with corporate build that's on it right now22:26
XzVillage: I can switch to legacy mode, then it will probably work22:26
XzVillage: but I don't want to switch everytime I boot between legacy and secure mode22:26
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VillageBIOS right, SSD right, so first C, Windows, then loader, then Ubuntu, then boot windows set loader looks D, if E+ Data, and when run your not new system, after BIOS loader give you take choise between two OS22:27
wadieI loaded kernel .45 and there's no wifi connection at all there, so I'm back on .4722:28
=== ________________ is now known as Bitch
XzVillage: are you telling me to add UBUNTU to windows boot loader?22:28
=== Bitch is now known as bitch
minimecwadie: ok. I see.22:30
VillageNo, i mean take your back up of files from SSD, and then from new, and before it you can clean not wanted software addons""22:30
navi_hi i have a problem with phpmyadmin22:30
minimecwadie: I don't really have an answer to your question. You could once try to change the MAC adress of the comoputer or delete the old connection setup for your homenetwork in the network settings...22:31
wadieTried deleting and doing things all over, nothing changed.. how to change the mac address ? will it affect anything else ?22:31
minimecwadie: You can in fact change the MAC adress on the running system. It will be 'lost' after reboot.22:32
navi_i allready install all modules, apache, mysql and phpmyadmin, but still have this problem (The requested URL /phpmyadmin was not found on this server.22:32
navi_Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80)22:32
VillageI feel that MAC must be by default, and the call to ISP if needed about mac, i don't know about old issues22:32
minimecwadie: https://www.maketecheasier.com/change-mac-address-windows-ubuntu/22:33
Villagenavi_, maybe wrong tutorial22:33
minimecwadie: http://askubuntu.com/questions/390147/how-to-change-the-mac-address-of-pc22:33
navi_maybe.. but i do all the thinks, but i dont works22:34
Xzok, I will try to get live-USB mode working in UEFI secure boot with my graphics card22:34
k1lnavi_: what ubuntu exactly?22:34
Xzso I'm adding nomodeset to 'Try Ubuntu without Installing' entry22:34
Villagenavi_, what step was wrong?22:34
Xzshould I also get rid of quiet splash?22:34
k1lnavi_: and what did you install? what packages?22:34
navi_i used ubuntu mate 1622:34
navi_all packages22:34
navi_localhost it works, but phpmyadmin dosnt work22:35
k1lnavi_: restart the apache2 and try localhost22:35
navi_i try but i have the same request22:35
VillageXz, if from your backuped data, the restore must be right solution, if no wanted "addons" keep with it22:35
XzVillage: I don't have a backup22:36
XzVillage: if the SSD build goes south, I will have to go to IT dept in my company and get them to fix it22:36
navi_k1l_ i purge and install again all the modules, apache, mysql, and phpmyadmin, when i re-install again i have the same problem22:36
XzVillage: I would rather avoid that22:36
wadieeth0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 100022:37
wadie    link/ether 00:11:22:33:44:55 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff22:37
Xzhey, I got UBUNTU 16.04 LTS to boot off in secure mode as live USB22:37
Xzgraphics works, so nomodeset was the thing22:37
VillageSo you want easy way, be sure or all clean and try from start, then if all good make backup of software, but keep in mind, of coure, that all going to future, i mean with updates..22:37
XzVillage: what's going on with updated?22:38
XzVillage: updates* ?22:38
MonkZHi, i have a little IPv6 only trouble here:22:38
MonkZdig de.archive.ubuntu.com AAAA22:38
MonkZde.archive.ubuntu.com.  129     IN      CNAME   ubuntu.mirror.tudos.de.22:38
MonkZdig ubuntu.mirror.tudos.de AAAA22:39
MonkZcomes up empty22:39
Xzwell, I don't have WiFi in live-USB mode on that HP Zbook 15G322:39
Xzany tricks for WiFi in live-USB boot?22:39
faLUCE hello. My wifi connection comes and goes peridocally. I don't understand what to check (ubuntu 16.06, 64 bit)22:39
VillageNo look back, it's ggod solution at yours situation, but if something not good hapens, you did it with incident i mean, can be that you need do it from zero, so solution take all back from backup is faster22:39
XzVillage: oh, you are saying I should back-up my USB stick22:40
XzVillage: yes, all work I do is git repos anyway22:40
XzVillage: so I don't keep anything locally22:40
XzVillage: thanks for the hint, appreciated22:40
VillageI mean, good luck from start, because best way it's set up all clear and don't want that you will back from start after month or two22:41
wadieminimec, don't think this is working..changed it and confirmed the change using ip link ls22:42
wadietry to connect, not happening22:42
XzVillage: yes, you are right22:43
minimecwadie: For what device did you change the MAC address? eth0 would be wired network. Wireless is probably wlan0 or something similar. you can check that with 'iwconfig' or again in the network settings GUI.22:43
wadieminimec, do you mean I should change the mac address of the network I'm trying to connect to22:44
VillageSo backup and clear BIOS if are not wanted addons, and then if something wrong ask wahts wrong, but better get right software of your Two OS destination22:44
Dreamanwhy in usa network speed is to low22:45
VillageIt's offtopic?22:45
minimecwadie: No. each network device on your computer has a MAC address. So youre wired card has one, and your wifi card has a different one...22:45
MarkB2I'm running Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS 64 bit on an Intel Joule.  I've plugged a micro-USB cable into the Joule expansion board and the other end into my PC.  The PC sees it as a COM port... but I have no idea where in the Joule the device appears.22:46
wadieso it's wlan0 not eth022:46
VillageIt's no logic, MarkB2, what the issue if you don't know aht you want coonect to Your box?22:49
wadieminimec, done it still nothing man :/22:50
wadie3: wlan0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc mq state UP mode DORMANT group default qlen 100022:50
wadie    link/ether 08:00:97:00:79:31 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff22:50
minimecwadie: I am sorry. I would love to help you, but I don't have any further idea...22:51
wadieok thanks anyway :)22:51
minimecwadie: Strange thing indeed is, that you can connect to other networks, but not to hte network you normally used to connect to...22:52
wadieyea, I mean I'm connected to another network right now!22:52
MarkB2Village: Pardon the delay.. was looking at Yet Another Configure file.  I'm writing software to communicate with a device over the USB-connected serial port.. The host is the Joule and the cable goes into the external device.22:53
wadieand the other one works fine, I'm connected to it using my phone and my gf's laptop22:53
MarkB2I know the processor is connected to an FTDI serial to USB device.22:54
MarkB2But I can't figure out what in /dev is the associated serial port.22:54
VillageSo you, MarkB2, absesed by Joule? I don't understand over USB connection is air, and from Box to Device it's not very hard traffic of data, between USB and WiFi22:55
MarkB2Village, I didn't quite understand that..22:55
freddyy ed22:56
MarkB2The Joule is a relatively new system-on-module .. am still getting the hang of it.22:56
VillageSo i'm basic your are in issue, i don't know, you must know point of your issue22:56
Village1. I faced with problem at this point22:56
MarkB2I suppose the issue is "which /dev/ttyS* port is associated with the connection to that USB device.22:57
VillageHm, so issue is right choice right connection between devices22:58
VillageAnd you can't connect it becuse not are right cable?22:59
MarkB2Nope.  The cable is correct.  I need to open the connection on the Joule side for a special application.22:59
Villageputty maybe22:59
* MarkB2 wonders if the Joule has putty...23:00
VillageCable alright, so soft of devices comunication, then be good it that soft keeps the your comunicate with devices23:01
Villagegood luck, MarkB2, if your destination is right23:03
MarkB2Village, thanks.23:03
dymHey guys - im running a 14.04 on which recently a /swapfile appeared. Is this the case, if there is no dedicated swap partition?23:04
dymAlso - is it safe to remove this file?23:04
mattidym: Is this file 0 bytes, or has some size, and it is showing up as active in free's output?23:13
grauzikasHello, i need to delete a very big ammount of files (~2tb (there is a lot of small files)), i have googled and tryed rsync method, find with xarg, rm -rf and so on, it deleting files really slow23:14
grauzikasmay be there is any other method?23:14
grauzikasthis is an backuppc server and i need to delete trash folder :)23:14
grauzikasit`s raid10 with 24 1tb drives23:15
mattidym: If you don't want it, then: sync; sync; swapoff /swapfile, then edit /etc/fstab and either remove or comment it out.23:16
mattigrauzikas: Hi.23:16
mattigrauzikas: Do you need to remove everything, or just selected files/directories?23:17
wadieminimec, it fixed itself lol just tried randomly and it worked!23:17
grauzikasi cant umount partition and reformat it23:17
grauzikasbecause it have more files what i need23:17
grauzikasyes i need to delete /var/lib/Backuppc/trash23:17
grauzikasso i cant just umount /var/lib/Backuppc and reformat it23:18
minimecwadie: Cool. And... Don't ask why... Just enjoy... ;)23:18
wadiehaha exactly23:18
mattigrauzikas: Right.23:18
mattigrauzikas: If this is a particular directory you are after, or a collection of them.23:18
NitrigaurI'm going to bed, have a good one people23:19
mattigrauzikas: Then you could parallelize the deletion.23:19
grauzikaswhat you mean by "parallelize"23:19
mattigrauzikas: For example with e.g. xargs, parallel, and even with sending the job to background using & in Bash shell.23:19
grauzikasi have tryed all methods from there :) http://www.slashroot.in/which-is-the-fastest-method-to-delete-files-in-linux23:20
grauzikasit will take few days for me23:20
grauzikasat least :)23:20
mattiLet me check.23:21
grauzikasand i cant start new backups because it eats ~12WA even there is a raid1023:21
grauzikasi think i need update my server and add ssd drive for trash directory23:21
mattigrauzikas: Perhaps.23:21
grauzikasthen i could simply umount/mkfs that partition23:22
mattigrauzikas: If you write a small script, which would use a combination of find/xargs or find/parallel.23:22
mattigrauzikas: Then you can fire it up with bash process that has lower IO nice.23:23
mattigrauzikas: This way it would not hammer your RAID10.23:23
mattigrauzikas: https://linux.die.net/man/1/ionice23:24
grauzikasstrange, but when i`m deleting files i can see via iotop that read speed is ~1-8 MB/s23:24
grauzikaswrite sometimes goes up to 17M/s but very some times23:24
grauzikasit`s really slow23:24
mattigrauzikas: https://linux.die.net/man/1/nice23:25
mattiIt depends on the file system, its settings, etc.23:25
mattiIf you do not want the remove to affect your daily work-load, then just ionice it :)23:25
grauzikasok, thank you matti i`ll try it23:26
mattigrauzikas: One second.23:27
ShutterBCYES fixed my iscsi issue, suck it systemd23:30
mattigrauzikas: Sorry, I was looking up something.23:31
mattigrauzikas: There are some options you could tweak under /proc, to improve performance of deletions.23:31
ShutterBCactually kinda liking systemd after getting to know it better.23:31
grauzikaswhat kind?23:32
mattigrauzikas: But, the safest way to go about it to keep balance between safety and daily work-load, would be ionice'd parallel remove.23:32
Bent0apt install php wants to install php7.1 but i want 7.0. How do I do that?23:33
minimecBent0: sudo apt install php7.0 ;)23:34
mattigrauzikas: Read about vm.dirty_ratio, vm.dirty_background_ratio, vm.vfs_cache_pressure, etc.23:34
minimecBent0: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&section=all&arch=any&keywords=php7.0&searchon=names23:34
Bent0That is installed23:34
Bent0I can even do php -v23:34
Bent0and it shows its version is 7.023:34
k1l!info php xenial23:35
ubottuphp (source: php-defaults (35ubuntu6)): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (default). In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.0+35ubuntu6 (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB23:35
k1lBent0: so you got ppas or other 3rd party repos enabled?23:35
minimecBent0: So remove the 'php' package23:35
mattigrauzikas: In your case, the way how VFS usually works is working a bit against you.23:35
Bent0andrejs PHP repo23:35
k1lBent0: so what is the surprise then?23:35
mattigrauzikas: Plus, most of the tools would do a dreaded stat() to read metadata about the file.23:36
Bent0Trying to install a package for 7.0 but it complains about needing php23:36
mattigrauzikas: Which in a large volume scenario slows down everything.23:36
k1lBent0: you run a non original ubuntu php version. that can break the dependecies of other ubuntu packages23:36
DonaldtrumpIs anyone here?23:37
MarkB2My ubuntu system has four serial ports, /dev/ttyS[0-3].  I can't get putty to initialize any of them.23:37
MarkB2Not even when sudo'ed.23:37
MarkB2There has gotta be a way to find out which /device is major/minor to the physical serial port(s).23:39
KleineganzHello :)23:41
mattigrauzikas: I wish there was a nice LRU, circular-buffer, capped (you name it) file system (either native or via FUSE) which you could cap at either n files or older than some amount of days.23:41
KleineganzQuick question, I want to edit a file in a GUI editor but I don't know how to navigate to the file location through the GUI interface. How would I find ~/.sopel in my files?23:42
mattiMarkB2: So, you are using PuTTY on Linux as a serial terminal emulator?23:42
KenixKleineganz: copy the location + file out of the terminal and then click open in the editor and paste in the text in the filename field23:43
mattiMarkB2: Try to see whether minicom works over PuTTY.23:43
Kenixshould open it just fine23:43
MarkB2! matti: I didn't think of minicom.  Thanks.. will try.23:43
k1lKleineganz: ~ is short for "users home". the folders and files starting with a . are hidden by default. press ctrl+h to see them23:44
Kleineganzah there it is. Thanks k1l23:45
mattiMarkB2: I am suggesting minicom, as I am not entirely sure how to debug PuTTY on Linux.23:45
mattiMarkB2: And minicom a de-factor standard tool for fiddling with serial consoles.23:45
mattiMarkB2: So at least we would know that it's not the tool you are having issue with.23:45
mattiMarkB2: Also, check dmesg (kernel ring buffer) to see whether your serial port driver got loaded and initialised.23:46
MarkB2minicom thinks the serial port is /dev/tty8.  Will check dmesg output... Pardon: What's the name of the serial port driver module?23:47
mattiMarkB2: Depends on whether it is serial or USB-serial.23:47
mattiMarkB2: You can grep output for "tty" I suppose.23:48
mattiYou can try to do a sweep with setserial as setserial -g /dev/ttyS[0123456789].23:48
Worm_in_a_BoxShould I trust unetbtin?23:49
MarkB2There's a line in dmesg output saying that it found a Serial port driver.  ah.  matti: THANK YOU.  I'll try that.23:50
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: no.23:50
mattiMarkB2: It is a bit fiddly process usually, but once you get it working then it is fine.23:51
mattiMarkB2: So, you can try minicom -s and see how it goes from there.23:51
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: they are known to change the isos to include their own boot screen which causes error so the usb doesnt boot. when you are on windows and want to create a ubuntu usb use rufus and load the ubuntu iso manually23:52
Worm_in_a_Boxk1l: I am using it to load lubuntu without a cd or pen.23:52
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: you use pxe boot?23:53
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: but?23:54
Worm_in_a_BoxIt is supposed to allow me to init the iso from the hard drive through their boot manager.23:56
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: i am not familiar with that23:57
MarkB2matti: setserial -g /dev/ttyS[012345678] doesn't find any uarts.  Weird.  So it's somewhere else?23:58
buddercan anyone help me with trying to resolve the booting to a black screen issue? i hit "e" and I get here but I don't know what to change or edit http://imgur.com/a/Ygkxm23:58
Arcairebudder: Don't suppose you're using a nvidia graphics card, are you?23:59
budderArcaire: i am23:59
buddergtx 750 ti23:59

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