Unit193bluesabre: Uhh, xfdashy isn't in our packageset: "The signer of this package is lacking the upload rights for the source package, component or package set in question."00:43
bluesabreUnit193, I should probably fix that :)02:58
Unit193I tried to push a new one, deeeenied.03:42
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flocculantakxwi-dave: we must try and make sure that someone canonicalish actually is aware that all the lives head straight to desktop16:29
flocculantthose auto tests are ok - but I'm not convinced they'd see that16:30
akxwi-davedeffo , i would have though that someone on their side would know that by now... but hey16:30
akxwi-davewho's the best to grab.. Laney?16:33
flocculantcypher mox is the one I go to for ubiquity things - mostly just to make sure he knows - he's pretty good at not forgetting too :)16:38
flocculanthe does idle in here too16:38
flocculanthelps that it fails in ubuntu too ;)16:38
akxwi-davetrue... usually see cypher during the week.. so will try and grab him16:40
flocculantakxwi-dave: did you catch the e 16.04.2 business this last week? 16:41
flocculanteg put back till beginning feb16:41
akxwi-daveyup back to feb aint it16:41
akxwi-davenr=ew kernel i belive going into it16:42
flocculantmesa and stuff too I think16:42
akxwi-davemakes sense to hold back then,,, those are some good things16:43
flocculantknome: on http://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/development.html16:49
flocculantis there anyway that we can make the current dev release 'dynamic' ? 16:50
flocculantbecause currently it's 2 cycles out ... 16:50
flocculantif not perhaps we should lose that as a link16:51
flocculantmaybe I'll just reword what we have there - the packageset gets a link to 'the whole lot' later16:52
flocculantslickymaster: just so you are aware - I'm checking through the cont docs ... something I chatted with knome about when you were off doing life :)16:53
flocculantknome: also building the cont docs here got some warnings and fails - though it all appears to be there *shrug* http://paste.ubuntu.com/23847083/ if anyone wants to check 17:25
flocculantknome: also - there are differences between the branch I grabbed and what's at http://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/ - what's that about?20:20
knomeflocculant, updating is manual, that's likely why20:37
flocculantknome: okey doke - so branch contains changes not landed yet - couldn't find any reference to changes to it anywhere20:47
flocculantnvm - found it now :p20:48
flocculantanyway - as is obvious - I'm working through that stuff now21:02
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