tioxPoppin' in, sayin' hi, got a quetion.00:37
tioxQuestion, rather.00:38
tioxSo does it matter that mate-appearance-properties doesn't modivy the value for org.gnome.interface gtk-theme?00:38
tioxBecause I see it modifies icon-theme there but not gtk-theme.00:38
tioxAlso typos all day, every day. Dam it.00:39
ubuntu-mate_can someone help me01:14
Astro7467!ask | ubuntu-mate_01:15
ubottuubuntu-mate_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:15
ubuntu-mate_I just got Ubuntu mate, and I can't work out how to install any programs...01:16
Astro7467In the software Boutique, if a app isn't listed you are after, there are other software catalogues such as Ubuntu Software Center, App Grid etc that can be used also for software search/install01:18
ubuntu-mate_how do i get to the software boutique01:20
Astro7467some apps - typically more low level or server or service type software - require manual install which will be outlined on their relevent website01:20
ubuntu-mate_I've never used a Linux os before01:20
Astro7467Software Boutique if available from the welcome app, else go to the Control Centre01:20
ubuntu-mate_all im seeing is Ubuntu merch01:22
Astro7467when you start up and login do you see a welcome screen link the one shown here -> https://ubuntu-mate.org/gallery/Screenshots/05_ABOUT.png01:25
ubuntu-matei got it01:25
ubuntu-mateI went through the system button at the top01:25
ubuntu-mateinstalled Chromium now :_01:25
estebanhow do you stop MATE from auto logging in to GUI03:32
sinewavdo you want to use a different desktop environment (like XFCE, KDE) or no GUI at all?03:36
estebanno, i just want it to stop at a log-in screen03:39
sinewavHave you checked you settings in "Users and Groups"? You can find this in the Mate Control Center or by looking for "Users and Groups" in the application menu.03:55
sinewavClick your user, then click "Change" next too password, you will see a dialog box. One of the options is "Don't ask for a password at login". Make sure that is unchecked.03:56
HoppingMadManHey, hows everyone today?04:04
Astro7467G'day HoppingMadMan04:05
HoppingMadManHow are Astro7467 mate?04:05
Astro7467Sori HMM, got distracted, going is good  - for a Monday - everything is relative :D04:48
HoppingMadManYeah I thankful its still Sunday for a little while here04:56
Astro7467Sunday is a distant memory now ....04:58
HoppingMadManYeah, don't worry come tomorrow I will be agreeing with you04:59
HoppingMadManTomorrow, I need to start building the CNC machine and working out all that junk05:00
Astro7467You working in mfg environment? I hated dealing with shopfloor systems - they always had issues due to crap/old/weird systems like DOS or Win95 or an old BusyBox implementation, or no auto-neg NICs etc etc05:03
HoppingMadManSounds a nightmare, I need to build a GUI and always been a backend coding person I need to make GUI for the CNC machine and I am knowing this will be a nightmare for me05:05
Astro7467Ah! Well, just don't hardcode anything... pls ... then you will be my hero - not that I am dealing with mfg anymore (or currently)05:06
HoppingMadManSpeaking of old system we work with a company that still uses a old unix system for their invoices and its still uses a dot matrix printer and it is a nightmare because there sys admins don't want to touch it or look at it in fear it might break, it cost them something like $50,000 back in the early 199005:08
HoppingMadManAnd it holds all their clients data plus all their stock information even if they went to a new system it would take a good three months to move all the data05:09
Astro7467sounds like a Xenix or SCO Linux system05:10
Astro7467not that scary if they know Linux or BSD05:11
Astro7467data is probably some hybrid text-binary layout that could be parsed with some clever awk/grep/sed magic05:12
HoppingMadManYeah see living in Mexico has sown me even with being trained in Australia I am to professional and they hate that here, they just get family... There like oh our sun can install Windows and do some HTML, you will now be our Database architect05:12
HoppingMadManYeah that was what I was think because I asked if you could just dump the raw file out into a usable text and was told no... Last time we tried it took the whole system out05:13
HoppingMadManAnd with ever hour that system is off they loss money05:14
Astro7467sounds like a good reason to move off of it, but until the hardware dies, they will be fearful05:15
HoppingMadManOh... You would think but they have a tape back up that if it dies they just find some old junk hardware and in Mexico that is easy then restore and keep running05:15
HoppingMadManI think its like in its 30 plus iteration05:17
HoppingMadManWhen I am there we are just there to drop shit off... I don't want to judge these people because I really do think its the people higher than them that is the problem05:18
Astro7467usually is. this is where my N+1 theory comes in05:18
Astro7467staff tell them N times what needs to be done05:19
HoppingMadManYeah, I am thankful I am more doing embedded systems stuff here being a sys admin would suck05:20
Astro7467you or a 3rd party comes in and tells them once, and it is the smartest idea ever, why are we doing this yesterday?05:20
HoppingMadManYeah very true Astro746705:20
Astro7467experienced a lot a a external support /consultant - tell them for years, nothing happens. they move to new firm, everything you suggested is implemented05:22
HoppingMadManAlso you get payed peanuts here for being a sys admin and they want you with CCNP and Red Hat and think you should have all that cost on you05:23
Astro7467that would hurt. I bet a lot go overseas or MNC 1st chance they get05:25
HoppingMadManYeah, if I could get somewhere else I would because I feel my skill is wasted here05:34
HoppingMadManI would love to take my skills somewhere else in the world but having a Mexican wife for lot of counters is super problematic05:41
akanecesito ayuda12:59
akahelp to me pls12:59
MetalindustrienHey, I'm trying to install Ubuntu MATE on my MacBook Pro (late 2011 model). I've installed rEFInd in order to be able to boot from a USB Flash drive, and I've created a Ubuntu MATE USB Stick via UNetbootin. But when I try to boot from the USB stick, it seems to launch Grub in a terminal stating something like "MINIMAL BASH LIKE LINE EDITING IS SUPPORTED". How can I get it to boot from the flash drive? I'm fine with16:04
Metalindustrien erasing OS X from the MBP completely16:04
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alkisgMetalindustrien: I haven't heard good words about unetbootin, I did hear good things about rufus, maybe try that one16:35
Metalindustrienalkisg Will do, thanks16:35
jsphillips86The panel that pops up when you click the sound icon on the panel is comically small and I have to scroll to see playback controls. How do I fix that?17:55
seba_esto es un lujo!!!21:22
seba_hacia bastante que no usaba LINUX y la verdad que estoy emosionado!!21:24
seba_emocionado ja21:24
seba_lo unico que no funciona es el audio21:28
seba_pero no se que tendra q ver en alsamixer si activo los headphone SI FUNCIONA21:29
seba_pero cada vez que reinicio vuelve a pasar21:30
DarkPsydeLordque compu tienes?21:30
DarkPsydeLordyo en esta compu en especifico paso por eso por que tiene beats audio asi que le hago jack retask21:31
seba_tengo una EXO21:31
DarkPsydeLordseba entra en ubuntu-es aqui la gente se pone mal cuando ve otro idioma que no sea ingles21:32
seba_okis thanks21:32
Acid190just been reading everywhere that 16.04 (mate) does not support the compiz burn effect, anyone know of a safe work around for this? plugins-extra is installed of course, but does not show the extra effects option in compiz manager.21:45
DarkPsydeLordseba_: did you managed to get to the other channel?21:46
seba_DarkPsydeLord, i put #Ubuntu.es jaja21:49
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:49
HoppingMadManHey, everyone, how is everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had any expenses with building GUI software22:07
zenvokhi all nice shit going on22:42
zenvoki love it :)22:42
HoppingMadManEh zenvok?22:47
motion228just installed ubuntu mate23:49
motion228what should i download first23:49

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