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mterrySaviq: I'm not on my usual computer -- can you link me the CI bot's account that holds the silo merged bzr branches?14:41
Saviqmterry, https://code.launchpad.net/~ci-train-bot/14:42
mterrySaviq: cheers!14:43
* mterry bookmarks14:43
Saviqmterry, not sure you saw - there's a greeter issue in 2272 - on boot, the first user's selected session is wrong14:43
mterrySaviq: fixed in my top branch -- looking for the test failure you noted now14:44
mterryDoesn't appear in my top branch, so must be an integration issue14:44
mterryHence why I need the merged bzr branch  :P14:44
davmor2mterry: what did you do to your other computer?14:49
mterrydavmor2: it's fine, but I have both a xenial & a zesty computer -- finding myself on the xenial one more these days because of snap work and it isn't as well-used as the zesty one with all my bookmarks and such.  Should probably get a sync plugin for that14:50
davmor2mterry: probably :)14:51
davmor2mterry: although I'm all bored now was expecting a small explosion to be involved at least :(14:52
mterryYeah I should punch that story up a bit14:52
mterryTurns out a zesty kernel bug overheated my motherboard and the CPU glue came off14:53
mterrySo I'm on my xenial backup comp14:53
davmor2mterry: see way more exciting :)14:53
davmor2of course now I'm trying to find the damn zesty bug I hate developer it's all or nothing with them ;)14:54
davmor2mterry: hahahaha14:55
davmor2that'll do it the sound of defeat \o/14:55
Saviqmterry, it didn't show up in CI either, so might need stress & co to reproduce15:27
Saviqbut it happened at least twice in britney15:27
mterrySaviq: yeah haven't reproduced locally yet either  :(15:27
mterrySaviq: it's not 100% in britney, right?  Sounds like a flaky test that is exacerbated by brtiney15:31
mterryLooks like the test is trying to click on a name in the login list and ends up missing it, hitting the next name, according to the failure you posted15:32
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mterryCan't reproduce the failure, even using stress-ng on my laptop   :(18:41
Saviqmterry, reproduced after a few seconds with stress and parallel19:04
mterrySaviq: oh nice!  I didn't use parallel, just ran the test over again in series19:04
mterrymaybe that's my missing stress19:04
Saviqmterry, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23853449/19:05
Saviqnot sure if there's a better way of feeding parallel19:05
mterrySaviq: unless you made your own changes, I'm guessing you ran into a test init issue that is separate from what britney would have seen -- I fixed the test problem in my own branch a little bit ago, but haven't yet reproduced britney's failure19:11
mterryThe problem appaeared when you tried to run a specific test, not the whole suite19:11
Saviqmterry, right, lemme run the whole thing then19:34
Saviqmterry, got it to fail exactly how it did in britney19:54
mterrySaviq: yay!  just doing the same thing you passed before?19:55
Saviqmterry, yes19:55
mterrySaviq: comforting...  I will continue to try to reproduce19:56
Saviqmterry, if you need, get me a more verbose version of the test and I can try and get you more data19:58
Saviqrobert_ancell, hey, could you have a look at bug #1654365 please - Laney tried to fix dbus behaviour of the unity8 session, but for some reason the daemon dies straight away, leaving a bogus DBUS_SESSION_ADDRESS lying around19:59
ubot5bug 1654365 in ubuntu-touch-session (Ubuntu) "Session dbus lauched by /etc/X11/Xsession.d/75dbus_dbus-launch dies immediately" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165436519:59
robert_ancellSaviq, I'll have a look but I don't know a lot about the D-Bus daemons20:00
mterryThe problem with a verbose version of the test is that it would affect the timing.20:19
mterrySaviq: instead of a verbose version, I think it makes sense to just try a fix and see how much better that makes it -- here's an attempt to settle things before the test starts: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23853952/ -- add that to end of of init() in tst_WideView.qml.  I still haven't been able to reproduce  :(20:34
Saviqmterry, that does seem to help, been running 10mins now without fail21:08
mterrySaviq: alright, they are harmless lines, might as well commit it and see what britney thinks21:09
Saviqmterry, yup21:10
mterrySaviq: done, rebuild at your leisure21:11
Saviqmterry, thanks21:12
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