Odd_Blokesmoser: Yeah, I can't really understand it.09:50
Odd_BlokeI'm not sure why the failure would only appear once, either.09:50
Odd_BlokeIt's not the only test that uses custom data.09:51
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smoserlarsks, i think that fedora 24 (and i'm guessing 25) has a newer httpretty than is released on pypi (0.8.14).16:08
smoseris that plausible ?16:09
larskssmoser: I don't think so. I was running from a virtualenv (there is no httpretty package installed on my host).16:10
smoserwell that is odd.16:10
larskssmoser: I'm going to work on reproducing et al this afternoon.16:10
larsksMaybe my computer is insane.16:10
smoserwell, i see code in fedora24 that shows this16:10
smoserand it definitely acts differently than pypi version16:10
larsksIf I were to install the python-httpretty package, I get 0.8.14-1.20161011git70af1f8, so that may be newer than pypi.  But I don't have that installed locally.16:11
larsks(This is in F25)16:11
smoserlarsks, i updated bug. and opened an httpretty issue16:23
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aixtoolsquick question: as I do not know enough about python.19:16
aixtoolswhat actually gets started by python by:19:17
aixtools# EASY-INSTALL-SCRIPT: 'cloud-init==0.7.5','cloud-init'19:17
aixtools__requires__ = 'cloud-init==0.7.5'19:17
aixtools__import__('pkg_resources').run_script('cloud-init==0.7.5', 'cloud-init')19:17
aixtoolssorry for the multi-line. thought I had cut it down to the last line19:17
larsksaixtools: that runs cloudinit.cmd.main:main (possibly /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/cloudinit/cmd/main.py)19:19
aixtoolsso, in the sources - main.py19:19
larsksSpecifically, cloudinit/cmd/main.py19:20
aixtoolsthx very much.19:20
aixtoolssingle-step I go...19:20
ssalevanhey there!  i was wondering if i could ask a quick cloud-init question; if I have an ec2 datasource, is it possible to template out some of that information into a file using the write_files module?19:45
magicalChickenssalevan: write_files just writes out specified content, it doesn't have a template system afaik19:51
magicalChickenssalevan: there may be other ways to achieve that though, which parts of the config do you need written out?19:51
ssalevanmagicalChicken: right now i basically need to stick eth0's private IP into a JSON configuration file19:52
magicalChickenssalevan: I don't know of a good way to handle that that's currently built in, althought someone else may19:55
magicalChickenOne option would be to write a script that handles that and runs after the eni has been written19:55
larsksssalevan: for the *private* ip, seems like you could as easily parse the output of 'ip addr'.19:56
larsksAnd do that in a runcmd script or something.19:56
ssalevanah, good point, could just rig up a bash session19:56
ssalevanwell hey thanks much for your time y'all, much appreciated19:57
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ssalevani was wondering if i could trouble you for one last question: i've packed up my user-data into a base64-encoded YANL, but cloud-init is returning the following error:  __init__.py[WARNING]: Unhandled non-multipart (text/x-not-multipart) userdata: '---\npreserve_hostname: f...'21:46
ssalevani suspect this may be related to a MIME typing issue21:46
larsksssalevan: why are you providing a base64-encoded yaml?  Why not just pass in the unencoded yaml?21:48
larsksAlso, does your userdata start with a "#cloud-config" marker? It doesn't look like it from that output...21:49
ssalevanlarsks: so when i try and send up the raw YAML user-data as part of a call to Amazon's RunInstances call, it returns an error that it was unable to encode into base64.  t21:49
ssalevanahhh that's probably it21:49
larsksssalevan: interesting.  I suspect my second comment is more relevant, yeah.21:49
ssalevanlarsks: that was totally it.  thank you so much!21:53
larsksGlad it worked!21:53
smoserlarsks, thanks for helping ssalevan21:54
larskssmoser: sure!21:54
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