wxltsimonq2: you got our draft release notes queued up?01:13
tsimonq2wxl: Not yet, I don't have a working computer yet01:14
wxloh yikes01:14
wxlwhen is that to be resolved?01:14
tsimonq2Hour or two01:14
tsimonq2Installing Gentoo on a partition :P :P :P01:14
tsimonq2wxl: Because I want a Gentoo install01:20
tsimonq2And I need to use my Gentoo install to reinstall the install I'm currently installing Gentoo on, which is this install right here01:20
q4a_hi all02:26
q4a_Alpha 2 iso will ship with LxQt?02:27
q4a_ping wxl02:27
tsimonq2q4a_: Nope02:40
q4a_tsimonq2: is there any plans to create/update iso with LxQt?02:41
tsimonq2q4a_: Yes, it's being worked on, but it's still a Work In Progress.02:42
tsimonq2s/LxQt/LXQt/ BTW ;)02:42
q4a_I'm using LxQt about year and it' really good for me02:42
q4a_ok, i'll write LXQt02:43
q4a_What is the best way to install it on new PC? ubuntu 16.10 minimal iso and just install lubuntu-qt-desktop without ppa?02:44
q4a_*best way to install stable version LXQt02:45
q4a_tsimonq2: ^02:48
q4a_just checked: ubuntu 16.04 have LXQt 0.10 package, but ubuntu 16.10 have LXQt 0.11 package02:53
q4a_ok, i'll take http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/zesty/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso02:58
tsimonq2q4a_: Install lxqt-core03:19
tsimonq2NOT lubuntu-qt-desktop03:19
q4a_tsimonq2: i think someone should fix this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/LXQt03:21
q4a_replace s/lubuntu-qt-desktop/lxqt-core/03:22
tsimonq2q4a_: Soon, ok.03:45
lynorian; info qpdfview unstable04:20
lynorian;info qpdfview unstable04:20
lynorian!info qpdfview unstable04:21
ubot93qpdfview (source: qpdfview): tabbed document viewer. In component main, is optional. Version 0.4.14-1 (unstable), package size 373 kB, installed size 1228 kB04:21
lynoriangrr still not updated in unstable04:21
krytarik..Yup, there is a bug report on this >_> - Debian #847280.04:30
ubot93Debian bug 847280 in qpdfview "qpdfview: Debian version is 3 releases behind, missing important features" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/84728004:30
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