Shawn|i7-Q720Mis this the appropriate way to bridge? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BridgingNetworkInterfaces05:49
Shawn|i7-Q720Mhave the device id's changed?05:53
lynorianShawn|i7-Q720M, You can also do this in network manager by selecting the option share with other computers06:25
lynorianI have done this with the built in ethernet and a pci card06:26
lynorianbut you still need to install bridge-utils of course06:26
Shawn|i7-Q720MI did that06:28
Shawn|i7-Q720Mit didn't bridge06:28
Shawn|i7-Q720Mbut I didn't install bridge-utils06:28
Shawn|i7-Q720Mis that all I was missing?06:28
lynorianShawn|i7-Q720M, yes06:29
Shawn|i7-Q720MI am going to go check this out them06:30
Shawn|i7-Q720Mcloser to my serial ip linking project06:30
Shawn|i7-Q720MI screwed something up, can't even log into the laptop now06:47
Shawn|i7-Q720Mhow absurd...06:53
Shawn|i7-Q720MI removed my changes from /etc/network/interfaces06:53
Shawn|i7-Q720Mand now the bridge aint showing up06:53
Shawn|i7-Q720MI'm not doing this right :(06:55
Shawn|i7-Q720Mlubuntu comes to us broken09:05
Shawn|i7-Q720Mor to my machine at least09:05
Shawn|i7-Q720MI can't even get it to bridge09:05
Shawn|i7-Q720Mor even run an autostart script09:05
sakib_007can someone tell me, how can I set #Lubuntu on virtualbox -- in Mac OSX?10:26
benerHi all!11:16
benerI've just set up a nice install of Lubuntu that I would like to clone to other machines - I am having major issues trying to clone the drive. I'm getting superblock errors, clonezilla fails when checking drive bitmap11:17
benerredo backup fails also11:18
benerOnly with Lubuntu 16.10 - if I install 14.04  I can clone just fine11:18
benerfsck has not helped, no errors shown11:19
benerI've been trying to fix this one for hours but I'm no expert! Any help would be greatly appreciated11:19
GlowolHI there16:10
=== shadowrunner is now known as Guest5213
shad0wrunnerHello dear friends! How you're all doing well! I'd like to ask a quick question: I have a laptop that has Windows 10 installed on it. I want to install Lubuntu alongside Windows 10 to dual-boot. I have an 8GB 3.0 USB stick and I've downloaded Rufus to burn the Lubuntu-16.10-desktop-amd64 onto it, then after booting into Lubuntu via USB stick, I want to use Gparted to resize the Windows 10 partition and reduce it to make space f18:40
shad0wrunnerIs this the correct path to follow to accomplish this?18:41
krytarikshad0wrunner: Part of that was cut off, but I'd rather resize the Windows system partition from itself.18:48
shad0wrunnerFrom Windows?18:48
shad0wrunnerHow many patitions do I have to create in order to install Lubuntu?18:49
shad0wrunner1 For Windows and 1 for Linux?18:49
shad0wrunnerI mean "keep the existing partition" for windows18:50
shad0wrunnerand create a new one for Lubuntu?18:50
krytarikWell, for Linux I personally only do swap and system - but one can also create a separate one for the '/home' stuff.18:51
shad0wrunnerif i create a single partition would linux not add any extra partitions that are needed (swap)18:52
krytarikWell, you *can* do automatic partitioning - but I always do manual.18:53
shad0wrunnerif i choose to do automatic partitioning would a problem occur18:56
shad0wrunneri don't want to break my windows 1018:57
HanlonsRazorlinux is smart enough not to fuck up windows 10 partitions19:17
HanlonsRazorcoded smart enough*19:17
regedittrying to install "Additional Drivers" in Software & Updates20:33
regeditit seems to be stuck, and /var/log/apt/term.log is filling up more & more with errors about Secure Boot Key20:33
regeditInvalid password20:34
regeditThe Secure Boot key you've entered is not valid. The password used must be between 8 and 16 characters20:34
leandrorequisitos minimos22:44

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