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ses__I am getting “cannot communicate with server” issue when trying to install. Anyone knows how to resolve this issue? snapd seems to be running01:39
ses__sudo snap install --dangerous cwr_0.1_amd64.snap01:39
ses__error: cannot communicate with server: Post http://localhost/v2/snaps: dial unix /run/snapd.socket: connect: connection refused01:39
thomises__: what does "sudo systemctl status snapd.service" show?01:54
ses__thomi: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23855366/01:55
thomihttps://wompwompwomp.com/ :(01:56
ses__thomi: seems missing some text http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23855373/01:57
thomiin any case, "Active: inactive (dead) (Result: exit-code) since Mon 2017-01-23 17:31:11 PST; 24min ago" doesn't sound healthy01:57
thomiI'm trying to recall where the logs are01:58
thomises__: I don't suppose you recently ran snapd from source, and now are trying to run the system version?02:01
ses__thomi: no02:04
ses__thomi: I restarted the machine but still having the issue02:04
thomihmmm -  I'm not a snapd dev, and I'm not sure how to help you any more. I've encountered a similar issue once myself after running snapd from source. Since that doesn't match the situation you're in, I'm not sure what else to suggest02:04
thomiThis timezone isn't great for catching the snapd devs - you might want to consider mailing the snapcraft mailing list02:05
ses__thomi: thanks02:05
ses__thomi: what time are they usually here? Timezone?02:05
thomiI believe they're mostly Europe/US - vague, I realise, sorry :D02:07
azubietaHello, I'm traying to setup a snap store based on https://github.com/noise/snapstore but i'm getting this error: error: cannot communicate with server: Post http://localhost/v2/snaps/foobar25: EOF when I try to install a package. Any ideas ?02:24
noise][azubieta_: there a few things to be aware of… first, there's a branch "metadata_tests" that I have yet to merge that updates support for the newer API endpoints02:31
azubieta_noise: oh! so i must use the code from that branch instead ?02:32
noise][however, even with that, newer snapd versions will not install local snaps from that store because they will lack the assertions to verify their authenticity. snapd allows you to snap install foo.snap —dangerous from a local file (sideloading) but does not allow it for a remote store install02:33
noise][we have started discussing how to allow for different trust chains so your own store deployment can be trusted but we don't have firm plans or timeline for that currently02:34
azubieta_noise: i would like to create a fulle functional, snapd compatible and opensource snap store, but according to what you say they don't allow it02:34
azubieta_noise: besides your work is there another opensource project that i could check ?02:35
noise][that's correct for right now - we will allow that but at the moment you would need to work around the assertions check by doing a download and install separately02:36
noise][i.e nothing is stopping a solution that fetches the snap files from a server and then does "snap install <snap file> —dangerous", but we aim to support alternate stores directly in snapd02:38
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mupPR snapd#2666 closed: interfaces: add ability to set system time zone to timeserver_control interface <Created by justincan> <Closed by justincan> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2666>08:05
mupPR snapd#2679 opened: Ubuntu/14.04 <Created by vosst> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2679>08:05
mupPR snapd#2585 closed: debian: move systemd files out of ./debian and into ./data/systemd <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2585>08:05
zygagood morning08:14
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mupPR snapd#2666 closed: interfaces: add ability to set system time zone to timeserver_control interface <Created by justincan> <Closed by justincan> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2666>10:38
mupPR snapd#2679 opened: Ubuntu/14.04 <Created by vosst> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2679>10:38
mupPR snapd#2585 closed: debian: move systemd files out of ./debian and into ./data/systemd <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2585>10:38
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om26erHi! What endpoint does snap info call ?11:36
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zygaom26er: hey12:32
zygaom26er: I think that's a question for chipaca12:32
zygaom26er: I bet it also depends on the version of snapd as that area saw some development12:32
om26erzyga: Ok, will ask him, I needed information about available revisions of snaps from different channel, I could use grep for that but was looking if there was cleaner way I could achieve that12:34
Chipacayou called?12:37
zygaChipaca: hey12:38
zyga12:36 < om26er> Hi! What endpoint does snap info call ?12:38
jibelom26er, if you want info directly from the store you can always use something like : curl -s https://search.apps.ubuntu.com/api/v1/snaps/details/<SNAP>?channel=<CHANNEL> -H 'X-Ubuntu-Series: 16' -H 'X-Ubuntu-Architecture: <ARCH>'12:38
Chipacaom26er, why do you ask?12:38
om26erChipaca: I need to get available revisions for a snap in different channels12:39
Chipacaom26er, what for?12:40
om26erChipaca: for CI purpose whenever something is merged in snapweb master, it gets pushed to edge channel automatically, I need to check if the newly pushed snap is published before trying to install it and run tests on top of that.12:41
Chipacaom26er, doesn't snapcraft already give you that info?12:41
Chipacaor are these things disconnected? the pushing and the checking i mean12:42
Chipacaom26er, the store is still working on exposing this information, so right now for 'snap info' i'm doing a separate (rather arcane) query just for that12:42
Chipacaom26er, hitting /v2/find?name=foo on snapd will get you the channel map, if that's what you need12:43
om26erChipaca: I haven't looked at the output of snapcraft push, if it returns that result, we can probably use that as well.12:43
Chipacayes, snapcraft push returns the channel map12:43
Chipacafrom SCA12:44
Chipacasnapd talks to CPI12:44
Chipacaif you've already got snapcraft talking to SCA, that's better for this than having snapd talk to CPI for it12:44
Chipacaom26er, let me kknow if that's covered what you need please12:45
Chipacaom26er, please ACK so I can move on from this12:46
om26erChipaca: yes, one of our script uploads to the store through snapcraft, so will get the output from there.12:47
om26erChipaca: thanks for the info12:47
om26erjibel: yeah, just tried, that endpoint seems to work as well.12:50
stokachuso ive got my snap working on 16.04 with a systemd script, 14.04 is throwing this error at me though http://paste.ubuntu.com/23857838/13:57
stokachudo i have to define anything differently to get my systemd scripts working for 14.04 in a snap env?13:57
mhall119sergiusens: what's the proper way for a snapcraft test case to handle downloading a source file?14:29
elopiomhall119: unit test or integration test?14:43
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mhall119elopio: integration I would think?15:00
elopiomhall119: for integration, you can probably put your source in people.ubuntu.com, write a real snapcraft.yaml that uses it, and call the pull command in the test.15:04
mhall119ok, cool, thanks elopio15:04
elopiomhall119: there is an ftp you can use as a guide in snapcraft/integration_tests/snaps15:06
mhall119elopio: just found that one15:06
sergiusensmhall119, for the unit test we create files on the fly15:12
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ryebotIs there a way to prevent the snap name prefix from being added to a snap command? For example, I have a snap with the name "cni-loopback" and the command "loopback". The generated command is "cni-loopback.loopback". Is there a way to make the command name simply "loopback"? (without renaming my snap to loopback)16:51
kyrofaryebot, support was recently added for command aliases16:53
kyrofaryebot, which essentially allows you to promote prefixed commands into the non-prefixed domain16:53
ryebotkyrofa: excellent, I can google now, thank you :)16:53
ogra_ryebot, https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/blob/master/integration_tests/snaps/alias/snapcraft.yaml16:54
ogra_there is an example16:54
kyrofaryebot, note that it requires snapd v2.20 or later16:54
ryebotogra_ kyrofa: you guys rock, thanks for the help!16:54
kyrofaAny time :)16:55
ogra_(sometimes we also roll ;) )16:56
kyrofaWhen we eat too much16:56
cachioniemeyer, hey, I was trying to import spread tests in our grafana instance, and I was wondering if should be make spread to export test results in a well know format so it is easy to import from anywhere?17:01
cachioniemeyer, I can add a mp if you think it would be a good idea17:01
niemeyercachio: Yeah, that sounds nice for sure17:02
niemeyercachio: I suggest doing that as a small function which is run at the very end of the runner's life cycle17:02
niemeyercachio: We already have a stats type and value at hand, so it should be super easy to just take that as an argument and generate a file in a well known format based on an option which the runner already has easy access to17:03
cachioniemeyer, ok, make sense, any preference with the output format?17:04
niemeyercachio: Are there a few options which grafana can already interpret, or is that manual anyway?17:05
cachioniemeyer, the we run a tranlator to export it to grafana17:05
cachiowe already have for pyunit for example17:06
cachioniemeyer, so I need then either to send from travis to grafana the resutls, or to import it from jenkins and send it to grafana17:07
cachioniemeyer, should be easier if we could send directly from travis to grafana which is a production service hosted in prodstack17:08
niemeyercachio: If you need to manually parse and translate into grafana anyway, then I wouldn't worry about changing spread, at least I wouldn't begin there17:10
cachioniemeyer, I already have the translation from xunit pyunit into grafana schema17:16
niemeyercachio: Yeah, xunit is probably a good choice17:16
cachioniemeyer, ok, i'll implement that17:17
cachioniemeyer, are you already sending spred results to any canonical service?17:24
niemeyercachio: Nope..17:24
AlbertAogra_: alecu: following up on the post to the snapcraft ML about GFX on pi3...17:45
AlbertAit seems the latest snapd is no longer autoconnecting the mir-libs interface? at least that's what I'm seeing with ogra_'s latest image from http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snappy/all-snaps/daily/current/17:46
ogra_AlbertA, it does for me17:46
ogra_i have to manually connect the mir interface, but mir-libs is autoconnected17:47
AlbertAogra_: alecu: mir-kiosk:mir-libs is autoconnected for you? and which snap version are you running?17:47
AlbertAsnap list17:47
AlbertAName        Version        Rev  Developer  Notes17:47
AlbertAcore        16.04.1        970  canonical  -17:47
AlbertAmir-kiosk   0.1            20   canonical  -17:47
AlbertAmir-libs    0.1            20   canonical  -17:47
AlbertApi2-kernel  4.4.0-1040-47  26   canonical  -17:47
ogra_ogra@localhost:~$ snap version17:47
ogra_snap    2.21+ppa215.5a5f1500-117:47
AlbertApi3         16.04-0.5      14   canonical  -17:47
AlbertAogra_: oh but without --devmode ?17:48
ogra_yep ... worked for me (i dont have any mir stuff on the current image though)17:48
ogra_gimme a moment17:48
alecuI found it odd that devmode is gone after disabling and reenabling a snap17:49
alecuFinishing lunch, I'll try it in a few minutes17:49
ogra_might be a feature ... not sure ...17:49
AlbertAalecu: so in an any case, you can connect it manually - snap connect mir-kiosk:mir-libs mir-libs:mir-libs...then have to workaround a snap content i/f bug17:50
ogra_zyga, niemeyer ^^^ if you dis/enable a snap devmode gets dropped, is that wanted ?17:50
ogra_AlbertA, hmm, right, not connected here either now17:50
AlbertAdo: snap disable mir-kiosk; sudo /usr/lib/snapd/snap-discard-ns mir-kiosk; snap enable mir-kiosk17:51
AlbertAogra_: ok, I'll read the content i/f docs.. maybe something changed now17:52
ogra_well, the namespace stuff landed and the gadget grew support for gpio interfaces in core17:52
ogra_neither should have caused an issue though17:52
AlbertAogra_: yeah well just thinking maybe I'm missing a field or something when specifying the content i/f plug now17:53
ogra_ogra@localhost:~$ snap interfaces|grep mir17:53
ogra_:network                  mir-kiosk-apps,pulseaudio17:53
ogra_:opengl                   mir-kiosk,mir-kiosk-apps,unity8-session17:53
ogra_mir-kiosk:mir             mir-kiosk-apps17:53
ogra_mir-libs:mir-libs         mir-kiosk-apps17:53
ogra_-                         mir-kiosk:mir-libs17:53
ogra_so mir-kiosk-apps autoconnect17:54
ogra_mir-kiosk doesnt17:54
AlbertAhuh.... interesting.17:54
AlbertAI'll take a look at that, I did change the snapcraft.yaml last time17:55
AlbertAI'll revert that change and republish17:56
Blu2Will we ever see the promised snapped firefox?18:03
kyrofaBlu2, I expect so, but it's not being done by us18:11
AlbertAalecu: ogra_: ok a new revision of mir-kiosk was just pushed (rev 22 for armhf) that autoconnects fine18:13
AlbertAto mir-libs18:13
Blu2kyrofa, I know, I was hoping somebody knew something about it here :)18:14
kyrofaBlu2, not me anyway. That's all mozilla18:15
ogra_AlbertA, thanks !18:15
Blu2kyrofa, I thought they may be here in this chat18:21
kyrofaBlu2, fair enough, they may be :)18:21
ses__I am having issue communicating with the server during installation snapd seems to be running okay but have some issue. Anyone knows how to resolve this issue https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23859088/18:28
ogra_ses__, that doesnt seem to be running18:29
ogra_Jan 24 09:02:11 me-vm systemd[1]: snapd.service: Start request repeated too quickly.18:29
ogra_Jan 24 09:02:11 me-vm systemd[1]: Failed to start Snappy daemon.18:29
ses__ogra_: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23859105/18:30
ogra_well, systemd disagrees ... and you should also not see two snapd processes ... looks more like something hangs or respawns very fast18:32
ogra_if you do the ps -A again i bet you see new pids18:32
ogra_what are you running this on ? is that a native ubuntu install ?18:32
ses__I see the same pids18:33
ogra_using a normal ubuntu kernel ? (uname -a ? )18:33
ses__apt install18:33
ses__Linux me-vm 4.4.0-59-generic #80-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 6 17:47:47 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:33
ogra_looks ok18:33
ogra_does snap list work ?18:34
ogra_(if so, which core snap is installed ? )18:34
ses__No it doesn’t work18:35
ses__Cannot communicate with the server18:35
ogra_right ...18:35
ogra_ls -l /snap/*core18:36
ogra_does that return anything ?18:36
ses__ogra_: yes. I see “1357 current” dirs18:36
ogra_thats ok too18:37
ogra_i wonder why it doesnt start ...18:37
ogra_anything in syslog ?18:37
ses__ogra_: there is something in syslog. Any key words I search for?18:38
zygaogra_: (as for devmode being dropped, probably not but not sure (I wish we would write design down)18:42
zygaI hate when I drop )18:42
ses__ogra_: maybe this is relevant https://pastebin.canonical.com/176943/18:42
ogra_zyga, btw, ses__ is the third person in 4 days that has a non-starting snapd18:45
zygaogra_: !!!!18:46
zygaogra_: can you tell me more?18:46
ogra_ses__, hmm, do you have livepatch installed ?18:46
ses__ogra_: yes, there was other people having the same issue last night in this channel.18:46
ses__ogra_: I didn’t install livepatch18:48
ogra_ses__, ah, no, i was confused by the kernel messages in the paste18:48
ogra_zyga, any idea ? https://pastebin.canonical.com/176943/18:48
ses__ogra_: but I installed snapd yesterday18:49
ogra_ses__, and you didnt have snapd installed before ?18:49
ses__ogra_: first time installing it on a new machine18:49
ogra_(you seemingly have /snap/ubuntu-core there instead of /snap/core ... that kind of indicates an older install )18:50
ogra_(new installs should always get the core snap installed, not ubuntu-core anymore)18:50
zygabloody hell 2fa18:51
ogra_snapd[18866]: error: cannot patch system state from level 3 to 4: cannot get snap state    for "cwr": <nil>18:52
ogra_seems the most relevant bit18:52
alecuogra_: AlbertA: with the latest mir-kiosk, I get the black screen and (laggy!) pointer on the raspi2. But, when I try to start the mir-kiosk-apps all of mir freezes on the second frame, just like what I saw yesterday on the raspi318:52
zygaok logged in18:52
ogra_alecu, disconnect/connect ?18:52
zygathat bug is fixed in master I think18:52
ogra_alecu, i usually need to do that once for the -apps18:53
zygaand I think it was released in 2.2118:53
alecuogra_: after a disconnect and connect, yes.18:53
ogra_zyga, "released"18:53
ogra_zyga, us normal users all have 2.20 still18:53
zygaupstream release18:53
zygablame the SRU process18:53
ogra_2.20.1ubuntu1 to be precise18:53
zygawhat can I do?18:53
alecuogra_: sorry, after a disable and enable of the snap package. Will try disconnect18:53
ogra_zyga, trust your colleagues i was told :P18:54
pedronisanyway that shows trying to use snapd before upgrading snapd18:54
zygaogra_: I trust all of my colleagues18:54
ogra_alecu, yeah, that needs both ... disable, disconnect, connect, enable18:54
zygalet's see when we can make it available to everyone18:55
ogra_alecu, like the mir wiki describes18:55
ogra_and at some point the content interface will just woork ;)18:55
ogra_if you have the pointer on black screen mir itself is definitely running fine18:56
ogra_my kodi snap is sadly currently broken (i tried to build the latest master which has the mir patches but also broken kodi ... ) ... so dont bother with that18:57
ses__ogra_: is there anything I can now to go around this issue?19:01
ogra_ses__, do you have many snaps installed already ?19:01
ogra_i'd try to purge snapd and install it again19:01
ogra_perhaps that helps ...19:01
ogra_(but thats just ut of desparation ... )19:02
ses__ogra_: should I also uninstall snap?19:02
ogra_i know it works on all my xenial installs over here19:02
ogra_snap is a commmand shipped by the snapd package19:02
ogra_so purging snapd should be enough19:02
ogra_and then just install t again19:02
ogra_then try something from the store ... like snap install htop ... that should pull in the core snap alongside19:03
ogra_once you knwo it works, you can start plying with your local snap that you tried to install before19:03
ses__ogra_: ok, will do “sudo apt-get remove --purge snapd”19:04
ogra_sudo apt purge snapd ... less typing ;)19:04
ogra_(same thing though)19:04
AlbertAalecu: you will need --devmode19:07
AlbertAalecu: I'm seeing some new syscalls with this driver, so I'll need to update the mir interface19:07
alecuAlbertA: devmode for mir-libs, mir-kiosk and mir-kiosk-apps ?19:08
AlbertAalecu: mir-kiosk and mir-kiosk-apps yeah19:08
AlbertAthe interesting part is that ps shows miral-kiosk as defunct but yet it still runs...19:09
ogra_magic ;)19:11
ogra_(also known as "the zombie apocalypse is near")19:12
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alecuAlbertA: ogra_: after installing both -kiosk and -kiosk-apps with devmode, it all seems to be working ok on the raspi 2.19:22
alecuthanks a lot!!!19:22
kyrofaalecu, "ok" = greater than a single frame?19:24
alecukyrofa: I get plenty of frames now :-)19:24
alecuno end in sight19:24
kyrofaalecu, I really wanted to reply to your email and say "stop moving the mouse!"19:24
aleculol :-)19:24
kyrofaalecu, nice to see you around by the way!19:25
ogra_alecu, awesome ... sorry that you had such a bumpy ride19:40
alecuit's the early days of the raspi image... totally understandable.19:43
ryebotkyrofa: I'm hitting some issue with the aliases, any idea what I might be doing wrong? https://gist.github.com/wwwtyro/aa34ccb81f6928f2bda37b32c7a00c1f19:51
kyrofaryebot, I know you need to enable them somehow (it's not done automatically without an assertion that happens store-side)19:52
kyrofaryebot, `snap alias` perhaps?19:53
ryebotah, okay19:53
ryebotso it might not work if installed locally?19:53
kyrofaryebot, not work == not automatically enabled? Yes19:53
ryebotkyrofa: gotcha, thanks. seems to work!19:54
ryebotthanks again!19:54
kyrofaryebot, excellent! Of course19:54
kyrofajdstrand, how does one request aliases to be automatically granted? Is it all manual right now, or is there a process for it?19:55
jdstrandkyrofa: it's manual19:56
stokachujdstrand, is there anyone familiar with systemd wrt 14.04 snaps?20:03
stokachujdstrand, trying to figure out why my snap is failing to install20:03
ogra_ses__, did you get anywhere with reinstalling snapd ?20:04
jdstrandstokachu: tvoss spearheaded the effort and I think slangasek may have poked at systemd, but perhaps ask your question here and maybe someone will know20:04
stokachujdstrand, thanks20:05
stokachuit was basically this email https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/snapcraft/2017-January/002706.html20:05
stokachuit just seems to not find a systemd service file20:05
ses__ogra_: I am trying it now. Distracted by other tasks20:05
ogra_ah, no worries20:05
jdstrandMain PID: 1548 (code=dumped, signal=SEGV)20:05
* ogra_ grins about stokachu's last paragraph in the mail ... getting rid of maintainer scripts are one of the reasons we started snaps :)20:06
stokachuthere is no snap.conjure-up.bridge.service in /etc/systemd/system20:06
stokachubut that does exist in 16.0420:06
jdstrandstokachu: if I had to guess, thinking it is a series 16 built snap with 14.04 libraries thing. this is probably related to the asciinema thread and friends that sergiusens is working on20:07
jdstrandstokachu: if a service fails to start it fails the install and cleans up after itself20:07
stokachuah the email from mark?20:07
stokachujdstrand, yea my snap never got installed b/c it hits that systemd error20:07
jdstrandstokachu: that whole thread, yeah-- there are complexities with series 16 built stuff on a 14.04 system that aiui, aren't being handled all the time20:08
stokachuok yea, this looks like my systemd service file never makes it onto the system20:08
tvossjdstrand: the issue mostly evolves around snaps using classic confinement, though20:08
stokachutvoss, yea this is classic20:08
jdstrandstokachu: you might try turning that into a command (comment out 'daemon: ...', then install, then do 'snap run --shell conjure-up.bridge' and see if you can't debug better20:08
tvossstokachu: how do you try to install the service file?20:09
stokachutvoss, https://github.com/conjure-up/conjure-up-snap/blob/master/snapcraft.yaml#L16-L2020:09
stokachujdstrand, ok i can try that20:09
tvossstokachu: do you have a snap handy for testing?20:10
stokachuwhat if i run snapcraft on the 14.04 system and build from there?20:10
stokachutvoss, yea one sec20:10
stokachutvoss, actually you can do sudo snap install conjure-up --classic --edge20:10
stokachuit's the same one i do for xenial that works20:10
stokachuerr snap download i guess20:11
jdstrandstokachu: I'm not sure snapcraft is available for 14.04 yet (but I'm not tracking that work)20:11
tvossstokachu: let me clean up my testing environment20:11
kyrofastokachu, as it stands, snapcraft doesn't run on trusty20:11
kyrofa(it has xenial-only deps)20:11
stokachujdstrand, kyrofa ah ok20:11
stokachudidnt know if that would make a difference20:11
kyrofatvoss, is the core snap on trusty the same as on xenial (i.e. is it still really xenial?)20:12
kyrofaErr, series 16 I guess20:12
tvosskyrofa: yup, it's a series 16 core20:12
kyrofatvoss, so we don't anticipate libc symbol issues if we build on xenial and run on trusty?20:13
kyrofaI hit that back in the day, but it may have been before we actually had a core snap. Everything blurs together20:13
jdstrandkyrofa: curious, with the lxc stuff, is snapcraft needed inside the container or can snapcraft from outside drive commands inside?20:14
jdstranderr, lxd*20:14
tvosskyrofa: the assumption is to redirect everything to the core snap, and not pull in ABI from the host. classic is the exception here20:14
kyrofatvoss, indeed, okay, makes sense20:14
kyrofajdstrand, good question. I think the biggest requirement for it to be on the system is fetching stage packages20:15
kyrofaIt also uses the container's sources.list by default for build-packages20:15
stokachujdstrand, yea that asciinema thread is pretty much the same thing im hitting too it seems20:16
ses__ogra_: I was able to install htop. I guess it is working but having issue installing my own snap “Mount snap "cwr" (unset) (snap "cwr" requires consent to use classic confinement)”20:16
ogra_ses__, sounds like you want --classic in your snap install command20:16
kyrofajdstrand, basically, every time snapcraft execs something else, we'd need to check to see if we need to exec in a container or on the host20:17
kyrofajdstrand, and how that happens depends on what command is being run. For fetching stage packages we use the python3 apt API, so that's a big one20:18
jdstrandkyrofa: I don't know if this is at all helpful, but if the stage packages were broken out into a freestanding script, xenial host could copy stage-package script to trusty container, fetch stuff, then go from there. I suspect wanting lxd to build different series is interesting, but 14.04 is clearly the exception. series 18 would have snapcraft20:18
jdstrandwell, python3-apt should be in trusty20:19
kyrofajdstrand, yeah, but how do you use it if you're not in the container?20:19
jdstrandit isn't terribly interesting so long as we have series 16 core on trusty though I think20:20
stokachuso sergiusens mentioned having a python3 part, is that something I could do as a workaround for this issue?20:20
jdstrandkyrofa: I figures start the conteriner, lxc push it, lxc exec it, etc20:21
jdstrandkyrofa: but, I'm not saying you should do it. you guys have given this way more thought than I :)20:21
kyrofajdstrand, ah sorry, I was referring to python3-apt being in trusty, not the script20:21
kyrofajdstrand, yeah I think it really comes down to "snapcraft wasn't written that way." Not to say we won't get there eventually, it's just a question of the shortest path20:22
tvossstokachu: so start of the bridge service fails, with the executable segfaulting. For that, the snap is removed immediately20:22
tvossstokachu: and thus no service file :)20:23
stokachutvoss, so should i do jdstrand's suggestion and try to run it as a script?20:24
tvossstokachu: yup, that would be a good first step20:24
ses__ogra_: used —classic but got “error: cannot find signatures with metadata for snap cwr_0.1_amd64.snap" ?20:24
stokachuok lemme try that20:24
ses__ogra_: snapcraft.yaml https://pastebin.canonical.com/176952/20:26
stokachutvoss, jdstrand: so doing snap run --shell conjure-up.bridge starts my interface and applies the iptables rules20:27
kyrofases__, you need --dangerous as well20:28
kyrofases__, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/ is your non-2fa-protected friend20:29
tvossstokachu: hmmm, that's funky20:29
jdstrandstokachu: hmm. did you have to snap connect anything?20:29
tvossstokachu: would you mind trying to call conjure-up without snap run?20:29
stokachujdstrand, nah as long as lxd is installed on the host20:30
stokachuthats from journalctl20:30
stokachulemme try running conjure-up20:30
jdstrandoh duh, its classic20:30
ses__kyrofa: sorry url autocomplete20:30
jdstrandses__: use --dangerous for your cannot find signatures error20:30
stokachuSegmentation fault (core dumped)20:30
tvossjdstrand: ^20:32
stokachuJan 24 20:30:50 darthbawlz kernel: [24152.656439] traps: conjure-up[3152] general protection ip:7f26c316a1ee sp:7ffe79c932e0 error:0 in libc-2.23.so[7f26c3027000+1bf000]20:32
stokachuis in my syslog20:32
jdstrandlibc-2.23.so is xenial's libc. trusty's is libc-2.1920:34
stokachuim guessing that gets pulled in during snapcraft build20:35
jdstrandI don't have the details, but I remember that there were issues on xenial when snaps tried to use a  shipped libc instead of the system one20:35
jdstrandif I were to guess, I'd guess this is the same issue. I think this is the thread I was mentioning before with the dynamic linker, etc20:36
jdstrandI've not looked in the issue. others in this channel I believe are actively looking at it20:36
stokachuok, sounds like a decision needs to be made whether to use the system's libs in a classic snap?20:37
stokachustrace shows this open("/snap/core/current/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = 320:39
jdstrandstokachu: the only thing I can suggest otoh is adjust LD_LIBRARY_PATH or running your command with /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ld-2.19.so $SNAP/bin/your.executable ...20:40
jdstrandyou would want to do /snap/core/current/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ld-2.23.so ...20:41
stokachustill segfaults it seems20:41
jdstrandanyway, I suspect with effort, you'd be able to use the right set of libraries then take that into a wrapper script for your command20:41
stokachujdstrand, ok, but this is something that can be dealt with in snapcraft at some point?20:42
jdstrandstokachu: that is what the thread is about20:42
stokachuok, thanks, at least it's a known issue20:42
jdstrandand, aiui, people are trying to figure out how to make this work well for people. it is rough now20:43
stokachujdstrand, all good, it works fine on xenial. having trusty is just icing on the cake20:43
stokachujdstrand, tvoss thanks for looking into it20:44
jdstrandstokachu: np. keep an eye on that thread and the other related threads on the snapcraft list and hopefully it'll get resolved soon20:47
stokachujdstrand, sounds good, will do20:47
mhall119sergiusens: why does snapcraft require the core snap to be installed on the build-machine when using the classic interface?20:49
kyrofamhall119, so it can use its linker20:49
mhall119ah, ok20:49
mhall119makes it kind of hard to build in lxc then20:50
kyrofamhall119, indeed20:50
kyrofamhall119, or LP20:50
kyrofamhall119, it's a known issue20:51
mhall119or on my host, until that update that converts me off ubuntu-core20:51
kyrofaAh, yes, that as well20:51
mhall119kyrofa: ok, as long as it's on someone's list to fix, I'll wait patiently20:51
kyrofamhall119, yeah, it's very rough right now, we know20:51
kyrofaThanks for bearing with us!20:53
tvossstokachu: np21:02
tvossstokachu: you might want to watch https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapd/+bug/165750421:09
stokachutvoss, thanks i subscribed to it21:09
ryebotIs it possible for one snap to execute another snap binary in /snap/bin without using classic confinement?21:44
ryebote.g., using some interface?21:44
kyrofaryebot, I'm afraid not. Even if there were, there's no way for snap A to even know that snap B is installed (or request for it to be installed)21:48
ryebotkyrofa: understood, thanks!21:49
kyrofaryebot, can you explain what you're trying to accomplish?21:50
ryebotkyrofa: certainly: I'm wanting to snap up multiple CNI plugins, and they sometimes want to execute one another21:50
ryebotThey're pluggable, too, so I can't put them all in the same snap21:51
kyrofaryebot, CNI?21:52
ryebotI /think/ I can do what I need with classically-confined snaps (barring dealing with possibly hardcoded plugin names!), but wanted to know if it was possible with strict confinement21:52
ryebotyeah, Container Networking Interface, iirc21:52
ryebotBasically, a bunch of binary files that sometimes call out to one another21:52
kyrofaryebot, within what execution context? i.e. what loads the plugins? (no idea what CNI is)21:53
ryebotIn our use case, kubernetes21:53
ryebot(and other plugins, of course)21:53
kyrofaryebot, so is there a kubernetes snap, and you want to create snaps of its plugins?21:54
ryebotWe'll probably be making a kubernetes snap, and yes, it will need to call its plugins that we're hoping to deliver as snaps21:55
kyrofaryebot, bear with me, while I know what kubernetes is I've never used it. How does it "discover" plugins?21:55
ryebotthe node agent, kubelet, is started with a cli argument or env var that points to the directory which contains all the plugins21:56
ryebotwhich looks like it's gonna be /snap/bin instead of the typical /opt/cni/bin (that's another thing I wasn't planning on bringing up yet!)21:57
kyrofaryebot, and it crawls the directory upon startup, thereby obtaining a list of plugins that are available?21:57
ryebotAs far as I understand, yes21:57
kyrofaryebot, it sounds like you need bug #165512521:57
kyrofaHmm... the bot's gone21:57
kyrofahttps://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/1655125 rather21:58
ryebotcool, thanks, I'll take a look :)21:58
ryebotI need to step into a meeting, thanks for your help, I'll be back to bug you more, I'm sure :D21:58
kyrofaryebot, please do add a comment a mark yourself affected if you agree21:58
ryebot+1 will do!21:58
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BLu2weird, just had to reinstall hexchat snap, because it would keep crashing on start up22:10

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